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Row 1: Norma Charles, Dan Bar-el, Cynthia Nugent, Jeremy Tankard, Raymond Nakamura, Kathryn Shoemaker, Mark Leslie Lefebvre; Row 2: Eve Lazarus, Dianne Whelan, Mark Forsythe, Greg Dickson, Jerry Kruz, Jordan Abel, Anna Ling Kaye; Row 3: Jane Eaton Hamilton, Andrea Routley, Barbara Adler, Rick “Big Love” Kumar, Calvin “Kalvonix” Tiu, Sebastien Wen, Andrew Warner; Row 4: R.C. Weslowski

1:50 pm Dianne Whelan (Vancouver) Base Camp: 40 Days on Everest (Caitlin Press $24.95) Each spring, over 800 climbers attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Some make it to the top, but many have tragically lost their lives. From base camp, Dianne Whelan interviews climbers, doctors, and Sherpas. She shares gripping stories of Maoist rebels, avalanches, and dead bodies surfacing out of a dying glacier, revealing the devastating truth of the human impact on the mountain and the eerie and unforeseen effects of climate change. Dianne Whelan is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, author, and multimedia artist. She is the author of Base Camp: 40 Days on Everest and This Vanishing Land. HOST (2:15 – 3:00): TBA 2:15 pm Mark Forsythe and Greg Dickson (Vancouver) From the West Coast to the Western Front: British Columbians and the Great War To mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, CBC host Mark Forsythe has teamed up with journalist Greg Dickson to explore a vital part of our history through compiled stories, artifacts, and photos sent in by BC Almanac listeners. These stories reveal the spirit and resilience of the British Columbians who survived one of the greatest disasters in history and built the province we know today. Mark Forsythe has hosted CBC Radio One’s BC Almanac since 1996, and currently lives in Fort Langley. Greg Dickson grew up in the Okanagan, hearing stories of the Great War from his grandfathers. In 2014, he travelled to Vimy Ridge to see where they served.


Word Talks

(Harbour Publishing $26.95)

Word Vancouver - 2014 Program Guide  

Word Vancouver is Western Canada's largest celebration of literacy and reading. The festival takes place during the last week of September:...

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