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We congratulate you on the upcoming bright Holiday of Life, on the Holiday of the Victory of Christ over death and the open doors to the Kingdom of Heaven!


reetings to you, our dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! Grace to you and peace be multiplied, our co-laborers in the glory that will be revealed to us and in us in the appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are doing the work that He entrusted to us: - to carry the words of Truth and salvation all over the world, fulfilling the commission of the Lord: - Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:



and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20 This April marks the 47th anniversary of Word to Russia. Praise God for the path that has been traveled, which, by His grace continues to this day. From the very beginning, the Mission directed its ministry to proclaim the Good News to Slavic people. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia and other places of the Former Soviet Union, hear the words of Truth and Salvation today through our direct ministry and through the Mission’s affiliates.

there with a huge charge of cheerfulness and joy from these unforgettable days spent together. In our next quarterly letter, we will acquaint you with the program of this Camp.

For this event “Special Family Day” on May 4th we do not have the necessary funds for organizing: 1.Video operator, 2.Flyers, 3.Rent, 4.Banners, 5.Music, 6.Decorations, 7.Gifts, 8.Treats, 9.Transport, 10.Advertising.



he mission “Word to Russia” also directs its ministry to a special category of children, next to whom we live in our wonderful city. Together with the Association "Limitless Love", twice a year, we hold special events for children with disabilities. This year, the first event, called “Special Family Day”, will be May 4th in the city of West Sacramento. Special Family Day has no nationality. Everyone is welcome: Slavic families, American, Mexican and other ethnic groups. They need love, attention and support. They experience on this day a special joy through participation. Singing, music, games, competitions, gifts, food - all this

enlightens the hearts of these children and fills them with positive emotions for days. They remember such events. Last year, more than 90 children with disabilities attended this event. On the other hand, deepest joy and gratitude fill the hearts of parents who carry this difficult burden of care and education of children with special needs. The second event is scheduled for August. We booked the Sierra Pine Camp for three days to communicate in nature. The program of communication at Camp is very extensive including Bible stories and children come from

More than 100 children are expected to attend this year. For this purpose, it is necessary to collect about $ 8,000. We ask you to take part in the support and organization of this Special Family Event. If you live in Sacramento area and you know such families among Russian-speaking or American families, invite them to this event at The Teen Center 1514 Merkley Ave, West Sacramento CA 95691. We also invite volunteers to take part in organizing and conducting this Event. For detailed information and to register, call Victoria at (916) 400-1188.




n our Music Department, we have 7 music teachers. We support their work and twice a week our teachers give children free music lessons. Slavic, Americans, Mexican and other nationalities. Most of these children are from low-income families whose parents are not able to pay for such lessons. This ministry introduces children to the wonderful world of music and language, helps parents keep children away from the influence of the street. For information call (916) 372-4610




or many years, every week, a representative of our Mission visits the Golden Days Center for the Elderly and conducts ministry with them. The service begins with singing with a group from the Center, then there is an overview of world Christian news, which we mean as topics for their prayers and in conclusion a sermon. These visits enwhole series of sermons by famous preachers of the Gospel, which are stored in our Mission.


very week, the programs of our Mission are played on the waves of the local radio KJAY 1430 AM in Sacramento and Yolo County. We are recording new programs and actively using our rich

archives, full of original programs of our blessed workers in the field of God. The mission carried out a colossal work on the transmission of the archive of N.A. Waden from tape to digital media. We have a


now have their new home in blessed America. More than 100 thousand Russian speakers live today in Sacramento, Placer and Yolo County. Over 80 new churches have been opened. In these circumstances, Word to Russia without leaving a ministry in the former Soviet Union, turned its attention to the people around us in California and in other states. It happened by your prayers, your help and your faithfulness in our ministry.

REACHING OUT LOCALLY alifornia is a place where the cultures of many nations are mixed, and this gives us unique opportunities to learn about each other's historical and cultural value, share them with our family in our new homeland, and tell them about the Good News.

Today we want to tell you in more detail about our ministry at the place where the Lord settled us.

When the gates of immigration opened, many of our Slavic brothers and sisters

P.A. Semeryuk, A.T. Penkov, Y.D. Diordienko and many others. Our radio is also used by some Public Entities, such as Yolo County, Children’s Center, Chamber of Commerce, SMUD, Epic School, etc. Thanks to cooperation with state and public organizations, our mission becomes a link for the Slavic peoples in our region, helping them to more actively adapt and participate in life in America. al material in the Bible. All this convinces us of the importance of the proper upbringing of children, so our Mission has paid particular attention to children's ministry for several decades. In the Mission, hundreds of original children's programs, music, songs, have been created and applied around the world. This work continues today and we remember the servants of God who contributed; Galina Bondar, Galina Mihailichenko, Valentina Visina, Valentina Taryanik and others.

courage the hearts of our elderly and instill in them the assurance that they continue to be soldiers in the Army of Jesus Christ, serving for the needs of the saints with their prayers. There are about 200 visitors in this Center and they look forward to this service with great impatience and great desire. The elderly as well as children need our attention. Golden Days Adult Day Health 1215 Merkley Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691 (916) 371-6011

We ask you, along with your prayers for the churches and the needs of those places where you come from, to pray also about the structure of our ministry with you in our American home. For one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. From one blood, God produced the entire human race, for dwelling all over the face of the earth, and He desires that no one perish, but all have eternal life.

Children are our future. We have a lot of instructionPO BOX 1521 WEST SACRAMENTO, CA 95691 USA · (916) 372-4610 · WWW.WORDTORUSSIA.ORG

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Greetings to you, our dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! Grace to you and peace be multiplied, our co-laborers in the glory that wil...

Word to Russia: Password #42019  

Greetings to you, our dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! Grace to you and peace be multiplied, our co-laborers in the glory that wil...