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College is an exciting time for sexual education both in and out of the classroom. Today’s college dating culture includes a plethora of distinctions. There are the first dates that turn into last dates, the quick courtships that become even quicker engagements, long-distance high school sweethearts, and the hot and heavy hookups. With the hype of dating and meeting new people, it is easy to fall into the confusing culture of what sex looks like for you and those around you. Many college students are unable to clearly define what is sexual consent and therefore are also unable to accurately identify when sexual assault occurs. Because of this, rape and sexual assault are issues of concern on college campuses in the United States. In 2014, students and faculty at Texas Tech began to research and collaborate on the perceptions of college students regarding sexual assault and sexual consent. Define Your Line (DYL) was launched in 2015. DYL is a college student-driven, sexual consent education campaign promoting open and clear communication between

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sexual partners, regardless of gender or sexual identity. DYL talks openly about sex in an effort to address common questions college students have about sexual consent and to elicit critical conversations about sexual communication. Confidence may help you to meet the cute guy or girl on campus. Self-respect allows you to decide what you do next. Defining your line looks differently for everyone. Some may choose to go all the way, while others make a personal decision to abstain.

Setting these boundaries for yourself ahead of time and defining your personal line will keep you safe and allow you to have better sex. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, it does not have to be a secret storm. You can anonymously email for answers and support. Visit for more information and tools to help you have better sex. #YesMeansYesAtTTU

Download Texas Tech’s free mobile safety app – Raider Safe on your phone. One feature allows one-touch calling to Texas Tech Police and 911. You will be able to anonymously submit crime tips to campus police. Designated contacts can receive alerts from you. Also, you can set a safety timer and provide a safety profile. Decide what information to share, should you be in an emergency situation. Have allergies? A medical condition? An aggressive dog? You can include these facts and more in your personalized profile. This profile is only accessible by emergency responders. / 2016-2017


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