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February 2009

Meet The Dem Running For Mayor

Indy’s Karaoke King Dan Crews Is Dead At 35

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Melina Kennedy was first to respond to Rick Sutton’s questions, though he’s hopeful Greg Ballard will soon, too. Meanwhile see what she had to tell Rick inside on Page 4.

Full Story Inside On Page 45; Cartoon & Word Editorial On Page 10.

New Mr. 501 Named INDIANAPOLIS—It was a hard-fought contest and a fun evening, but when the dust settled, Daniel Purtha was named 2011’s Mr. 501 Eagle. More pics inside on Page 50.

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February 2009

Ky. Fairness Gets $50,000 FRANKFORT—Kentucky’s Statewide Fairness Coalition was awarded $50,000 to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality across the commonwealth in 2011 by the Tides Foundation’s State Equality Fund, a philanthropic partnership that includes the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the Gill Foundation and anonymous donors. This marks the State Equality Fund’s second year of support for Kentucky’s Statewide Fairness Coalition of equal rights organisations that include the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky, Louisville’s Fairness Campaign, the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, Kentucky Fairness Alliance and Lexington Fairness. The Coalition was awarded $30,000 from the State Equality Fund last year to increase awareness and education across Kentucky and to conduct a statewide survey of public opinion on gay-related issues that will be released by the Coalition in January, 2011. Based on the Coalition’s broad scope of work and successful progress in 2010, the State Equality Fund asked the Coalition to increase their 2011 request for support from $30,000 to $50,000. The Coalition had initially applied for a three-year, $90,000 grant to span 2010-2012, with $30,000 to be awarded annually upon approval of progress, work plan, and availability of funds. The 2011 funds will be used to further the Coalition’s “NOH8 in Our State” education and awareness campaign across Kentucky.

Indy’s Karaoke King Dan Crews Is Dead At 35 Full Story Inside On Page 45; Cartoon & Word Editorial On Page 10.

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Cincy Centre Elects CINCINNATI—The Cincinnati Gay & Lesbian Community Centre recently held annual elections. Shown following the vote are, Left to right - front row Toby Martino (At large & Volunteer Coordinator) and Denise Taylor (new Secretary); middle row - left to right - Dr. John Maddux (Vice President), Teresa Shepherd CPA (Treasurer), Mother Chanak (At Large); back row - from left - Bill Abney (At Large) and Rusty Lockett (President.)

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By Rick Sutton / Political Columnist

(EDITOR’S NOTE— The Word has invited both major-party candidates for Indianapolis Mayor to sit for a one-on-one interview. The same questions will be asked of each candidate. Mayor Greg Ballard (R) has been invited to participate though at press time, his office had not yet accepted. If he does, that interview will be published in a future edition of The Word.) If Melina Kennedy has her way, Indianapolis will have a new mayor in 11 months. And domestic partner benefits for all local government employees. Kennedy, a former deputy mayor under Bart Peterson, has been practicing law and lying-in-wait for 2011. She formally gave up her law practice at the end of 2010. She’s a full-time mayoral candidate now and it shows. She formally announced her candidacy 10th January at a small business on the city’s near-eastside. She sat for an interview with The Word two days later in a large conference room at her campaign headquarters — a spartan, non-flashy office downtown. After multiple questions and answers on the city’s future and after the notes were packed away she asked for a little more time — for something important to her. “Take this down, I want to emphasise it,” she told me. “I want to be on record favouring domestic partner benefits for all city-county employees.” Her reason was sincere: “It’s the right thing to do. I want to be a champion for issues that are important to all of us; to our entire community. It’s an economic development issue too. I’ve seen it first-hand.” Kennedy recalled her days as Peterson’s economic development point person. She recruited firms to relocate here. In particular, one company stuck in her mind. “A small-to-medium IT firm, the kind that grows well and provides good jobs,” was looking hard at Indianapolis for an expansion. “The owner wanted to know she’d be relocating to a city that championed diversity. And we were just beginning.” She was referring to the city’s Human Rights Ordinance (HRO), signed into law under Peterson. “It is a tremendous thing to show prospective employers — that we value everyone.” But Democrat Kennedy offered up views on multiple issues, not just gay and lesbian ones, including: —She’s running for mayor because “I love this city. But I kept thinking can we do more? Sure we can. What drives me is thinking about our city’s future. —The city’s HRO is proof “the city did the right thing. On all fronts. It’s about treating everyone properly and it’s about jobs and economic development.” But, an HRO also brings responsibility: “When you have an ordinance, it has to be more than lip service,” she told me before she specifically mentioned the summer 2010 “Cupcake Affair,” which involved a City Market vendor’s alleged refusal to sell gay-themed pastry. “I’m just glad the city didn’t ignore it. Every single case is different. Hopefully, as we progress, we’ll be known as a city that expects diversity to be honoured.”

—Crime is “a huge over-reaching issue” that Kennedy told me threatens citizens’ security. “We have to feel secure in our homes and in our neighbourhoods and on our jobs. This administration has done a good job of telling us everything is OK, but it’s not. There is a lack of confidence and a lack of leadership accountability.” She pledged she’d work every day and night on that issue if elected. “It’s not about one specific programme, but an overall attitude and expectation of leadership. It can be done.” —The city’s neighbourhoods, she told me, “are a strength we don’t often promote and I will.” She said her economic development experience would be helpful in that task. “We’re all in this city together. Almost every neighbourhood has unique characteristics which make the larger community a wonderful place to live.” —Civic pride often takes many forms. She’ll work to promote civic pride by putting the

—And, again, with the jobs theme: “It’s just so important. I see it at every public appearance I make. Everyone, every home, every office, every workplace is affected by job loss. We need to treat this as the biggest priority, along with public safety.” —She’ll also, she said during our face time, work to promote hate crime awareness as well as anti-bullying measures. When I asked about it her response was direct and swift: “We can’t allow that to continue.” —The specific education plans available to a mayor are limited, “but that doesn’t mean we won’t work hard every day on a better education picture for our city to grow.” As of this writing, only one announced primary opponent remains — former CityCounty Councilman Ron Gibson. Kennedy is heavily-favoured to win party slating and the May primary. “But we’ll run a tough campaign and we won’t take any vote for granted” she told me adding that she expects the Fall campaign to be “tough, but passionate. I believe very deeply that this city needs a change in course. We will provide answers to current city challenges and I’m excited to take those challenges to the voters.” The daughter of Greek immigrants, she worked as a waitress in their Chicago restaurant to earn extra money, but also, as it turned out, for life lessons. “Hard work is challenging, but often, at the end of a long day when my dad was tired and the business was struggling, like many small businesses do, he had good advice. I tried to listen and to learn. I hope I did.” Please Continue On Page 31

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—The number one campaign issue which will dominate a Kennedy mayoral term is not gay rights or parking meters or any of the other hot buttons — it’s jobs. Opinions vary on economic development strategies but her experience, she said, tells her, “I can state facts. (Bureau of Labour Statistics) Jobs numbers are down. This city has already lost 35,000 jobs on Mayor Ballard’s watch. That fact permeates every neighbourhood; every possible corner of our city. I could be sitting in a boardroom beside a white-collar employee and they‘re worried about their future or they know someone who’s lost their job. Our children need security.”

—On the down-side she said the city’s tight budgets will not change soon. The property tax caps “will be a challenge but we can meet that challenge.” She said specific budget goals will be developed “by asking our community how we can affordably provide city services. Basic safety and public works (streets, roads) will be emphasised, but we can look at every other line-item and make our limited dollars work harder.” In her campaign announcement, she pledged to renew the city’s commitment to arts funding, as what she termed, “a vital economic development tool.”


Your Vote Counts

mayor’s office squarely in the mix. “For instance, I love Indy Pride. It’s a huge crowd. It’s part of our city and I love it. I always have such a good time.” The city’s rich ethnic heritage, she added, “can be an added source of civic pride.”


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Our Opinion Commentary From The Word / Ted Fleischaker, Publisher

Will We Ever Learn?

Despite the tongue-in-cheek tribute to our personal friend and the long-time karaoke king of Indy, the late Danny Crews, at left, his untimely death at age 35 begs a lot of questions — first among them is when will we as a community ever learn that we must cut back on the drugs, unsafe sex and what’s becoming 24/7 drunkeness if we are to survive? Sadly, this is not the first time The Word has lost a good friend in the past few months. Zach Raymond died before reaching 30 last Fall. Another person had to be rushed to the hospital days later after an OD, and still others we know have collapsed or become incoherent from the combined effects of too much partying — several before 8 a.m. on weekdays when they should have been getting ready for work or classes. The latter few are still walking the streets and are damn lucky to be alive. But not Dan at 35 and Zach at 29, who were both way, way too young to leave us behind. They both left a lot of life undone, too, and many folks asking what happened and why. But regardless of what you believe (or want to) the fact remains that these are examples of just two lives cut short in our hometown which could have — make that should have — lasted much longer. Just like with Zach, we will never know if there was something we as friends or as a community could have said or done to prolong Danny’s life, and it’s too late to find out. We will miss Danny, who we knew since he arrived here as a fresh-faced teen full of promise 20 or so years ago. And we will always, when we hear his tunes or watch friends sing Karaoke think of what was and what might have been had he stayed with us past 35. Of opportunities taken and opportunities lost. Of choices. Whatever path you choose in your life, always go to bed every night hoping that you have done the best for yourself, for like Danny, you just might not wake up with tomorrow’s dawn. Think of what could be...what is...and how you’d like things to be when the sun comes up tomorrow. There are a lot of choices handed to us all. Please use yours in the best way you know possible, even if that means one less drink, one less night out or one less trick to notch on your belt. Do it for you...and do it for all of us. — Ted Fleischaker, Publisher.




I’m Really Sorry, But Regardless Of Who You Are & What You Do Here, You Aren’t Going To The Metro Idol Finals!

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Fiddler on the Roof

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Pink In The Sheets By Mz. Pink / Word Columnist Dear Mz. Pink, I am a straight guy, and I have a problem with my girlfriend. I am the first guy she has ever been with. Before me, she was with girls. This wasn’t an issue at all, except now we are having issues at home and now she wants to always go and hang with her ex girlfriends. This wouldn’t be a problem either if she wasn’t getting drunk with them, playing spin the bottle with them, not giving me any attention in the bedroom and fighting with me all the time.

It’s Time To Be Proud Of The Place Where You Live!

She says she is not doing anything with them, but I feel differently. What should I do? I do care about her, but I feel like she is cheating. Should I be pissed if my girl is with another girl? Is it still cheating or am I overreacting? Lesbian Blues Dear Lesbian Blues, I have to say this is definitely something that really irks me. I do not like it when women or men “double dip” I feel like that is just selfish, I mean like one or the other. Your situation is a little different than what I am used to seeing with my lesbian readers who are usually writing to me upset because their girlfriends used to be with men and go back and forth from women to men or sleep with them and then go back to a man. So my advice to you is the very same I give to those people — the girl’s lesbian! She may have just wanted to see what it was like with a man (are you are the first she has been with?) or she may just claim bisexual and actually like both men and women. From the sound of it though she seems to miss the lesbian pool and is trying to weasel her way back into the community (maybe she never really left, but who knows?) Like I tell my girls who are in this exact same situation: do not let this woman use you. I understand if you love her and care for her, but it seems like she is just around you for acceptance from outside sources, but where her heart is, is with the ladies. I know this can be a sad realisation and that you may not want to believe me, but if she is doing things with her lesbian pals who are also her exes while she is blowing off doing things with you, who she is in a relationship with, then this relationship probably isn’t going to work. It seems she has made up her mind already, especially when she stopped giving you the nooky and started getting drunk with her exes. Lesbian Blues, I feel you should take this as a loss as hard as it is, because you don’t deserve to be treated poorly. The way I feel is regardless if she cheats with a man or a woman, cheating is cheating PERIOD. Always go with what your gut tells you. Even if you’re wrong sometimes, at least you are learning to trust yourself, plus you know what you want out of a relationship and out of life. I say always go with your first instinct because most likely you will be right. You got to do what you got to do! Also keep in mind that as much as you care for her, she just wasn’t ready to be with you or wasn’t as attracted to you as she thought she would be. If she was with these girls before you, maybe she was playing paybacks to them and decided somewhere along the line that you were an actual good guy, but maybe you guys are better as friends. I don’t know exactly why she isn’t openly making up her mind to be lesbian or bisexual or straight, but there is some reason there and you’re going to have to make the first move or you will forever continue to feel as you do now. Do you want to be in this type of situation where you’re not getting any affection, you two are fighting all the time and she ditches you to be with her exes? If this is something you don’t mind then go for it, but you deserve better. You asked her what she was up to and she told you nothing, so she has already made it a point to avoid that conversation altogether or perhaps to outright lie. That’s her problem and I say let her deal with her own indecisiveness and not drag you along. I do appreciate the note, and I hope your situation gets better. Usually with straight girls they just want the attention so they sleep with everybody, but since your girl was with girls before you she is just confused and it is showing in her actions. Don’t put up with it — cheating is cheating and if you want her attention and love all to yourself then you are out of luck! Live and let live! Mz. Pink

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When everyone forgets how to drive.

Out Side Film Festival Returns

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Release Columbus, Ind.— The 2nd Annual Out Side Film 10-11 Festival returns to Columbus 5th February. The festival erson: Donna Stouder will be held at YES Cinema at 4th and Jackson Streets. g and Public Relations Director The Out Side Film Festival is the first film festival in s AreaColumbus, Arts Council Indiana, to exclusively feature films from, Street about and for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender s, IN 47201 community. 12.376.2534 Produced by Pride Alliance Columbus, the festival .376-2589 includes a diverse selection of independent films, short films and documentaries as well as feature-length State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company 1001195 movies. Some are foreign films with subtitles, but most State Farm Indemnity Company Bloomington, IL of the selections will be in English. “The films selected for the festival have an entertainment and educational value that Out Side Film Festival Returns to appeal YES Cinema to everyone,” said Stephen Dunning of the Pride ndAlliance Columbus. “Audiences, including high school he 2 Annual Out Side Film Festival returns to Columbus on February 5, students, whoatlove films or Streets. al willand be university held at YES Cinema 4th indie and Jackson documentaries will enjoy this festival.” Individual movie tickets will be along with to exclusively m Festival is the first film festival in available Columbus, Indiana, discounted half-day and full-day passes. m, about and for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Advance tickets can be purchased at YES Cinema (812/378.0377) or at Viewpoint Books (812/376.0778). Tickets may also be purchased at the door during the e Alliance Columbus, the festival includes a diverse selection of festival. movies. Some are s, shortIffilms, documentaries asinformation well as feature you would like additional aboutlength the h subtitles, but mostthe of organisers the selections will be in English. festival, contact at info@outsidefilmfest. com ed for the festivalschedule have anofentertainment and educational value that appeal A complete the Out Side Film Festival is d Stephen Dunning the Pride Alliance Columbus. now available at of online. “Audiences, including Please join the who Out Side Festival on documentaries Facebook indie films or will enjoy this university students, loveFilm and stay current on all updated information.


Word 02.11 On The Web At: tickets will be available along with discounted half-day and The full-day passes. s can be purchased at YES Cinema (812-378-0377) or at Viewpoint Books

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Finances In Focus By Michael Wright / Edward D Jones Each Valentine’s Day, Americans spend millions of dollars on candy and flowers. These are fine gifts, but after the chocolates are eaten and the roses have wilted, Valentine’s Day will just be a pleasant memory. But if you want to give a present that can benefit your valentine for years to come, why not give a financial gift? Here are a few creative ideas for doing just that: Give shares of stock. Like everyone else, your valentine no doubt enjoys certain products or services. So why not give her or him shares of stock in the businesses that produce those goods and services? Your valentine will enjoy being an owner and may well use this newfound stock ownership to develop a greater interest in investing — and investing can help all of us work toward our financial goals. (Keep in mind that if you are giving away shares of your own stock you should take note of your original purchase price; this information will be needed for tax purposes should your gift recipient ever sell the shares.) Contribute to an IRA. Does your valentine contribute to a traditional or Roth IRA? If so, he or she is making a wise move, because an IRA is one of the best tax-advantaged ways to save for retirement. Consequently, you’ll be doing your valentine a great service by helping him or her fund an IRA. (While you can’t directly invest in someone else’s IRA, you can write that person a cheque for the same purpose.) For the 2010 and 2011 tax years, the IRA contribution limit is $5,000, or $6,000 for investors 50 and older. And contributions for 2010 can be made right up until the taxfiling deadline. Make a charitable gift in your valentine’s name. Your valentine may well support certain charitable, educational or civic groups. Think about The Damien Centre, Indiana Youth Group, Fairness Campaign, TSA or AIDS Resource Centre in Ohio. By making a contribution to one or more of these groups, and designating the gift in your valentine’s name, you will be doing a good thing for your valentine, for the community — and for yourself, too, because your gift may earn you some tax benefits. If you simply give cash, you can write off part of the value of your gift if it’s made to a tax-qualified charitable organisation. And if you give an appreciated asset, such as stock, you’ll also avoid paying capital gains taxes, because when the stock is sold, it will be the charity, not you, taking the gain. Make a debt payment. You might want to volunteer to pay your valentine’s car payment or credit card payment for a month or maybe all (not half) of your rent if you live together as a couple, and then encourage your valentine to put the savings to work in an investment. The more debts any of us have, the less we have to invest for our future. Check your beneficiary designations. While this is a bit harder for we gays as opposed to straight folk, you will want to be 100% certain your partner will inherit your stocks, share in a home or business or anything else you want him or her to have upon your death. If your valentine also happens to be your legal spouse, you’ll be doing him or her a favor, too, by making sure the beneficiary designations are correct on your insurance policies and investment accounts. Through all the events of life these designations can become outdated, so you’ll want to keep them current to be sure your lover is taken care of regardless of what happens. By following any or all of these suggestions, you can help make sure your man or woman will feel the glow of this year’s Valentine’s Day far into the future.

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pecs and the by Matt Ponder It’s Valentine’s Day again, kids. One of the most feared and reviled of holidays. The holiday manufactured to sell cards and flowers and candy in heart-shaped boxes. The holiday to tell the person you love that you love them because you apparently never say it during the other 364 days of the year. The holiday that, if you’re currently without a partner, is designed to make you feel bad about yourself. So even though I’m not a fan of this corporate-sponsored holiday, I thought now would be a good time to talk about what it promotes: romance. So what is romance? Does it even exist? Well, romance, much like its more serious sibling, love, means different things to different people. Romance isn’t roses, chocolates, diamond rings or even a new car parked in the living room with a bow on it regardless of what television commercials say. Oh, and just so we’re clear, if my father had put a car in our living room for my mother I can guarantee it would not have been met with joy. Oil and tire tracks on the carpet? Yikes. If I’m gauging her reaction against the time I tracked mud on that same carpet, the outcome would not be pleasant. But I digress. Our culture would like us to believe that it can dictate what should be a romantic gesture — whether in a television commercial or on a grander scale, the world of cinema. Sure, movies tell us what we should want out of romance, but what do we really want? Movies are the worst proponent of the mythical rules of romance, and the clichés of love stories and romantic comedies are known far and wide. First comes the “meet cute” storyline, where people meet in a totally adorable way — a fender bender, dogs tangled together on their leashes, accidentally spilling coffee on each other or a mixup unworthy of the tenants on Three’s Company — then the painful dating montage, usually to a song that’s already tired by this point, followed by the inevitable misunderstanding that leads to conflict and separation. There is also the storyline of two people who initially loathe each other — co-workers, opponents or even childhood acquaintances who finally realise that the person they have hated for so long is actually their soulmate. Yes, this plays great on film, but the odds of that happening for real are slim to none. Besides, in movies like this the only fun thing to watch is their rivalry or mutual disgust. Once they connect, it’s boring to watch, which is why they usually wait until the end of the movie to bring these types of pairs together without the love-at-first-sight meeting and spark that is a more traditional love story. While all these hijinks are going on, the leads will have a circle of friends who give advice like a Greek chorus. One of the friends will be a hopeless romantic, one of the friends will be bitter, and if they decide to throw another one in the mix, that person will more than likely be a slut of some sort in order to show our hero or heroine what a terrible life that is to lead. The mistakes and quick judgments usually send our characters into the arms of a jerk or a snob so we can see that they need to be with the person they are currently angry with, even though they are only angry about some imagined slight.

it. Not only that, but everyone in these movies is perfect. Great bodies, flawless hair and apparently going to bed fully groomed so they can wake up looking amazing. If someone needs to start the movie as a nerd or a wallflower it’s simple: a pair of glasses on their movie-star features and shapeless clothes on their rock-hard bodies and voila! A loveable loser we can all root for. Realistic? Please. So how would these romantic gestures play out in real life? Does anyone really know? For example, if you’re standing outside my apartment with a love song blasting from a jam box, I hate to break it to you, but I need my sleep, thank you very much. Waking me up is not the way to my heart. And quite honestly, I would be more interested in where you found a jam box in 2011. Also, climbing trees outside my window, sending me anonymous love notes or following me in an hilarious disguise isn’t usually called romantic. It’s called stalking. Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but these ridiculous over-the-top antics which play so well when Ryan Reynolds or Julia Roberts pulls them off don’t usually translate in real life. Wait! Let me rephrase that: Ryan Reynolds can perform any of these stunts for me if he wants. The one thing no one ever thinks about with these films is what happens after the grand gesture or the proclamation of love at the airport. In real life, real life is what happens next. Unless of course it’s a romantic movie like Brokeback Mountain or Moulin Rouge. Those films have a different kind of ending. You don’t have to worry too much about where your lives will lead if your courtesan has come down with a severe case of tuberculosis, even though that didn’t prevent her from hitting the high notes as she sang for you to come back. These films are more in the realm of Shakespeare, the supposed king of romance, where duels, murder, death and suicide take precedence over hilarious pratfalls and kisses under a rain machine. Even though a relationship in the real world may start with a romantic moment worthy of repeating countless times, romance needs staying power. It needs to spill over into the everyday lives that make up a relationship. When the romance blooms into something more and you finally say: “I love you”, you have to remember that those words mean something and that your relationship is profoundly different after that. Maybe your boyfriend is being encased in carbonite and you decide that now’s the time to tell him you love him. That’s great, but be prepared to follow up when he’s thawed out and your relationship begins anew. So what is true romance? Like I said it’s a relative term, but it’s parameters are measured inside the confines of any real relationship. Romance is when you meet someone, somewhere, and they stay in your mind all day and make you wonder if they felt the same. Romance is going on a simple date and feeling at ease with another person, laughing and flirting and holding the anticipation of what’s going to happen next in the back of your mind. Romance is when you hear someone’s words and retain them; remembering tiny details about things they love or a childhood memory. Romance is that first kiss when you surrender to what’s coming without fear. Romance is found in the simple act of holding someone’s hand no matter where you are, or the way you feel when you say: “he’s my boyfriend”. Romance, like love, is only a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. And as for all the companies trying to sell their products on or before the 14th of February romance isn’t how expensive the gift is, but what it truly means. My first boyfriend gave me a ring from a gumball machine and I wore it every day like it was made of gold and diamonds. The grand gestures and ridiculous situations are for movie scripts and jewelry commercials. To be truly romantic is to be fearless enough to say what’s in your heart when you feel it without thinking it’s stupid or not poetic enough or worrying that the lighting isn’t right or the perfect song isn’t playing. These simple things may not make a great movie, but they make for an incredible romance.

Then, after accidentally bumping into each other in a major city full of ten million people that apparently has only one produce aisle, comes the revelation that they truly are in love and that it was all a big misunderstanding. The proclamation of love needs to happen at an event of some sort, like a wedding or a party where you can punch out said jerk into a fountain or a wedding cake, and everyone can fall quiet and hear the lame speech about how the love suddenly came to be. Even better than this is the mad dash to the airport to stop the true love from leaving forever. And nine times out of ten they’re going to Paris. Now I don’t need to get into details about the virtual impossibility of rushing through an airport to the gate to stop your beloved from leaving or how you can’t usually punch someone unconscious with one hit, but I’d also like to note that apparently no one works because they have all the time in the world to orchestrate some stunt on television so that their true love can turn on the TV at precisely the right moment to witness it or to hire a skywriter to proclaim their love in cinema’s clear blue skies or even to get an entire city crowd to join in some musical number that is obviously much better at getting their feelings across to their loved one than by sitting down and talking about

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Sheila's Column By Sheila Kennedy For the past several months, in these and other columns, I have tried to explain (to myself as much as to my readers) the rising tide of anger and vitriol that seems to have engulfed our country. I’m not naïve and I’ve read enough history to know that we haven’t suddenly been uprooted from some past Garden of Eden. There have been plenty of other angry times in our nation’s history. The Civil War was the worst, but hardly the only example. In my own adult lifetime, Martin Luther King, JFK and his brother Bobby were all assassinated. The 60’s gave us the Weathermen and the Yippies, the Chicago police’s display of brutality at the Democratic National Convention, the Kent State massacre and the Watts riots. (It wasn’t all Woodstock and “Flowers in your hair.”) A complete list would fill this newspaper and then some. But there was something really chilling about the news that an Arizona Congresswoman was shot through the head in an attack that killed several others — including a nine-year old child and a federal judge. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was holding a “Congress on the Corner” event at a local supermarket — one of those predictable, “keep in touch”, “meet and greet” events that politicians routinely sponsor — when she and the others were gunned down in broad daylight. As I write this, the Congresswoman is in critical condition following brain surgery; her survival — and if she does survive, her condition — remains in doubt. In the aftermath of this horrific episode the national conversation has focused on whether the debased nature of our political rhetoric encouraged a mentally unstable person to take violent action. Congresswoman Giffords was one of 20 Democrats who had been “targeted” during the off-year elections by Sarah Palin. Palin’s webpage had featured photos showing each of the 20 as seen through crosshairs on gun-sights. (Not surprisingly, Palin quickly removed the page and scrubbed the inflammatory photos.) The language employed during the campaign by Representative Gifford’s Tea Party opponent was filled with gun imagery and dark allusions to “Second Amendment remedies.” And who among us did not see the earlier coverage of unhinged people brandishing guns and screaming obscenities at Town Hall meetings about health care reform? For those who refuse to believe that language has consequences, think about the gay youngsters whose suicides have followed repeated taunts of “faggot,” and other homophobic slurs. Think about the generations of gay, lesbian, bi & trans folks who stayed far back in the closet as a result of the constant, off-hand dismissal of gays and lesbians as somehow less than human; less than “normal.” I am not suggesting that intemperate language “created” this tragedy. There are plenty of other cultural culprits, beginning with the zealots who believe that any restriction of the right to carry a gun, no matter how reasonable, is part of a communist plot. Indeed, last year Jan Brewer, the intellectually-challenged Governor of Arizona, signed into law a bill that lifted all restrictions on the right of Arizona residents to carry concealed weapons. One of the restrictions eliminated by that measure was a requirement of a background check that might have kept a mentally-troubled individual from carrying a handgun. But while violent imagery and intemperate language don’t cause such acts, they absolutely do contribute to the creation of an environment within which the unthinkable becomes just another possibility, where violence becomes a viable option to be explored, and where grievance — real or imaginary — justifies barbarism. When this sort of rhetoric is employed in the service of bigotry, and a seething, resentful anti-intellectualism, as it currently is, we should not be surprised when violence erupts. It creates, as they say, a perfect storm.

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Your Vote Counts Continued From Page Four Kennedy met her husband, Bob, at Indiana University, where both were track athletes. They parlayed that affinity into a local athletic shoe store. They have twin children (Marcus and Sophia) in kindergarten and she believes the future is theirs. “We have a tremendous city. I’m excited about its future. It’s limitless. I want to be mayor to help that future be even better.” Voters will get their chance to voice an opinion in the May primary and, if Kennedy has her way, again in November. “That will be a tough race (November, vs. Ballard),” she said. “We have serious issues to discuss, but I’m ready to do that.” A NATIONAL DISCUSSION ON HATE & GUNS When President Obama ventured to Tucson 12th January to deliver a landmark speech to a shocked city, the political guns were ready. If he’d stumbled even once, made any political overtures whatsoever, he’d have been pummeled by the right-wing noise machine. He did not stumble. No less a rightwing politico than Patrick Buchanan labeled the President’s speech “outstanding. He was Healer-in-Chief.” The President refocused what had been a five-day national debate, sometimes hostile, over certain words and images directed at public officials, candidates and campaign organisations. His speech was a brilliant pivot-and-roll, which redirected the nation’s attention in a stunning and awe-inspiring way. He did not “go there” with regards to Arizona’s lax gun laws — a state where everyone is allowed to pack heat for virtually any reason whatsoever. If you’ve got a pulse, you can get a gun permit in Arizona, allegedly as a throwback to their wild-west heritage. As if that heritage somehow provides an escape from government’s responsibility to determine who can or should carry a weapon. The raw facts are: the alleged Arizona shooter, like those in Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech and Columbine, had given ample warnings to multiple sources, that he was unbal-


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anced and ready to explode in some meaningful way. The not-so-subtle expressions he made, on Facebook, via e-mail and in classrooms at a community college portrayed a troubled young man. Multiple Monday-morning quarterbacks noted such for the breathless national media which swooped into town instantly. And can we talk about that? Brian Williams walking through the crime scene with one of the heroes, walking right past police tape, using the entire scene like a Tonight Show stage was tasteless. Go home Brian. You can read a teleprompter from your New York desk. As the week unfolded we saw that national discussion turn to some sage leaders on that Tucson stage 12th January: The president of the University of Arizona, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (herself a former Arizona governor), Gov. Jan Brewer (whose national image got a huge boost because she was able to speak intelligently and passionately) and Attorney General Eric Holder. It was not lost on observers that the largest and longest applause went to Obama and Napolitano. You could feel, via TV, the audience’s collective wish that she were back in the governor’s chair instead of her replacement. Sometimes our leaders throw gas on fires. It’s their political nature. Sometimes, as occurred in Tucson that night a healing, calming presence is mercifully displayed. Obama may have turned a corner politically. He certainly got the nation’s rapt attention with a speech only a father could give: He cited with obvious emotion the loss of a nine-year-old girl who was on her school’s student council. A little girl who came to the crime scene because it was a Congresswoman’s town hall meeting and she was eager to learn about government. It was a smooth performance reminiscent of President Ronald Reagan’s Challenger eulogy when passion is demanded in a speech without hogging the political limelight. It is a difficult task, but Obama masterfully conducted himself. At the end there was not a dry eye in the house. And he demanded we re-direct our attention not to finger-pointing, but to compassion. N.S.A. (No snarks allowed)

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Outside The Box By Dr. Fred Schloemer, LCSW / Louisville (Author’s Note: It’s a pleasure to be writing for The Word again after a six-month sabbatical spent finishing my new self-help book, Parenting Adult Children: Real Stories of Families Turning Challenges into Successes. I want to express my deep thanks to editor and dear friend Ted Fleischaker for welcoming me back to his writing team, as well as to the many friends who expressed missing my column here over the last six months). Question: My partner and I are gay men who live overseas and only get to spend the holidays with family every four or five years. As a result, we tend to see changes in the family that relatives who get together more often seem to miss, especially where the kids are concerned. One of the biggest changes we observed this year was in our 12-year-old-nephew, “Jamie,” who’s grown over the last few years into a very gay-acting young man. Jamie is a very effeminate kid who spends a lot of time fussing over his hair and clothes. He loves to cook and is always baking fancy desserts for his family. He says he wants to be a cosmetologist, a fashion designer or a dessert chef for some high-end restaurant … hello?! Is that gay or what?! Our question is whether to say anything to his folks. We’d like to help them come to terms with having a gay son. His dad especially seems to have some sense of this, based on his uncomfortable facial expressions as his son was flitting about the kitchen flourishing his latest gourmet concoction, a gorgeous “Pavlova” (again, what straight 12-year-old bakes his family a Pavlova, or even knows what one is for that matter?!) So what’s your advice? Should we say something to his parents or just keep our mouths shut?

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Response: While many gay people acknowledge having known they were “different” even as small children, traditional wisdom among developmental psychologists has always held that one’s sexual orientation normally doesn’t crystallize until young adulthood. That hasn’t been my own professional experience, however. On the contrary, over the years I’ve known many early adolescents and even pre-adolescents that selfidentified as gay. Witness the success of the various support groups for gay youth, such as the Louisville Youth Group, which accepts members as young as 14 with parents’ consent. Admittedly, it’s also been my experience that some of these same youth later decide they may be heterosexual. But that doesn’t change the fact that for an extended time during their adolescence they embraced a gay identity at a point in their development where the “experts” say sexual orientation is usually more undefined. The difference here is that as far as we know the writer’s nephew hasn’t self-identified as gay. Despite believing in “gay-dar” and thus realising the writer may very well be right about his nephew, all things considered, I can’t advise that he share his views with the boy’s parents. An old truism says the greater part of wisdom is knowing when to remain silent, and this is one of those times. If the writer and his partner want to help the boy and his parents cope with his being gay, they can all cross that bridge when they come to it — but clearly they haven’t come to it yet. Better to let the story unfold a bit further, I’d say. Fred Schloemer is a Louisville psychotherapist and author who specializes in gay issues. Write him at and visit his website at

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N Y W A O D D S AS E E P N A N D T WI WE CELONA ample s door to 8 half glass e h t t ss a rld. AT ine gla round the wo per person. w a t a 00 and ge in and st $20. Stop in ines from Spa s wines for ju apas or T great w of world clas h s i n s Spa sa tasting entary ither way it i m i l p m E inner. ome co Enjoy s asting with d n evening t do the ay to spend a ds. great w mily and frien with fa REE T RE ST


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A nice School Lunch brings us all closer together.

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Ask The Pharmacist Bobbie Hull-Stontisch / Walgreen's, 16th & Meridian Indianapolis Just about every day someone comes into the pharmacy looking for a way to stay healthy or prevent disease, especially during flu season. They are usually looking a vitamin or a supplement that tests by the FDA and others have shown will only be of marginal benefit with no proven studies, in many cases, to support its use. They are grasping at straws in too many cases. That said, there are two beneficial vaccines recommended by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) to help prevent two illnsses and both are readily available through our pharmacy. These vaccines and their benefit to you will be the focus of this article. —The first vaccine is the yearly flu shot. The CDC recommends that people get vaccinated as soon as the vaccine becomes available. However, influenza activity usually peaks in February most years and can continue through the month of May. If you have put off getting vaccinated this year it is NOT TOO LATE! This year’s vaccine protects you not only against the three main flu strains which cause the most illness during the season, but also the H1N1 so-called “swie flu” virus. And for anyone who feels that the flu is not a serious illness each year, on average, in the United States more than 200,000 people are hospitalised from complications and 36,000 people die. You read that right: 36,000. The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of six months be vaccinated annually against the flu. People who have chronic health conditions like HIV/AIDS, asthma and diabetes, are immunosuppressed or morbidly obese are strongly strongly encouraged to get vaccinated to avoid influenza-related complications. Our location has pharmacists available to administer the flu vaccine 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Many local pharmacies, grocery stores and many doctor’s surgeries also have the jab available for walk-ins. —The second vaccine that the CDC recommends for most people over the age of 60 is the shingles shot or the Zostavax vaccine. Shingles occurs in anyone who has had chickenpox at any time in their life. The virus lies dormant in the nerve root and remains that way until, in some people, it flares up again. When these flare ups occur the disease is called shingles. People with a weak immune system are more vulnerable to reactivating the shingles virus. Many factors contribute to a weakened immune system including disease, age and injury. Symptoms of the shingles rash develop in stages. Initially pain, burning, tingling and/ or numbness can occur in the area surrounding the affected nerves. These symptoms develop several days or weeks before the rash or blisters emerge. Generally they are seen on the chest or back but the rash can also occur on the head, face, neck, stomach or one arm or leg. Flu-like symptoms such as chills, stomach ache or diarhoea may also be present and accompany the rash, but usually without a fever. As the rash develops, so will the blisters. This rash can occur anywhere but will only be on one side of the body. The pain can be described as “piercing” at this phase due to the nerve involvement. The final phase is chronic pain phase characterised by postherpetic neuralgia. It is the most common complication of shingles and can last from as little as 30 days or it might continue for months or even years. Symptoms include aching, burning and stabbing pain in the area of the earlier shingles outbreak. The vaccine helps reduce the risk of developing shingles by about 50%. Studies have also shown that people who have had the jab and later go on to develop shingles have shorter periods of postherpetic neuralgia nerve pain, so there is benefit there as well. The current recommendation is a single dose of the Zostavax shingles vaccine for anyone 60 years and older, even if they have had shingles in the past. The vaccine should, however, be avoided in people being treated with radiation or chemotherapy, those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or other diseases which affect the immune system or with a history of cancer in the bone or lymphatic system (ie. lymphoma or leukemia). Medicare will cover the cost of the vaccine for those 65 years and older with a presription from their doctor. Our location can provide this vaccine as well. Please contact your physician or drugstore for more information.

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Monroe County Commissioners Pass HRO

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. —The Monroe County Board of Commissioners has unanimously approved a local human rights ordinance to ensure non-discrimination for all county residents. The ordinance protects against discrimination in employment, housing, education and public accommodation on the basis of race, religion, colour, sex, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability and gender identity or expression. The adoption of this ordinance is fulfillment of Resolution 2010-35, enacted last August, whereby the commissioners indicated their intent to establish a county-wide Human Rights Ordinance which in turn would create a human rights commission charged with prevention of discrimination through education, investigating complaints and devising solutions for citizens living in Monroe County.

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“There is no state and federal protection for many of our county’s citizens who live with discrimination on a daily basis” observed Patrick Stoffers, president of the Board of Commissioners. “We wanted to state in law that Monroe County is a place that does not tolerate discrimination in any form.” With this change, Monroe County joins Bloomington, Indianapolis and West Lafayette in rejecting discrimination based on both gender identity/expression and sexual orientation. Four other Indiana locales – Michigan City, Fort Wayne, Tippecanoe County and Lafayette – include sexual orientation in their laws. Indiana’s most recent three governors, including Governor Mitch Daniels have issued executive orders extending similar protection to Indiana’s 35,000+ state employees.


( 312 ) 726.6342 Dayton

( 937 ) 395.9001

“This was truly a county-wide effort, affirming that Monroe County is an inclusive, safe and diverse community” noted John Clower, representative of Indiana Equality Region 9. The proposal received wide support from many local groups and organisations. Among them were El Centro Comunal Latino, Rainbow Rights Task Force of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, the Monroe County Branch of the NAACP, South Central Indiana Jobs with Justice, the White River Central Labor Council and Congregation Beth Shalom.


( 614 ) 888.7777 Cincinnati

( 513 ) 821.4500

“The community spirit exhibited in this whole process was amazing,” Indiana Equality Field Organiser Dino Sierp noted, adding, “The commissioners listened to the needs of Monroe County residents and understood the importance of enacting a human rights ordinance that would provide protections for all citizens, including members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.”


( 502 ) 561.6666

t * i y r T ! E E FR

Indiana Equality is working with groups across Indiana, including communities like Monroe County, to enact protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Hoosiers through local human rights ordinances.

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Music Corner By DJ "Miss" Hill / MJ's Cafe / Dayton Catch DJ “Miss” Hill at MJ’s Café in Dayton every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Hill’s Top 10. Based on dance floor results and requests (Not what he thinks is hot): 1 - Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit) (Wideboys Full Club Remix).mp3 2 - Pink - Raise Your Glass (Louis Louis Club Mix) 3 - Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (Rosabel’s ‘’Only Club In The World’’ Mix) 4 - Katy Perry - Firework (Jump Smokers Extended Mix) 5 - Cher - You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me (Almighty Club Mix) 6 - Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Jump Smokers Remix) 7 - Usher - OMG (Almighty Remix) 8 - Enrique Iglesias Featuring Pitbull - I Like It 9 - Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way (Bimbo Jones Club Mix) 10 - Robyn - Indestructible (Laidback Luke Club Mix) Hill’s Personal Faves:

Medical News HIV/AIDS TESTING BECOMES THE RULE IN WISHARD’S E.R. INDIANAPOLIS—As the only Emergency Department in the state providing universal HIV screenings, Wishard Health Services is hoping to test the majority of adult patients who visit the Emergency Department in an effort to prevent the spread of the disease. It is estimated that 25 percent of those living with HIV are unaware of their status, and this 25 percent causes over half of all new infections each year. Data has also shown that early detection is key to stopping the spread of HIV. To combat this problem, Wishard has started a universal HIV testing programme in their Emergency Department to help diagnose patients as early as possible. In addition to universal testing, the Wishard Emergency Department also re-integrates patients with known HIV infection back into the Wishard system if they have not been seen in the previous six months. Following the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendation on HIV testing, Wishard began a pilot programme of testing adult patients between the ages of 18 and 64 who seek care in the Emergency Department. Since the programme’s inception in 2008, nearly 7,000 patients have been tested and 21 confirmed positive cases of HIV have been identified. Of those 21 patients newly diagnosed with HIV, 20 have successfully been linked to care with the Infectious Disease Clinic at Wishard. An additional 20 patients with known HIV disease that had fallen out of care have also been successfully re-integrated back into care by Wishard.

Laroux - Bulletproof (Razor N Guido Vocal Remix)

“The most reliable method to diagnose newly infected patients with HIV is to provide universal HIV testing. So far we have been pleased to note a significant increase in HIV awareness among our patient population and hospital staff,” Dr. Lee Wilbur, medical director of the Wishard Emergency Department HIV Programme and associate professor of clinical emergency medicine for the Indiana University School of Medicine noted.

Hey there!!! DJ “Miss” Hill here. I’m sayin’ the “YAY!”. It’s February. Time to kiss the one you love. I’m sittin’ here eating my heart shaped box of chocolates...yum. Just a reminder: I’m not here to tell you what’s new but to review newly released club mixes.

“Our HIV programme is a true example of patient-centred care. We designed our programme with the patients’ best interest in mind. We have trained counsellors who provide pre- and post-test counselling with all patients.”

Let’s start off with some crap. Britney Spears has lost it. What was she thinking when she released Hold It Against Me? This bland assembly line produced crap is already a hit. And it’s only been out for a few weeks. I found some bootleg mixes but they’re not that great. I’m hoping the label releases the mixes soon so I have something to play.

The Wishard Emergency Department uses a rapid screening test that looks for HIV antibodies using cells from inside a patient’s mouth. These antibodies are produced as a response to an HIV infection. Results from the HIV screening are available before a patient leaves the E.R. and all patients receive counselling on how to prevent HIV. If a patient’s test comes back with a reactive reading blood is drawn for the confirmatory HIV test. All patients who are found to be HIV positive are given an appointment with the Infectious Disease Clinic where they are enrolled and given an individual treatment plan.

Rosabel Ft. Tamara Wallace - C’mon Get Funky (Rosabel Phat Mix).mp3 Tony Moran Feat. Ultra Naté - Destination (Moran & Saronson New Era Anthem Mix) Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

It looks like pop music is really going down hill in the morals department. Enrique Iglesias’ Tonight (I’m Fuckin’ You) is musically a nice song but he had to ruin it with the “F” word. Fortunately there’s a clean Tonight (I’m LOVING You) version of most of the mixes for radio reasons. The original mix has the typical new Electro sound (The farting robot ducks that I keep complaining about) and there are tons of mixes out there. The least Electro mix I prefer is the Chuckie Remix. I couldn’t wait to see what Ricky Martin was going to bring us especially after he finally came out. The first single The Best Thing About Me Is You featuring Joss Stone doesn’t have his typical Spanish flare but is more mellow. Obviously I won’t be playing the album version. Waiting for more mixes to turn up, but for now I’m going with the Jump Smokers Extended Mix. Be sure and check out the equal rights video. ME=YOU! For Tron fans and Daft Punk fans look out. Daft Punk scores the new Tron Legacy (of course you fans probably already bought the soundtrack back in December) and it’s fabulous. Reminds me of a modern day Kraftwerk. The first single released is Derezzed and to punch it up we get the French Government Edit. What’s up with La Roux? That voice makes me cringe. And who said Kanye West could rap? And we’re blessed with both with In For The Kill. Even the mixes suck. I’m passing on this one.

“If a patient is found to have a reactive test, we do not simply refer the patient to a clinic for care, we actually draw their confirmatory HIV tests in the Emergency Department and make the infectious disease appointment for them,” explained Dr. Wilbur. “We call each patient to assure that they have access to their clinic appointments and go to great lengths to assure that they receive the resources required for follow up care.” NEW FEDERAL LAW MANDATING HOSPITAL VISITATION RIGHTS IN EFFECT WASHINGTON, D.C. — Federal regulations have gone into effect regarding patients’ hospital visitation rights which require all hospitals participating in Medicaid and Medicare programmes – virtually every hospital in the country – to permit patients to designate visitors of their choosing and prohibit discrimination in visitation based on a number of factors, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

Miley Cyrus asks Who Owns My Heart. The answer to that is Disney. Duh! This one isn’t too bad. Asking is it love or art? In other words the music industry keeps her from human contact. Yeah. She’s a virgin. Check out the Alias Remix.

Moved by the tragic story of a lesbian family – Janice Langbehn, Lisa Pond and their children – who were kept apart as Lisa lay dying in a Miami hospital, President Obama issued a presidential memorandum in April 2010 directing the Department of Health and Human Services to develop regulations protecting hospital visitation rights. HRC has prepared a Hospital Visitation Guide which can be downloaded from www.hrc. org/issues/15206.htm

That’s it for now. I’ll be back in March looking to St. Patrick for good luck on getting some good tunes. Check me out at or find me on & Facebook under Douglas Hill. If you like or hate what I review about please e-mail me at I welcome both good and hateful replies. And let me know about local independent music. I’m always open to new stuff.

“Lesbian, gay, bi & trans people experience discrimination in many aspects of their lives, but it is perhaps at its worst during times of crisis,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “We thank President Obama and HHS Secretary Sebelius for recognizing the hardships our people face and taking this important step toward ensuring that no one will be turned away from a partner’s hospital bedside again.”

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Whipping Post By Ms. K / Word Columnist What does making other’s lives miserable have to do with making yourself happier? I have been asked this question many times over the past several months and I feel that there need to be some things said on this subject. Our Leather community is struggling enough without us working and spending our energy to tear each other down. Why do people try to make themselves feel better by making others feel worse? Is this something to be proud of? I think NOT! We should be ashamed in our community that we even tolerate folks who take joy in making others miserable. I have seen this in my years of being out in our community and find it totally unacceptable. Let’s start on the local level here where I live in Indianapolis. I have noticed that those who serve the community the least have the biggest mouths while those who work the hardest say the least. Why is this? After years of asking others in the Leather community locally, as well as across the country and abroad about it, I have concluded that it is because the non-workers feel they are not respected enough, so they try to gain respect by tearing others down. Does this work? No, I have never seen this work out for them or the town, so why do they continue to try to do others harm? That answer remains to be seen. I have asked folks who have been on the side of trying to tear others down and their answers were always along the lines of, “Well, I thought I was doing the right thing at the time.” Really??? You thought you were doing the right thing by trying to destroy someone who does good work in the community based on no facts and just a thought that they might be doing something you think might be wrong? Maybe having facts before acting is a good thought for those who want to harm others’ reputations. It is hard to watch someone spend their energy to tear down the work of a respected member of our Leather community — all because they need to feel better about their own lives. At the state and regional level, these reputation destroyers are harder to find, but I hear about and know they are still out there. I don’t see this happen as often as I do locally, but that might be because we always know more of what’s going on at home than we do away. Those who wish to tear down others seem to keep their efforts more on the home front because I believe they have discovered that they do not get past that level with their accusations, so they are stopped before they are able to destroy someone that works for the overall state or region. This does not mean that it never happens. I am sure that it has and will continue to happen long after we are all dead and gone. Recently, on the national front, there have been those who felt they could do their dirty deeds and then simply move to another community across the country where nobody would know. Fortunately, those who have tried this are finding out differently since we are living in a very connected, technological age where it’s becoming harder and harder to hide from the truth. It is also way harder now to fudge a resume by filling it with false accomplishments and embellishments rather than reality. My advice on creating and making up your history is to make sure you do not tell lies to people who actually know those you are incorrectly talking about. If you trained with someone, make sure that someone knows they were training you and not just having a casual conversation with you in a bar one night about flogging etc. Training someone and mentoring under someone is a very formal process that does not include casual conversations. If you mentor under someone, it is a formal process and you will have visited their home on several occasions, know their last name and know a lot about them. Otherwise, they are not your mentor. Mentoring someone is a long process that gives you sometimes years of training and education which will hopefully enable you to mentor someone yourself one day. A few decades ago, mentoring was the equivalent of attaching yourself to that person’s good name in the community for the rest of your life and theirs. I hope that you all consider your words carefully in the future. When you are discussing or talking about others, make sure you have your facts clear and concise. Also, when you are talking about your past, your training and your resume, make sure that it is honest and sincere. If you attach yourself to someone’s good name in the community, make sure they acknowledge that attachment. It is not good for you or anyone else to find out you told falsehoods to make yourself look more experienced or more knowledgeable than you really are. Being honest is always the best policy and will help you in the long run. Our community is comprised of many wonderful people with a vast amount of knowledge. Utilise this knowledge and make yourself a better person by doing the hard work and taking the time to educate yourself from a good mentor. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, but do believe in your mentor and respect their knowledge.

Around Town ORKESTRA PROJEKT SETS COSMIC MUSICAL EXPERIENCE FOR FEBRUARY INDIANAPOLIS—The Orkestra Projekt will create a musical event which will bring the audience into a personal relationship with what “Cosmic” might mean to them as the Orkestra Projekt will further expand its own boundaries by combining well-known pieces of music with melodies that most people have never heard. The mid-winter concert 19th February will, a spokesman said, “Take us on a trip back in time to the mid-20th Century, when we wondered about the mighty, expansive power of the atom. World-renowned tenor and Arts Council of Indianapolis Arts and Soul Artist of 2010, Shederick Whipple, will bring to life the introspective musing of Les Illuminations by 20th century British composer Benjamin Britten. “Orkestra Projekt will also feature our own Veronique Mattieu, winner of the Canada Council of the Arts prize and use of their 1715 Dominicus Montagnana violin. She will be featured as the soloist in Alfred Schnittke’s humorous deconstruction of themes in old styles, Moz-Art a la Haydn.” The concert will be held at the City Market in downtown Indianapolis (222 E. Market Street on the corner of East Market Street and North Delaware Street). Indianabrewed craft beer pints will be available for $5.50 with one free sample size for each adult ticket holder. Ticket prices are $25 for adults (24 and older), $15 for young adults (18 - 24) and $10 for children under 17 (must be accompanied by an adult). For more information, contact Orkestra Projekt on 317/426.7671, via e-mail at or visit them online at CIVIC LAFAYETTE PRESENTS ALL MY SONS LAFAYETTE—During the war Joe Keller and Herbert Deever ran a machine shop which made airplane parts. When several servicemen die as a result of defective parts Deever is sent to prison. Keller goes free and makes a lot of money. The twin shadows of this catastrophe and the fact that the one of the young Keller sons was reported missing during the war dominate the action. The love affair of Chris Keller and Ann Deever, the bitterness of George Deever returned from the war to find his father in prison and his father’s partner free, are all set in a structure of almost unbearable power. The tensions lead to a dramatic conclusion that changed the face of American Theatre forever. All My Sons marked the beginning of the career of Arthur Miller, arguably America’s greatest playwright. Opening in 1947, All My Sons marked the first commercial success for Miller. The original production won the Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Direction of a Play. All My sons will open Friday, 28th January and run three consecutive weekends through Sunday, 13th February in Civic Theatre’s Historic Monon Depot Theatre on the corner of North and 5th Streets in Lafayette. For tickets, ring 765/423.PLAY (7529) or visit KINSEY JURIED SHOW DEADLINE NEAR BLOOMINGTON, Ind. —The deadline for entering The Kinsey Institute Juried Show 2011 is fast approaching, so if you or someone you know is interested in entering this year’s competition, you can complete your application, submit digital images of your artworks, as well as use our secure electronic payment system to pay the entry fee at The Kinsey Institute is now accepting artwork submissions relating to sexual behaviour, gender issues, pregnancy, birth, eroticism, the politics of sex and gender, sexuality, romantic relationships, sexual health and illness and/or the human figure. All media are welcome. For questions about the show or the application process, please e-mail Kinsey Institute Curator Catherine Johnson-Roehr at or call 812/855.8890. The Kinsey Institute is located in Morrison Hall/Indiana University, Bloomington, and the annual mid-Summer juried show is one of the institutes high points of the year.

Think you can’t afford a Word ad? Think Again! They Start At Just $99 Ring 317/725.8840 For details The Word

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Dan Crews, The Man Who Made Karaoke Happen In Indy Dies At 35 Square where it was performed. He also acted at the Phoenix Theatre and had various parts with most of the other troupes in central Indiana along the way.

By Ted Fleischaker Word Publisher INDIANAPOLIS—Indy’s Karaoke King is now singing, leading music and managing heavenly choirs in the great beyond as Danny Crews has died at age 35. Danny, who later changed his first name to Dannon for reasons which nobody really seems to understand, came as a youth in the early 1990s to Indianapolis from Union, Mo., just west of St. Louis — and he never looked back. He came to “find himself” as a fresh-faced, openly-gay teen and started life here as a front desk clerk at the now Sheraton (and then Hilton) on Monument Circle. In his spare time, Danny did volunteer work for the then-still-new Indianapolis Youth Group (IYG), back when Chris Gonzalez was its leader and when meetings were held at the old Damien Centre on North Pennsylvania Street, in the Gonzalez home or gay friendly businesses. My first memory of Danny was a call from Chris asking would I pick up “a new volunteer” who was to make a speech about coming out at a luncheon / reception at the old New York Connections on Massachusetts Avenue. The speaker was too young to have a driving licence and didn’t know where the bar and restaurant was because he was so new to town. From those roots, Danny went on to amass a long list of credits — both professional and volunteer. He continued his work for IYG and later, when he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS was featured in a series of public service videos and ads for the Damien Centre. He also went into acting and performed at most of the local theatres, including a role which hit the headlines as a lead in Corpus Christi, a play about Jesus which brought out protestors and supporters to march in Mass. Ave. outside Theatre on the

But it was his voice and his singing which were to make Danny best-known. Sensing a need locally for the “then-new” activity called Karaoke, which was imported from Japan, he and a few friends started getting hold of tunes and running karaoke nights at a couple of local clubs. By the time of his death, Rock Star Promotions, of which he was owner, was known state-wide and his name was synonymous with karaoke and contests all over the area — likely the best-known being Metro Idol, which he patterned after Fox TV’s American Idol and which has been one of the most sought-after titles in the city for many years. Prizes as high as $3,000 went to the winners each Spring and while there were no recording contracts, as happens on the TV original, winners have gone on to perform at a number of gay and straight venues thruout the region. Oh, and being Danny, he didn’t restrict performers to the gay community, but welcomed gays, straight, bis, drag queens, trannies and anyone who could fit thru the doors at Metro to vie for the title. But Metro was not the only club where Rock Star and Danny were on the regular schedule. By the time of his death he was at Downtown Olly’s, where he often teamed up with pianist Sean Baker, and he also had karaoke at The Varsity, English Ivy’s and he also volunteered a lot of time with Indy Pride and other non-profit groups including The Bag Ladies. Tributes when word of Danny’s untimely death in his sleep started coming out were wide-spread. In addition to salutes from the clubs, theatres and more, his Facebook page (still open as of presstime) contains many very telling comments, including these: “Wow....Dannon. I am sitting here, printing pictures of you for tomorrow’s celebration and I have been doing okay until now. The tears began when I saw your smile and then I thought that I am never going to see that gracious, genuine smile again. At least not in this lifetime. I can hear your laugh. Then, I scrolled down and a few people’s comments caught my eye. Some made me laugh. Some made me cry. Most brought back memories of you and then the cry/smile cycle just started all over again. “I really don’t know what it is exactly that I am wanting to say but I did want to say something. I want to say Thank You. Thank you for letting us have you for even just a little while. May all those who are mourning your loss (me included) find comfort in the memory of your warm smile, gregarious laughter, and gentle soul. We miss you… “What a wonderful event! Dannon deserved the party of a lifetime and damnit that’s what he got! The performances were stellar and the love and admiration in the building were beyond compare! I am thankful to have all of you in my life! My new years resolution comes via Dannon Crews… I resolve to mend broken hearts and tell my friends and family I love them EVERYDAY! “Dannon is a long-time friend, and I will miss him greatly. He’s one of the first people I met in Indy over 12 years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since. I was in his very first Metro Idol contest, he’s done karaoke for our annual birthday bash for years, he sponsored our bowling team, and he’s always been a good friend to lend an ear. He’ll be remembered for his kindness/generosity, his talent and GREAT smile/personality. What a guy! He’ll always hold a special place in my heart...” And there are page after page more, not to mention huge turn-outs for the various shows, tributes and celebrations of Danny’s life which have been held thruout Indianapolis since word of his untimely death spread in early January. As of presstime, it’s still unclear who and what direction Rock Star without the star will take, but The Word has learned karaoke events at several clubs where he was host and/or originator will continue under Danny’s friends and singers he trained, including Baker and Doug Messinger, the latter of whom has taken over at The Varsity. As far as Metro Idol, we’re told the 2010 rendition will be the final one as the name and title have been retired in a fitting tribute to the guy who thought up, originated and so ably ran it for many, many years. Memorial contributions to defray Danny’s funeral expenses may be made in his honour at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis.

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Hackin The Net By Ted Fleischaker / Word Publisher WHEN, OH WHEN, TO BUY? My sister wants an iPad. But she’s waiting to see if there will be a new model in March. Our friend Denny wants an iPhone. But she’s waiting to see if Verizon really will have them. Our neighbour Dewayne wants a Mac mini. But he’s waiting to see if a new one is getting announced. My friend Keith wants a new iMac. But he’s waiting for a 32inch. Lee wants a new PC. But she’s waiting. Martha wants a GPS. But she’s waiting to see if TomTom or Garmin has something with fresh maps by Summer travel season. I could go on and on and on with my list, but you get the point: a lot of my friends and others I know are putting off purchases of technology — not because of the holiday bills still out there or the tax bills to come or even the uncertainty of what they want. No, they are putting off purchases because they are sure that any day now that new iPad or that revised laptop or that new phone will be available and they don’t want to get “caught” with “old technology”. It all boils down to the question I have heard most oft since the first of the year: Do I buy now or do I wait? Usually the question is followed by a mumbled reason why they want what they want or why they are scared to buy today, but the basic premise still’s the same. My answer is always the same, too: Buy now, because there will never, ever (I promise) be a time when something newer, bigger and better won’t be out soon. Every bit of technology you buy will be yesterday’s when you open the box, so if you want that phone or that SatNav or that computer, shop for and buy the one you want. Sure, get the best price and get the deal you can afford (and don’t forget the holiday bills are still due and taxes will be), but putting off technology only means you will get an additional 15 minutes (or 15 days) before the newer, later and greater thing hits the shelves. In short, if you wait, you won’t ever make the purchase and next year this time you will still be waiting. I promise! Go shop and have a great time of it. Just make sure you know that buyer’s remorse has to be put aside when you shop for computers and technology. “To wait for tomorrow,” as Charlie Chan wisely said, “is waste of today!” STILL CONFUSED ABOUT SPEED? It seems that a column several months back really has left a lot of readers confused about speed — what it means and what they need in today’s info-heavy age, so I will try and respond since we’ve had people asking for more details. The real issue is in one mail we got: “What do those numbers mean? You talked about download, upload and something called ‘ping’. What are they all about and should I care?” The answer to the last part first: Yes, you should care because how things work for you online are determined in large part by how well you connect, how well your connection performs over time and how fast things happen, plus what you get charged for it. Think of my sister’s old example from the mid-90s when those of us lucky enough to have the net (before this there were only Prodigy — which I’d signed up for in 1990 or ’91 — Compuserve and AOL) had dial-ups. I’d just upgraded to the then-supersonic speed of a 56k dial-up from my old 28k and she did some months later when AOL in her area offered it. My dad, though, a year later was still at 28k and asked why and if he should bother to upgrade. Sis wisely said, “Look at it this way: you are driving along the information superhighway. The big spenders have T-3 and T-1 direct connections. Ted and I are speeding along at 56k in our VWs and Chevys. And there you are, still on a bicycle!” Needless to say, he upgraded, but it was hardly long before our apartment building at 501 Madison in downtown Indy had a new tenant named Andy Granger move in down the hall in 1999. Andy had worked for Apple and had been exposed to something new called dsl. It was so new that only one company at the time — an outfit named Telocity — even offered it here. Despite spits and starts and what I was sure was more time on the phone with their techs than surfing, it really boosted things — to 200, 300, 500k. Radio on the net actually played and didn’t spit and stop. Sites which did exist (there weren’t too many back then) actually loaded. Chatrooms chatted. We were flying! OK so history aside, what do those numbers mean? Well, think of it this way: —Ping is your computer reaching out to the net and proclaiming “Here I am! Serve me!” and for the other end to say “Yeah, we see ya!” That ping number is the measure

in microseconds (millionths of a second) that it takes for this to happen. The lower the number the better. You don’t like to be told “Take a number and have a seat!” at the drugstore, do you? A long ping is the net saying the same thing to your computer. And nobody likes to wait. —Upload is the computer saying to a server with that webpage or song you want, “Send that one!” and therefore the faster (higher that number) the better. It’s like having three windows open at the drive-thru bank and not one. Upload is also the time it will take you to send something out. Think outgoing mail. You put the stamp on and toss it in the box. Upload is how long it takes to get collected, travel thru the local post office, onto the plane and then for it to be delivered in the city you’ve addressed it to. If you send computer files — say your photos of today’s snowstorm — to Facebook so your friends can see then uploading is what you are doing. Upload time is how long they will take to arrive at the server on the other end. —Finally, there’s the biggie: Download. That’s the time it will take for that file you are being sent — a web page, movie, TV show or song — to be delivered to you from the server where it resides. A slow download (and that 28k and 56k from days gone by are painfully slow examples in today’s terms) can mean a movie from Netflix won’t stream. It might sputter or stop altogether. It can also mean you’ll be knitting a sweater waiting for that song to play or photo to show right. Download speed is a big deal. So what are some numbers we’d call respectable? It all depends on how heavy a net user you are and what you are willing to pay. The net these days is all about pay to play, so everyone from at&t to the local cable firm have different plans. Suffice to say speeds we had not dreamt about in the 90s exist if you are willing to shell out for them. At our house, we get close to 5 Megs these days in download on our dsl. That’s 5 MILLION bits per second. 56K meant 56,000 bits per second, so you do the maths. Do we want faster? Of course, but it’s not available at a price we can afford downtown — yet. Meanwhile in some parts of the area at&t’s U-verse offers 15 Megs+ and in others cable competes and claims even faster speeds, but remember that what you see in ads is not always what you will get at your computer. So…that’s why the long-winded answer. Visit and see what you are getting up and down. Link from there to pingtest and see what that shows. If things on the screen don’t match what you are paying for (those “forecast” numbers will be on your bill or on the plan sheet they gave you when you signed up — you did keep that, right?) then call the firm you buy from and ask why not. By the way, don’t cast any blame…just ask. There are a lot of reasons why the numbers don’t always add up — from your location in relation to the cable or switching centre to what your computer, WiFi or modem is capable of doing. Ask, and if you don’t get an answer ask for your comments/complaint to be sent to a higher level. Tech support has several levels or tiers, so just like at your bank you try for a manager or assistant when you go in to get that $12 overdraft charge removed, but often end up with a teller, the same is true here. The higher the tier, the more they can do to help, so ask to be “escalated” which is their lingo for seeing the manager, but be patient, explain what you are asking and why. Always be polite which will get you way more than shouting or accusing. At the end of the day, if you don’t feel your service is what you need or pay for, then shop it and go elsewhere if better is available at a price you can afford. Just be sure the firm you move to can give better speed or service or you’ve wasted your time and cash. Happy surfing!

A couple examples of good ping and bad. Just like in school getting an A beats the heck out of getting a C or worse. As it says, the difference spells out how well your games, voice or other net functions will work. The Word 02.11 On The Web At: Page 47

You Auto Try This... By Casey Williams/ Automotive Reporter

Oh, I love getting in the sack with Germans: Mercedes, Volkswagens, BMWs and Audis — loved them all. I even devoured a couple of half-breeds like the Smart, Mini and Chrysler Crossfire. I tend to be turned on by German cars that disguise their upbringing. Few do so better than this. For a mid-size sedan, the Regal’s body is smokin’. Its hunkered shape with arched roofline looks like it was water hewn from petrified Black Forest.

I feel guilty, like a guy on the down-low looking for a trick in a dark alley. A hot body, charming personality, hard romp and a delightful ride through ecstasy wouldn’t erase the fact that I’m on the down-low, looking for a trick in a dark alley. It feels dirty, yet somehow invigourating.

Buick’s trademark waterfall grille, swoosh down the side, 18” aluminum wheels, fog lamps and formed-in rear spoiler cut a swath. Chrome puts a shining to the twin exhaust outlets. Red paint would be hot, but I’m warming up to the Carbon Black Metallic.

While I may harbour a certain lust to explore my inner feelings, I’m afraid people will find out. What will they think? What would my partner think?

Interior accommodations melt Bauhaus with Buick. Large analogue gauges, an array of buttons for audio, NAV and climate controls, and Audi MMI-style joywheel for major dash controls are straight from The Fatherland.

What if I came home with a BUICK?? I confess — I’ve been on a tryst with the new Regal, all fine in handsome dark skin sublime. I’ve been tempted by Buicks before — the Park Avenue, LaCrosse and Enclave to name a few. I even enjoyed a rendezvous with a Rendezvous. However, I was completely seduced and taken in by the German-built Buick Regal.

Harman/kardon speakers thump you stupid from the USB iPod input. Bluetooth enables hands-free calling while heated leather seats could cook stuffing. If chocolate is an aphrodisiac, then I’m in bliss with the dash, steering wheel, buttons and trim in that colour. Automakers often cut pennies on things like steering wheel leather, but the hide in the Regal feels like it came from a Hilfiger calf. It would feel even better heated. Buick hit all of the details like chrome door releases, padded dash materials, thick carpeting and classic style. Everything feels like it could be in a car half-again more expensive. A front-drive car can never be coaxed into positions reardrivers flex with ease, but that’s not because the Regal lacks heart. Tickle its front toes with the 2.4-litre engine that generates 182-HP through a six-speed automatic transmission, and it steps off smartly. An available Ecotec 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder engine generates 220-HP through an available six-speed manual transmission. Turbos only give up 1-MPG from the base engine’s frugal 19/30-MPG city/hwy. GM’s Ecotec engines are a little rambunctious, but turbos make whoopee as if on a Miami pool lounger. Putting this in perspective, the renowned Buick Grand National fed its rear wheels from a 245-HP 3.8-litre turbo V6. The 1987 GNX was rated 276-HP and could blast a Vette. The 2012 Regal GS, due early next year with a turbo-four, will enjoy 255-HP and enhance handling with an adjustable suspension system. Not only is it more muscular than the famed Grand National, but it is a far better dancer. During development, GM flung Regals around Germany’s famed Nurburgring and tempted Bimmers on the Autobahn. Even without the forthcoming turbo, the Regal has no problem passing triple-digits on open roads. Its chassis, steering and brakes are equal the task of controlling the sedan at such velocities. The car for middle-agers could stand to lose a few pounds, but is otherwise athletically fit. Can’t a guy fall in love with a perfectly decent luxury sedan and not have shame? I shouldn’t have to sneak it into a back driveway so my parents don’t find out. My best friend made all kinds of cracks about arthritis and joining John McCain for early bird specials. Fair enough, the name Regal reeks of old, but one drive stops the jokes. With the exception of plastic Buick badges and a re-worked grille, it is 100% pure German sport sedan — an Audi A4 with American comfort. So, pardon me if I don’t want to pay a fortune for escorts anymore. The Regal is a good companion, but just a little mischievous with a six-speed manual transmission and turbo. The beautiful body keeps all that fun below the covers. Secure in my manhood, I realise a secret relationship with a Buick is nobody’s business. In no time, gangstas and club queens will be singing Buick’s praises. If not, I won’t give a damn, because I won’t be able to hear any of it from the car’s silent interior. Cooler than an Electra 225 “Deuce and a Quarter”, Regal is far more than a 60-minute man. You can rock ‘em and roll ‘em for up to 5-years or 100,000 miles and still have the powertrain covered. Of course, you can also enjoy the Regal all night long. Prices start around $27,000 for non-tubos; just under $30,000 for turbos. The ’12 GS will come in around $40k. Ready to be seduced?

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Standard Reviewer By Bill Elliott / Word Critic After many years without a dedicated art house cinema, Bloomington, Indiana, once again has a movie palace that promises to be a magnificent addition to the city’s already impressive array of venues for drama, music, opera and art. The IU Cinema, located in the cultural heart of the Indiana University campus, opened with a cinematic bang 13th January with a rare screening of David Lean’s 1962 epic Lawrence of Arabia. Despite being almost four hours long, the opening night film sold out quickly as did a subsequent showing of the film the following week. In the 1990s the Illinois-based Kerasotes Theatres held a monopoly on every movie screen in Bloomington, and the company closed down the city’s two beautiful downtown cinemas — the Von Lee and the Indiana Theatre — claiming they were no longer profitable compared with the two existing Kerasotes-built multiplexes on the outskirts of town. Dating back to the 1930s, the former University Theatre is not quite as old as either the Indiana Theatre (now the Buskirk-Chumley) or the Von Lee. But recast as the IU Cinema, the space is nevertheless a throwback to the golden days of movie theatres. Part of the Fine Arts Plaza which includes the IU Auditorium, the Lilly Library, the IU Art Museum, and the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Centre and Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Centre, the new movie space is notable for housing four large murals created by Thomas Hart Benton for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair (known as the “Indiana Murals”). Like everything else in the cinema, the murals have been restored to their former glory. Another elegant touch is the series of pendant-like art deco light fixtures that illuminate the theatre. Plush seating and curtains add to the feel of movie palace splendour. Despite its retro look the cinema is old fashioned in its external appearances only. Behind the scenes, the space is THX certified, has a 16 mm and a 35 mm projector, as well as being 3-D and reel-to-reel capable, allowing the theatre to show any of the 82,000 movie reels the university has in its archives. With its state-of-the-art technology, the IU Cinema’s new director, Jon Vickers, hopes that it will become one of the best cinemas in the country. Vickers’ vision and ambition for the cinema is certainly going a long way to making this bold statement a reality. The inaugural season of films promises to bring to Bloomington classic films that have not been seen on the big screen for years, as well as contemporary foreign and independent films that will not make it to the local multiplexes. Future plans involve film festivals, guest lecture series and access to screening facilities for local and independent filmmakers. These are exciting times for cinephiles as well as movie buffs who previously had to rely on Netflix and specialty video stores to view their favourite films. If the IU Cinema’s opening night is any indication of what is in store, then local residents and those who are willing to make a relatively short drive to Bloomington are in for a treat.

Lawrence of Arabia is a perfect example of what the movie-going experience used to be like before films and movie theatres became small, bland and homogenised. Lawrence is epic in length, ambitious in scope, vibrant, and meaningful. Not like the fast food “blockbusters” which pass for movie-making these days. In an age of ever smaller screens, watching Lawrence of Arabia on a big screen with its orchestral overture and intermission is a larger-than-life cinematic adventure. Arguably one of the best films ever made, Lean’s epic story depicts the life of T.E. Lawrence, the controversial and romanticised British officer who led an Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. The Arabian Desert, captured in Super Panavision 70, provides a majestic backdrop for Lawrence’s larger-than-life exploits. The film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won seven. Introducing a young Anglo-Irish actor called Peter O’Toole in his first starring role, Lawrence of Arabia also boasts a cast that includes Sir Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Omar Sharif, Claude Raines, Jack Hawkins and Anthony Quayle. Not content with just Lawrence, the IU Cinema’s opening month brings no less than six films by David Lean. Labelled the “Lean Years,” the series includes other big screen epics Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) and Dr. Zhivago (1965) in addition to Summertime (1955), Brief Encounter (1945) and Great Expectations (1946). Other featured directors include John Ford, with the classic westerns Stagecoach (1939), Fort Apache (1948), She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949), My Darling Clementine (1946), Rio Grande (1950) and The Searchers (1956); and Italian director Michelangelo Antonio with four films featuring actress Monica Vitti, L’avventura (The Adventure) (1960), La notte (1961), The Eclipse (1962) and Red Desert (1964). An “Underground Film Series” in February will feature avant garde films and will include several visiting filmmakers who will give lectures and introduce their movies. Iconic gay filmmaker Kenneth Anger will be present at the showing of his two classics Fireworks (1947) and Scorpio Rising (1964), both showing on Friday, 11 February beginning at 7 p.m. Fireworks, presented in partnership with the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction is Kenneth Anger’s earliest film and also one of the earliest examples of openly gay cinema. Made when Anger was 17, it is part of a cycle of “trance” films, in which a protagonist (here played by Anger himself) takes a psychic, often dream-filled journey through his or her own unconscious. By turns comical, introspective and outright shocking, it remains a vital part of Anger’s oeuvre and one of the most important films of the American independent cinema. Scorpio Rising, also presented in partnership with the Kinsey Institute, is perhaps Kenneth Anger’s most stylistically and thematically complex film and a true masterpiece of American cinema. Intertwining a sincere devotion to biker culture with a campy take on the power of various outsider iconographies, Scorpio Rising is a less personal film than Fireworks but equally concerned with symbols of gay sexual desire and their interrelation with seemingly mainstream American culture. It is also a film that has influenced filmmakers across the spectrum — from music videos to “art” filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, Gus Van Sant and David Lynch. Austrian-British filmmaker Hans Scheirl will also visit Bloomington to screen and talk about his films Dandy Dust (1998) and Flaming Ears (1992) on Saturday, 9 April, at 6.30 and 9.30 p.m. respectively. Dandy Dust is part sci-fi, part horror satire, and pure creativity. The lead is a cyborg with a dual personality (and gender) dealing with identity and a family obsessed by lineage. Five-and-a-half years in the making, Dandy Dust takes us on an elaborate, gender-bending adventure. Flaming Ears is a pop sci-fi lesbian fantasy set in the year 2700. Spy is a comic book artist whose printing presses are burned down by Volley, a sexed-up pyromaniac. Seeking revenge, Spy goes to the club where Volley performs every night. Before she can enter, Spy gets into a fight and is left wounded in the street. She is found by Nun, an amoral alien who also happens to be Volley’s lover. A story of love and revenge, it is an anti-romantic plea for love in its many forms. The inaugural season of the IU Cinema runs through May with most of the screenings free of charge. Some films, such as those in the Ryder film series and silent films — which will be accompanied by the IU’s Jacob School of Music — will have a nominal charge. For more information, visit or http://

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Bobbie K Owens

“You Can Be My Cowgirl” 25’ x 20’ Mixed Media on 100% Rag Paper

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The snow flew and the winds howled, but nothing could keep the boys home here in the Midwest. Our Word photos are of the Mr. 501 Eagle contest in Indianapolis and New Year’s Eve at MJ’s Cafe in Dayton. Need we say it looks like everybody had a great time welcoming the year?

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Indy Youth Group Screens A Film As Gay As Life Itself At Art Museum Photos & Story By Timothy Cox INDIANAPOLIS—When Indiana Youth Group Director Mary Byrne opened the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s presentation of Peter Bratt’s La Mission by saying “everyone in the family may be needing to come out,” audience members were left unsure what to expect. The film stars Bratt’s brother Benjamin (Law & Order, Miss Congeniality) as Che Rivera, a “reformed inmate and recovering alcoholic” living with his son Jes (Jeremy Ray Valdez) in the San Francisco Latino district, the Mission. When Che discovers Jes’s activity in the city’s homosexual scene, not even a life-threatening experience can convince him to accept the “choice” Jes has made. La Mission is as much a journey toward learning to love one’s self and to love without regret as it is toward accepting family, friends, lovers and neighbours for who they are. “The shame of being gay isn’t about sexuality as much as power,” explained Bratt regarding the initial inspiration for the movie. “When a gay man comes out, he is typically feminised... We live in a culture dominated by he-and-she relationships... That’s how we define power [in America].” Bratt’s first acclaimed independent film, Follow Me Home, received a spot in the 1996 Sundance Film Festival and earned Best Director and Best Feature Film awards from two other festival showings. La Mission has proven to be a successful follow-up; no less than 20 film festivals have played host to the movie, and it’s been shown in theaters in 11 American cities. The film has won at least four awards and is nominated for the Best Indie Film Award by the NAACP. Bratt’s appearance at the Indiana Youth Group and Latino Youth Collective’s presentation of his film at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in January, displayed indescribable gratitude during his moment of fame. “It’s a great step to reach out to the lesbian, gay, bi, trans and questioning youth in the growing Latino population of Indianapolis,” Graham Brinklow, IYG youth coordinator, said, adding, “IYG is always looking for ways to help these youth feel supported and welcome.” Following the 117-minute run of La Mission, Bratt graciously answered an hour’s worth of audience members’ questions. “[The production] was the most incredible, exciting, creative, back-breaking experience I’ve ever had,” he told those gathered. The film took five years to construct and was filmed in 26 days. Bratt said he never approached the film as a coming-out story, but rather as a going-in story about a father and his son. “Everyone has experienced love, has lost love or has longed for love... The centre of the film is love.” The screenwriter/director had many amazing experiences to share, including one of a woman who single-handedly brought the movie to a theatre in her town and of an African American church which rented out it’s local theatre for a day to show the film. “‘I’m a third-generation green beret... I have children. I’m the guy in the movie,’” quoted Bratt while recalling a previous viewer’s reaction to La Mission. ‘“I’m here with my son who is 25 years old... He just came out to [his mother and me] and I want to tell all these people that I love him.’ It was so powerful.” Audience members at the IMA hopped on the Bratt-loving bandwagon, as exemplified by a 65-year-old viewer who pointed out Bratt’s “incredible ability to capture the universal aspects of life.” Another audience member, Ja’net Edwards, seemed permanently influenced by the night’s presentation. Edwards is a female African American and was shocked to see uncountable similarities between her own culture and the Latino culture flawlessly portrayed in the film. “We have been pegged so differently,” she exclaimed, “but [everything] blends.” The film’s buzz won’t be waring off any time soon. The Sundance Insitute has chosen La Mission as one of 10 films that will be shown in six American states and six countries, including Kenya, Turkey and China. The endeavour is part of a project known as the Film Forward Cultural Exchange Initiative and is running thru September. Bratt hopes that, if nothing else, every viewer of the film can leave the theatre with an open mind. Currently, the film can be purchased on DVD and Blu-Ray at

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Director/Screenwriter Peter Bratt with audience member and IYG youth Michael Smith.

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IUPUI Group Has More Than Cupcakes On Agenda In fact, they are planning a Drag Show 4th February from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Campus Centre, Room 450. To get information or tickets contact ASE at or call the Multicultural Success Centre on 317/278.8336.

men, women, gay, lesbian, straight and allies. We have $5 dues to join, but the member gets a t-shirt so it works out. Now our challenge is to become more visible and more active so we are doing projects and planning for more,” he said, adding that the next big one is the February drag show, with all proceeds going to the Trevor Project, a national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth. The president said he hopes to have at least 100 seats to sell and a good cast. He also noted the show will be great for early birds, running from 7 till 9 p.m.

The group, it may be recalled, was at the centre of the great cupcake scandal last Autumn when a bakery downtown refused to make cupcakes (though they swear it was cookies) with rainbow icing for the students on National Coming Out Day. The whole thing blew into a major story when one of the local news outlets picked it up. After that the snowball was gathering speed as a local radio station did a free cupcakes benefit live in morning drivetime, then Indianapolis City Market hosted an equality rally on the 11th of October. But then what?

The group is also working on the related It Gets Better project to assist bullied students in high schools. Junkersfeld said his own coming out experience was “less-thanwonderful” and he noted he had a grandmother who told him when she found out “the only time you can hug me after this is when I’m in my coffin.” Fortunately she’s eased up and Junkersfeld said he’s making progress with his dad, while his older sister and younger brother accept him for who he is and love him unreservedly, though he admits, “the holidays were tough.”

ASE President Steven Junkersfeld said what came next has been a surprise for even him as the controversy set the small group into busy mode as more and more gays, lesbians, straight allies, trans and intersex folks all were calling and asking to join, swelling the membership to the current 65 “and counting.” All these people meant a lot more volunteers and participants, but it also meant the group had to come up with educational events, socials and more.

But not everyone is so well off in college. Many youger students have been bullied in high school and some continue to be in college as well. “That’s why we want to be involved with the It Gets Better project and Trevor Project. We have a committee working on activities, including a video and we are hopeful that even the IUPUI chancellor will appear in support,” he said.

INDIANAPOLIS—Is there life after cupcakes? If you ask the folks who run Advocates for Sexual Equality (ASE) on the Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) campus they will not only tell you but scream loudly, “YES THERE IS!”

Happily, Junkersfeld says, they have met the challenge and already held a Harvey Milk Celebration Dinner and have the drag show and more in the works. “We are here to make an impact on IUPUI’s campus and to serve as ambassadors and models to the university teaching tolerance and understanding about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex and straight ally issues. That means we are trying to reach out because while our mission statement says we want to make an impact on campus, it doesn’t limit us only to IUPUI. We are all brothers and sisters and we need to acknowledge this while still fighting for equality and providing education,” he said. Junkersfeld told The Word over a recent lunch that the current group is basically a start-over. “There was a group here at least once before, but they drifted apart. This is basically a new organisation which right now has 65 members who are a true mix of

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A dance is also on the ASE agenda for Spring and Junkersfeld said “We are trying to get our group to go to the Midwest Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender Ally College Conferece, too. It will be in Ann Arbor and have a theme of ‘Justice or Just Us?’,” he said. Those attending will experience workshops and more, including ones directed to allies, religious support groups, people of colour and organising to help help campus groups get more active in their communities. “We will learn the complexity and critical necessity of unity through diversity which will allow us to come together to fight for our rights,” he added. For more on the conference, visit Meanwhile Junkersfeld, who is a pre-med student and works part time waiting tables at English Ivy’s, said he has a goal for the ASE group he hopes to help achieve. “Our goal is to help as many people as possible in as many ways as possible and to show that there are no limits to what you can achieve thru great strength and the community.” There’s definitely more going on than cupcakes... er, ah, cookies, on campus.

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Gossip Cats Now Find us on Facebook: Madison Gosspicat Ah, February…the month of love and kisses; of roses (dead or alive) and a time to tell someone you love them (or an ex that you despise them). It looks like things here are already in high gear as the gossip line has been ringing off the hook, so let’s see what all those callers and e-mailers have been sending in… First off, a belated Happy Birthday to friendly competitor Dave Poland, who owns The Letter down Louisville way. Dave turned, well, we won’t say but we will say he turned it the 16th of January and we hope he had a great day with many more to follow!... On another topic, looks like the scenery was great up in Northeast Indiana as we got this report: The Fort Wayne Bears had their holiday luncheon at a buffet in a small rural Indiana town which we are gonna leave nameless. The service staff treated these lovely bears, cubs and admirers with great respect and courtesy. One middle age female waitress even kissed some of the guys. The adorable slim steak/grill chef showed how excited he was to host these men — if only by his sincere facial expressions, kindness and lots of sizzled meat for these hungry men. We are told the service staff were well tipped that day and could go shopping early thanks to the bear bucks. Anyway, the bears, we hear, were given a private dining room, but they had to share it with a traditional straight family. The other group was told these men might be a bit rowdy (understatement!) Anyway, the traditional group brought four teen-age boys. One of the 17ish boys was clad in “slider down” pants exposing his underwear to the men, was wearing a tilted baseball cap and displaying what we pussies are told were a lot of body gestures suggesting that he will march in a future gay pride parade. One of the bear men noticed the boi taking off his coat, exposing a tight white t-shirt with pink and baby blue lettering. The t-shirt said: “Straight Pride”. Before the boi knew what would happen, the kind fury fun men complemented him on his unique t-shirt and asked him to pose for a photo (t-shirt and all). The picture print has not been released to The Word just yet, but we were told he is some eye candy. After the impromptu photo shoots, the bears invaded the dessert bar, exchanged their white elephant presents and departed the restaurant without incident. We hear it was not until hours later, after the bears were long gone that some of the traditional family figured out the situation. We were told the bears respected their guests from the other world, however, they are still curious how the straight family felt being in the minority that afternoon. We hope the bear organisation will have more dining options in 2011 and invite we furry felines to rest in their own fur for a cat nap. But please guys, give us the pictures of these future parade marchers.... Speaking of giving, we will not be giving out the name of the club but the owner of a certain Indiana bar had quite the Chistmas gift we cats hear tell. Several two-legged reporters for this column report they spotted the owner’s car outside the nameless bar on Christmas morning about 10 as they passed and decided to stop and wish him a happy holiday — this being Indiana where all bars must close on Christmas, they figured he was doing some bookwork or counting money or some such. They rang the front bell and got no reply, so they went round the back and banged on the door and got the same — not much of anything. They did spot a couple figures in one of the club’s mirrors they saw from the front window but couldn’t quite make out who it might be, so they went on. Later that afternoon, one of the reporters got an e-mail from the owner who said he was sorry he’d missed them, wished a happy holiday and on and on. He also casually mentioned that the reason he didn’t get to the door was he was having a bit of “doorbell sex” with someone who’d arrived previously. And he added, “we were just wrapping up when we saw you all at the door!” Guess wrapping up IS appropriate for Christmas Day, but we hear they did a lot of unwrapping too. Oh, and which club was this all in? We still won’t divulge that, but we will say there were movie tickets someone dropped by the door (when they rang the doorbell, obviously) when our amateur sleuths popped by, leading the duo to know without a doubt who got the “doorbell sex” and who gave it. We won’t “blow” their secret, however… Moving right along, a memo to a couple roomies who we note start their drinking at 7 a.m. some days and who, by 10 (a.m., not p.m.) are often too blotto to be seen in public: It is not nice to threaten to punch the owners of these pussies. If you do, they will write about you by name and that would not be pretty at all. Next time you threaten them at 7.10 a.m., be sober, OK?... Finally, speaking of OK, we have met a very much more than just OK boy over in Dayton named Nick. We hope Indy and Chicago are graced with many more appearances by this cutie and meantime will say we’d hit on you but we still aren’t for sure if the guy you were travelling with the day these cats met you is your man of the hour or just a good friend. As of this writing, nobody’s talking but that might just may mean they both got better stuff to do with their tongues, huh?... Finally, a belated sympathy note to Word ex-assistant editor and photo boi Chris Conner on the recent loss of his dad. We never knew this gentleman, but if his son is any indication, he was indeed a special guy... Happy Valentine’s Day. We’d say V.D. but there’s enough of that around already, so a polite pussy reminder to stay safe and get tested! Meow!

By Ted Fleischaker / Word Publisher

INDIANAPOLIS—Fresco means fresh in Italian, but sometimes the freshest idea is one of the oldest and in the case of Dean and Doris Crook and their two sons, experiences from times past have led to the newest and freshest downtown Indianapolis restaurant — Fresco at 320 North New Jersey Street in the west side of O’Malia’s. Yes, the oft-deserted former limited-hours O’Malia’s café has been reborn as Fresco Italian Sandwich Shoppe and Dean is the man in charge at 76 — an age when most folks not only think about retiring, but have long since have hung up their working duds and headed to the beach. That’s exactly what happened in Crook’s case, only his wife wouldn’t let him stay at the shore. As he tells it, “Of course, how it all started is we retired and we were living the life on Kentucky Lake. We’d built a new home and were happy, but my wife wanted to spend more time up here in Indianapolis near our two sons. I said I’m not going to sit in apartment in Indianapolis with nothing to do, so my sons said dad why don’t you open an Italian beef place. I had owned one years ago in Charleston, Illinois. We sold that and I went on to other things, but I had experience and knowledge and I thought I’d get a hole-in-the wall and try it. “But it was not that easy. I looked all over. I couldn’t find anything that would work that I also could afford. I was about to give up when my wife said something about have you checked that place by O’Malias. We’d talked about it before, but I never came by, so I did and I talked to Larry Schultz, the manager. I swear I thought he was going to hug me when I said we’d take it because Marsh had been trying for ages to find the right thing for this space. The space is a little bit too small for most commercial operations and those who were interested in serving full food said no, so it had to almost be a sandwich shop. Along with the space, which Dean and his family scrubbed, cleaned, painted, decorated and changed drastically from the former look, there was the matter of what to make and how to serve it. That part came from experience. “As far as my recipes, especially the stromboli, meatballs and Italian beef…I had those from 50 years ago. We tweaked all but the beef a bit, but they came from Chicago. The original guy who set us up in Charleston gave them to me. When we decided to open here, the space was a bit more than we thought, which is why we expanded the menu, but we have kept it limited by design so we can do a really good job with four, five or six sandwiches rather than have all kinds of foods.” The owner said he also is proud that what’s served is made right at the store. “We do every item on the menu here…the beef especially. We buy a roast daily, bake it in our own oven with our own seasonings and all. We tried some prepared things like a ready Italian beef some supplier was pushing and it was so terrible we threw it out, which is why we make and stay with our own.” To make certain everything’s done just so, Crook comes in every morning (the restaurant opens at 11 every day, but Sunday when they are closed) to get the day started. His sons, Doug and Jeff and wife Doris do help, but the lion’s share is his. “We do live in the Hudson downtown and my sons live in Lockerbie, which is how I knew about this space at O’Malia’s. It’s also why we wanted to have something to serve our own neighbourhood. We came and shopped here and saw the O’Malia’s cafe, but it was underutilised…they opened at 11 and closed at 2. Marsh likes it that now it’s used longer in the day, too. We are working to build the evening business, and are staying until 7 right now but when spring comes we are going to go to 8. I also think the patio out here on the Cultural Trail will be a huge hit in the Summer.” Items on the Fresco menu include Italian Beef, Strombolis, Meatball Subs, Chicken Parmesan, Italian Subs and a Caprese Salad. They also offer Minestrone Soup, locally produced chips (made in City Market from fresh ingredients) and an antipasto. In addition to eating in, they offer Fresco to Go so call-ahead orders at 423.2420 can pull in and pick up Italian Beef by the pound, the dipping broth and Tomato Sauce, too. Pricing for eat-in meals ranges from $6 to $10, with one of the best buys being the take-away Beef which runs $12 a pound, including a fresh 36-inch loaf of bread. We’ve sampled much of the menu and have yet to find anything what failed to live up to its reputation and promise. In fact, as is evidenced by the lines already growing in the happy dining room at high noon weekdays, it appears Crook, his family and part timers from Chef’s Academy won’t have a lot of spare time to think about Kentucky Lake for at least awhile.

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We Have The Perfect Wine For Valentine’s Day!

Don’t Forget The Wine... It’s Always The Right Size!

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