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Gmail is an email service by Google. Yet, Gmail has features like Imap that are very much misunderstood and certainly not utilized as much as they should be. Let me say before another word is written that I don’t recommend anyone put their main email address on their WordPress Blogs. The way I am introducing Gmail today will allow you to handle any email from your WordPress website using this incredible mail client! The reason why I am introducing these other FREE Email services AFTER I have made you aware that you should be migrating to Gmail as it may (if not already) become a requirement? Just because you have a Gmail Account, doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to use it for the day to day operations of your business! Before I go any further, if you email everyday why wouldn’t you make some extra cash doing so?

Use These Emails to Rake in Cash FAST! What’s I even better is that the vacation responder functions as an Auto Responder to automatically send your offer links to prospects without you having to do any work. IF you use a Yahoo email account, don’t use the vacation responder in this way because the word Vacation Responder shows when a prospect gets your email, unlike Gmail. Once again Yahoo is just tacky like that! In addition to setting your Gmail Account up as an Auto Responder, you can use what is known as the POP Mail feature if you do not want to use Gmail as your main email service. POP Mail allows you to use your preferred email service to receive emails from various email account into your main Email Inbox, like Microsoft Outlook or other mail client. Set the Auto Responder and POP Mail feature like this; Log in to your Gmail Account and go to Account Settings: Click on the tab Forwarding and POP IMAP and insert There is another REALLY HANDY FUNCTION that is available in order respond to potential customers who may comment or be interested in a product or service you may be offering. Within Gmail there is a ‘Vacation Responder’ function that I use to manage comments and potential sales leads that come in to whatever Gmail Address I have assigned to the Blog, Hub, Social Profile or other. This function allows you to:

1. Not have to log in all of the time in order to respond to requests for more information 2. Insert a link that leads a prospect directly to your offer or services. 3. As with the POP Scenrio above, I set up my Gmail Account to Archive or Delete the messages to keep the Inbox clean. 4. The Vacation Responder automatically responds to the inquiries and the great part is, when the Auto Response is sent, it saves the ‘Sent’ messages in the Sent Folder! 5. Go in every once in awhile and download the email addresses to build a mailing list for future offers or services. Newsletters with Gmail Yes, I know you have been told that Gmail doesn’t let you import Newsletter Templates in the body of your email. As with everything else, as a Manic Marketer, it has to be your mission to look past what everyone else because as I said in chapter 1, they are locked in the „Old Ways‟ of web marketing. Now, what those naysayers are trying to tell you concerning the newsletter limitations in the email program is this; There is no way to set an Auto Responder to send out a Gmail Newsletter Template. True: As I wrote above, you can set the vacation responder to deliver your sales message and website link automatically when you receive an email inquiry. As of yet, I haven’t found a way to import a template. However, you can manually send a Newsletter-Product offering out using Gmail! Let me clarify a bit. As of this writing, there is no way within the program to upload a template and have it appear as an IMG file when opened by the receiver. What I do, and you can also is follow these steps and send a Newsletter using Gmail and drive MONSTER TRAFFIC to your offer; Create a Newsletter in Microsoft Publisher Save the Publisher file as a JPEG or PNG image file, go to Gmail (or other) service and insert the file into the body of the email. is GREAT for this also! Now I challenge you to get on the web and find ANYONE else showing you how to do this! Even Google says this isn’t possible. It isn’t possible if you are focused on marketing using the ‘Old Ways’, but Smash Mouth Marketing DEMANDS that you SMASH through and find a way to make things like this happen when others say they aren’t possible. OK, I will admit that creating a Newsletter template in Publisher is TONS of work, so “I got your back with a newsletter solution much easier for you to create.” Most recently, I have noticed that some Gmail Accounts have the Icon that allows you to insert a Picture while others do not. In case yours doesn’t allow you to insert image files (don‟t use Yahoo-please-It is a DISASTER!) here are some other AWESOME FREE Email Services that are not Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! or Live;

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Whether it is gmail, gmail account login or simple email marketing, Googlemail has taken huge strides as a credible marketing platform.

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