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February 2009

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Hangin’ Around At King’s Island

Masquerade, AIDS Walk, Bag Ladies Pack October’s Calendar

It’s October and that means a calendar bulging with events in Indianapolis. Let’s hit a few of the month’s high points…and tell you where to look in this edition for all the details, too. Lead event is the annual Indiana AIDS Walk, which this year is set to begin at University Park downtown Saturday 9th October with a health fair at noon. This is the 20th annual walk, which over the years has added a bicycle ride, health fair and more. See the complete story inside on Page 42. Next up is the annual Damien Centre Grande Masquerade, which this year will be moved back to a week before Halloween and to a new venue as well. The gala will take place Saturday evening 23rd October which is approriate because this is the 23rd year for this event. The location will be downtown Indianapolis’ Westin Hotel ballroom. Theme this year is The Sorcerer’s Spell. And you can be under the spell, too, if you turn to Page 31 for the full details.

CINCINNATI—The Word’s photographer Jess Yoder covered Pride Night at King’s Island, sponsored by the Cincinnati Community Centre, literally from top to bottom. Check out more of his pics on Page 48.

Finally (the reason for the Masquerade’s date) on Halloween weekend, Saturday 30th October and running into the small hours of Sunday the 31st, the Bag Ladies will take to the clubs and streets for the 30th Bus Tour. This annual event — the 2nd oldest HIV/AIDS fundraiser in the nation — will feature over 150 people on two charter buses all in the interests of fun and charity. Read all about the Bag Ladies and this event inside on Page 26. And finally if you are looking ahead, don’t forget to mark down the weekend of 12th-14th November which are this year’s dates for the annual Indy Gay Film Fest. The Word will have full details of that with Bill Elliott’s reviews next issue.

Joe Miller Is Dead At 59

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February 2009

Pitchers & Catchers Hangin’ ToWelcome Community Nite @ The Reds! Around At King’s Island CINCINNATI—The Cincinnati Reds will be holding their first-ever Gay & Lesbian Pride Night at the Ballpark Friday 1st October when the Reds play the Milwaukee Brewers at 7.10 p.m. This is the first time in Reds history that the community can come out and show its support with a fun filled night at the ballpark downtown. Tickets can be purchased in advance only and are $11 which is half off the regular price. Tickets can be purchased at local supporting businesses including: Hamburger Mary’s, 701 Bar, Fatty Patty’s, Adonis Nightclub, Yadda Club and Shooters or get them now at Use the password rainbow.

Following the game there will be an after party at Hamburger Mary’s downtown including a fundraiser for the Cincinnati Chapter of P-FLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). This event is open to the public and is free to attend with your Reds ticket. There will be raffles, a silent auction and entertainment with all proceeds going to P-FLAG.

Leather Tradition Is Back CINCINNATI—The Word’s photographer Jess Yoder covered Pride Night at King’s Island, sponsored by the Cincinnati Community Centre, literally from top to bottom. Check out more of his pics on Page 48.

CINCINNATI—The weekend of 12th-14th November marks the return of the regional Mr. Tri-State Leather contest after a seven-year absence. The contest is being reintroduced under the production of local leather club Scorpius of Cincinnati. The first Mr. Tri-State contest, held in 2000, was the idea of Nigel Cotterill (Mr. MVL 1997, Mr. Queen City Leather 2003) and his boy at the time, Andrew Keisker (Ohio Drummerboy 2000, Great Lakes Drummerboy 2000). Tri-State was designed to bring together the leather groups in SW Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana to celebrate the leather life style and foster support and visibility for the entire regional leather community. This year’s winner will go on to compete at International Mr. Leather in 2011. Visit for more details about the weekend and the contest. Deadline for weekend registration/hotel discount is Wednesday, 13th October @ 5p.m.

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REGISTRATION 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. [ Buses leave Gregs at 7:00 p.m. promptly! ]

THEME The Pearl Jubilee Tour… Bag Ladies On The Half Shell

TAG LINE Everyone wants a pearl necklace!


0 3 T H E I I R T H R Y A T S R I V E N N A

$ 55.00 [ For Indy Pride Members $45.00 ]

REGISTRATION DEADLINE Monday, October 25 Everyone is encouraged to register early – space is limited!

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Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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By Rick Sutton / Political Columnist THEY DON’T WANT TO TALK TO US For this edition, we contacted Republican Dan Coats and Democratic U.S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth to prepare a column regarding the 2010 Indiana U.S. Senate race. Ted — we should’ve hired Kissinger to negotiate. It was a worthwhile effort, but these two campaigns danced around the invitation for the better part of a month. By deadline, there had been substantial phone and e-mail communication with both. The Ellsworth campaign begged off citing schedule difficulties which would prohibit an inperson interview. A phone interview was offered. The response? Dead silence. One day before the deadline, Peat Seat, spokesperson for the Coats campaign, responded: “We’ll be unable to participate. Thanks for reaching out.” Publisher Ted thinks we should allow a written-question format which I detest — too much like a newsletter. But that attempt is being made for next edition. We’ll see how each campaign responds. For now, though, it’s pretty clear: they can’t find the time to talk to the gay, lesbian, bi & trans community. Given their voting records and campaign statements, it’s not difficult to imagine why. FEDERAL COURTS & LOGIC If anyone ever tells you that your vote doesn’t count, repeat to that person: yes, we can! And yes, they do! U.S. District Judge Virginia A. Phillips ruled 10 September that the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy was illegal. By presstime, she was deciding whether to issue a permanent injunction against the Pentagon’s enforcement of DADT. Judge Phillips was appointed to the Central California District federal bench in 1999 as President William Clinton’s term was winding down. And here’s why it’s important to vote and to pay attention: This suit was filed as a challenge to the policy by, of all groups, the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) in 2004. It languished in the court until earlier this year when the judge began granting filings to each party. The Pentagon responded in favour of the policy. LCR argued that DADT violates constitutional guarantees of due process and free speech. The plaintiffs asked that the judge use intermediate scrutiny to determine the Constitutionality of the regulation. That level of review meant the Pentagon had to prove DADT must “significantly” further an “important” governmental interest that can be advanced in no other way. That’s important because the lowest-possible Constitutional threshold is rational basis review which the Pentagon sought and which, in all likelihood, would’ve thrown out the case.

In her ruling Phillips found that the “sweeping reach” of the restrictions placed on the speech of lesbian, gay, bi & trans military personnel by DADT is “far broader than is reasonably necessary to protect the substantial government interest at stake”. Phillips also found that DADT violates gay, bi, lesbian & trans personnels’ right of association as it prohibits them from openly joining organisations like Log Cabin in fear of reprisal which deprives those military members of their ability to petition the government for redress of grievances. Phillips further ruled that DADT violates the fundamental right to “an autonomy of self that includes freedom of thought, belief, expression and certain intimate conduct.” Unlike last month’s California gay marriage federal court ruling, Judge Phillips has more leeway to grant the plaintiff’s injunctive relief. This occurred because a group of gay Republicans challenged a policy, spent six years in court, and, luckily, landed in a court ruled by a Clinton appointee. She would never have made it through the confirmation process if U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) were chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Be reminded: that’s the next chairman if Republicans win the Senate.

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Should those who support progressive gay and lesbian issues hold their noses and vote for Ellsworth? Skip the race on the ballot? Stay home? Non-voting is never an option. But if any gay, lesbian, bi or trans issues are to see favourable light-of-day, Democratic control must be maintained. It’s a rough row to hoe. Stay tuned for the November edition which hits the streets 26th October just before the elections. VOTING EARLY JUST GOT TOUGHER IN INDIANAPOLIS The Marion County Election Board voted 2-1 in mid-September to continue the popular 2008 practice of satellite voting. But it won’t happen. In the infinite wisdom of Indiana’s legislature, each of the state’s 92 election boards must vote unanimously to allow satellite voting. Marion County Clerk Beth White (D) is one member of the board as are the appointees of each major political party’s chairman. The Republican appointee, Patrick Dietrick, marched to the tune of County GOP Chairman Tom John and voted “no.” His logic? He was more polite and cited logistical concerns. John blatantly accused White of screwing up every election she’s ever run since taking office in 2007. They both cited ballot security as a strong concern. Never mind that the 2008 general election used three satellite vote centres and they were wildly popular. I used one — at North Central High School — and waited in line for 30 minutes. White—who’s on the ballot for re-election—put the cost of satellite cenPlease Continue On Page 35

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The judge signaled her potential ruling in spring when she switched to the stronger level of scrutiny. It is completely within a federal judge’s discretion to use varying levels of scrutiny. She chose a higher standard which mandated the Pentagon to work harder to prove why the policies did not violate Constitutional rights.

Gay Hoosiers are by definition between a rock and hard place with their 2010 U.S.Senate vote. Ellsworth has been far too conservative to warrant our support — that’s a hard-knocks approach. Coats is, well…Coats. His past House and Senate record are ultra-conservative. His 2010 campaign painted a bleak picture of America under Democratic control.


Your Vote Counts


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Erik Hellman and Chris Sullivan, The Mystery of Irma Vep, Court Theatre, Photo by Michael Brosilow


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AUGUST 12 –29 15– 30 OCTOBER

O C TO B E R S C H E D U L E FALL WOMEN'S WEEKEND 10.01 Fri DJ Mark Vallese, Karaoke Go/Go Girls 10.02 Sat DJ Mark Vallese, Cabaret: Amanda Lucas, Go/Go Girls 10.03 Sun Tea DJ Mark Vallese

AUGUST 5 – 8

COLORFEST WEEKEND 10.08 Fri DJ Mark Vallese 10.09 Sat DJ Mark Vallese, Cabaret: Dunes Follies (Tarron's Final Show) 10.10 Sun Summers Final Tea, DJ Mark Vallese

OCTOBER 8 – 10


Fall TG Weekend 10.15 Fri DJ Mark Vallese 10.16 Sat DJ Mark Vallese, Boy/Girl Dancers, Cabaret: Kelly & Rick

MAKE A WISH BENEFIT WEEKEND 10.22 Fri DJ Mark Vallese 10.23 Sat Benefit Show & Auction, DJ Mark Vallese

HALLO-WEENIE 10.29 Fri DJ Mark Vallese 10.30 Sat Halloween Parade & Costume Contest, DJ Mark Vallese, Boy/Girl Dancer, Cabaret: Karaoke

OCTOBER 22 – 23



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esResor n u D t.c

OCTOBER 15 – 16


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community they must!

Our Opinion Like Christmas, Summer or any other “season,” the Pride Season is over for another year and a lot of the readers have asked me for some comments, so I shall offer same after cautioning that these are one person’s opinion and that your views are most welcome in letters (sent to or snail mailed to The Word, 110 E. Washington Street, Suite 1402, Indianapolis, 46204.) So that said, what did we think? Overall it was a grand Summer: a lot of folks made it to one or more of the numerous pride events and it seems that all of the committees broke even or made a few bucks which is also not a bad thing in this economy. As usual, of the ones we attend, Indy Pride was the largest. They had some major growing and placement pains as 55,000 packed into the new Legion Mall venue a couple blocks north of the old spot. The parade was the best ever, but the crowds, what we heard from many, was a “poor layout” and the heat (it was 90+ and very humid) all played parts in making for some complaints. It has to be said on Indy Pride’s behalf that the first year anywhere new has some issues as folks get used to new booth and food locations and simple things like power plugs and the like have to be sorted out all over again because the “regular way we’ve done it” doesn’t work. The biggest whine we heard was Indy’s poor bar and food choice and layout, and we have been told that’s “being worked on” for next June. We’d like to see less emphasis on the bar and more organisation on the food aisle as half the restaurants were on one side of the blocked off bar area and the rest on the other, so if one of your crew wanted pizzas and one pitas it got a bit confusing. Overall, Indy Pride’s committee did a more-than-great job handling the little dramas and issues and they deserve kudos for same. Sadly, the same is not true for Dayton Pride. There the committee was met with a walkout by a splinter group led by a couple of the clubs who just couldn’t bring themselves to go along with the majority — and it appears there might not even BE a pride in 2011 unless the parties get their shit together, which would indeed be a pity. This year was shameful as their usually excellent pride parade (It was this year, too) ended with one group going west to Courthouse Square for the “official” pride while the other went east to a “rump pride” held in a parking lot by the dissidents. We feel it goes beyond sad that the groups couldn’t bring themselves to work together for even this one event, and we as a sponsor really were discouraged that the folks who opted to act like spoiled children and not adults didn’t buck up and just cooperate for the good of all. Sadly, it made for a tension-filled day and a lot of unnecessary he-said-she-said. We hope the two camps will come together for next year and the two leaders of the “our way or we hit the highway” movement will grow up, the Community Centre will get their act in order and things will again show pride here — not conflict! They need to, and for the

November Deadline Friday 15th October Papers On Street: Tuesday 26th October ™ The Word is published the last week of every month at 110 E. Washington St., Suite 1402, Indianapolis, 46204. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy and fairness, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors. Liability is limited to the cost of said ad. Ads not cancelled by published deadlines will be billed at agreed-upon price. Ads may be edited or rejected for content at the discretion of the publisher. All items appearing in The Word, as well as the name, logos and design are copyright 2010 by BBS, A division of High Speed Delivery Fork Ltd. & Ted Fleischaker and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written approval. Phones: Indy: 317/725.8840 * Cincinnati: 513/828.8652 * Louisville: 502/454.4877 e-mail:

Much happier news for the remaining prides on our schedule… Spencer is the smallest city (under 5,000) with a pride anywhere in the world and they do it right. The courthouse square was a fun-filled place and those who went to Spencer (about 45 miles southwest of Indianapolis) found total cooperation, total enjoyment and a committee, led by Jacob and husband Jonathan (actually the latter, but hey in a couple we both help, right?), which not only knows how to achieve success but to get sponsorships and support in a country town that most wouldn’t dream of even discussing gay issues in, much less holding a festival, drag show and more right out there for all to see. The same success in a way bigger place goes to Nikki and her crew in Fort Wayne. There the annual Headwaters Park event was nuts to butts crowded for shows, dancing, booths, food and more. This year, the never-enough hard-working Fort Wayne team added to their two-day pride later in the month with a Pride Night at the TinCaps, the local minor league baseball team. Just like the rest of this Northeast Indiana city’s pride efforts, it was a success, and a lot of folks came away with smiling faces, not to mention probably a few new friends’ phone numbers! Also smiling for good reason was Cincinnati where the Gay Chamber, led by Nigel and company, took over pride from the Community Centre. They opted for a new venue — right downtown on Fountain Square, as well as a new date — the 4th of July long weekend. The parade down the main street of downtown was a joy, especially with all of the major and minor businesses in this Southwest Ohio city supporting Cincinnati Pride. Macy’s, based here, made and gave away special rainbow bandanas. Other groups handed out freebies, marched in the parade and really put on a show. It was great to see the “big guys” out there, including the mayor of Cincinnati (who led the parade) along with units from Kroger’s, 5th/3rd Bank and Macy’s. About the only bad thing we can say about Cincinnati’s new effort and venue (besides the 94-degree heat which I’m told was not invited to attend) was the date they picked. A lot of folks have family and other plans over the 4th of July, so we’d like to encourage the committee to stay downtown, keep the same host hotel and parade route, but consider a move one way or the other so it’s not a choice between the family picnic and pride. A lot of folks told us they opted for the other “family”, not ours, and they missed a grand, well-done time. Bravo to the committee! Finally, we’d not be able to show our face were we not to say the last pride of the season — Lafayette — was once again a blast. Closing off Main Street, having support from the diverse community and the Purdue University staff and students makes this a joy every year. We do wish they’d go a bit later as in the past (like in early September) but the late August date worked fine and the weather cooperated. From the very first band to the last drag act and then Rocky Horror Picture Show (shown at the adjacent Lafayette Theatre at the stroke of Midnight) this was sheer joy. The best part about Lafayette’s pride is diversity — booths ranged from the Civic Theatre and local synagogue to the zoo and humane society. There was everything from prayerbooks to 20-year-old tortoises and newborn kittens to play with and see and there were lots of deservedly smiling faces. We always enjoy Lafayette as it’s not only a fun finale to the Summer’s Pride Season, but their committee always has the biggest smiles, the most open “come-on-in” attitudes and almost nothing which can’t be accomplished. The day this year was replete with a lovely wedding ceremony, a lot of cute boys and girls struttin’ their stuff and plenty of fun from karaoke to drag. There’s a reason that Lafayette makes a super end to the season and that reason is community. In closing, they have a lot of lessons to teach places like Dayton and we’d like to think before June comes again they will do just that. We also need to mention that delegations from both Evansville and Terre Haute were at Lafayette and both said they want to hold their own events in 2011 or 12. We’d support that, but we’d also urge the two cities to consider a joint effort and either have it in each town every other year or join up and hold it midway in Vincennes. The reason is simple: there are only so many weekends, so many volunteers, so many dollars and sponsors and we’d like to see them succeed as they deserve to do. We’d not like to see another one-shot wonder like Muncie (2004, or was it 2005, was their only pride, which failed miserably due to poor planning, few participants and a day which hit 104 degrees on the nearby bank thermometer!). If folks work as hard as most do to succeed, they deserve to do just that and The Word is proud to have played a part in this year’s events. Here’s to us as a community and here’s to 2011. It’s just nine months until it all starts again and we can hardly wait.

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Around Town SPENCER SAYS: SAVE THE DATE! SPENCER, Ind.— On Sunday, 10th October from 5.30 to 7.30 p.m. at the Spencer Presbyterian Church Cornerstone Hall , there will be a screening of Out in the Silence which is a documentary that focuses on a small rural town in Pennsylvania and the story lines of a few gay and lesbian members within that community. The film is meant to encourage community dialogue about gay issues and visibility in rural communities. There are a lot of parallels between the Pennsylvanian town and Indiana’s own local Spencer community. The event is being sponsored by the White River Valley P-FLAG in partnership with Spencer Pride and the Spencer Presbyterian Church. In addition to the film itself, Indiana University Professor Mary Gray (author of Out in the Country) will be there to take part in the conversation. There will also be free dinner and dessert. Jonathan Balash, pride president, noted, “This film is an excellent opportunity for the community to begin having constructive conversations about the role of any group that doesn’t seem to fit the ‘norms’ that society sets. You can read more about the film and it’s creators at their website There will be no cost for attending the event and because of the free meal, it’s a great deal!” If you are not already familiar with the White River Valley P-FLAG or Spencer Pride please feel free to visit or LAST CHANCES TO SEE ANGELS AT BALL STATE MUNCIE — Two couples will find the truth in their relationships — and in themselves — during an intense, complex and controversial night on the University Theatre stage as Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches continues at Ball State. The play, which opened at Ball State 23 September has performances yet scheduled for 29th September thru 2nd October at 7:30 p.m.

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Jennifer Blackmer, director of Angels in America, described the play as a “story exploring multiple themes involving identity (personal, sexual, religious, political), history and how we construct it, the AIDS epidemic which still rages, and the nature of love and betrayal — it’s all there, and it leaves audiences breathless and thrilled.” The play focuses on two couples — Harper Pitt (a valium addict) and her husband Joe (a closeted gay man) and Louis Ironson and Prior Walter (a gay man diagnosed with AIDS). From the beginning, the two troubled couples become intertwined through friendship and romance which evolves into a story that includes 1980s politics, betrayal and spiritual beings. Blackmer, an associate professor of theater, recognises the complexity and controversial storyline, but sees no obstacles in her way. “Directing hasn’t been difficult in the least,” she said. “I wanted to direct this play because of its complex and controversial storyline! I love working with students on complex material that challenges them on all fronts, emotional and intellectual. Theatre artists thrive on big ideas, and this play is full of them.” When audiences leave University Theatre after watching the performance, Blackmer has one wish. “I want to change minds, and I want people to see this show and learn something about this country and hopefully about their own capacity to think about the other people who share this democracy with us.” For more information or tickets ring 574/261.3789. TYNE DALY TO PERFORM FOR LAMBDA LEGAL INDIANAPOLIS—Tony- and Emmy-winning actress and singer Tyne Daly will perform at the 11th annual Lambda Legal Celebration dinner and silent auction 1st Ocober here. Daly, perhaps best known for her Emmy Award-winning roles in TV’s Cagney & Lacey and Judging Amy, won a Tony for Gypsy: A Musical Fable. More than 600 people are expected to attend this year’s benefit dinner and auction at the Indianapolis Downtown Mariott. Tickets range from $150 to $250. Proceeds support Lambda Legal’s education programmes and other initiatives to promote and support equality. The reception and silent auction begin at 5.30 p.m., with dinner and Daly’s performance at 7.30. Local jazz, blues and pop singer Brenda Williams will entertain during dessert. For reservations and other details, please visit the Web site: www.lambdalegal/ org/indianadinner.

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Sheila's Column When We Will Ever Learn?

By Sheila Kennedy

There was an anti-war song from the sixties that I always loved, titled Where Have All the Flowers Gone? The refrain was, “Oh, when will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?” I’ve thought about that refrain a lot lately as America has increasingly retreated into one of the ugliest nativist episodes in a history dotted with them. It’s ironic, in a way, that just as we seem poised to accept the justice of gay, lesbian, bi and trans claims for equality — a recent CNN poll actually found a slim majority in favour of same-sex marriage for the first time ever! — hostility to immigrants and Muslim-Americans has become vicious. And make no mistake, this mindless lashing-out at those considered “other” threatens all of us who come from groups that have been or could be demonised because it strikes at the very heart of what it means to be an American. What makes Americans out of our diverse and disparate population is fidelity to a certain set of social / legal principles — a particular approach to the age-old question “how should people live together?” The very heart of that approach is our belief in judging people on the basis of who they are and what they do... on the basis of their behaviour rather than their identity. It is that fundamentally American approach that has allowed the gay community — and Jews and Catholics and African-Americans, among others — to argue the unfairness of discriminatory stereotypes used to justify unequal treatment. The arguments against the community centre / mosque a few blocks from ground zero are based on just the same sort of anti-American stereotyping that we recognise as pernicious in other contexts. Treating all Muslims as if they are terrorists is no different than treating all Germans as Nazis, all Catholics as paedophiles, all Irish as drunks, all women as weak and emotional or all gays as promiscuous. Every community that has fought for the right to have its members treated as individuals rather than as part of some monolithic whole and every American who believes in our constitutional principles should be standing up for our peaceful Muslim neighbours. I know we’ve been through times like this before, but I can’t help worrying that the internet has dramatically increased the reach and immediacy of the craziness. Propaganda outlets like Fox “News” and political opportunists like Newt Gingrich play on the fears of the economically and socially insecure. It has never been easier to disseminate outright lies: Obama is a Muslim who wasn’t born in the U.S., the imam of the proposed mosque is funded by Saudi terrorists, illegal immigrants are having “anchor babies” who will be raised as terrorists and sent back into the country to attack us...Ridiculous as these and similar claims are, there is a cohort that really does believe them.

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They believe them because they want to. And in today’s media environment, it is so easy to create a “bubble” where you hear only those things you want to hear and listen only to those who will feed your paranoia. My friends and family are tired of hearing me say this, but here’s my theory of what we are living through right now. A group of old, pissed-off white guys (and they are disproportionately old and guys — the average age of Fox’s audience is 65 and it’s largely male) woke up one morning and looked around. There was a black man in the White House, a woman running congress, gay people getting married and brown people speaking Spanish. And they are throwing a world-class tantrum. They want “their” country back: that would be the country that privileged white, heterosexual, Protestant males over the rest of we citizens.

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I hope and believe that this is a final eruption — a last gasp of spleen and bigotry — before their cohort dies off. But it is doing a great deal of harm while it lasts. When we we — and they — ever learn?

In / Out Calls

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Pink In The Sheets By Mz. Pink / Word Columnist Mz. Pink, I have just started seeing a new girl and she is very fun and cool. She is a very sexual person, and that is great for me. I know things are new, and we are just starting to figure each other out.

It’s Time To Be Proud Of The Place Where You Live!

We go out and hang out, but we also love our time spent together…alone. Since, she is very open sexually, she is really wild; she does things that I am not familiar with or have never been introduced to before. I am just hanging on and going along for a ride (literally). The only thing I can’t jump on board with is the “talking” she does in the bedroom. She says sexy things to me, but I can’t think of anything to say back. What should I do? I don’t want to say the wrong thing and embarrass myself during sex, but I don’t want to be lame in bed either. Tongue-Tied My sweet little pinkie, this is an easy problem to fix, and when you practice, it will just flow from your lips like a regular conversation, only sexier. I can see where your shyness may come from. It is hard to start doing new things when you haven’t been exposed to those happenings in the past. But if you have an open mind and are willing to do this for yourself (because you will enjoy it) and your new girlfriend, then it won’t be as awkward. I promise you, my dear Tongue-Tied, once you start this sexy pillow talk and are comfortable with it, it will change your life, and your sex life…for the better. Some people say that those couples who “talk” in the bedroom are happier and have healthier sex lives. You know that I am a stickler for open communication and in the bedroom is no different. I believe being verbal will free you and it will make you and your girl closer not only in the bedroom, but everywhere else. Okay, let’s start with the pre-sex talk. This may be a short intimate conversation that should just cover the basics, what you can say and what you can’t. This could be namecalling or saying things which are more dominant towards her. Ask her what she likes, and what is acceptable in the bedroom during sex. After you get the “go ahead” then it is time to entertain the idea of talking to your lover during sex. At first, say what you feel comfortable with. If she is saying something to you then answer her. It is just a hotter version of a conversation. If she is saying something like, “Do you like that?” or “Does that feel good?” then you answer her, but don’t just say yes, say “Yes I like that.” or “Yes that feels real good.” Or you can take it a step further and tell her specifically what you like for example, “Yes I like it when you kiss me there.” Try this a few times and get comfortable with the idea and the way it feels. After you are comfortable with this, then you can start to initiate conversation. This could be you telling her what to do and how to do it. Don’t worry, she will enjoy this because she is already a talker in the bedroom, so she is expecting you to say things back to her — and you already know what is acceptable and what isn’t. If you want to get real kinky, then you can say things like, “Girl you better get this,” or things along those lines. If she is real wild some name calling might happen; that is okay, just don’t let it run into everyday conversation outside of the bedroom — and keep it strictly sexual, not mean.

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After you have the talking in the bedroom down you will know what to say and it will just be what feels good to you at that moment. You will also get the intonation right. This is important, too, because you don’t want to sound like you are having a “normal” conversation; you want it to sound sexy, like a whisper but a little rougher. You will just know when you got it down. Seems easy, right? Well after the bedroom talk follows the pillow talk or the sexy conversations after sex. This is something that should be done regularly, too. This will be just as sexy as the talk during sex, but maybe more intimate. During these talks you can share what you just experienced, where you want the relationship to go and how you feel about everything. There is one important factor to remember always and that is to just be yourself. Don’t force anything, just do what feels good to you.

Call 800.849.4853

Have fun! Mz. Pink

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“Because you’ve got better things to do, we make specialty pharmacy services easy.” Lisa Sandbo, PharmD

BioScrip Pharmacist in Charge Indianapolis

Getting the meds you need, when and where you need them is vital. We specialize in the care of chronic conditions but can also take care of your everyday meds too. We’re here for you and your family. One-on-one counseling by expert pharmacists. Coordination of benet expertise, including ADAP, ICHIA, Medicaid and Medicare Part D. America’s largest independent specialty pharmacy services organization. Conveniently located to serve the community 342 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 103 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Toll Free: 877.358.7828 Fax: 317.631.6004 Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 7:00 Sat: 10:00 - 2:00

Customer driven, Clinically focused

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Bag Ladies Set For 30th Ride INDIANAPOLIS—The Bag Ladies, the 2nd oldest HIV/AIDS fundraisers after the New York Gay Men’s Health Crisis, are set to prowl the streets for the 30th time Saturday, 30th October. That’s the night 150+ drag queens, a few “straight people” and some escorts will set out on two charter buses on a bar crawl through Indianapolis to raise funds for the Gregory Powers Direct Emergency Financial Assistant (DEFA) Fund. This year’s theme is The Pearl Jubilee . . . Bag Ladies On The Half Shell. “Since this is such a milestone year, we are planning on having three buses to accommodate all the participants,” Gary Brackett, Bag Lady Coordinator, told The Word, adding, “We are contacting all the former Bag Lady Queens and encouraging them to ride again this year.” Participants can register for the tour online at Registration is open to everyone and, of course, all participants are encouraged to dress in drag. Registration fee is $55; Indy Pride members pay $45. All registrations must be received by Monday, 25th October. Late registrations, if space is available, will cost $70 per person. The ladies have quite the history dating back to 30 years ago around Halloween when 70 or so men dressed in drag, boarded city buses, and began a journey to help in the fight against AIDS calling themselves “The Bag Ladies.” The Bag Ladies got their name from an article out of a New York City newspaper. Coby Palmer, one of the original ladies, read in the article that the New York “bag ladies” were fun and campy and had lots “chutspah”, similar to what the Indianapolis Bag Ladies are like today. The Bag Ladies are men willing to dress in high heels and wear outrageous costumes who, each year around Halloween, travel from bar to bar soliciting money until the early hours of the morning on what is called “The Bag Lady Bus Tour.” Originally, at the end of the night the Bag Lady who raised the most money was crowned queen for a year. While raising money is still a major factor in crowning the queen, the organisation now hosts a pageant prior to the annual tour. This year’s pageant will be held at Talbott Street Sunday, 24th October. Anyone interested in participating in the pageant should contact Brackett via e-mail at cadillacbarbieindy@yahoo. com About that history... The Bag Ladies could quite possibly be the nation’s first HIV and AIDS fundraising organisation. Since the initial bus tour in 1981, more and more men have become part of this on-going and growing tradition. Now, 30 years later, the Bag Ladies are stronger than ever and the money they raise supports several local organisations: The Damien Centre, the Gregory Powers Direct Emergency Financial Assistance (DEFA) Fund, Indiana Youth Group (IYG), Step Up, and the Indiana AIDS Fund. The Bag Ladies themselves have been part of several organisations throughout the years: Indiana Cares, AIDS Serve and Indiana Still Cares. In 2005 when Indiana Still Cares disbanded, the ladies joined with Indy Pride, where they march on in their high heels, outrageous hair and continue raising money to this day. In the 2008 calendar year, the Pride Bag Ladies raised and donated over $25,000 so there’s plenty of cash in those hags’ bags!

Yes! We Do Windows!

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Fairness Endorses Fischer LOUISVILLE — The political action committee of the Fairness Campaign, C-FAIR, has endorsed Greg Fischer for Mayor of Louisville. In addition, C-FAIR is supporting Marty Meyer – Kentucky State Senate District 38; Representative Tom Burch – Kentucky House of Representatives District 30; Representative Darryl Owens – Kentucky House of Representatives District 43; Representative Joni Jenkins – Kentucky House of Representatives District 44; Councilman Tina Ward-Pugh – Metro Council District 9; William Cohen – Metro Council District 17; Justin Chelf – Metro Council District 19; Mike O’Connell – Jefferson County Attorney; Judge Sadiqa Reynolds – District Court Judge Division 11; and Stephanie Pearce Burke – District Court Judge Division 14. In the race for Mayor of Louisville, C-FAIR said they, “Endorse Greg Fischer with fervour. Time and again, Mr. Fischer has made strong statements in favour of Fairness issues, including fierce support of Metro Louisville’s Fairness ordinance, marriage equality and a commitment to offer domestic partner benefits to city employees should he be elected mayor. The C-FAIR board has also been incredibly impressed with Mr. Fischer’s legions of faithful volunteers, his ability to effectively raise campaign funds at the grass-roots level, and his proactive engagement of constituencies all across the Louisville community to develop comprehensive, informed policies to address issues 2 column x 6 inches important to our city.”



PUT YOUR FUTURE FIRST. Decisions made in the past may no longer be what’s best for the future. So, to keep everything up to date, we offer a financial review. A complimentary service to all our clients, the financial review is a great opportunity to sit face-to-face with your financial advisor and develop strategies to keep your finances in line with your shortand long-term goals. To find out how to get your financial goals on track, call or visit today. Michael E Wright, CFP® Financial Advisor .

6437 Rucker Road Suite F Indianapolis, IN 46220 317-466-9661

Member SIPC


Finances In Focus By Michael Wright / Edward D Jones If you and your partner have young children (yours or adopted), or even if you just have some in your neighbourhood, you know they will soon acquire large amounts of candy, obtained by impersonating witches, vampires and other scary creatures. Sorta like the Bag Ladies, but those women want cash for a good cause and the kids just want to run up their dental bills. As an adult, of course, you’re unlikely to encounter too many monsters after Halloween ends and the Bag Ladies get off the bus. Yet as you go through life, you will find some things that are truly alarming — such as scary investment moves. Here are a few of these frightful actions: Investing too conservatively — You could try to avoid investment risk by putting all your money into very conservative investments. However, as you’re probably aware, those investments typically pay very little in the way of interest, so your money could actually lose purchasing power even with a mild rate of inflation. Investing too aggressively — Just as investing too conservatively can be counterproductive, so can investing too aggressively. Obviously, you would like your money to grow, but the investments with the highest growth potential are usually also those that carry the greatest risk to your principal. Putting too much money in too few investments — If you put too many of your investment dollars into just one or two types of assets, and a downturn hits those assets, your portfolio will probably take a big hit. Diversity is vital, just like in life! Waiting too long to invest — As an investor, your biggest asset may be time. The more years in which you have to invest the greater the likelihood that you can make progress toward your important financial goals. Taking a “timeout” from investing — During periods of significant market volatility, such as we’ve seen the past few years, you might be tempted to take a “timeout” and stick all your money into very conservative vehicles until everything “blows over.” But the financial markets will never be totally calm nor will they be predictable. Market rallies can start unexpectedly; if you’re not invested, you may miss out on growth opportunities. Ignoring tax-advantaged investment opportunities — When you invest in a tax-deferred investment account, such as your 401(k) and a traditional IRA, your money has the opportunity to grow faster than it would if it were placed in an investment on which you paid taxes every year. If you aren’t contributing to your 401(k) and you haven’t opened an IRA, you’re missing out on a great chance to build resources.

Because You Never Know When The Need Might Arise! Proudly Keeping It In The Family With An Agent You Can Talk To! For All Your Insurance Needs: Auto * Home * Renters * Life * Health

The Gray Agency (317) 624-1934

To make sure you don’t fall victim to these scary investment moves, you need only follow a few simple principles. First, take the long view — you will see ups and downs in the short term, but historically the market has performed well over the long term. (Keep in mind, though, that past performance is not guarantee of what will happen in the future.) Second, diversify your holdings among a variety of investments. Diversification, by itself, cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss, but it can help reduce the effects of volatility. Try to build a diversified portfolio based on your risk tolerance, time frame and long-term goals. And finally, consider boosting your 401(k) contributions whenever your salary increases, and fully funding your IRA each year. Halloween comes but once a year, but scary investment moves can haunt you for a lifetime — so take the right steps to help avoid them. Also, while I’m on October, you won’t see it on your calendar, but this month contains National Save for Retirement Week. This annual event, endorsed by congress, is designed to raise awareness about the importance of saving for retirement — so why not take time to review your own strategy. Of course, if you’re 20 or even 30, you may wonder why we even need such a week. Unfortunately, it’s because many Americans are not doing a good job of planning for their retirement years and yes, even you twinks will someday want to retire. Here are a couple suggestions: Determine how much you’ll need in retirement. Try to define the lifestyle you want: Will you travel or stay close to home? Will you work part time or spend your hours volunteering or pursuing hobbies? Once you know what your retirement might look like, try to estimate how much it might cost. Identify sources of retirement income. Take into account your IRA, 401(k), Social Security, pension and other savings and investments as well as if your partner will still be working after you retire. How much income will they provide? How much can you withdraw from your accounts without depleting them? You may not have any of them yet, but take my word for it: you will! Finally, monitor your progress. Once you’ve put your strategy in place, you’ll need to make sure you’re on track toward achieving those goals. Along the way, you may have to make adjustments but at least you will be started. Happy Halloween!

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Standard Reviewer By Bill Elliott / Word Critic

How many assassins do you know in real life? None, most likely. Or maybe you know several and are just not aware of it. Part of the assassin’s job is blending in and not being noticed — or at least not drawing attention to the fact that they are assassins. That is the situation facing George Clooney’s character, Jack, in The American, the new film by Dutch director Anton Corbijn. Jack is a “hired gun” — for whom we never find out. We also never really learn if he is an actual assassin or simply “assists” in assassinations. (In A Very Private Gentleman, Martin Booth’s novel on which The American is based, his character is a “shadow dweller,” a weapons expert who creates and supplies the tools for high-level assassins). When the film begins, Jack is enjoying — if enjoying is the right word — something akin to retirement. But it seems, for hit men, there is no such thing as a golden handshake, pipe and slippers. Jack is spending his twilight years in a remote part of Sweden. He has a log cabin, a blazing fire, and a girl by his side — or rather lying naked on his bed. Unfortunately, this idyllic scene is disturbed when Jack and his girlfriend come under attack from a sniper while out walking in the snow. What happens in the opening few minutes of The American is as shocking (in an understated way) as anything I have seen in any recent movie. For obvious reasons, as you’ll learn when you see the film, I cannot divulge the details here. His cover — and location — blown, Jack hotfoots it to Italy where Pavel (Johan Leysen) his “handler” lives. He is told to keep quiet and remain hidden in a particular remote Italian mountain village. Ever cautious, he doesn’t quite follow the instructions to the letter. He installs himself in a nearby village instead, just in case Pavel is playing him.

you can escape history. You live in the present.” But it is not simply because Jack is American that he lives in the present; it is because his work means that he must. Ironically, The American is unlike most typical American espionage thrillers. It is apt that most of the film’s action takes place in Italy as the film resembles one by Michelangelo Antonioni. A master of mood and pacing, Antonioni was more interested in evocation than action, atmosphere rather than pulsing plot. In Antonioni’s The Passenger, Jack Nicholson plays David Locke, a journalist who adopts the identity of an arms dealer he has met in Africa. Jack, like Locke, is a cipher, a man who has no real identity of his own outside of his work. As the final “job” approaches, Jack is close to being a broken man. He does what he is assigned to do impeccably but his main concern is survival. The film’s conclusion — as surprising and as shocking as its opening — is perhaps, upon reflection, the only one that makes sense considering the path Jack has chosen. But it may not be the ending you had hoped for or expected. Clooney is nothing short of remarkable as Jack/Edward. The camera delicately observes him as he tries to break free of the restraints that his work has created for him. Every facial tick is a whirlwind of repressed emotion. The American is not going to break box office records. But it is to Clooney’s credit that he chooses films that make you reflect upon, as well as empathise with, what his complex characters experience. For that he deserves plenty of recognition.

spend less. enjoy more.

Having let down his guard a little in Sweden, Jack is now ultra-vigilant. He trusts no one and this takes The American in a slightly different direction than most spy thrillers. Killers, assassins, and spies are generally depicted as exciting and adventurous adrenaline junkies. But Jack’s work means he leads a terribly lonely life; it is not so much dull as mundane. Holed up in his dingy Italian village, and posing as an American photographer named Edward Clark, Jack plays a waiting game. His handler offers him a final job. One feels he takes it because he will otherwise die of boredom. Warned by his handler not to make any “friends” in his new place of residence, Jack finds himself drawn to a priest who lives in his apartment building. They share wine and have dinner together. Father Benedetto (Paolo Bonacelli) discusses the nature of sin and one feels that he is no stranger to a little of it himself. In order not to become too involved with women, Jack visits the local brothel. But he is quickly enamoured of the gorgeous prostitute, Carla (Violante Placido). If he were employed in any other field, Jack would be swept off his feet. As it is, he maintains an emotional distance from her: “You are a good man,” she tells him, “but you have a secret.” She has obviously picked up a few insights into people in her line of business. Jack’s last job is to create a weapon for a mysterious young hit woman called Mathilde (played by Dutch actress Thekla Reuten). Jack claims to a local car mechanic that he is also a “mechanic” (ironically, the title of a 1972 film about an aging hit man starring Charles Bronson). Thus, he sets about the task of creating a high-powered, but silent, weapon assembled (it seems) mostly from used car parts. Meanwhile, Jack sees potential threats everywhere: in parked cars, individuals lurking in alleyways or cafes, the female assassin he is hired to assist, even his prostitute friend and the priest. Not sure who to trust, Jack tries to cover his back and his tracks everywhere he goes. And this takes its toll. Clooney does a magnificent job of portraying Jack as a man at the end of his tether, almost catatonic from lack of human connection, fear and paranoia. When he does begin to feel connected to Clara, he finds a gun in her purse and challenges her: there have been a series of prostitute murders locally; it’s for protection, she claims. Should he believe her? He throws himself into his work with no real sense of what the consequences will be or what the future will bring. At dinner, Father Benedetti asks him if he has studied Italian history. He says he hasn’t. “You are American,” the priest replies. “You think

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of with a purchase



two beverages.

Project Runway TV Star To Guest At Grande Masquerade In Indy

INDIANAPOLIS—It’s once again time for the most fabulous event of the year, the Grande Masquerade, which this year takes place at the sparkling downtown Westin Hotel Saturday 23rd October. Now in its 23rd year, Grande Masquerade is the premier fundraising event for The Damien Centre and will provide an evening of dancing, dinner, entertainment, a silent auction, and of course, costumes. This year’s theme, The Sorcerer’s Spell, is sure to provide plenty of inspiration, so start planning those costumes now. “The Damien Centre is very pleased to welcome a guest star to this year’s Grande Masquerade, Jack Mackenroth. Jack is a fashion designer, model, actor, swimmer and former contestant of the popular reality television series Project Runway,” Elisa Rogowski, Director of Development & Communications at the Damien Centre told The Word. She noted that Mackenroth is passionate about helping people living with HIV stay positive about their lives and has partnered with Merck & Co. on an educational HIV campaign called Living Positive By Design. In this programme, he shares his perspective as someone who has lived with HIV for more than 20 years through a series of local events in partnership with HIV and AIDS community organisations. Living Positive By Design seeks to combat the stigma associated with HIV by engaging people in thoughtful conversation about the disease. “Through the programme, Jack highlights the importance of having a positive outlook on life while effectively managing HIV. Jack will be sharing a little about his experiences and about Living Positive By Design at The Grande Masquerade. He will also be available during the exclusive VIP reception for autographs and pictures with guests,” Rogowski noted. From the Grande Masquerade’s earliest days when it was held at the Allison Mansion at Marian College and the Indiana State Fairgrounds to the grand event that it is today, Grande Masquerade has had one purpose – to raise funds to support those living with AIDS and to fight the spread of HIV. Though venues and themes come and go, the focus remains the same as ever. Last year, Grande Masquerade raised nearly $65,000 for the clients of the Damien Centre and the goal for 2010 is $70,000. “Our generous sponsors, most notably our event presenting sponsor the Marion County Health Department, has already helped us on our way to that goal, but we need everyone’s help to make it happen. Whether you decide to get a group of friends together to fill a table, make a cash donation or purchase auction items the night of the event, you are making a difference,” she noted.

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pecs and the by Matt Ponder In the age we live in, every flaw and misstep is recorded on film or video, then spilled like red ink over the internet and discussed ad nauseam until even the photographic evidence comes into question. Whether it’s a grainy, night-vision sex tape, a DUI mug shot or a fashion blunder that results in exposing more than the proper amount of skin, the culture of celebrity has shown us that committing a public mistake or having a bad reputation makes for a compelling read and good television. Just because average people don’t have their infelicities splashed all over TMZ doesn’t mean that the rumours which breed a bad reputation won’t spread like wildfire. And just like the gossip and stories crowding the pages of tabloids, some of these incidents are self-created. The question is: how much of our reputation is truly who we are?

stories were the truth but I gave each of these guys the benefit of the doubt and it came back to bite me later. Why did I do this when I was obviously warned away? Because we never know how much of someone’s backstory and reputation is actually true unless we find out for ourselves. Angry ex-boyfriends, jealous rivals and giggling gossips embellish and dramatise people’s actions until truth and fiction become one. I gave these men the chance to prove that what I heard was merely rumour because I would expect anyone to do the same thing for me. Are the things that people say about me — or anyone, for that matter — true? Maybe. But until someone takes the time to find out it’s all hearsay. Some people believe your reputation is merely your character minus what you’ve been caught doing. I believe that your reputation, good or bad, is merely the line between who you are and who you want to be. And every day we make the decision on how far over that line we want to step. The people who really want to know you will discard all the toxic words that cling to your name and those are the people you yourself should want to know. As far as trying to shake a bad reputation, I always go by this motto: It’s better to be talked about than not talked about at all.

As our lives unfold, our personas reveal themselves. These are the aspects of our character which the public use to perceive who we are. The word “persona” itself comes from the Latin word for mask indicating that what people see isn’t always what they get. The bookish nerd. The dim gym rat. The hilarious drunk. The pretty boy heartbreaker. These and other facades have a basis in who and what we truly are, but they are built by you to give you an identity so you can find your niche. No one wants to fade into the background, so we embellish and act out and decide who or what we want to be by the actions we take. So why do we create reputations that don’t reflect our true nature? Is it because our reputation is who we truly want to be? Or is it because it will mask who we really are? Is it armour to hide behind? Or is it a fictional magnet we feel will draw in the people we really want to be with? A bad reputation may scare off the people you’re afraid of but if someone is really interested in you they will look past your reputation and uncover the real person inside. The same goes for someone who catches your eye; believing the hype surrounding someone that you like may prevent you from realising their true nature. Why judge someone by the mistakes they’ve made? Would you want someone to judge you because of a story they heard on the street from an unreliable source? Every reputation is the surface of deeper waters below. The reputation that someone gets because they date and screw a lot of people may be indicative of someone searching for true love. The reputation of someone who drinks themself blind or numbs themself into a narcotic haze may not be because they’re an out-of-control party animal but because they are someone who’s been wounded so deeply they can’t face reality without altering their feelings. Perception is not always reality. There are also the reputations that are built by someone to make themselves seem more interesting or to hide their past. People who have been around and around and around may reinvent themselves somewhere new as a bright-eyed innocent to erase the stigma which comes with someone who has a slutty reputation. Inexperienced virgins paint themselves as sexually provocative because they are scared to experiment and explore on their own or are certain no one wants to take the time to train a novice. There are even people out there who dumb themselves down because they are sure that brains are not a commodity in the dating world where sometimes a pretty face and a rock-solid body are all the currency one needs to get by. Now a good reputation is never a bad thing, but sometimes it can be perceived as boring, and the yearning for popularity will cause good people to do bad things. People often wonder: how good is a good reputation? It’s common knowledge reading a story about a whore will be much more interesting than reading a story about a nun. Doing something that goes against your values may elevate your image as a bad boy, but is that the image you want? Some people look at a bad boy as a turn-on or a project while others stay away like it’s poison — therefore cementing the fact that people’s perception can alter how they treat you whether what they believe is really the truth. No matter what your persona is, however, if you’ve got a great reputation that’s taken years to build, it can take seconds for it to come crumbling down. Years of good deeds mean nothing when one bad deed or poor decision can erase everything that’s come before. Even though there are reputations we earn from our actions, and reputations that we build ourselves, there are times when someone’s reputation is exactly who they are. I’ve learned this plenty of times when I’ve heard stories about guys who were liars and cheats, drug addicts and players — even a story about a hidden fiancée. All these

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For Rent Charming East side 1 bedroom brick double for rent. Little Flower neighborhood. 12 minutes from downtown Indianapolis. Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen. Basement with washer/dryer hookup. Street parking. New carpeting and paint. Near 10th St. & N. Dequincy St.

$450 per month.

Security deposit and references required. 12 month lease. Renter pays utilities.

Info: 317-549-9057 from 5pm to 9pm.

Your Vote Counts Continued From Page Six

tres, into the 2010 budget. Dietrick made a limp attempt to “save money” by eliminating the vote centers. A little history: Indiana voters have long been among the most regulated in America. Sec. of State Todd Rokita, in his zest to get the Voter ID law passed, scoured the state looking for examples of voter fraud. He contacted each of the 92 counties’ clerks and hoped for a large response. He got nothing. Nada. He used his position as chairman of a national Secretaries of State Association study group and tried once more to prove massive voter fraud and thus the need for voter ID existed. Again — nothing. Until 2000, anyone who wanted to canvass and register voters had to get appointed a special Deputy Registrar by their county party, and voter registration forms were numbered, handed out only in small bundles and tightly-controlled. I don’t advocate loose election control, but Indiana has never — ever — been a state where it’s easy to vote. Until the Motor Voter Law made it easier to register, Indiana was locked in a 1920s system that controlled the voter pool, too. Motor Voter came about, you’ll recall, because of the massive voter distrust of the 2000 general election results. It’s a federal law imposed on states. That’s when Indiana’s voter registration system loosened a little. Come to your own conclusions. But if you want to vote early in Marion County, you can go to one place only: the Election Board office in the City-County Building. White said she’d work on expanded hours within her budget to accommodate as many voters as possible. But thank God we’re saving that money. If not for Mr. Dietrick, we might explode in deficit spending.

The CCC appropriated enough money to complete that task in 2010. But as usual, there is a political slant to things: the council is 15-13 Republican now (one Libertarian). Control of the council is ballot-sensitive in the 2011 municipal elections. Candidate filing opens 3rd January 2011. It ends six and a half weeks later. U.S.Census data, needed to complete the maps, will likely not be available until late this year. Watch for council Republicans to attempt to draw the district lines to favour their incumbents. Democrats would do likewise if they controlled which has never happened in the life of our merged city/county unigov. The history is sublime: Prior to the 2007 municipal election, former Clerk Doris Ann Sadler (R) pushed a ballot design that went to court. She lost. Council Republicans pushed a district map that was questionable. One of their own, former Councilman Jim Bradford (R), saw his district dramatically improved from his perspective. He wasn’t alone. Democrats challenged the maps and the case went to Marion Superior Court where Judge Cale Bradford presided. In case you’re wondering or can’t remember, yes — Cale is Jim’s brother. Cale saw no reason to recuse. Justice at its finest, eh? Judge Bradford ruled in the Republicans’ favour. Within a couple of days, Democrats walked the case to the Indiana Court of Appeals where the decision was promptly reversed. A judicially-appointed panel drew the lines, and they did a marvelous job in short order. The district lines led to the 2007 election which shifted then-Democratic control to Republican control by one vote. Epilogue: Judge Bradford later became a judge on that same Court of Appeals, appointed by Gov. Mitch Daniels (R). Appeals Judges and Supreme Court Justices are nearly-lifetime appointments subject only to the routine “yes/no” vote once every ten years. Again, it must be repeated: every vote counts.

WATCH THE CITY COUNTY COUNCIL Under Indiana law, the City-County Council (CCC) must redistrict every ten years. They’re obligated to use the most-recent census data.


INCREDIBLE 90 Minute MASSAGE FOR JUST $50 CLINIC LOCATED On East 86th Street In The Nora Area

CALL RON AT (317) 902-2796


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Young Thoughts Staff & Youth Of Indiana Youth Group IYG’s Youth Outreach Coordinator Graham Brinklow is looking for high school staff willing to help start Gay Straight Alliances (GSA) in their schools. For more information about helping to start a GSA please contact him at 317/541.8726 or e-mail gbrin Still many people don’t understand why schools need a GSA. Occasionally when Brinklow has contacted a school guidance counsellor they say, “We don’t have that problem here,” or “We don’t have any gay kids here.” Yet we continue to hear about students in Massachusetts, Ohio and now recently in Indiana, who have taken their own lives. Though none of these young boys were gay, they were still harassed daily, both verbally and physically, by schoolmates who said that they were. After each incident we heard from the school staff and students about how sorry they were that this bullying went on and how they wished they could have done something to stop the tragedy from happening. But in each case it was too late. While there is no guarantee that starting a Gay Straight Alliance in each Indiana school would stop any threat of teen suicides, a recent biannual study shows that there is definitely a need. A recent article by Daryl Presgraves of the Gay Lesbian Straight Educators Network (GLSEN) states that GLSEN’s 2009 School Climate Survey of 7,261 middle and high school students found that of the students who self-describe as gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender: —84.6% reported verbal harassment, 40.1% reported physical harassment and 18.8% reported being physically assaulted at school in the past year because of their sexual orientation. —63.7% reported verbal harassment, 27.2% reported physical harassment and 12.5% reported being physically assaulted at school in the past year because of their gender expression.

Around Town WICKED COMING TO INDY; TIX AVAILABLE 15th OCTOBER INDIANAPOLIS—After breaking box office records and selling out in record time last year, Wicked, Broadway’s biggest blockbuster, will return to Indianapolis’ Murat Theatre at Old National Centre 15th December thru New Year’s Day. Tickets for the return engagement go on sale Friday, 15th October. Based on the best-selling 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire, Wicked, winner of 35 major awards including a Grammy and three Tony Awards, is the untold story of the witches of Oz. Long before Dorothy drops in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One – born with emerald-green skin – is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. Wicked tells the story of their remarkable odyssey and how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. Tickets will be available beginning at 6 a.m. online ONLY at and Tickets will be available for sale in person at the Murat Box Office, Clowes Hall Box Office and Broadway Across America office (342 Massachusetts Ave.) and by phone at 800/982.2787, beginning at 10 a.m. the 15th. “Wicked ‘s popularity crosses nearly every demographic. We get requests for it daily, so it’s very rewarding to bring it back to Indianapolis so quickly,” Leslie Broecker, Broadway Across America Midwest President noted, adding, “Wicked will bring thousands of people downtown during the holiday season. The economic impact of this touring production will contribute to a very ‘green’ season for downtown merchants, restaurants and the local production crew.” TOP DJ TO VISIT INDY’S VOGUE

—Nearly a third of these students skipped at least one day of school in the past month because of safety concerns.

INDIANAPOLIS— Progressive Trance DJ ATB will perform live at the Vogue Theatre 14th October. This will be one of the few stops on a U.S. tour by the acclaimed worlds 11th best DJ by Originally from Germany, the artist holds a residency at the Palms Nightclub in Las Vegas under Paul Oakenfold and will be leaving Vegas to embark on a world tour debuting tracks from his new mix album. His is best known for his 1999 track which was the 5th biggest selling single in the U.S. and arguably number one in the UK titled 9pm (Till I Come). His most recent studio album, Future Memories, was released in May 2009. The single, What About Us, is a constantly played track on radio and in the clubs.

—44.6% reported having a GSA at school, 53.4% could identify six or more supportive educators and less than a fifth (18.2%) attended a school that had a comprehensive anti-bullying policy.

“What makes DJ ATB so much more than a DJ is how he interacts with the crowd”, promoter Kyle Mathews, who is responsible for bringing the event to Indianapolis, told The Word.

Presgraves’ article also shows the positive effects of having a GSA in a school:

Mathews is working with a once local event promotions company Eden Promotions which is now based in Las Vegas. Mathews is also very excited to be working with the Vogue which has not been a typical spot for “scene” music since the late 90’s in which Andy Austin and friends hosted “Boing!”. The promoter noted that he hopes to capture the once vibrant alternative nightlife scene and bring it back to Broad Ripple.

—72.4% heard homophobic remarks, such as "faggot" or "dyke," frequently or often at school. —61.1% felt unsafe in school because of their sexual orientation, and 39.9% felt unsafe because of their gender expression.

—Having a GSA in school was related to hearing fewer homophobic remarks, less victimisation because of sexual orientation and gender expression, less absenteeism because of safety concerns and a greater sense of belonging to the school community. —The presence of supportive faculty and staff contributed to having fewer reports of missing school, fewer reports of feeling unsafe, greater academic achievement, higher educational aspirations and a greater sense of school belonging. —Students attending schools with an anti-bullying policy that included protections based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression heard fewer homophobic remarks, experienced lower levels of victimisation related to their sexual orientation, were more likely to report that staff intervened when hearing homophobic remarks and were more likely to report incidents of harassment and assault to school staff than students at schools with a general policy or no policy.

Also performing live at the event will be VJ Benji Ramsey, known for his impressive display of audio visual with Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Oranje Art Festival, and Ferry Corsten.

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The Ink and Toner Experts The Word

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D S E .00! TU

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rales” on Cab in with RO c lo il E “Solombeef tenderloh and Rioja F ON ICE O Grilled eese, spinac O H :C ND 2 blue chion U O R se o h e h it e c h w reduct a c s lc o e “A artichok cheg n a ncia” M y or d p ” o Cris and shave a Vale with saffron, shrimp, ll ZER: ra Al Horn e I a T P E “ e c ab APP sau ssels, ia rice tomato o de C Valenc n, chorizo, mu “Ques goat cheese inarlic bread or de Pollo” en wings with chicke lmon Baked served with g “Alas pepper chick e ONE c E and sa is li N r a a n O sauce G n E OF F mayo HOIC ICE O y E r C a r O N t : e H T h O la s F :C ER co ICE O ND 1 li” DESS errat Cho ROU as Al Alio p CHO banzo” nts ith o D 3: w r b M im N s a r with “ a m G U h e a S RO “G d Garlic nie” ownie made a Con and chick p c w a o r e in e B t r p h Sau “Es d spinac te B te Chocolaweet chocola runo” or Sautee ego Cheese s de Ma ith curry r e o t h it h c c b ” “Pin rochette w Man mesco try or ros” Pork B naise or con Ro ith Romesco eese ied pas s o r e n u w “Chur on coated fr e mayo “Trig Asparagus anchego ch Cinnamhocolate sauc Grilled and shaved M with c e c u a s


4: UND


) (FAX 7973 . 4 8 0 3 2 6 N 46 NT), 317. LIS, I APO STAURA A N N A A I I E , IND REET, IND .8272 (R 8 OLIS NAP WARE ST ), 317.63 A I D IN EL A (OFFICE D . N om 201 38.7968 as.c p a t 317.6 a


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AIDS Walk Indy Takes To Streets For 20th Time Saturday 9th October Register now for the 20th Anniversary Indiana AIDS Walk & Ride and make your move to help meet the emergency needs of Hoosiers living with HIV/AIDS. Individuals and teams are encouraged to visit and register for “A Moving Celebration” in downtown Indianapolis Saturday, 9th October . That’s when The Indiana AIDS Fund will host the 20th Annual Indiana AIDS Walk & Ride at University Park, adjacent to the Indiana War Memorial. The event raises funds for the Gregory R. Powers Direct Emergency Financial Assistance (DEFA) programme which provides needed assistance to HIV/AIDS patients in emergency situations through HIV/ AIDS service agencies across the state that provide hands on care assistance. The website is the quick and easy way to register for either the 5K walk or 10K bicycle fun ride. On the site, registrants can track team progress, set and track fund-raising goals and keep up-to-date on team challenges and breaking news from the organising committee. This is the 6th year that participants can ride in the bike ride portion of the event. “This disease is still very much alive and people are still contracting HIV/AIDS daily across the world,” Indiana AIDS Fund Advisory Board Vice-Chairman Debi Richardson told The Word, adding, “Twenty years later, here in Indiana, we are still working and letting the public know there are people out here still caring and helping them when they are in need because of their battle with HIV disease.” This 20th year event promises a lively day of family-friendly and healthy activities which include food, a fun kids area and music for the public beginning at the noon. This year’s co-chairmen are Stefanie McLaughlin Koning and Rev. Judith Carson who have both served leadership roles in this event throughout its history. In addition to the walk and ride, attendees should expect a larger kids area with more fun and healthy children’s activities like obstacle courses. Also, the ever-popular bounce house will return. Other activities include an informational health fair to provide attendees with HIV prevention, testing and support services information and allow visitors to meet HIV/AIDS service providers in the area; see panels from the AIDS Quilt — courtesy of the Indiana Chapter of the MAMES Project — and more. In 2009, more than 1,100 participants raised nearly $156,000 which was distributed to the grantees of the Indiana AIDS Fund who then administered those DEFA funds to meet the emergency needs of HIV/AIDS infected persons. This year, more than 1,250 people are expected to participate in the Indiana AIDS Walk & Ride in the heart of downtown. The marathoner/presenting sponsors of the 2010 Indiana AIDS Walk & Ride are the Marion County Health Department and Clarian Health. Other key sponsors include Walgreens, Discount Tyre Company, St. Vincent Hospitals, Circle City HIV/AIDS Coalition, Bio Scrip Pharmacy, Bloomington Hospital Positive Link and Indiana LIVE Casino. Media sponsors include the Indianapolis stations of Radio One (WTLC-AM, WTLC-FM, WHHH-FM, WNOU-FM, IMC-TV), NUVO Newsweekly, and The Word. The Indiana AIDS Fund is a private, philanthropic fund-raising and grant-making organisation dedicated to supporting HIV/AIDS prevention and service programmes in Indiana. Since their inception, when they were convened by The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis and the Indiana State Department of Health in 1994, the Indiana AIDS Fund has become the largest private funder of HIV/AIDS programmes in Indiana as well as a recognised authority on HIV/AIDS issues. Find out more online at www.


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Equality News

Around Town

Indiana Equality / By Dino Sierp, Field Organiser Indiana Equality is in the middle of an effort to expand lesbian, gay, bi & trans protections via local human rights ordinances. While IE’s Human Rights Ordinance (HRO) Project has encountered opposition in some local communities, Indiana Equality has also built relationships with local politicos that will last many years. Indiana Equality’s Human Rights Ordinance Project is supported in part by the Tides Foundation’s State Equality Fund, a philanthropic partnership that includes the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the Gill Foundation and anonymous donors. Currently protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity are provided in both Indianapolis and Bloomington. Communities that provide human rights protections covering sexual orientation only include Fort Wayne, Michigan City, West Lafayette and Lafayette / Tippecanoe County. What does this all mean? It means that much work is still before Indiana’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Let’s take a quick look at the current status: —Fort Wayne: In early 2010 Councillor Karen Goldner proposed adding gender identity and expression to city’s human rights ordinance. Due to hard push-back from opponents, the city council denied basic introduction of the ordinance thereby stopping further discussion of the proposal. In response, a programme of education and awareness of transgender individuals is being planned by local community organisers. —Goshen: In the Fall of 2009 Councillor Jeremy Stutsman co-sponsored an ordinance to add sexual orientation and gender identity to Goshen’s local human rights ordinance. While the ordinance passed 4-3 on the first hearing, council procedures required a second and final vote. Giving in to out-of-town opposition, the amendment’s co-author changed his position, resulting in a one-vote defeat. Accepting this defeat as temporary, local community leaders are organising a long-term education effort. —Monroe County: In August the Monroe County Commissioners passed a resolution to create a county-wide human rights commission inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity. The commissioners are now preparing the formal ordinance to be adopted before year-end. —South Bend: This Summer Councillor Oliver Davis proposed an ordinance to add employment non-discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to South Bend’s human rights ordinance. Citing a need for additional information, the proposal was tabled by the city council. Councillor Davis plans to re-introduce the ordinance again this Fall. We’re excited to see how the South Bend proposal turns out. Other communities in which Indiana Equality has been conducting human rights related community organising and education activities include Carmel, Columbus, East Chicago, Evansville, Hammond, Jeffersonville, Tippecanoe County, West Lafayette, Lafayette, Madison, Muncie, Richmond and Terre Haute For more information regarding IE’s HRO project, please contact me, IE Field Organiser, at or by calling 888/567.0750. As you can tell, much work is taking place but much is still left to be done. While the State Equality Fund provides vital support for this project, it does not cover all of the costs. Please consider supporting the Human Rights Ordinance Project by making a charitable contribution via IE’s website at Your support will help in providing equal rights protections for all Hoosiers.

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BAILIWICK ANNOUNCES SEASON CHICAGO—Four plays have been announced for the 2010-11 season at the Bailiwick Theatre by Executive Director Kevin Mayes. Planned productions include: Departure Lounge, a new musical by Dougal Irvine; Violet, music by Jeanine Tesori, book and lyrics by Brian Crawley; Passing Strange, book and lyrics by Stew, music by Stew and Heidi Rodewald, created in collaboration with Annie Dorsen; and The North/South Plays, two original works developed in association with Teatro Luna. “Following an intense and artistically satisfying Summer, we are very excited to continue the momentum we’ve created with four challenging works that explore self-image and identity. Each of these diverse shows has something unique and provocative to say about some of the universal questions of our time: Who am I? What is my purpose? And where do I fit into this world? This season will be a fantastic journey for all the artists in our company, and we can hardly wait to share these pieces with our audiences,” the director noted. Departure Lounge follows four less-than-innocent 18-year olds caught between adolescence and adulthood who are delayed at Malaga Airport after a week in the sun to celebrate their graduation from school. As they reminisce about their time together, it soon becomes clear that their individual memories of the holiday are at odds, particularly when it comes to romance. The play was a hit at the Edinburgh Festival and will have its first commercial run in London. Violet is set in 1964 in the deep South during the early days of the civil rights movement. The story follows the growth and enlightenment of a bitter young woman accidentally scarred by her father. In hopes that a TV evangelist can cure her, she embarks on a journey by bus from her sleepy North Carolina town to Oklahoma. Passing Strange is a daring new musical that takes audiences on a journey across boundaries of place, identity and theatrical convention. Loaded with soulful lyrics and overflowing with passion, the show takes us from black, middle-class America to Amsterdam, Berlin and beyond on a journey towards personal and artistic authenticity. Finally, the North/South Plays explore the explosive and controversial issues surrounding the United States border with our North and South neighbouring countries. Presented in repertory, this promises to be the dramatic event of the 2011 Summer. 8th ANNUAL TOUR OF TERROR SET TO SCARE UP FUN IN LAFAYETTE LAFAYETTE—Civic Theatre is excited to announce plans for the 8th annual Tour of Terror which will run 22nd thru 31st October in and around West Lafayette and the Purdue Campus. The Tour of Terror is a walking tour visiting sites of horrible accidents, mayhem and murder. The stories are historically researched and told in a theatrical way for the education and entertainment of those on the tour. Each tour is led by a talented and knowledgeable tour guide and accompanied by a lantern-wielding fellow. Tours routinely sell out in this very popular fall activity. There are several different tour options: The Full Tour –$13 and The Midnight Tour – same stories, but at the witching hour $15. Full Tours will be held Fridays & Saturdays (22, 23 & 29 & 30 October), Saturdays (23rd & 30th) & Sunday (Halloween). The 31st leaving on the hour and half hour from 7 p.m. till midnight. For the very first time the Tour of Terror will visit West Lafayette and Purdue Campus. Tours will originate at University Church, 320 North Street (Corner of Grant and North). Terror Tourists will be invited to warm up in University Church with complimentary treats and hot apple cider before and after their travels. Tickets are now available at 313 North 5th Street, by telephone from 765/423.PLAY or at MJ’S CELEBRATES 3rd ANNIVERSARY DAYTON—Time flies when you’re having fun, just ask the owners and staff at MJ’s Cafe which held its 3rd anniversary party 18th September. The club’s owners, Matt and Jerid, told The Word, “We would like to thank everyone for there support over the last three years. We would also like to thank our managers, Bruce and Timmy, along with all of the great staff for all of their hard work and dedication. It has been a pleasure to serve you and we will be here for many more....”

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Circumstances Surrounding Miller Death A Mystery As Of Presstime By Rick Sutton / For The Word INDIANAPOLIS—Prominent community activist, philanthropist and businessman Joseph F. Miller died 26th August at his home under mysterious circumstances which were still being investigated at presstime. Miller, 59, was owner of Great Lakes Products, Inc., The Indianapolis-based company which was a worldwide marketer of multiple products, most notably a substance commonly known as “poppers,” which had controversial uses beyond its marketed purpose as a “tape-head cleaner.”

eral and state violations; however no federal, state or local investigative agency would confirm such investigations by presstime. Meanwhile, the Marion County Coroner’s office told The Word that no final cause of death had yet been listed though their investigations were pointing to “an apparent suicide”. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police were also had not completed their investigation as of our deadline. Miller was an active donor to multiple causes including the Indiana AIDS Fund, Indiana Democratic Party and multiple candidates, Indiana Civil Liberties Union, Damien Centre (which named its AIDS testing Centre for him) and international child-relief agencies.

Miller was listed with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office as president and secretary of Great Lakes with downtown Indianapolis offices. The company owned at least one warehouse in the metro Indianapolis area and reportedly leased other space in multiple locations around the country.

Shortly before his death, Miller had become a strong environmental activist and had just purchased an electric car. He wrote about his commitment to a lowered-carbonfootprint on his blog which included a last entry just one week before his death.

At the time of his death, Miller’s company was reportedly under review for alleged fed-

Final burial plans remained private. A memorial service was conducted in Indianapoilis 7th September (see separate story below).

Joe Miller Memorialised As Man He ‘Wanted To Be’ INDIANAPOLIS—A gathering of about 300 friends, relatives and supporters of the late Joseph F. Miller gathered for a memorial at the Indiana Repertory Theatre 7th September to share memories and shed a few tears at his passing.

— Tom Bartenbach, executive director of The Damien Centre: “A prominent Jewish philosopher once said, ‘We anticipate charity by preventing poverty.’ Joe understood that.”

The one-hour service was tightly-scripted and precise, just as Miller would’ve liked. More than one eulogist remarked that Miller anticipated such a memorial. He left more than one letter for survivors and remarked “…if there is a service of any kind,” what he’d like to see emphasized. Said one eulogist, paraphrasing Miller’s written plea: “Please remind them the kind of man I wanted to be.”

— Rhonda Akers, family friend: “There are Joe Miller footprints all over our hearts.”

He need not have worried. Those who planned the programme took great care to ensure that the memorial was a celebration of Joe’s life. And it was exactly that. All eulogists observed that Miller’s profound business sense allowed him to contribute heavily to causes he championed even if he crafted a personal reputation for thriftiness. Said Frank Basile, local businessman and philanthropist, in a video produced by Tom Alvarez just before Miller’s death, “When you got Joe’s money, you got Joe.” Some eulogists were candid as well as grief-stricken. Former Indiana First Lady Maggie Kernan, who travelled to six continents with Miller, said “Joe was very complicated and had many compartments to his life…when I heard that Joe had ended his life, I was shocked. But now, I am at peace, and hope you (Joe) are too.” Mrs. Kernan recalled multiple trips overseas with Miller, including the touching story of a tour guide in Timbuktu named Amadu. Over time, Miller encouraged the young man to communicate better. Ultimately, that included English classes and a computer purchased by Miller. “It was my unfortunate task to tell Amadu of Joe’s death,” Mrs. Kernan said through tears. “And I learned that there’s more room in a broken heart.” Former Gov. Joe Kernan added, “I feel a profound sadness and emptiness.” He recalled a foreign trip his wife took with Miller, when Kernan was lieutenant governor, where the hired driver tried to extort extra money from the American visitors. The American tourists called Kernan in his office at the Statehouse and he phoned Sen. Evan Bayh’s office. By nightfall, Marines arrived at Miller’s and Maggie Kernan’s hotel rooms to escort them safely to a plane. The former governor, after the memorial, told me, “I think Joe was more angry about the extra money.” Musical tributes were offered by close Miller friends, including Steven Stolen, whose rich voice sang How Can I Keep From Singing? Other eulogists included: — Robin Meyer, retired Episcopal priest and former board member of the Indiana AIDS Fund with Miller, who complimented Miller’s business acumen on the AIDS Fund board: “His business sense set us on a path that benefits us still today.” — Sheila Kennedy, former executive director of the ICLU, who saluted Miller for “his steadfast support of fundamental fairness.”

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— Samantha Akers, family friend: “The work he began is not complete.” — John Wilson, family friend: Miller was “never satisfied to stop learning.” Written tributes came from U.S.Rep. Andre Carson and State Sen. Billie Breaux. The evening concluded with a catered reception and disco music — Miller’s favourite. —Rick Sutton

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Music Corner By DJ "Miss" Hill / MJ's / Dayton

Catch DJ “Miss” Hill at MJ’s Café every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Hill’s Top 10. Based on dance floor results and requests (Not what he thinks is hot):

I’m a little late on this one. I’m not a big Usher fan so I passed this one up. But then I gave the Jump Smokers Extended Mix of DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love a chance and I changed my mind. It’s a little “Electro” but still better than the album version. I just wish Pitbull would shut the hell up. Not a fan of him, either. That’s it for now. I’ll be back in November getting ready for the big fist... I mean feast. And I’m sure I’ll have some “turkey of a tune” music as well. Check me out at or find me on If you like or hate what I review about please e-mail me at I welcome both good and hateful replies. And let me know about local independent music. I’m always open to new stuff.

1 - Ke$ha - Take It Off (Martin & Souza Mix)

Around Town

2 - Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Dave Aude Club Mix) 3 - Enrique Iglesias Featuring Pitbull - I Like It 4 - Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight (Henry Guzman Overdose Remix) 5 - Rihanna - Rockstar 101 (Mark Picchiotti Rockin and Club Mix) 6 - Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix) 7 - Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg - California Gurls (C-Rok RokCouture Club Mix) 8 - Kelly Rowland - Commander (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) 9 - Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Mix) 10 - Ciara - Ride (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Extended Mix) Hill’s Personal Top 5 Faves 1 - Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (Hex Hector and Mac Quayle Club Mix) 2 - Selena Gomez & The Scene - Round & Round (Razor ‘N’ Guido Vocal Radio Mix) 3 - LaRoux – Bulletproof (Razor & Guido Mix) 4 - Dave Aude - Figure It Out (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) 5 - Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight (Henry Guzman Overdose Mix) Hey there!!! DJ “Miss” Hill here. I’m sayin’ the “YAY!” It’s October and that means one thing. My favourite festivities...All Hallow’s Eve! I’ll be busy hanging up the ghosts and goblins between sets. Meanwhile, let’s get to the scary music after a reminder: I’m not here to tell you what’s new but to review newly released club mixes and newly released singles. I swear Katy Perry and Ke$ha are the same chick. I can’t tell them apart. And they both have potty mouths. Katy Perry’s Peacock is the nastiest, most foul-mouthed song out there right now. I have no problem with language and sexual content in the club scene ’cause we’re all adults. But this is someone who “tweens” are listing to. I don’t want to hear a ten-year-old singing along to this type of stuff. If it wasn’t for the Hector Fonseca Mix I wouldn’t even mention this one. That said...this mix takes me back to the club-thumpin’ hits I used to remember. The energy doesn’t stop. And like I said, I don’t mind the innuendos but it’s only appropriate on the adult dance floor. PS…When you get a chance check out the “Gay” version on YouTube. It was taped in the same place as the Colton Ford video Signed, Sealed, Delivered. If you know what bar that is, tell me! Who’s got the Bieber Fever??? Well, then take two aspirin and call me in the morning. There’s an antibiotic for that, too, I’d bet. I’ll be all hot for Justin Bieber when he grows up and his voice changes, but right now I can’t stand that winey/whispery voice. However... If someone asks for some Bieber I can’t happily play Baby (which he is). I know this was released in January, but now we have the Rick Souza Mix. And I’ll be happy to play that. But maybe not on a busy Saturday night. Here we go. Something gay. Scissor Sisters taking it Any Which Way you can. They haven’t lost it yet. I was worried at first with Fire With Fire and Invisible Light but this one takes me back to their first two albums. And the 7th Heaven Club Mix just makes it that much better. Love me some Donna Summer and To Paris With Love sounds nothing like anything I’ve heard from her. But I still love this one. Don’t close your eyes because the Craig C’s Master Blaster Club Mix will put you in a trance and you might fall over. If it wasn’t for Eminem I’d play Love The Way You Lie featuring Rihanna but I don’t play anything by someone who calls someone else on a live awards show “a faggot”. He’s a fag hater. And just because he later did a duet with Elton John on another awards show doesn’t make up for it in my book. If someone puts out a good non-Em mix I might play it. Ugh! What’s wrong with the gays out there? He’s not gay friendly, but too many of you keep right on listening and buying.

FROM MOTOWN TO MILITANT. A CHICAGO ORIGINAL. CHICAGO—The National Pastime Theatre will present the Chicago premiere of a revised version of Doo Lister’s Blues, Terry Abrahamson’s powerful story of the turbulent 1960s as seen through the eyes of an African American barber in Garfield Park, Chicago. This powerful play looks back at the meeting of the political turmoil of the 1960s with the rise of an emerging Black music experience. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, Doo Lister’s Blues traces a songwriting Chicago barber’s creative metamorphosis from Motown to militant with results that challenge the validity of the evolution of Black popular music. In 1965, as the smoke clears over Chicago’s riot-ravaged West Side, Doo Lister’s chance encounter with a white radical leads to shared tragedy and a revelation that transforms Doo Lister’s musical style from Motown to militant. On the brink of altering the course of American music, they confront the realities that moulded our culture while sowing the seeds for a highly unexpected redemption. Doo Lister’s Blues performs at The National Pastime Theatre Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 3 and 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 from 1st October to 28th November. There will be no performance Thanksgiving Day. Tickets are $30, student and senior tickets are $25 and groups of 20 or more pay $20 per ticket. For tickets ring 773/327.7077 and follow the prompts. The National Pastime Theater is located in the old speakeasy at 4139 N. Broadway, Chicago. It can be reached by the #36 Broadway bus. Paid parking is available one block southeast at Belle Plaine and Clarendon. OMAHA WORLD-HERALD DEFIES RIGHT WINGNUTS, ALLOWS SAME SEX MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENTS OMAHA—The World-Herald, this state’s largest newspaper, will now include same-sex wedding announcements in its “Celebrations” section if the weddings are legal unions. The change came after Jeff Wilke, an Omaha father, attempted to place an announcement for his daughter’s wedding to her fiancée in the newspaper. The paper’s publisher Terry Kroeger denied his request and Wilke mounted a successful Facebook campaign to have the policy changed. “Like any father would be, Mr. Wilke was proud to announce his daughter’s wedding in his local newspaper. Unwilling to compromise his pride for his daughter, he was successful in changing the policy of a newspaper in a state that does not recognise same-sex marriages. Newspapers across the country should follow the Omaha World Herald’s lead,” Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese said upon hearing of the change. It should be noted that Omaha sits on the Iowa border with significant circulation in the Hawkeye State which does allow gay marriages. In a statement to readers on The World-Herald’s publisher Terrry Kroeger announced the change. The newspaper will only publish announcements for “legal weddings” and anniversaries of “a legal marriage” in other words, for same-sex marriages performed in a jurisdiction where they are legal. Nebraska does not recognize same-sex marriages but neighbouring Iowa does. The OWH will not publish announcements on commitment ceremonies, partnerships, and other non-marriage unions, regardless of gender. Recognising this change will anger some on both sides of the issue Kroeger said, “This change will provide for a public ‘celebration’ of important milestones in the lives of people who take the significant steps toward legally sanctioned marriage.” Solmonese added, “Although the change in policy doesn’t go far enough, we commend the step toward equality taken by the newspaper’s publisher. Mr. Kroeger’s heart-felt wishes to Mr. Wilke’s daughter Kristy and her fiancée Jessica are a welcome sign that loving families are changing hearts and minds everywhere.”

The Word

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ies usually takes three or four weeks from time of initial exposure but may take longer for some people to be detectable. As a general guideline, we like to encourage the thought that the test is only a view of your status three months ago. This is the span of time from infection to the manufacturing of antibodies and is known as “the window period”.

Steppin' Out... By Arthur Wegley / Step-Up Indianapolis Happy October, readers! 9th October is the 20th annual AIDS Walk and Ride. Over 10,000 Hoosiers are currently living with HIV/AIDS and this event raises money in order to help provide assistance to those living with it. These dollars are accessed by care coordination sites to help pay for a multitude of needs of those individuals requiring assistance. These dollars could help keep the heat tuned on during the Winter for a client, put food on the table, provide medications or clothing or help someone obtain or maintain housing. Please become an advocate of the AIDS walk. Remember the dollars you raise through this event go to help the more than 10,000 Hoosiers infected with HIV/AIDS. For more information, please go to the event website: Currently, gay males or men who have sex with other men are the most severely impacted and comprise the largest group of newly diagnosed individuals at about 53%. Centres for Disease Control guidelines encourage testing to be done on all individuals 13-64 years of age at least once every year and after every diagnosed STD or Tuberculosis infection. It is estimated that 1 in 5 — 21% — of people are infected and do not even realise it. This makes it necessary to discover your status and reinforce any teachings and understandings regarding HIV/AIDS you might have. Testing is quick and confidential. The test lasts no longer than 20 minutes and offers accurate results. Get to the bottom of the article to see where we are testing. If you show your support and get tested or make the suggestion to a friend to also go with you, there are several things you can expect from Step-Up testers. We will always show respect and be non-judgmental. This is a safe place where we want nothing more than to help the community and care for you. The test draws only one small drop of blood from a fingertip and checks for HIV antibodies. Also, if you are accessing one of our testing sites which also offers Syphilis testing in collaboration with Bell Flower Clinic, you don’t even need do to a second fingertip stick — We will get it all done in one.

The window period is a time that HIV can be spread to others. This means it is still advised to use barrier methods such as condoms. Currently, there are no tests that detect the virus itself and eliminate the window period available for public testing. Such tests do exist and there is hope to one day eliminate the window period. For now, just be aware this does exist, so always play safe. So what happens when you test? Should the test come back negative, it should be interpreted that there are no HIV-antibodies in your system. Get tested again if you start a new sexual relationship or feel you have had an increased risk of contracting the virus. Sometimes there are signs and symptoms associated directly after becoming infected. These are typically flu-like symptoms such as fever, headaches, fatigue, night sweats and enlarged lymph glands. Sometimes these symptoms become so severe medical attention is required, but the underlying cause is never truly revealed due to misdiagnosis of a cold or flu. Other times there are no symptoms and a person will look and feel healthy. Should the test come back positive a confirmatory test will be performed and sent to a lab for more in-depth screening. An appointment to receive official results will be made and proper care will be provided through a care coordinator. Don’t worry, we offer care coordination at Step-Up and will help you every step of the way. Feel free to talk with the tester and use him/her as a source of reference and knowledge. Being tested and knowing your results has shown to not only increase awareness, but has proven to be effective in decreasing things that may be referred to as risky behaviours. Step-Up offers many convenient testing locations and if you have not been tested this year we encouraged you do so. You can find us: Sundays: 1 to 4 p.m. @ Club Indianapolis Wednesdays: 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. @ Greg’s; Noon @ The Works Thursdays : 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. @ The 501 Fridays: 11.30 p.m. to 2.30 a.m. @ Club Indianapolis; 8.30 to 10.30 p.m. @ The Works

Antibodies are produced and tailored to specific infections such as HIV. Normally, they help the body recognise and fend off infections. The manufacturing of antibod-

For more answers as to what Step-Up can do for you go to or call

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Whipping Post By Ms. K / Word Columnist

The letters have poured in about prejudices in the workplace these past few months. I have received numerous pieces of mail in regard to our Leather brothers and sisters being fired and / or asked to resign from companies they have worked at for many years. The first letter I want to share with you comes from a woman in Fort Wayne who says, “I just lost a job I had worked at for 21 years. I had been at a landscaping company since 1990. I enjoyed my work; I loved being outside and loved the people I worked with. “One day at work about two months ago, a man I had worked next to for the last nine years came up to me and asked me if that was me he saw coming out of a leather event in Indiana. I said yes. He happened to be driving by and saw me by accident. He laughed and said he did not know I was into ‘that kind of stuff’. I said that being a leather woman had nothing to do with work and I would prefer not to discuss it at work but that I would be glad to discuss it with him after work sometime if he wanted. “He said he would love to know more about my life outside of work and what it was that ‘made me tick’. Not long after this after work discussion, I was called into the office and told that I was discussing inappropriate things with other employees and I was to keep my personal life personal. “I said fine but I also realised that the only person who knew about me was this one man I had discussed my life with after hours. I went to him and ask if he had gone to management about me, but he denied it. I felt like he was not being honest with me. I said nothing to anyone else at work and did not talk to that man I worked with except about work from that point on. “Later, I was called into the boss’s office and told they were going to have to let me go because they felt like I gave the company a bad image. A bad image, I thought to myself, are you kidding? I have worked here for 21 years and I am the same person today that I was when you hired me. I found out from a friend in the office that the owner thought that leather people were like people who belonged to gangs and was afraid that I was dangerous. How can this be?” Dear lost job in Fort Wayne, I would like to tell you that you are the only one this has ever happened to, but sadly it is not the case. I ask myself as well: How can people think that leather people are like someone in a dangerous gang? Have we not educated people to know the difference? Have we not shown that we are upstanding citizens who work hard and do good deeds and make good employeres? I think we have come a long way but we still have a long way to go before people in the wider world view us with integrity. We have to continue to give twice the effort of others to show the equal amount of success. We also have to stand by each other and help each other as much as possible. I hope that one day all people will know that we are good fellow employees and neighbours and we deserve to be treated just like everyone else. My mother said to me this past weekend that she felt over 95% of people were hiding some sort of prejudice. She further stated that when people realised someone they knew about was different from them, it scared them and, she added, “If they do not allow themselves to be open-minded and educate themselves they will continue to feel that you should not be there with them.” I find this very upsetting as I like to think of myself as open-minded and willing to listen to people and their different ideas. I hope that you all — as employers and employees — will consider educating yourselves on this topic. If you do not understand something, instead of judging it right away, which is a human trait we all possess, ask and learn. If we are able to think outside our own personal boxes of thoughts, we might find that there is another great world out there filled with people we have yet to know and experience. If you have stood up for the right thing with a fellow employee, I commend you. Please remember to ask yourself: The next time someone is falsely accused, what can I do to make a difference? The next person on the chopping block could be you. Please send me your comments and questions to I really do want to hear from you.

Around Town CLOTHES YOU WILL BE PROUD TO HAVE COME OUT OF THE CLOSET WASHINGTON – The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organisation is unveiling its newest collaboration with innovative Los Angeles-based designers Alex & Chloe. Following the success of last year’s collaboration, Alex & Chloe are creating a new bold limited-edition “Proud” collection exclusively for Human Rights Campaign to encourage all forward thinking fashionistas to come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or straight supporters and raise awareness for equality. Alex & Chloe are the ultimate authority when it comes to style and originality securing them a dedicated global fashion following among trendsetters and celebrities worldwide. Launching the collection in time for National Coming Out Day is only fitting since Alex & Chloe have been out as supporters of HRC and gay equality for years. National Coming Out Day was founded by activists who believed gay and lesbian people needed to be visible and equality could not be achieved from the closet. The 100% combed cotton, custom dyed t-shirt features eight screen printed activist buttons (Notable mentions include: “Closets are for clothes”, “I (heart) HRC” and the Alex & Chloe logo.) on the front left chest and a big safety pin on the bottom right. It is available in unisex sizes XS-XXL in vintage black and is enzyme washed for softness. The necklace features a laser cut black acrylic “equal sign” pendant with Human Rights Campaign debossed along the bottom edge along with an Alex & Chloe logo charm on an antique brass extender chain that can be worn from 22” to 26” inches in length. It comes packaged in a gift box. Previous designs have been released by Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Kenneth Cole, Christian Siriano, Heatherette, Nike and American Apparel. HARASSED IN SCHOOL? YOU WERE NOT ALONE! GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, marks the culmination of 10 years of pioneering research documenting the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students with the release of The 2009 National School Climate Survey. The survey of 7,261 middle and high school students found that at school nearly 9 out of 10 gay, lesbian, bi & trans students experienced harassment in the past year and nearly two-thirds felt unsafe because of their sexual orientation. Nearly a third of students skipped at least one day of school in the past month because of safety concerns. An analysis of National School Climate Survey data over 10 years showed that since 1999 there has been a decreasing trend in the frequency of hearing homophobic remarks; however, gay students’ experiences with more severe forms of bullying and harassment have remained relatively constant. “In 1999, GLSEN began data collection on the school experiences of lesbian, gay, bi & trans students in order to fill a critical void in our knowledge and understanding of the ways these issues play out in schools. It could not be clearer that there is an urgent need for action to create safe and affirming schools for all students,” GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard said Having a Gay-Straight Alliance in school was related to more positive experiences for students, including: hearing fewer homophobic remarks, less victimisation because of sexual orientation and gender expression, less absenteeism because of safety concerns and a greater sense of belonging to the school community. The presence of supportive staff contributed to a range of positive indicators, too, including fewer reports of missing school, fewer reports of feeling unsafe, greater academic achievement, higher educational aspirations and a greater sense of school belonging. Despite the positive benefits of these interventions, less than a half of students (44.6%) reported having a Gay-Straight Alliance at school, slightly more than half (53.4%) could identify six or more supportive educators and less than a fifth (18.2%) attended a school that had a comprehensive anti-bullying policy. “A look at 10 years of National School Climate Survey data reveals some gains in the availability of resources and supportive educators, thanks in part to GLSEN’s work and that of educators and advocates across the country committed to safe and affirming environments for all students,” Dr. Joseph Kosciw, GLSEN Senior Director of Research and Strategic Initiatives said.For information on GLSEN’s research, educational resources, public policy advocacy, student organising programmes and educator training initiatives, visit online.

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High Flyin’ @ King’s Island!

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It was a record crowd and a great success as the annual Pride Night at King’s Island took place recently. Visitors from thruout the Midwest came out to have fun and support the Cincinnati Community Centre. Word Photos: Jess Yoder.

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Ask The Pharmacist Bobbie Hull-Stontisch / Walgreen's, 16th & Meridian Indianapolis As Summer is comes to an end and Fall begins it’s time to start thinking about flu (influenza) shots. The CDC recommends a yearly vaccination as the most important step in protecting you against flu. This years’ shot will protect against an H3N2 virus, an influenza B virus, and the 2009 H1N1 virus that emerged last year causing substantial illness and even more fear. This year the CDC is recommending that everyone get the shot, too, and do so as soon as possible. It is especially important that people who are considered high risk and those who care for them get the shots now. High risk individuals include children younger than five, adults 65 and older, pregnant women and people who are immuno-compromised due to an existing health condition, such as HIV/AIDS. A pneumonia shot is also recommended in certain immuno-compromised individuals depending on their disease state, so ask your pharmacist or physician to see if that’s you or one you love or care for. There are many simple ways to help stay healthy this year, too. Flu is spread by personto-person contact such as coughing or sneezing so basics like making sure to cover your nose and mouth with your sleeve or a tissue can decrease the chance of spreading the flu to others. It is now recommended that you do not use your hand, but another barrier, to cover your mouth because if you shake hands and touch things before you get a chance to wash you can be spreading the flu. Yes, the virus can be passed through a simple handshake. It is also important to wash your hands with soap and water after being around someone who is sick and when coming home from work, school or that night out dancing. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs can go from your hands to your face and into your body, making you sick, very easily and very fast.

Around Town ASST. KY. COMMONWEALTH ATTORNEY’S HOMOPHOBIA ‘IS OUTRAGEOUS’, FAIRNESS SAYS LOUISVILLE—In the court case currently pending against previously-convicted child molester Cecil New II, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jon Heck’s argument to include evidence of New’s sexual orientation as motive in the kidnapping and slaying of a 4-year-old boy is outrageous. “The thought that our commonwealth’s attorney’s office would allow this argument to proceed is unconscionable,” Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman shared in a statement. “We know, empirically, that a given sexual orientation does not correlate to a pedophilic attraction, and that New has been convicted of molesting both male and female children in the past. The commonwealth’s attorney’s office is acting in a dangerous and irresponsible way.” PLAY BALL! VOLLEYBALL THAT IS! INDIANAPOLIS— The North American Gay Volleyball Association’s Circle City Fest is back for the second year in a row 9th & 10th October when over 150 seasoned volleyball players in three separate divisions will descend on Indianapolis to vie for top honours. Opening festivities kick off the 8th at Greg’s for the registration party from 7 until 10 p.m. Hors d’ oeuvres will be provided and drinks will be had. Come out and support the community in the Midwest.

The boss might not like this, but the CDC recommends that you stay home from work if you are sick because you may pass on the flu to someone else before you even know you are sick. He wouldn’t want everyone ill, would he? Most adults are able to infect others beginning the day before symptoms develop and up to 5-7 days after becoming sick. Some people, especially those who are HIV+ might be able to infect others for an even longer duration. By limiting the contact that you have with others, you are decreasing the chance of spreading the flu.

Then, beginning bright and early at 8 the 9th at the Capitol Sports Centre in Plainfield, teams will begin competing for their chance at winning the Circle City Fest for their hometown and their division. Pool play ends at 5 p.m. when the teams are seeded for the do-or-die, double elimination tournament on Sunday, the 10th also at Capitol Sports Centre. The Registration Party starts at 7 p.m. at Metro with the unveiling of the next day’s seeds. Play begins at 8 in the morning on Sunday with awards ceremonies after the divisions complete their games.

Finally, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a cold or the flu. Both are respiratory viruses with similar symptoms. In general, colds are more mild than the flu and people with colds tend to have runny or stuffy noses but no serious health problems. The flu causes more severe symptoms such as a dry cough, fever, extreme tiredness and body aches. It can also lead to more serious problems such as pneumonia and bacterial infections.

For more information about Circle City Fest visit www.circlecityfest.coum online or just drop by and see some hot guys playing some fast and furious volleyball.

Damien Doins' By Elisa Rogowski / The Damien Centre Though Grande Masquerade takes up much of our focus during the month of October we are still out in the community constantly working to inform the public about HIV, the importance of testing, and how they can get involved. Here are some events on our calendars: 5th October we will welcome a class from the Christian Theological Seminary to The Damien Centre to learn more about HIV. 9th October Team Damien will be participating in the Indiana AIDS Walk & Ride. If you’d like to walk with Team Damien you can register at

NEW EXHIBIT OPENS AT KINSEY BLOOMINGTON, Ind.—Nature & Nurture is the first exhibition from The Kinsey Institute to highlight its collection of art, books, and other materials on the subject of human reproduction and it is now on display at IU’s Kinsey gallery. The exhibition uses fine art photographs, paintings, prints, sculptures and books to illustrate pregnancy, birth, child rearing, development of gender identity and parent/ child relationships. Featured artists include Deena des Rioux, David Teplica, Yara Ferreira Clüver, Matthew Weir, Osamu James Nakagawa, Tom Stio, Michael Wenzler, Les Sattinger, John Lucas, George Platt Lynes, Brad Miller, Kim Murak, Herbert Ascherman, Cara Judea Alhadeff, Niki Grangruth, Michael Rosen, Ani Garrick, Angela Hunt, Arkady Tzykun, Dovrat Amsily-Barak, Mariette Pathy Allen, Judy Dater, Mia Beach, JeongMee Yoon, Shen Wei, and video artists Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook. The Kinsey Institute Gallery is open from 2 to 4 weekday afternoons or by appointment and is located in Morrison Hall on the Indiana University campus. Admission is free. Visitors should be 18 years of age or older, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Guided tours may be scheduled by calling 812/855.7686. The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction is also online at and

22nd October we will join students at Marian University to talk about internship and career opportunities at The Damien Centre. And that same date, Kids Club will have a Haunted Halloween Party. For more information on this event contact Maya Carraway at 317/632.0123. 22nd thru 24th October volunteers will be needed to help set up and tear down for / from Grande Masquerade. You can check our website or contact me for more information on volunteering for the event. And 5th November a speaker from The Damien Centre will take part in a course on HIV at DePauw University in Greencastle. We hope to see you at one of these events or out in the community. As always, you can learn more about the Damien Centre at or call us on 317/632.0123.

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HUMANE SOCIETY of Indianapolis

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You Auto Try This... By Casey Williams/ Automotive Reporter Since my grandmother bought her first one after my grandfather died 35 years ago, I have been a fan of Mercedes. Through generation after generation, the cars seem solidlybuilt, timelessly-styled and always at the top of their class. My grandmother always purchased entry-level sedans: Two 280Es, a 190E and C220. She would drive them 170,000 miles and trade them off for the next generation – often without ever driving it. She just knew she would be pleased and was never disappointed. Mercedes coupes have always been more special than their sedans. I love the E Sedan as much as uninspiring professors probably liked the Ponton sedans in the ‘50s, but the more fabulous among us go for coupes. They’re sexy, but no less reliable, and will be the ones to covet decades from now. I still remember the new E-Coupe my doctor purchased in the late-80s. It looked great next to his red Mercedes 560SL! Still sharing a basic vehicle architecture with the C-Class, the latest E-Class Coupe takes a giant step up-market in terms of styling and refinement. A more traditional Mercedes, the car feels as if a defiant Kim Jong Il couldn’t disturb it even if he went completely off the crazy train. There are more traditional styling cues outside, but the design is wholly anchored in the next decade. A broad star-strewn grille shifts wind with twin lamellas running across, reaching to large headlamps with separate driving lamps between – a take from earlier Mercedes coupes with their large round headlamps and inset foglamps. LED lamps in the lower facia step up to Audi’s challenge while AMG 18” alloy wheels could be on nothing other than a Mercedes. A tight arching roofline is ultra-sleek with the look of Mercedes’ CLS, but the accentuated rear fenders harken back to the ‘50s “Ponton” models. The E550 Coupe is a blend of Mercedes’ historic design cues, rendered in a new and fresh way. If my doctor had to make a fast trip to the hospital – a continent away – the E550 would have been ready for the run. The car’s chiseled sloping hood shields a 5.5-litre 32-valve V8 engine that produces 382 horsepower and 391 lb.-ft. of torque. A standard 7-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel paddle shifters moves power to the rear wheels as smoothly as a tank trashing an ant. Step the go pedal and the stout coupe scamps from 0-60 mph in about 5.0 seconds. Fuel economy is rated 15/23-MPG city/hwy. Like the exterior, passenger space is a blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. You could step out of a 1975 Mercedes Coupe and be instantly familiar with the dash-mounted ignition switch, gated gear selector, left-dash light switch, and large centre speedometer flanked by auxiliary gauges. Even the low turn stalk and upper left placement of the cruise control stick are exactly where your grandmother remembers them. Some may think these features are quaint and should be changed, but I have a healthy respect for tradition. So do Mercedes owners who really don’t care to have these things altered. However, they are just fine with the onslaught of technology that invaded Mercedes cabins in recent years. Navigation, Bluetooth for phone connectivity, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio and heated/cooled leather seats keep owners up to date. Radar cruise control maintains a set distance from vehicles in front on the highway. Technology or not, the brown dashtop is the perfect accent for hand-polished burl walnut on the dash, doors, and front and rear centre consoles. What looks chrome, is. And, if it looks like timber, it could be ground to sawdust. Mercedes’ renowned safety is accounted for in heaps. Of course, it has four-wheel antilock disc brakes, traction control, electronic stability control, brake force distribution and cornering control. Dual front, side and side curtain airbags are standard. Our test car came with Pre-Safe, a system which uses a radar unit behind the grille emblem to detect an impending accident, alert the driver, and even apply brakes automatically if he does not react quickly enough. Attention assist detects drowsiness in the driver’s behaviour from sensors in the steering and brake systems, and then illuminates a little coffee cup in the instrument cluster to wake him up. Driving the E550 Coupe is a delight. Nothing upsets the car’s continuously variable damping system suspension. A car that feels incredibly heavy and stable at high speed turns into a lithe sport coupe when tossed about. It can drive 1,000-mile days as happily as attacking two-lane mountain passes. The E550 Coupe is a stunning automobile, sure to make a scene wherever it rolls. Stunningly modern, it would still be recognised as a Mercedes on any planet. My grandmother would like it, but my doctor would love it. Go for the equally-impressive cabriolet and he could kick both the E320 and SL560 to the Classic Centre and not miss either one. Base prices start at $54,650, but our test car came to $61,475.

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“4th gayest city in America� The Advocate, Feb. 2010

going David Sedaris October 6 IU Auditorium

Legally Blonde October 19-20 IU Auditorium

Aids Memorial Quilt Display November 11-15 Indiana Memorial Union

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Saturday, October 9th 12pm - 4pm Walk Step-off 2pm University Park Vermont & Meridian Streets Downtown Indianapolis

5K Walk/10K Ride Live Entertainment Expanded Kids Activities Health Fair Food and Fun

Register Today at: (317) 630-1805

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To us this is all a fun, somewhat silly way to tell family and friends what we have been up to, and it can also get really competitive. Our banker plays and Mollie is none too pleased that we sometimes take her mayorship at the bank branch away. Afterall, we go by the bank on our travels a lot, and she just works there five days a week. If we check in just to tease her seven times in a week and she’s just there five we briefly become the mayor of “her” bank! Though we always give the title back it makes for a lot of fun and joking when we pop in.

Hackin The Net By Ted Fleischaker / Word Publisher First this month a bit of a follow-up to last month’s column and no sooner than our words of wisdom hit the street, but the phone and e-mails started humming. One call was a very good friend who said I left her unsure what to do about TV and radio in her new house which is currently under construction. “I fear I am wasting my money!” she said commenting on the fact that I said the lines were fast blurring between traditional TV/satellite/cable and the internet and she’d planned for each and every one of them in her new abode. “Maybe,” she askled, “I don’t need them all since it will be the same thing!”

But to some the fun of checking in is lost. Several friends have dropped their Foursquare accounts because they feel it’s a security breach. One told us, “Somebody who knows I’m at English Ivy’s will also know I am NOT at home and might break in!” Is it paranoia? We think so, but many of our mutual friends agree with Joe and a few have stopped checking in very often and a couple have pulled their accounts, which begs a question:

No sooner than she made the above comments than Apple announced the 2010 edition of their Apple TV. I had a look at that and love the tiny size and the even tinier ($100) pricetag, but there’s that issue I seem hung up on — rights. Apple is smart, innovative and a great company which in the interest of full disclosure I’ll say I have had stock in for ages, but they are fanatical about things being proprietary which is annoying. You can hardly change any settings on their gear, much less download, play, stream or do anything that Steve & Co. don’t want you to do (and often that they get paid for first). It’s great business and pays off handsomely for the company and stockholders, but if what you wanna watch is not signed on and blessed by their system, you will be left without the ability to watch your shows. So what is my conclusion now? Same as last month, which is you can do a lot without a TV set or cable and eventually watching TV all on demand will be there, but it’s not quite yet. I’m not going to buy one of the new Apple TVs because the whole idea of watching what I want and not only what they have contracts for is not my thing, but it looks like a quality device and cheap enough — just remember you have to buy almost all of what you will see. OK, so on to a different topic, and this one involves the argument which seems to be rattling my friends even more than TV versus computers: the checking in and locating programmes which have been appearing — first for iPhone and now for Blackberry and Droids, too. Foursquare was the first of them, but these days I’ve seen posts from at least two others and I’m certain there are more. For those not afflicted yet, a user with a smart phone opens the app, which uses the phone’s built-in GPS and locates the owner, providing a list of nearby places it knows.

Is it really a danger? We don’t think so and regard it as fun, but this latest “real life” game can, we guess, unsettle some, though we’d suggest these folks are the same ones who write “Must See ID!” on their credit card signature lines and who support the law in Indiana forcing me, at age 60, to show my ID to buy a bottle of wine every time. Can we say overkill? Folks, if you are that scared, better stay off the net and not buy a smart phone because, believe it or not, someone out there somewhere will always know where you have been, what you’ve been doing and which websites you have visited. Not going anywhere you are ashamed of, are you? Finally, I need to offer the caveat I always do here (and which most readers conveniently seem to ignore): Foresquare et al are not foolproof and things do go wrong. A recent try at checking in from John E’s Restauerant in Louisville resulted in a message saying that I could still check in there, but based on what the system was seeing, I was not really, truly there and thus would receive no points for visiting or travelling there! Nothing against the phone or GPS or the system, but I know exactly where I was sitting and whose food I was enjoying. I didn’t toss the errant iPhone in the gravy, but I will admit I was tempted. Anyway, it’s good to get a few invites a week from friends to play Foursquare and if you want something fun (or silly) to do, we’d recommend it highly. Of course, as our former assistant Chris always said when we were playing Farmville on line, “Did you ever stop to think you might have too much time on your hands?” I won’t ever admit I do and I’d love to discuss it with you, but that will have to be later. Right now I’ve got to check in and keep my mayorship here at the office!

If you are at one of them, you pick it from the list and “check in”. Your Facebook friends that you have checked and where. The see Glasgow Scotland Eveningin Times is just There’s also a bit of space for a few words so you say “great place for sushi” if you are at a Japanese oneof ofcomment the hundreds of can newspapers available restaurant “just seeing if you are at a hospital. I scared the hell out of and youor can read it themy daydoctor” it’s printed. my sister once checking in at Methodist which is where his office is and not adding the latter line. The phone immediately rang and she said “It says you just checked in at Methodist Hospital! Are you OK!?” If your place is a special or one-time event (like the Labour Day parade last month or Indy Pride Parade in June) or new, you can enter it, which gives extra points. Oh, we didn’t mention that you get points for checking in, giving a new location for them to add, checking in multiple spots the same day and more. There are also badges which have often hilarious names, including one for checking in after 2 a.m. on a school night or being on a boat or a gym rat. If you check in the most from a location you become the unofficial “Mayor.” Get multiple mayorships and you get awards, and on and on. Visit a place more than a friend or even a stranger who is the mayor and you can take the title. They even send you an e-mail to say you’ve lost it and to whom, but be warned — revenge is sweet and they usually will try and get it back.

Above is Facebook’s version of the “check-in” system. The Word

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It won’t cost you a dollar to get this sense.

You can’t put a price on belonging. That’s why, as a Farmers agent, there’s no set limit to your earning potential, no up-front commitment to lock you in and no initial financial requirement to belong. But belonging gives you the freedom to run your own business, along with an incredible support network that provides you with the training, knowledge and resources of one of the largest group of insurance companies in the U.S. And you get our continual investment in one of the best-known brands in the country. To find out more about what it means to belong to the Farmers family of agents – or to apply – call me. ®

Cincinnati Area District Office 513-275-1968 http://www.farmersagent.

9050 Centre Pointe Dr, Ste. 110

West Chester, OH 45069

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Gossip Cats Now Find us on Facebook: Madison Gosspicat

Happy October human friends, and let’s hope we have finally seen the last of the hot weather. It’s been a long, hot Summer for those of us stuck in fur coats. Also, a special greeting to our black cat brothers and sisters who have a tough time with a bad rap this Halloween time of year. Stay calm and the black cat hate season will soon be over. Did you know some animal shelters won’t even allow adoptions of black cats in October as so many have been mistreated? So sad…. On to happier tricks and treats, and to start, it appears they have done some mighty good remodelling work over at The Club in Indy. We hear Aaron and boss Shawn (He’s hot, but taken by a cute 21-year old we heard, so don’t hit on the poor boi.) have really cracked the whip and replaced staff and equipment which didn’t work up to scratch. Go by and see all the new boys and gear and try out both — or at least whichever will let you try them out… Speaking of new bois, we hear tell a Dayton friend got shown the door by his new (now ex) boy. We finally got it 100% verified because if you go by what they put on Facebook, they both say it’s done, finished, kaput, concluded, and it’s over, too! We pussies hear a lot more, too, so go figure, but meantime there’s two available in Dayton!... Go figure, too, about a South Bend dude named Lance who started a fight on chat with our owners and finally told Ted “You’re fat! Go away!” That was after saying we were unprofessional (Can ya imagine that? We cats unprofessional with all the hours we put in!???) and worse, but what can we say to this “expert” who is a barista in a coffee shop and manages a clothing store? He doesn’t sound like Rhodes Scholarship material to we pussies and after that we will take a paws…. Speaking of smart, we hear friend Todd was smart to seek immediate help after he couldn’t breathe recently. Ends up he had a fairly rare illness called Epiglottitis which is literally an inflammation of the cartilage that covers the windpipe. A few scary hours in the ER and then days in hospital and Todd’s as good as new. We won’t ask what he was doing to get such a nasty illness, only will say glad you are better, back to work and the clubs!... Speaking of back, we hear Cincy’s Michael has been busy as usual after his Pride collapse a few weeks back. He reports King’s Island was fun and the entertainers good and he says the Community Centre has a lot of good volunteers though more are always needed, guys. We asked if he did the rides on Pride Night and were told he was “past that,” but he did enjoy the event… Speaking of enjoying, we hear Indy’s Eddie did not enjoy crossing over at Downtown Olly’s. We hear tell the boi came in at 7.30 a.m. (Do folks reallty drink at that hour?) ordered a drink and two swallows later it apparently reacted with whatever else he’d had. Our source reports he dropped the glass on the bar then collapsed into the broken bits before falling to the floor unconscious. We hear tell Dean was scared er, ah, shitless and called EMS, but the boi refused to go to hospital and a few hours later was on his Facebook making fun of the whole affair. What will it take, we cats wanna know, for you young ‘uns to learn that some things do not mix and they can kill you? We are glad Eddie is still out there walking around but we hope a lesson was learned here… Speaking of around, around about now you will actually be able to get to Metro once again. Jim, Douglas and Duff, along with all the customers have been unable to get to the door, much less in it, due to construction on the new Cultural Trail, but the sidewalk’s back and you can even get in the front door, so pop by Metro for a meal, drink or some karaoke… Speaking of popping, we still need to pop by the Unicorn and see what friend Apollo is up to on the poles. We hear tell he’s doing well, so we need to see for our very own pussy eyes… Speaking of seeing, we see that Michael’s partner Kris is in the midst of a bout of jealousy and has accused our owners of trying to steal Michael. We still don’t think he’s got the message so we will say it for Ted and Ivan: friends is great but, anything beyond that is not on their list. Got that Kris?... Happy Halloween all.

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Food For Thought By Ted Fleischaker / Word Publisher

INDIANAPOLIS — When the name Downtown Olly’s comes up, do you think sports bar and not too much to eat really, save for a few “bar snacks” to go with the darts and drinks? If so, you’d have been right a year or even three months ago, but these days the place is making a name for itself and it’s for what comes out of the kitchen as a revamped menu, a new direction and an emphasis on food have replaced just the sports bar. There’s also been a change in the dining room as seating has been changed and redesigned, a small stage for karaoke and pianist Sean Baker has gone up (complete with lights and a grand piano) and what was pretty much an empty after dinner schedule is now chock-a-block full of euchre tournaments, piano sing-a-longs, drag shows and karaoke. Oh, and we didn’t even mention that the few closed hours have vanished and Downtown Olly’s is now 24/7 with a $1.99 breakfast special (2 eggs, sausage or bacon and toast) from six to ten each morning. Far as we know (stretching waaaay back here) nobody’s done breakfast for that price since Eisenhower was in the White House, and it’s good, too! But this is a restaurant column, so what about the rest of the eats? It’s vastly improved with the menu changes bringing more selections and types of food. Before you hit the panic button, the burgers and the baskets with everything from onion rings to fried pickles to go with drinks or darts are still there and management assures that they ain’t going anywhere, but now sharing menu space with them are stir frys, a pizza menu and more up-tempo specials including a chili nacho which one of the folks at our recent lunch table enjoyed. The recent lunch also featured a delicious prime rib sandwich (yes, served rare as ordered with some wonderful horseradish on the side) and a cordon bleu special, too — not the fare one would expect of a typical sports bar, which is why Olly’s isn’t billing themselves as one anymore. What makes the place so attractive, too, is that the crowd in the dining room is almost as diverse as the new menu owner Tim put together with help from co-owner Dean and the regular diners. Blue-gowned surgical assistants and doctors from nearby Methodist and IU hospitals mix seamlessly with secretaries from downtown law offices, the lunching gay community, neighbourhood regulars and folks who just happen to stumble in for a first time (and who always, we’re told, return.) Show up at a bit before 7 a.m. for breakfast and Pat appears. Spend Sunday mid-day and everyone from the recovering crowd still reeling after the night before on the dance floor till 3 to the church-goers appear in and on everything from Mercedes to motorcycles. It really is becoming a cross-section of downtown and the gay community all at the very same time. Add the quality of the food plus very fair pricing and you can see why this mob makes weekly or even daily pilgrimages: it’s good eats, priced fairly and Tim and Dean go out of their way to make sure everyone leaves smiling. With all the changes, Dean’s mom has continued what’s been a long-time Olly’s tradition: all diners get a free dessert. The day we were in it was a banana pudding cake which was delish. It’s not a huge piece, but it’s a really sweet end to what’s become some of the better food downtown. Other times it’s been cookies, different cakes and more — it just depends what she wants to make and hey, for free and to uphold tradition, even I happily ate my banana dessert. And I’m a banana hater! Along with the vastly expanded menus, the 24-hour schedule and $1.99 breakfasts every morning, a lot of specials have arrived at Downtown Olly’s. There are drag shows Saturday nights, special benefits (there’s one for Olly’s AIDS Walk team in early October) and with the holidays just around the corner we can bet the Olly’s Holiday Trolley will be gearing up once again. The watchwords here now are food and fun, and we’d highly recommend it. Three lunches, by the way, complete with an extra side salad and two iced teas, plus a well-earned tip for the excellent service came in at $39. And we left full and smiling. Not too bad for a place where a few months ago life was all burgers, fries and darts! One more bit of restaurant news… The Bar has arrived on the first floor of The Ambassador Apartments on North Pennsylvania Street at West 9th. The Bar was originally going to be a Yat’s branch, specialising more in drinks than their usual food, but that deal changed as Yat’s ownership and crew was pretty stretched so Tom Megenhardt and his Marblehead Management firm, and manager John Maxwell from New Orleans have instead picked up the space and opened a more upscale combo bar and restaurant. More details soon, but it looks like a grand start with a lovely decor and menu to match.

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