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Market & Delaware Is Downtown’s Hottest New Business Corner!

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I-74, Exit 109 Shelbyville

It’s really easy to say you “do it all” but for the folks at the aptly-named Fabric Care Centre, which opened a few weeks ago at 151 East Market Street (catty corner from City Market at Delaware & Market streets), the statement would not be bragging — it would be true as the centre literally does anything and everything imaginable having to do with cloth. Firstly, they are a laundry and cleaners owned and operated by Tom Prionas, whose family has been in the business on West Morris Street since 1960. They also do alterations and even design clothes in a department led by Machelle Judd and her assistant. And they will deal with any size fabric, so they clean rugs, comforters and blankets as well. Anything too big There’s something fishy going on over at downtown’s City Market (222 East Market Street) and for the consumer and lover of great seafood, this is nothing but great news. The something fishy is opening of the market’s firstever fish stall, and behind the place, named Junonia after a very rare and valued type of seashell is none other than well-known downtown chef Kathy Jones who’s most renowned for her tenure as the head chef at Iozzo’s Garden of Italy.

Membership is FREE! Sign up at the Rewards Club with valid photo ID. Must be 21 or older. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-9-WITH-IT. | 877-FUN-4-IND

Fabric Care Centre Offers Unique Service On Any Cloth Kathy Jones Opens Junonia Fish @ City Mkt.

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Rewards Club Members receive discounts.

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11AM – 3PM ∙ Only $17.95!


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A Taste Of Manhattan In Downtown Indianapolis!

Loft Living At It’s Finest! *Original 1920s Hardwood floors, *16ft. ceilings *2 Blocks To Circle Centre *1 Block To Lilly *Supermarket Within 1 Mile *Easy Interstate Access *Free Indoor Parking Included

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Tuesday 21st January Papers On Street: Friday 31st January

Up Down Town is published the last week of every month at 110 E. Washington St., Suite 1402, Indianapolis, 46204. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy and fairness, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors. Liability is limited to the cost of said ad. Ads not cancelled by published deadlines will be billed at agreed-upon price. Ads may be edited or rejected for content at the discretion of the publisher. All items appearing in Up Down Town, as well as the name, logos and design are copyright 2014 by BBS, A division of High Speed Delivery Fork Ltd. & Ted Fleischaker and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written approval. Please Read

Phone: 317/725.8840 e-mail:

Then Recycle!

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Downtown Indy’s Freshest Fish & Seafood Recipes & Cooking Assistance Free From Our On-site Chef Also Featuring Local Food Specialties From Smoking Goose, Fischer Farms & Cheeses, too!

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317.484.1128 or 1430 Main Street in Speedway 46224 Just a few doors down from Dawson’s Restaurant

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Friday, Jan. 17 • 8 pm (800) 745-3000

Saturday, Feb. 22 • 8 pm Hoosier Park’s box office in Shelby’s Gifts Indiana Grand’s box office at the Logo Shop

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Just minutes North of Indy off I-69 at Exit 226 in Anderson

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Food For Thought A lot of this writer’s friends say I often try and play both sides against the middle, but today I will freely admit that as we look at both ends of the downtown eating spectrum — Fountain Square’s Peppy Grill and Illinois Street’s Palomino Restaurant & Bar. And you know, they both have not only their followings and place, but I find that both make downtown the delicious and fun place we know for visits or everyday living. We will also freely admit that it’s been too long (until the past few weeks for this review) since we visited either place...a problem we plan to not let develop again as both are culinary delights, though in entirely different ways. The Peppy is one of those neighbourhood “dives” which serves the best breakfasts, burgers and late night food anywhere. Palomino is one of those bistros with modern takes on many dishes, combined with some of the town’s best traditional items like prime rib, creamy mushroom soup and more. Also at Palomino, you’ll want to leave a bit of room for the dessert as their Warm Valrhona Chocolate Cake, which the menu describes as “served with Bitter Chocolate Sauce and Crème Fraîche Ice Cream” is as close to heaven as one can get without leaving the Mile Square. But while the theme today is “good food” everything else about the two establishments is poles apart. Peppy (below) offers short order cooking at its best. They serve breakfast 24/7 along with some great burgers (The sign out front calls them “Hamburgs”.) and we love it that the kitchen is not only in full view, but that they still use things like an ancient slicer to make their home fries. It’s a joy not only to watch them cook, but to eat what gets prepared. Same with the staff, which when one orders a burger says, “Ya want that run through the garden?” meaning does the person ordering wish lettuce, onion, pickles and tomato on it. Find me anywhere else close to downtown where that’s still done! But to be honest, I find the 24/7 breakfast at Peppy a bigger draw than the burgers, which while more than “OK” are, well, burgers. Their breakfasts at any and all times are what I go for and the reason is one word: fresh. They not only cook to order, but I love watching them slice my potato for the home fries with the ancient gear and then enjoying them 10 minutes later. I also find that what one pays for what one gets here is also always a good deal. We do understand that the Peppy Grill changed hands not long ago, so we will be watching to see if the new folks make any substantive changes or just add another coat of paint, maybe take a few rough edges off and keep going. To quote from a recent

Yelp review by Jon of Indianapolis, who captured my thoughts totally: “I always get a little worried when I see a sign claiming ‘under new management’ at one of my usual watering holes. So, when I pulled up and saw the sign, I figured everything there would be changed. I just hoped the staple items that pulled me into Peppy’s to begin with were left untouched. I was pleased.

The food is the same, but the prices have increased slightly. Want to do take out? You’ll pay an extra 10% fee. I don’t remember this from before. Granted, who the hell carries out biscuits and gravy at 3 in the morning after drinking?

One big difference you’ll see is the cleanliness. Yeah... It’s still a greasy spoon, but they’ve scraped off the grease that was stuck to the walls and windows (and menus).
At 2 a.m. after a long night of drinking, the biscuits and gravy hit the spot... Regardless of who the owners are!” All we can say is we have not been at 2 a.m., but a couple times past 11 p.m. while stone sober and we never have been disappointed. That’s more than we can say about the downtown South Street White Castle or the 16th & Meridian McDonald’s, but that’s for another day. Pricing at Peppy is more than fair for real home cooking and you can easily escape for under $10 a person. What more could you ask? Homemade food, fair pricing, fun staff and 24/7 hours. Just sad it was so long between my last several visits! That same thing is true of Palomino (shown above), which opened on the first floor of Circle Centre at Illinois & Maryland streets about the time the mall did in the mid 1990s. We went there a bunch back in the day and then for whatever reason they fell off our radar. We are pleased to have them back, having been several times of late — including with family and partners for Thanksgiving Dinner. While nowhere in the same price range as Peppy Grill, Palomino offers a totally different dining experience, but like Peppy one which will leave you wanting more. Several recent visits have shown it is possible to get out for under $20 a person at dinner, but if you want to pull out all the stops, see, taste and experience everything the kitchen and staff can do, you will need to up that budget somewhat. Our last trip for five was Thanksgiving,

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Up Downtown / Indianapolis 01.14 On The Web At:

and with some appetisers, desserts for those with room (remember that Valrhona cake) the tab with tip (for excellent service) was just a bit under $300 so that comes out to about $55-60 a person. Not something we can afford everyday, but a real deal when one considers what’s on the plates. And what was on ours was some super prime rib (cooked rare as we love it and shown below) which came along with potatoes with sea salt and also some delightful green beans. There was also a side of grated horseradish, which was way way better and different than the usual “horseradish cream” which too many (even classy) places seem to pour out of a jar or skip altogether with their prime rib. At Palomino there’s obvious creativity in the kitchen so you do get what you pay for. Another item some at the table tried was their famous Portabella Mushroom soup. We found it better than most we have eaten but liked our choice of a pre-meal item better. And that was what the menu called “Crisp Calamari with Hot Chiles, Smoked Pepper Aioli and Marinara.” We can certainly vouch for the chilies being hot, but the combination was good, and someone in the kitchen was obviously paying close attention to the preparation as for once the calamari was not overcooked to the consistency of rubber bands. It was delicious, so three cheers for that! As far as entrees, I did the aforementioned prime rib, which was wonderful and cooked “to mooing” as ordered. Others did the traditional Thanksgiving dinner and said the whole thing was great, especially raving about the cranberry relish. And the final person at our table had a lamb shank (at right) which was braised so tender as to fall off the bone and delicious with the gravy and other flavours. While we did Thanksgiving last time, which meant a special and slightly limited menu, Palomino does lunch, dinner and pre-Colts game brunches (complete with a Bloody Mary Bar.) We have done dinners there a couple times this year and find that their artisan pizzas are great when split with a salad for two. We also have had the Rigatoni Bolognese, which comes with hot Italian sausage, Pear Tomatoes and more, all accompanied by some crispy and wonderful garlic bread. The Rigatoni is also quite fairly priced at $18 for dinner ($16 at lunch) and the pizzas start at $11 so while there’s nothing comparable to the Peppy Grill on the menu or wallet, the place is fair when it comes to pricing and two can eat dinner for $50 or less, making this one of downtown’s cheaper fine dining options. One final word: alcohol. At the Peppy it seems (especially late nights) like a lot of folks have had it already (often to excess) when they arrive, which is fine as they do not serve any. At Palomino, the bar is open until midnight and there’s an impressive wine, beer and cocktail list, so enjoy some music and relax if you get there early or want to stay after dinner. Open Table ( offers Palomino reservations which are advised if it’s a busy day or night or there’s a large sporting event or convention in downtown. So there you have it.... my bi-polar personality as promised at the outset, and the finishing comment — also as promised — is right in the middle: try one or both soon as they each have their followings and they each have their reasons for being so popular at not only our house, but elsewhere amongst the downtown visitor and resident crowds.

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Up Downtown / Indianapolis 01.14 On The Web At:

Standard reviewer B y U p

B i l l

D o w n

E l l i o t t

T o w n

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind.—The Pride Film Festival returns this month to celebrate its 11th anniversary with a dazzling programme of films, events and live performances. Founded in 2003 by two IU arts administration graduate students, the Bloomington Pride Film Festival became an instant success, and was quickly embraced by the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and general Bloomington communities alike. Strong support from local businesses, the Indiana University Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Trans Alumni Association, the Bloomington Convention & Visitors Centre and hundreds of residents and visitors make Pride an annual event that everyone in the town and the area looks forward to. Pride programmes an array of live performances, lectures, public participation events and films that express a wide range of viewpoints advocating community-wide attitudes of awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity. Goals of the festival are to educate and strengthen the local community and celebrate artistic talent and achievement. This year, Pride will feature 26 films — including four feature-length films and 22 shorts — selected from 155 entries with the majority arriving by open submission, reflecting the increasing popularity of the festival. Movies screened all have content that relates to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people as well as their families and communities. The 2014 festival has movies from four continents, by professional filmmakers and film students alike, covering topics such as transgender parenting, bullying, the joys and woes of being single, coming out, HIV/AIDS, cat allergies and more. Pride has been, since its inception, a special event, but the 2013 festival was particularly memorable partly because of the now-famous flash mob wedding which took place on opening night and featured the marriage of 13 same-sex couples from Bloomington. Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan officiated at the wedding which was blessed by eight local City councillors and several clergy of varying faiths. The event received media coverage from around the United States, being reported in USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Advocate as well as numerous Midwestern newspapers and media outlets. Since last year, Pride has incorporated into a non-profit organisation with this year’s festival co-directors, Sarah Perfetti and her partner Abby Henkel, taking over the running of it from the director of the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre Danielle McClleland who had been programming it since 2003. Despite the change in leadership this year’s event promises to be just as spectacular as last year’s, as Perfetti notes, “Last year was epic. It was the 10th anniversary and the final festival as a Buskirk-Chumley Theatre programme. The most monumental piece of the anniversary was the wedding ceremony, which we plan to have again in 2014 and every year until Indiana allows marriage equality.” Many features of previous festivals remain including using the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre as the main venue for screenings. The festival opens Thursday, 23rd January with a selection of short films starting with Barbie Boy. This 13-minute film is about a bright, imaginative young boy called Bobby who plays with dolls. One day his father tells him that dolls are for girls, sending Bobby on a mission to find what he should be playing with. The feature film on the opening night is Five Dances, a coming of age tale of an extraordinarily gifted young dancer. Perfetti enthuses, “The cinematography, music, and actors are all stunning. And after the film screening, we will be hosting our second annual ‘Celebration of Love’ wedding ceremony.” On Friday, 24th January, there will be two screenings each with a selection of short films, one feature film and performances. Perfetti describes the evening in this way: “Our late night screening is the most provocative and sexiest of our selections including a burlesque performance by Bloomington’s Tessa von Twinkle. Our feature film, Carl(a) is  about a male to female pre-op transsexual who is contemplating how

to come up with the cash needed to complete her transition as she is faced with family and dating issues. Laverne Cox, best-known for her character, Sofia Burset, in Orange is the New Black plays a prostitute and friend of the main character in this film.” On Saturday, 25th January, at 3 p.m. there is a free youth- and family-focused series of short films. “This will be the first time Pride has programmed an event specifically for teens exploring issues with suicide, bullying, love, coming out and family,” notes Perfetti. Perhaps, however, the best is saved for last, as Perfetti explains: “Saturday evening will open with a performance by the Flores do Samba Dance Company bringing creativity, energy, and the infectious enthusiasm of Brazil to the stage. The first film of the evening is The Maiden and the Princess, a fantasy/comedy/musical about a girl who kisses another girl on the playground and gets teased by her classmates and scolded by her parents. A rogue fairy tale writer sets her story ‘straight.’ The final film of the festival, G.B.F., is an uproarious comedy almost like a gay version of Mean Girls, but the party is just beginning — we will host our all-ages dance party until 2 a.m. so attendees will need to bring their dancing shoes.” Perfetti sums up the event as a “film festival which is for all types of people, whether you’re a film buff, a professor who enjoys experimental films or a teen who enjoys slapstick comedy. I have heard many attendees say that they don’t even come for the films but for the atmosphere and to be around so many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. However, there are many devoted people who will watch all 26 films because it’s tough for them to find such a selection of high-quality films [they can relate to]. The Bloomington Pride Film Festival has created community around this three-day festival and we invite everybody.” Her partner and co-director Abby Henkel concurs, “We work hard to make sure films represent all kinds of people and issues among the community. There’s not just one way to be gay, bisexual, transgender, etc., and we are proud to offer a festival programme as diverse as the community we aim to serve and celebrate.” The festival runs from Thursday, 23rd January to Saturday the 25th. All events take place at the historic Buskirk-Chumley Theatre in downtown Bloomington with a variety of other events occurring around the city. Screenings take place on Thursday at 7 p.m.; Friday at 7 and 10.30 p.m.; and Saturday at 7 p.m. A festival pass with dance party ticket is $35 general admission/$25 student and includes tickets for all films and a discounted ticket to the dance party on 25 Jan. at 10.30pm. The festival pass without dance party ticket is $30 general admission/$25 student. Tickets to individual screenings are $10 general admission/$7 students. Many Bloomington hotels and bed and breakfasts offer generous discounts for those travelling from out of town. For more information about tickets, films, volunteering, donation options and events visit

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OPEN THROUGH JAN 19 A family holiday tradition like no other. Rediscover your inner child as you enter a wonderland where trains wind past treasures of Indianapolis and the American West. Free parking when visiting the museum. Indianapolis | visit us at



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Market & Delaware Downtown’s Hottest New Business Corner Nothing Fishy About This... Continued From the Front Page So what prompted Jones, who continues as head cook and bottle washer at Iozzo’s, to branch out on her own as well? “I think,” she says, “I have always had a passion for fish and seafood. My step-father was a charter boat captain when I was growing up in Fort Myers, Florida, so it just seemed a natural because I have always had, prepared and enjoyed fresh seafood.” Her love affair with cooking and seafood dates back to elementary school, so it is no surprise that her career began at Chez Rondelet on Sanibel Island.

offering some of my prepared foods.” Those will be things the purchaser will be able to buy and take home to heat or serve, but which Jones will have all ready to go when they are bought. In addition, the store does offer a few non-seafood items from places like Southern Indiana’s Fischer Farms, which specialises in beef and pork. “We offer all kinds of quality products,” Jones said. “I want to see the Indy City Market bustle again. And I also want my customers to learn how easy it is to prepare fresh fish.” Junonia Fish Market also provides customers with a variety of Indiana cheeses, meat products, condiments, spices and sauces. The fish market is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Jones takes off Sundays to relax and plan for her next week’s specials.

But isn’t it at least 500 miles from Indianapolis to the closest seaport? Jones admits with a smile it is, but she said that has not stopped her new market from offering fresh, and sometimes rare and unusual items since they opened a few weeks ago. “We fly in fish daily, but it has to be fresh, sustainably caught and environmentally responsible. We get shipments from as far west as Honolulu and from the Gulf and East Coast as well, but I want to emphasise freshness.” Gesturing to her counter she smiled and said, “nothing in my case will ever be more than four days old... nothing.” But the four day pledge and the freshness promise means that along with selling seafood, Jones has a challenge she didn’t totally anticipate before she opened — teaching Central Indiana cooks what to do with some of the items on her menu. “Most folks around here want Salmon because it’s a fish they eat, they know and for the most part understand how to prepare. Things like our Diver Scallops, Tombo Ahi Tuna and Hawaiian Butterfish present a bit more of a challenge because in many cases, even the best cooks do not have recipes for them. That’s why I am personally in the shop Wednesdays and Saturdays all day and why I and my staff take time to help with cooking and serving tips and recipes.” Jones noted that the other upside of having a specialty shop — one which puts the Junonia Fish Market ahead of Marsh, Kroger, Meijer and other grocery stores which may have fish counters — is her ability to hand out recipes, do custom suggesting and even help a customer make something to complete a recipe. “Just this morning,” she said, “I made up a lemon pepper blend so that someone had it to finish a recipe. It’s that kind of specialised service and one-on-one that not many places were offering for seafood before I opened,” she added. Jones said that she not only offers seafood which can be cooked at home from scratch, but things like her crabcakes are available to take home and cook. And Wednesday evenings her seafood is served as an accompaniment to the beers available at City Market’s Tomlinson Tap Room. She noted that a lot of folks have her items there, then later come by the shop and buy their own to make at home, backing up her notion that larger numbers of Hoosiers would eat more and different varieties of fish and seafood if they had an idea what they tasted like and how to make them. “I have no problem making time to show someone how to prepare a dish and I try and have recipes in the shop for everything we have in the case. It’s amazing how much that helps sales and gets people to experiment with a fish dish they might not have been willing to try,” she said. Along with the recipes, the stand tries to teach a bit about the various items on offer. For example, when Up Downtown asked about Diver Scallops, Jones said, “Diver Scallops, like it sounds, are manually caught, harvested and brought up to the surface by actual divers, so while all Diver Scallops are Sea Scallops, not all Sea Scallops are Diver Scallops!” Asked about the fact many markets and even her neighbouring stands try and emphasise locally-produced items and as there’s no salt water within many miles Jones smiles and says, “That’s true...we won’t be selling any locally-grown fish from the White River, but see this (gesturing to some Sitka Salmon Shares fish sitting on ice nearby)... the company which catches and brings this in to me is part owned by a Hoosier. We do have Indiana ties and in the new year I plan to try and expand those by

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Fabric Care Downtown... Continued From the Front Page for their equipment goes to a subcontractor, so they really do mean it when they say “all” things having to do with fabric. But why after 54 years come downtown and open a storefront? That answer for Prionas is easy: because it was an idea they had due to all of the downtown development here in Indianapolis. “We have a lot of retail, commercial and especially residential as downtown redevelops so this was our next logical step.” And judging from how full the racks and schedules have become at the Fabric Care Centre in just a few short weeks, it would appear the boss has the right idea. Of course he has a lot of experience and didn’t just “take a flyer” because while the Fabric Care Centre’s name might not be all that well-known, the names they operate under are. Those would be the names of over 100 Indianapolis hotels (the majority downtown) for whom Fabric Care Centre is the “in-house” laundry and cleaners. You know...when you check in and they have that bag and a note in the closet saying they can get anything done for you as a guest? Well guess who the city’s largest company backing that “in by 9 out by 5” promise at your hotel is? And hotel operations can have their moments plus special needs which means that Prionas and his staff, including downtown manager Rick Williams, are often required to think and act quickly. The boss mentioned one celebrity whom he declined to name staying at

Up Downtown / Indianapolis 01.14 On The Web At:

downtown’s largest hotel during the Superbowl and who wanted to know if he could get the yoga mat he finished with at 7 p.m. cleaned and back in time for his morning workout at 7 a.m. Fabric Care made it happen. “This is truly our first venture out of our single store at the plant at 5760 West Morris Street. We have a huge home, apartment condo and office delivery network and also do commercial work well beyond the hotels, but until the people who own this garage (where the centre is on the ground floor) asked us, we had an idea for a downtown store, but not a location,” he said. Asked about all the changes he’s been involved with and seen, Prionas said it would be hard to imagine a business which has had more of them than dry cleaning in the past few years. For one, the “casual Friday” trend and the whole less-formal clothing look has had an impact. “It started years ago with the advent of polyester,” he noted, because that meant a lot more could be thrown in a home washer and not taken to the cleaners. After that, he said the overall demand has dropped and what people are wanting and needing has changed. That’s part of why Prionas is convinced that the Fabric Care Centre has got it spot on — the fact that they see more special requests for exotic fabrics and more technology required to make it work in what’s become more a business of scale than in the old mom-and-pop days. Back in the day, a customer dropped off his or her dirty items, a tag was hand written and each location had to be equipped with all the gear to actually do the cleaning on-site. A customer would come in, and the place could guarantee one hour, or even 45-minute service — 30 minutes in the cleaning machine and a few seconds to press the finished product. In the meanwhile, federal pollution regulations have made using and handling the main cleaning agent — Tetrachloroethylene, also known as perchloroethylene or “perc” — problematic. While a search is still on for a replacement of the “dry” cleaning fluid, for now perc is still the standard and looks to remain so for some time. That means the smaller cleaners are increasingly sending out their actual cleaning to be done in large central plants then brought back to where they were dropped off for pick-up. Folks like Prionas and Fabric Care Centre are ideally-placed to take in jobs from those smaller cleaners dropping their own costly and pollution-prone equipment so they decided to cut out some of the middle men and offer service themselves downtown. From the firm’s beginning as a 60s laundromat, Fabric Care Centre has grown to become one of the town’s biggest cleaners — even if few know the name.

That not only means a fleet of vehicles to get that “in by 9, out by 5” pledge to work, along with home and hotel and apartment delivery, but also a lot of behind-the-scenes technology to label, keep track of, invoice and account for thousands of garments every day. The firm has come a long way since they did their first “private label” work for the old Airport Holiday Inn so long ago that Prionas said he can’t recall the exact year. But while there are a lot of clothes to track, clean and bill for, there are also changes which staff at the firm need to be on top of. Prionas noted that there’s a national Laundry & Dry Cleaning Institute based, appropriately enough in WASHING-ton, which offers not only help for the various cleaners and laundries, but also classes, certifications and more to be sure that if someone says they can launder or clean something they really can. With all the new fabrics and styles, this is vital if something is to return from the cleaners looking fresh. Williams told Up Downtown that jeans are a great example. “The urban kids may not wear suits anymore, but they like starch and they love their 501s. Our goal is, and remains, to rejuvenate your clothes and have you always looking better than anyone can doing it at home themself.” He noted that look and that pledge are why there will always be a place for commercial cleaners and laundries; despite the changing styles and fabrics. But the typical is not all they handle at downtown’s newest cleaners. Judd and her crew will alter, design and do most anything imaginable to make a customer look good at the Fabric Care Centre’s alterations counter. One recent day they were making jeans tighter for someone who’d bought them too loose, sewing 10 band patches on a leather “school jacket” for a band member at one of the local high schools and measuring someone for a tux for a wedding. We did mention they rent formalwear, right? Prionas added that some items no one would think of taking to the cleaners can also be accommodated. The place will do rugs or comforters and some folks even bring in their bed sheets to be commercially cleaned and pressed. “You’d be surprised how different and how much better they feel,” Williams added, as if to challenge this reporter to bring in his own sheets and try it for himself. Finally, we asked Prionas for a bit of advice we could pass on to readers and he didn’t hesitate: “Whatever you are wearing will last longer if it’s cleaned properly so when stains get on something, the best idea is to bring it in ASAP. Once they set, they are harder to get out.” Williams got the final word when he added, “If you have a $100 shirt, wouldn’t it be worth $6.30 to try and save it?” It’s a proposition no one can argue.

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Ring in the New Year Downtown

2014 begins with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events, special performances and Devour Downtown. Beat the winter blues and get up and out in Downtown this January. Go to for more.

1 How do YOU* see #DowntownIndy?


White River State Park celebrates MLK, Jr. Day with free admissions on Jan. 20. All park attractions* will be open for free in exchange for non-perishable food donations to benefit Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. * Indianapolis Zoo, IMAX Theater, NCAA Hall of Champions, Indiana State Museum, Eiteljorg Museum and Victory Field.


Open Wide! Devour Downtown takes place Jan. 20 - Feb. 2. Enjoy three-course menus at special prices at many of Downtown’s best restaurants.


Let’s Go Pacers! The Indiana Pacers play seven home games at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Come cheer on Indiana’s team against the New York Knicks, L.A. Clippers and more!


Browse the Indianapolis City Market, open Mon. – Fri. from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Don’t miss the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market on Saturdays at The Platform at City Market.


Enjoy live music with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Experience the Lilly Classical Series, Printing Partners Pops Series, the Stella Artois Happy Hour at the Symphony and more this month.

Find out about these events and more at *The photos seen here were hashtagged #DowntownIndy by people just like you and used with permission by IDI.

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When you consider buying or selling a home, talk to Randy Krautter, REALTOR


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Hackin’ The Net By Ted Fleischaker / Up Down Town Publisher I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but did you know your computer, phone, tablet and other devices are “speaking” to you? And chances are almost nine out of ten that you are choosing to ignore much or all of what they are trying to tell you? That’s my consensus after talking to a lot of folks — including a couple of computer techs — to find out why so many folks are “surprised” when things happen on their computers, phones and tablets. The plain, nasty, unmasked fact is few of us choose to “listen” to what our devices are saying until it’s often too late. That’s when they develop problems and we run to get (often costly) repairs which we really never would have needed had we heeded the warnings. The best and most recent example I can cite of this is folks who, like me, have Apple iPhones — especially the newer ones: the 5, the 5S and the 5C. If you are wondering why some of the apps you have quit working (or functioning properly), have you considered that you might not have updated your operating system (OS) to the newest one? The app developers and programmers try hard to keep their apps (short for applications) up-to-date so if you and I do not also update our OS we may well find that the old weather forecast app or the one I use to check on the whereabouts of friends or others just quit working. Or worse yet — they do not work correctly. This will make us think (as several friends and neighbours who have come knocking at my door recently have) that our phones or tablets (as OS updates apply there, too) have failed. In reality, it may be you or I who has failed and not our devices. To remedy the problem you do not need a tech. You do need to get on a WiFi (a home one is best as it’s most secure but the public one at that coffee shop or restaurant will work, too) and check for an OS update. If you are not up-to-date, back up your device to your computer (You do that anyway, right?) and then download and install the updated OS. I have found from experience that my gear handles updates better solo, meaning I open the settings app, then click general and look for that spot which says “Software Update.” Clicking that my phone (or iPad) checks and either says I need to update (with a button to do so) or I get a message which reads which OS I have and a line which says “Your software is up to date.” My Droid-loving friends have similar things they can check and look for, so regardless if you are Apple or Microsoft or Google Android, it’s important to keep the OS current. Note I said “solo” meaning while you can update via iTunes or through your computer, I’ve found the process faster and more painless updating on the device itself. After updating the OS, you will need to be sure any apps you have or use will also be compatible. Think of a highway. That latest OS is like a 4-lane freeway, but if you are trying to drive it with a 1966 VW Beetle or, worse yet, a horse and buggy, you may not get far. Using expired apps on a new OS often means they may not work at all or will malfunction as I said at the outset. So how to tell? Well, if your device is Apple, the Mac folks (as always) have made it easy: right next to the “app store” icon on your device’s front page will be either nothing or a small number. The nothing is good news as it means you are totally up-to-date. A number, like that “3” I have highlighted in the photo at left, however tells you the number of apps which need updating. The larger the number the more outdated your phone or tablet. Usually updates (even for apps you paid for) are free. Just click the app store icon, then “updates” and you’ll know what needs to be updated. Tell it individually which to update or select “update all” in the upper corner. Next, enter your Apple iTunes password when prompted and the phone, iPad or other device will do the rest!

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But what about things which are less obvious? A tech we know said he had a visit from a customer who complained her battery life since she updated operating systems had fallen off greatly. She thought her iPhone battery was on the brink of failure. But she didn’t do some easy changes to preserve her juice. For one, the new OS installs with bluetooth in the “on” position. If you use that phone or pad with a wireless headset, hands-free or to “transmit” music to a boombox speaker (like a Jawbone Jambox) that’s great, but not if bluetooth being on is a major battery drainer. The same is true with something called “Background App Refresh.” That’s a littleknown thing Apple slipped into the latest OS which essentially updates app info for things you do not have open. Apple’s theory is you want them ready, so when you do want one for use, the latest info is already there. It’s of value if you can’t wait 10 seconds for the stock report to update when you pop it up or the latest radio news on an app I adore called Hourly News ready immediately, but if you have five or 10 seconds to wait when you open an app for updates, you can turn off this automatic refresh (it’s under “settings” then “general”) and extend battery life — some say by 10 to 25% depending on how many things you have auto-refreshing. The OS7 ships with background refresh “on” so this is something you will need to do unless, of course, you want to waste your battery for the 10 seconds you will be saving. Same is true of that neat (but I find mostly useless) faux 3-dimensional screen motion when you open your phone or iPad. It’s cool, cute, fun and though it’s been reported to make some folks dizzy (begging the issue of were they dizzy already) the reason I switched it off has all to do with battery life. Turning it off gets you an extra few minutes on that battery so cute as it is, do you want that 3rd dimension or to make that extra call? Do you think the only things talking to you are your tablet or phone? Think again. Computers — Mac and pc — have the same voices if only we’d listen. While a computer, and especially a plugged-in desktop, won’t need battery life conserved, it will function better if it has the latest OS. Apple recently made their latest update — with the silly, I feel, name of “Mavericks” — available to Mac users free. Just go to the App Store (the icon which looks like an “A” made of paint brushes) and in the upper right click updates. This will auto check and tell you what’s in need of updating. That’s a shot of my updates done and needed at left. Again, it’s quick, easy and free for things you already own and means that everything from compatibility issues to security will be improved for your computer. PC users will find the same need, so do not get the idea this is “just a Mac issue” because it’s not. In addition — and this one IS aimed more at my pc-loving bretheren — you will need to keep your security and virus checking software up to date. While there are a few (emphasise “few”) Mac viruses out there, the vast, vast majority of hacks and viruses are pc-based. Have, update and keep current on your virus protection, whether you use the popular Norton suite of products or you like McAfee or one of the others. Finally, listen and look when your computer or other device suddenly acts abnormally. Just as we humans tend to have “markers” which tell us we might be coming down with a cold or other illness days before we do — things like sleeplessness, achy bones or lack of appetite — computers have some of the same indicators. Watch especially for a sudden slowdown in speed of things opening or closing. And beware if the battery suddenly drains or won’t charge fully. Check for obvious issues and if things still aren’t right that would be a great time to get some outside help — be it from the Apple Genius Bar, the GEEK Squad, your local computer shop or your brother-inlaw who always seems to know what might be ailing a computer or tablet! Better to prevent a disaster than have to clean up the aftermath of one later so keep your ears and eyes alert and happy computing.

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