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Global Partnerships for Development: the centre of the MDGs? Published o n 0 8 July 20 10

T he UN, USAID and NGOs prepare to come together on building a global partnership f or development. In the build-up to the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals in September, talk on achieving the goals abound. T he eighth goal, “Develop a global partnership f or development” is central to achieving the other seven. But how can it be done? To some the involvement of the private sector is essential, to others the UN or the rule of law must govern, and to other yet it is all about entrepreneurialism and empowerment rather than aid and development f inance. Johnston Barkat, United Nations Ombudsman, f unctions independently of any UN organ or of f icial and so has an impartial view of global partnership f or development. He joins Scott Schirmer, Senior Coordinator, Private Sector Alliances Of f ice of Development Partners , United States Agency f or International Development (USAID) and speakers f rom Fleet Forum, Trade Without Borders and A4ID to discuss solutions at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on Friday July at this year’s Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF). Anthony Dunnett, President, International Health Partners will moderate this session which looks at the issues of a global partnership – the needs of least developed countries, dealing with the

debt of these countries, developing an open, rule-based, predictable, non-discriminatory trading and f inancial system, providing access to af f ordable essential drugs in developing countries and making the benef its of new technologies and ICTs available through cooperation with the private sector. It is clear that it is the primary responsibility of developing countries to work towards achieving the f irst seven Goals. T hey must do their part to ensure greater accountability to citizens and ef f icient use of resources. But f or poor countries to achieve the f irst seven Goals, it is absolutely critical that rich countries deliver on their end of the bargain with more and more ef f ective aid, more sustainable debt relief and f airer trade rules, well in advance of 2015. Scott Shirmer of USAID will provide an overview of USAID’s partnership experience, f ocusing on how the Of f ice of Development Partners/Private Sector Alliance division (ODP/PSA) serves as a global leader in alliance building. Elisabeth Baraka of A4ID will discuss how the law can be used to strengthen the work of the international development community and support the achievement of development objectives. She will provide a number of case studies to demonstrate the importance of the law as a core part of development strategy and how partnerships with lawyers across the world through A4ID can help to achieve this. Now in its f if th year, this event is a valuable opportunity f or the aid, relief and development sector to network, build partnerships and address global humanitarian and development challenges, as well as showcasing goods and services to those who are responsible f or delivery. Registration is f ree to non-commercial organizations. More inf ormation, including the workshop agenda, speaker and exhibitor lists and registration details can be f ound at www.aidf Aid & International Development Forum 2010 partners include InterAction, USAID, IPOA, World Bank Publications and RedR UK. - Ends -

Information for Editors about the Aid & International Development Forum T he Aid & International Development Forum (previously International Aid & Trade) has been the world's leading f orum f or humanitarian relief prof essionals to cement relationships, build partnerships, gain understanding and share experiences. Having been acquired by Henley Media Group in 2005, International Aid & Trade ran in Geneva in 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2009 the event moved to Washington D.C., in partnership with InterAction, the largest coalition of U.S.-based

international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Facts & Figures T here will be over 1600 visitors and in the region of 120 exhibitors, 100 of which will be businesses, 20 of which will be NGOs, UN and Government stands For lists of speakers, exhibitors and the workshop agenda, please use the f ollowing links: Speakers: http://www.aidf Workshop Agenda: http://www.aidf Exhibitors: http://www.aidf Contacts Diva Rodriguez, Communications, Email: drodriguez@aidf Andrew Matthewson, Sales Manager, Email: sales@aidf Telephone +44 (0) 20 7871 0188

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To some the involvement of the private sector is essential, to others the UN or the rule of law must govern, and to other yet it is all abou...