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Department of Work Environment Newsletter Volume X

August 2012

October 19, 2012 - Join us for our 25th Anniversary Celebration In This Issue Congratulations Graduates! Publication of the Month 25th Anniversary Celebration Send Greeting for Celebration WE Alumni Updates

Work Environment is on LinkedIn The Department now has a group on LinkedIn for current, former and prospective students, faculty and staff: Work Environment UML

Capstone grads Left to right: Mary Butow, Nicole Tardiff, Junhee Cho, Heidi Montanari, Swetha Sitaram, Jon Kalinoski, Meredith Gillman, Alexander Gyebi, Amanda Landers, Erin Higgins, Elizabeth (Tucker) O'Day, Darlene Fresia, Charles Houghton. Not shown: Patricia Tremblay

Dear Alumni, Colleagues, and Friends,

Congratulations Graduates! Fall 2011 Mohamed Omar, ScD, CPPP Lize T. Belice, MS, Ergo Jonathan D. Brown, MS, CPPP Arthur Dumont, MS, Ergo

Spring 2012 Jonathan Dropkin, ScD, Ergo Miriam Weil, ScD, Policy Mary E. Butow, MS, Epi Junhee Cho, MS, Epi Elizabeth Echlin O'Day, MS,Ergo Darlene Fresia, MS, Epi Meredith Gillman, MS, OEH/IH Erin Higgins, MS OEH/IH Charles Houghton, MS, Policy Jonathan Kalinoski, MS, CPPP Amanda R. Landers, MS, CPPP Heidi Montanari, MS, OEH/IH Swetha Sitaram, MS, Epi Nicole Tardiff, MS, Ergo

At this May's graduation ceremony, 18 master and doctor of science degrees were awarded by our Department of Work Environment (WE). Above is a photo of the masters graduates following their Capstone presentations, representing cutting edge work in occupational and environmental health and safety practice and research. Congratulations are in order as they join the ranks of WE graduates practicing professionally or in academia around the world. Thanks very much to all of you who have supported WE and our students by providing mentoring, networking, internships, and capstone projects. We also thank you for giving seminars, serving as advisors, opening doors to worksite research and teaching opportunities, making financial contributions to our department, and for keeping us apprised of the professional applications of your WE education. This academic year is especially important as we celebrate 25 years since the founding of the Department of Work Environment. We have a number of events planned to envision the future of WE

Congratulations to the recipients of the Department's recognition

Publication of the Month:

education in order to keep it vibrant and responsive to new global challenges to the health and safety of working people, our communities, and our environment. See below for details and join us! Best wishes to all,

November 2011 Bello D, Schmidt DF, Pal AK, Hsieh SF, Rogers EJ. Biological Oxidative Damage by Carbon Nanotubes: Fingerprint or Footprint? Nanotoxicology. 2011; Early Online, 1-16.

Margaret M. Quinn, ScD Professor and Alumni Committee Chair

December 2011 Roelofs C, Sprague-Martinez L, Brunette M,Azaroff L. A Qualitative Investigation of Hispanic Construction Worker Perspectives on Factors Impacting Worksite Safety and Risk. Environmental Health 2011, 10:84.

Together with alumni, students, and many colleagues in industry, labor, government, and the community, it is time to reflect on our accomplishments and to envision work environment education, practice and research for the next 25 years. Please join us on Friday, October 19 as we think together about how to grow and evolve so that we remain on the leading edge of workplace health, safety and environmental sustainability.

January 2012 Prihartono N, Kriebel D, Woskie S, Thetkhathuek A, Sripaung N, Padungtod C, Kaufman D. Risk of Aplastic Anemia and Pesticide and Other Chemical Exposures. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 23(3) 369-377. February 2012 Zhang Y, Flum M, Nobrega S, Blais L, Qamili S, Punnett L. Work Organization and Health Issues in LongTerm Care Settings: Comparison of Perceptions Between Caregivers and Management. Journal of Gerontological Nursing. Vol. 37, No. 5. 2011

19 October 2012 - Join us to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Department of Work Environment!

Friday, October 19, 2012 University of Massachusetts Lowell Cumnock Hall Auditorium, One University Avenue, Lowell, MA USA

1:30 p.m. - Symposium: Health, Work & Sustainability: The Next 25 Years of Work Environment Education Keynote Speaker: John Howard, MD, MPH, JD, LLM, Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Washington, D.C. Plenary Speakers: Letitia Davis, Sc.D., Director, Occupational Health Surveillance Program, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston, MA Roger McFadden, Vice President and Senior Scientist, Staples Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Framingham MA Panel of Department of Work Environment Alumni

March 2012 Trasande L, Massey RI, DiGangi J, Geiser K, Olanipekun AI, Gallagher 5:00 - 6:30p.m. - Reception: meet current students and see posters of their work; greet alumni, colleagues, and friends. L. How Developing Nations Can Protect Children From Hazardous Chemical Exposures While 6:30 - 9:00p.m. - Dinner Sustaining Economic Growth. Keynote speaker: Rafael Moure-Eraso, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Work Health Affairs, 30, no.12 Environment, Chairman, U.S Chemical Safety Board, Washington, D.C. (2011):2400-2409 April 2012 Zeka A, Gore R, Kriebel D. The Two-stage Clonal Expansion Model in Occupational Cancer Epidemiology: Results from Three Cohort Studies. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2011;68:618e624. doi:10.1136/oem.2009.053983

Join us for any or all of the events. There is no charge for the symposium and reception. We are asking $60 per ticket to cover the cost of dinner. Please register for the events by October 5. Rooms are available at a nearby hotel if you wish to stay in the area. We will be sending formal invitations and registration forms soon. Please forward this message to all who might like to join us. For registration and other information, contact Maria Scholl at

May 2012 Choi BK, Kurowski A, Bond M, Baker D, Clays E, De Bacquer D, Punnett L. (2012): Occupationdifferential Construct Validity of the Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ) Psychological Job Demands Scale with Physical Job Demands Items: a Mixed Methods Research. Ergonomics, 55:4, 425-439 June 2012 Jacobs K, Foley G, Punnett L, Hall V, Gore R, Brownson E, Ansong E, Markowitz J, McKinnon M, Steinberg S, Ing A. (2011) University Students' Notebook Computer Use: Lessons Learned Using Ediaries to Report Musculoskeletal Discomfort. Ergonomics, 54: 2, 206 - 219 July-August 2012 Marucci-Wellman H, Leamon TB, Tuyet Binh TT, Diep NB, Wegman DH, Kriebel D. The Burden of Occupational Injury: A 1-Year Prospective Study in Xuan Tien Commune, Viet Nam. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 55:205-216 (2012), Phone: 978-934-4964. Send a photo and note of greetings for our 25th Anniversary Celebration Whether or not you are able to attend the 25th Anniversary Celebration on October 19, please send a photo and/or greeting to be shared at the event and in the department. 1. Photo of you or you and your co-workers, if possible in your work environment, or a photo from your days in Work Environment. This will be included in a slide show of faculty, staff, alumni, and our many colleagues and friends. 2. Email message of greetings, telling us one way you have used your Work Environment education to make your workplace or your community a better place. Be sure to sign it with your current job title and address. Send to by October 5. Work Environment Alumni

  Judy Gold, ScD (Epi, 2003) is joining the Center for musculoskeletal Research at the University of Gävle (Gävle, Sweden) in mid-August. She looks forward to welcoming many visitors once she's settled in!

  Stay in touch with the Department of Work Environment!

New graduate Jon Kalinoski, MS (Cleaner Production, 2012) has taken a new position at Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, MA as an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist.

Please be sure to send us new contact information and tell us about your professional & academic accomplishments and any interesting activities.

New graduate Amanda Landers, MS (Cleaner Production, 2012) accepted a position as Environmental Health and Safety Leader at Advanced Filtration Systems (AFSI) in Champaign, Illinois.

Email our Department Administrator Ms. Sokny Long at

Doug Myers, ScD (Epi, 2003) has accepted a faculty position at West Virgina University, in Morgantown WV. Doug recently completed an evaluation of a Minimal Manual Lift Environment policy among nursing staff at Duke. His forthcoming paper describes how cultural meanings of caregiving differed between nurses and PT/OT and how this interfered with the use of the lifting devices. Mohamed Omar, Sc.D. (CPPP, 2011) moved to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia as a Manager of Environmental Protection. Mohamed invites us "Please stay connected through Linkedin, and if you happen to be in my part of the world, please stop by KAUST, a beautiful campus on the red sea, one of the largest certified green/LEED platinum projects in the world!" Cora Roelofs, ScD (OEH/IH, 2001) has been appointed Assistant Professor at Tufts Medical School and will be teaching undergrads in Tufts' Community Health Program. She will continue to manage the UML construction grant through March 2013.

Grace Sembajwe, Sc.D. (EPI, 2007) is Associate Professor at CUNY School of Public Health Urban Public Health Program at Hunter College, New York City, in the Environmental and Occupational Health program. Joanne Sordillo, Sc.D. (EPI, 2008) received a K99/R00 award from the NIH to investigate "An Integrative Genomics Approach to Gene by Environment Interactions in Asthma". She conducts her research at the Harvard Medical School Channing Laboraboratory. David Wegman, MD, MPH (Professor Emeritus) was one of three experts on mine and workplace safety and health named to research ways to make U.S. coal mines safer. This group was established as part of the Alpha Natural Resources Inc.'s settlement with the federal government following the worst U.S. mine disaster in 40 years, in which 29 men were killed in 2010. (Read more online at: Jennifer Zelnick, ScD (Policy, 2005) was recently appointed to the faculty of Touro University. She was featured in the article "Professor and Chair of Graduate School of Social Work Policy Sequence Pursues AIDS-Related Research in South Africa". (Available online:



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