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C E R T A I N T Y Certainty is the objective of every member of your delivery team. Your construction projects will succeed or fail largely on the basis of how well your team works together to explore options and manage solutions. Exciting designs … tight site conditions ... changes ... unplanned materials delivery ... all can disrupt momentum, add time and cost, and create more risk. If your delivery team can’t share a clear view of your continually evolving project, then how can they communicate and resolve issues efficiently? There are other important questions to consider:

• How do you enable side-by-side comparative analysis to facilitate quick objective answers to questioning? • How do you produce rapid project simulations controlled through the CPM scheduling process and foster delivery team collaboration? • How should you allocate and coordinate work space? Or safety zones? And manage competing points of view or approaches?

• How do you find innovative delivery approaches that work -with less risk and higher certainty? • How do you determine, agree and present the winning project delivery approach? • How do you support what-if analysis quickly and effectively

• Is your strategy to analyze and manage risk performing well enough? You have the power to improve your results. Introducing Synchro, an intuitive, user-friendly solution to manage construction delivery.

with time scaled and the accuracy of the logical diagram? "Synchro has become an invaluable tool for both the detailed analysis of the construction process, and in providing a visual aid to assist clients to understand our proposed logistics and programming for their projects." -- Michael Archer, Planning Director (UK),


SYNCHRONISATION Synchro software enables you to import and consolidate project data from other programs

“Synchro allows us to maintain control of an ever-changing worksite.

so that your entire delivery team can share one virtual vision of your project in real-time – displayed with staggering clarity in multiple dimensions.

system ever built for the construction industry.”

Adrian Greenhalghe, Commercial Director, Kier Build


Share Your Vision

Explore Options

With Synchro, your entire construction delivery team – owners, engineers,

The delivery team’s greatest challenges often demand that they identify

architects, operators, constructors, subcontractors, manufacturers and

the most promising options to solve construction problems and then select

materials suppliers – can share a single view of the entire project.

the best competing solutions to implement. Synchro features a shared vision of the project to help clarify and resolve competing solutions. Review and analyse several scenarios in powerful graphical simulation as well as understand the effects on earned value and time, before you even start, and keep up-to-date while tracking performance during delivery. Compare your options so that the best solutions consistently emerge to add real value. Target uncertainty right

3D Design

Management,Constructionand Supply Team

Synchro is dedicated to enabling the construction delivery team to explore options and manage solutions like never before. Whether you buy construction services or deliver them, with Synchro every participant in Cost

the process can expect: • Clearly defined processes to manage corporate responsibilities, protect workers’ health and safety, care for the environment and deliver shareholder value • Control over planning and scheduling, logistics and field conditions to minimise uncertainty, lost production and rework

from the beginning. Use the entire team, as needed, to participate in the process of eliminating uncertainty. Synchro brings pre-construction project visualisation to new heights to help deliver your projects on-target. Manage Solutions By most measures, the construction industry is unpredictable, above all in delivery time, cost and quality. Synchro enables you to better manage the essential activities of construction delivery to ensure project success: • Synchronise planning and delivery workflow like never before • Dynamically share one vision of the entire project • Handle continuous and iterative design activities in stride

• Efficient task sequencing and planning of work spaces

• Coordinate multiple planning iterations

• Promotion of innovation and value engineering

• Support a geographically-distributed delivery team

• Consistent quality and better planned performance

• Integrate the supply chain at a detailed level

• Shorter overall project delivery

• Enable dynamic team participation


Synchro is the foremost construction simulation and task management solution, incorporating the ability to define and represent re-usable 3D materials, equipment, human and location resources and communicate these in full visual simula tion.

"Whilst I set out to play around with the software and give my impressions of how the user interface worked, I became much more fascinated by the implications of linking 3D CAD models to Project Planning systems, and how Synchro has been able to keep the model in Synch with the planning process… An added bonus is that clash detection comes into its own!" -- David Chadwick in "CAD User" in Its "Software Review"




Plan and monitor the project directly against the design, which will provide a cross-check by linking design to the construction schedule.

Changes to design, plans and schedules are iterative throughout the project delivery. Synchronisation reduces or eliminates the impacts of changes by maintaining established links between design and scheduling data originated and maintained in legacy external systems for: • Delivery team, collaborative planning activities • Supply chain contribution to the planning processes • Design files from multiple CAD systems • Schedule files from PrimaveraTM, Microsoft® Office Project and AstaTM

The single, shared view projected in real time through Synchro Server to all members of your delivery team helps them clearly understand their roles and status in a dynamic work site. ation resources.

Real-time collaboration allows each delivery participant to contribute and manage in the same model. • Create the ability to allocate workspace for work area planning, scheduling and coordination. • Deploy multiple-scenario planning to support divergent decision-making techniques. • Provide real-time, schedule manipulation and updating with remote access. • Identify, segment, manage and track delivery risk at the task level coordinated with your scheduling logic. • Predict and measure earned value.

• Gain visual perspective of the entire construction project and key areas of greatest uncertainty. • Provide interactive scheduling and virtual construction simulation right in the Synchro environment. • Bring each competing idea into view for objective and thorough analysis in a multiple side-by-side view. • Generate AVI (audio and video file) reports for wide distribution and high production quality. • Generate detailed, task management schedules, which cross foots between the complete inventory of 3D design, equipment, human and loc


O P T I O N S Synchro project management and visual simulation software combines 3D CAD output with leading task scheduling functionality, enabling you to integrate project data and display it in full, multidimensional simulation. Your construction delivery team can share a single view of your entire project, as it progresses, in real-time. Synchro’s out-of-the-box functionality and ease of use mean that you are adding value from the outset. SYNCHRO CLIENT APPLICATIONS



Database Module


Project Constructor


Professional is our award-winning 4D Scheduling and Project Management Solution for project production planning, CPM scheduling, resource management and comprehensive virtual 4D construction simulation. Professional enables side-by-side alternative scheduling comparisons, progress tracking, resource management, as well as sequence, time, risk and cost analysis to be evaluated. Professional can work either stand-alone – managing the complete project model independently – or in combination with Synchro Model Server in managing collaborative access to a centralised Synchro Server 4D Model File.

Database Module brings greater hardware independence to the 4D construction scheduling community using existing, standard PCs. Our embedded database add-on module is provided in technology partnership with Objectivity, Inc. to enable Synchro users the ability to utilise all three tiers of the typical hardware platform, including the combination of core memory capacity, graphics card memory capacity, and hard disk space. Even the most challenging 4D models are tamed by the revolutionary approach developed at Synchro on existing standard PCs.

Express is our 4D Read and Report Viewer and provides our users with the freedom to view a model as required without the limitations of the AVI viewing format. Express provides the full range of communication and reporting features to enable the evaluation of the 4D model with a full view of the 4D schedule, resource allocation, risk analysis, earned value profile and more. Express can work either stand-alone – accessing the project model independently – or in combination with Synchro Model Server in managing collaborative access to a centralised Synchro Server 4D Model File.

Project Constructor is Synchro Client’s "lite" version of Synchro Professional and is fully functional for independent planners as a stand-alone 4D construction visualization, project scheduling, advanced risk management, import and synchronization with Synchro and Google SketchUp 3D, supply chain management and cost allocation for comprehensive virtual construction simulation. Synchro Project Constructor unlike Professional does not integrate with any other planning system and is designed to exclusively work with Synchro (*.sp) and Google SketchUp ( *.skp) files. Project Constructor can be upgraded within the first year of purchase to Synchro Professional -- our fully featured client application enabling the integration with other planning and scheduling systems, the leading 3D model files and connection to Synchro Server, our comprehensive project team environment. The upgrade to Professional can be facilitated by paying the incremental cost difference between the original purchase price of Project Constructor and the current list price of Professional at the time of the upgrade.

Synchro Server is a cloud based 4D Model File Server, which ensures real time communication for each connected user, while managing 4D model version control for all users of the single master project model file. These capabilities allow real time concurrent distributed workload for planning and scheduling teams to access a common, central 4D model file and central repository of planning information stored to alleviate communications, coordination, version control and scheduling issues. Synchro Server is the bridge and central project planning hub among project participants. Changes made by one user are synchronised with the central Server 4D Model File and immediately broadcast to all other connected participant users to keep everyone updated instantly.


SYNERGY When Synchro’s individual products are used to enable collaboration, users experience the full power of synergy and workflow support built into the entire product suite to maximize gains. By way of illustration, consider how our clients have used Synchro at various phases of adoption.

Phase IV: Integrate Supply Chain

The Synergies of Synchro in the Full Product Suite

Integrate Supply Chain

P Professional

However, its absence is the root cause of

E Express

Integrate Delivery Team

W Workgroup

Return on Investment

S Server

Supply chain integration is difficult to achieve. project delays and site interruptions. Synchro Server supports the logical integration of every subcontractor and major supplier on

Explore Options

the project.

to appear from the outset. Before Synchro, it was a real challenge for us to work with competing ideas.”

Robert Hicks, Laing O’Rourke PLC “This software is a real breakthrough for project management: it has ushered in a whole new level of delivery capabilities for us that have only been concepts before now.”

Supply chain integration requires support on both sides of the contractual relationship to

Create Presentations

plan and schedule activities, track progress as

Creative Imaging Division, URS Corp.

well as identify and isolate risk at the task level of the schedule.

Project Adoption

Using Synchro Professional or Workgroup, Phase I: Create Presentations

Phase II: Explore Options

Phase III: Integrate Delivery Team

connected to Synchro Server, the

When presenting a project, it’s critical to

Construction project delivery demands high

Involving the wider delivery team is always

subcontractors and major suppliers can

clearly communicate your vision and

levels of certainty and detail to manage risk.

required but can be a real challenge. Involving

access the software’s full functionality: They

construction methodology to win support from

Without effective supporting technology,

more people is counterintuitive and

are limited only by the system administrator’s

the customer, local government, businesses

continuous industrial improvement and real

complicates matters when a convergent

restrictions on access to certain project data,

and residents to differentiate your approach

innovation are elusive. Synchro supports early

approach will solve problems more quickly.

with the ability to create their schedules and

from competitors. Our clients use Synchro to

problem-solving and low-cost iterative

Options in this approach are inherently limited.

monitor their own work activities. One key

plan, schedule and present the project

exploration of innovations. Synchro’s

However, the requirements for certainty and

aspect is to help eliminate work area clashes

delivery intent. Animation adds clarity beyond

comprehensive scheduling capabilities keep

safe construction operations are omnipresent.

between companies or material delivery delays

stand-alone plans and schedules, shows

solutions logically connected where the impact

When unique concerns are present, more

before they affect your site.

time-scaled accuracy and facilitates quick

of changes can be quickly understood.

options are required, not less. With Synchro,

answers to audience questioning.

involving more people is easy, logical and a route to higher certainty.


S U P P O R T The construction industry is looking for long-term solutions that can grow with them. Synchro offers 4D BIM modelling services, the ongoing research and development, and customer support to ensure that your experience adds real value to your work. The development of Synchro to full commercial performance, with several million lines of code, began in 2001 and undertook more than six years to mature into a market leading product. Throughout those years the foundations of Synchro Professional were established and it encompassed more than 40 developer years behind three major releases to create a compelling and competitive product that was first offered and shipped to the global market in late 2007. As a result, the products of Synchro demonstrate a rare command of the realities of the construction site and bring new dimensions of innovation, productivity, vision and economy attuned to the needs of its users. opportunity to engage us to help you meet your demands. For us, when you gain the software the adoption and transformation process begin.

The learning curve is minimal and the benefits are numerous, ensuring that, when you start, you quickly gain the skill and confidence needed to master the product. If you do find that you need support from Synchro, you have online and live resource options for getting the information that enables a pleasant and productive user experience. • Downloads – Our guide to Synchro Ltd, and the Synchro solution briefly details the motivation behind creating the solution, its emphasis on process and other unique functionality. • Trials – Why not take Synchro software out for a road test with a ten-day, free trial? Seeing is believing.

4D BIM Modelling Services We have found that the area that stimulates the most excitement about using Synchro, creating an immediate demand for our assistance, is the preparation of 4D simulation. We help our users/customers, who, while in the early stage of adoption, may find assistance with the following areas of work useful: • 3D solid modelling focused on and for the sole purposes of construction simulation and the use of Synchro • 3D to 4D schedule linking support • Construction simulation production, including AVI and slideshow presentation preparation • Project monitoring support and monthly reporting

The Synchro website contains a variety of support features such as product user guides, access to user groups, news items and other helpful information.

When you experience the results produced by our users now using Synchro in more than 50 countries circling the globe, you will want the same results for your business, project team or situation.


Company founder led a team to apply motor industry processes to improve construction delivery

HISTORY Synchro delivers innovation technology designed to serve the construction

the project delivery processes are completed at a major London construction site. 2001

Synchro v1.0 released original architecture, market testing and consulting begin.

delivery team everyday in real time. The company has a history of delivering real improvements in software for the construction industry. Born of necessity

Award-winning solutions

Synchro Ltd, a UK company, began software product development in 2001 on its construction simulation and task management solution. At its heart is the recognition that, until the project production is clearly defined and integrated, demand cannot be understood and coordination cannot be achieved; cutting off the benefits that flow from market opportunities. Synchro offers a genuinely different approach to the management of projects by synchronising design, scheduling, supply chain management, risk management and earned value measurement. Synchro has a track record for developing innovative technology for construction projects throughout the UK and in 2007 began worldwide distribution of its third generation of products.

“It is notable that the world’s most advanced 4D system is produced by Synchro.” – BIM Revolution: Centre for Process Innovation.

Innovation built for reality

Innovative Actions Award recognized Synchro for its work to deliver smooth supply chain integration in the refurbishment of Coventry's social housing program.

Today, Synchro has technology relationships in the form of technology development agreements with Autodesk, Oracle | Primavera, Asta, TechSoft3D, Google, Objectivity and Agilis. These strategic relationships offer our joint customers the right ingredients to leverage existing software investments and extend benefits beyond information silos, which commonly exist between well-formed industry processes. Our aim and our principles are straightforward: Deliver software that serves the construction delivery team and survives the dynamics of everyday life in the construction industry. As construction is a series of problems that get solved, our software enables users to explore options and manage solutions.

Synchro has been recognised for its achievement in producing innovation technology. Synchro is used to simulate the Best Design as part of the team’s submission in the global competition Build London Live in June 2008. The competition hosted over 300 individuals working collaboratively in teams worldwide over a continuous 48-hour period to present large-scale mixed use property development design and construction model of a “virtual site” located in London on the Greenwich peninsula.

SMART Award valued our process of coordinating space for construction projects and for applying Theory of Constraints to the planning equation. The work showed that the process reduced cost and improved reliability for complex, unique and reproduced projects where a large number of independent suppliers combine to deliver the project. Mustard — Breakthrough Technology Award acknowledged Synchro for achievements and contribution to the local economy. ICT -- Synchro is highly commended at ICT Excellence Awards in UK. Construction Computing Magazine "Hammer Awards" Finalist in Three Categories -- "One to Watch" Product, "One to Watch" Company and Project Planning Product of the Year

2003 Synchro wins Innovative Actions Award, Smart Award and Mustard Breakthrough Technology Award. 2005

2000 Company is founded and begins development of its original product architecture. 2002 Synchro v2.0 revised architecture redevelopment begins.

2004 Synchro v2.0 releases revised architecture. Interoperability for the next market release.

Synchro v3.0 released. U.K. product marketing begins.



Synchro v3.2 is released and begins the company’s focus on the global market.

Synchro v3.5 Primavera Integration released at Primavera’s 24th Annual User Conference 2008 Synchro is used in Build London Live in global competition over 48-hours to present construction models of a “virtual site” in London. 2009 Synchro is highly commended at ICT Excellence Awards. 2010 Synchro launches Database Module toward hardware independence.

2007 Global user community and distribution partners from around the globe sign-up with Synchro in over 35 countries.


Synchro launches Constructor dedicated to Google Sketch-Up. 2009 Synchro launches Professional Pi Gilbane and others sign full Enterprise Contracts. 2010


IMAGINE Synchro can help make your vision a reality.

Synchro adds a new dimension to construction delivery by sharing one vision of design and connecting it with a scheduled plan, project costs and progress monitoring. It provides award-winning and innovative perspective to help you plan and keep your projects under control.

"We used Synchro's 4D BIM schedule simulation to communicate among the project stakeholders the complex construction sequences and site logistics. The ability to see clearly the schedule sequences creates a team dialogue and encourages creative problem solving." --Michael Piotrkowski, Director of Technical Development, Rudolph and Sletten

Explore your options and manage your solutions like never before. Learn more about our users through project case studies, contact us for a demo, download a ten-day trial or purchase Synchro online by visiting us at Imagine how Synchro will help transform the delivery of your construction projects and the way that you do business.


DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS Asia Pacific: Primavera Australia Pty Ltd Level 1, 414 Toorak Rd PO Box294 Toorak VIC 3142 Australia Phone: 03 9826 9292

France: PrimaFrance Systems Tour d'Asnieres - Hall 4 4, avenue Laurent Cely 92600, Asnieres-sur-Seine France Phone: +33 (0) 1 56 83 87 30

PCSS Consultancy Sdn Bhd No. 46, 2nd Floor, Lot 5396 Block 16, RH Plaza Jalan Lapangan Terbang, BDC 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Phone:+6(0)82 459770 Website:

Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy: INTECO Gesellschaft für innovative Technologien mbH Stethaimerstr. 32 - 34 D-84034 Landshut Germany Telephone: +49 (0) 871/92289 - 0

Baltic: Commuun OÜ Information is the most important construction material Kaire Vibo, Chief Executive Kuldala 1 76403 Laagri Saue vald Harjumaa Estonia Phone: +3725183618 Benelux: CADVisual De Amert 424 Veghel, Noord-Brabant 5462 GH Netherlands Phone: +31(0)413-216300

Asta Development GmbH Gablonzer Str. 4 76185 Karlsruhe Germany Telephone: +49 (0) 721 - 95 25 -0 PLCM Project Life Cycle Management Via Linosa 22 36100 Vicenza (VI) Italy Telephone: 0444 1832723

Ireland: Project Programme Management Ltd Matthew Edwards -- B.Sc (Hons), MCIOB, CEnv, MIEI, ACIArb Managing Director Spring Cottage Cappagh Inistioge Co. Kilkenny Ireland Tel: 00 353 567758788 Mobile: 00 353 864034443 Korea: IntraTech Corp. #806 R&D Centre DMC Sangam-dong Mapo-ku Seoul Korea 121-270 Phone: 070-7725-0456 Middle East: CMCS Collaboration, Management & Control Solutions FZ -- LLC Knowledge Village Star Holding Building, Office 101 PO Box 23033 Dubai, UAE Phone: +971 4 365 4850 Toll-free: 800 CMCS (2627)

Russian Federation: PMSOFT Group of Companies 6, 2nd Spasonalivkovsky Lane Moscow, Russia 119991 Phone: +7 (495) 232-1100, +7 (499) 238-1231 South America: Verano Engenharia de Sistemas R. Sud Menucci 309 Vila Mariana Sao Paulo Brasil SP - CEP 04017-080 Phone: 55 (011) 4506.2800 United Kingdom: Excitech Ltd. Design Technology Centre 8 Kinetic Crescent Innova Business Park Enfield Middlesex EN3 7XH England Phone: +44 (0) 845 370 1444 Email: Milestone Westgate House Westgate London W5 1YY United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 208 991 3305


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2010 Synchro Corporate Brochure  

2010 corporate brochure for Synchro Ltd.

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