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February 2009

Vincennes Walks To Fight AIDS VINCENNES, Ind.— Over $2,400 was raised by the120 walkers taking part in the AIDS walk here. In addition, 55 people accessed HIV testing services during the day. The most money was raised by the VU Student Centre Team with the True Believers in Christ (TBIC) Youth Group from Petersburgh, Ind. in 2nd place. Emily Mullens was the top fundraiser and Melanie Beard came in 2nd. The VU Student Government Association had the largest team, and VU Women of Essence had the 2nd largest team. Dinations re still being accepted at See Page 47 for more photos.

Longtime Promoter Ronnie Russell Is Dead At 67 INDIANAPOLIS—One of Indiana’s and the Midwest’s best known promoters, Ronnie Russell, born Ronald Gene Yancey, though very few knew him this way, died 7th April of apparent heart failure. Born 15th December 1942 Ronnie performed at many establishments throughout the Midwest but was best known as the show director at The Famous Door. Later, in the 80’s he was instrumental in raising money for the Damien Centre and other AIDS related organisations after having lost his lover to AIDS. His friends and the community held a memorial benefit at The Ten Sunday, 18th April, hosted by two of Ronnie’s closest friends — Rikki Summers and Gloria P. Hole which raised in excess of $200 to help offset burial expenses. —Joe Kaiser

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February 2009

Vincennes Walks To Fight AIDS VINCENNES, Ind.— Over $2,400 was raised by the120 walkers taking part in the AIDS walk here. In addition, 55 people accessed HIV testing services during the day. The most money was raised by the VU Student Centre Team with the True Believers in Christ (TBIC) Youth Group from Petersburgh, Ind. in 2nd place. Emily Mullens was the top fundraiser and Melanie Beard came in 2nd. The VU Student Government Association had the largest team, and VU Women of Essence had the 2nd largest team. Dinations re still being accepted at See Page 47 for more photos.

Inside Today * Fairness Campaign Says Kentucky Legislature Brought Mixed Results (Page 67) * Garage Sale Set to Support Cincinnati Pride (Page 44) * Dayton Sets 1 May Pride Night on the Quad and More (Page 38) * iPad Mania Sweeps the World, But is It Worth Buying? (Page 45) * And Pecs Boy Matt Reports From Vegas On What Stays There And What Doesn’t (Page 28)

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None would talk on the record, but from personal experience, I can relate the following: —Methodist: complete cooperation with same-sex couples, but they prefer written instructions.

Your Vote Counts

—St. Vincent: Ditto. —St. Francis: Unclear.

By Rick Sutton / Political Columnist

—Community: Similar to Methodist.


What’s less clear is the bizarre network of extended-care facilities. If we are to believe recent reports in the state’s largest newspaper, the nursing homes and related facilities have a large share of poor patient care regardless of sexual orientation. And they operate in a network that is far-less-regulated than hospitals, or so it would seem. The key: know your rights. Investigate thoroughly. Get your paperwork in order. You never know when you might need it.

Tucked into the Health Care bill and almost-buried in a “Friday release” was an Executive Order (EO) 9th April which is a tremendous assist to all gay, lesbian, bi and trans Americans. President Obama signed the EO which will direct hospitals and health care facilities which receive federal aid to immediately recognise same-sex visiting and health care arrangements. Before you cast it off as “nothing new,” we only need look as far as suburban Indianapolis to see evidence of the ugly side of this tangled web.

TAX TIME (Grrrrrr) Gay couples nationwide faced that same tired decision we all face15 April: who gets the mortgage interest deduction? Forever, same-sex couples must file single tax returns as part of our citizenship. Taxes are required, of course, but the tax tables and laws do not favour same-sex couples as they do other married folks. Why?

Several years ago, one-half of a gale male couple had a stroke while travelling. The ill gentlemen was hospitalized, then the prognosis turned to long-term care in a convalescent facility. The couple had purchased a home together, mingled their finances for over a decade and had made their health care wishes known to one another. It’s unclear whether they’d committed those wishes to a legal document, but what happened next might not have withstood the legal documentation, anyway.

A study completed in 2003 on this issue, concluded gay couples typically earn substantial money over their income-producing years. A disproportionate number have no children (exemptions) and are therefore more likely to contribute for a long period of time, more dollars to the federal treasury. Most states’ tax laws follow the lead of the IRS, so there you have it — we’re floating more of the federal debt than our straight counterparts. Or so it would seem. I wonder if Orrin Hatch knows that. Or, for that matter, ex-Governor Palin.

The parents of the ill gentlemen, who never approved of his lifestyle, swooped in, took over long-term care and ejected the man’s life partner. The healthy partner was denied visitation or decision-making in the life of the ill partner. Finances were seized, ugly court proceedings followed, and this story does not end well for gay and lesbian Hoosiers.

As an aside, the above-noted case, known to many readers, involved the conservative evangelical parents of a local man. Their name is well-known to cheesecake lovers worldwide. Th moral: Be prepared. Get those documents written and signed and posted with your medical providers, with copies to others as you deem appropriate. LOCAL HEALTH CARE FACILITIES The above item prompted a call to local hospitals to survey their policies. After all, three are founded by religious institutions (Methodist and the two Saints — Francis and Vincent).

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Serving OUR Community With Legal Services For YOUR Unique Needs



Early June / Pride Deadline

Hand-in-hand with 15th April were the obligatory Tea Party rallies and the TV cameras to accompany them. Signs spotted at the Indianapolis version of this phenomenon: “Obama:


Obama’s Executive Order should take care of that situation in the future. We should all, of course, have solid legal documents in our lives which protect us and our partners from such nonsense. And folks wonder why we need to lobby, organise, cajole legislators and fight Constitutional Amendments. Right under our noses, common-sense solutions exist to these tough issues. But if a particular health care facility or a court were ignorant of those wishes, and you cannot speak for yourself, legal documents are a must. Even then they’re no guarantee. Especially if there are more-threatening amendments or laws.



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Our Opinions It’s May which is Primary Election time here in the Midwest and while we have few really strong feelings in many of the races, we do need to mention a few which bear our attention. Voters in Southern Indiana (roughly south and east of a Columbus/Bloomington line who reside in the 9th Congressional District) do, we feel for the first time, have a real choice in the Democratic primary which is why we at The Word strongly endorse John Bottorff over opponent Barron Hill. The reasons to us are simple, as Bottorff told The Word during an exclusive interview, “My biggest issue and the reason I have been involved is that one of my best friends is gay. I saw everyday and know what he went thru as a child. I have a family member who is gay as well and have lived with what the community puts up with all my life so its been near & dear to me. Anthony is my best friend. My wife and I had him in our wedding and we let walk by himself down the aisle because we didn’t know which side to put him on because he represents both of us as a friend. Seeing what he’s had to go thru has made it close to my heart. The biggest thing on the marriage issue is that the religious right has hijacked that term. If two people have undying love it shouldn’t be anybody’s business but their own and they should be able to share in the same rights as others…. “ Bottorff also told us that he strongly supports a public option for healthcare, something the bill congress passed recently does not offer. He said this would be an especially important thing for our community because many of us are out of work, in menial jobs without an insurance option or not covered by spousal benefits. The current bill, he noted, forces the community to buy insurance, but he posed the question: “How does the government plan for you to pay for it?” Bottorff, who referred to his opponent in the primary as a Blue Dog Democrat, meaning uber conservative, said he offers and option for the gay and lesbian and larger


community…one which includes bringing troops back home as he added, “The investments there are doing nothing for us…we need to invest in our home. Money we have spent overseas is unaccounted for by contractors and they are not held liable…” The candidate also wants to see a law or constitutional amendment passed to stop companies from being involved in elections. “Now we have citizens united which needs to be overturned with an amendment to the constitution if that’s what it takes. Why should we give them the freedom to decide who our elected officials will be?” We at The Word do have open minds and it is for that reason that we strongly endorse John Bottorff. We hope that Democrats in the 9th District reading these words will go to the poll and vote for him. It’s way past time for us to leave Barron Hill at the curb. And let’s not even mention the homophobic Mike Sodrell or anyone on the Republican side of the ballot, shall we… Meanwhile, in Kentucky, the ballot in Louisville is long this primary, but the outcomes are significant. Perhaps most important is the Senate seat being vacated at long last by the right wing’s flack Sen. Jim Bunning of northern Kentucky. One candidate, Attorney General Jack Conway, stands out as the front runner in this race. His opponent in the Democratic primary, Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo, supported the 2004 amendment banning gay marriage. Need we say more? On the Republican side, between Secretary of State Trey Grayson and Bowling Green eye doctor Rand Paul, it’s a tossup. Neither is worthy of support though we were impressed with Paul’s comments when we watched his interview with the Courier-Journal’s editorial board streamed online. Meanwhile, for Louisville mayor things are more complicated. Both leading Republicans, Hal Heiner and Chris Thienemann have campaigned against Fairness and have endless excuses for wanting to remove our rights and protections. In the Democratic race, two candidates are superior -- businessman Greg Fischer and councilman David Tandy. On issues of concern to our community we feel they are in lockstep. Either one will be a good mayor and we support them. Tyler Allen, a founder of the 8664 group, is hostile to the fortunes of Louisville and mired in pipe dreams. He deserves a complete drubbing. Meanwhile, the political action committee of the Fairness Campaign, CFAIR, has endorsed Tandy, calling him, “a long-time friend of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. This is his third endorsement by CFAIR. In his interview, Councilman Tandy set out a broad, vigorous, and enthusiastic vision for Louisville that included a strong focus on education and a balanced growth of local, independent small businesses alongside larger corporations. He spoke of the commonalities across neighbourhoods, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic classes in the Metropolitan area and the practical considerations for moving Louisville forward.” In the race for Congress The Word feels strongly that incumbent John Yarmuth deserves a landslide re-election. None of the Republicans running against him is fit to wipe his shoes.

Because You Never Know When The Need Might Arise! Proudly Keeping It In The Family With An Agent You Can Talk To!

And finally, these are other endorsements from CFAIR which we also support: Democratic Primary; William Cohen – Metro Council District 17, Democratic Primary; Mike Slaton – Kentucky House of Representatives District 41, Democratic Primary; Mike O’Connell – Jefferson County Attorney; Stephanie Pearce Burke – District Court Judge Division 14; Mark Abrams – County Judge Executive, Republican Primary and Curt Morrison – County Judge Executive, Democratic Primary. Whatever your party and your preferences, The Word urges voters in Indiana and Kentucky to go to the polls and vote. As a community we have a lot of weight and influence, especially this year with a small turn-out predicated for May’s primaries…that is we have a lot of influence if we use it by voting. Don’t miss your chance to play a role…vote!

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The Kinsey Institute’s






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Juried Art Show at the

Opening Reception at SoFA



Friday May 28 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Indiana University School of Fine Arts Gallery is located at 1201 E. 7th St. Bloomington, IN The Word

May 28 to July 30

Kinsey Institute Open House Saturday, May 29 More information at

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310 West Michigan Street Indianapolis, IN 46202 •

Guess Who’s Coming To Pride? We look for The Word Booth in Dayton, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Spencer, Fort Wayne & Lafayette

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Outside The Box By Dr. Fred Schloemer, LCSW / Louisville Question: I didn’t come out to my mother until the day before she died. She was heavily sedated at the time, when her doctor said, “If you have anything you need to say to your mom, you better say it now while she is still alive.” I’m glad that I came out to her at that moment, but how I regret not telling her long before she passed away. The truth about my sexual orientation was one of the hardest secrets I kept from my mom. What, if anything, can I do now to heal and move past my regret of not coming out to my mom much earlier than I did? Response: What a poignant, bittersweet story. Of all the coming out stories I’ve heard through the years, this is one of the most touching. To me, the whole process of coming out to our parents, or anyone else for that matter, is a highly personal decision that has myriad social, emotional and psychological dimensions. The older I get and the longer I serve as a psychotherapist in this community, the more strongly I feel that none of us “owes” anything to anybody regarding private information about our personal lives. If we do come out to our loved ones, I like to think of it as a gift we give both to them and ourselves – a gift of honesty and authenticity, as well as a gift of support for us, freeing ourselves from the soul-wrenching secrecy of hiding who we really are from the world. But it’s a gift not all of us can give. Some of us are situated in jobs or communities where being openly gay would be virtually suicidal. So each of us has the right to weigh this important decision against the circumstances we live in and make the decision based on what’s best for us, and others we care about. If you ask me, this crazy country of ours has become all too prone to “letting it all hang out,” including far too many highly personal things that really shouldn’t be “hanging out” at all. Think of the mystifying success of shows such as Jerry Springer or Maury Povitch. Consider, too, how our 24/7 media and pulp gossip rags feed us tawdry news stories about various celebrities’ or government figures’ affairs and other peccadilloes, so constantly that we become numb to it all. Definitely at times I think we suffer from TMI — too much information. In this sometimes bizarre social climate, coming out as a gay person pales in comparison to what it once did. Recently the BBC World News on NPR announced that Ricky Martin has finally acknowledged he’s gay, and the announcer questioned with a bored tone whether anyone really cares anymore if celebrities are gay or not. On the other hand, for the person doing it, coming out may still be a challenging and unsettling thing, especially if we’re coming out to someone whose love and loyalty we treasure and fear losing.


Given that, I sympathise totally with this reader’s hesitance to come out to his mother until she lay dying. In further communication with the reader, I learned that his relationship with his mother had been a loving but also dysfunctional one, due to her various medical and psychiatric problems. Under those circumstances, I believe he was justified in keeping his sexuality secret as he had good reason to believe she may not have handled the truth well. So how can he heal the grief and regret of not coming out to her sooner? I think the short answer lies in his focusing on the reasons he didn’t feel comfortable doing so. His mother was apparently a troubled woman with a volatile temper, frequent mood swings and history of broken relationships. Clearly, this was not a woman he could trust to be accepting and supportive of him coming out as a gay man. He can also find additional help in his healing process through talking with others about their experiences of coming out, both pro and con, thus realising it can be a mixed blessing. Over the years I’ve found that for every positive coming out story I hear, there is a matching horror story, too. In my own case, I was totally unprepared for the reaction of one of my best friends, who told me “homosexuality is a sin and you’re going to hell.” Hmm, maybe not such a “best friend” after all, huh? Finally, grief counselling and support groups are wonderful resources. While I’m not aware of any specifically for gay people, the nearest MCC church, your temple or gay hotline would be good places to start exploring options for these services. My hope for this reader is that by taking some of these steps, he’ll soon find peace and realise that he did the best that he could, both for himself and his mother.


A Luxury Spa Experience At A Price You Can Afford Located In Broad Ripple Inside the French Pharmacie 823 East Westfield Boulevard Indianapolis Special Rates Gift Certificates Free Parking Access


Fred Schloemer, Ed.D., LCSW is a Louisville psychotherapist who specialises in gay issues. Write him at or visit his website at, and order his short story collection From a Land in Between at

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Young Thoughts Staff & Youth Of Indiana Youth Group Happy warm-weather greetings to you — we hope you’re taking advantage of this incredible weather to get out into your community and rub elbows with the wonderful people who make up the Indianapolis scene. One of the things that makes this city great is the turnout we’re capable of when there’s a cultural event like pride or a fundraising opportunity, like Spotlight (coming up Monday, 10th May at Butler University’s Clowes Hall), which benefits the Indiana AIDS fund and is a great example of the on-going support generated by the gay (and our allies) population of our city. Another example is the annual Art Auction hosted by Indiana Youth Group (IYG) to raise funds for our youth programming every year, and its success is wholly dependent on the support we get from the community-at-large. That means you. This year, our 10th holding this event, we almost doubled the amount of money we raised compared to years past, and that was due to two huge factors: The first was the effort invested by our volunteers, who worked tirelessly to enlist the generosity of local art-lovers who donated over 100 pieces of art to be sold for the benefit of Indiana Youth Group (IYG) and the 12- to 25-year-olds we serve. The second is the 200 plus people who attended. Those folks nibbled on finger foods and sipped wine, cocktails and beer from the bar while perusing the artwork and placing a record number of bids on the work displayed throughout the gallery. The event was held at the Wheeler Arts Community Centre in Fountain Square, with Bob and Sheila Kennedy as the honourary chairmen for the evening. The auctioneering was done by one of the lovely Bag Ladies, wildly entertaining as always, and we were co-sponsored by Ketel One Vodka. By the end of the night, over 200 people had attended, most of them buying either a donated piece or one of the 40 artworks created by our young artists in the form of original paintings and drawings, stained glass and handmade jewellery. Several of you left with your arms full of goods, and we thank you all for your ongoing support of art, culture, and, most importantly of IYG. In other news, as we approach Summer, we’re ramping up for our busiest season. This includes float-building for pride, the usual festivities and march on the big day, the annual Youth Prom held for our teens each year, and the crowning of the new prom king and queen. We also hope to be hosting travelling youth events throughout Indiana in cities outside of Indianapolis to introduce our organisation to those youth who can’t make the drive to Indy, so watch this spot for a calendar of those events and locations. If you’re interested in hosting us in your city, please contact us directly and we’ll see if we can’t work you into our Summer roadtrip schedule. As always, feel free to contact IYG if you want to know more about who we are and what we do or if you’d like to volunteer, donate or become involved with our organisation in some other way. We count on your support and involvement. So how do you get in touch? E-mail or call 317/541.8726. See you next month!

For Rent

Charming East side 1 bedroom brick double for rent. Little Flower neighborhood. 12 minutes from downtown Indianapolis. Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen. Basement with washer/dryer hookup. Street parking. New carpeting and paint. Near 10th St. & N. Dequincy St.

$450 per month.

Security deposit and references required. 12 month lease. Renter pays utilities.

Info: 317-549-9057 from 5pm to 9pm. Page 16

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Your Vote Counts Continued From Page Six Not an American Citizen!” “Give Me Liberty Or Ship Obama Home!” “God Guns and Guts—What Made America Proud!” “Take my Gun From My Cold Dead Fingers!” And so on. Legitimate tax protests are a wonder to behold. The current “tea-party” activists would do well to read their history, where they’d learn: —The 1773 revolt against the East India Tea Company (EITC) was fostered when the British Crown, owners of a majority of EITC shares, placed a duty upon their tea, which exceeded all norm. It was oppressive, and given that tea was a staple at the time, it caused sufficient hubbub. —Colonists all over the countryside protested and grumbled. Boston was not the only site where tea was dumped in the harbour, but it was the most-noted. The action gave birth to the Whigs, who despised government intervention in anything. And they viewed the Crown as an unjust government. Fast-forward 24 months and there was full-scale rebellion among colonists. The Boston Tea Party, and its dozens of smaller counterparts, were an outward and visible sign of the colonists’ distrust of the Crown. It was not just a tax revolt. It was a government revolt. A government that taxed these folks without representation. That key thought formed the foundation of the new government. “No taxation without representation.” The Tea Party folks of 2010 had ought to check their recent tax/budget history if they’re so concerned. At precisely the same time we were being plunged into a ridiculous war that cost (to date) over a trillion dollars, President George W. Bush was cutting taxes to the top 15% of taxpayers. He had a willing Republican majority to go along with this fiscal madness. It would be as if your home budget had these calamities within months: two children going off to college, a balloon mortgage payment due in six months and a cost-of-living wage adjustment downward. Madness. A budget surplus delivered to him by outgoing Pres. William Clinton, went in the opposite direction promptly. Badly. Eight years of madness and what does 2010 produce? The first middle-income tax cut since that time. It was there, among the tax tables and forms on the 15th of April. The stimulus bill included $50 billion of tax cuts, directed mostly at middle America. Bush’s upper-income tax cuts are set to expire this year. There is much clamoring to continue them. Guess who is clamoring? Yep. The Tea Partiers. And Gov. Palin. Lord save us from governors who don’t understand basic budget math. And Tea Partiers who don’t understand history. THE INDIANA LEGISLATURE Indiana’s legislature, and its control, are up for grabs this November. What’s the early handicapping? A very, very close race. The battleground is the House, where the slim Democratic majority is in peril. Speaker Pat Bauer, who controls his caucus as tightly as he can, inserted some stern discipline into the process during the last session when he demoted a wayward Democratic colleague. Conservative and Republican PACs are giddy over the prospect of Republican takeover. If you read their fund-raising appeals, the treasuries are going to be full, and targeted to 11-13 key House districts. As a baseline, they’re using the support level for 2008’s gubernatorial and presidential tickets. In almost a dozen House districts, Democrats won with slim margins while their presidential/gubernatorial party mates lost. That makes for dangerous water for those House Dems, if you believe the traditional tea leaves. Pres. Obama did better in Indiana than any Democratic nominee since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Indiana’s electoral votes were won by Obama. But is their true ticket coattails? It can be argued that most House races have become slightly-larger county commissioner races. House members routinely use grass-roots campaigning, public meetings, mailings and tactics previously used by more-local races. It remains to be seen if Republicans can wrest control of the House from Democrats. One thing is for sure: gay Hoosiers will be watching. Control of the entire legislative agenda is at stake. Speaker Bauer has been adept at side-stepping or rejecting hostile initiatives, which would do harm to our community. With the GOP in control, would they be more likely to allow those initiatives to come to a vote? Would they feel the need to pander to the far-right of their party, which is raising untold dollars to elect folks from their mold?

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- The Advocate, February 2010

UPCOMING EVENTS Little Shop of Horrors April 30-May 16 Waldron Auditorium

A Collector’s Vision On exhibit through September 3 Kinsey Institute Gallery

Kinsey Juried Art Show Opening May 28 SoFA Gallery

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Equality News Dino Sierp / Indiana Equality Field Organiser

This beautiful weather also means the start of pride season—Indy Pride here we come. Indiana Equality representatives will once again participate in local pride events across the state this summer. These events allow lesbian, gay, bi & trans Hoosiers to demonstrate to their communities the importance of diversity and inclusion. Pride events also allow Indiana Equality to further engage with Hoosiers and allies to join our fight for equal rights. Visit our blog ( to find a comprehensive list of upcoming pride events Indiana Equality will be attending. We will keep you informed as other communities announce the dates for their celebrations, including the 2nd Annual Pride Day at the State Fair. If you are interested in volunteering at any of these events, please contact Chris Becker at 888-567-0750 or Thinking about pride season always reminds me of the sense of community I feel at pride events. Moreover, it also reminds me that we as the lesbian, gay, bi and trans community sometimes do not remember everyone. While doing work as a field organiser to obtain civil rights for transgender citizens, I have learned that many members of the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities lack a basic understanding of what it is like to be transgender. When Indiana Equality was working in Goshen to add Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender civil rights protections to their local human rights ordinance, it was suggested by one city council member that it would be easier to get the amendment passed if the proposal eliminated civil rights for transgender people and only included protections based on sexual orientation. Eric Kanagy, a gay resident of Goshen and also heavily involved in the Goshen push, responded to that suggestion with something along the lines of, ‘if you want to remove one of the initial protections proposed, then remove the proposed protections for lesbian, gay and bisexual residents instead; because the transgender community faces far more discrimination and hatred than I do as a gay man”. Sadly, we didn’t win protections for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, or transgender people in Goshen, but what Eric said I feel stands true to this day. Knowledge in understanding the lives of transgender folks is important. The two words, ‘Gender Identity’ contain many questions from someone who has limited knowledge on the subject. While medical and psychological experts do not agree on what causes individuals to be transgender, they nearly universally do believe that it is something with which individuals are born, as opposed to being chosen or learned. Antidiscrimination laws in most U.S. cities and states do not protect transgender people from discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression. Consequently, transgender people in most cities and states can be denied housing or employment, lose custody of their children or have difficulty achieving legal recognition of their marriages, solely because they are transgender. More transgender people are murdered each year in the United States, for example, than African Americans in the south before the civil rights movement ended such attempts to intimidate and repress them as a minority group. Today, more than 60% of transgender people are the targets of bias crimes. The widespread nature of discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression can cause transgender people to feel unsafe or ashamed, even when they are not directly victimised. In addition to discrimination issues, there are many obstacles that deeply affect transgender people in their daily lives. For transgender people who are unable to “pass” (to live as their real gender without signalling their assigned birth sex), daily living – from trying to fit in at work, to using public transportation, to going to religious services – can be exceedingly stressful and risky. As gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight residents of Indiana, I feel it is important that we begin to take a role in educating ourselves about the transgender community. Indiana Equality has many educational materials to offer and INTRAA (Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance – is a statewide organisation that provides education, support and speakers on transgender issues. Consider having them do a panel on transgender issues at your workplace, church, synagogue, or school. Knowledge is power. If we can each take part in educating ourselves, we can go a long way in teaching others about the transgender community. Just think - society will begin to learn that understanding and knowledge dispels fear, and kindness will go a long way in dissolving hatred. Indiana Equality’s Human Rights Ordinance Project is supported by the Tides Foundation’s State Equality Fund. For more information regarding IE’s HRO project, please contact me at or by calling 888/567.0750.

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The Pride Of Indy Is Proudly Sponsored By

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GRADUATING CLASS OF 2010 As your State Farm Agent, I am proud to support your commitment to education excellence. Wishing you the best with your future endeavors.

Ross Whitfield, Agent 440 Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204 Bus: 317-635-1111

Do you enjoy the fast-paced environment of marketing, branding and public relations? Are you willing to go the extra mile to get the job done? WE WANT YOU! The H2H Group, LLC is seeking a self-motivated executive assistant to provide administrative leadership for our growing office for 25 hours per week. Ideal candidate will have experience with Microsoft Office programs, the ability to manage multiple projects, handle agency billing, serve as receptionist and provide client support when needed. Please e-mail your resume and cover letter with salary history to

No telephone calls please. Providing Insurance and Financial Services P065057 04/06

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statefarm.com速 State Farm Bloomington, IL

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Equal Opportunity Employer

Guest DJ Lydia Prim

MAY 28 – 31 Event Cabaret: Sam Fuzio, Amy & Freddy Men of Manwatch

DJ Ted Eiel May 1 DJ Lydia Prim May 29 & 30 DJ Tony Moran July 2 DJ Chi Chi LaRue July 3 DJ Roland Belmares July 4 DJ Greg Drescher July 9 DJ Joe Gauthreaux July 10 DJ Lydia Prim July 11 DJ Randy Bettis Aug 21 DJ Escape Sept 4 DJ David Knapp Sept 5 DJ Lydia Prim Dec 31

269.857.14 01

esResor Dun t.c



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pecs and the by Matt Ponder LAS VEGAS — Lit in a blaze of neon and fueled by alcohol, the city itself seems to be weighed down with secrets and promise. The polished gloss of its sparkling skyline is a siren song to anyone searching to become someone else — if only for a weekend. Whether it’s the darkness of the kinky sex that permeates the background on CSI or the sunlit drunken amnesia of The Hangover, Las Vegas has something for everyone and has been the setting for numerous stories that twist like tangled vines through its history. And most of the fiction couldn’t hold a candle to the facts. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but is that really true? The basic premise of this catchy and oft-repeated slogan is that Vegas cultivates the idea that it’s okay to lie, to change who you are and to do things you would never do, because when you leave, you leave it behind. But memories are like fingerprints; everyone has a unique set and they will always be a part of you. And everywhere you go, your experiences are stamped in your brain like initials in sealing wax. My experience in Vegas is usually a whirlwind of bad behaviour, chance encounters, dance beats and hotel sheets — somewhere between Ke$ha’s Take It Off and Katy Perry’s Waking Up In Vegas - but nothing I wouldn’t do in any other town, including this one. The only difference in this equation is the introduction of a brand new catalyst. Or two. Or three at a time. Maybe it’s because for the very reason that people believe they can be and do whatever they want within the confines of this jewel embedded in the desert it changes their attitude and their approach to others. Within the parameters of our cities and towns everyone knows who you are or what you do, or even the image that they perceive as genuine. When you leave the steel and asphalt bubble you live in and travel somewhere else, no one knows you at all. It’s liberating for some because it gives them the chance to try on a different guise — someone they always thought they could be or even the person that they truly are inside. Take Steven, for example. When we met, I was enamored of his big blue eyes, his pillowy lips and the gap between his two front teeth. We had some drinks and talked about bullshit - the fugu I had tried, why someone like Justin Bieber was popular, and the tangled mystery of this season’s Lost. He told me he was just out of law school and his new position in a corporate law office was stressing him out. I told him that sounded rough and then ordered another round. Soon we were in a cab, and discussing important issues elsewhere. I noticed the paint stains along his fingernails and asked him if he was changing the colour of his bedroom, and that’s when he told me he had lied. He wasn’t a lawyer at all. He was an art major at UCLA. The funny thing was, where he thought it would sound better to say he was a lawyer, I found the fact that he was an art major much more appealing. Guys who are creative tend to be more creative. Just remember that, kids. Then there was Paul. Paul is a professional dancer with a smile like heat lightning and a body like a superhero, both of which are qualities I tend to admire in a guy. Add a pierced nipple and a voice as deep as Vin Diesel’s and you’ve got yourself a pretty darn good combination. Paul came to Vegas from my hometown, Chicago. He was a skinny kid who reinvented himself as a dancer, working his way to the Vegas stage through hours of practice and a side job on the unforgiving brass pole. Needless to say, we both had a laugh about our shared experiences dancing in our underwear. It seems strip club patrons all act the same no matter where you are. We stayed up all night and ate blueberry pancakes while the sun came up. That’s when he told me how whenever he met someone he really liked, they were always from somewhere else. “It seems like no one is ever really from Las Vegas,” he said. This wasn’t the first time I had heard that statement. Almost every guy I talked to that lives within the glitter-dusted city told me the exact same thing. Vegas is a city of tourists — not only from the United States, but all over the world. When you travel to Miami or Dallas or Chicago, the odds are you will meet some-

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one from that very city. In Vegas, the odds are you will meet someone from another city altogether. I met people from L.A. and Norfolk and Denver while I was there. I even met a guy from Kensington, a swanky neighbourhood (they call it a borough) in London. The call of Vegas reaches around the globe, promising dazzling nightlife and a place where you can gamble — and not just with money. To gamble means to take risky action in the hope of a desired result. We gamble every day with our hearts, our minds, our jobs and our partners. Life itself is a roll of the dice. When it comes to gambling, there is a Chinese proverb that can be used not only for games of chance but for every single decision you make: decide upon three things at the start — the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time. And it doesn’t matter if you are in Vegas or Kensington or Indianapolis. The two guys I mentioned, plus the newly out-of-the-closet Gavin from New Hampshire, taught me something about why people flock to Las Vegas every day of every year. To become someone else, whether it’s for a moment or a lifetime, is something we think about every day. Did we make the right choices? Have we done all the things we have wanted to do? Have we acted impulsively and recklessly as if tomorrow might never come? Under the shadow of the Stratosphere, these thoughts come to fruition as if they yearn to connect with all of the other thoughts and dreams of all the people that line the streets and clubs on the Strip. Here in this modern day Babylon it seems all is permissible. But what most people don’t realise is that you can ask yourself these questions and bring them to life no matter where you are. As for my trip to Vegas… Did I literally lose my shirt? Yes. Did I lose my phone only to discover it in my back pocket? Yes. Did I have a stripper with the words No Remorse tattooed below his navel pour liquor down my throat? Yes. Did I have tequila and red velvet cake for breakfast? Yes. Did I take everything I needed from Las Vegas and return not only with stories for this column but a better understanding of what Las Vegas is really all about? Definitely. Do I recommend the experience for everyone? Of course I do. But take my advice when I say that you don’t have to turn yourself into a fictional character to find everything you need in Las Vegas. You’ll learn more about yourself and others if you tell the truth. The only thing you need to change is your level of inhibition. Are you willing to go all in?

The Fairness Campaign, Louisville Has An Immediate Opening For An Administrative Coordinator The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for much of the day to day management of the Fairness Campaign office. Experience and/or displayed proficiency in office management (including volunteer recruitment), bookkeeping, communications and database management is required. The position is full time paid with benefits. Salary commensurate with experience. To apply, send a resume’ and cover letter to A full job description may be accessed at

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Steppin' Out... By Ryan Nix / Step-Up Indianapolis Many people see Step-Up out in the community, but Step-Up does more than just pass out safer sex kits and provide HIV testing at the bars and bathhouses. Many community members and their friends access us for care coordination services, but we do have other programmes that focus on HIV that are not necessarily related to the gay, lesbian, bi or trans community. One of these programmes we are proud to announce is the formation of a new group specifically for friends, family members and care-givers who love someone who is living with HIV.

8 p.m. at Step-Up’s office at 850 North Meridian Street, First Floor (between 8th and 9th Streets on Meridian) in downtown Indianapolis. Parking is available next to our building or on the street. Light refreshments will be served. Please feel free to bring a friend. An RSVP to Paula at 317/259.7013 or is welcome, but not required. You may also contact Paula if you have questions. We hope to see you at the get-together. On another note, remember that Spring has sprung and if you need your Spring tune up check out the testing schedule on our website at Just go to the website calendar and pick the day you want to get tested. Want to get checked for more than just HIV/AIDS? Many days we offer more than just 20 minute HIV testing — we also offer testing for syphilis, Chlamydia and gonorrhea. If you don’t have internet access, you can call the testing hotline at 259.7034, Extention 17 for the scheduling information This hotline can be accessed 24 hours a day.

If you are HIV positive and you have a family member who might need support, this could be the perfect place for them to be able to talk about their feelings and worries. This support group could be a place many of those unjust concerns could be laid aside to help those care-givers understand what living powerfully with HIV/AIDS can mean. Also, if you have a friend, family member or care-giver who might be a good support network for someone else, please encourage them to come along as well. For us, family is defined in the broadest sense of the word…..sibling, parent, partner, spouse, grandparent, child, next door neighbour, co-worker, best friend……whoever “family” is for you. We know that sometimes we all need information, support, education or just a chance to talk. That’s what this group is all about. Periodically, we will invite experts to share information on medications, home health care, insurance programmes, substance abuse, mental health and any other issue that is important to the group. At other times, we will just talk about the good things that are happening — our hopes, our fears, our frustrations and anything else that comes up. And it will all be done with respect, dignity and with the absolute assurance of strict confidentiality. The group will be led by Dolores Horgan and Paula French, both of whom have many years of experience in HIV and both of whom have been touched by HIV in their own families. The very first meeting of the new group will be held on Monday, 3 May from 7 p.m. to


Gay & Bi Cruise Line!

FREE to listen to ads. FREE to reply to ads.

Indianapolis 317.322.9000 Chicago Dayton Columbus Cincinnati Louisville

312.726.6342 937.395.9001 614.888.7777 513.821.4500 502.561.6666

For other local

numbers call




TM 1-888-634-2628

24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628 18+ ©2010 PC LLC

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Sheila's Column By Sheila Kennedy It seems to be increasingly fashionable — at least among angry teabaggers — to quote (selected) founders. So perhaps I should begin this column with Thomas Paine’s famous, “These are the times that try men’s souls...” Of course, Paine was writing during some of the darkest days of the Revolution, not during a sustained snit by people with a very tenuous grasp of American history. Whatever the temptation to over-react to the over-reactions all around us, those of us who haven’t yet lost all our marbles should probably exercise some restraint. And Charles Blow recently wrote in the New York Times, “The far-right extremists have gone into conniptions. The bullying, threats, and acts of violence following the passage of health care reform have been shocking, but they’re only the most recent manifestations of an increasing sense of desperation. “It’s an extension of a now-familiar theme: some version of ‘take our country back.’ The problem is that the country romanticised by the far right hasn’t existed for some time, and its ability to deny that fact grows more dim every day. “President Obama and what he represents has jolted extremists into the present and forced them to confront the future. And it scares them.” We are experiencing a perfect storm — a confluence of rapid social change, economic stress (or worse) and electronically distributed demagoguery that could easily ignite into something profoundly ugly. And lest we forget, minorities and marginalised people do not fare well at such times. Angry and frightened people want someone to blame. In the past, it was Catholics or Jews or blacks. To a considerable extent, those groups are still “on the line;” antiSemitism, anti-Catholicism and racism all spike upward when times get tough. But today, the targets of choice are those most in the news: immigrants and gay Americans. In the “old” America that these people are so nostalgic for — those better days that exist primarily in their imaginations — Americans all looked pretty much the same. Sure there were black people, but they knew their place. They certainly weren’t occupying the White House and Congress! Women were in the kitchen or nursery where God meant for us to be — we sure weren’t in charge of American foreign policy or presiding over the House of Representatives. Gay people — out ones, anyway — weren’t chairing the House Banking Committee or hosting popular television programmes or holding elective office. And they certainly weren’t marrying each other! And everybody who wasn’t black was white and spoke English without an accent. For a great many Americans, the resentments they have harbored over these signs of change have simmered below the surface, waiting for some trigger that would release them. And now, the demagogues on the Right are providing that trigger, many of them knowingly. The rhetoric that has been employed during the healthcare debate has been deliberately provocative (and the purported grievances mostly fabricated, but that is a somewhat different issue.) As I write this, the media is reporting on an epidemic of brick-throwing, aimed at windows of Democratic party offices around the country. The instigator has shown no remorse; he is proud, he says, that he is leading a protest against a big government that is taking over responsibilities that government shouldn’t have. Ironically, he lives entirely on Social Security Disability. When people are this delusional — when protestors are screaming things like “keep government out of my Medicare!”— it can be a short trip to murderous dementia. And the first attacks won’t be against the “good ole’ boys.” They’ll be coming after you-know-who.

Look For The Word Booth At Prides In Cincinnati, Dayton, Lafayette, Spencer & Indianapolis This Year. And Look For Our Annual Inside Pride® Guide In The June Word. To Have Your Ad Included Ring 317/632.8840 Or E-mail Page 34

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NATIONAL BRIEFS PUSH LAUNCHED FOR ANTI-BULLYING BILL On the eve of the anniversary of 11-year-old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover’s suicide due to bullying, his mother Sirdeaner Walker and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) launched a petition and call to action in support of the Safe Schools Improvement Act, a federal anti-bullying bill with 101 bipartisan cosponsors. Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover took his life 6 April 2009, after enduring constant bullying at school, including being called “gay” and a “faggot” despite the fact he did not identify as gay. The petition can be found at A Facebook event encouraging those concerned about bullying to spend five minutes in memory of Carl and call their Representative can be found at 110188802343561. “It is difficult to put into words what it feels like to remember that terrible day,” Walker said. “But it is not difficult at all to do something positive in Carl’s memory. That is why I hope you will join me in taking a moment from your busy day to reflect on Carl’s life and his tragic suicide – and to remember that bullying in schools has very serious and life-threatening consequences.” Walker has spent the year since Carl’s death raising awareness of the fact that bullying is a national public health crisis. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ABC’s World News and Anderson Cooper 360, among others, to tell Carl’s story and to call for action against bullying. She also has testified on Capitol Hill in support of the Safe Schools Improvement Act. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of middle and high school students reported being harassed or assaulted during the past year and more than a third (37%) said that bullying, name-calling or harassment is a somewhat or very serious problem at their school, according to From Teasing to Torment: School Climate in America, a 2005 Harris Interactive report commissioned by GLSEN. HOMPHOBIC GUN-TOTERS HAVE ELLEN COMIC IN THEIR CROSSHAIRS When Bluewater Productions president Darren Davis received a call from a Walter “Bud” Pidgeon, president of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, demanding he withdraw the new Female Empowerment: Ellen DeGeneres issue because of her support of the U.S. Humane Society, the Washington-based publisher thought it was someone playing a joke. As emails flooded Bluewater’s server from USSA’s members castigating him for “elevating” gays, supporting “less than acceptable lifestyles”, and for honouring Ellen’s request that issue proceeds go the to U.S. Humane Society he quickly discovered Pidgeon was a real person and had in fact called upon his 3 million members to take action against Bluewater. Bluewater Productions leapt to the head of the comics industry over the last year with monthly issues individually dedicated to iconic Americans including Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters and most recently talk show host Ellen De Generes as part of a Female Force series. Each issue tells the life story of the subject in an entertaining and informative format, focusing on the positive social contributions. “Being the subject of a Bluewater issue has become quite the celebrity ‘get’ with the attendant national publicity” said publisher Davis. “We hear from A-list publicists every day pitching one celeb or another.” Davis explained that the subject of each issue, if they choose to participate, gets to select a charity and 1/3 of the proceeds go directly to their non-profit of choice. “Ellen chose the U.S. Humane Society” said Davis, “an animal rights organisation she has supported for years.” In a letter demanding Davis take immediate action, Pidgeon explained the USSA’s objections including the U.S. Humane Society’s campaign to ban dove hunting and their seeking regulation of dog breeders. Pidgeon followed up with a release to the group’s 3.1 million members asking them to contact DeGeneres and Bluewater to share their outrage. And contact Bluewater the USSA members did. For example, one e-mail expresses outrage for supporting the Humane Society which the writer alleges is “Headed by vegans”, and another said, “I am amazed that a comics publisher would elevate a person of ‘DeGenerates’ (sic) background. Children are the readers of comics, and they do not need indoctrination into less-than-acceptable lifestyles.” Davis said some communications are so inappropriate that he has arranged additional security for Bluewater.

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Around Town

eastside, bounded by 10th Street on the north and Michigan Street on the south. The neighbourhood has a standing agreement with the powers that be that the sun will shine that weekend, figuratively if not literally. If you make a visit to the Woodruff Place Flea Market every year, they are looking to see you back again on 5th June (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and 6th June (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). If this will be your first time, welcome and have a great time.

PLAY BALL! CIRCLE CITY SOFTBALL FINALISES SEASON INDIANAPOLIS—The 2010 Circle City Pride Softball season has been finalised and games begin the 9th of May. Organisers told The Word, “We are looking forward to playing an exciting season this year.” The website is the place for the latest schedules, results and info, but those interested also can follow the season on Facebook at Ccpsoftball as well. All current information will be available on there and the website in the upcoming weeks. Games were set to played the weeks of 9th, 16th & 23 May; 6th & 20th June; 11th & 18th July; 1st, 8th and 15th August with round robin tournaments 22nd and 29th August wrapping things up. For questions or info, visit the website or Facebook pages. WOODRUFF PLACE ITCHIN’ TO TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR FLEA MARKET INDIANAPOLIS—Some say the first weekend in June is the best weekend of the year. Some say it is the only weekend in the year that they go to Woodruff Place. Everyone agrees that the Woodruff Place Flea Market, on that first weekend in June, is a great time. The Woodruff Place Flea Market has been offering a rich treasure-hunting and peoplewatching experience for over 30 years. It began with a group of neighbours selling their stuff and has grown to 80 acres and 200 front yards filled with outside vendors as well as neighbourhood goods. A spokesman noted, “We have three miles of bargains under tall shade trees, from antique treasures to baby furniture to Mercedes convertibles, all for sale. You never know what you might find. You can browse. You can eat. You can visit on front porches or on benches. You can listen to music, watch belly dancers or throw a few coins in the hat of a 10 year-old playing violin in her front yard…” Woodruff Place is located 18 blocks east of Meridian Street on Indianapolis’s near-

IT’S A BIRD…IT’S A PLANE…IT’S DIVA FEST! INDIANAPOLIS—The Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival will present their inaugural DivaFest, a celebration of women playwrights, 6th thru 9th May as a prelude to the 2010 IndyFringe festival in August. Five plays by Indiana women will be presented at the IndyFringe Theatre, 719 E. St. Clair St. The five shows were selected from 29 entries by a jury of theatre professionals. The playwrights range from two first-time playwrights to a pair of seasoned writers. “The purpose of DivaFest is to shine a light on women writers as they tell their stories for the stage,” said IndyFringe Executive Director Pauline Moffat. “DivaFest is born of IndyFringe’s desire to open opportunities for expression for women playwrights through a festival of one hour plays”. DivaFest is different from other juried literary competitions in that IndyFringe will help playwrights learn the process of play production and marketing. In addition IndyFringe will involve audiences in the process of playwriting and production through public conversations and discussions. “We want to engage the community in how to approach a new script as an audience member as well as learn from actors, directors and designers how they approach a new script,” Moffat added. The long range goal is to establish Indianapolis as a centre for developing women playwrights through an annual DivaFest and ultimately as a vibrant part of the annual IndyFringe. Tickets are $l0; $7 students or Fiver Pass – see all 5 shows for $40. And are available from or via telephone at 317/522.8099. The schedule includes: Thursday, 6 May @ 6 p.m. Public Forum Discussion on the importance of producing new works featuring a panel of local playwrights, directors and actors. Friday, 7 May @ 6 p.m. Moment of Impact followed at 7.30 by Winter Solstice, at 9 by Dash Thirty Dash, and at 10.30 p.m. by Mad Women’s Late Nite Cabaret. Saturday, 8th May the plays start at 1.30 p.m. with Alarmed followed at 3 p.m. by Winter Solstice, 4.30 p.m. by Mad Women’s Late Nite Cabaret, then at 6 p.m. Dash Thirty Dash; 7.30 Moment of Impact and at 9 p.m. by Alarmed.

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Around Town NEW EXHIBIT OPENS AT KINSEY BLOOMINGTON, Ind. —In 2002 an anonymous American collector generously donated more than 600 original artworks to The Kinsey Institute and a selection of them are on display now here in Bloomington. This exhibition features nearly 50 pieces drawn from this significant gift, including paintings, prints, and drawings by European artists working in the late eighteenth through mid-twentieth century. Unlike many Kinsey Institute exhibitions that feature artworks acquired from a wide variety of sources, this show provides visitors the opportunity to view a unique collection reflecting the connoisseurship of a single individual. This event is free and open to the public. The Kinsey Institute Gallery is open 2 to 4 p.m. weekdays or by appointment. Guided tours of The Kinsey Institute are also offered—visit the website or call for information. Due to adult content, visitors should be 18 years of age or older, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction is housed in Morrison Hall / Indiana University / Bloomington. For info telephone 812/855.7686 or surf over to or PRESIDENT SAYS YOU CAN NOW SEE SPOUSE IN HOSPITAL…LEGALLY President Obama has signed a presidential memorandum taking important steps to protect the visitation and healthcare decision-making rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. This important action was inspired by last year’s New York Times profile of the tragic experience of partners Lisa Pond and Janice Langbehn. Despite having an advanced healthcare directive, Janice, and the couple’s children, were kept from Lisa’s bedside as she lay dying. Lambda Legal represented Janice in a lawsuit against Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and worked with them to revise their policies in the wake of the tragedy. As part of its ongoing efforts to promote executive actions which would improve the lives of gay Americans, the Human Rights Campaign worked with White House and Department of Health and Human Services staff in support of this vital memorandum.


INCREDIBLE 90 Minute MASSAGE FOR JUST $50 CLINIC LOCATED On East 86th Street In The Nora Area

CALL RON AT (317) 902-2796


The Word

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“Discrimination touches every facet of the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, including at times of crisis and illness, when we need our loved ones with us more than ever,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “No one should experience what befell the Pond-Langbehn family, and the President’s action today will help ensure that the indignities Janice and her children faced do not happen to another family.” According to the announcement, the memorandum directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to draft a regulation requiring all hospitals that receive federal Medicare and Medicaid funding – nearly every hospital in America – to allow patients to designate who may visit them and prohibiting discrimination in visitation based on a number of factors, including sexual orientation and gender identity. In addition, the memorandum calls on the secretary to issue new guidance and provide technical assistance to hospitals to help them comply with existing federal regulations that require them to respect individuals’ advanced healthcare directives and other documents establishing who should make healthcare decisions for them when they are unable to do so. Finally, the memorandum directs HHS to conduct a larger study of the barriers gays and lesbians and their families face in accessing healthcare.

Plan Ahead: One of SW Ohio’s biggest Pride friendly events has been scheduled for Friday, 10th September. We’re talking about “Pride Night at Kings Island” in Mason, Ohio. This marks the 14th year the amusement park has hosted this fundraiser for the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Greater Cincinnati. Gate opens at 6 p.m. and the event concludes at midnight. Look for more details at Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Greater Cincinnati this Summer when a link will be posted for Kings Island on-line ticket store.

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05.10 On The Web At: Page 41 Historic Downtown Building FOR SALE 17 & 19 North Pennsylvania Nearly 4000 SF, Multi-Use Retail, Office, and/or Residential Additional features: - 1200 Sq Ft Street Level Retail - 2700 Sq Ft Office/Residential - Completely updated - Custom finishes - Skylight / High Ceilings - Custom Windows - Zoned CBD-2

Check online for open house dates For Information contact: Tobias Cohen 317.622.8040 317.698.8040 (mobile) We aren’t your average real estate firm. Unless by average you mean: the unprecedented ability to provide transparent, lower-cost real estate services that combine the very best aspects of traditional real estate brokerage & auction with today's technology and statistical research. With, we've leveraged the knowledge and experience we've developed over the past 25 years to bring you the most proficient methods of transacting real estate. We also pride ourselves in presenting multiple options to suit your objective. There are many ways to structure a real estate deal, and we’ll make sure you find the solution that works logically for YOU.

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One Heart, One World, One Pride. Saturday, June 5th, 2010

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Owen County Courthouse

Food – Games – Silent Auction – Retail & Informational Booths – Free giveaways! A Sampling of 2010 Spencer PRIDE Festival Sponsors, Supporters, & Participants:

Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington

Rescue Farm

Spencer PRIDE is a proud member of

Mystic Massage The Word

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 


                             

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010 Time: 10:00 am- 7:00 pm Place: OTR Summer Celebration

Ad Space Proudly Donated By

1200 Block of Vine St. Cincinnati, Ohio 25202

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Hackin The Net By Ted Fleischaker / Word Publisher Ah, the iPad…. My gadget-nutz husband, Ivan, insists on all the latest bells and whistles so as soon as he could order us each one, he rang up Apple and told them “I’ll take two tablets…call me in the morning!” But far from being a headache, the iPad is, well, a very unique device, but at my desk, anyway, it’s more a device in search of a use than the other way round. Let me explain. We have desktop computers here since we do the papers on them. We have a laptop for business trips and doing important stuff like e-mailing friends, business associates and family and playing Farmville when we are away. We both have iPhones so there’s a mini-computer in our pocket. The iPad is somewhere in between and a bit of all of them. The problem, in my way of thinking (though it is early days yet), is that it is so neither this nor that that it’s hard to say what I will end up really using it for once the novelty of grabbing it for everything wears off. Sure, it’s cool to be the first on the block with one, but that means there’s a price to pay (and I don’t just mean the $499 the 16 gig basic WiFi version sells for). That price is being so far ahead of the curve that few of the apps have been refined for the iPad yet, and frankly, I am very underwhelmed with the performance of iPhone apps on the pad. They do, as Apple’s boss Steve Jobs promised, all work, but they will show phone size on that bigger screen. If you hit the “2X” button on the bottom of your screen they will blow up full screen size, but they will be pixelated and that means often way, way less than sharp. I have found I’d prefer to leave them stay smaller until the app developer updates and make a Pad version rather than squint to read what’s been blown up. The upside to the above is all my phone apps do work, and they can be added to my pad at no extra charge. Thanks, Steve. The downsides are that many iPhone apps look better on the phone they were designed for, and anything you have in memory on your phone will not transfer. Thus, my radio station app, Wunderadio, with 50+ stations in my favourites list went seamlessly onto my Pad, but the favourites did not, leaving me to manually find and transfer all of them one at a time. At least Wunderadio (I feel by far the best of the streaming audio apps available) did have their iPad version set to go by launch so the screen is sharp and info on what’s playing shows along with, of course, a link where available to the iTunes store so I can buy the music if I wish. A neat plus. It needs be mentioned that apps which store favourites internally do fare better. By internally I mean on the provider’s server and not on your device. Hook up on the iPhone or iPad, enter your account info and the saved list pops up. This works great for Live 365 as we do have a VIP account and for Radio Time, which we are also signed up for. Their servers remember for us and immediately give us our list on any device we log in on, which is a great plus. Video on the iPad is also an issue, I feel. Husband Ivan immediately downloaded the Netflix app for his and the colour, clarity and availability of movies is amazingly bright and clear. It’s HD on the fly and little short of an orgasmic experience to watch. The speaker on iPad is great (though there’s just one so it’s mono, not stereo) so you will need to plug in the headphones to get a full stereo soundtrack with your movie. I said video was mixed because other streaming items do not fare as well as Netflix. For those wanting U.S. news and shows, ABC was first out of the blocks with a native iPad app which streams sharp, clear programmes (with limited adverts) from ABC. Everything from the nightly news to the latest episodes of prime time shows is there and it’s free and clear. Where are NBC and CBS and PBS? Not anywhere yet. Meanwhile across the pond, BBC in the UK which never had an iPhone app has one for the iPad which is native. It does everything from a crisp clear video stream of some news reports to a live BBC World Service radio button which works well. It can be cus-

tomised to show news items from any part of the world and hide those you aren’t interested in, and it’s free like the ABC app so this is the place for news with video. So is Ireland’s RTE News Channel which has 24 hour streaming news and costs just $2.99 to buy. The issue here is it ONLY works on WiFi, so if you get the 3G version of the pad or want to watch on the phone on at&t’s network, you can’t. Meanwhile, CNN doesn’t seem to have an app for the pad yet and their phone one (which will work) is a pay app and yet is riddled with ads. Boo to them — you can’t have it both ways. France 24’s iPhone app spits, starts, stops, pixelates, breaks up and is barely watchable on the iPad. It is close to useless. Mark my words — they will all catch up, but when seems a question as some developers expect the phone app to cover for them, while others, clearly, are embracing this new technology. Cheers to ABC and BBC for being first and best. OK, so I haven’t said a word about books and newspapers on the iPad and those are supposed to be one of the big features pushing sales. My answer is simple: I never have been much of a book reader. I more browse the travel and coffee table ones I collect, but to buy or download a best-seller, current novel or history book is not something I do because I don’t go to Borders or Amazon and do it, either. I am looking forward to all the magazines which are coming to the iPad and am hoping some of the very costly-to-mail and hard-to-find British titles I like will eventually surface like Good Food, Olive, Classic FM and What Bike! but they aren’t on the list yet because as of presstime the iPad had not yet debuted in the UK or Europe. Time and patience needed once again. There are several newspaper apps which work great on the pad…and I have had e-mails from others (like the excellent Press Display) that they have submitted a pad version to Apple for inclusion so it’s coming soon. The phone app for Press Display works, but it is cumbersome and difficult to navigate, unlike the computer one which uses flash (not available on the iPad) and makes reading the London Times as easy on screen as in paper — and way cheaper. This, too will come, but aside from the Wall Street Journal (app is free but to get the news in total $3.99 a week is required to subscribe) and NY Times (which is a free app so far but has very mixed reviews on the iTunes store from early users) we don’t see many papers yet making the leap from dead trees to this device despite it being called by some the saviour of the newspaper biz. My jury is definitely still out. Next, let’s look at weather apps and it is here that the iPad already is storming ahead. The Weather Channel, Weather Bug and Wunder (this one’s called WunderMap and it is from the same folks as Wundradio) all have super iPad apps. All of them incorporate live conditions, watches, warnings, maps you can zoom to a block or two to view and the Weather Channel even includes the video “your local weather” segments just like on cable. All are also free, or were at launch, including the super Weather Channel Max which is $3.99 for the phone, but free now for the pad. Such a deal and just in time for Summer outings and storm season. Looks like Jobs and lightning really did strike gold with these. Finally, the iPad’s included apps which ship on the device need a brief mention. Unlike what we were told in the rumour mills before its launch, there are still some which cannot be taken off the iPad. We find this annoying on the phone and had hoped it would be different here. Sadly, it’s not. Things like YouTube, notes and the app linking to the iTunes store are there forever because Apple says so. You can move them to the last screen and hide them, but they can’t (unlike apps one buys or adds) be thrown away, which we find offensive. So our final verdict? As we said before, jury is still out. This device is neither the greatest thing since sliced bread to reach our desk nor a boat anchor. I took my two tablets. Call me in the morning and look for a further report in a few months’ time.

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Damien Doins' By Omar Martinez / Damien Centre Vence el Miedo – Hazte las Pruebas para detectar enfermedades venéreas, which means Break the Fear – Come and get tested for sexually transmitted infections! The Latino community is growing rapidly and our current health care infrastructure should adapt to the health needs and priorities of this community. There are many misconceptions about the Latino community, starting with the fact that many of the Latinos are viewed by some as ‘illegal aliens.’ First, I would like to address this crucial misconception and misunderstanding that many times leads to hate, prejudice and intolerance – Many Latinos, not only here but in the U.S., are documented, and many of them are U.S. citizens and permanent legal residents. But even if we have a population of undocumented citizens in our community, regardless of whether or not they are Latinos, I feel it is the duty of public health entities to provide and serve the health needs of the community in need. Addressing the health needs of a community should be seen from a social humanitarian perspective – where serving and addressing the health needs drives the direction of the health care center or entity. The Damien Centre carries this goal – serving the health needs of the entire community, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic or legal status, religious beliefs or political views. I am proud to serve as a tester and HIV/AIDS counsellor at the Joseph F. Miller Testing Centre. As a tester at the Damien Centre, I will be able to serve the centre and the testing and screening objectives they have. Screening for disease control among the Latino community is essential for success of the current public health infrastructure. The community as a whole will benefit from control of diseases since fewer medical costs will have to be allocated for prevention programmes. We want to reduce the cost of health care, and hence, screening is a cost-effective public health strategy. There is a high prevalence of diseases among Latinos, including sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. In order to protect yourself and your family, you just have to take one approach: play safe and get tested! Testing and screening is simple, rapid, free, safe and acceptable. At the Damien Centre reliability, confidentiality and assurance are among the top core values. Latinos should take action, break the fear and get tested. The human body should be the temple of our lives and we should care about it by making sure that our system is in good health. Many times, we allocate all of our time to work or to take care of our families, but without appropriate care, our bodies and minds could later be affected. In order to cope with the current health issues and risks affecting the community, it is necessary to have a reliable and trustworthy workforce. The Damien Centre brings a dynamic public health workforce and infrastructure to the community. As a tester at the Damien Centre I plan to closely work with organisations such as Casa Mateo and La Plaza in serving the Latino Community. I have been inspired and trained by scholars in the field such as Guadalupe Kelle (Lupita), executive Director of Casa Mateo. Guadalupe is an example of a hard working woman who always serves the community and has been able to form partnerships with research centres and community organisations such as the Centre for Sexual Health Promotion at IU Bloomington. I plan to follow Guadalupe’s footsteps in the role of serving and improving the health conditions and needs of the growing Latino community in Indianapolis. Dr. Brian M. Dodge, associate director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at IU Bloomington, has also been an academic role model for me. Dr. Dodge and I have been working together for several years and he has served as a mentor in the field of sexual health and research. I am currently working with him in the Indianapolis’s Men Health Study where we are trying to improve and better understand sexual health among men, including la salud sexual- sexual health of Latinos in Indianapolis. I would also like to thank all the executive board, including all the hard working and committed staff at the Damien Centre for giving me the opportunity to serve and help my community. I would also like to end this note by acknowledging the great commitment of Joseph Miller to the cause of HIV/AIDS and his effort to bring comprehensive primary prevention programmes to the community. ¡Hablemos más de salud en el Centro Damien! - Let’s talk about health at the Damien Centre! (EDITOR’S NOTE—Omar Martínez is a JD/MPH Candidate, Indiana University Bloomington and has recently been hired to be a tester at Indianapolis’ Damien Centre.)

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Around Town STREET SCENE EXTENDS IN CHICAGO CHICAGO—Street Scene, currently being presented by The National Pastime Theatre and Clock Productions will extend its run two more weeks to 8th May. This rarely seen classic of the American theatre and winner of the 1929 Pulitzer Prize, is stirring controversy and discussion from audiences and critics alike. Utilising aspects of the grotesque, this powerful production reveals the tensions and emotions which rule the world of a New York City tenement in 1929. The surface relationships by which daily life is governed are anything but stable as the country hurtles towards the stock market crash of October, 1929 and the tenants of the building struggle to find an escape from their perceived world. Street Scene is running Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. except the theatre will be dark 2 May. Tickets are $25 and can be obtained by calling 773/327.7077 or online at www. Date night Thursdays at two for one and can only be obtained at the box office or by phone. National Pastime Theater is located at 4139 N. Broadway in Chicago, inside the old speakeasy.

Teamwork Wins The Day In Vincennes VINCENNES, Ind.— It was AIDS Walk day in Indiana’s oldest city recently and a good crowd gathered at Vincennes University for the preparations and walk, which took place on campus. See Page One for the totals & more information.

HEAD FOR THE BLUEGRASS AND ENJOY A GREAT PAGEANT LEXINGTON—The Kentucky All American Goddess Pageant will be held Friday, 14th May at 9.30 p.m. at The Bar Complex here. To find out more, check out the pageant’s Facebook page. WESTERN CAVES IN FACE OF PROTEST; OFFERS PARTNER RIGHTS BOWLING GREEN, Ky.—In a surprise move just hours before a scheduled protest organised by Western Kentucky University students and faculty, the Board of Regents Benefits Committee passed same-sex and opposite-sex unmarried partner benefits. The “Equal Benefits for Equal Work” protest, supported by WKU students, faculty, the ACLU-KY and the Fairness Campaign, was scheduled to commence during a WKU Board of Regents luncheon with Senator Mitch McConnell, however an emergency meeting of the committee, called for 8 a.m. reversed earlier course and OK’d benefits. Student organiser Greg Capillo said, “This was a direct response to what we were prepared to do today.” Following increased pressure from students, faculty and the community as well, The Word was told, as pressure from the folks responsible for Sen. McConnell’s security, University President Gary Ransdell called a special meeting at 8 a.m. where the group voted once again on the measure, and this time, it passed. The benefits plan will become effective 1 January 2011.

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It shouldn’t be a crazy idea that investments deserve personal attention. That’s why we put our 10,000 offices in neighborhoods. So we’re easier to get to, and spend time with. Join the nearly 7 million investors who know. Face time and think time make sense.

Michael E Wright Buys the radical concept Financial Advisor that big skyscrapers don’t necessarily mean big investment smarts. .

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For your chance to win friend The Midwest Word on Facebook. One of our Friends & A Date Will See Legally Blonde The Musical Free Courtesy Of Broadway Across America Indianapolis!

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Start Your Spring With A Great New Place To Live!

Music Corner By DJ "Miss" Hill / MJ's / Dayton Catch DJ “Miss” Hill at MJ’s Café every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Hill’s Top 10. Based on dance floor results and requests (Not what he thinks is hot): 1 - Lady GaGa feat. Beyonce - Telephone (Kaskade Extended Mix) 2 - The Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be (DJ Dan Dirty Extended Vocal Mix) 3 - Rihanna - Rude Boy (Wideboys Stadium Mix) 4 - Beyonce - Videophone (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Club Mix) 5 - The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling (Laidback Luke Remix) 6 - Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Mix) 7 - David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over (Electro Extended).mp3 8 - Timbaland - Carry Out (Soundpusher & DJ Rock City Mix) 9 - KeSha - TiK ToK (Fred Falke Remix) 10 - Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Fu Chew Club Mix) Hill’s Personal Top 5 Faves 1 - Kelis - Acapella (Dave Aude Club Mix) 2 - Rihanna - Rude Boy (Wideboys Stadium Mix) 3 - School Gyrls - Something Like A Party (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) 4 - The Saturdays - Forever is Over (Buzz Junkies Remix) 5 - Andrea Paci ft Michelle Weeks - Big Mama (Mattias Remix)

A Taste Of Manhattan In Downtown Indianapolis! *Hardwood floors, *16ft. ceilings *2 Blocks To Circle Centre *1 Block To Lilly *Supermarket Within 1 Mile *Easy Interstate Access *Free Indoor Parking Included

Rents From Just $775-$1800 Monthly Immediate Occupancy!

Call 800.849.4853

Hey there!!! DJ “Miss” Hill here. I’m sayin’ the “YAY!” April showers bring May flowers and they did. Have you started your gardening yet? I’ve planted and fertilized and here’s what I’ve cultivated: Kelis stopped shaking her milk and the boys left the yard. She’s matured and gave us Acapella. I instantly fell in love with it. Basically her life was a capella. No music in her life until she met that someone special. Cute love song. “Before you my whole life was a capella.” Now full of music and blissful. Loving the Dave Aude Club Mix. If you want a more Electro style then the Benny Benassi Mix is what you want. We go from love song to break-up song. Originally written for Kelly Clarkson Forever Is Over was snatched up by British/Irish group The Saturdays and given a fun beat with the Buzz Junkies Mix. If you’re about to (how do we know that, anyway?) or have just broken up you will really feel this song. Time to move on and be happy. I read somewhere that Lady GaGa’s Alejandro did well in the UK market but because it didn’t do well in here in the States it will not be released as a single. Here’s what her label gave us this time. Mixes of Speechless. Reportedly influenced by Queen, this power ballad has been given the Cox/Braxton ballad-turned-dance-mix treatment. I’m going with the DJ Paulo Pacheco Mix for now. I’m sure more will come out in a few weeks. Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas has been out as a single for several months now but we finally get the crazy remixes that I live for. I’m not a big fan of Black Eyed Peas but when I get a mix that makes me move I gotta play it. The DJ Dan Dirty Extended Vocal Mix starts off punchy and then slows down to the original funky tempo for Fergie’s part and then when you think you’re getting the radio version ...Psych! Fooled ya. Made you dance to a club mix. Ha ha. And now something newer by The Black Eyed Peas. Rock That Body with its samples from 80’s hits seems kind of mellow compared to their other stuff. Thanks to the DJ Richie Rich Mix it’s less boring. Timbaland - Carry Out (Soundpusher & DJ Rock Cit.mp3) This is the first time I heard of hooking up described by fast food references. “I have you open all night like an iHop”, “I got to drive through”, “Have it your way”, “I can tell the way you like, baby, supersize”, “Take my order cause your body’s like a ‘Carry Out’”. And that’s just a fraction of it. The original radio mix is laughable to me but the Soundpusher & DJ Rock City Mix is fast and has a bouncy bass line. I got excited when I saw that there was a new one by Suzanne Palmer. Big Love has great music but the only two lines “I’ve been savin’ my lovin’” and “I want your big love” get a little monotonous after the first minute. If you’re a Suzanne Palmer fan you might get into it. I recommend the Muzzaik Mix. That’s it for now. I’ll be back in June with a whole bunch of new stuff. Check me out at or find me on If you like or hate what I review e-mail me at I welcome both good and hateful replies.

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Whipping Post By Ms. K / Word Columnist

Pride month is coming in June all around the Midwest. Have you thought about what you are proud of?

Are you going to go to one of the many pride celebrations around this area in June? If not, why are you not going? I have gone to the pride celebrations every June since I was a young adult. I used to go when I was young because it was entertaining and fun to go. Now I go because I want to help with pride and help others know why they should be proud of who they are. Being proud of yourself is something that we do not always feel. Sometimes it takes several years for the pride to come from within each of us while others never seem to reach that pride that is in us all. I received the following e-mail recently from a man living here in my hometown of Indianapolis who was not feeling proud of being a gay leatherman. Actually he is ashamed and many times wishes he was a different person. Ashamed from Indianapolis writes, “I know that I was born gay but why did I have to be born to be kinky and love leather? I have had feelings of wanting to spank others since I was very young. I also have found that my love for other men has been overwhelming no matter how I try to diminish my feelings. “I came to accept myself many years ago as gay, but I still struggle with accepting myself as kinky. For many years, I have tried to hide my feelings and desires to be kinky, but they never go away. The feelings keep coming back and each time they come back stronger. What I am asking is, can I make this go away? Can I change my likes by changing my behaviours? I really want to be ‘normal’. I just want all this to go away. By the way, I am 50 years old.” Ashamed, just like you are born gay, you are born kinky. Wanting to spank someone or do other things that are kinky is not something we usually learn as young people. It is something that comes from within us. We are born this way. I can honestly tell you that most people in the leather and kinky communities would tell you they do not wish to be this way but have no other choice. Just like you have no other choice than to be gay, you have no other choice but to be kinky. Trying to go against what is natural for you will only make you unhappy and ultimately you will be left unsatisfied. The fact that you have tried for years to go away from this and keep coming back should tell you a lot. Maybe if you find others to befriend who are like you, it will help you be happy with who you are. Remember how it was when you discovered other gay people to hang out with? The same is true for being kinky. Find others like yourself and I believe you will find a peacefulness with all this. Being kinky can be exciting in the long run and should not be viewed as a bad thing. Think about it this way: your sex life will usually not become boring if you are kinky. This can keep things lively and exciting for you. I have always cherished this part of my life and cannot imagine not being kinky. Please try to find peace with yourself in all aspects and enjoy who you are. There will be some booths at the pride celebration in Indianapolis this year that will celebrate those who are kinky and into leather. There will be similar booths at prides in Cincinnati, Dayton and elsewhere around the region I am certain, too. Seek out those people and talk to them. They may be able to help you further find a place to belong that makes you a happier person. Going to pride celebrations in the month of June will enhance you as a person and make you aware that there are a lot of us in this world. Pride celebrations are not just for gay people, but also for those who love gay people. This year’s pride celebrations promise to be bigger and better than in years past. By the time this is printed I will be coming back from Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the Northwest Leather Celebration in San Jose, California. I will report next month on these events. Check out local and not-so-local events this year and attend one or two or more. Attending these events will enrich you as a person and you may just meet the person of your dreams. Please write your questions and comments to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Finances In Focus By Michael Wright / Edward D Jones Mother’s Day is almost upon us. This year, in addition to giving mum some flowers and a card, why not brighten her day — and her future — by making a financial gift? Your first thought might be that giving your mother a cheque may seem “tacky.” But these days, everyone can use a little extra cash. However, you can find other types of financial gifts that can have a longer-lasting impact. Here are a few ideas to consider: Help mum fund her IRA. If your mother is still working, she can contribute to an IRA — and she should. Either a traditional or Roth IRA is a great way to build tax-advantaged savings for retirement. Yet most people don’t fully fund their IRAs each year. In 2010, your mother can put in $5,000 to her IRA, or $6,000 if she’s 50 or older. While you can’t directly contribute to her IRA, you can write a cheque for that purpose. Purchase an investment for mum. If you can afford it, consider giving a few shares of stock, possibly issued by companies that make products or services your mother uses. If you think your mother could benefit from an increase in her cash flow, you might consider giving her a corporate or government bond, which can provide regular interest payments. Take care of a debt payment. The lower your mother’s debt payments, the more she can put away for retirement or have to enjoy now. While you probably aren’t in a position to pay off all her debts, perhaps you could handle a payment as a gift. Make a charitable gift in mum’s name. Your mother probably supports many worthy causes — and a financial gift to any one of them, in her name, would probably please her greatly. Furthermore, your generosity may provide you with an immediate tax deduction, assuming the group to which you donate meets the tax deductibility guidelines established by the IRS. Provide mum with some financial education. If your mother doesn’t know much about investing, you might get her a book on the topic. Or, better yet, if you have a financial advisor whom you trust, introduce him or her to your mother. Once your mother enters her pre-retirement and retirement years, she may have many issues — such as cash flow management, estate planning and investing to stay ahead of inflation — for which she could use the help of a financial professional. Mother’s Day comes and goes in a day — but by making the right type of financial gift to your mother, your generosity can be felt for years to come. On another topic, none of us can see what the future holds for us, but you have to make certain assumptions if you’re going to create a strategy for building the resources you’ll need for a comfortable retirement. But what happens when those assumptions prove unrealistic? Unfortunately, many people are wrestling with this very problem. Specifically, they plan to work until a certain age — but they leave the work force earlier. Obviously, this can have a big effect on a variety of other retirement income factors, such as the amount of money they need to put away each year while they’re still working and the age at which they should start collecting Social Security and begin tapping into their IRA, 401(k) and other retirement accounts. Just how big a problem is this? Consider the following statistics from the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2009 Retirement Confidence Survey: 47% of retirees left the work force earlier than planned. Of that total, 42% did so because of health problems or disability, 34% left due to their employers’ downsizing or closure, and 18% left to care for a lover or family member. So here’s the bottom line: Even if you think you’re going to work until, say, 65, and you want to work until 65, you may be forced to quit at 62, 60 — or even younger. And during those years you won’t be working, you’re not just losing out on earned income — you’re also not contributing to your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan, and you might lose your ability to contribute to your IRA as well. At the same time, your retirement lifestyle expenses have begun earlier than you anticipated — and many people find that these costs aren’t much, if any, lower than the expenses they incurred while working. So what to do? Consider the following: Maximize your contributions to your 401(k) and IRA; invest for growth by including growth-oriented investments, such as stocks, in your balanced portfolio. While you may want to construct an investment strategy based on retiring at a certain age, you’ll also want to come up with some alternative scenarios based on different retirement ages and corresponding differences in other factors, such as amounts invested in each year, rate of return, age at which you begin taking Social Security, and so on. A financial professional can help you develop these “hypotheticals.” You can’t predict the future. But you can at least help yourself prepare for those twists of fate that await you as you plan for retirement.

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Ask The Pharmacist Kevin Tonn / Walgreen's, 16th & Meridian Indianapolis Some health problems are unavoidable...others are self-de-feeting. That’s our way to say this month’s column will look at our long-suffering feet. And for some of us suffering is the right word, but there is a lot we can do to make things more comfortable. First off, the feet are a part of the body that most people don’t think of when trying to stay healthy, however, the reality is that our feet take a lot of punishment. Everything from a tennis match to a jog to a walk on the beach to putting pressure on our bicycle pedals involves, you guessed it, our feet, so it is vital that we give our feet the proper care and attention they deserve. Not only will washing your feet daily (or more if you are outside in hot weather) help prevent problems, but so will clean socks and buying the right kind of socks. Ones that breathe and wick away moisture are vital, especially in warm weather or if you happen to be a Winter sport enthusiast — in ski boots there’s not much circulation and that dampness is the breeding ground for a lot of problems. Remember that anywhere your feet are damp, wet or cramped is not good. Speaking of cramped, it’s amazing how many people do not buy properly sized shoes. The wrong size or width can not only hurt your feet, but can leave you with everything from arch issues to bunions and hammer toe. Yes, these things really do exist and yes, they can be painful and affect you for the rest of your life. Go to a shoe store where they know how to properly fit shoes — be it a local, family-run shop or a runner’s shop, a walking shoe store or the shoe department of your local department store. Be prepared to ask questions and don’t buy a shoe that’s fashionable if it hurts your feet! No matter how cool it might look on the dance floor Saturday night, not being able to walk or work out for a week after due to foot pain is not a good idea. So what are some of the things which can affect feet? —Athlete’s foot is one of the most common. It’s a fungal infection of the skin that can affect any part of the foot, but is most commonly found between the toes. You can pick up the infection in damp places, such as showers, locker rooms and swimming pools. Athelete’s foot causes cracks in the skin along with redness and irritation. There are a variety of over-the-counter products to treat the infection — just look for the active ingredients of tolnaftate, clotrimazole, miconazole or terbinafine. They are available in creams, ointments, powders and sprays and should be used for two to four weeks. Ask your pharmacist for help selecting the product right for you. To prevent athelete’s foot, keep your feet dry, clean and cool, avoid walking barefoot in communal showers and locker rooms and change your socks daily (or more if you work out or sweat a lot). —Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection in the skin of the feet. The virus is spread by skin-to-skin contact including from one body part to another. You can also pick up the virus through indirect exposure in gym showers and pools. Plantar warts are rough and cauliflower-like in appearance. They pop up alone or in groups on the bottom of the foot, often near the toe line. Plantar warts tend to enlarge over time and with continued irritation. The only successful treatment is complete removal of the affected skin. This can sometimes be accomplished by treatment with products containing salicylic acid which are available over the counter. The product is applied daily to the wart. Improvement will start to be seen in the first couple of weeks, with complete removal within 12 weeks. Cryotherapy, preferably performed by a foot doctor or dermatologist, is an alternate way to remove plantar warts. In this case, the affected skin is frozen and the wart falls off in about 10 days. —Thickened skin on the feet, caused by continued pressure and friction, can be particularly uncomfortable and unsightly. Corns are yellowish-gray in colour and can be quite painful. Calluses usually have a broader base and more even thickening of the skin. Corns and calluses can be treated by soaking the affected area in warm water for a few minutes and removing the dead skin carefully and gently with a rough towel, callus file or pumice stone. Sharp knives, razor blades and scissors should never be used. To prevent the formation or worsening of corns and calluses, try wearing protective pads and cushions in the main areas of pressure and friction. —Bunions are the result of excessive growth of bone and soft tissue on the big toe. This can result in pain and difficulty walking, especially when the bunion rubs your shoe. To help relieve this pain wear roomier shoes (remember: correct sizes) or try placing a soft foam cushion around the bunion. Consult with your doctor or podiatrist to have the bunion removed if it’s painful or becomes inflamed. You stand, walk, and sometimes run on them every day, so remember to put your feet up, give them a rest and keep them healthy.

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Introducing all the insurance companies who offer more discounts than Farmers. ®

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Do it, experience it for yourself! Amazing Migun heated massage table with heated Jade massage acupressure heads. Even burns calories – proven studies – for weight loss. Call Dave at (317) 283-1152. You’ll be glad you called. Multiple therapies encompassing the whole body for maximum satisfying results. Great for pain management and total letting go.

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A Thank You To Friends & I wish to thank you, the judges, the community, my Supporters... sponsors and everyone for my recent selection as Mr. 501 Eagle 2010.

As I work to build lasting relationships between the Leather Community and the larger GLBT Community, I would like to thank you for your support and inspiration in my vision of each person being a part of something greater than our individual selves. I am looking forward to continued work with these and other organizations throughout the year. 501 Eagle Tavern Indy Pride Bag Ladies Indy Sluggers Damien Center TGIF Bowling Tournament Bar Buddies Indiana Falcons K.I.S.S Leather Archives and Museum National Coalition for Sexual Freedom I have the opportunity to represent our local community at the 32nd Annual International Mr. Leather competition May 28-30, 2010. I am still raising travel funds and would like to thank those who have helped support me. It is an honor to compete and I hope to do Indiana proud.

In Leather and Pride, Ernie L. Johnson Mr. 501Eagle 2010 sciďŹ Page 58

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In Louisville

Thursday, May 6th @ 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 7th @ 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 8th @ 7:30 p.m. Sunday, May 9th @ 2:00 p.m. Sunday, May 9th @ 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 12th @ 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 13th @ 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 14th @ 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 15th @ 2:00 p.m. Saturday, May 15th @ 7:30 p.m. Sunday, May 16th @ 7:30 p.m.

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You Auto Try This... By Casey Williams/ Automotive Reporter Hyundai migrated to North America in the ‘80s by selling an atrocious little pot called the Pony. It was a total piece, based on an underachieving Mitsubishi, but it gave the Korean automaker a chance to improve its wares. And, boy did it ever. Over the next 25 years, Hyundai went from humble to hot, building some of the best cars sold here. If you want a sport coupe that can humble a ‘90s Corvette, and keep pace with America’s pony cars, check the Genesis Coupe 3.8. Especially when equipped with the available V6 engine and manual transmission, the Genesis Coupe is very much a Korean Corvette. It has a swoopy body, you’re tucked into it, and the steering is firmly connected to an athletic chassis. This is a car that embarrasses many world-class sports cars with a price that challenges mortal mid-size sedans. A quick glance at the Genesis could convince you it is just a successor to the Tiburon or an aggressively styled Mitsubishi Eclipse competitor. Take it front-on and it looks as wide as a Ferrari Testarossa. The coupe shares its wide luxury car platform with the Genesis sedan, translating into a very roomy cabin and athletic stance. At some angles, the car looks like an Infiniti G37 sport coupe, which I’m sure is no accident. Stand behind it and you get a breath of wing and wide butt that will become a familiar sight to drivers of lesser wheels. Two-tier side surfacing and a “Z profile” windowline leave their impressions. Eighteen-inch alloy wheels insure this exotic coupe can live up to its sexy looks. You can get an efficient little 210-hosepower turbocharged four-cylinder in the Genesis, but what’s the swag in that? Go ahead, get the high-tech 306-horsepower 3.8-litre V6 and grow a set. In every one of the six manually selected gears, the car growls and surges forward like an American muscle car. Like in the Genesis sedan, power is sent to the rear wheels — proper in any real performance car. Fuel economy is rated 17/26-MPG city/ highway. You’ll burn more fuel than in a V6-powered domestic, but not much. If you’re that worried about it, go for the four-cylinder model and enjoy 21/30-MPG. All you need is an iPhone (or similar device) to turn the Genesis into a Jetsons-era space coupe. The car’s twin-cockpit dash design, swooping off in opposite directions on either side of the console, is modern and sporty. Heated leather seats in contrasting brown leather looked great and gripped for fun. Automatic climate control, power sunroof, auto up/down front windows and push button starting make the car easy to use. Even with in-dash navigation and a thumpin’ 10-speaker, XM satellite-receiving Infinity audio system, the car seems simple. Plug in your iPhone through the AUX and USB ports to access all of your music through the car’s controls. Menus are intuitive and couldn’t be easier to use. Bluetooth lets you make calls using the iPhone’s contact list and service by pressing buttons on the steering wheel. Add one little device and the car becomes as sophisticated as any. Best of all, you can take that tech to go.

Y O U R N E E D S A R E M Y P R I O R I T I E S.

Serving The Community with Pride!

Engineers went all out creating the Genesis sedan’s chassis. Its four-wheel independent suspension system, five-links in back, is as sophisticated as high-end German units. They had clear minds when they carried over a stiffened version for the Genesis Coupe. Compared to other cars in its class, Genesis feels better planted over rough pavement, but is lively enough to carve up backroads with vigour. Somehow, it still manages to provide a comfortable ride on the highway and isn’t overly harsh on rough city streets. The chassis is a first-class design and Genesis is a first-class ride. Safety was a key point of the car’s design. Dual front, front side and side curtain airbags tally off the people protectors. Four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, electronic stability control, traction control and electronic brake force distribution let the chassis contribute to avoid accidents in the first place. Active headrests help protect against whiplash in severe accidents. All of this adds up to five-star front side and rollover ratings from the federal government.


I don’t have the heart to take a car and roast the tires off of it in a crazy testosteroneinfused tear, but everybody tells me the Genesis is a riot among the drifting crowd. Its torquey rear-driven powertrain can spin the tires into liquid goo with a side of smoke; its precise suspension and steering let you put the car wherever you want it as if with thought alone. Amazingly, during a 3-hour drive, the car was as mature and well behaved as any high-performance coupe I’ve driven recently. If the Genesis Sedan heralded Hyundai’s arrival with an unapologetic luxury sedan that can take on high-end German and Japanese models, then the Genesis Coupe is the sports car that puts the world’s pony cars on notice. This is a very serious car with very serious intentions. Believe this: Genesis is giving the Mustang and Camaro their own brand of Asian Hell while serving up a dish of burn for the Infiniti G37 and Nissan Z as well. An as tested price of $29,425 rubs wasabi in the wounds.

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Angels in America





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Bands & Big Parties...We had it all in April. First, the gay and lesbian band association held their international meeting in Indianapolis, bringing musicians from around the U.S., Canada and beyond. And then, Greg’s held their annual Dance On in honour of the club’s co-founder, Greg Powers. Guest porn star Tony Buff MC’d the first Mr. Greg’s Contest. We sent Chris Conner to both events.

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Standard Reviewer By Bill Elliott / Word Critic Steve Carell and Tina Fey are currently two of the hottest properties on television with successful back-to-back prime-time shows on NBC — The Office and 30 Rock. The pairing of the two in Date Night might seem a little calculated but it makes sense; the film brings together two of the funniest people in America. It’s a marriage made in Hollywood, so to speak. Given that multiplexes and television networks have been running trailers for the film for several months, studio execs have clearly worked hard to create a solid buzz among potential filmgoers. So, is the film a success? Yes and no. The problem with widely-released and plot-rich trailers is that they raise very high expectations. They also make seeing a movie for the first time a bit like, well, seeing a movie for the second time. Except that trailers extract all the best bits and don’t include the bits that drag or fall flat. In Date Night, Carell and Fey play Phil and Claire Foster, a New Jersey couple with two kids and steady jobs — he’s a tax lawyer and she’s a real estate agent. They live in the suburbs and enjoy a pleasant, if somewhat predictable, life. One night each week they go out on a “date,” which has become as predictable as their daily work and parental routines. To break up the monotony of their middle-aged, middle-class lives, Phil decides to take Claire into New York City for a special dinner at a fancy seafood restaurant called Claw. Of course, just like his alter ego-maniac, Michael Scott, in The Office, Phil thinks he’s too important to make reservations in advance. No surprises when the restaurant’s aloof and attitude-laden host tells them there are no tables available — for the rest of the month! Ever the optimist, Phil decides to wait in the bar “just in case something opens up.” When that eventuality doesn’t seem likely, Phil takes matters into his own hands by “stealing” a reservation for the Tripplehorns, a couple who appear to be no-shows at the restaurant. This turns out to be the beginning of an evening of unexpected surprises. The first of these is the cost of the food. When they see the menu, Claire says, “For crab this price, I’d expect it to sing and dance and introduce me to the Little Mermaid!” Date Night, as one would expect from television work of Carell and Fey, is full of zinging one-liners. Unless you’ve avoided network TV and haven’t been to a movie theatre in months, you are probably familiar with the plot of Date Night by now. “The Tripplehorns” turn out to be involved in some nefarious activities: they are blackmailing a seedy criminal and an equally seedy politician who is keeps the police off his back. Though only a few miles from their home, Phil and Claire are thrust into a world they only glimpse on television. Pursued by a pair of “bent cops” they cannot rely on the police to get them out of trouble. So, Phil convinces Claire that they need to go it alone. They must retrieve a flash drive that has incriminating evidence on it. Along the way, they encounter some interesting characters. “Marky” Mark Wahlberg turns in a humorous performance as a wealthy IT securities mogul whom Claire has sold some real estate to. He helps them locate the blackmailers, who are only marginally more competent as criminals than Phil and Claire are as criminal catchers. The film, like many others that try to yoke together comedy and adventure, gets a little bogged down in the “adventure” part. It draws on cop show clichés and chase sequences to fill in plot holes. Having said that, Date Night does contain a more innovative take on the obligatory “car chase,” in which a New York City cab becomes entangled with the car stolen by Phil and Claire. (Watch out for the cameo role of the cabbie, played by Curb Your Enthusiasm’s J.B. Smoove). Essentially, Date Night is about finding ways to make life seem more exciting once it has settled into a routine. It is also about recognising what makes relationships work (and what it is about them that is worth making them work) even after many years of marriage. Date Night is often very funny, and this owes as much to the casting of Carell and Fey as it does to the script by Josh Klausner (who co-scripted the über-clever Shrek 3 and the upcoming Shrek 4).

The downside of the film is that, by the end, it attempts to become James Cameron’s True Lies. It really doesn’t need to do that because Carell and Fey are able to carry the film without resorting to an over-the-top technological hardware bail out. But this is a minor quibble. For much of the film, it is a pleasure to watch two of America’s biggest goofballs try to cope with a rather preposterous situation. Isn’t that what Hollywood comedy is all about?

Spotlight 2010 To Benefit The Indiana AIDS Fund INDIANAPOLIS—Why is the 10th of May one of the best nights in town? Not just because it is the day after Mother’s Day, and you can finally be free from proving to Mommie Dearest that you are in fact her favourite child, but more importantly: Spotlight at Clowes Memorial Hall. This will be my 3rd year being involved with Spotlight. I have worked backstage as an assistant stage manager and this year I have joined the Steering Committee. I was first asked to help out backstage while working behind the scenes at Indiana Repertory Theatre. I immediately jumped at the opportunity — mostly because I loved working with the people involved, but secretly, because Patti Lupone had recently performed on Clowes’ stage and I was excited to have an opportunity to work in the same space as the Broadway Diva. A bit queeny, I know. As I was completing multiple backstage tasks to prepare for the show, the reason still had yet to hit me. During the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus’ performance, we would be flying in the AIDS Memorial Quilt from above the stage. It was not until I was asked to steam out the wrinkles in the quilt, that the real reason behind the event really sunk in. Seeing the quilt up close, touching it, I could see the tiny details made by the families and friends who crafted these panels in memory of those they lost. I could see the little imperfections. On one panel a child coloured outside the lines of the sun with a marker on the piece dedicated to her dad who died when she was only five years old. On another, some glitter had fallen off of the rainbow that was made to honour someone’s close friend who had a flair for the dramatic and a love of the stage. One panel had attached to it the backside of a pair of jeans. I could read the size of the label on the Wranglers. Next to it said something along the lines of ‘these were your favourite jeans.’ I was sobbing. I have been lucky in that I have not lost anyone to HIV/AIDS. While I was never oblivious to the disease or the struggle, still the people affected, the lives destroyed, were distant. Throughout the few years I have been involved with Spotlight, I have wrestled with this distance. Then it hit me — it is because of events like Spotlight and organisations like the Indiana AIDS Fund and the Damien Centre, that HIV/AIDS does not have the severity that it was once did. Because of these groups’ hard work and ruthless dedication, this disease no longer defines the gay community. But the younger generation of gay men (and America as a whole for that matter) cannot ignore reality. It is because of the sacrifice of those before us that we can live the lives we lead. We must remember that HIV/AIDS is still taking lives. We must keep fighting and working our little gay asses off until every person surviving with this disease can afford the necessary health care. We must remind future generations of the severity and reality that our community fought and continues to fight through. Spotlight is the perfect vehicle. It allows us the opportunity to remember where we have been and those who came before us. It also allows us the opportunity to educate today’s youth about prevention and treatment. Perhaps most importantly, it gives everyone a chance to get together and focus on a more hopeful future — a future with a cure, all while watching the best performing artists in the state on one stage. We do like our entertainment, don’t we? And hell, wouldn’t it be great to see Asia LaBouche perform where Patti Lupone once sang her face off? With tickets starting at $15, there is no reason for an empty seat in Clowes Memorial Hall 10 May. The show starts at 7.30 p.m. Check for a list of the performers and details. Tickets are available through all Ticketmaster ticket centres, chargeby-phone at 800/982.2787 or at the Clowes Box Office. I hope to see the entire auditorium filled for this amazing performance. Where else can you see professional dance companies, musicians of all kinds, actors, poets and drag queens perform on one stage? Nowhere. See you at Clowes 10th May. — Ben Snyder

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Fairness Counts Positives; Negatives During Kentucky 2010 Legislative Session FRANKFORT, Ky.—After recent legislative sessions targeting and attacking lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Kentuckians through anti-Fairness laws, the 2010 Kentucky legislature saw unprecedented progress for Fairness in the commonwealth. Here are a few highlights courtesy of the Fairness Campaign... *No Anti-Fairness Legislation Filed* For the first time in years, no legislator in the Kentucky Senate or House filed legislation targeting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Kentuckians. Just last year, Shelbyville Senator Gary Tapp introduced Senate Bill 68, which would have barred any unmarried cohabitating couples from fostering or adopting children in the commonwealth. Fairness advocates rallied to quickly defeat that legislation with strong support from foster and adoption agencies, social workers and faith-based groups across the state. Last month similar legislation in Arkansas was struck down as unconstitutional. The Judge in the case reiterated the main point the Kentucky Statewide Fairness Coalition and its supporters made in the Spring of 2009, that such legislation does not “serve the state’s interest in determining what is in the best interest of the child.” *Pro-Adoption Bill Heard in House* In response to last year’s failed anti-adoption measure, Rep. Tom Burch of Louisville this year introduced dual parent adoption House Bill 195, which would allow unmarried partners the legal ability to become parents of the children for whom they care.

Certified Massage Therapist David Ragon Is Indy's Newest Certified Massage Therapist Specializing In Swedish Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Family court attorney and gay adoptive father Bryan Gatewood offered expert testimony to the House Health and Welfare Committee on the need for such a law in a March hearing. He cited the loss of children’s rights to receive many of the benefits legally adopted children enjoy, such as the right to Social Security benefits upon the death of a parent, the right to be covered by both parents’ insurance, the right to receive child support and more. Toni Joyce, Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers, reinforced Gatewood’s testimony with a personal plea for the children who this type of legal disenfranchisement affects, and both then fielded positive questions from legislators. Gatewood and Joyce both requested Committee Chairman Burch hold additional informational hearings during the interim committee meetings this Summer. *Record Number of Cosponsors on Statewide Fairness Bill* Thought it failed to pass, we had a record number of legislators signed on to Rep. Mary Lou Marzian’s statewide anti-discrimination Fairness House Bill 117, this year adding Rep. Arnold Simpson of Covington. Sen. Kathy Stein once more proposed a companion piece of legislation, Senate Bill 138. The law would amend the Kentucky Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classifications, prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations in the commonwealth, a move unanimously endorsed by the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights in a 2008 resolution sent to the Governor. It would make Kentucky the 21st state to extend such protections, and the first in the South. Currently only Covington, Lexington and Louisville offer protections in Kentucky. *Hospital Visitation Rights Measure Passes House Unanimously*

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For the second year, Rep. Mary Lou Marzian’s hospital visitation rights House Bill 118, passed out of the Health and Welfare Committee with bi-partisan support. This session, the bill was approved unanimously on the House floor with a 99-0 vote. The law would “allow a patient of a health facility who is 18 years of age or older to designate, in writing, an individual not legally related by marriage or blood, who the patient wishes to have visitation rights.” It is identical to the protections President Barack Obama ordered in mid-April and now becomes law without the Kentucky senate’s OK. *Sponsors and cosponsors of 2010 Fairness legislation in Kentucky:* Finally we’d like to say a special thanks to those who have worked with us to sponsor Fairness legislation this year: Sen. Denise Harper Angel, Sen. Gerald Neal, Sen. Tim Shaughnessy, Sen. Kathy Stein, Rep. Tom Burch, Rep. Kelly Flood, Rep. Joni Jenkins, Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, Rep. Reggie Meeks, Rep. Darryl Owens, Rep. Ruth Ann Palumbo, Rep. Arnold Simpson, Rep. Jim Wayne and Rep. Susan Westrom. Without you we could not have done this much and we appreciate you.

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OK, Now You Got The Check...

Spend Some Of It On You! Free Consultations Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Acne Rosacea Scars Tattoo Removal BOTOX Skin Tightening & More Call Today For Our May Specials!

Patricia English,M.D. Beth Pretti, R.N., F.N.P.

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Pink In The Sheets Mz. Pink,

By Mz. Pink / Word Columnist

Recently my girlfriend of four years has started to act funny. She has been texting more often, keeping her phone on her at all times, when it rings she hurries and grabs it and ignores the calls or says it’s a bill collector. She won’t let me use her phone if we are out and she freaks out if I try to. I’m afraid she may be cheating on me, but if she is I need proof. How do I get the proof or find out she’s innocent? If she’s being unfaithful then I need to call her out, because right now she is denying it and telling me that I am doing the cheating because I am asking her and questioning her faithfulness. I don’t want to snoop, but I don’t want to be made a fool of if she is being unfaithful. I don’t think I can be with her if she is cheating, but I need to prove if I am right or wrong. What do you suggest? Cheated! Dear Cheated, It must be in the air to get cheated on and unfortunately cheating in this day and age often starts with the cell phone. I mean they even have reality shows dedicated to texting drama. Fact is, it really does happen and that stinks, because it will always hurt the victim the most. You, Cheated, might be the victim here no matter how much your girlfriend tries to pin it on you, but do you have any real, concrete proof or could this just be your own insecurity calling her a cheat? Here is what I think you need to do: First off, if you feel that you are getting cheated on then you need to just break it off. There should be no need for second guessing if you really feel that strongly. You also don’t need to waste your time trying to find out the truth because if it comes down to it and she isn’t cheating then any trust you might have had is out the window because you decided to snoop. However, if you decide to snoop and go that extra step to find out what she is doing (which is your choice) take heed because what you find may hurt you more than just the thought of her cheating; it will shed light on what she’s been doing, which might be nothing short of what she’s told you — avoiding a bill collector on her college loans or unwanted communication from an ex. If you don’t find anything which points to guilt isn’t it time to sit back and ask yourself why you were so paranoid? Sure, you could ask her friends or mutual friends if they think anything is up, and worst case scenario…you could follow her, watch her when she texts and do whatever it takes to get the truth out. Remember, though, she might not be guilty and you, not she, might be in the wrong here. Paranoia is a terrible thing and usually when it gets this bad nobody wins in the end. So what to do next? Communicate! Talk to her! Calmly tell her what you know and how you found out (if you decide to go that route) or tell her why you are concerned. Don’t bash or threaten — listen and carry on a civil conversation. After all you feel she drove you to the edge and hurt you, so you have a right to know what’s up, right? It’s going to be hard but use your anger and hurt to get your point across. Tell her that you have had suspicions for awhile and you just couldn’t believe it. By no means should you go cheat on her — calling her out and breaking it off will be enough. Try to keep your ground and stay as adult about the situation as you can. In the end you will know (and so will she) that you stayed in control of the situation and that will “kill” her. She will beat herself up knowing that she is no longer with you. It is a proven fact that if you lose someone who was great to you and for you, you will always want them back even after all the sleeping around, or whatever she was doing behind your back — if indeed she was or is doing anything. You, Cheated, need to keep in mind that if you are faithful and honest you have a right to know, but keep in mind she has a right to call you out if it’s just paranoia speaking and she has done nothing out of line. You deserve to know the truth, especially if you are loving and caring to this girl and valuing the relationship, but keep in mind all the while that she may well be telling the truth and in the end that means you lose for your insecurity if you dump her. I have no use for cheaters and if someone dating me cheated, they would be shown the door. Period. But it’s up to you to get this resolved. I say take a stand and stick to your guns. Also keep in mind that if you decide to stay it’s quite likely that the relationship will never be the same and you will both be unhappy. Think before you speak and ask her point blank what she’s up to. Don’t be rude but request answers and don’t agree to stay until you get them — whether or not they are the ones you wanted to hear. Good luck. E-mail Mz. Pink at

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Anybody but our old owner ancient enough to recall the film and play Camelot? If so, you’ll remember them belting out Lerner & Lowe’s tune titled The Lusty Month of May which contains this chorus: “Tra la! It’s May, the lusty month of May! That lovely month when ev’ryone goes blissfully astray; Tra la! It’s here, that shocking time of year! When tons of wicked little thoughts merrily appear…” It appears that round our area those lusty thoughts and wickedly astray folks started a bit early, but now that is it May, we are sure it’s full steam ahead. So what have we pussies heard? Humm… First off that one of the miscreants we talked about here last issue seems to be sorry for what he was seen doing one drunken night at a local club. He said the following in an e-mail to someone who saw and was upset by his behaviour and demanded he explain it: “I can’t. Other than sorry. I was having a really bad night and took it out on a lot of people... You were not alone. You have the right to be pissed at me... But again really it had nothing to do with you. So apologies — I had a lot of major stuff going on. I understand if you don’t want to talk to me again…” We pussies understand he does want to talk to the dude again, though we hear tell the guy in question is laying low and last seen was remarkably sober. Could it be a lesson learned? What was it Ted’s mum always said about not doing something you can’t be proud of? …Speaking of not being proud, a club owner we shall leave nameless can’t be proud of his cheapness this much can he? We hear tell via an email from a club staffer (maybe ex-staffer by now?) that said owner, “Is sooo money hungry that when his regular door guy asked for the night off to hang with friends from out of town because he just buried his ex and still best friend that day, the bar owner made the regular door guy pay to get in! He must have needed that $5 realllllll bad... Talk about people with NO heart or compassion…” and that pretty much sums it all up, doesn’t it? Glad we cats don’t work for him… Before we get off on another bit of nastiness, we want to say condolences to DJOliver (a.k.a. Jeff) and his partner on the loss of their cat, Emo. He reports, “It’s been a really rough couple of weeks at our house…I hope your pussies are doing well (smother them with kisses!)...” We pussies send all our best to you guys and hope, too, you have another cat to spoil also. We still miss our Miss Lila and it’s been four plus years since she left us on Christmas Morning 2005… Speaking of leaving (cue the guys with egg on their faces!) we are still waiting to hear apologies from former friend Brian who left Indy with great fanfare last Autumn along with pal and roomie Mykhail for San Francisco. When Ted told Brian on Facebook that they’d be back ‘cause everybody eventually is, he got all kinds hateful verbiage, so he grew weary of it and unfriended Brian. So who did Ted run into last week back working at Buca in downtown Indy? Why Mykhail, of course! He told Ted that he and Brian had a bout with their roomie and after a few weeks called it quits. “We been back since January, but Brian didn’t want you to know!” Apparently a lot of stuff he does is not known as his former roomie says they rarely talk and we pussies are still not on his friends list again. Can we say “Told Ya So!” without getting a dose of laxatives put in our cat food? We really are glad to see the duo back. We just wish Brian could buck it up and say he was wrong, but we aren’t holdin’ our collective tuna breaths… Speaking of tuna, there is definitely something fishy goin’ on in town and a lot of it seems centered on Metro, where boss Jim still hasn’t gotten to the bottom of what’s up with his former employees. We hear one he had to get evicted from the house Jim rented to him, while another, whom he got a judgement on years back walked in and handed Jim a cashier’s cheque for nearly $18,000. When he asked in amazement why when it all was over the dude told him, “because it’s the right thing to do!” Amen and we need more folk out there doing just that same right thing. We plan meanwhile to hit up Jim for some extra cat treats since we figure he can buy plenty of them with that cash, huh?... Speaking of cash, owner Ivan got a spam e-mail supposedly from friend Speed last week. The e-mail was obviously from someone who’d broken into Speed’s Yahoo account, but what made it funny was it was one of those saying “help I’m in England where my sister is dying can you send me £2100 to help?” ones. The problem was the grammar was awful, suggesting a scam from Nigeria, but what made it all the funnier is it said, “Due to her deteriorating condition I had to fly out here yesterday…” Problem: It was dated 17 April, which was in the middle of a total flight ban to England because of volcanic dust and ash which can down airplanes. Note to spammers: At least watch the news before you make up a story. It’s really easy to find the fakers anywhere in the world these days… Finally, speaking of fakers, a note to a certain Ball State student in Muncie: If you are gonna tell folks you talk to in online chat rooms that you dive for the college team, please remember that anyone can go to the school’s athletics website, click swim team roster and see if you are telling the truth. This guy might be wanting folks he messages to take a dive in bed, but we can say for certain he doesn’t dive for BSU. He’s just, well, all wet! See you in June for pride month.

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Food For Thought By Ted Fleischaker / Word Publisher INDIANAPOLIS—We’d love to know what germ hit restaurant owners and bosses about 10 or 12 years back and which continues to infect them today…the germ of an idea that it’s good to name their restaurants for the establishment’s address and nothing too creative. Many of the stops along the way have resulted in undeliverable at this address or addressee unknown cards from the postman as the places have foundered or moved. A few have also changed names along the way. Thank goodness that’s not at all the case with 14 West. 14 West (at 14 West Maryland Street, just north of the north entrance on street level of Nordstrom and stuck between Oceanaire and Palomino between Meridian and Illinois) came about a decade or more ago when Indiana News vacated this National Register historic building and Carter Fortune and his then partners took over, restored the place to its former glory and put downtown’s best boutique hotel upstairs and a restaurant on ground level. A distinctive sidewalk café went up out front and they opened the doors to great fanfare. English royalty stayed and ate at 14 West and drivers of every nationality frequented the spot when the Formula One car races came to Indy in the Summers. But times, the ending of F1 here and chefs changed until a year or two ago, the place fell on hard times. Lunch hours were dropped, brought back and dropped again. It was hard to even know when 14 West was open. Recently, however, a new chef, new management (same great owner) and a fresh menu with lower prices have breathed new life into this most lovely of restaurants. They also restored lunch hours on weekdays (and promise they will stay), added special events like Easter Sunday, Mothers Day and other brunches, and staff at 14 West has been drastically improved. Friendly faces like long-time employee and event/hotel manager Heather Fowler have remained and are smiling with the attention ownership is giving to this wonderful downtown gem all polished up once more. We did lunch at 14 West recently and appreciated both the food and service, not to mention that we got three out the door for under $45 (well under) which in days past would have been unlikely if we’d had more than bread and water. The new menus are fresher and have a lot of interesting items on offer. The three of us had a Grilled Chicken Club, a BBQ Salmon and a General Tso’s Chicken Wrap. All three of us came out the door smiling in just about an hour — a vast improvement on the old days when lunch could stretch to two or more hours, servers were less on the ball and the kitchen didn’t seem to own, much less know how, to read a clock. The General Tso’s Wrap was one of the more unique entrees, and was made up of spicy chicken done in Chinese restaurant style, which came tossed in sweet and sour sauce with shredded lettuce and wrapped in a spinach tortilla. We asked for a side of mayo to go with ours, which we are sure mortified the chef, but there’s no accounting for taste, is there? Price tag on this, with a side of fresh fries was $8. The lady with the salmon, friend Meredith Easley from downtown’s winery of the same name, proclaimed it some of the best salmon she’s ever been served. It came with a pear chutney, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach all for $10. And partner Ivan who had the chicken club was amazed not only that the portion was huge, but that the blend of chicken, avocado mayo, Swiss, bacon, lettuce, ham and tomato came on sweet Hawaiian bread. The latter is one of his faves so this was an instant smile-maker as was the very fair price of $9. Service was attentive without being obtrusive (something a lot of downtown restaurants need to take as a lesson) and we did not even have to whine or beg at the end to get the bill presented. Bravo! We were impressed with the restaurant’s atmosphere as a spot we used to take business meals because it still easily qualifies. Décor has stayed unchanged, showing the historic building’s interior with minimalist additions and the quiet but not funereal setting lends itself to closing deals and actually talking to friends. Too many spots these days are so loud as to be obnoxious and you can’t close a business deal or sign a contract if you have 10 TVs blaring or music more suited to a dance floor than a working lunch. 14 West got this one just right, too. We do need to go by and try the dinner soon, but if lunch is any indication, you will be seeing the address 14 West once again atop our address book. It’s one street number which is worth remembering in downtown Indianapolis. Take a stroll by and try it yourself.

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