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The SeaPass Gateway Makes It Easier for Your Agents to Place Business with You with Custom Solutions

When You Make It Easy For Agents to Sell Your Products, They Do.


PERSPECTIVE ON SEAPASS FROM DEAN O'HARE Dean O'Hare leads the SeaPass Board of Directors. He retired as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Chubb Corporation, one of the world's leading property and casualty insurance companies, at the end of 2002 with more than 40 years of distinguished leadership in the industry.

"I am delighted to head the SeaPass Board because I am convinced that SeaPass has created a solution to what I thought for decades to be the most critical problem the insurance industry faces - real-time connectivity and communications, with our distribution and trading partners", he said, upon joining our Board.

"I feel that this solution is critical to the future of the industry and therefore I have given SeaPass my full support to help them succeed where existing solutions currently have not."

WHAT IF? WHY NOT? The insurance industry today is built upon technology accumulated over many years, not only within insurance companies but also within the agent and broker field forces. Our industry is populated with many different agent systems and carrier underwriting, rating and administration systems. Complicating this further are multiple data protocols standards in practice today. It has been impossible for all parties with their various and often conflicting priorities and requirements to agree on a clear set of standards for sound data integration. Until now, it has been impractical to provide a solution enabling an enterprise-wide framework capable of supporting an industry data integration solution. But what if, through a simple paradigm shift, your company's unique activities could be easily shared with your agents? What if components could then be used as business solutions for your agency force to partner better with you enterprise-wide?

What if the communications' gaps between platforms and processing systems could become bridged through a common language understood by every platform to enable you to become a partner and collaborator with the sales people who generate your company's revenues? SeaPass technology is designed to enable disparate computer systems to communicate with each other and resolve data challenges in real-time. A typical implementation is to empower the independent insurance agent to submit quote requests to carriers enabling the elimination of re-keying, submission rejections, and higher levels of both agent CSR and carrier underwriter productivity. SeaPass can offer you technology solutions that add value by:

• Taking a business-oriented view of systems and tying them optimally to the generation of new business.

• Providing platform-neutral service to sales in real-time. • Enabling legacy connectivity with minimal rework to extend the functionality of legacy systems.

• Delivering business-aligned solutions to your company. At SeaPass, we follow-up the “what if” questions by asking, as well: “Why not?”

WE SIMPLIFY CONNECTIVITY What if you could maintain and seamlessly share the intellectual capital embedded in multiple current systems and reduce the redundancies in software applications, data and user interfaces? What if your agency force could view your enterprise technology as an accessible library of component parts to extend the capabilities and enhance the performance of their processes, regardless of which software application executes the component? What if you could embrace standards-based components, which allow for easier integration to maximize connectivity? What if your IT could shift to operate seamlessly in alignment with the business needs of your sales force so that your enterprise capabilities become an extension of resources that extend prolifically on-demand where your company touches its marketplace? What if your intellectual capital could be shared in real-time where your company transacts its business in its marketplace through optimum communications among applications previously hampered by legacy systems?

The patented technology of SeaPass connects disparate computer systems adding the capability to resolve data validity issues in real-time. This capability enables true real-time transaction processing without regard to varying cultures, data models and data entry practices. SeaPass solutions connect insurance agents, brokers and wholesalers with your technology platform enabling you to interact with each other without cumbersome and costly systems integration. Our goal is to enable you to achieve this interaction effortlessly. We seek a technological benefit for you that results in:

• An increase in new business flow • Fast, accurate, bindable quotes • Eliminating duplicate keying of data • Top-line and bottom-line growth • Faster transactions mean a shorter sales cycle • A win-win that breeds goodwill with agents • Superior data integrity – fewer errors/omissions

• More profit from existing business • Brisk return on your technology investment • More personal productivity for your agents • Superior customer service – on-demand • A competitive technology edge • More time for your agents to focus on sales

WE MAKE IT EASY FOR YOUR AGENTS TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU From a single technology platform, SeaPass solutions enable easy, reliable data exchange and interaction between you and your sales force. As a result, you can leverage your legacy, web or other existing systems and the intellectual capital resident there automatically to interact in real-time with your agents' existing management systems for transactions. Not only is the data transmitted to you in real-time but also:

• The Data received is analyzed • A dynamic gap analysis for missing/incorrect data gathering is created, and transmitted in

• Endorsement Handling – Allows agents to submit endorsement requests directly to you, at the touch of a button. The SeaPass Gateway™ can deliver a real-time response with regard to a potential change of premiums in accordance with the requested change as well as the actual submission and processing of it, if the user so chooses and your underwriting allows. All this protocol occurs immediately without having to key-in information repeatedly.

• Management Reporting – SeaPass produces reports giving your management team useful business intelligence, including: quote counts, quote sources agency activity, inquiries by geography or SIC code, nature of business, policy size, new business won or lost, endorsements and policies issued and more.

real-time to the agent/CSR

• Third-party information can be aggregated • Transaction completion is achieved via submission of the complete stream into an existing front/back-end SeaPass Real-Time Interview

The 4 Step Solution

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Comparative Rater




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SeaPass Gateway






The SeaPass GatewayTM allows insurance carriers to transmit and receive data in real time with agents, brokers and wholesalers across the lines of business.



The SeaPass GatewayTM analyzes incoming data; identifies the gaps to determine what is missing or incorrect; and facilitates the capture of data via dynamic interview process.


Exchange The SeaPass GatewayTM retrieves, gather of validates information from internal carrier systems



and sources as well as external third party providers. From a single technology platform, The SeaPass GatewayTM completes the transactions utilizing the carriers existing systems.

• Real Time Quotes, Issue and Endorsement – Eliminates the need for agents and their staffs to key-in duplicate information: over time, this simple feature will save your agents many hours of needlessly redundant labor. Once information is keyed-in, the SeaPass Gateway™ will do the rest of the work to provide the agent with the results you want, whether it's a quote, or a referral to an underwriter .

• Middle-Market Submission – Enables agents to submit an application directly from the agency's existing management system or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package. Again, there is no needless duplicate re-keying, faxing or mailing ACORD forms to the carrier. We have seamlessly automated the process of retrieving external data from third-party sources. Our solution, designed to be incorporated as part of your web site, completes the app for either automated or manual underwriting.

• Book of Business Transfer – Empowers agents to move whole books of business to you and for you to be able to monitor the progress and its success.


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Insurance companies are turning to the capabilities of SeaPass to help them optimize their connectivity with agents and improve the ease of doing business. Here's a partial list of insurance companies powered by SeaPass.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT SEAPASS Here's what we've done for the insurance industry based upon quotes in the insurance trade press from companies and agencies.

From Insurance Companies “We see this as another way to make it easier for our agent partners to do business with us. In addition, the insurance industry is moving to the SeaPass approach to support small-business operations. Our partnership with SeaPass will enable us to connect with the best customers, helping our agents grow their business while providing superior insurance solutions to their customers.” – Travis MacMillian, Head of Marketing and Business Development, OneBeacon Small Business “The SeaPass software gives agents single-entry, real-time workflow - the ability to take client information that already exists in their management systems, run it through some business rules that help us capture information that is needed for a quote but did not exist in the management system, then via the Internet to send the information to Selective's commercial lines system… Agents are able to get an accurate quote without leaving their system. Duplicate entry of information is avoided, cycle time is reduced and customer service is improved…which is exactly how agents say they want to do business with us.”

From Insurance Agencies “The SeaPass solution takes the data from a variety of carriers and displays it to us in our agency management system. We don't need to worry about where to find a particular piece of information on a particular carrier's site.” – Tim Casey, CIO, Commercial Insurance Services of Commerce Bank, Cherry Hill, NJ “The SeaPass Gateway is a mediator between the carrier system and the agency system. The quote I receive is a bindable, issuable quote because it comes out of the carrier system… Using the SeaPass solution to bridge from our management system to the Hartford web site makes so much sense. We're able to access it without another step and another workflow. It's a win for The Hartford and the agency.” – Donna Monks, DiMatteo Insurance Service Center, Shelton, CT “The system is easy to use. Anything that eliminates key strokes and increases accuracy and productivity is greatly appreciated!” – Nancy Maynard, VP, Operations, Vreeland Insurance, Inc.

– Joseph Feo, Project Manager, Selective's Business Services Unit

THE AWARD-WINNING TECHNOLOGY OF SEAPASS “Look at a company like SeaPass Solutions that has multiple levels of technology. An agent can write policies and get a quote and (underwriting) approval instantaneously.”

Brian Lawlor, VP, Broker & Agency Services at SeaPass (center) accepts the 2006 ACORD Shared Service Provider Award at the ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum. ACORD Chair Barbara Koster, SVP & CIO, Prudential Financial (left) and Gregory A. Maciag, ACORD President and CEO (right).

– Deb Smallwood, VP, TowerGroup

“What they (agents) can do is send us their management system transaction, and we'll process it for them so they don't have to do dual entry… It's taking their management system data, and it is being propagated into Expressway.” – Kevin Busque, CIO, Personal Insurance, The Hartford

SeaPass technology has been honored with industry awards from respected names in our business:

• 2006 E-FUSION Award from A.M. Best Company to Selective Insurance for “Productivity Management.”

“Agents prefer to work in their agent management system while carriers process business in their systems. The challenge is connecting the two systems seamlessly… I think that any time you can provide an easier path for an agent to do business with a carrier, that's a win-win situation.” – Brad Allen, SVP, IT, Selective Insurance

• ACORD 2006 Shared Service Provider Award at ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum. • ACORD 2005 Shared Service Provider Award and Certification Award at ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum.

• 2004 E-FUSION Award Finalist for A.M. Best Company to Hartford Financial Services Group for “Expressway” for “Agency/Broker Management.”

A SNAPSHOT OF SEAPASS SOLUTIONS, INC. Founded in 2000, SeaPass Solutions is a privately held company with headquarters in New York City. Since 2001, SeaPass has been implementing technology solutions at national insurance carriers, regional carriers, banks, large agencies and brokers.

Shareholders of SeaPass include: • Dolphin Equity Partners specializes in investing in emerging media and marketing services, enterprise services, technology and communications companies operating primarily in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. • InterAtlantic Group, a private equity capital firm based in New York. • Hyperion, a world-renowned merchant banking fund specializing in investments in financial-services related companies and pioneering technologies. • Platinum Neurone Ventures, a fund backed by global investors such as Bank of America.

TO GET A DEMONSTRATION OF THE SEAPASS GATEWAY SOLUTIONS AND WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU, GIVE US A CALL. Connect better for quotes, issue and service in real-time with your agents. We invite you visit our web site at To arrange a personal demonstration of the capabilities of SeaPass simply call us at 212.608.4646.

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