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Traffic to website are three words that will determine the future success (or failure) of your web business. All the WordPress marketing I will teach you in future posts will amount to nothing if you fail to understand traffic to website techniques. I want to stop here and tell you this one thing so you are not overwhelmed by the amount of email you will receive signing up for all of these areas to HIJACK TRAFFIC. Hijacking Traffic simple means taking website traffic that others would have received had you NOT checked out this INCREDIBLE

The easiest website traffic you will EVER see HERE! Go to Yahoo! and assign yourself a FREE Email address that you will use for each website or Sales Page. When you start the Traffic HIJACKING process, assign yourself just one email address per product or website to verify email addresses and validate your membership. IF you want to HIJACK TRAFFIC from Forums and popular blogs and just totally rip into some of their traffic, I have found that Digg is the strongest offsite tool out of even the most popular News Services. However, what I can’t say enough is that you must use the optimization tool for getting your profile, press release (free) or story posted on page #1 of Google. IF YOU DON’T and think that you know better what to do, you won’t get on Page #1 of Google EVER and will thus be irrelevant! Page #1 Results using these tools: Sign up for Del.ic.ious, Hub Pages etc using your keyword strings. NOT YOUR NAME or COMPANY NAME! No one is looking for you or your company, but KEYWORDS! Whatever Social Site or other you sign up for, when it asks for your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME use keyword strings; ‘Wedding (first name) and receptions (last name)’..not Kathy’s Catering! When setting up these profiles, what will get you to Page #1 of Google is putting your keyword strings ANYWHERE it ask for your name, company name, hobbies or other. Anything else (except the page where you will put your sales message and website link) is a WASTE OF TIME!

IF you are directing customers to the same product offer across different keyword strings. YOU MUST set up separate profiles for each keyword string. If you have 20 keyword strings, set up 20 profiles but craft the SAME SALES MESSAGE on each page! Make sure EVERY profile you set-up has your PRODUCT PICTURE as the Profile Photo. Remember, you aren’t there to make friends, but to put your products in front of EAGER BUYERS. As with the Press Release techniques explained in previous post(s), I am again putting forth a techniques that I’ve perfected so what I am telling you, isn’t THEORY, it is FACT because, well, check out the Google screen shot below in one of my old keywords. The TOP 3 Position on the search engine are MINE! Go to Google and search the term PPC Ban and you will see if I know what I am talking about or not. I will admit that this was OVERKILL on my part to put 3 Pages in the same keyword string on Page #1 of Google like this, but there was a competitor that was on Page #1 that I had to push down to Page #2 (making them irrelevant in this string) so it just made sense for me to punch 3 pages out like this! There is no doubt that Professional Networking sites are a force in marketing to be reckoned with! As a 3rd level niche and direct marketer, your mission in life is to draw traffic to your offers and force the site visitor to make only one of two possible decisions Buy your product or at least get an opt-in email address for follow up at a later date; OR GO AWAY! #1 sound like a dream come true while #2 sounds MEAN! #2 is not meant to be mean, it is just stating facts because these are the only 2 actions possible once you put your offer in front of the visitors to your website. This goes for Press Releases, Professional Profiles or whatever type of direct marketing you happen to be doing at the time. Getting traffic takes a certain amount of SMASH MOUTH, in your face, like it or my website marketing. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what others see as acceptable!

The easiest website traffic you will EVER see HERE!

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Traffic to websites is the lifeblood of your business. No traffic means NO BUSINESS. Read this article and learn what cost effective softwar...

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