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February 2009


INDIANAPOLIS—From the art of protest to the kind which goes on a wall we had it happening here as Indianapolis Youth Group held their annual Art Auction at the Wheeler Arts Centre and Indiana Equality rallied the troops for fairness in marriage at the Statehouse. More of Mark Dickhaus’ photos on Page 50 & 51.

Coming To Indy 28th April. Details Are On Page Three.

Unicorn’s DJ Oliver Hits Big-Time As Kristine W Selects His Mix! Story On Page 41

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February 2009

Dena Cass Takes Title Kentuckian Shawn Penick Sets Sights on Big Apple... Full Story Inside On Page 30

DAYTON—Dena Cass was named the new All American Goddess at Large in an entertaining and hard-fought pageant held at Club Masque in mid-March. Alexis Nicole Whitney was named 1st Alternate, Ginger Ale - 2nd Alternate and Lady Jetta - 3rd Alternate. Word Photos By John Gebhardt

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Food To Fight For Damien Centre’s HIV/AIDS Work As Dining Out For Life Comes To Indy 28th April INDIANAPOLIS—Quick! It’s a food fight! But this time the food does the fighting and what it’s fighting is HIV/AIDS as The Damien Centre is proud to be representing the city of Indianapolis in its 17th annual Dining Out for Life event with local Event Presenting Sponsor Hoosier Parks and Casino. 28th April 45 participating restaurants (one of the largest restaurant events in town) will donate 25% of their sales to The Damien Centre. For an extra feel-good feeling, dine at one of the six Premier Restaurants — Adobo Grill, Downtown Olly’s, Forty Five Degrees, Pearl Bistro, Santorini Greek Kitchen, and The Pita Pit Downtown at 1 N Penn — who will donate 50% of your bill to The Damien Centre. These funds will be used to support the programmes and services offered by The Centre. So, which restaurants will be participating in the 2011 Dining Out for Life? Check out our list online at www.damien. org Brenden Hudson of the centre’s development staff told The Word, “We’ve got some old favourites like Santorini Greek Kitchen, Amici’s, Metro Nightclub & Restaurant, Agio, The Legend Café, and English Ivy’s – some of whom have been participating since the very beginning. We also have some great new places like 501 Eagle, Iaria’s Italian Restaurant and Served that we can’t wait to try. To find a map of the restaurants nearest you, check out the map on our website.” So you want to help even more than eating out? No problem! Individuals can also serve as restaurant ambassadors. It is an ambassador’s job to encourage diners to dine in “their” restaurant the night of the 28th and to be present to tell diners about the event and the good work they’re doing simply by eating. Information on all these opportunities is available at The Damien Centre’s website at

Racing Casino, along with The Word,, Entercom Indianapolis, NUVO, Fineline Printing, WTHR Channel

13, Bilerico Project, Jockomo’s UpperCrust Pizza and Just Pop In. National sponsors include Subaru, CBS Television

Stations, DiningOut magazine, Open Table, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and Yelp.

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For the latest up-to-date information, check out the centre’s tweets (@DamienCenter) and Facebook (/damiencenter). Hudson noted, “We have exclusive online perks, so follow/friend us during and after the event for the latest scoop on The Damien Centre.” Support for this event nationally has grown to over 250,000 diners, thanks in large part to the efforts of Dining Out For Life Spokesman Ted Allen, host of Food Network’s primetime competition series Chopped. Allen will be joined by Pam Grier, actress, advocate and author of the memoir Foxy—My Life In Three Acts. Subaru is national host sponsor of Dining Out For Life. Locally, Hudson said, “We are delighted to have numerous sponsors for this year’s event, including Event Presenting Sponsor Hoosier Park

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Your Vote Counts By Rick Sutton / Political Columnist LEGISLATIVE CALENDARS THROWN OUT

The walkout of Indiana House Democrats will likely be resolved by the time this edition his the streets. Not so the animas left behind. This was the Winter of our Discontent. House Minority Leader D. Patrick Bauer (D-South Bend), not content with the work of Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis), led a caucus walkout that, as of late March, was to be the longest such action in U.S. history. The originally-stated reason shouldn’t have been a surprise. On Reorganisation Day last November, House Democrats walked out over the fast-tracked “Right To Work” legislation. The bill was poison to Indiana labour unions and a bonanza to the Chamber of Commerce so the die was cast for a showdown.

Inside each caucus exists a strongly conservative element. With Bauer, that number is 11-15 right-wing Dems. With Bosma it’s closer to 20. He had the largest freshman class in state history and they were loyal to their perceived agenda before they were loyal to Bosma. And many of them got campaign money from the Governor’s Political Action Committee, “Aiming Higher,” so the loyalties were even more in doubt. If this kerfuffle could’ve been left to Bauer and Bosma to settle, you get the feeling it could’ve been done much earlier. Bosma’s 60-member caucus has a solid conservative core who doesn’t want to cave one iota. With Bauer’s caucus, two members were chosen to sit in on House floor business each day. That choice could’ve been a headache, but they rotated it among a pretty interesting group of legislators. Add to the mix: organised labour, Planned Parenthood and gay activists jammed the Statehouse from Walkout Day til late March. Their resolve was firm. However it’s resolved, the wounds are fresh and won’t heal quickly. It will make for an interesting dash to Sine Die when they can all go home for good. Their required agenda contains but two items: redistricting and the budget. Gov. Mitch Daniels promised to call them into special sessions “until New Year’s Eve if necessary,” to conclude that business. He also wants massive education reform which shivers the timbers of the Indiana State Teachers Association whose crowd flocked to the Statehouse often and heavily during March as well.

OUR ISSUES: FRONT AND CENTRE Indiana’s gay and lesbian community fought back against the proposed Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage. HJR-6, authored by Reps. Eric Turner (R-Cicero) and Dennis Cheatham (D-North Vernon) breezed through the House 70-26. The typical right-wing money machines were behind it, too — Advance America, Faith & Family and other conservative groups offered up their usual half-truths and “activist judges” scenario. Hilarious, huh? Someone needs to round up all those Hoosier “activist judges”, if they can find even one. (Note: Indiana’s Courts are overseen by the Supreme Court and able state court administrators. Indiana’s Chief Justice is America’s longest-serving. Indiana’s Appeals Courts are among the nation’s most stable) The 14th of March a Rally for Equality drew hundreds to the Statehouse in bitterlycold weather. Ted has photos on the front page and further back in this edition, too. Please Continue On Page 31

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The 2012 election may be hardest-fought not on the presidential level, but in state legislative districts. The real winners? TV, radio, newspaper and direct-mail firms. This shapes up to be the most-contested legislative election in history and expensive. After new districts are drawn there will likely be 20-25 House and 4-8 Senate districts in heavy play.

Phones: Indy: 317/725.8840 * Cincinnati: 513/828.8652 * Louisville: 502/454.4877 e-mail:


Much has been written and spoken about the respective parties’ agendas. But here’s a classic truth that neither caucus leader will admit: These caucuses are getting increasingly difficult to lead.

Friday 15th April Papers On Street: Tuesday 26th April

The Word is published the last week of every month at 110 E. Washington St., Suite 1402, Indianapolis, 46204. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy and fairness, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors. Liability is limited to the cost of said ad. Ads not cancelled by published deadlines will be billed at agreed-upon price. Ads may be edited or rejected for content at the discretion of the publisher. All items appearing in The Word, as well as the name, logos and design are copyright 2011 by BBS, A division of High Speed Delivery Fork Ltd. & Ted Fleischaker and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written approval.


Unlike the State Senate, where the Democrats don’t even have to show up for a quorum, House Democrats have a slight wedge: seven of them need to be present on the House floor for the chamber to have a quorum, IF all 60 House Republicans show up. For every House Republican out sick or on personal business, add one Democrat to the mix for a quorum.

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Around Town PBS TO AIR TWO SPIRITS AS PART OF “INDEPENDENT LENS” SERIES Fred Martinez was a Navajo boy who was also a girl. In an earlier era, he would have been revered. Instead he was murdered. Two Spirits interweaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son with a revealing look at the largely unknown history of a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female and many Native American cultures held places of honour for people of integrated genders. Powerful and moving, Lydia Nibley’s Two Spirits explores the life and death of Fred Martinez and the ancient Native American two-spirit tradition. Two Spirits will premiere on the Emmy Award-winning PBS series Independent Lens Tuesday, 14th June at 10 p.m. on local PBS stations thruout the country. Fred Martinez told his mother he felt as if he was both a boy and a girl, and she explained that this is a special gift, according to traditional Navajo culture. But the place where two discriminations meet is a dangerous place to live, and Fred became one of the youngest hate-crime victims in modern history when he was brutally murdered at 16. Between tradition and controversy, and freedom and fear, lies the truth — the bravest choice you can make is to be yourself. Two Spirits explores issues of national concern including the bullying and violence commonly faced by gays and the epidemic of teen suicide, and reveals the range of gender expression that has long been seen as a healthy part of many of the indigenous cultures of North America, and of Navajo culture in particular. In Navajo, nadleehi means “one who is transformed,” and as the film traces the ramifications of Fred’s murder, it also shows the transformation being undertaken by Native activists who are working to restore the rich heritage of two-spirit people and to claim their place within their tribal communities. “The film team is working with over 60 organisations nation-wide to have six million people see the film and to help expand the national conversation about gender,” the director of Two Spirits, Lydia Nibley noted.

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Hackin The Net By Ted Fleischaker / Word Publisher It’s a typical Wednesday, but when you roll out of bed you feel a bit “off” and have a throat that’s a tad sore. You get ready and head to work anyway, but by lunch the throat feels like your best friend put out a fire in there — wearing track cleats. You feel cold, then hot, so you head by Walgreen’s, grab some aspirin and one of those nighttime remedies and go home to bed. In the morning you feel a bit better and go back to work, only to come home even earlier with a raging fever and the feeling those track shoes are at work again, only this time the whole team’s in there. When do you pop more over-the-counter pills and when do you throw it in and call the doctor? “When” is something we all have to judge for ourselves because sometimes those colds and flus get better on their own, while other times they don’t. The same is true with a computer because there are some things you can fix yourself (and often quite easily) and others which mean it’s time for the Genius Bar, Geek Squad or at least your Cousin Harry who knows his way around networks and computers to have an “expert” look. In the life of almost every computer, however, just like in the life of all of us, there will come a time (or two or more) when ONLY the doctor will do — whether it’s the physician one or the computer one. So, how do you know “it’s time” and how long can you pop a few more electronic over-the-counter pills and hope your system lives to see another spreadsheet on its own? We do not pretend to have all the answers, but talking to a few of our experts, here are their and our personal hints and suggestions — plus some strong bits of advice. First, just like the body, a computer can be mildly ill, just having a bad mood day, not sick at all or in a death rattle when the only solution is to pull the plug quite literally. How to know which helps a lot. The biggest bit of advice, therefore, is to take the computer’s “temperature” by seeing if anything works. Is it locked up and frozen totally? Do some programmes work but not others? If printing isn’t working from Word or the net, can you print from another application? Can you open a “local” programme, which is one that works on your computer alone (think Word, iTunes, Publisher or Excel which need no net connection to function fully)? Can you surf the net? Do you have too many programmes open at once? You do know that RAM you saved $25 by scrimping on when you bought your set-up will influence how much you can do at the same time, right? Or is everything dead? The answers you give to these basics will say a lot about the severity of your computer’s malaise and will also provide a basic set of ideas about what to do next. The biggest and loudest piece of advice we got from our experts — both Mac and pc — is to “always reboot!” Their chorus of solutions for most problems suggests that 50% or more of the minor lock-ups or glitches can be “fixed” simply by resetting your box and starting afresh. That said, ONLY unplug your computer or remove the battery (in the case of a laptop) as a last resort. Instead, save your work if you haven’t, then try and quit the programme you have open and shut down the usual way first. That’s best for the computer and the easiest fix. If that fails, you can hold down the power button on a Mac or on most desktop pc’s until they shut down. On a laptop you might have to pull the plug AND take the battery out to get the same effect. Either will “force quit” and the computer will switch off. You can then try to restart as normal. You will likely get a message when (not “if”, being an optimist here) it comes back up that you didn’t shut down properly, and sometimes an offer to restore what you were doing. If you get that and have to have the file (You DO save frequently when working on things, don’t you?) you were working on say yes to the restore. Otherwise, say no as it could just return you to the problem which locked you up in the first place. Once you are back up, see if everything’s working again and if so breathe easy — those aspirin did the trick and the computer’s healthy again. Just like you, though sometimes things are just “not right” after those over-the-counter aspirin. But do not despair. They make stronger remedies you can try and in the case of your computer you can try some of those before calling in the doctors. For one, check for viruses if you have a pc. Macs don’t get viruses, so if you are a Mac person (We are totally.) you can skip this step. But if you have a pc, you DID purchase, install and keep updated a virus protection programme, didn’t you? Doing without is

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Remember that ad you didn’t take seriously? Could it be a virus? like visiting a flu ward at the local hospital without that shot last Fall. If you have thus far escaped a virus and are pc, stop right now and get Norton or one of the others and install it. Update it, too, as the malware and virus writers seem to always be coming up with new ways to infect your precious files. OK, so you are sure it’s not a virus?…then it’s time to look at other things. First, are you trying to do too much with too little computing power? Remember that $25 in RAM you didn’t buy when you bought the computer? RAM (Rapid Access Memory) is what’s used by programmes when you open them. If you cut that corner and want to do your taxes in one programme, surf in another, listen to internet radio in another and do instant messages all at once, you likely are over the ability of that memory-short system. Close some programmes and head onto the net or to the shop and buy more RAM. The chips are cheap and most of us can pop them in ourselves or let the Genius Bar or Geek Squad or local shop do it for a few bucks. Taking this simple step is like adding power to your car so it can climb a hill better or training so you can run a marathon without wheezing or collapsing. Next, try the obvious: is the plug securely in the wall? Did the cat sit on the keys and change a few settings when you were out for lunch and failed to shut down? Have you installed some new prgramme and not made sure it’s compatible with what you already had? And did you pay for the movie/music/programme you installed? If not, did it ever occur to you that a virus or non-working fake might be what you downloaded instead and is now causing issues? Got all that checked over? Time to go back and see what’s working now: Is part of the system operating? If so is it better or back to speed? Did it lock up totally again? Can you surf the net or open a local programme and use it? It’s time, to return to our doctor comparison, to ask yourself how badly things hurt. If you have a sprained wrist but can function with the other and hope it gets better then maybe you can get by. If Word and Excel and the basics you need for work open and function, can you live without your movie for now? If so, then you might want to hold off and see what’s up. Like us, computers often get better or worse (usually worse) with the passage of time. Also make sure again of the basics. If your problem is slow or no net surfing, have you gone to to see if your dsl is working right and not running slow? If it’s slow, reboot the modem and if that doesn’t work call your internet provider and ask for service. You pay for that in your monthly bill, so they shouldn’t charge to bring their end back up to scratch even if they have to send someone over. Is the problem a virus your boyfriend or kids downloaded with that free game or visit to an, ahem, porno site? You might wanna run that virus programme again and see if it finds anything amiss. And remember to go to the virus programme maker’s website and be sure it’s updated for finding all the newest nasties. Still no go? Well, it’s probably time to call in Uncle Harry, the Geek Squad or the Genius Bar at Apple. By all means, carry in the computer if you can since that home visit will usually cost more than an office call. At least some computer outfits do still make house calls. Try THAT with your doctor no matter how much you feel like you died last week. There’s one last decision you will need to think about: Pending what the experts tell you, how much are you willing to pay to keep the computer on life support and when should you pull the plug and shop for a new one? The experts can help you decide, and you also will need to think about loss of data (or what it will cost to restore some of the vital info to a new hard drive or computer) as well as other factors. If the computer is old, you might be willing to end life support sooner. If it’s fairly new, maybe Applecare (for a Mac) or other warranties (on pc) will get your computer healthy again or even get you a new one at little or no cost, but just like how you feel after a week off work it’s going to be up to you to ultimately decide what it’s time to do. Remember, in closing, just like your doctor surely recommended a flu shot last Fall and that you wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face before washing after you’ve been out, etc., etc. an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Use the computer wisely and you can keep those problems to a minimum. Fail and you will be seeing more of your “doctor” and his or her bills than you’d like.


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Sheila's Column By Sheila Kennedy This has been an awful Winter — the kind that makes you think that Spring will never get here. It has also been an awful political Winter; as I have groused on these pages for months, we are in an extended season of crazy — a prolonged hissy-fit of finger-pointing, propaganda and outright bigotry. Sane citizens can be forgiven for wondering whether a political Spring will ever come. Interestingly, in much the same way as early green shoots are a signal that daffodils and tulips are on their way, there have been a number of polls and other indicators promising an end to our political Winter. So while Republican presidential hopefuls keep playing to their base, it helps to recognise that that base is aging and shrinking, and that appeals resting on tired “us versus them” formulas have an expiring shelf life. Like the snow, they’re beginning to melt. As I noted in a recent blog post, Mike Huckabee (the “nice” Republican!!), recently attacked the President by saying something to the effect that Obama couldn’t be a “real” American, because he wasn’t a small-town Boy Scout with a father who belonged to Rotary. Hate to break it to you, Mike, but these days, very few people would pass that sort of “Americanism” test. For his part, Newt Gingrich, who is also courting the GOP base, has suddenly become a vocal defender of traditional marriage. Newt wants to impeach President Obama for his decision not to defend the constitutionality of DOMA in court. (Lest you question Gingrich’s commitment to “traditional” marriage, I would point out that he’s had three such marriages himself, and in each one, he dutifully behaved the way men “traditionally” behaved — in 19th Century France — by cheating on his wives.) I hate to tell Newt this, but in the 21st Century traditions are changing. A new survey from Pew has confirmed what any objective observer can see: a continuing and rapid rise in support for same-sex marriage since 2009. Currently, 45% say they favour allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally, while 46% are opposed. In Pew surveys conducted in 2010, 42% favoured and 48% opposed gay marriage and in 2009, just 37% backed same-sex marriage while 54% were opposed. And despite the current war on women being waged in Congress, Pew found that opinions about abortion have also liberalised. In 2009, for the first time in many years, the public was evenly divided over whether abortion should be legal or illegal in all or most cases. But support for legal abortion has recovered and now stands at 54%. Historically, people who support a woman’s right to choose have been far more likely to support gay rights. Independents have become more supportive of both gay marriage and legal abortion since 2009. Roughly half of independents (51%) now favour same-sex marriage, up from 37% in 2009. And 58% of independents say that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, compared with 47% in Pew Research Centre surveys two years ago. When you look at the age breakdowns in these and other polls, you’re left with an inescapable conclusion: if we can just hang in there until the old farts in my age cohort die off, Spring really will come. And the old farts know it. That’s why we’ve seen frantic efforts in several states without constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage — including Indiana — to insert such bans now. Homophobic legislators know the culture is changing, and fast, and they want to pass these measures before their failure is inevitable. Before Spring comes.

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Positive Living of Indiana Established 2/19/2011

Monthly Support Group Meeting Open to those Infected and affected with HIV

Saturday, April 16th / 5 to 7 p.m. Followed By A Dynamic Duck Derby Reception from 7 till 9 At The Unleavened Bread Café 3003 Central Ave., Indianapolis (Corner of 30th and Central) Topic: Self Esteem Guest Speaker: Norman R. Brandenstein, LMHC Please RSVP no later than the Wednesday before the meeting to

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When everyone forgets how to drive. Ross S Whitfield, Agent 440 Massachusetts Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204 Bus: 317-635-1111

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Pink In The Sheets By Mz. Pink / Word Columnist Mz. Pink, I am a single lesbian and I am having the time of my life, making new friends and dating and doing whatever and whoever I want.

It’s Time To Be Proud Of The Place Where You Live!

I have recently met a girl I like but something isn’t right about her. We have been spending a lot of time together and I believe that she is stealing. I haven’t really noticed anything of mine come up missing, but when we go to the store or shopping she always seems to have a little extra and I never seem to recall her getting those items. I want to confront her because if this is really an issue, which I believe it could be, I don’t want to try to waste my freedom to date this girl exclusively if she is a thief. How can I find out? What should I do? Stealing My Heart, Indy Dear Stealing, You’re right that stealing is a problem. It can become addicting stealing items especially when you don’t get caught. Some people live for that rush and will keep doing it and doing it, just like a drug addict. And you wouldn’t knowingly expose yourself to a drug addict unless you were engaging in the same activities would you? Same goes for someone who steals. If she was to ever get caught and you were with her it would look bad on you and you could get in trouble too. I suggest, first, though, that you find out if she is really stealing. Don’t assume she’s a thief, especially if you really want to get to know her better. Since you have your suspicions take extra notice when you two go out or take her specifically to the store so you can watch what is in her cart or basket and what she comes out with. If you aren’t sure, you could decide to keep the receipt and then when (make that IF) you see something that isn’t on the receipt you might have some sort of proof that something isn’t right. After you have your proof, though, it is up to you if you want to find out more or not. Decide if one item is good enough or if you need five items from each place you go to over a week’s time to be convinced she steals. Next, you will need to confront her with whatever proof you have. Ask her. Do not be shy but be blunt about it and don’t beat around the bush. Try to find out as much information about this as you can. Let her know that you noticed little things which she had that she didn’t buy before you started keeping tabs. Ask her how long she has been doing this and why she does it. Don’t talk down to her, because chances are she has been doing it for a while and she just hasn’t been caught yet. And I am sure that if you talk down to her, she will probably tell you to go to hell. After the two of you chat about what she does, if she opens up, then you can evaluate if you want to try to make this work. Don’t try to be a hero — she is like an addict and will only want to get help on her own time and her own terms. But at this point it is up to you to decide if you can live with this or if you can’t. If she hasn’t opened up to you and you have conclusive proof then you also will need to decide if you want to be with BOTH a liar and a thief. Not what I would call a tough decision were it to happen to me, but this is your life we are talkin’ about here, not just hers.

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Let her know that you were starting to like her, but you can’t be with someone who does this. Then end it or don’t.Don’t expect to change her and don’t forget who you are and what you want just because you might like this girl. Most girls do lose themselves in the moment and then a year (or years) later wonder what happened to them. You know what you want now so don’t change that for anyone. If you do not want to be with someone who is a kleptomaniac, then don’t. It is really as simple as that. Just keep in mind, should you decide it’s over, how much fun you have been having as a single lesbian. Chalk this up as a loss and move on. I guarantee that you will be happier in the long run because you won’t have to worry about changing someone else, trying to help them or visiting them in jail.

Call 800.849.4853

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pecs and the by Matt Ponder Since I’ve been writing this column for three years now, people have started asking my opinions on their personal lives and answers for their problems. Granted, I’m no expert, but many times the voice of a stranger, especially one who discusses love, sex and all the corridors of relationships on a regular basis, can shed a light on what the problem is and the path to its solution.

an open relationship to make it sound better than saying what we are actually doing. Which is cheating. The end. There is a question that I think is interesting, a question that usually comes up in theoretical conversations. Would you cheat if you knew you would never get caught? So, would you? Knowing that you would know that you cheated, but your partner never would? Having this secret, burning hot under your skin and heart, slowly turning to suspicion as you wonder if maybe your partner has done the same spineless thing that you did. How potent can love truly be when these things hang heavy in the air between two people? And if it is love — real love between two people — why would you want to cheat in the first place? Finding sexual partners is easy. Finding blinding, heart-stopping love is hard. When people meet and fall in love there’s usually a great story that goes with it. A chance meeting in a shared cab ride.

Recently, a friend of a friend presented me with this scenario: his boyfriend, who works in a restaurant at night, had been staying out later and later, usually with the explanation that he and his co-workers went out drinking after their shift. Then, his boyfriend wasn’t coming home until almost six in the morning with no explanation at all.

Stuck at the same awful wedding reception.

I hated to tell him this, but the odds were his boyfriend was cheating. I only said that because with the lack of explanation and the fact that even though drinking after work is a common activity, most bars close at 3 a.m.

The warmth of love that finally comes after weeks, months, years of pining over someone you can’t erase from your head and your heart. Whatever it is, it’s a story.

There’s a two-hour window of unexplained time that doesn’t fit. When coupled with the fact that they had grown apart and their sex life had waned it seemed pretty cut-anddry to me. No one wants to hear or even suspect that their partner is cheating. Believe me, I know what that feels like. Having to tell someone that I barely know that I think their boyfriend is cheating on them was not something I enjoyed, and I hope I was wrong, but the evidence was overwhelming. When you’re in a relationship sometimes things go by unnoticed because you’re blinded with love, desire or even comfort. I explained to this person that if he senses that something is wrong, he should explore those feelings and not brush them aside as many of us often do, telling ourselves we’re being paranoid and that we’re sure there’s probably a very reasonable explanation. He told me I should write about this in my column so everyone could benefit from my thoughts on the subject. I covered this topic way back in the first year of writing for The Word, but as a favour to him, and anyone else out there who is interested on my views on the spineless act of cheating, here is my column from April of 2008: I can forgive a lot of things. Someone monopolising gym equipment. Children in restaurants. People who have no idea how to drive. Even Madonna for Shanghai Surprise. But some things are unforgivable. And one of those things is cheating. The question is what exactly do I mean by cheating? Everyone seems to have a different viewpoint on what constitutes cheating which is surprising since it only has one basic definition. To act dishonestly or unfairly. To deceive or trick. That’s it. Except for the odd case where someone might cheat death, and when you behave in the recognised manner of cheating I guess you better hope you cheat death as well. Have you ever been cheated on? It feels like nothing else. The sick feeling in your stomach. The knowledge that every amazing thing you had together is now tarnished and rotten. Your imagination showing you every awful thing that happened behind your back. The fact that every single word that came your way was a lie. It’s all just poison frosting on the cake. And when you look back on the situation, you realise the signs were there all along. Leaving the room to talk on the phone. Vague excuses for long stretches of missing time. Disinterest in all the things that were the building blocks of your relationship — including sex. No one wants to think that the person they trusted with their heart could really do the unthinkable. But it happens. So, what is cheating? Is kissing cheating? Is thinking about cheating actually cheating? It seems that if you do something that you feel the need to hide, it is cheating. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses to get around the fact that someone is cheating. It’s not cheating because I’m in a different city or state. It’s not cheating if I’m only with the person one time. It’s not cheating because I was drunk. Hey, guess what? That’s cheating. All of it. What about a so-called open relationship? Let me break that down into simpler terms for you, shall I? We can’t commit because we’re too afraid of either missing out on screwing around or actually finding out that we don’t want to commit so we will call it

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Exchanging numbers after a fender bender. One dancing high above the crowd on a tiny platform while the other watches from the floor below, hoping, wishing that they will somehow connect.

What do people that cheat tell people? We cheated on the ones we truly loved and that’s how we met? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, right? And every second, every minute, every touch, every kiss that happens between them is only happening because they cheated. It’s tainted. Forever. And how can you ever trust someone that you cheated on to begin with? The consensus always seems to be if someone will cheat with you, they will cheat on you. And that theory is proven over and over and over again. Consider that a warning for everyone out there who is involved with someone they met by cheating on someone else. Your time will come. And I can tell you this: it’s not something you will enjoy. So in the end, I guess all of this boils down to one thing: is it worth it? Is it worth throwing away two years, five years, ten years of a relationship that’s true and pure for a fling with someone who means nothing to you? Letting it all go when things get rough instead of working through the troubles like a grown-up? Everyone has strife in their relationships — friends, family and partners alike. What would the world be like if everyone just walked away from the people they cared about when a bad situation reared its ugly head? Would you leave years of love and memories laying on the cutting room floor because you aren’t mature enough to solve a problem in your relationship? Temptation waits around every corner, calling to you with its siren song, trying to trick you with its blinding smile. Be strong. Because if you can’t resist temptation, aren’t you only cheating yourself?

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Shawn Penick Is Is This Kentuckian The Next Face Of Fame? By Tim Cox For The Word LOUISVILLE—Hearing the name Shawn Penick may not ignite fireworks for a majority of people, but a five-minute conversation with the 25-year-old and a quick glance at his face will leave most Midwesterners feeling transported straight to California. Penick is an unsigned artist recognised for his “acoustic pop/rock” performances in small venues in Louisville and rare larger gigs around the U.S., including an opportunity last Summer that saw Penick in Texas playing to a crowd surpassing 1,000 spectators. You might also, if you have last month’s Word still around, recognise him as the model for Connection’s March ad. “I’ve come to find Facebook and Youtube fans are very loyal,” Penick yawned while still awaking from this reporter’s noon wake-up call. “The venues I play at are small spaces, but it’s down-to-earth, intimate, and I can always expect about 50 people coming to see me because they’re fans from previous performances.” Before anything else, Penick wants fans to know that he is openly, in every sense of the word, gay. “I’m proud to be gay. I won’t change that fact for anybody,” he told me, adding, “My older sister was very inspiring as a musician and as a comfort for my being gay. She helped me really believe in the talent that I have. I think it’s really important that there are gay artists who are open and not ashamed of their sexuality and who they are.” At five years old, the ambitious artist was performing in a family act and has stayed close to the stage ever since. After leaving a label he was signed with in Nashville, Penick attended Eastern Kentucky University where he studied piano, music production and vocal training. “On top of what I was learning, I was doing anything to obtain Please continue on the next page

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New York Bound some representation,” Pennick said. “I promoted myself through modeling and started acting, and now I have representation in New York.”

Penick plans on moving to the “big apple” this coming Summer in an effort to further his career, but he admits, “New York will be intimidating. I expect to be in culture shock and out of my element, for sure. But there’s been so much transition in my life in the last six months: leaving college, stepping into the real world and all this music stuff that’s happened to me has given me a lot of big opportunities and scary opportunities. I’ll be playing the underground music scene, really working it, and adding onto my experiences.” What’s next for Penick? As if a big move from Louisville to New York City isn’t enough, the guaranteed star has beat out hundreds in auditions for a role in a new ABC pilot that would feature Penick as both an actor and singer. He says the currently-untitled show is in the same music-driven genre as Hanna Montana and the FOX hit series Glee and would include a record deal. “It’s now me versus two or three people,” Penick said, “and I’m going to take my talent as far as it will let me go.” While Penick expects a happy outcome from his upcoming move, he can’t help but make sure his identity is as understood as his music. “I’m gay, but being a homosexual is not my mantra; it’s not a gimmick. It’s just who I am, and I’m not afraid to be myself. I would like there to be more positive, openly gay people in the industry,” he stressed. “I’m the life I live.” To learn more about Penick and get a taste for his music, follow him at ShawniB17 and visit . (Note: the uploaded videos on YouTube are covers of country songs and may not reflect his average pop/rock performance).

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Your Vote Counts Continued From Page Four Solid, on-point speeches by a variety of individuals, provided a sobering backdrop. Their rally cry: “Nix Six!” It was a stunning event, well-organised and notable for good speeches and even-better signs: —“My straight marriage isn’t threatened by your gay marriage.” —“My Karma just ate your dogma.” —“I love my gay son.” —“P-FLAG says: Nix Six!” —“My kids=your kids.” —“I’m not gay but my wife is.” The crowd was diverse and refreshing. Noted attendees who did not speak: Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and Indianapolis mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy (D).

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard spoke out against HJR-6 and pending immigration legislation during a fascinating panel discussion 13th March at the University of Indianapolis. The “Five Mayors” panel included all five living Indianapolis mayors: Republicans Richard G. Lugar, William Hudnut, Steve Goldsmith, Ballard and Democrat Bart Peterson. Their interchanges were polite and informative. One audience question concerned welcoming visitors to the city. Ballard jumped on the moment. “I don’t understand,” he said, how Indiana’s legislature “could even consider” bills like HJR-6 and the immigration legislation. “I’m about welcoming folks here.” He went on to say that all five mayors had done “a great job promoting this city as a welcome place” and the two legislative proposals do exactly the opposite. His remarks received loud applause from the packed house and all four panel participants. When Ballard’s political handlers step back and allow him to address some of his core beliefs, he’s a powerful, warm and engaging fella. His “inner Ballard,” as I like to call it, is genuine and seldom-seen. Those same advisers have nixed an interview with this column. Even though Publisher Ted endorsed Ballard in 2007. After weeks of negotiating for interview time his mayoral press aide was instructed to say “the schedule’s too tight,” and referred us to the political folks. Nonetheless, the Five Mayors Panel remarks were welcomed by the community. May his voice get wings. And Mayor Ballard: from your lips to Brian Bosma’s ears. A DECADE MAKES A LOT OF DIFFERENCE One thing I’ve noticed while working on gay, lesbian, bi & trans issues the last year is the predominance of gay, lesbian, bi and trans youth groups around the state. Almost every large high school has a Gay-Straight Alliance or something similar. All colleges have strong gay student groups. Each political party fosters strong relationships among our youth. The politicians have it right: by a huge majority, today’s youth accepts gays in every segment of society. Think of it this way:


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In the 2012 election, one-third of the voters wouldn’t have been eligible to vote in 2000, the infamous “Bush v. Gore” year. They’re majority Democratic, but the Republicans are actively courting them, too. There’s even Libertarian presence in those recruitment efforts. The trick is capturing their enthusiasm in a bottle and getting them to the polls. President Obama did that in 2008. He was the first politician since John Kennedy to actively court the younger vote and to win it in significant numbers. By 2010, their participation waned. Both the GOP and Democratic national parties have very active field staffs recruiting younger voters. And this is why the proponents of HJR-6 want a vote ASAP: they know that in just a few years a majority of all voters will strongly support full gay marriage. The commonly-heard theme among younger voters: “It’s just not a big deal.” Amen to them. May our calendars get wings.

Finances In Focus By Michael Wright / Edward D Jones


Because You Never Know When The Need Might Arise!

Now that Spring is here, you may find it easier to get outside to run, bike or take part in other physical pursuits that you enjoy. As you know, the more active you are, the more efficiently your body will work. And the same can hold true for your investments: The more exercise they get, the more potential they have to work on your behalf. Just how do investments get “exercise”? Through lots of activity. And you can keep your investments active in at least two ways: through systematic investing and dividend reinvestment. Let’s take a look at both of these techniques. When you engage in systematic investing, commonly called “dollar cost averaging,” you are continually putting your money “in motion.” Essentially, you put the same amount of money into the same investments at regular intervals. For example, you might decide to invest $100 per month in Company ABC stock. To impose this investment discipline on yourself, you could even have the money sent directly from your chequing or savings account. Of course, since the price of ABC stock, like those of all stocks, is constantly changing, your $100 investment will most likely buy different numbers of shares each month. This can work to your advantage, because when the stock price of ABC goes down, your $100 will buy more shares. When the price goes up, you’ll automatically be a smart enough “shopper” to buy fewer shares, just as you’d typically buy less of something when its price goes up. Over time, systematic investing typically results in a lower average cost per share than if you were to make sporadic lump-sum investments. If you can lower the cost of investing, this may help boost your investment returns. This also can be an effective way to fund your retirement account(s) each year. (Keep in mind, though, that systematic investing does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Also, you’ll need the financial resources available to keep investing through up and down markets.) Dividend reinvestment is similar to systematic investing in that it allows you to build more shares of an investment. But when you reinvest dividends, you don’t even have to take money from other sources to increase your shares — you simply request that a stock or a mutual fund, instead of paying you a dividend in cash, reinvest the dividend into that same stock or mutual fund. It’s an effortless way of adding shares. Similar to dollar cost averaging, dividend reinvestment imposes investment discipline — you automatically keep putting money in the market during up and down periods. (Don’t forget, though, that dividends can be increased, decreased or eliminated at any point without notice.) Exercising your investment dollars in these ways can help you go a long way toward keeping your portfolio in good shape — enabling you to make healthy progress toward your important long-term goals. Along the same lines, exercise can help you bust stress. You may be too busy to realise it, but April is Stress Awareness Month, designed to promote awareness about ways to reduce stress in our lives. And if you’re a member of the so-called “Sandwich Generation,” (ages 40 to 60) you may well have plenty of stress to deal with — especially financial stress. And that’s why you may want to look at this month as an opportunity to explore ways of “destressing” yourself. Here are a few suggestions: —Save. As a Sandwich Generation member, you’re probably within shouting distance of your own retirement — so you need to save for it. This may not be easy. That’s why it’s important to try to “pay yourself first” by deferring part of each paycheque into a 401(k) and by automatically moving money each month from your chequing or savings account into an IRA. —Talk. Many people in the “Greatest Generation” (over age 80) have not even prepared a will. If your parents are in that group, you may want to talk to them about taking action. Also, find out who, if anyone, is handling their investments. And ask if your parents understand how Medicare works and if they need to add supplemental health insurance, such as Medigap. Plus, you need to find out if your parents have created a power of attorney or health care directive. It’s best to have these conversations sooner rather than later. —Delegate. You eventually may have to take some responsibility for your parents’ care — but you don’t have to do it alone. You could, for example, work with a financial services provider who can help manage your parents’ investments, pay their bills, keep their records and supervise distribution of their assets to beneficiaries. In short, a qualified trust officer can make life a lot easier for you. Stress Awareness Month lasts only 30 days, but by taking the right steps, you can de-stress yourself for many years to come.

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The Gray Agency (317) 624-1934 Around Town HAWAII JOINS INFORMED STATES ALLOWING CIVIL UNIONS; MARYLAND CLOSE BEHIND HONOLULU – Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has signed a bill which legalises civil unions for same-sex couples. The bill stops short of granting same-sex couples the freedom to marry, but grants committed same and different-sex couples the rights, responsibilities, benefits and protections that Hawaii law provides to married couples. Laurie Temple, staff attorney for the ACLU of Hawaii noted the importance of the law and said, “This bill has been a long time coming for committed couples in Hawaii who have been denied the basic right to take care of their families. While we continue to work to achieve the freedom to marry for all couples, we commend the legislature and Governor Abercrombie for taking a stand against baseless discrimination by passing this bill.” James Esseks, Director of the ACLU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Project added, “With today’s historic action in Hawaii, we are closer to achieving the goal of fairness and dignity for all families. Across the nation, we are seeing steps toward providing committed couples with the security of knowing they can take care of each other, and that their relationships are recognised in the eyes of the law.” Meanwhile, the Maryland state Senate has approved a bill that would legalise marriage for same-sex couples. SB 116 – the Civil Marriage Protection Act – now heads to the House of Delegates for consideration. If it passes there, it will be sent to the desk of Governor Martin O’Malley, who has indicated that he will sign it. Previously, same-sex couples in Maryland were granted limited rights. The Civil Marriage Protection Act would grant same-sex couples the full benefits of marriage, making Maryland the sixth state to do so. In addition, the bill protects the constitutional right to free exercise of religion by protecting objecting religious institutions from being forced to perform civil marriages.

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Outside The Box By Dr. Fred Schloemer, LCSW / Louisville Author’s Note: Rather than a reader’s letter, this month’s column is a review of the specialty shop “Dirty Tease” in Louisville’s Highlands. Few things in life are more satisfying than watching a friend realise a dream through hard work, determination and imagination. Readers may not know it, but high school buddy and publisher Ted Fleischaker did just that with The Word, making it one of the most widely distributed gay newspapers in the country. And my friends Alis Clark and Angi Jones-Clark are doing it now with their tee shirt shop, Dirty Tease. If you’re looking for a unique gift for that special friend or family member with a quirky sense of humour, Dirty Tease is the store for you. You can walk in and pick out a ready-made tee shirt off the rack where there are scads to choose from. Better yet, you can share your own idea with partners Alis and Angi and walk out the door with a new one-of-a-kind tee shirt in minutes. Lots of stores sell tee shirts and even offer to personalise them. But Alis and Angi bring far more to the process, becoming true creative partners with their customers. Too, it’s no small matter that they both have a wicked sense of humour, which makes working with them tremendous fun. I recently interviewed Alis and Angi about their success and here’s what they had to share. Q: How did you first come up with the idea for Dirty Tease? A: Hanging out with friends. We had some really off-the-wall jokes that only we would get. We often said “We should put that on a shirt and all wear it out together.” So we thought it would be fun to make custom shirts for other people like us.

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Q: What did it take for you to actually open the store? A: A lot of nerve. We knew tee shirts could be funny but had no idea if “we” could be funny enough. Turns out our customers can be more hilarious than we ever imagined. There’s nothing better than having someone walk in and say (laughing) “Can I get this on a shirt?” Q: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced? A: Our goal was to create custom tee shirts with the customer. To do that we had to learn how to use complex computer software/hardware as well as design the shirt our customer had in their head. It took many frustrating tries but now we’re great at it. We’ve had folks jump up and down … so excited about getting exactly what they wanted. Q: When did you know the store was going to make it? A: When we moved to the new location in the Highlands. In our first two weeks we sold more shirts than we had in the previous month … also … as long as our customers keep laughing and having a good time when they come in we’re doing great. Where else can you go shopping and laugh at all the merchandise? Q: What has been your greatest satisfaction in running the store? A: Customers, hands down. Creating something they want is awesome. Q: What more would you like to accomplish with Dirty Tease? A: Continue to grow and serve customers. With the track record they’ve established so far, Alis and Angi will surely do just that! Visit them at Dirty Tease 1551 Bardstown Road, call them at 502/637.4601, or shop online at Oh, and to help TWO sets of friends make their business dreams come true at once, tell them The Word takes ads, too! Fred Schloemer, Ed.D., LCSW is a gay psychotherapist and author in Louisville. Contact him at

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Congratulations to TSA President Wally Paynter... EVANSVILLE—Tri-State Alliance President Wally Paynter was presented with the Willie Effie Thomas Award by Leadership Evansville in a ceremony on St. Patrick’s Day for his work coordinating the regional gay, lesbian, bi & trans youth group and the Tri-State AIDS Holiday Project in Southwest Indiana & Kentucky. Page 38

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Ask The Pharmacist Johnny Miller / Walgreen's, 75th & Shadeland, Indianapolis People often ask me what the worst part of being a pharmacist is. Most people think it would be trying to memorise facts and information about the thousands of drugs which are on the market. Others think it would have to be dealing with a corporate hierarchy which would be unbearable. On any given day, yes those things add stress to my my life, but the most difficult part of my job is dealing with insurance companies. Let me go back a bit to explain how we got into this position. Up until the early 1980’s most employer-sponsored health plans did not have a prescription benefit. For many employers it was less expensive to add coverage to an employee’s plan than to give an across-the-board increase in pay. Slowly, by the middle of the next decade, most employees were covered with some form of prescription drug benefit. Before the age of the computer, billing a drug to an insurance company was a time consuming process. A paper form was completed and mailed to the insurance company. Weeks or months later, the pharmacy would receive a response saying if the drug was covered. Payment could be denied for a claim being too early, for a special authorisation being needed from the physician or for the patient’s coverage having lapsed. This all happened after the patient had already received the medicine, paid a co-payment and perhaps, if the delay was long enough, finished using the pills. Once pharmacies began using computers and software to process electronic claims the acceptance and denial became instantaneous, but insurance companies became overwhelmed with the volume of new requests being made on behalf of patients. As a result, the insurance companies began sub-contracting out claims processing to a third party called a PBM or pharmacy benefits manager. The insurance company now loads information into the PBM’s computer, and the pharmacy submits claims to the PBM. But several problems exist with this system. First, the pharmacy has no control over the price of a prescription on insurance. The PBM gives us a price back electronically. In many situations, several tiers of drugs exist — all with differing co-pays. The patient may or may not receive that information from either the PBM or the insurance company. Then they are upset at the cost or coverage requirements. Of course, I feel the insurance companies and PBM’s don’t want to be up-front with that information in the first place. They would rather the pharmacist be the bearer of bad news. Secondly, the lines between insurance, PBM’s and retail pharmacies have blurred recently making everyone’s motives hard to determine and getting answers even more difficult. Some insurance companies own their own PBM’s. Some PBM’s own mail order pharmacies. Some retail pharmacy chains own PBM’s. And some pharmacy chains advertise on insurance company cards. Are you confused yet? Let me give you a few examples. AETNA is an insurance company which handles their own pharmacy claims. MEDCO is both a PBM and owns prescription mail order facilities. CVS pharmacy owns the PBM Caremark. Walgreens, until just recently, owned the PBM WHI. BioScrip’s logo appears on insurance cards some of our patients have presented at the pharmacy. Confused patients ask me questions about coverage and as a pharmacist sometimes I don’t even know who to call. I try the PBM who tell me that they don’t have the answer and connect me to the insurance company, but if the insurance company doesn’t have the answer they tell me to talk to the card-holder’s employer. In the middle of all this is usually a sick patient whom I would really just like to help quickly so they can go home and not waste their whole afternoon at my counter. As a side note, most patients can go to the pharmacy of their choosing even if someone else’s emblem or name is on the card. Walgreen’s accepts insurance cards with CVS or BioScrip’s names on the card just like they would accept a card with Walgreen’s logo or name on it. Finally, every insurance has a re-enrollment date which is usually 1 January. But wait! At least a few firms have their renewals at a different times. The publisher of this newspaper’s date is 1 February. This a problem because it is actually rare for an insurance company to make a patient aware of the changes in coverage at the beginning of the new coverage year. Co-pays will change, covered drug lists will change and insurance companies will change the PBM they use even if no other medical information on the card has changed. Every year I deal with 20 upset patients a day because their PBM changed something and did not notify them. So, as a patient, what should you do with this information? I would recomment finding a pharmacist you trust, a pharmacy location that’s convenient and a staff willing to help you through the nightmare that is the insurance would. Just remember we are all in this mess together.

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Around Town

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WANT SOME EXERCISE AND FRIENDSHIP? JOIN THE FRONTRUNNERS! Indianapolis Frontrunners & Frontwalkers have set their Spring and Summer schedule and it includes trail runs/walks, movie nights and a trip to King’s Island. If you like to run or walk you’re invited to join Indy Frontrunners / Frontwalkers. They meet at 6.30 Tuesday nights at the Indianapolis Zoo parking lot and on Saturdays at 10 a.m. in front of Hinkle Fieldhouse at Butler University. The group plans dinner outings every third Tuesday of each month after the Tuesday night runs. Also, their annual Mini-marathon pizza party is planned for the evening of 7th May. Other activities will include movie night at the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Summer Film Series, a trip to Pride Night at King’s Island in Cincinnati and several trail runs including some at Eagle Creek Park. The group usually has around 10-15 participants — both men and women — of varying ages and ability levels at its events. For more information, e-mail or visit them on the web at

( 317 ) 322.9000

PROM TO SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE 9th APRIL IN EVANSVILLE The 9th Annual Gay, Lesbian, Bi & Trans Prom has been scheduled for Saturday, 9th April from 7 p.m. until midnight at the Evansville Holiday Inn on US Highway 41 (formerly known as the Evansville Airport Marriott). All are welcome to attend. Security will be provided.


Spokesman Wally Paynter told The Word, “We are expecting a record turnout this year, since for the first time the event has been publicised in all of Evansville’s public high schools.” Cost of admission is $10 per person at the door. To download a copy of the event flyer, visit or

( 312 ) 726.6342 Dayton

( 937 ) 395.9001

HERE ARE SOME BALLS YOU WILL WANT TO THROW! INDIANAPOLIS — A new bowling league will be forming for the Spring, leading up to Indy’s 16th TGIF Classic Bowling tournament. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have considered joining one of the longer fall leagues, but were concerned about a many-months long commitment.


( 614 ) 888.7777 Cincinnati

This league will bowl for a total of eight weeks, beginning Wednesday, 4th May thruWednesday, 22nd June at Western Bowl, 6441 West Washington Street in Indianapolis. Bowling each week will start at 6.30 p.m. and participants will bowl three games each.


Teams will be three persons — men, women or mixed. If you don’t have a full team, organisers will pair you up. This is a handicap league, which means not-so-good bowlers compete on par with the more experienced - though in a league this short it’s really all about the fun.

( 513 ) 821.4500 ( 502 ) 561.6666

t * i y r T ! E E FR

Bowling will be approximately $15 per week though the actual amount will be finalised by the league members at an organisational meeting. For more information, please contact Joe Ogle via e-mail at ARC OHIO UNMASKS EVENT CHAIRMAN FOR MASQUERAGE 2011 DAYTON — Masquerage, AIDS Resource Center Ohio’s (ARC Ohio) annual masked party for a cause, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary Saturday, 15th October under the newly appointed leadership of Ryan Levin. Vice President of Levin Services, he has been a long supporter of ARC Ohio and Masquerage as a trustee of the Levin Family Foundation. “I’ve had some of the best nights of my life at Masquerage and am so excited to have the opportunity to lead Masquerage 2011. My goal is to blow away the attendance record with 1,001 guests this year,” Levin noted.

USE FREE CODE 5370 For other local numbers call

1-888-MegaMates 24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628 18+ ©2011 PC LLC

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A Dayton native, Levin’s “day job” includes ownership and management of Treasure Aisle & Caesar Creek Flea Markets as well as The Dixie Drive-in Theatre. He is also an inventor, having just recently received a patent for a new product he hopes to roll out in late Fall of this year. Levin sits on the boards of Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio, The National Flea Market Association and Mound Street Military Academy. “Ryan brings amazing energy and enthusiasm to Masquerage and has already suggested adding some unique elements that will make this year’s event one of the best ever”, ARC Ohio Special Event Director Lisa Grigsby concluded when making the announcement of his leadership role.

Music Corner By DJ "Miss" Hill / MJ's Cafe / Dayton

Hill’s Top 10. Based on dance floor results and requests (Not what he thinks is hot): 1 - Lady GaGa - Born This Way (Guto Rodrigues Remix) 2 - Rihanna - S&M (Dave Aude Club Mix) 3 - Taio Cruz ft. Kylie Minogue - Higher (Wideboys Club Mix) 4 - Ke$ha - Blow 5 - Black Eyed Peas - The Time 6 - Pink - Raise Your Glass (Jump Smokers Club Mix) 7 - Chris Brown - Yeah 3x (Funk3d Remix) 8 - Katy Perry - Firework (Jump Smokers Extended Mix) 9 - Taio Cruz ft Kylie Minogue - Higher (Wideboys Club Mix) 10 - Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Jump Smokers Remix) Hill’s Personal Faves: Jipsta - Party of the Year (Ranny and Bryan Reyes Club Mix) Taio Cruz ft Kylie Minogue - Higher (Wideboys Club Mix) Zoe Badwi - Release Me (Cahill Club Mix) Rosabel Ft. Tamara Wallace - C’mon Get Funky (Rosabel Phat Mix) Mustard Pimp ft Jimmy Urine - Money Shot Hey there!!! DJ “Miss” Hill here. I’m sayin’ the “YAY!” Did you survive St. Patrick’s Day? If I never see green again it will be a happy day. It’s April and that means April showers bring May flowers. And a batch of mixes are blooming, too. Just a reminder before I get to my reviews: I’m not here to tell you what’s new but to review newly released club mixes. Kylie Minogue - Better Than Today: I have to start off with the gay and gay friendly stuff. Yay Kylie. And a Bimbo Jones Club Mix to boot! This is a cute little bouncy tune and uplifting. I instantly fell in love with it. “What’s the point in living if you don’t take a chance. What’s the point in living if you don’t wanna dance.” All about making tomorrow better. I read that this will be the final single off of her Aphrodite album. Hopefully she will be going back into the studio soon. Jipsta featuring Sandy B. - Party of the Year: The gay version of Emenem and the diva that made the world go around team up for a new anthem hit. I’m a little late on this one but that’s my record pool’s fault. Jipsta and Sandy B tell us we’re going to have the “Party of the Year”. We have several mixes to choose from on this one. I’d have to say my favourite is the John Rizzo Club Mix for its high-tech high-energy house sound. Or the classy house-sound of the Ranny and Bryan Reyes Club Mix. I was actually disappointed with the Chris Cox Club Mix (Half of the defunked Thunderpuss duo). It has that Thunderpuss sound but not the energy. Alex Gray feat. Ann Bailey - Smalltown Boy: If you’re going to cover a classic hit then you should make it better. And why is a chick singing about a gay kid in a small town? And the From Milan Original Mix doesn’t help with its annoying high pitched stab and fumbling bass line. I recommend looking for the original Bronski Beat tune. Britney Spears - Till The World Ends: Lord, here she is again. I wish the world would end so we’d be done with miss Spears and Ke$ha. Yes, it was written by Ke$ha believe it or not. And it sounds like it. At least we get good mixes like the Funk3d Extended Mix and the Liam Keegan Club Mix. Jessica Wild - You Like It Wild: Finally some circuit party music. RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 contestant Jessica Wild teams up with Ranny for some wild stuff. I love the big-room-with-Latin flare of the Ranny and Bryan Reyes Club Mix. I just wish Dayton would too. Kimberly Davis - Twist Of Love: If Elvis were still alive and made dance music this is what it would sound like. I love the vocals on this one. With a handful of mixes available out there, only two make me bounce. The housy John Rizzo and Van Cronkhite Epic Remix and the woodsy big-room sound of the Ranny and Bryan Reyes Club Mix. Wow. Ranny has been busy. Ono - Move On Fast: Oh, Lord. The psycho bitch is back. Any Yoko Ono fans out there? Didn’t think so. Can’t stand her but I love these mixes. And they managed to

disguise her voice. Doesn’t even sound like her. I would say the best mix is the Digital Dog Club Mix with its high energy Electro sound. And I like the high end strings and the bouncy bass line of the Dave Aude Club Mix. Mustard Pimp ft Jimmy Urine - Money Shot: This is for the alternative lovers out there. Think Methods of Mayhem meets KMFDM. And if there are any Mindless Self Indulgence fans out there then you will really like the vulgar vocals of Jimmy Urine. At first I though this was going to be some awful tasteless crap. It is tasteless but I love the music. “I’m drinkin’ alone at home and savin’ all my money. I’m jackin’ off tonight. Don’t need you honey.” Makes me want to grow my mohawk back. That’s it for now. I’ll be back in May but for now I’m fooling around with some music and mixes. Check me out at or find me on & FaceBook under Douglas Hill. If you like or hate what I review please e-mail me at I welcome both good and hateful replies. And let me know about local independent music. I’m always open to new stuff.

Unicorn’s DJ Oliver Hits The Big Time With Kristine W Mix By Tim Cox for The Word INDIANAPOLIS—Even the slightest of dreamers has dreamt of having an existent connection with an idol. After 15 years, one gay Hoosier is living that dream through a new business opportunity with dance artist Kristine W. Jeff Salsbery, who may be better known by his alias Oliver Watts, is a DJ and music mixer at the Unicorn Club. Ten years ago his very first mix was a “megamix” of Kristine W. which is why he’s blown away that his recent remix of Kristine W’s Fade was personally selected by the artist to be featured on the physical release of the single. “I still cannot believe I am going to have a mix of mine released by my favourite singer of all time, Kristine W,” Salsbery exclaimed. “I have been a huge fan of hers for almost 15 years. Anyone who knows me or has been in the Unicorn knows I play Kristine W all the time.” Kristine W has become the dance equivalent of pop artists Madonna, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey with 15 Number One Billboard Club Hits. She currently holds the world record for most consecutive Number Ones. A voicemail from what he termed “a suspicious number” in February was the only warning Salsbery was given that he would soon be speaking to his favourite international sensation. “My boyfriend said my face turned white,” he told, “and I started shaking when I listened to it. He thought something really bad had happened until I played the voicemail for him. I couldn’t talk.” Salsbery’s other half was also with him three years ago on the DJ’s birthday which was the first time Kristine W. had ever communicated with him. “She wished me a happy birthday on stage and I got to talk to her briefly afterwards,” he recalled. “Last week I talked to her three times about my mix. It was just strange talking to her on a different level and not as a fan.” When thinking about how many people worldwide will be seeing the name Oliver Watts, which was taken from Salsbery’s best friend — his dog, the feeling is overwhelming, he says. “Now Oliver Watts is on Fade: The Epic Remixes Parts 1 & 2. That still doesn’t sound real to me.” The single, including the Oliver Watts remix, was released 22nd March and is available at And according to Salsbery, Oliver Watts’ first big break won’t be his last. “Being distributed through Kristine W. is a huge accomplishment for anyone in this line of work,” he notes. “It will honestly do wonders for remixing other artists. I would like to remix Kylie Minogue. That might sound like I’m shooting way up there, but there’s really nowhere to go after the diva that is Kristine W.” To keep up with Salsbery’s work as he makes his grand entrance to DJ fame, visit Or you could also just pop in at the Unicorn Club and say hi at the DJ booth. Just remember, the DJ doesn’t get his tips tucked, though he graciously does accept them — whether they be in cash or by way of suggesting whose tunes he should mix next.

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Whipping Post By Ms. K / Word Columnist As promised last month, I am reporting back to you on the results of the International Master/slave contest at South Plains Leatherfest in Dallas and I can say that after attending this event for a decade, organisers still continue to add new and refreshing workshops and entertainment to the weekend. This year’s winners were from San Francisco in the Northwest Region. They were LiZa and her slave jodi, a wonderful couple who has been a part of our community for some time. They both gave a great performance to the crowd. Our contestant pair — Dan and dawn from our Great Lakes region — did a wonderful job and were outstanding in every way. This Great Lakes Master/slave couple have been together over 10 years and teach at numerous events and meetings held throughout our region as well as nationally. If you get a chance to hear them when they come to your area, you are in for a treat. They will entertain as well as give an insight into their knowledge and years of experience. If you are a member of a MAST (Masters and slaves together) chapter, they plan to attend and teach at several meetings throughout the Great Lakes region over the next year, so watch for them. Last month, I discussed attending events and getting yourself out there instead of sitting at your computer and reading about things. There is a world of difference in reading about something and actually being there in person. Those who attend leather events and workshops can truly say they are able to interact with like-minded people and develop friendships that may last a lifetime. I have received a letter from someone in our community who is having a hard time understanding why people react the way they do and proceed to trying to make their beliefs everyone’s beliefs. This has been going on since I came out into the Leather community in 1982. We all like to think and believe that our way is the best way. If we did not believe this, why would we behave the ways we do? Over the past two decades as our methods of communication have grown and made it possible for us to talk to almost anyone we want at any time of the day without worry of extreme cost, we tend to e-mail, text and call members of the community across the country more frequently. It is easy to know what is going on in the Dallas community as soon as it happens right here in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio because we live in a day and age of quick technology. But back to my original thought... A Leatherman in our community is very concerned because he sees others around him trying to make folks live by a code of rules that he has never heard of nor does he believe in. I have talked to him since he wrote to me and have expressed my concern about this as well. I live my life the way I was trained and firmly believe in the ways I live my life in this community. He and I were trained very much alike but know that our way is not always the only way. We have both discussed that whom you mentor under has a lot to do with how you are viewed in the Leather community. If you mentor under someone who gives out earned leathers to someone easily then does that really mean as much to you as something that you had to work a long time to earn? That is a question only you can answer for yourself. I will discuss earned leathers next month as I have been getting a significant number of e-mails asking questions about what it takes to earn a leather and who is qualified to bestow an earned leather on someone. I do believe that in our lives today, we live by a code of what makes us happy and fulfilled. If we are happy and feel like we are accomplished then we are able to help others achieve that same feeling. When you try to make someone address you in a manner they are uncomfortable with, then you are taking your ways and forcing them on others. If you do not have respect for a particular person and they wish to be addressed in a particular way, is it right for you to try to force them to address you in the manner you, and not they, feel is deserved? I have always understood that when someone does not address me in a proper manner (which I feel I have earned) that there could be several causes and reasons. One, maybe they do not have a clue of what is deemed respect or two, they do not care and will do things how they want — disrespectful or not. We have to understand that not everyone is going to do everything every day the way we want them to. Please have respect for others in our community and remember that your way may not be their way of doing things. Those of us who came from the 1980’s have a different way of doing things than those who came from the internet age. If we try to be respectful and have good manners it will go a long way. I have always believed that having good manners in all things we do is always the right thing. If you have not read Emily Post’s updated book lately maybe you should. Over the decades she has been known every time, I think, for getting it right on questions of manners. Please contact me at with your questions and comments.

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Jill’s Swill Jill A. Ditmire / Mass Ave Wine Shoppe This is the 2nd part of my two-part column. As you will recall, I spent six of the worst Indiana weather days in the month of February in balmy Portugal. Before you hate me I must admit it was for business but oh, yes, there was plenty of pleasure. I was one of eight journalists/wine trade professionals from across the states invited by the Commission of Viticulture in the Vinho Verde region of Portugal to tour and taste 14 of the region’s wineries. Our 4 day mission was based in Porto where every morning at 9 a small bus picked us up and took us on our four-winery trek across the north west area of the country. My mornings started just after sunrise as I enjoyed a daily run on the cobble stone streets of Porto trying to readjust my body clock to the five-hour time difference and taking in the beauty of this ancient city. Let’s finish from where I left off... Wednesday, 9 February — Another 15 hour touring day — partly because we were once again near Spain, and mostly because the bus driver didn’t use his GPS system till we were almost two hours late for our first appointment. Men! Ha! That first visit was worth the wait. Quinta de Azevedo is one of the largest wineries in the country with wineries in other parts of the world. (We get the Gazela brand in Indiana.) The family estate is enormous and carefully restored and maintained to reflect the look it had in the 1800’s. It was spectacular.

not yeasty just clean. Delicious with rye bread spread with salmon, caviar and mango slices. Lunch was a feast for all senses. We sat at a round table covered with Portuguese embroidered white tablecloth, terra cotta tiles on the floor, granite walls and a view of the vineyards. Fresh white camellias on the table. Modern cut Schloss Zweigelt glasses. The food was cooked in the family kitchen by the woman who had been Vasco and his brother Rodrigo’s family cook when they were growing up. Rodrigo is the business investor while Vasco makes the wines. Vasco studied to teach the Rudolf Steiner method in schools in England and became enamoured with the biodynamic concept. The family home had vineyards, so as a hobby he redid the grounds to get the demeter certification. His wines have won numerous awards and honours and he is not shy about telling you about them. But in a charming way. Back to lunch... First course we tasted his 2009 Afros Vinho Verde which was clean, clear, subtle hints of vanilla and nice minerality. It was custom paired with the dish. Grilled langostinos and fresh herb salad with local apples and a vinaigrette made from the family’s bee/honey collection. (Earlier in the day several of the journalists requested NO MORE bacalhau!! the local fish that is chewy, tough and tasteless unless it is fried or in olive oil. We had eaten it almost twice a day for the past three days....) The minerality of the wine held its own with the bitter greens and acidic apples. Then it got a bit more citrusy when consumed with the tender grilled langostinos. Fabulous pairing. Main course: Wild boar, garlic and onion sauteed turnip greens (with salt-FINALLY a meal with seasonings!!) and “acorda (SORE-DUH)” kind of like a stuffing made from breads with mushrooms. The boar tasted like veal — earthy, rich and the bitter greens and lush sorda were a complement as well. And when paired with the 2009 Afros Vinhao it was a winner. Vasco only grows lareiro and vinhao. He calls them the “Sharon Stone and Jack Nicholson” like wines. He is a character. His Vinhao was smooth with a cedar nose and lots of black fruit. One of the best vinhao’s we have had during the trip. He ages it for eight months in new French oak with high and medium toast. The wine is still coming together but would be outstanding with any type of beef. ( I think it would ROCK the menu at St Elmo’s or Ruth’s Chris, but I’m just sayin’ ...) Then a treat, a Sparkling Vinhao — deep ruby red with subtle hints of blackberry. We had this with dessert which was a dense chocolate cake filled with jam made from the vinhao grapes and served with fresh black and red raspberries, blueberries and currants. All of those flavours show up in the Vinhao. Next came a sample of Fortified Vinhao. WOW. This was like liquid vinhao jam and made you want to go back by the fireplace, get comfy and forget about the remaining wineries and airline flights and snow to face in the upcoming days. We also got to taste the family fortified loreiro which was very smooth with nose of vanilla and chestnuts — a slooow deep burn in the throat but oh so smooooooth.

We tasted three of its wines in the 14th century tower. The view of the vineyards and gardens was as satisfying as the wines. 2010 Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde Branco 11% — part Lareiro part arrento. Fresh nose, nice fizz, bit of sulfur as it was just bottled two weeks ago (This has been a problem at all of the wineries. Newly bottled and sulfur at top needs to blow off before real aromas release.) When it did open it showed nice aromas and flavours of mango and pineapple. 2009 Morgadio da Torre Alvarinho — elegant dry white; green tea on the nose, green apple and HUGE mineral mid palate and finish. Delicious. NV Gazela Vinho Verde 9% — the sweetest of all the VV’s we’ve tasted this week but still an easy drinker in a sharp package. We toured the house after the tasting and ended up in the downstairs kitchen with a roaring fire, cheeses, breads and wines. Then they pulled out an old bottle of MATEUS!! We all recalled our first experiences with the wine — most of us were underage and it involved a date — ha... we thanked the owners for those happy memories and for the wines. Next stop Afros was a biodynamic winery with a rock star or soon to be one winemaker Vasco Croft. He looks like Richard Gere and oozes the Steiner philosophy... his wines are sensational as well. It started to rain as we arrived. So umbrellas in hand we tromped thru the vineyards to see the compost pile and the soils and then into the wooden storage house to see the biodynamic preparations he uses on his 22 hectares. Then into the home. Another family house and again, very old and charming. Stone walls, tile floors. Another roaring fire and plenty of hospitality. We started with the Sparkling Loreiro Spumante Vinho Verde. Delicious. Crisp, bright with mango aromas,

By now we were all deliriously happy and of course it was time to go. We had a good time in the bus coming up with new names to put on T Shirts to promote Portugal tourism. “It’s Better with Bacala”... “Our fish is pig”...were some of our favourites. And we had time to come up with many as the driver once again got lost. Eventually he found the Adega Cooperative de Ponte di Lima. A big production winery that buys grapes from seven producers. Wines were right on though, probably because they are made by a woman! I failed to get her business card, but she was informative and patient with us as fatigue was starting to set in. She was also seven months pregnant but told us she makes the wines and tastes them but does not drink them right now. 2010 Vinho Verde Branco — lively, fresh, tropical fruit — VERY nice. 2010 Loreiro — notes of banana custard and ginger. Very nice. 2010 Vinho Verde loureiro Colheito — done in cold maceration so more body and layers of flavours of ginger, vanilla and green apple. Fresh and snappy. A winner. 2010 VV Adamado — with 12% residual sugar and still quite lively with plenty of apples and pear notes. 2010 Vinho Verde Tinto — blend of vinhao, barracal, esspadeiro. Spicy, grapy, softly astringent. We tasted it with some local cheese, a limio made from cows milk that was very creamy. Tonite Adelle, Carl, Janice and I sat in the bar and listened to jazz again. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know many of the folks on this trip and being able to taste the wines and foods of Vinho Verde. The region is still young and growing. Obviously they need to do more PR and also make it easier for the trade and tourists to get to the wineries. Forgive my spelling and grammar once again. Long day of travel ahead but this time by air — home.

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You Auto Try This... By Casey Williams/ Automotive Reporter This crazy bug-looking mini-crossover pulled up in front of the United terminal at the airport, looking like a vision with its California plates and West Coast style. Its design draws from motorcycles and rally cars, but is most remembered by the big yellow mantis eyes that are visible from the helm. Four doors, Beetle shell and a bit of Z DNA throw us to a future where utes are mini and Jukes are cool. I hopped in. When the Juke was introduced at Rockefeller Centre last March, one had to wonder if Nissan had unplugged from the Leaf’s grid and rolled too far off the trail. The company was aiming to lure youth with a cool car that crosses the all-road performance and fun of a European rally car with the screaming delight of a motorcycle. If commentary while driving the Juke is any indication, the car is as likely to attract as many fun-loving empty nesters as avant garde college kids. Crossing the illuminated “Juke-lit” kick plates takes passengers to a world of twowheelers and technology. Elements like the two-coat painted centre console that was designed to remind us of a fuel tank, matching bits on the doors, hooded instrument binnacle, and piano black gloss around the center controls brings in motorcycle style. Bolstered two-tone sport seats, gear selector high up like in a race car, and push button ignition (with passive entry) would comfort performance drivers. A rear view camera, in-dash navigation, real-time traffic monitoring, power moonroof, automatic climate control and 60/40 split/fold rear seats add convenience. Heated leather seats would only make a better perch from which to sling this shot down the road. Revving more like a motorcycle than a motorcar, the 1.6-litre Direct Injection DOHC four-cylinder, fortified by a turbo, generates 188 horsepower and 177 lb.-ft. of torque. Front-drive models are available with a six-speed manual transmission, but all-wheeldrive funsters like our test car come standard with a continuously-variable (CVT) automatic. A manual shift mode simulates shift points so the CVT behaves less like a weedeater and more like a Getrag-6. Getting major bang for minor buck, the little turbo banger turns in 25/30-MPG city/hwy. Juke’s rally car heritage can be found in the way its four wheels act as electronicallyenabled stabilizers. Nissan’s “torque-vectoring” all-wheel-drive can shift power between the front and rear axles, as well as side to side between the rear wheels depending on where the system detects the most friction. Controlled through a cool screen in the console, there are also three different throttle, transmission and steering response settings. “Normal” is used for everyday driving and lets the CVT move through its range at will. “Eco” mode reduces throttle sensitivity to conserve fuel. My favourite, “Sport” mode, quickens the steering, moves the CVT through pre-set gear ratios as in a typical automatic transmission, and makes the throttle much more sensitive. Punch the gas and the car reacts. Put it into a corner and a big curve-eating grin comes across your face.

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The Juke torque-vectored its way through winter’s anger with skill, never putting a wheel wrong even when old ladies in old cars were kissing face with ditches and fast food restaurant dumpsters. Powertrain migrations could easily be confused with a Subaru’s in the way they masterfully make use of every bit of friction to move the car in one’s intended direction. Besides poor weather performance, the AWD system helps control understeer on dry pavement, giving the Juke remarkable balance. When AWD can’t hold its own, four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, stability control and grippy 17” sport tire-tread alloys stabilise rapid demons. Wearing snow shoes or track shoes, good on slippery streets, and a real star with torque vectoring AWD on the slinky twisties, the Juke is a pro. Like an automotive Johnny Weir, it is a little flamboyant in its look, but brings game and is the consummate professional on the fly. Impressed, I get out. With an as-tested price of $24,260, competitors include the Mini Countryman, Subaru Impreza, and Jeep Compass.


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FOR MORE INFO CALL: 937-301-8797

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Standard Reviewer By Bill Elliott / Word Critic “The course of true love never did run smooth,” writes William Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and George Nolfi’s directorial debut, The Adjustment Bureau, serves to underscore Lysander’s oft-quoted dictum. Loosely adapted from a Phillip K. Dick short story, The Adjustment Bureau spins the tale of David Norris (Matt Damon) an up -and-coming New York politician who accidentally meets a woman and falls in love with her. However, their brief encounter was supposed to be a one-time-only deal and when Norris pursues her, members of “the adjustment bureau” – a mysterious organisation of men in fedoras who make sure we stick to life’s overarching script – are on hand to nudge him back onto the straight and narrow. The trouble is Norris doesn’t want to follow the plan that has been laid out for him. The more he tries to find his mystery woman, the more obstacles are placed in his path. The film opens with some slick, edited-for-TV political campaigning: Norris is seen being endorsed by current NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, shaking hands with Jessie Jackson, being interviewed on TV by Jon Stewart. He looks set to win the New York senate seat. However, past indiscretions are picked up by the news media and his popularity begins to take a nose dive. On the eve of a landslide election defeat he is preparing his concession speech when he runs into Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt), a contemporary dancer who just happens to be hiding in a toilet stall after crashing a wedding reception that is in the same hotel as Norris’s political headquarters. Just what Elise is doing in a men’s bathroom at this time isn’t really clear. The unlikely meeting – and Elise’s personal warmth and heartfelt support for Norris’s beliefs – turns out to have a profound effect on Norris, who abandons his prepared speech and gives an honest appraisal not only of his own campaign, but of the nature of modern politicking (for example, how his campaign staff spent over $7,000 to hire a consultant to advise him on the appearance of his shoes: not too polished to distance him from ordinary working people; not too scuffed to alienate the lawyers and big business). His amended concession speech recasts him as a dream candidate – handsome, honest and humble. While the current election is lost, he is placed in good stead to challenge the senate seat next time around. In the meantime, Norris sets about trying to find his dream girl who has disappeared without leaving her name, number, or any details of her life. A freak disruption of the space/time continuum – one of Dick’s favourite plot devices – results in Norris bumping into Elise again. And, as a result, the “adjustment team” is called into action. After witnessing some of their “clean-up” work first hand, Norris is taken into custody. The minor officials in the adjustment bureau point out their function. Norris must stick to the plan or else face the consequences. No prizes for guessing what he decides to do. On many levels, The Adjustment Bureau is pure Hollywood popcorn. Of course, as in most science fiction films the fiction takes precedence over the science and plot loopholes abound. Stretch your imagination for a moment and say such a thing as an organisation that could control destiny did exist. If someone was found to infringe the order of things, would it make sense to capture the individual, explain his transgression, and then tell him if he does it again, he will be lobotomised? Why take the risk? Why not do that in the first place? The film retains Dick’s mystical and religious overtones but little else. What writer/director Nolfi adds is a huge chunk of Hollywood romance – and surprisingly it works. Dick’s mysticism and alternative reality turns out to be an excellent springboard for a love story. Who hasn’t believed that love is driven by forces beyond one’s ken and command? The film’s cast is surprisingly well chosen. Damon has the JFK good looks and wry sense of humour to slip into the east coast senator role with ease. Emily Blunt, not your typical Hollywood beauty, appears natural, charming, and possesses a disarming British sense of proportion and humour. On their first encounter in the men’s bathroom Norris asks her if she is a registered New York voter. She responds, “Do I sound like I am?”

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The members of the adjustment bureau look like disturbing throwbacks to the Sixties in their one-size-too-small Brooks Brothers suits (think Mad Men) and mackintosh overcoats. And never has a movie made men wearing fedoras look so sinister. Terence Stamp, in particular, looks like a demented version of the septuagenarian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. There is much understated humour in the film. The bureau itself, for all its religious overtones, is as bureaucratic as anything the U.S. government ever thought up. The “case workers” have clearly defined roles and are not allowed to overstep their authority. Higher ups must be called in when things start to go awry. As Richardson (John Slattery) explains when considering a difficult decision: “That’s above my pay grade.” The special effects are, thankfully, used sparingly throughout. But there is one jawdropping sequence in which Norris whisks the unbelieving Elise through a door in yet another bathroom – this time a Ladies rather than a Gents – and they find themselves in Yankee Stadium. It’s a spectacular moment and represents everything that cinema is about – and what it can do that no other medium of storytelling is able to match. The film reminds one, in places, of What Dreams May Come, another fantastical movie in which a man has to go (literally) through hell to find the woman he loves. Midway through The Adjustment Bureau, one of the members of the time-and-space altering team says of Norris’s predicament: “He doesn’t know what he is up against.” Clearly, when it comes to matters of the heart, those who pull destiny’s strings haven’t got a clue what they are up against.

Around Town THE DRAGON TAKES TO THE STAGE IN CINCINNATI CINCINNATI—Know Theatre of Cincinnati in collaboration with Madcap Puppets is very excited to announce: The Dragon. The production was conceived and will be directed by Irina Niculescu, known for her work combining actors, puppets, and opera. Local playwright and actor Alison Vodnoy has written a new adaptation of Eugene Schwarz’s original 1943 play of the same name. Madcap Puppets has crafted hauntingly beautiful marionettes which play the bulk of the characters in the play. The Dragon will run 2nd April thru 7th May and is appropriate for ages 13 and above. Lancelot arrives in a small town oppressively ruled for hundreds of years by the monstrous Dragon. His mission is to free the town from the Dragon’s tyranny, but he struggles to convince the townspeople of the importance of their own freedom. They believe “the only way to be free of other dragons is to have one of your own.” As it turns out, slaying the dragon is only the first small step to freeing the townspeople. This political fairytale examines the ideas of manipulation and the fragility of the human spirit. “I am happy to have the opportunity to work with two unique Cincinnati theatres which like to take risks and explore new artistic forms,” Irina Niculescu said, adding, “It is a challenge and a pleasure for me to introduce actors to puppetry and bring together puppets and actors as partners on stage.” The action takes place in an imaginary 1930s town. The visual inspiration is drawn from the German Cinema Expressionism and cartoon style for space design, costumes, make-up, masks and puppets. The puppets used in the production represent the fragility of the townspeople and their manipulation by the dragon. “This show is an entirely new experience for our production team to work on. I suspect the same will be true for our audiences and we’re fortunate that they love a challenge as much as we do,” Eric Vosmeier, Producing Artistic Director of Know Theatre noted, adding, “I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to put together a team of local artists with our playwright, director, actors and other collaborators. This production will be unlike anything Cincinnati has seen before.” All tickets to all Know Theatre productions this season are $12 in advance and $15 on the week of the performance thanks to a generous partnership with the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation. You can purchase online at or call the Know Theatre box office at (513) 300-KNOW (5669). Flexible subscriptions are also available for $48. Production Dates: 8 p.m. Performances – 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30 April and 5, 6 and 7 May. There will be 3 p.m. matinee performances – 16th April & 1st May.

Bobbie K Owens

“Pat’s Dream” 14’ x 18’ Mixed Media on 100% Rag Paper In celebration of a good man and his New Castle roots Indianapolis . Chicago . Los Angeles . New York . Miami Ft. Meyers . San Francisco . Denver . Louisville . Nashville Switzerland . Great Britain . Belgium . Kazakhstan . Toronto The Word

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Arts... More from a busy March as above, Indiana Equality held a rally on the Statehouse steps to protest a possible Constitutional amendment barring gay marriage, while left and right below, an overow crowd packed the Wheeler Arts Centre in Fountain Square for the annual IYG Art Auction. Word Photos: Mark Dickhaus

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Around Town CHICAGO’S PRIDE FILMS TEAMS WITH VERMONT VENUE CHICAGO—Chandler Centre for the Arts, in Randolph Vermont, and Chicago’s Pride Films and Plays have announced a partnership to produce Summer Pride at Chandler, a festival looking at gay & lesbian theatre slated for 8 to 17 July at Chandler’s beautifully restored, 103-year-old facility. Chandler has a long tradition of developing collaborative and innovative community arts programming serving a diverse population. This first season of Summer Pride at Chandler begins with a look back at the classic gay play The Boys in the Band. Then it looks forward to fresh writing: prize-winning selections from Pride Films and Plays’ 2011 Great Gay Play Contest. Using gay and lesbian characters or themes, Pride Films and Plays (PFP) develops human stories of parenting, marriage, faith and love that become a cultural bridge to understanding. PFP’s Executive Director David Zak, who will direct all the Summer Pride at Chandler offerings, has won many Jeff Awards for directing and writing and is very excited to link artists and audiences from Vermont with PFP’s international group of writers working on new gay and lesbian material. Over the past 30 years, Chandler has brought its beautifully renovated and expanded 103-year-old music hall & gallery to prominence as a regional centre for arts presentation and education. Located in a cluster of small rural towns in the heart of Vermont, Chandler provides youth with their first arts experiences; adults with a chance to participate in and enjoy a wide variety of music, dance and theatre presentations; and visual artists of all ages with a place to show and sell their work. Chandler now presents a year-round calendar of self-produced and contracted performances, gallery exhibits, arts education activities, and civic events attracting to Randolph’s historic downtown nearly 20,000 people from across the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. The full schedule of performances will be announced in May. For more information, or to order tickets for Summer Pride at Chandler, call 802/728-6464 or order online at

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Gossip Cats

Food For Thought

Now Find us on Facebook: Madison Gosspicat

By Ted Fleischaker / Word Publisher

Well, well here we are in April, the month of Spring, Passover and Easter. Speaking of the latter, since we are cats, a special hello to the bunnies and the chickens who hand out and lay those Easter eggs. Speaking of eggs, it appears there are more than a few folks around here with some of those on their faces, so let’s see what the mail’s brought us… First off, this must be National Hate Your Roomate Month because we have two reports. First, a note to Craig: If someone does not answer one phone call from you or two or even three what makes you think they will answer 172? Oh, and next time, let’s not change the locks and threaten our roomie with a punch in the face or worse, huh? It looks way bad on your record!.. More on room mates, we have had a report of one walkin’ off with a TV set which he claims he owns, but doesn’t have the credit card receipt for — his roomie does ‘cause he bought it. Can we say grand theft since we hear tell it’s one of those fancy 42-inch (now that’s a size, queens) LCD ones. In any case, glad you aren’t or weren’t ever OUR roomie or we pussies wouldn’t even have our catnip toys to play with. Oh, and we hear tell a police report got made about that TV set, too, so keep an ear out for the sirens cause ex-roomie plans to prosecute!... Speaking of TV, that reminds us of some of the dramas we’ve watched on the telly sitting at the foot of Ted & Ivan’s bed. We don’t need such dramas, however, when we have the likes of an Indy dude who recently broke up with his Southern Indiana boyfriend. We still don’t know who showed who the door or why, but we do know there was some damn high drama somewhere. One of the couple took the time to post his single status on Facebook and when our owners commented they got told off for even asking if everything was OK. Can we say bitterness here big-time? Thank goodness they make an “unfriend” button on there cause our owners took under five minutes to press it with that major rude ‘tude dude!... Speaking of pressing, we’d be hard pressed to know what goes through an employer’s mind when they hire someone without checking their credentials and then what goes thru ‘em when they have the same problems with the employee the person’s last boss did. Did you follow that? We are betting someone fired from one firm recently for stealing and for doing and selling drugs (and we ain’t talkin’ aspirin here) landed at a second local business only to get found out by the boss for the very same thing in just a few days time. Of course the boss called this column whining and all they got from Ted was a lot of up-and-down head shaking followed by a comment of “If you’d just asked or checked his credentials with the last boss you’d have known!” There are limits to sympathy and that’s why they make references. We’re just sayin, you know?... Speaking of just saying, we want to just say a belated Happy Birthday to friend Randy who is coowner with his longtime partner, Paul, of Café Zuppa, one of the best brunch spots in downtown Indianapolis. Randy turned the “big five-oh” the last week of March and when asked what he’d like as a gift his partner informed Ted “Aww, just get him some Depends!” Sounds like they got the same relationship Ted and Ivan do, huh? Anyway, happy 50th Randy and many more. And for the rest of you reading, drop by Sunday for brunch (you will see most of the gay community in there on any given week) and hug Randy, too!... Speaking of hugs we hear co-Connection owner Eddie not only got one from Lady GaGa when she dropped in at Connection after her recent Louisville concert, but there’s a photo to prove it. How do we know? Cause Ted got to see the photo on Ed’s phone during a recent lunch at The Marketplace (super food, by the way), but Ed, being his usual (ahem) shy and retiring self declined a request by these pussies to print a copy. Suffice to say we hear tell an after party elsewhere was a flop cause the star went to Connection instead, where she hugged, sang with the cast and really made it quite the evening for those gathered. There’s even a video of her on stage with Vanessa doing one of her own number. Lest you fail to believe we pussies you can find it at so have a peek. Way to go Connection crew... And finally, we are sure he does not want to have had his boss share with us, but these pussies hear tell a local club is now minus one employee after said staffer “declined” to work on St. Pat’s Day after being told he needed to ‘cause the place was gonna be busy. Instead he went out and got wasted. Further news on this missing leprechaun is that when the boss called and asked him to come in a 2nd time he was first told the boi was in the loo and later had his calls go unanswered. But wait for it! There’s more! Not being happy with moving on, said ex-employee showed up at the club and slashed the tyres on another employee’s car. The sad part is he seems to have forgotten that the club’s parking lot is watched over by video cameras and he and a friend who were seen wielding the knives were caught fair and square starring in their own crime show. As of presstime, we cats are told the club owner bought new tyres to replace the ones damaged and the miscreants have been given ten days to pay up or the whole crime spree is gettin’ handed over to the police, who we’d bet will find it great viewing. There’s a lot of morals to this tale, but the biggest are come to work when asked (they DO pay you) and don’t make a fool of yourself on TV!

INDIANAPOLIS—As a frequent eater (at least three times a day, lol) and person who dines out for a lot of those meals, I have never understood what people see in The Capital Grille. I used to think this was maybe “me” but talking to friends recently, I am hearing more and more they have the same view.

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I had occasion not long ago to do lunch at the Capital Grille and I came away feeling that so-so way even more so. I will confess I don’t know totally why. Management knows my face when I hit the door and always is polite. Bad for the reviewer to be known, but hey, I am giving full disclosure here. Staff is OK (more in a bit) and the food is what I’d term all right. The problem is, I think, that word I have used here before a few times: OK. In a downtown like Indianapolis’ which is blessed with really, really good, really, really local and really, really different restaurants, to be just OK and not to be cheap or have something special going in the process is why I come away from Capital Grille shaking my head and asking why I returned yet again. Mind you, it’s not an “I could kick myself” moment. It’s just an “I could do better” feeling. That said, there’s nothing wrong per se at Capital Grille. The atmosphere is quiet and subdued so it’s perfect for closing that big deal. The staff know the regulars and are always friendly. Plus being in the Conrad they see a lot of travellers whose faces change daily. The menu is wide-ranging, meaning from seafood to beef and a lot of in between things on the plates are good. The bar and wine menus are some of the better ones in town, and they even have fancy lockers where the best customers keep their “private stock” behind lock and key. But something here just fails to hit right on like much of the Capital Grille’s competition does downtown and elsewhere. We dined at Capital Grille for lunch a few weeks ago, during the last of Devour Downtown’s Winter Event, though not all at the table opted for the $18 three-course lunch. What we did all agree when we left though was that the food was OK, the service had a touch of being soooo ostentatious as to be over-the-top (possibly because it was during the snow & ice storm week when the restaurant was pretty empty so they had few others to fawn over) but the meal as a whole was, sadly, unremarkable. I opted for the special, and was relatively pleased with what my $18 got me — clam chowder, a “signature” cheeseburger with Truffle fries and a flourless espresso cake. The most remarkable of the trio was the cake, which was truly as good as the ones I make at home this time of year for the Jewish Passover. The burger was unremarkable and frankly had I realised what the Truffle oil on the fries would do (bitter, bitter, bitter) I would have told them to leave this delicacy in the kitchen. But hey if you don’t try you don’t know, right? The soup? Well, head for Sam’s Club and buy the frozen Legal Seafood chowder from Boston and you will be just as happy and maybe more-so. Another of the table did the seared salmon and said it was good, “but not as good as what I get at The Polo Club” which has a delightful cedar plank salmon, and the third of our party with a tiny appetite opted for the regular menu and did a bowl of steaming soup, which she said was “good”, but again, she didn’t use the word “remarkable”. Discussing the lunch afterwards, the three of us came to the same conclusion which I reached at the start of this review: Capital Grille is a good restaurant with decent service, OK food and while even $18 for lunch was, I think, a bit pricy, fair enough value. They just fail, in our opinion to be anything outstanding or super. For that same $18 (or thereabouts) we could have had a unique meal across the street at Weber Grill (a Chicago and Indianapolis original with huge charcoal grills, super burgers and meatloaf), around the corner at Buca di Bepo (a national chain but don’t sell ‘em short as they got the best Eggplant Parmesan) or two blocks south at Harry & Izzy’s (which is truly a local, being owned by the famous St. Elmo’s steakhouse, so don’t miss the shrimp cocktail.) We also could have eaten at a number of other places a bit further afield, but still in the middle of downtown and had an equally enjoyable lunch — probably for a a few bucks less than the $18 (plus tip) this one cost us. Maybe that’s why when someone asks us for a restaurant recommendation we never think of Capital Grille. It’s, well, forgettable, and that’s sad given its very central location, the décor and the staff’s true desire to please. If this was my old 7th grad class the teacher would write on the Capital Grille’s report card “Needs Improvement.” Sadly, we can find no reason to disagree.

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