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Most Affiliates Programs for the long term informational web marketing is a complete joke! I know many who read this post will almost certainly push back and tell me, the WordPress Zenmeister how great their program is and how wonder the product is. However, why is it that the 9\10 of these programs like the one you will read about are eventually exposed as scams and no one except the first 200 or so who are signed up by the product creator are the only ones that ever make money? I have a close friend who works as an Affiliate for a very well known company called Wealthy Affiliate. I am not a person to withhold my opinion either when I write nor in person so you Wealthy Affiliate Marketers, prepare yourself! I read the sales page that this company sold to my friend and I must say, the ad copy is outstanding, however, as someone who has experienced these types of offers early in my web marketing career, I knew exactly what this was and what it was not. Get rich quick is the only way to define what Wealthy Affiliate does. They teach tired and worn out marketing techniques such as; article writing, writing reviews and IF you pay them enough money (regardless if you earn any money from their products) they will position you on page 1 of Google! What I told my friend I now tell you. NO ONE CONTROLS Google’s search engine rankings except the people who write their search engine algorithms. I can’t possibly right anymore and feel like I am keeping my HUGE AFFILIATE SECRET WEAPON from you folks. IF you are at all serious about making money through Affiliate Programs, why not partner with the #1 Affiliate Wealth creator on the web today, Brad Callen;

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My friend became frustrated and shared with me what he was doing to try and make money with this program despite having done the following; He paid Wealthy Affiliate $500 for the privilege of becoming a hired commissioned salesperson.

When he signed up OTHER Affiliates (code for salesperson), he earned, $97 for each. However, he had to sign up 3.5 people BEFORE he saw a penny of that money. He was being charged a $49.99 per month subscription fee and the average time before the first pay-out was 6 months! Let me put this into perspective for you. My friend had to spend over $850 over a 6 month period, and then IF, and only IF he signed up other 3 other salespeople, he made any money. Even IF he signed up 3.5 people, he is still at a (after 6 months) net loss of ($550)! This doesn’t even include all the hours he put in over the 6 month period. I told him (much to his dismay) that he was being ripped-off and he could work his finger to the bone, but ONLY those who got in early on this ‘Opportunity’ were going to make $$$. With over 7,000 Affiliates signed up in this program, all selling the same thing and competing in the same keyword market, it just wasn’t going to happen for him. Affiliate Marketing does have its’ place in your business model and offers. However, you have to offer sensational value to your clients before they ever sign up for your supplemental Affiliate Offers. OK, so you’ve read this far so there must be something of value in this post. Am I telling any of you not to be an Affiliate? NO! I am saying don’t become a ‘down-line’ Affiliate Salesperson IF you are not among the first two hundred or so signed up. If you want to launch a 100% Affiliate based business, it is as simple as finding non informational offers that work well together and packaging them as a ‘system’ of some kind. I would further encourage you to invest and buy the product before you ever start to sell it. There is nothing like the passion which comes from a tested and true product! I am going to use generic examples lest you accuse me of trying to send you to some Affiliate based offer. Let’s say you want to put together a WordPress based Affiliate package. Here are some components you might want to consider putting in the packaged offer for your website visitors: WordPress Templates WordPress Plugins WordPress Headers Bluehost Hosting Bluehost Affiliate Socrates Templates Of course these are just suggestions as far as WordPress goes, but you get the idea. With all of that said, there are Affiliate Programs that I do endorse! Paid solutions for website management as it concerns software are tools that I myself use. They bring value to my website, clients and those whom I will never meet. Take for instance the holy grail of website management, KEYWORD and SEO (Search engine optimization). There is a product called SEO Elite which helped me personally uncover hidden niches for Affiliate product marketing which wouldn’t have been possible before time. If you are at all interested in running a REAL BUSINESS where you wake up each morning and find money in your Paypal, Amazon, Ebay of other accounts, you BETTER head on over and check this out!

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