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For the savvy marketer, a LinkedIn Profile can be one of the best ways to get your sales message to Page #1 of Google in your keyword markets. Most gurus will tell you to build a relationship with the people you invite into your network on any site you happen to have a profile on. Well, I guess you can do that but marketers have to decide IF relationship building on EACH Professional Profile Network site is important or IF driving people to your offer immediately is important. Can these two be the same thing, YES! Are they always the same thing? NO! You know or will know your product or service better than anyone else so decide which approach will give you the strategic advantage. As a 3rd level Niche Marketer (some of you are even 2nd level) you are probably a 1 woman or 1 man band with no employees. The savvy marketer understands that profiles in themselves ARE NOT ENOUGH. Find out how to get THOUSANDS of links back to your business which will get you to Page #1 of Google in your keyword markets with this AWESOME Social Bookmarking Software:

Gain TONS of Social Contacts and Backlinks to Your Business Website HERE! Wise use of your time is what’s relative here. Those companies in our wedding examples who are 1st level niche marketers have employees whom they can assign to tend and baby people on the top social networking sites, you, well, only have you correct? Knowing that, what is the wisest use of your time? Here is what I call a Professional Profile Network Sales Funnel to attract the RIGHT prospects to my offers. You have some sort of goods to sell to our example wedding reception crowd. It is my hope that it is valuable information that they can pay for, but if you drop ship goods, more power to you. It is a HARD WAY to make a buck, but know that this great country of ours was built on people making a buck the hard way. First go to your LinkedIn login and let’s get started. When setting up your LinkedIn public profile and as with the Press Release, YOUR NAME or your COMPANY NAME are irrelevant to keyword searches! Who is looking for your name or company name IF you aren’t famous or at least in the top 1% of web marketers? I also want to remind you that as I said earlier in this book, YOU MUST set up a FREE GMAIL or other FREE email service to deal with the emails that are sure to come your way once you build a profile on these sites. Everything you do after you finish reading this book has to be about one thing. GETTING EYEBALLS ON YOUR OFFER and when the eyeballs are on your offer, giving your site visitors a compelling enough offer so they will spend money!

Keep in mind that this technique can pretty much work with ANY Professional Profile Website, but let’s start with the page in the example above that reached #1 on the Google. I am not going to waste space describing what this site is all about. When you create an account, you will learn what it is all about! The way to deal with these emails that you don’t want to get is to go into your account settings tab and turn-off receiving ANY emails from these websites. I want to remind you that, as we said before, you are building profiles on these sites NOT to make friends, accept invites to be a part of these social groups or any of that mess! Your mission is to set these profiles up as Sales Pages and Sales Pages only! I do believe WHEN you are making enough money, can outsource most of the work to employees or professionals that the time would then be right to start your own social networks, groups or whatever you see as necessary to further develop your business. However, right now, you can make friends or make MONEY and only you can decide which is more important. These two things are not mutually exclusive, but your # consideration has to be driving traffic! I know that sounds strange not using your name or your company’s name when building a profile. I will ask you these things to make the case more apparent to you as to why you need to build your profiles, keyword optimized. Again, how many people are searching for you by your name? How many people are searching for your company by name? Here is the “Ah Ha!” moment, using our example keyword of wedding reception, how many people are searching for wedding reception related materials?! Swallow your pride and get on the Professional Profile Site Keyword Optimized profile gravy train! Once you confirm your email address and log back in straight from the email link back to this site, it will take you through a few more simple steps and then confirmation through your DISPOSABLE or FREE email account created exclusively for this purpose. This site really urges you to invite your contacts to join you on LinkedIn (and all other Professional Profile Sites) DON’T Concentrate on driving members, but traffic to your site.

Gain TONS of Social Contacts and Backlinks to Your Business Website HERE!

LinkedIn Profile > LinkedIn Profiles > LinkedIn Company Profile  
LinkedIn Profile > LinkedIn Profiles > LinkedIn Company Profile  

A linkedin profile is a great tool IF you know HOW to use it. What if I told you there was a way to super optimize your profile in a way tha...