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Moving From Disaster Relief to Long Term Development Published o n 14 July 20 10

Following disaster, the provision of relief needs to be f ast but also ef f ective in the medium to long term, not just the immediate. Humanitarian relief organizations are of ten criticised f or creating more problems than they are solving. T he public, private and intergovernmental sectors must take into account the consequences of their actions, with a view towards long term sustainability. “Build back better” is a phrase that is of ten heard, but what are the central considerations? A workshop session at the Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) in Washington D.C. brings together the World Bank, the United Nations Of f ice f or the Coordination of Humanitarian Af f airs (UN OCHA), Advance Aid, International Health Partners, CHF International and Trade Without Borders to discuss this. According to Abhas K. Jha, Regional Coordinator at T he World Bank, 80 percent of damage and loss to inf rastructure in the af termath of major catastrophes af f ect housing with enormous repercussions f or all sectors of society; even in areas f ar f rom those directly af f ected by the disaster itself . He said “Housing is essential to the well-being and development of most societies. It is a complex asset, with links to livelihoods, health, education, security and social and f amily stability.” Without one centralised agency devoted to housing reconstruction, planning can be poor and

coordination between the dif f ering bodies can be dif f icult leading to visible implications f or large segments of the population in terms of economy, culture and politics. He will examine how the transparency of national, regional and local government is crucial to the transition f rom initial emergency relief to a f urther permanent period of traditional long term development. Also speaking will be Anthony Dunnett, President, International Health Partners, David Dickie, Director, Advance Aid, Beatriz Casals, Founder and President, Casals & Associates, Incm Hansjoerg Strohmeyer, Chief of Policy and Development Branch, United Nations Of f ice f or the Coordination of Humanitarian Af f airs (UN OCHA), Greg Beck, Director in the Of f ice of Humanitarian Af f airs, CHF International, and Joseph Fernandez, Founder & Executive Director, Trade Without Borders. Now in its f if th year, this event is a worthwhile opportunity f or the aid, relief and development sector to network, build partnerships and address global humanitarian and development challenges, as well as showcasing goods and services to those who are responsible f or delivery. Registration is f ree to non-commercial organizations. More inf ormation, including the workshop agenda, speaker and exhibitor lists and registration details can be f ound at www.aidf Aid & International Development Forum 2010 partners include InterAction, IPOA, World Bank Publications and RedR UK. - Ends Information for Editors about the Aid & International Development Forum T he Aid & International Development Forum (previously International Aid & Trade) has been the world's leading f orum f or humanitarian relief prof essionals to cement relationships, build partnerships, gain understanding and share experiences. Having been acquired by Henley Media Group in 2005, International Aid & Trade ran in Geneva in 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2009 the event moved to Washington D.C., in partnership with InterAction, the largest coalition of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Facts & Figures T here will be over 1600 visitors and in the region of 120 exhibitors, 100 of which will be businesses, 20 of which will be NGOs, UN and Government stands For lists of speakers, exhibitors and the workshop agenda, please use the f ollowing links:

Speakers: http://www.aidf Workshop Agenda: http://www.aidf Exhibitors: http://www.aidf Contacts Diva Rodriguez, Communications, Email: drodriguez@aidf Andrew Matthewson, Sales Manager, Email: sales@aidf Telephone +44 (0) 20 7871 0188

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Following disaster, the provision of relief needs to be fast but also effective in the medium to long term, not just the immediate. Humanita...