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Safety: Alternatives to guns

Top 10 ways to defend yourself without a gun Knowing how to defend yourself in today’s world is a necessary skill. These tips can give you confidence and assurance that you have the abilities and resources available if you’re ever being targeted.

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Take a self-defense class. Check out the selfdefense class held at the Texas Tech Recreation Center, as well as Raider MMA. Hold on to pepper spray or mace. The graduation gift your aunt got you may come in handy! Look over the directions, and be sure you know how to use it properly.

Always be aware of your surroundings whether you’re inside or outside. Know the location of blue light emergency phones on campus. Wearing headphones and constantly looking down at your phone can put you in danger. Park in a well-lit area at night and avoid empty parking lots. Don’t let your guard down, and be cautious.

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Get a taser or stun gun. You can carry one as long as the sole purpose of it is self-defense. A stun gun requires that you touch the attacker with it. A taser can be used up to 15 feet away from the attacker.

Never go out alone. Always go out with a group of friends and keep tabs on where your friends are. If you do go out alone, tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Get a personal safety alarm keychain. You don’t always have time to open up your phone to dial 9-1-1. A keychain can be easily grabbed and can alert others in the area.

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Think of improvised weapons. Evaluate what items you commonly carry with you such as your keys, water bottle, purse/backpack, etc. Think of ways you can use them in a dangerous situation. Download a safety app on your phone. For fall 2016, Texas Tech is launching a free mobile app called, Raider Safe. One feature allows one-touch calling to Texas Tech Police and 911. You will be able to anonymously submit crime tips to campus police. Designated contacts can receive alerts from you. Also, you can set a safety timer and provide a safety profile.

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Always lock your car doors and your house. It may be convenient to leave your door open so your roommate or friends can easily get in and out, but that also opens the possibility of an unwanted intruder.

Develop a personal contingency plan for how you will handle emergency situations. Make a plan of action for any emergency whether it’s an intruder in your apartment or someone following you on campus. Having a mental plan in place will alleviate some of the stress and will help you navigate a situation with confidence. Keep in mind that avoiding danger is the key to selfdefense. By incorporating some of these tips into your life, you can potentially prevent an unwanted situation from happening to you!

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