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WORK and TRAVEL Newsletter Summer 2009, Issue 2

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Saying Goodbye to Summer Summer is almost over and we are so sad to be saying goodbye to our many wonderful students. This summer we had students from Taiwan, Albania, South Korea, Ukraine, China, Thailand, Ecuador, Azerbaijan, Columbia, India, Jamaica, Ghana, Moldova and Russia. It’s a pleasure to have been a part of your US experience.

Story by student from Ocean City (Ecuador)


Saying Goodbye


Picture Memories


A Fellow Student Experience from New York (Ukraine)


End Of Summer info: Taxes


Baxter McDonalds International Student Manager shares a story


Story by student from Ocean City (Ukraine)


Wilderness - Through the eyes of an LC


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Hello my name is Gonzalo Herrera I am Ecuadorian Translated by Andrea Rujana

home every day because all of them have different culture and different language. The next day was my first day of work at McDonald’s, that was 30minutes away from the house, the truth is that I was a little nervous because I went as the assistant of the chef It all started when I arrived at the and did not know anything about how to cook. It was very nice to New York airport on July 23, it see that everybody was friendly was incredible to have this filling and trying to help me how to preof responsibility to find my first buss station that will be taking me pare the different types of hamburgers. to Ocean City Maryland were I was to spend my hole summer Every day I had to get up at 7 am working and acquiring the difference of work experience between because work started at 8 am but I did not mind because all day to countries, trust me it wasn’t easy and that is how it all started. was a lot of fun, I made so many friends one of them became my I lived in a house for international best friend he’s name is Omar know as Elmert, everyday he student in Philadelphia Ave and made me laugh with his jokes and 26th street; it was incredible to share the house with different cul- strange words. I hope I have the same opportunity to do this again; tures. There were students from I earned money, got to know peoBulgaria, Dominican Republic, Russia and Peru. It was fun going ple from all over and had so much Hello my name is Gonzalo Herrera I am Ecuadorian. One of the most exiting and incredible stories of my life is the one I experienced this summer. I had the opportunity to get to know the culture, live and work in the U.S.A.





fun. It was the best summer that I have ever had. Another nice day was when our manager Tina Looney took me and a Jamaican friend to the Social Security office in Salisbury, that day was so nice because after getting our documents Tina took us to the near by chopping centers and to visit the town, after that she went and bought us ice cream. It was a great experience and another reason to get to know more about this wonderful country. I think by working in McDonald’s this summer it made me realize that life is an adventure and that the only thing that matters is happiness and all those special moments and people that I will never forget.

Notify Your Employer:    • 2 Weeks Advance Notification to your employer of your last day at work is required (please do wait till your last  day in the US).   Also, it is very important that you report your social security number to your employer before  you leave.  See page 5 under taxes for more information.  Check Out and Notify Kaplan Aspect:  • Departure Notification to Kaplan Aspect.  Send an email to your Local Coordinator or Regional Manager/Director  so you may be updated in SEVIS for departure from the USA.  • Mid‐Term Report must be all be signed and completed before you leave the country.    • Completion Certificate will only be issued to participants who complete their program, submit all necessary  documents to Kaplan Aspect, and work till the end date of your job contract.  Certificates will be mailed to your  agent in your home country  Remember to:  • Close Your U.S. Accounts and Update Your Address.  • Close Bank Account before you leave!   • Close your Local Phone, Cell Phone, and Utilities Accounts.    Housing:  • To receive your Housing Deposits you are required to thoroughly clean the apartment and fix all damages your‐ self.  The apartment should be in the exact same condition as when you moved in.  


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NJ): ark, P so n o nd a l ent a m y e p l i 'm h ap ps (C very a but c Philli i m r ' e i e c i e ys am y J a n na l l y c o m yyyy o mis y t y i Trud y f g y n s goi r yyyy y ha for u yyyy really s “toda b k m s n ' i d a , th rien sad my f erica very e m a e s e to eeee going eeee e e e ee eeee y '' italit What hosp is the most Summ enjoy er Wo able p r k a nd art ab Trave out yo l prog ur “Beau r a m ? tiful p l a ces, O of goo cean, d frie Good nds an Partie d goo s, we d exp found e Kyrylo rience a lot Kuben s.” ko (Pu blix, F L)

ut nce b e i r e p y ex me with m given s s a m h e l rica prob hari . Ame many e d m a re. S h r e o I h f ! s n a o ric ill friend ituati e Ame e. I w ot of c ning s l i r n a a “I lov y e e l have r a I mad and v e been that I d l l n s u e a a f e h p n f l it am wI y he essio Now I is ver S. No . p impr t s U e c e e e e c d h p n a as in t perie kaplan e here fe ex i l m i t w e y from tm ) h my n forge nn, V T I hroug t e s t never l o u d rie R e an a avel!” a (And r n t i h becom d C n a ) from to go xin Ju ready g n e sa (M Vanes

"Its always a pleasure sharing what could easily be classified as one of the best moments in my life. Even though I am yet to learn more than a line for each of the many diverse languages I still enjoy hearing them. There are many words available to describe my feelings and my good experiences even I myself keeps pinching my arms to catch myself being in a day dream. I must highlight the luxury I had being here as a first timer—my Kaplan Aspect coordinator made my time here so much easier. In Jamaica we say "big up yuhself kaplan aspect to di wurl" Dalton Atkinson, from Jamaica, working at Wilderness Resort in WI


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Galyna Kovalenko (Ukraine)

McDonalds' Ocean City Local Coordinator Fred Fernandes with employer Tina Looney from Ocean City McDonalds.

Anastasiia, Kateryna, Tatiana (LC) and Daria getting ready for a morning out with there LC Work: Publix, Country: Ukraine

Shuana Rodney (Jamaica) and Joyti( from Nepal) Navardo Stephenson (Jamaica) Alicia Lovelace (Jamaica) and McDonalds Manager

A Fellow Students Experience—from New York Hi everybody my name is Helen and I am from the adorable country of Ukraine. We are famous for Andrey Shevchenko, Brothers Klitschko & so on & so forth. Well here is the story from the bottom of my heart: In April I was very fortunate to get the best job-offer ever – Assistant Sales Advisor in Kaplan Aspect Company… is a beatitude. I work in the most famous office building in the world which is situated in a Big Apple (Empire State). It is something that can not be put into words, because there not enough words to describe how I feel: terrific, amazing, wonderful, marvelous, miraculous, fabulous, adorable, delightful and even more. I am so happy to spend my summer here in Manhattan, 5th Ave in the ESB. I am pretty sure that it sounds either like a dream or Russian song. I have to say the most important thing for me here is my Second Family – my coworkers…they have made my summer so bright. I have never-ever met so many nice, lovely & kind people in one place….they are such wonderful teachers, tutors, doctors, advisors & friends. I dunno how they manage to do this, but I feel like I am home, like in the right place. Everyone at the ESB it has been a great pleasure for me to be a part of your team. MANY THANKS & LONG LIVE KAPLAN ASPECT, you made me really happy. Sincerely yours, Forever Helen Sodel

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Employer View—Tina Looney, Baxter McDonalds - Ocean City, MD I have to say that I love working with all my inOn our way back I ternational students they are a lot of fun. Last stopped for gas at Wawa Tuesday I took Gonzolo to Salisbury to apply for and I got the three of us his social security card. It was me him and one ice cream and he was other student. We went to have lunch at a fast happy he said thank you I food place and it happened was just to be where Gonzolo thinking of “I have to say that I worked his second job. It ice cream. love working with all was funny because he was He liked it saying that he had never and then my international eaten the food I thought greg told because he worked there he students they are a lot him when it had eaten it before. when I comes to of fun” asked him why he said befood that cause he has to pay for it and it is not cheap I just Tina suggests it is always Gonzalo Herrera Almeida from Ecuador assumed because we feed our employees for free good. Trips like this are al- and Tina Looney from McDonalds that most people did it. After we had lunch we ways good when you have went out staples and best buy so they could look people from different counat computers they want to save and buy one. It tries talking about where they live and the differences in was fun to watch them have fun for me that there cultures and watching how they get along. That is makes the whole trip worth while for me. what work and travel is all about.

Everyone who works in the US pays up to four types of tax on their earnings: Federal Tax, State Tax, Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) Tax, and Local Tax. To claim your tax refund, you will need your W2 form. The W2 form is the official government form that you'll receive from your employer (s) in January after the tax year ends.

W-2 FORMS. In January/February of 2010, your US employer will send out W-2 Tax Return Forms to you. You will be required to submit copies of the W-2 form with your Tax Return. 1. Make sure your employer has your Social Security Number, so they can issue you a W-2 form. 2. Update your employer with your home country address to mail your W-2 before you leave! 3. If you have not received your W-2 forms by February 15 of the year following your employment in the USA, then you should contact your employer directly and request for a replacement. Once you receive your W2 you can file online directly with the US government or through a tax agency that specializes in J1 student tax returns. You can find all this in your Orientation Manuel or You can find a list of resources on the “Kaplan Aspect – Work and Travel in the US” Facebook fan page under notes.

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Olena Galytska from Ukraine and working in Ocean City, MD My name is Helen. I'm from Ukraine & here is my story. I remember as if it was yesterday. It was only 5:30 a.m. I woke up, had some breakfast, packaged all my clothes & then my friend Maryana, who lives in NYC (it's a very nice girl who took care about me while I was in a Big Apple) took me to the Greyhound Station where my trip supposed to begin. When we were already there I bought a ticket to "Ocean City", said "Good Bye" to my good friend & left beside NYC with a piece full feeling inside that everything is going just like I planned. However, everything wasn't so easy. I reached OC, so the next step I should do it's to find McDonald's (a place I supposed to work in) which is situated on 32nd Str. Actually, I was walking in the right direction but still I couldn't find that place. So, when I was totally exhausted I decided to ask somebody to help me. Luckily, I met 2 American women with kids (mother, daughter & daughter's kids). I came up to them & asked: 'I'm sorry, could you help me? I'm just looking for 32nd Str. Don't you know where is it?' 'Oh' one of them said ' actually you are walking at the right direction but... em... wait a minute... there is no such a street here. There are only 18 Streets' 'No', I replied 'It cannot be like that. There should be such a street. Hold on a moment. I'll show you the precise address' & took out from my bag a piece of paper, where the address of McDonald's was written. They looked once. Said: 'Yes, it might be somewhere over here'. Then, they looked the 2nd time & explained: 'Oh, darling, you're in a wrong OC, you're in a wrong STATE.' Saying the truth, I was really shocked when I'd heard about that. I was really lost. But, again, I'm lucky. Those Americans appeared very friendly, hospitable, polite, nice (I don't know how to call them else) in a word very good people. They invited me into their house, gave some food, something to drink & ... as there was no bus at that day to the RIGHT OC, so they created there own way of getting me to the right place. So, they took me to one port by a car (we spent almost 30 minutes driving), then I, by a ship went to Delaware where a friend of those Americans met me & took to OC,MD!!! In conclusion, I'd just like to say that: ' people, before you are going somewhere check that place in a very good way. Otherwise, you'll be in the same situation as I was.' P.S.: when I was buying a ticket, on the board there was written only 'Ocean City', not 'Ocean City, MD' or 'Ocean City, NJ'. Later, I found out that I came into a part of Greyhound station buses from which were only going to places in NJ:) I am having a nice time now in Ocean City working at McDonalds. It is a good summer and I am happy to be here. Faithfully yours Helen Galytska

Our Trip to Madison by Tomasz Talarczyk Wilderness Resort—Local Coordinator

Above: Congcong Chen , Yi Zhang ,Ran Zhou , Qi Ji ,Hu Jing, Lake Mendota pier in downtown Madison

To the right: Qi Ji, Yi Zhang, Tomasz Talarczyk (LC) Congcong Chen, Ran Zhou, inside of the State Capitol

“We started our trip in Wisconsin Dells; I picked up my students around 3pm. Every single one of them was very excited. It took us an hour to drive to Madison. I decided to start our walk from the State Capitol. We were lucky to get inside and take some really pretty pictures. After Capitol we walked down State Street to University Campus and Lake Mendota. The students fell in love with Madison right away. After few hours of walking around downtown Madison the students asked me if I'll take them shopping. (It was my plan anyhow:) I took my students to Macy's where they spent the rest of the evening. We went back to Wisconsin Dells at 10pm. All the students were tired but very, very happy.”

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