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Family in your college life

By Christine Self Parent & Family Relations So, your parents and family members want to be involved in your Texas Tech experience? That’s perfectly OK! Parents and family members are more and more involved in their students’ higher education experiences. We want your family to be able to support your success at Texas Tech. Below are several ways your family can be involved in your college education while supporting you in your growing independence: Get your family connected with the Parent & Family Relations office. On the website,, your parents and family members can sign up for a free monthly newsletter, watch

Congress is full of lawyers

Have you noticed that most of our Congress men and women are mainly lawyers? Wouldn’t it be great if the halls of Congress were filled with people of diverse backgrounds? Maybe our country would be different if we had more chemists, physicists, engineers, teachers, business people, and biologists representing us – just to name a few. Maybe. Tell us your thoughts. Check us out on Facebook at Texas Tech Word.

helpful how-to videos to help your family know how to support you while you are here at Texas Tech, and find plenty of helpful resources. Your family can call Parent & Family Relations at 806-742-3630 any time they have questions, and we will help them find answers. Encourage your family to visit during Family Weekend in the fall. This is a wonderful time for you to show off your residence hall room or newly-decorated apartment, your friends, and your campus. It’s also a planned weekend when you can prepare to spend time with your loved ones. Your family can get discounted tickets to the Texas Tech football game, attend fun activities both on and off campus, participate in Texas Tech Parents Association events, and spend time with you. Visit for more information. Encourage your family to join the Texas Tech Parents Association at www. They can get involved with other parents and family members of Texas Tech students, participate in hometown chapter activities, and support student scholarships.

Your status as a college student means the way you communicate with your parents and family members is evolving. Here are some tips to help you help your family be supportive of you in your college journey:

Be open with your family about your academic progress, whether it’s good or not-so-good. Family members will share in your victories as well as offer support when you need it. Don’t be afraid to let your family know if you need help. At the same time, don’t let your parents take care of everything. When your parents give you guidance, act on it yourself. Meet with your instructor if you are having trouble in class, make appointments to visit campus departments who can help you, stay on top of academic advising each semester, and be prepared to make your own doctor’s appointments, for example. Keep the lines of communication about finances open. Talk with your family about your budget. Make sure you have a good understanding of who is paying for what while you are in college. It’s natural to vent to your family when things aren’t going great -- but remember to send that follow-up text when you have taken care of a problem. Family members can stay stressed about an issue you have already worked through if you don’t let them know about it. Parents and family members want the same thing for you that Texas Tech does -for you to be successful. Encourage your family to get involved and keep them informed about your college life so they can support you in your Red Raider experience.

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