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Texas Tech Hospitality Services

The campus at Texas Tech has a wide variety of places to eat. You’ll find these options in the Student Union: Chick-fil-A, Sbarro Pizza, Steak Escape, Center Sweets, Union Grill, Zi Asian Cuisine, Union Bistro, Smart Choices, Cold Corner and Sam’s Place Mini-Market. The Market at Stangel/Murdough has an al-a-carte food court. Horn/Knapp and Hulen/Clement have traditional all-youcare-to-eat dining halls. Sam’s Place is a full mini-market offering late night services in Chitwood/Weymoth, Law School Kiosk, Murray, Sneed, Student Union and Wall/Gates. Bledsoe/Gordon has The Fresh Plate, an all-you-care-toeat food emporium offering flame-grilled choices, Mexican-themed selections, Asianinspired dishes, fresh salads, pasta sensations, home-style choices and fruits and desserts. If you live off campus, you can purchase a commuter dining plan to fit your needs. For more information about rates, Dining Bucks, discounts or to purchase your plan online, visit

10 Commandments of Parking 1. Read the Signs!

They tell you what permits are applicable and what times you can and cannot park there. There is also a map explaining parking sites on the parking website. After 5:30 p.m. on weekdays, all valid Texas Tech permits allow you to park on the interior of campus.

2. E-Permit

Purchase an e-permit on the Parking Services website. Several options for parking permits are available, and you can include the permit cost in with your tuition. A new evening permit is available for those who only need to access campus after 5:30 p.m. during the week. For a nine-month period, the cost is $40, and for a year the cost is $121.

3. Commuter lots.

Ten days after receiving your ticket, you are

& Teacher t n e d u t S 5 $ ine-In Only Speciave cul rr•ent stuDdent ID or school staff ID) (must ha

5. Appeal.

You may also use that 10-day period after getting a citation to appeal it. More information regarding appeals is available on the Parking Services website.

6. Don’t get a boot!

Failure to pay your tickets can cause other problems, such as getting a boot put on your car. This occurs after you receive nine unpaid tickets in one semester.

7. Motorcyclists.

Owners of motorcycles and mopeds must pay for permits and may park in designated twowheel vehicle areas.

8. Yield to pedestrians. That is a general courtesy rule.

After 2:30 p.m., if you have a permit in either commuter parking lot, you are able to park in the other. For example, if you have a Commuter North permit, after 2:30, you may park in Commuter West.

4. Pay your tickets!

charged an additional late fee. Failure to pay tickets results in holds on your ability to register, and can even prevent you from graduating.

9. Share the road!

Bicyclists are common on campus and need the road as much as you do.

10. Be Courteous

Be polite to the parking staff in the booths. They are only doing their job by enforcing the rules, not being the bad guy.

Daily Specials Monday Special

From 4pm to 11pm

16” Single Topping Pizza and a Bucket $20.00 Tuesday Special

From 4pm to 11pm

9” Single Topping Chicago Style Pizza and a Pitcher $20.00

5015 University Ave. Lubbock, Texas 79413


Hours: Nominated for Monday: 4pm – 2am Best Pizza! Tuesday-Sunday: 11am – 2am

Wreck ‘Em Wednesday From 4pm to 8pm

16” Single Topping Pizza $10.00 Thursday Thru Saturday Live Music Starting at 10pm. No Cover $9 Daily Lunch Specials Mon. thru Fri. 11-3

• Delivery Available • Private Party Room / 2016-2017


The Word 2016-17  

A resource for students, faculty and staff learning the ins-and-outs of Texas Tech University.

The Word 2016-17  

A resource for students, faculty and staff learning the ins-and-outs of Texas Tech University.