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WOW, so much has changed over the last few months! As many of you may know by now we have merged all of our print publications, websites and social media platforms under one combined brand KWIR. Under the “NEW” KWIR brand we have reimagined and redesigned a new monthly glossy print publication titled KWIR. In addition to our print magazine we publish the weekly KWIR REPORT (become a subscriber at that is emailed right to your inbox every Monday with top LGBTQ news and stories that we think you should be reading about. We also have a robust website that receives over 2,000 unique visitors a day and an engaged and vibrant social media presence that gives us direct access to our followers. With a Facebook page that has almost 32,000 fans and a Twitter following of almost 10,000 we are able to reach a large audience quickly and directly for breaking news and updates. It has been a long and winding road to get here, but I feel that merger of all of the individual brands under one roof has finally created an LGBTQ media outlet that has real reach and impact. I look forward to continuing to develop and grow KWIR as we expand our presence both digitally and in print across the country. I realize that there have been a lot of changes over the last couple of years and not all of it has been pleasant, easy or without controversy, but through it all we have survived and kept going. I hope all of you will continue to support what we are trying to do and share in our excitement for what the future holds in store. In the end all we can do is try our hardest, do our best and show up every day with the hopethat someday it will all work out. Sincerely,

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JUNE 16 & 17

A book that arms the bullied child with self esteem At the open of the children’s book Love You for You is a reminder which sets the tone, not only for the rest of the book but for the pride in oneself it seeks to inspire and so provide armor against the most ubiquitous and damaging person in any child’s life: the bully.

by Gretchen Rachel Hammond

While she was growing up on Chicago’s Westside, author and teacher Precious Allen was bullied mercilessly. From five to twelve-years-ofage, she was molested. The combination of the two horrific experiences utterly robbed her of her self-esteem and drove her to believe she had no choice but one single and unimaginable escape. “When I got into high school, I didn’t have the clothes other people had,” she recalled. “I’m sixfeet-tall so it was hard to shop for myself. I was bulled based off my appearance. Paired with what happened in my childhood led to a downward spiral. As a teenager, I tried to commit suicide twice.”

“You are beautiful and you are free. Be happy with being you, Because I’m just fine with being me. You have integrity and you have a voice. And when it comes to decisions, You do have a choice.”

According to a 2016 study by the National Center for Education Statistics one-in-five children are bullied. A year earlier, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey noted that 34 percent of LGB youth were bullied on school property. The National Center for Transgender Equality reported the number of physical attacks on transgender youth at 44 percent. The last study from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention cites a suicide rate of all youth between the ages of 15-24 of over 13 percent. For those children who survive bullying, its memory plagues almost every aspect of their adulthood; negatively impacting job performance and interaction with colleagues and supervisors alongside the ability to socialize and maintain lasting relationships. Continued on page 12



KWIR publishes the truth. We don’t make it up. We report the facts regardless of how uncomfortable it may make us, we offer our opinions and share opposing viewpoints. We encourage civil debate of important issues and provide a platform for voices emanating from many perspectives Our role, our mission, our obligation to our readers is to write articles that are accurate, truthful and fact based. We share stories written by competent journalists and writers that shape the lives and educate those who read our content about who we are as people and what we contribute to the greater fabric of the world community. Telling the truth can not only illuminate an issue it can also sometimes be blistering, but we must never shrink from our responsibility to tell the truth because it’s hard or uncomfortable, that is what we are supposed to do, independently, individually, and honestly. Our task in reporting on stories that affect us all is to simply tell you what has happened supported by the facts. The cover photo is not real. It is what someone created with photo shop and then circulated on the internet to generate

emotional responses, which it did with some success. It’s distribution fed into the narrative of people who already wanted to believe it regardless of the validity of the photo. Legitimate discussion, debate, and dissent is healthy for our democracy, but news outlets running with stories without doing proper due diligence just to elicit an emotional response is both irresponsible and unethical. Since when have we as a nation become a more interested in sound bites and talking points rather than facts? We should always stand up and ask questions that plant the seeds of change and challenge the status quo. Running away from talking about the harsh realities of the world we live in breeds apathy and cowardice. Regardless of your stance on the 2nd Amendment or gun laws, gun violence, free speech or anything else we as news and information sources should not be swayed by misplaced loyalties to any community, politician, organization or ideology. We should work to present the facts that foster open and honest dialogue and report on the news without preference or bias. A free and objective press is needed now more than ever and in an ever-increasing news reporting environment of lies and 1/2 truths we feel compelled more than ever to get it right. We are keenly aware that our obligation to our readers is to serve the TRUTH, not spin, manipulate or diminish it and we are up to the task.




Stay proud, Columbus! Columbus Indiana held its first gay pride festival in the hometown of ultra-religious conservative Vice President Mike Pence. The city that was recently the location of protests against health benefits for same-sex couples turned out to be a welcoming place for Saturdays Pride festival. Organizers estimated the number of attendees at over 2,000 with many more interested in the message of inclusion rather than the grey spring weather. “It’s crazy. It’s awesome,” said Erin Bailey, the high school senior from Columbus Signature Academy who organized the event as a class project. Erin had initially sought permission to close one block of Washington Street, but, as interest in the Pride Festival grew because of the media attention, she had to ask the city for more space.

ernor of Indiana. Pence has opposed LGBTQ rights for many years using the bigoted and outdated argument that it would somehow infringe upon religious rights of Hoosiers. In 2000, more than 1,400 people protested the decision by Cummins Inc., based here, to start offering health insurance and other benefits to employees’ same-sex partners.  No surprise, Pence did not show up at the festival, but an impersonator did and there were booths throughout the festival that sold T-shirts with sayings such as “Free to be me” and “Beware the Lavender Menace.” Many who attended the festival were teenagers, friends and classmates of Erin’s, but a number of the town’s leaders were also on hand to show their support, including Jim Roberts, the school superintendent, Cindy Frey, who heads the chamber of commerce, and Mary K. Ferdon, executive director of administration and community development for the city.

The festival, with about three dozen vendor booths and a high-energy drag show covered roughly two blocks. Erin’s senior project became “We’re very proud of Erin Bailey,” Ferdon said. national news mainly because VP Mike Pence “This is what we do: We welcome everyone to hails from Columbus and was the former GovColumbus.”




Rocky Mountian Style Pizza During our recent road trip to Denver, we visited the gambling community in Black Hawk, Colorado. Losing money in the casinos really makes you work up an appetite and I had a craving for pizza and salad bar. Our hosts suggested a popular pizza joint located just a few miles away in Idaho Springs, Coloradocalled Beau Jo’s. The pizza style is called Mountain Pies and is a Colorado style pizza pie. Beau Jo’s has been serving pizza for 40 years and has become a Coloradostaple with several locations to choose from. The pizza parlor was in the old western saloon type décor with wooden floors, walls, and tables and chairs. They had a full bar offering various cocktails, wine, and beer. The place was huge; not only did it have 2 sides, but it was also a 2-story building. We ordered a large meat pizza and salad bar. The salad bar was set in 2 claw foot tubs filled with ice. The salad bar was limited but

Beau Jo’s 1517 Miner St, Idaho Springs, CO 303.567.4376


effective. I mean, I wanted a bit of salad to go with my pizza so it worked. When the pizza arrived, I was in awe. I mean, it was named Mountain Pies but good lord! It was gigantic. And that crust. OMG. I don’t normally go for crust but this was calling my name. I don’t think I have to tell you how great the pizza was. You should take a look for yourself. If you love pizza, you will definitely appreciate Beau Jo’s. I mean, I can’t say who has better pizza, New

York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco(?) but I can tell you that New York has a great NY style pizza, Chicago has their great Chicago Style pizza, and now, Denver has theirs. When I return to Denver, I am seriously heading back to Beau Jo’s for their pizza and salad bar. Ok. Maybe just their pizza.

By Joe Morales

‘Love You, For You’

Continued from page 7

“As an adult, it affected the way that I treated people,” Allen recalled. “I was very introverted, closed off. I was told I was ‘detached’. It was not a healthy way to live because I found myself alone in a lot of situations. When you are alone, you are your own worst enemy. You start thinking the worst of people before you even meet

them or you get into a friendship or relationship

and you try to hurt that person before they can hurt you. I had a lot of trust issues. I never went to a therapist because my insurance wouldn’t cover it.” When Allen entered the workforce, problems of confrontation intensified. “A boss tried to intimidate me and make me feel stupid,” she said. “My friends had to tell me that it was how she acted to everybody and that it was more a reflection of who she was. But having the background that I had, I took it personally. My first two jobs, when I did experience problems with my bosses, I just walked away instead of confronting the issue and standing up for myself. I wish I hadn’t done that.” This year, Allen will celebrate eight years of marriage. While all marriages take no small amount of work, for Allen that work was much harder. “For the first three or four years, trust was the biggest issue in my marriage,” she recalled. “The things that happened in my past that I didn’t heal from, I put the blame on my husband. It was unfair on him.” “Being molested is never something I’ll get over or forget about,” she added. “But it is something I have learned to live with. When it comes to bullying, it follows me around in the sense of sometimes still being childlike. When it comes to paying bills or raising my daughter, I’m an adult. But when it comes to criticism, I would revert to how I was as a child.” At 23, Allen began to self-reflect and so turned


and confront the attacks of her past head-on. “It had to stop,” she said. “My daughter at the time was almost four and if I wanted her to grow up as a global citizen, I had to change. I didn’t want to ruin my marriage because of the root of the problem that I never really healed from.” To accomplish that, Allen had to learn how not to let the past affect her while identifying those moments in which the memories of the attacks would surface. She slowly started to build relationships while also repairing those she had broken. In 2007, she wrote Love You for You after her then three-year-old daughter was the victim of racism. “I had to try and explain racism to her,” Allen said. “At first, my daughter didn’t understand, so I wrote her a poem entitled Love You for You which was about appreciating yourself for who you and, if someone doesn’t like it, that’s their


When she became a teacher, Allen turned the poem into a book—one to which, through its message and use of global illustrations, any child in any country can relate. It took her ten years to find a publisher but, as Love You for You advises: “Never say you can’t because you are capable of all things. Like being a doctor, or a director, or even playing the tambourine.” “It’s a boom that teaches self-esteem,” Allen said. “It teaches kids how to love themselves, no matter how they look. It teaches them how to have confidence and how to develop a thick skin should anyone try to bully them which is something that is not in a lot of literature.” The book is an essential resource as bullying inevitably makes a child feel completely isolated. “I grew up in an environment where I was told ‘get over it. Kids will be kids’,” Allen said. “You start to feel like that’s your world. I want to tell

them that ‘this is not going to be your life forever’ because the number of kids who are taking their lives has risen dramatically. I pray that parents can be a child’s support system because, if they don’t have that support at home, they become open to the wolves.” Yet parents telling a child to “man/woman up” or dismissing bullying as “kids will be kids” is all too prevalent. “It’s the last thing you want to say to your child,” Allen asserted. “It’s also the most ignorant thing. A child’s brain is not developed enough to be an adult in that situation, but they have come to you in confidence and you are putting another pressure on them. It just makes them shut down. There must be trust between a parent and a child. Just listen. There have been numerous reports in which a child has committed suicide even after a parent has approached members of the school faculty or administration who, in turn, take no action at all. “If the parents feel the school isn’t being supportive, they have a right to go to the police,” Allen said. “Make sure schools take it seriously. When they drop their kids off, parents are leaving the school with their most prized possession. If I feel like he/she is not being protected, then I have a problem with that.” While Love You for You tells a child they can move mountains, Allen believes that the task of totally eliminating bullying must begin with adults. “There are so many adults walking around with unresolved childhood issues and deeply rooted problems that they are bullies themselves,” Allen said. “So, they are raising kids with the role model of a broken person. The way that adults leading the world treat each other and their people is something kids. If adults don’t know how to problem-solve and get into a fight whenever a controversy comes around, then that’s what the kids emulate.” Love You for You is available on Amazon




Mass Ave. Location Only

PARTNERING RESTAURANTS DONATING 25% DONATING 50% * DONATING 100% ** BROAD RIPPLE / MIDTOWN • Broad Ripple Brewpub • Canal Bistro • Delicia • Illinois Street Food Emporium • Marco’s Restaurant and Lounge • The Nook by Northside • The Northside Social CARMEL • Jacquie’s Cafe W. Carmel • Mimi Blue Meatballs


DOWNTOWN • English Ivy’s** • Greek Islands* • Gregs • Lockerbie Pub* • Punch Burger* • Tavern on South • The Great Divide* • Vida

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OLD NORTHSIDE • Festiva • Shoefly Public House ZIONSVILLE • Salty Cowboy



the birthplace of gay travel, American Style

A 1982 Calvin Klein ad featured toned and tanned abs set against a white art deco roof. That one ad alerted fashion photographers from around the world to South Beach’s scenic backdrops and exotic morning light. The rebirth of gritty SoBe continued throughout the decade, thanks to the arrival of a thriving gay community that’s expanding throughout Miami Beach. The ever-evolving South Beach scene welcomes gay and lesbian visitors from around the world who flock to the rainbow flags at 12th Street and Ocean Drive to claim their spot in the imported Bahamian sand. A pink and white boardwalk separates the beach from a long row of turquoise hotel pools as it meanders through palm trees and tall grasses. Cyclists, joggers and roller bladders whiz by en route to the cafes lining Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and local gay favorite, the Lincoln Street Mall, bordering the art deco district. This square mile of pastel hued restaurants, hotels, bars, and cafes comprises South Beach Central. Regular visitors like New Yorker, Philip Desiere, come for the annual parties. The grand daddy of these, the November White Party, culminates in an all-nighter, where patrons sporting their skimpiest white outfits parade around the 10 acre grounds of the Italianate Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Winter Party is the big draw in March and in mid-May; lesbians hit the four day Aqua Girl Party. April completes the circuit with the annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.


As for the best hangouts, there are few boundaries. “With so many gay dollars floating around, all businesses are gay friendly”, says Desiere, who has been coming here for the past three years. On Lincoln Road, the casual bistros ,’Balans’ and ‘The Van Dyke Café Patio’ are a hit as much for the people watching as for the food. Here too, are the legendary gay bars, ’Score’ and “Laundry Bar’. Nearby,’MOVA, ( formerly Halo ), is popular with women. The eight block outdoor pedestrian mall also offers good shopping and a chance to visit more than 50 artist studios at the Art Center of South Florida. North of Lincoln Road, it is hard to miss the stark white 16 story Delano Hotel adorned with a gawky headdress that towers over Collins Avenue. Inside, the Philip Starck indoor-outdoor lobby features long, billowing white curtains set against dark wood that ushers visitors onto an open air patio facing the Atlantic. Even if you are not staying here, stop in to the Rose Bar or Starck’s “Pool Salon’ for a cuba libre or a margarita. South of the gay beach section, at 11th and Ocean Drive, visit the Versace mansion, and the Art Deco Welcome Center. The World Erotic Art Museum is worth a peek on nearby Washington Avenue. True sun worshippers head 11 miles north to Haulover Beach Park. Florida’s only clothing optional 1.3 mile stretch of sand and one of her best. Most gay and lesbians hang out in sections 27-29, past the North Beach Tunnel, where the volleyball


court encourages mingling. While the facilities here are excellent, don’t forget the SPF 45, as there is no shade. If you are looking for a more exclusive beach, book into the Turnberry Isle Resort and Spa, five miles north of Haulover Beach. The resort features the expanded Willow Spa and fitness/workout area. It is also home to celebrity chef Michael Mina’s only south Florida restaurant, ‘Bourbon Steak’.

Across the street from the Turnberry sits North Miami Beach’s answer to the Lincoln Street Mall. 250 high end stores comprise the Aventura Shopping Center where you can pick up fashion items from Calvin Klein, Versace, and Bloomingdale’s whose models upped the glam factor and brought new life to Miami Beach.

By Sherel Pucell


Clothing can be a horrific crime scene! I don’t even know where to start. It’s like a bad dream. Nay. It’s more like a horrific crime scene where everyone has their eyes plucked out. What am I talking about you ask? Well, tie-dye clothing of course! I don’t know why anyone would think that this apparel is eye pleasing. I get where it comes from, how it came about and why. But really? Why is it STILL so popular? You can’t still be that high can you? I know I am going to catch a lot of flack for this post, but I’m ok with it. I. Can’t. STAND. Tie-Dye. There are 2 types of people that wear it: Hippie activists and gay hippie activists (no offense). I think it SHOULD be a crime if anyone wears tie-dye especially if you’re an LGBT individual. It goes against all senses. Okay, albeit, mostly mine. It’s an assault to my senses and an affront to gay people everywhere. It doesn’t look good at all and as if it couldn’t get any worse, they pair the clothing with Birkenstocks. Yes, Birkenstocks. Jesus cruisers. Seriously. What self-respecting gay man would pick up that type of garment and say to themselves or out loud, “this is a beautiful piece of clothing and I must purchase it.” I have visited 2 locations that have the most tiedye I have ever seen in my life. They are the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, Oregon. You can find these nasty pieces of clothing everywhere.


One of the best outfits I had the pleasure of ever seeing is a man dressed in a tie-dye sweatshirt, tiedye STRETCH pants in a pair of boots. Yes, tiedye stretch pants. That brings up my other question. Why would a man wear stretch pants? Why? –I worked with a guy way back in the late 80’s that wore a type of stretch pants/break-dance pants. I was fine with that because well, I was a young gay man and you could see the outline of his crotch. What? Please. Don’t judge me. You would have done the same. Anyway, this guy was pretty hot (for the 80’s). He fit his pants nicely. I wonder what ever happened to him. I digress– Where was I? Oh yes, tie-dye. I am by no means a Fashionista but I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. Tie-Dye definitely doesn’t!  I think I should write to Stacy London (LOVE HER) and Clinton Kelly (LOVE HIM) from What Not To Wear and bring this tragic tiedye dilemma to their attention.  You should stay tuned for my next fashion post about a region in Portland, Oregon…it’ll be a doozie! I stumbled on the website High Fashion Crime Scenes by Melanie Pullen. It’s creepy yet stunning all at the same time! They are modeled after actual crime scenes.  You need to check out her website, it’s fantastic.  Melanie dear, if you end up seeing this post, please do a men’s fashion “Crime Scene.”  That would be lovely.

Homoscopes CANCER June 21 – July 22 At the present, things may seem somewhat out of control. You are not doing well with your love life, your career, or with money. But you are strong, creative, and resourceful. You can and will get everything in your life back in control. Never let any self doubt or depression get in your way, LEO July 23 – August 22 You seem to be spending a lot of time with someone who has a lot of negative energy, and it seems to be rubbing off on you. This person has more influence over you than you realize. You are too strong to let someone affect you. Let this person go. VIRGO August 23 – September 22 Now is a good time for you to relax, recharge, and enjoy your life. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to get things in order. Right now your only focus should be on yourself and family. Life goes by so fast, when you get the chance to relax, go for it! LIBRA September 23 – October 22 This is such a busy time for you Libra. Stay focused and stay organized. Often when you are this busy you become stressed and tend to take it out on others. Before you blow your top, take a deep breath. SCORPIO October 23 – November 21 You seem to have become more and more materialistic lately. It is fine to want to have nice things but remember they are not the most important thing in your life. Focus on your family, your friends, or your partner. This is what is truly important. SAGITTARIUS November 22 – Dec. 21 You have found yourself looking for a new love lately. Whether you are single or not. Be careful. Let’s face it, Sagittarius, your heart is easily fooled and not everyone is who they say they are. CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19 You are beautiful just as you are Capricorn. You don’t need to change yourself for anyone. Often you seem to have low self esteem. Get Past it. Enjoy yourself as others enjoy being with you.

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TRANSPERSONAL BODY WORK The term ‘transpersonal’ literally means ‘beyond (or through) the personal’. Transpersonal refers to the experiences, processes and events that contribute to our perspective and understanding of the self. Where our limiting sense of self is transcended and in which there is a feeling of interconnected relating to a larger, more meaningful reality. “For some Transpersonal Bodywork is a profound physiological and psycho- spiritual transformation” “For others Transpersonal Bodywork is an intimate sensual and blissful ride and journey into surrender” Transpersonal Bodywork is a treatment experience that can be profound and rich in ceremony and rite of passage. Grounded in the cyclical principals of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation and release the application of touch, sound, rhythm, motion, breath, clear intention and focus brings about a heightened awareness and deep connectedness within both the giver and receiver. Approached as a whole body meditation and a practice in turning ones gaze inward the receiver is facilitated in exploring the many layers of the


body. Opening oneself to the prospect of being the navigator and collaborative healer of all parts of the mind, body system. Transpersonal Bodywork is a flowing and rhythmic medium to deep tissue process oriented, full body healing modality.

Thai Shiatsu Bodywork A fusion of Thai and Shiatsu massage, this treatment is therapeutic in nature and is offered as a clothed treatment. Delivered on a shiatsu mat on the floor the practice involves gentle stretching, cradling, rocking, rubbing and shiatsu trigger point therapy. The treatment has been likened to receiving a 1.5hr yoga session without you having to do anything except breath and let go. Zen Thai Floor Massage is a 90 min whole body meditation. With this technique your body is invited to find its own parasympathetic nervous system release. Thai Shiatsu Bodywork offers a deep rest of the entire body/ nervous system.

Byron Bay Massage

Touch Of Love Humans have been forced into a disposable cultural norm where by human people are now treating other humans as disposable objects. With the rise is hook up apps marketed to assist us in meeting our sexual needs we are complacently marketing ourselves as consumables and disposable objects to be used and abused. The consequences of such complacency have devastating consequences feeding a culture of misguided and emotionally incompetent disembodied predators. 

Treating each other as disposable objects neglects our human instinct and loving capacity to treat one another as sacred embodied sexual beings. With intent and commitment to explore your energetic sensual and erotic self we facilitate you on a journey of discovering and developing greater sensitivity and awareness of yourself and your body within a Touch of Love context. This style of bodywork is exploratory in nature and involves learning to slow down and show up in fullness to your journey- “not a destination”.


Let the outside in! Spring is finally here! It is time to prepare for the new season and the natural switch in focus to our ‘outside world’. In fact, as it is now towards the end of April, we are nearly too late to begin our strategy for the planting season. Make no mistake, strategy is necessary to the overall success of our missiondistinctive style throughout all the areas of our world! Our gardens are the perfect opportunity to provide the outside world with small a window through which they can divine our fabulous interiors, hinted at with the examples of our distinctive style before they enter our front door. When designing your gardens, think of the space as exterior rooms with the purpose of use and style. I am sure you have heard this used over and over again these days. Bring the inside out and the outside in. Well clichés are clichés only because they are based on fundamental truths. Think of your gardens as a canvas on which to create a work of art. Your garden should be an expression of your character, a clue to your innermost thoughts of beauty. Instead of paint and wallpaper, you would employ various plant materials and their colors to create a palette for each garden and hardscape materials to created the sense of structure. Furnish


these exterior “rooms” with garden furniture of beauty and function, as well as garden art and all of it’s various forms. Statuary, sundials, bird baths, decorative metal work, and any type of “collections” you would like to showcase in your gardens. Rather than wood, ceramic, or carpet for flooring you simply substitute stone, brick, cement, decking, gravel, and grass, to name a few, for your outside flooring. Don’t forget to bring the outside in. Search out unique display pieces which can be transformed with life from your own garden. Fresh flowers in a room bring an uncanny sense of beauty and elegance to any gathering. Plants, trees, and flower pots can find a home in any space. Your kitchen will be enhanced with fresh fruit and vegetables on display, as well as with herbs, both fresh and dried, displayed and used to season your dishes. These are just a few ideas to get you started on your next design project. Your gardens, both in and out of your home. Don’t let that extra space be just that – extra. Use it, enjoy it, enhance it and share it with the world.

By Joepaul Bingham


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AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

This is not a good time to rush into any major decisions. Sit back and relax and look at it from all directions. Listen to what your instincts are telling you. They are usually right.

Get your priorities in order. You have been selfish lately. Don’t act like you don’t understand what I am saying Taurus. This is not really your style, you have been such a giving person. Look inside and find that person.

PISCES February 19 – March 20 You could use a change right now in your surroundings, Pisces. Don’t worry, nothing major. How about some new color in your home or some bright new clothes? Just something to brighten your mood. Try it, it works.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20 This could be your month for romance! Embrace it and be open to it. For the longest time there has been an empty space in your heart, now is the time to fill that place.

ARIES March 21 - April 19 No excuses this time Aries. Start all those projects you have been neglecting. Once you begin, you will enjoy the energy. Stay focused and keep on track, the results will be worth it.


Have a TINI bit of fun at your next event! Private Events // Parties 3 Bar Areas Audio Visual Capabilities Entertainment Catering Craft Cocktails Professional / Fun Bar Staff

A passionate commitment to great local ingredients and unconventionally creative morning fare. 534 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203 • 317.986.5131

There is something about Saugatuck & Douglas, Michigan…

that makes them two of the most gay friendly small towns in the country. LGBTQ tourists find something difficult to define but easy to recognize, like magic, it is everywhere you look.

APRIL 20-22




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KWIR April 2018 Issue  
KWIR April 2018 Issue