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Learn & study – That’s sorta basic as to why you came to col-


How to be a wise renter

Have fun & be responsible – remember Safe Ride and

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Earn money – You don’t have to work full time, but do some-

Step 5: You’re in! Now, how can you be a good renter?

Nite Ride – 742-RIDE and 742-NITE.

thing to earn extra cash. Allow yourself a certain amount for essentials and entertainment. You don’t really want to ask mom and dad for money to buy condoms.

Engage in late-night bull sessions – You can really

learn about people at these times.

Keep a calendar -- Whether it’s on your phone, on a paper calendar, or posted on the refrigerator, keep up with what you must get done. Prioritize -- Make a list of what you need to do and number the items by what is essential 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. An all-nighter of partying and drinking may just spell disaster for that project you need to have completed by Monday. Set priorities.

Keep the faith -- Explore new churches or college groups. You may have gone to the Baptist church all your life, and that’s great. But learn about other religions. It just may make you stronger in your own faith. Set boundaries with your parents -- You’re in college and you want to succeed. Some parents want you home every weekend. If that’s what you want, too, then stay home and don’t go to college. If you’re constantly connected at home, you’ll miss out on what college life is all about -- new friends, new experiences, as well as learning and discovering new ideas.

Get help – The resources on campus and in Lubbock are amazing. When you need help, talk to someone, ask questions, and get to a source of help – counseling, financial issues, pregnancy, SafeRide, consent issues – you can find it.

and boring, but you need to understand what you’re committing to.

You now have responsibilities. You have to keep things clean, whether you’re in an apartment or a house. If you’re in a house, keep your yard mowed. You have to remember to pay the rent and the utility bills on time, and if something breaks, you have to fix it or pay to have it fixed. Buy renter’s insurance. If something happens to your living space, it’s your problem. The owner is not responsible for things such as damage caused by natural disasters, fires, roof leaks, or break-ins, but renter’s insurance will cover those things. Talk to your insurance company about renter’s insurance, and make sure you understand everything they cover before you buy. It’s inexpensive and well worth it. Be a good neighbor. Be respectful of the people living near you, and remember, they can get you into trouble with your landlord and also with the law. Don’t trash the place. Be respectful of the space you are renting because if you tear up a house or an apartment, you’re destroying someone’s property, (which is called vandalism). Your credit and rental history will follow you wherever you go. If you do not pay rent or pay late, even for a good reason, that will always be on your credit history and will cause problems next time you want to rent or buy. Also, do not leave somewhere still owing money even if you disagree with the amount. If you don’t get that straightened out, later down the road it will affect your ability to rent or buy. Remember, being a good renter is your opportunity to build good credit and rental history. Take it seriously.

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