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Southeastern Council of Foundations 2011-2012 Annual Report

Southern Giving

W e can’t see the future, but

there are some things we know. Philanthropy is more individualized ­— and more public — than it’s ever been before. Fortunately, it’s also more professional and more relevant to

more people

than in generations past. The Southeastern Council of Foundations and its members are always looking to the new horizon, the next wave, and the path to forge as we travel into the future. But we also realize that the key to achieving that next horizon is to honor and learn from our past, combining earned wisdom and innovation to move boldly forward into our future.


ear Friends and Colleagues,

It’s been an amazing year at SECF. As you’ll read on the following pages, we’ve taken stock of ourselves, delivered programs and opportunities that are among the highest caliber in the field of philanthropy, and continued to deliver and build on the services our members value. But what a list of annual accomplishments cannot appropriately convey is the commitment, passion, loyalty and enthusiasm that you, as SECF members, have shown. Throughout 2012, you have given countless hours, considerable wisdom and generous support to make our organization one of the strongest and most effective and most innovative associations of grantmakers in the country.

As you peruse the pages of this annual report, we hope you will

take great pride in all we have accomplished together in the past year. But more importantly, we hope that you will continue to play a role in helping to shape the future of SECF as we travel toward philanthropy’s next horizon.

Karen McNeil-Miller Chairman

Janine Lee President & CEO


ur Mission:

SECF serves, connects, strengthens and champions philanthropy and the philanthropic infrastructure in the South.

A ny worthwhile journey begins with careful study of the landscape and

proper preparation. In 2012, SECF made several decisive moves to pave our way. Connecting with Our Core Southeastern Council of Foundations

Member Survey Report 1

Approximately one-third of SECF members responded to the 2012 Member Survey.

Nothing is more important than our relationship with you, our members. In 2012, we conducted a comprehensive member survey to determine what members want most from membership in SECF. The survey results showed that members value connectivity and networking above all else, followed closely by professional development experiences. While the survey validated many of our current programs and services, SECF board and staff will use the results to shape future offerings.

Grantmaker Networking Education Expanding Philanthropy


Gov't relations


Strategic Thinking In 2012, the SECF Board of Trustees took a fresh look at our three-year strategic plan. As a result, the plan was amended and extended through 2015. New focuses in the plan include bridging the gap in current SECF programming between emerging leaders and CEOs, building knowledge that enriches individuals’ experience and advances SECF members’ missions. The updated strategic plan also pays increased

attention to SECF’s role in increasing awareness of philanthropy, promoting its role and purpose and actively defending its independence. As part of this goal, SECF will concentrate on developing resources for members to use, demonstrating how foundations lead and participate in improving community, championing the legitimacy and independence of foundations, and facilitating balanced discussions on significant issues in which philanthropy is engaged.

Growing Involvement SECF’s current and future strength is rooted in our membership. In order to achieve our mission, we work hard to attract new members and more deeply engage existing members. Launched by SECF Chairman Karen McNeill-Miller, the 2012 “Just One” campaign encouraged current members to reach out to “just one” foundation and connect them to SECF. As a result, 37 new members joined our ranks in 2012.


SECF President & CEO Janine Lee made membership a priority, traveling to eight states to build on three visits in 2011 to share the word about SECF and make personal connections with dozens of members and potential members throughout the region. SECF members took responsibility for our organization’s success in a big way in 2012, with nearly 100 involved in committees, task forces and other leadership roles.

embership by the Numbers:

SECF Member Organizations 331 Individuals served 2330

Thanks to the individualized outreach and recruitment efforts of Chairman Karen McNeil-Miller’s “Just One” campaign, SECF welcomed 37 new members during the past year.

Recognizing new opportunities that appear on the

horizon, knowing when and how to transform experience into best practices, and seeing the value of relationships: all of these require training and skill. That’s why SECF provided a wealth of learning and engagement for members in 2012. Professional Development Foundation staff and trustees across the region look to SECF to provide high-quality, relevant professional development experiences, and the past year provided a number of opportunities. More than 650 people joined together at the 2011 Annual Meeting at Amelia Island, Florida and at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina — two of the largest turnouts in recent years. This annual event is SECF’s flagship, but the many smaller, more intimate gatherings are also popular. The past year included: • CEO Leadership Forum •F  amily Foundations Forum

•C  onference on Investing •E  ssential Skills & Strategies for Grantmakers •M  ore than 30 webinars and teleconferences on topics ranging from aging to advocacy, and from grants administration to financial analysis. • T wo Grantmaking School courses, including Grant Financial Analysis and Advanced Proposal Analysis •Southeast Family Office Forum And of course, the Hull Fellows program remained strong, welcoming its 10th class at the 2011 annual meeting and its 11th class in

2012. The 2011 Annual Meeting included a first for the Hull Fellows — the presentation of Capstone Projects completed in small groups. These provided a way for Hull Fellows to connect to the membership at large and create new conversations around their ideas. In 2012, Capstone Presentations were captured and presented on video throughout the Annual Meeting.

Hull Fellows Class of 2012

Public Policy

Affinity Groups SECF members share many different interests. Through SECF, they gather to discuss and explore common areas of challenge and possibility. In 2012, Health Legacy Foundations met in Charlotte to talk about their roles in community change. The EngAGEment Initiative, which focuses on the ways in which aging populations will change communities, hosted nearly a dozen webinars in the past year and produced a new set of state fact sheets about how aging populations are changing demographics.

This past year also saw the beginnings of a new Working Group on Poverty, created in response to presentations by Claire Gaudiani and Linetta Gilbert at the 2011 Annual Meeting. After a meeting to discuss potential structures and approaches, this group of members plans to maintain an active network for sharing best practices in addressing poverty. SECF also supports geographically focused affinity groups, such as Georgia Grantmakers Alliance and Grantmakers of Kentucky, both of which convened statewide meetings during 2012.


In the 2012 member survey, public policy emerged as a strong area of interest among many SECF members. The past year saw several new and exciting developments on that front, including the launch of a pilot program with the Council on Foundations (COF) to deliver “Foundations 101� training to Congressional staff members in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Arkansas about the field of philanthropy. SECF also worked with COF to arrange and conduct three site visits of foundation-led or funded

vents by the Numbers:

Individuals attending our meetings and events (excluding teleconferences & webinars) 1485 Teleconferences & Webinars 31 Lunches and 2-hour meetings 17 Half- or 1-day meetings and conferences 4 Multi-day trainings, conferences and meetings 12 CEO member state engagements 8 Geographic or issue-based affinty groups 7 Public policy trainings and engagement 10

projects throughout the region. To help give members the tools and skills they need to be effective advocates on behalf of their own institutions and the broader field, SECF conducted a Public Policy Institute in conjunction wtih the 2012 annual meeting. In addition to these new activities, 36 SECF members attended Foundations on the Hill, in cooperation with the Council on Foundations and the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, to help educate national policymakers about actions that might affect philanthropy. SECF members also participated in two legislative update teleconferences throughout the year.

News and Stories that Further Philanthropy SECF members stay connected through our print and internet vehicles. In our 2012 survey, Interchange, our bi-monthly print newsletter once again scored high in readership and sharing, as did our bi-weekly e-newsletter, Connections. In addition, members received weekly program updates via Southeastern Grant-

maker’s Weekly and our ever-expanding presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Especially exciting in 2012 were the creation of a new Annual Meeting e-magazine and SECF’s new meeting app. The app was developed for the 2012 Annual Meeting, but can be used for any SECF event going forward.


early 2,000 people receive Interchange, SECF’s bi-monthly print newsletter, and more than 2,200 recieve the bi-weekly Connections e-newsletter.


Hurricane Isaac puts new Center for Disaster Philanthropy to the test. (6)

SECF welcomes Dwayne Marshall as Director of Programs and Partnerships. (7)


Foundations and nonprofits ask, "Why Arkansas? (4)

Interchange The News Connection

for Southeastern Grantmak ers


Volume 21 Number 5 • August/September 2012

The Aging of the Sou


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EngAGEment Facts Show Elder Population Outpa Regional Growth Rate of ces the Nation

The older population is growing in our country. Nationwide, more people were 65 years and over in 2010 than in any previous census. From 2000 to 2010, the U.S. population 65 years and over increased at a higher rate (15.1%) than that of the U.S. population as a whole (9.7%).

Older Population as a Percentag e of Total Population in 2000 and 2010



Mission The Southeastern Council of Foundations serves, connects, strengthens and champions philanthrop y and the philanthropic infrastructure in the South.

A State-by-State Breakdown

To help funders better grasp the changes in aging demographics in their states, The SECF EngAGEment Initiative has created state-speci fic fact sheets for each of the 11 states in the SECF region.




United States Southeast


The general population of the 3% 11 states served by the Southeastern Council of Foundation (SECF) increased 0 13%, while their population of older adults (65+ years) increased 19.4% The population 65 years and over increased as a share of total population from 12.4% in 2000 to 13% in 2010 for the U.S. as a whole and from 13.1% to 13.8% for the SECF region.



65+ yrs. 2000

65+ yrs. 2010

1.5% 1.5%

1.8% 1.7%

85+ yrs. 2000

85+ yrs. 2010

Each fact sheet takes an inexceeds any other Southdepth look at the state's demo- eastern state, the region as a graphic changes, recent private whole, and the nation. funding activity and resources for additional informatio n. In almost every SECF state, the population of those The data yields surprising 65 and older increased information about some at states. nearly twice the rate of the For example, Florida was the general population, if not only Southeastern state in more. Georgia’s populawhich those aged 65 and over tion aged 65 years and decreased as a percentage over of increased 31.4% in the overall population between last decade. That’s more than 2000 and 2010. However, any other state in the Southeast Florida's population of those and double the percentage 85 years and older as a perincrease for the nation’s centage of total population elder population (15.1%). continued on page 2

M aking investments in the right

resources at the right time is critical for sustainability. SECF’s investments in people, programs and communications — combined with prudent management — have provided solid financial results and superior member services.

Our Deepest Connections Every year, there are SECF members who go above and beyond in supporting our organization. They make their gifts with no direct benefit to themselves or their foundations, but their gifts make it possible for all of the SECF family to enjoy richer programming, more information and a stronger voice for our field. To our 2012 Sustaining Members, we offer a heartfelt thanks. 2012 Sustaining Members:

Sound Leadership

Anonymous Anverse Arkansas Community Foundation Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida Callaway Foundation Community Foundation in Jacksonville Community Foundation of Central Georgia

SECF 2012-2013 Board of Directors: (kneeling, L-R) Marcie Skelton, Nina Waters, Dr. Karen McNeil-Miller, Mary Humann Judson, Heather Larkin; (middle row) Janine Lee, Mary Thomas, Maria Kennedy, Katherine Sikora, Speer Burdette, Jeff Cribbs, Dot Neale,* Lesley Grady,* Dr. Susan Zepeda, Sandra Mikush; (back row) Joe Rosier, Judge John Rochester, Jim Morton, Mike Anderson, Frank Wideman, Dr. LeRoy Davis, Rhett Mabry. Not pictured: Robert Fockler, Damian Thorman, Louie Buntin,* Byron Harrell,* Maria Elena Retter.* *Completed board service in 2012.

Solid Finances SECF received a favorable audit for the fiscal year that ended in 2011, thanks to the oversight of our Finance Committee and Board of Trustees. We also extend a special thanks to our Sustaining Members in 2012, who contributed unrestricted gifts to SECF’s operating funds. Total Assets: Total Revenue & Other Support: Total Expenses: Total Net Assets, Beginning Total Net Assets, Ending

YE 12/31/11 $1,430,080

YE 12/31/10 $1,379,456

1,827,417 1,670,718

1,814,181 1,484,956





Fuller E. Callaway Foundation Georgia Power Jessie Ball DuPont Fund Kaiser Permanente Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Livingston Foundation Maddox Foundation Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina Southern Education Foundation Spartanburg County Foundation St. Mary’s United Methodist Church Foundation The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. The Daniel Foundation of Alabama

O ur Members A Friends’ Foundation Trust Abraham J. & Phyllis Katz Foundations AGL Resources Private Foundation Akers Foundation, Inc. Alabama Power Foundation, Inc. Albert L. Luce Foundation Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation Anverse, Inc. Arkansas Community Foundation, Inc. Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Atlanta Women’s Foundation Baptist Community Ministries Baptist Healing Trust Baton Rouge Area Foundation Beazley Foundation, Inc. Beloco Foundation Ben May Charitable Trust Benjamin & Frances David Foundation Benwood Foundation, Inc. Betty & Davis Fitzgerald Foundation Bi-Lo Charities Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Black Belt Community Foundation Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Foundation Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation Blue Grass Community Foundation BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina Brooks Family Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Bryans Foundation C. Louis and Mary C. Cabe Foundation C.E.&S. Foundation Cal Turner Foundation Callaway Foundation, Inc. Carl S. Swisher Foundation, Inc. Carroll Electric Membership Foundation Casey Family Programs Catholic Foundation of North Georgia Cecil B. Day Foundation, Inc. CF Foundation, Inc. Charles Lamar Family Foundation Charles Loridans Foundation

Charles M. & Mary D. Grant Foundation Charlotte Community Foundation Cherokee Preservation Foundation Chester Healthcare Foundation ChristyHouston Foundation Clark Regional Foundation Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area Community Foundation of Central Georgia, Inc. Community Foundation of East Mississippi Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, Inc. Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Community Foundation of Greenville Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc. Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi Community Foundation of Sarasota County Community Foundation of South Georgia Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley Community Foundation of West Georgia Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia Cone Health Foundation Coral Gables Community Foundation CREATE Foundation, Inc. D. L. Scurry Foundation D.W. McMillan Foundation Dan & Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund Dan & Merrie Boone Foundation Danville Regional Foundation Davison Bruce Foundation Dick Horne Foundation Dot & Lam Hardman Family Foundation Doyce H. Deas Foundation Dr. Monte L. Moorer Foundation Dr. P. Phillips Foundation Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation Dugas Family Foundation

DunspaughDalton Foundation, Inc. East Lake Foundation, Inc. East Tennessee Foundation Elbert W. Rogers Foundation Emily Winship Scott Foundation Equifax Foundation Erie Hall Meyer Charitable Fund Estes H. & Florence Parker Hargis Charitable Trust Exposition Foundation, Inc. EZ Agape Foundation Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky Foundation for Louisiana Foundation for the Carolinas Foundation for the Mid South, Inc. Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation Frances Wood Wilson Foundation FraserParker Foundation Fred & Catalina Aranas Family Foundation Fred B. & Ruth B. Zigler Foundation Fuller E. Callaway Foundation Fullerton Foundation Gainesville Community Foundation George R. Johnson Family Foundation Georgia Electric Membership Corporation Georgia Health Foundation, Inc. Georgia Pine Level Foundation, Inc. Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Foundation Goodrich Corporate Foundation Gorelick Family Foundation Greenwood County Community Foundation GreggGraniteville Foundation, Inc. Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Inc. H Gladstone & Betty Pritchard McKeon Charitable Foundation H. W. Durham Foundation Hampton Roads Community Foundation Hardee Family Foundation Harry E. Bovay, Jr. Foundation Hayden-Harman Foundation Healthcare Georgia Foundation Herzman-Fishman Foundation Hill Crest Foundation, Inc. Hills Family Foundation

Hollingsworth Funds, Inc. Huey & Angelina Wilson Foundation HuffmanCornwell Foundation IBM Corporation Irene W. & C. B. Pennington Foundation Isdell Family Foundation J. Bulow Campbell Foundation J. Marion Sims Foundation, Inc. James Graham Brown Foundation, Inc. James M. & Ruth E. Wilder Foundation James M. Cox Foundation James Stephen Turner Jesse Parker Williams Foundation Jessie Ball duPont Fund John and Mary Franklin Foundation John E. and Aliese Price Foundation, Inc. John H. & Wilhelmina D. Harland Charitable Foundation John Randolph Foundation John S. and James L. Knight Foundation John Winthrop Charitable Trust Jonathan M Harris Family Foundation Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation Joseph S. Bruno Charitable Foundation JP Morgan Chase Kaiser Permanente Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Kentucky Foundation for Women Kerri & Jeffrey Snow Family Private Foundation Kharis Foundation Lancaster County Partners for Youth Foundation Laura Goad Turner Charitable Foundation Lettie Pate Evans Foundation, Inc. Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Lewis Hall & Mildred Sasser Singletary Foundation LifeWorks Foundation Livingston Foundation, Inc. Living Well Foundation Louie M. and Betty M. Phillips Foundation Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation Lyndhurst Foundation M. W. Smith, Jr. Foundation Maddox Foundation Marguerite Casey Foundation

Marilyn & William Young Charitable Foundation Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Foundation, Inc. Martha Christine White Foundation, Inc. Mary Black Foundation Mary Brown Fund of Atlanta, Georgia Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Mattie H. Marshall Foundation May P. & Francis L. Abreu Charitable Trust McMasterCarr Supply Company Michaels Family Charitable Foundation Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation Mildred Miller Fort Foundation, Inc. Mildred V. Horn Foundation Mississippi Power Foundation Morgan Creek Foundation Mount Dora Community Trust NCR Nettie Lokey Wiley & Charles L. Wiley Foundation Newell Rubbermaid North Georgia Community Foundation Northern Trust Obici Healthcare Foundation Olds Foundation Page and George Bradham Family Foundation Parker Poe Charitable Trust Patricia J. Buster Foundation Charitable Trust Peyton Anderson Foundation Piedmont Charitable Foundation Piedmont Health Care Foundation Plough Foundation Polk County Community Foundation Portsmouth General Hospital Foundation Powers Foundation Primerica Insurance Quantum Foundation R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation Ray M. & Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation Regions Bank Reidsville Community Foundation Relgalf Charitable Foundation Remmer Family Foundation, Inc. Richmond Memorial Health Foundation Robert L. Huffines, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

Robert Lee Weiss Foundation Robert M. and Lilias Baldwin Turnell Foundation Robert W. Woodruff Foundation Robins Foundation Rochford Foundation Salmen Family Foundation Sara Giles Moore Foundation Sartain Lanier Family Foundation Scarlett Family Foundation Scott Foundation, Inc. Sequoia Foundation Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina Southeast Virginia Community Foundation Southern Education Foundation, Inc. Space Coast Health Foundation Spartanburg Christian Community Foundation Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System St. Marys United Methodist Church Foundation, Inc. Suffolk Foundation SunTrust Bank The Alleghany Foundation, Inc. The Annie E. Casey Foundation The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. The AWC Family Foundation The Belk Foundation The Blumenthal Foundation The Byerly Foundation The Cameron Foundation The Cannon Foundation, Inc. The Caring Foundation The Carrie E. and Lena V. Glenn Foundation, Inc. The Cemala Foundation, Inc. The Chapin Foundation The Chatham Valley Foundation The Chisholm Foundation The CocaCola Foundation The CocaCola Scholars Foundation The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc. The Community Foundation in Jacksonville The Community Foundation of South Alabama The Cralle Foundation, Inc. The Cross Foundation The Daniel Foundation of Alabama The Dickson Foundation, Inc. The Duke Endowment

The Edward C. Stuart Foundation Inc The EyeSight Foundation of Alabama The Fluor Foundation The Ford Foundation The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation The Frist Foundation The Gheens Foundation, Inc. The Goizueta Foundation The Graham Foundation The Greater Pine Belt Community Foundation The Hack Foundation, Inc. The Halle Foundation The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation, Inc. The Harvest Foundation The Haslam III Foundation The Hayes Family Charitable Foundation The HCA Foundation The Holly Lane Foundation The Homestead Foundation, Inc. The J. B. Fuqua Foundation, Inc. The Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation The Jim Cox, Jr. Foundation, Inc. The Joanna Foundation The Joy McCann Foundation The Knox Foundation The Lee Bruno Foundation The LincolnLane Foundation The Luther & Susie Harrison Foundation The Marcus Foundation, Inc. The Mary Alice and Bennett Brown Foundation The McClure Family Foundation The Memorial Foundation, Inc. The Morgan Foundation, Inc. The Newland Family Foundation, Inc. The Nordson Corporation Foundation The Norman S. and Emmylou P. Illges Foundation The O. Wayne Rollins Foundation The Patterson Family Foundation The Patterson Foundation The Pedigree Foundation The Phil Hardin Foundation The Pittulloch Foundation The Rapides Foundation The Ray C. Anderson Foundation, Inc. The Rich Foundation The Riley Foundation The Robert and Polly Dunn Foundation The Robert W. Rounsavall Jr. Family Foundation

The Rockdale Foundation The RosaMary Foundation The Ross Foundation The Sapelo Foundation The Self Family Foundation The Spartanburg County Foundation The Springs Close Foundation The SteeleReese Foundation The Templeton Foundation The Toms Foundation The W. James Samford Jr. Foundation The W.I.H. and Lula E. Pitts Foundation The Walker Foundation The Ward Foundation The Zeist Foundation, Inc. Thomas H. Lanier Foundation Thomas M. & Irene B. Kirbo Charitable Trust Triad Foundation Trinity Compassion Health Foundation of East Tennessee Tucker Foundation Tull Charitable Foundation Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Turner Foundation, Inc. VaughnJordan Foundation Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation Virginia Environmental Endowment W.K. Kellogg Foundation Waccamaw Community Foundation Wal-Mart Walker Area Community Foundation Walton County Health Care Foundation Warren and Augusta Hume Foundation Weldon F. Osborne Foundation, Inc. Wells Fargo Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation Willard & Pat Walker Foundation William C. Woolf Foundation William J. & Tina Rosenberg Foundation Williams Family Foundation of Georgia, Inc. Williamsburg Community Health Foundation Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation Wiregrass Foundation Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis WytheBland Community Foundation

SECF 2012 Board of Trustees Executive Committee Dr. Karen McNeil-Miller (Chair) Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Winston-Salem, NC Ms. Nina Waters (Chair-Elect) The Community Foundation in Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL Dr. Byron R. Harrell (Past Chair) Baptist Community Ministries New Orleans, LA Mr. H. Speer Burdette, III (Secretary/Treasurer) Callaway Foundation/Fuller E. Callaway Foundation LaGrange, GA Ms. Heather Larkin (Governance Chair) Arkansas Community Foundation, Inc. Little Rock, AR Ms. Maria S. Kennedy (At Large) The Daniel Foundation of Alabama Birmingham, AL Ms. Maria Elena Retter (At Large) The Goizueta Foundation Atlanta, GA Ms. Janine Lee (President & CEO) Southeastern Council of Foundations

Ms. Katherine W. Sikora Laura Goad Turner Charitable Foundation Bowling Green, KY

Georgia Grantmakers Alliance Mr. David Weitnauer R. Howard Dobbs Foundation Atlanta, GA

Marcie Skelton The Walker Foundation Jackson, MS

Corporate Foundations Ms. Susan B. Towler* Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida Foundation Jacksonville, FL

Ms. Mary L. Thomas The Spartanburg County Foundation Spartanburg, SC Ms. Susan B. Towler* Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida Foundation Jacksonville, FL Mr. Frank J. Wideman, III The Self Family Foundation Greenwood, SC Dr. Susan G. Zepeda Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Louisville, KY

2012 Committee Chairs

Finance Mr. H. Speer Burdette, III Callaway Foundation/Fuller E. Callaway Foundation LaGrange, GA Leadership Development Ms. Maria Elena Retter The Goizueta Foundation Atlanta, GA

Membership Mr. Louie Buntin Ms. Elizabeth A. Smith (Lizzy) Louie M. & Betty M. Phillips Foundation Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc. Nashville, TN Atlanta, GA Resource Development Mr. Jeffrey S. Cribbs, Sr. (Jeff) Richmond Memorial Health Foundation Ms. Nina Waters The Community Foundation in Richmond, VA Jacksonville Dr. Leroy Davis Jacksonville, FL Jessie Ball duPont Fund Governance Jacksonville, FL Ms. Heather Larkin Ms. Lesley Grady Arkansas Community Foundation, Inc. Community Foundation for Greater Little Rock, AR Atlanta Government Affairs Atlanta, GA Ms. Torrey DeKeyser Eye Sight Foundation of Atlanta Ms. Mary Humann Judson Jesse Parker Williams Foundation, Inc. Birmingham, AL Atlanta, GA Hull Fellows Ms. Mary Humann Judson Mr. Rhett Mabry Jessie Parker Williams Foundation The Duke Endowment Atlanta, GA Charlotte, NC Ms. Dot Neale IBM Memphis, TN Judge John Rochester Martha Christine White Foundation Ashland, AL Ms. Elizabeth A. Smith (Lizzy) Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc. Atlanta, GA *Resigned from the Board during 2012

Family Foundations Mr. Frank J. Wideman, III The Self Family Foundation Greenwood, SC Health Legacy Foundations Dr. Susan G. Zepeda Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky Louisville, KY Community Foundations Ms. Mary L. Thomas Spartanburg County Foundation Spartanburg, SC EngAGEment Initiative Ms. Debra Jacobs The Patterson Foundation Sarasota, FL

2012-2013 Hull Fellows

Ms. Andrea Kellum Healthcare Georgia Foundation Atlanta, GA Ms. Sarah Kinser Arkansas Community Foundation Little Rock, AR Ms. Karen Lambert The Peyton Anderson Foundation Macon, GA Ms. Valerie Liggins The Cameron Foundation Petersburg, VA Ms. Sara Manning SunTrust Bank Orlando, FL Ms. Nancy-Clair McInaney R. Howard Dobbs Foundation Atlanta, GA (Bozeman, MT) Ms. Dwanda Moore Foundation for the Mid-South Jackson, MS Mr. Josh Phillipson The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Atlanta, GA

Ms. Jehan Benton-Clark Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Winston-Salem, NC

Ms. Amory Scott Scott Foundation Opelika, AL

Ms. Susie Bowie Community Foundation of Sarasota County Sarasota, FL

Ms. Lora Smith Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Winston-Salem, NC

Ms. Shay Bracey Annie E. Casey Foundation - Atlanta Civic Site Atlanta, GA

Ms. Wesley Tomlinson LaRue Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Memphis, TN

Ms. Tara Weese Ms. Tristi Charpentier The Spartanburg County Foundation Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Spartanburg, SC Foundation Baton Rouge, LA Ms. Cindy White Wiregrass Foundation Ms. Debbie Cooper Dothan, AL Community Foundation of Greenville Greenville, SC Ms. Angela Goddard Laura Goad Turner Charitable, Cal Turner Family, James Stephen Turner Family, and Dugas Family Foundations Nashville, TN

SECF Staff

Janine Lee, President & CEO Aisha Alvarez, Aministrator Dena Chadwick, Director of Finance, Administration & Executive Relations Marianne Gordon, CMP, Director of Meeting Planning Mr. John Hardman Helen Ishii, Director of Member Annual Meeting Dot & Lam Hardman Family Foundation Services Committee Atlanta, GA Dwayne Marshall, Director of Mr. Mark Constantine Programs & Partnerships Jessie Ball duPont Fund Ms. Sara Hemingway Betsey Russell, Director of Marketing & Jacksonville, FL The Marilyn & William Young Charitable Communications (Consultant) Foundation Chantel Tremitiere, Creative Audit Owensboro, KY Consultant Mr. Louie Buntin Kenita Williams, Program Manager Louie M. & Betty M. Phillips Foundation Ms. Kelly Hopkins Gabriel Nahmias, Program Intern Nashville, TN Relgalf Charitable Foundation Charlotte, NC

SECF 2011-12 Annual Report  

Read the 2011-2012 Annual Report from the Southeastern Council of Foundations

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