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Hotel Visits 101: How to make the most of it 1.

games, concerts, graduation, and other events.

Graduation is one of the biggest events for hotels in Lubbock each year due to families coming into town. For that reason, hotels fill up quickly and many hotel managers strongly suggest booking rooms for graduation several months in advance. Texas Tech has a tremendous impact on the hotels in Lubbock. Whenever there is a special event at Texas Tech, the impact on local hotels is huge.

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Whether it is graduation, move-in or sporting events, local hotels can expect to see higher than normal occupancy. Each hotel has restrictions on how far in advance those special events can be booked. Hotel visits can be stressful, but do not have


to be. If you do have the luck of booking a hotel room in Lubbock (or even out of town), here are some tips for getting the most out of any hotel stay.


Find out what facilities are available in advance. If there is a pool or exercise room, you will know to pack the necessary wardrobe items to enjoy both. Research the local attractions. Take ad- vantage of every opportunity to learn and explore different places. Take advantage of free services. In order to have more spending money for souvenirs, take advantage of complimentary services the hotel may provide, such as the continental breakfast because it will not cost you anything extra and provides a wide variety of options. Get some sleep. Sleeping in hotels can be challenging due to thin walls and loud neighbors. Try wearing earplugs to bed or turning on the air conditioner to produce some “white noise” to block out other sounds. If you are staying at a hotel that has bellmen, valet and concierge services, do not forget to tip them. An appropriate tip is one to two dollars. It is even acceptable to

tip the housekeeping staff if you are staying several days. The staff will appreciate that you recognize their services and will be more willing to assist you in the future.

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Post the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside your door before going to sleep so you will not have any early morning housekeeping visits. If a group is staying in the same hotel, request rooms close together so that you can leave for destinations together and are more accessible in case an emergency arises. If your hotel room has a kitchenette and you are staying for several days, make use of it. A home-cooked meal and night of relaxing while traveling is good for the body, soul and wallet. Be reasonable. Problems may arise during your stay that most of the staff has no control over.

While talking to the desk clerk or manager to resolve the issue, be polite. Yelling or being rude is not going to fix the problem any faster, nor will it make you very popular with the hotel staff. Remember that they are people too and are there to assist you. Do not make it more difficult for them.

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Find out what time check-in and checkout is. That way, you can make plans more easily. Find out if early check-in and late check-out is available as well, in case those would be more convenient for you.

Every year, 4 million visitors come to Lub-

bock for numerous reasons including football

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