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WordPress Maintenance: The Complete Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Fully Updated, Backed Up And Protected!

Do you own a WordPress site or blog or are you thinking of starting a WordPress blog for business or personal use? If so, then here’s something about WordPress that you absolutely need to know … Every WordPress site and blog needs regular maintenance to remain protected against hackers and malicious scripts, and to prevent errors on your site that can cause loss of valuable data. WordPress site maintenance is not something that can be ignored. WordPress software and plugins are constantly being updated and if you do not keep up with these changes, you are leaving your site vulnerable to malicious exploits and attacks. Also, if you don’t have an effective system in place for performing regular WordPress site maintenance, you can waste a lot of time searching for answers when things go wrong (if you have ever experienced the dreaded “White Screen Of Death” or “Fatal Error” messages after updating the WordPress application or a plugin, then you probably know how frustrating and time-wasting searching for a way to fix these can be!) Sadly, however, no single automated solution or plugin exists that can perform all of the WordPress maintenance steps required to keep your WordPress site fully updated, regularly backed up and completely protected. To do this effectively requires performing a number of separate maintenance tasks. As a famous superhero who makes a living “on the web” once said … With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility …

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WordPress is used by millions of business owners and online publishers worldwide. According to Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, WordPress is used to power 14.7% of the top million websites in the world, and 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US alone are running WordPress. WordPress is an extremely powerful and flexible content publishing and management revolution, but … There Is A Downside To Using WordPress

Unlike many regular websites, maintaining a WordPress blog requires more than just backing up your site files on a regular basis. WordPress consists of various components. These can include: WordPress core installation files WordPress Plugins WordPress Themes Images Media files Javascript scripts PHP scripts Code files Additional files Static web pages

Additionally, WordPress requires one or more MySQL databases to store your blog pages and posts, your site settings and options, and most of the data generated on your site. All of your WordPress site components need to be regularly maintained, updated, saved and backed up to avoid disaster. WordPress Maintenance Is Not A “Sexy” Topic …

Look … I know that the idea of spending time doing WordPress site maintenance isn’t as exciting as playing with the latest WordPress plugin or checking out galleries of stunningly beautiful WordPress themes …

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… But WordPress Maintenance Is Vitally Important!

Unlike most regular websites, WordPress sites are dynamic, not static. Having a dynamic online presence means having more content to look after, more often. Also, WordPress has to constantly update its core application to: Prevent malicious users from exploiting vulnerabilities that would allow them to hack into millions of WordPress sites, Fix bugs discovered in previous versions, and Provide new enhancements and features to its users

Because of this, WordPress versions frequently become outdated and need to be updated …

This creates a number of issues for WordPress site owners … Issue #1 – Keeping Your WordPress Site Regularly Updated

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WordPress not only updates its software frequently (every few months) to provide improved security to your site, bug fixes and new features – which means that you need to keep your site updated too for maximum security and optimal performance …

… But, when WordPress updates its application, your WordPress plugins may also become outdated and may need to be upgraded to prevent conflicts and errors from happening … Issue #2 – Keeping Your WordPress Plugins Regularly Updated

Even Google is now informing WordPress users to keep their sites updated … and Google doesn’t even own WordPress!

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Issue #3 – Protecting Your Site From Security Vulnerabilities

Regular maintenance protects your WordPress site from hackers and malicious users …

Issue #4 – Troubleshooting Common WordPress Problems

Part of doing regular maintenance, however, also requires you to be able to troubleshoot common problems that can happen to your WordPress site when upgrades, installations and other things go wrong …

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Issue #5 – Restoring Your Website Files

Unlike regular websites, not only are you required to back up all of your site’s files just in case you need to restore or reinstall your site …

But all your site’s content and information (posts, pages, comments, categories, settings, etc.) are stored in a MYSQL database, which you also need to back up on a regular basis …

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Issue #6 – Preventing Loss Of Valuable Data

… and MySQL databases can and often do fail …

As you can see, maintaining a WordPress site regularly updated and backed up involves a lot more steps than keeping a regular website updated. If you’re not organized, or have an efficient system in place for performing thorough WordPress maintenance on a regular basis, you are putting your online presence at serious risk. Ok … I’m convinced I need WordPress site maintenance. So … what are my options?

Every website owner knows that it’s important to backup their data in case disaster strikes. WordPress is a wonderful and powerful business tool, but if you’re not doing regular WordPress site maintenance, then you are putting your online presence at serious risk by exposing your site to malicious attacks and loss of valuable data.

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Until now, your available options for ensuring that your WordPress site is completely and properly maintained, have been to: Do Nothing – You can neglect doing maintenance and hope, or pray that nothing ever goes wrong with your WordPress site. This, however, is simply courting disaster. Do Maintenance Every Now And Then – This is slightly better than doing nothing, but not much better. As the previous section shows, unless you stay on top of your WordPress site and plugin upgrades and keep your files and data regularly backed up, you are still putting your online business at risk. Download Software – There is software you can download or buy that will help you do some of the required maintenance your WordPress site needs, but no software can do everything that is required to keep your WordPress site properly maintained. Become Technically Savvy – You can spend hours on end scouring the net for information about WordPress instead of growing your business. There are thousands of sites about WordPress that you can fritter away your valuable time in (I should know, I’ve done my fair share of WordPress “research”!) Pay Someone Else To Do It – Clients pay me $250 – $375 per month to keep their WordPress sites regularly maintained. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do your own WordPress site maintenance, then paying someone else to do this for you may be an option.

If you want to save time and money, however, there is a better way … Introducing … WordPress Maintenance Guide – A Complete WordPress Site Maintenance Training System!

“WordPress Maintenance Guide” Is The Smartest Option For Preventing Problems Caused By WordPress …

If you want to avoid havoc in your business, you need an effective and simple to understand

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system to ensure that your WordPress site is regularly and properly kept up-to-date, backed up and error free, then our WordPress Maintenance Guide is the only “how to” guide on WordPress site maintenance you need:

The entire WordPress site maintenance system is available as a downloadable PDF guide and online, so you (or your staff, webmaster, etc.) can access it any time you need, 24/7. The program consists of 16 core modules laid out in logical order, providing you with the exact steps to follow to perform complete WordPress site maintenance in the shortest amount of time possible, PLUS two additional modules containing effective methods for keeping your site or blog fully optimized and secure. Over 50 video tutorials are included in the training program. Receive ongoing training updates – get the latest developments about significant or important changes that affect the maintenance of your WordPress site. All tutorials created especially for “non-tech savvy” WordPress users. Save hours of your valuable time – no need to research the net for information … everything you need to know to keep your WordPress site maintained is included in one location! Each training module provides you with an overview and purpose of the step, and step-by-step screenshot tutorials with videos showing you how to perform each of the tasks involved. Learn how to use different methods to perform certain tasks, depending on your webhosting server configuration and/or preferences. Learn how to perform maintenance using automated and manual processes, and when / when not to use these. Valuable WordPress resources, downloadable checklists and more are also included.

Download your copy of WordPress Maintenance: The Complete Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Fully Updated, Backed Up And Protected! … for only $37!

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Once you complete the training modules, you will be able to expertly: Protect Your WordPress Blog From Hackers And Malicious Attacks Prevent Loss Of Your Valuable Data Ensure Optimal Performance Of Your WordPress Site Troubleshoot & Repair Common WordPress Conflicts And Errors Quickly Add New Functionalities To Your Site To Improve Your Business Online With Confidence

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Restore Your Site’s Data Or Completely Reinstall Your Blog Grow your online presence with peace of mind, knowing that your WordPress site and your valuable information and data will be secure, protected and fully recoverable should anything ever go wrong!

Download your copy of WordPress Maintenance: The Complete Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Fully Updated, Backed Up And Protected! … for only $37!

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Order “WordPress Maintenance Guide” Today … Completely Risk Free!

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Our “No-NonSense” 60-Day No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

I am so confident that WordPress Maintenance Guide will benefit your business that I am willing to take on ALL of the risk. Order WordPress Maintenance Guide today and learn how to keep your WordPress site fully up-to-date, backed up and protected. If, for any reason in the next 60 days you are not 100% satisfied with the information provided in WordPress Maintenance Guide, then I will FULLY REFUND your money – no questions asked! Once again, just to make it 100% clear … I will personally refund every single dollar of your purchase if you are not 100% satisfied with “WordPress Maintenance Guide” … and you can keep the bonuses!

Why No-Risk Really Means No-Risk

Your purchase is FULLY GUARANTEED FOR 60 DAYS. If you are not satisfied in any way with your purchase, simply contact our payment processor within 60 days and they will automatically issue you a full refund … no questions asked!

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Don’t Wait … Order Now!

Get Instant Access To The “WordPress Maintenance Guide” & Bonuses …

Your purchase is 100% guaranteed for 60 days and your payment is 100% secure! Click the button below to order your copy of “WordPress Maintenance: The Complete Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Fully Updated, Backed Up And Protected!” as a downloadable PDF ebook for only $37:

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Click below to buy this guide as part of a special bundle package and save $$$ …

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Your payment is 100% secure. We never see your credit card information. To find out how secure the ordering process really is and to learn more about our merchant services provider, please visit our FAQ Section.

As soon as your payment has been processed, you will then be automatically taken to the product download area for instant and immediate access to your purchase. If you experience any problems, simply contact us and we’ll help you get things sorted out. I look forward to being a part of your online business success!

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P.S. Remember, you have 60 Days to decide if WordPress Maintenance Guide, which includes step-by-step tutorials, screenshots, accompanying videos, downloadable checklists and templates, training updates and a whole lot more has delivered enough “value-for-money” information to justify your investment. If you’re not thrilled with the content in “WordPress Maintenance Guide” or any of my WordPress Training Guides, I will personally refund you your money, no questions asked! P.P.S. Don’t wait! Why risk exposing your WordPress site to security vulnerabilities and potential loss of your valuable data when you can learn how to perform the same complete WordPress maintenance service on your site that businesses and WordPress users are paying $250 – $375 per month for? Your Order Is 100% Secure. We Use ClickBank For Secure Payment Processing!


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Title: WordPress Maintenance: The Complete Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Fully Updated, Backed Up And Protected! Author: Martin Aranovitch ISBN: 978-0-9874062-4-8 Format: PDF e-Book Pages: 288 Year Of Publication: 2011

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