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The average American today is stupid, fat, and lazy. They can’t give you the name of the vice president of the United States, much less the name of their congressman/woman. Most of these smartphone-staring drones are too busy looking for another trough to feed from. I’d bet money that if you asked the first 100 people coming out of a local supermarket what the three branches of government are, the vast majority couldn’t tell you. Or better yet, ask the first 100 college students. On the other hand, I’d also bet they could damn sure tell you what the latest Pixar movie is, or what Johnny Depp has been doing with his free time of late. In the meantime, our American political system is steam-rolling over the top of us with bad policy, bad laws, and bad examples to fol-

low. You might say, “Who cares? There’s nothing we can do about it anyway.” Well, actually, you’d be wrong about that. As Margaret Meade was so famously quoted as saying, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Think Martin Luther King. Or, Mahatma Gandhi. But the first thing you have to do is arm yourself with education – and the truth. And a healthy dose of discipline wouldn’t hurt matters either. And by the way, the three branches of government are the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch. Look ‘em up to find out what they do and how they affect your daily lives. I dare you!

I’m tired of Donald Trump. I’m tired of Hillary Clinton. I’m tired of watching the inability of Congress to compromise. I’m tired of seeing the cost of pharmaceutical drugs skyrocket. I’m tired of hearing, “And then he turned the gun on himself.” I’m tired of ambulance-chasing lawyers. I’m tired of seeing homeless people. I’m tired of Dr. Phil. I’m tired of the acronym: ISIS. I’m tired of staring at a computer. I’m tired of watching others stare at a phone. I’m tired of hearing about yet another secret the government has kept from its people. I’m tired of YouTube. I’m tired of Facebook! I’m tired.

Do you know how to play a musical instrument? Now is a good time to start. Have you ever gone hiking? GO! Perhaps this weekend. Have you thought about creating a budget? Get started. Have you ever parachuted from a plane? Visit a local airport and find out how. Have you hesitated in asking out that gal/guy for a date? Call ‘em. A Tech football game oughta do it. Get up. Get moving. Stop watching, and start doing.


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