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Things to do The Science Spectrum and OMNI Theater

A great place for people of all ages to explore, the Science Spectrum hands-on science and technology museum features more than 250 interactive exhibits, West Texas’ only public aquarium, and daily live science shows.

National Ranching Heritage Center

Dedicated to preserving the history of ranching, pioneer life, and the development of the livestock industry in North America, the center is a great place to go exploring and learn about the American West.

Bayer American Museum of Agriculture This museum protects and remembers the history of farming in West Texas and the Panhandle. The collection ranges from household items to plows and tractors.

Buffalo Springs Lake

Lubbock’s own Oasis in the West is the perfect place for you and your friends to get away for the weekend on a camping trip, and go fishing and hiking. The lake provides a major recreation spot for the Lubbock area.

Lubbock Lake Landmark

An important archeological site and natural history preserve, the Lubbock Lake Landmark contains evidence of ancient people and extinct animals dating as far back as 12,000 years ago. It is a great place to visit in the summer and is an educational experience.

The Silent Wings Museum

Perfect for any fan of flying and World War II, the Silent Wings Museum is home to the history of World War II hang gliders and recognizes this part of history in a unique way.

Buddy Holly Center

This gem remembers an icon in musical history that is unique and special to Lubbock. The center remembers this singer and celebrates the accomplishments of other local artists.

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The Word 2016-17  

A resource for students, faculty and staff learning the ins-and-outs of Texas Tech University.

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