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Essential Aspects Of Employee Attendance Management Software In An Organization Attendance management system proactively manages employee absenteeism enabling automation of employee requests for time away from work. This eases the supervisors, team in-charge as well as the HR managers to grant leave approval based on organizational policies. When the employees send their requests, superiors are notified spontaneously through a console or email so they can review requests in a timely manner and grant approval. WorkGoal is a web based solution that controls and maintains the attendance management module in an effective way. This user friendly software enhances employee and management communication thereby dropping the most expensive recurring costs- labor costs. We can automatically evaluate each request against outstanding leave requests, thus showing the impact on the scheduled labor and helping out supervisors to make better leave management decisions. Certain unprecedented situations like late arrivals, permissions, early departures or unexpected absences should be recorded properly by the employees. In such a way WorkGoal provides a flexible system for all its users to record and keep track of the employee activities. This leave management software records, monitors, tracks and evaluates the employees’ leave and attendance records time-to-time. Attendance management system furnishes numerous advantages for the firm when used effectively. To mention few of them: Accurate and timely information about leave data, conveying HR policy and rules, compliance to leave policy, instant information about employee’s leave history, time-consuming for HR personnel and superiors and above all improves discipline and morale of the employees. The important responsibility and prime aim of the human resource management is to efficiently manage the leave programs and accurately track the employee activities. To address and tackle this effectively, WorkGoal includes Attendance Management system so as to slash down the physical movements and paper work and also help the employees to apply leaves easily. This process of employee leave management automates the HR administrative tasks to a greater extent by recording leave and controlling these against leave policies laid down in the HR system. The HR is immensely benefitted by this online software thus getting a bird’s eye view of the leave situation in the company. The system should be designed and tailored so that it

provides a faster turnaround time for data retrieval and instant report generation. Auto permission requests to respective managers and business heads regarding a particular employees leave / permission can be made via this leave management system. Graphical charts on absenteeism and various color-coding for on-duty, overtime, late and permissions will be generated by Employee Attendance Management System. In such a way WorkGoal addresses areas of Employee Attendance of an organization. This helps in optimizing and streamlining the employee database of a company which is generally huge and tedious to analyze.

About WorkGoal: WorkGoal is a robust and a compatible Web based software that eases operations in the areas of Performance appraisal, Workforce management, attendance management software and employee help desk system. WorkGoal helps to reorder and arrange the company goals and also keeps track of the employee activities. Consistency and non redundancy of the Employee database is the significant attribute of WorkGoal. 2201 Walnut Ave, Suite 240 Fremont, CA 94538 Phone : 1-510-894-2824

Essential Aspects Of Employee Attendance Management Software In An Organization