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Voice of Hope Lubbock Rape Crisis Center

Report Rape / Sex Trafficking

If you are intoxicated, you cannot give consent.

376 Cases in 2015

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Campus Safety -- Better Safe than Sorry

Campus crime goes beyond stolen bicycles and grafitti. Intruders and assaults happen on college campuses. To prevent crimes from happening, keep these tips in mind. • Never walk alone at night. Try to always go out with at least one friend if you are going to be spending all night in the library. Walk along well-lit paths, and avoid dark areas such as parking lots. • Blue Light Phones on campus call Tech police when the receiver is picked up. • If you are studying alone late at night, Safe Ride is available to come pick you up and give

you a ride home. Safe Ride is a taxi service that runs from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. and is free to all Tech students. Showing your Tech ID is the only requirement. Call 742-NITE. • The S-Bus provides students off campus a way to safely get home from the Depot District and Broadway. Call 742-RIDE. • Get your keys out of your purse before you begin walking to your car or apartment. That way, you won’t be distracted by digging through your purse. • When going to your car, check underneath it and the back seats before getting in for possible

uninvited guests. Always lock your vehicle, and do not leave valuables in the open. • Lock your door whenever you are asleep or leave for any amount of time. • It may be beneficial to invest in Mace. Keychain size Mace is available at several locations around town. • Be aware of your surroundings. • Avoid putting your address on personal items, such as your wallet. Putting a telephone number is safer. • Report any suspicious activity to the Texas Tech Police Department at 743-2000 or 9-911.

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