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Welcome It’s been a long time coming but finally we’re ready. We’ve had a face lift and expanded the team to bring you a regular hip hop and graffiti mag, the UK needs one.

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In this issue we catch up with Dreph for an in-depth interview about his life as a writer, his travels and growing up. Short but sweet questions with Fe crew and loads of exclusive flicks of trains, trains and more trains. There’s a competition from Wicked Campers with an amazing prize, so check this out and get involved. We meet Devas and talk chases with combine harvesters and Newso of the 48’s introduces the crew and shows us the true meaning of the word Burner! Not just a graffiti mag anymore, we’ve got loads of the best UK hip hop we could find. We meet Jehst and chat about the new album, the relevance of the England track has with the riots in London recently, and what the future holds for YNR. We’ve also hooked up with Mystro, Kashmere and Dirty Dike for all exclusive interviews and the man behind the cover CD, Leafdog! We can only bring this mag to you for free because of the continuous support we receive from sponsors and artists, we really do appreciate every submission and every email. So get in touch and show some love, or hate, it all helps us grow. Team Wordplay Team Robbo


DeďŹ nition of the freedom


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A year since they released Prolusion Plus, (which you can download free if you like their Facebook page) Delusionists are preparing to release a new album. Starting with a FREE single which you can download from:


SONNYJIM THE HEADSPLIT Eatgood records release The Headsplit, from the massive album The Psychonaut. It contains 8 remix tracks from the likes of LS, Bunty Beats, Pea Whitey, DJ Pandamonium and even has the acappella! All 8 tracks available as a FREE download from:


They tell us they will be releasing several free downloads over the coming months so bookmark that page now! The first single is called Dastardly Schemes and it's produced by Apatight.


Couldn’t be easier, simply answer the question below and email us your answer. The winner will be picked at random, and will win a goodie bag from Drift. Simple.

Question: Cheech and ______ up in smoke A: Song B: Bong C: Chong Answers to: admin@drift-headshop.com with the Subject of: WORDPLAY Comp

UK B-BOY CHAMPIONSHIPS The Soul Mavericks, an eight-strong breakdance collective from London will challenge the greatest b-boy crews from around the globe at the 16th annual B-Boy Championships. Hosted by original hip-hop pioneers Crazy Legs and Afrika Islam, they will welcome over 5,000 fans to the most revered breaking competition in the world.

Now this is not the same definition as maximum of development, value, or intensity. No my friends peak is urban slang which means bad, its peak right now fam or even awkward; I met this one girl, we went on a date and she had a moustache!

It’s the 5th year they have represented the UK at the world finals, after reaching the semi finals last year they will almost certainly have the support of the home crowd to spur them on to bring the battle fire they thrive upon!

....it was PEAK!!

World Finals on 16th October at the O2 Academy Brixton. Tickets available now from bboychampionships.com




“Graffiti is endless I will never tire of Graff”


1.What crews do you put up and who's in them? LLP-Life Long Pr Recently there' oject-Let Loose s been loads of Pa int, crew membe Ami, Zare, Shimz, new spray pain rs products, have Gumbo, Sole, M t you 'Stuck to w an e, Turroe NO FRILLS with hat you know' or crew Tes, Himo, changed for som Howl, Oath, Eels, ething new? Bags. I’m from a genera tio n that didn’t get What is your favo luxury graffiti paint used stock caps rite element of & fo gr r af everything so I’m fit i? I concentrate on not too picky as covers ok, I alway pieces and push it all ing letter structur s keep a good va es. riety of brands in but I mostly use stock Illuminarty and M Who/what were tn 94, I am a fan of Hardcore and 94 your influences Mtn no and when did yo t such a fan of Iro start? u nlak or Belton un its Black or Aube less rgine . I started Bombing in 1992 but didn ’t paint pieces un 1993, through th til Whats your favo e 90’s I had man rite thing about y ali as’s but decided 2000 I would star graffiti and wha for you hate? t my Graff career t do as Devas. Graffiti is endles s I will never tire First influences we of Graff, my mind when I paint I ge re home town wr is free t lost in letters an iters KONA, ACM DROYD all 3 heav d blamming fills. E, hate most about ily influenced me. Th ing I graffiti is lazy write Then came the us Spray Can Art, Su rs and toys that ual shit for cheap fa bway Art, Style W do g me. ars then Grapho and Visual Grafix. tism Mid 90s London /Brighton scenelike DFM, DDS, PF crews It's nasty not ca B, ILC(Notts) and tching a flick, w the original SOF from Bristol/Bath hats the worst 'O crew . that got away'? ne Between 94-98 I wasn’t bothered You've been pa about getting flic inting for quite didn’t carry a ca ks I a few years, enou mera which now see scenes chan gh I re to gret. Back in 96 a bombing session ge, where do yo after u see it headed me and Ami stum next ten years? in the bled across a Ta lorry/truck that ha rmac d parked up over UK scene will sw night in a busy residential area, itch up a lot over we rocked some the next few year brings the Olympi real nice window s, 2012 style du cs which I think down bs wh ich looked dope but wi ll br ing a zero tolerance attitud we didn’t have a e towards illegal camera, the follo wing morning of graffiti resulting in sentences. Lega course it was go heavy l walls will either ne. be ridiculously old sc 70’s style graff or hool Whats the weird the other end of the spectrum be est experience freakishly futuris you've had with ing tic pieces. Expect Being chased by graffiti? to a Combine Harves se e lot s using digital med of artists ter haha. ia to give it a new edge like INSA’s moving swirls fo recent r example. The 3D And the funniest pa ? Back in the da int thing will be rinsed a bit I’m su y, after acquiring re but with a bit qu antity of Carplan a large of luc , Ami, Ryder and k the art fags will take their maskin myself were sat g tape and jog on mate Togies car in our . (well Togs Mums car) Togs started a can of paint in sh aking the car he went So who do you to pull the lid off rate at the mom US SH AL OU L 3 OF TE D NOOOO at the sa ent? UK Roids,Towns me time as he pu , Pref, Aroe, Skor the lid only to sn lle d of e, Dreph, Nylon, ap the nozzle an Kak, Vibes, Hefs, d break the valve Ponk, naturally the paint Nems, ATG. Over , se EXPLODED all ov as , Opium, Smash137, Revo er the dash and k, Dems, Aeon, Eg seats, he was ho the rrified. (His parent ypt, Rime, Nekst, Horfe, GoreyBer s didn’t know he Steel, got in to st, Motel, GBAK had graff until this po the list goes on. int oops).




In graffiti whats better quality or quantity? Quality and quantity anyone Staying Busy and doing it well gets my vote. Being from the West do you drink cider? Not this filtered crystal clear bottled crap but cloudy scrumpy in a dirty jug? Na mines a pint of Stella if your getting em in? Anything else you want to add? Stay Busy, hook up-paint.

Any shouts? Wordplay, Ami, Tes, Zare, Ryder, Shimz, Gumbo, Acme, Desk, Kona, Poster, Reaf, Howl, Ponk, Sole, Yesb, Skore, Siren, Epok, 3dom, Fois, Vier, Soker, Turroe, Aroe, Bags, Motel, Balrog, Skank, Qrypt, Kem, Mef, Toes, 24HRGYM. To see more of Devas online check out: www.mrdevas.com



10 14







Graff doesn’t define me but it’s what I do and a large part of who I am DREPH For most this guy needs no introduction, if your into graffiti at all, if you saw issue 1 of Bomb Alert (10 years ago already!!!) or have been lucky enough to see his work in the flesh. Dreph sums up what graffiti is all about, a good all rounder. All elements and more, fresh letter style, simple and no need for crazy wildstyles! Mad use of colour, tech fills, trains, streets, huge tags, burning walls and even exhibition worthy artwork (Yep it’s separate). We caught up with him to find out some history, his travels and influences. So what crews do you write with? My first crew was SNC (Suicidal Network Children) and later I joined BNB (Bad Nubeing Brothers). Neither crew are still active but we are still good friends and I have good memories of the times we spent hanging out. You seem to be involved in all elements of graffiti from street bombing to trains

to some of the freshest walls in the country but who would you say Dreph is?

these larger than life pieces in the flesh gave context to what we were seeing in subway art.

I guess I’m an all or nothing kind of guy and 26 years on I’m still passionate about this shit. My motivations have changed and real life stuff means I don’t dedicate as much time to it as I would like to. Graff doesn’t define me but it’s what I do and a large part of who I am.

In the early 90’s I started taking my characters more seriously after meeting the Iconoclast guys in Birmingham in 1992. Through them I met Shok1 and we painted together and shared ideas for many years. The book Paris Tonka also made a big impression on me, in particular the work of Mode2 and No.6.

Who/what was your influences and when did you start? I started in 85 with the publication of ‘Subway art’ as did many of my generation. Graff was nonexistent in my town but there were two local writers, Jecta from Windsor and YoYo from Slough. We were 11 and whenever we knew of a new piece, we would go check it out and marvel. They were the first pieces we had seen painted using Buntlack. We looked up to those guys and seeing

Today my vast inspiration includes Pixação, Philly handstyles,70’s New York graffiti, Puppetry, 80’s British underground comics, expressionism, and Base music. What is your favorite element of graffiti? The tradition, challenge, ambience, anticipation, adrenaline, sense of freedom, adventure, exploration, danger, preparation, planning and execution.


18 x

Dreph Feature

You’ve travelled and painted a lot, I remember seeing some characters you did in Kenya. What is the attitude to graffiti like there? I started painting because in some way it challenged the status quo, as an escape and most importantly it was fun, 26 years on I have realized that my motivation has changed, as has the world we live in. Graffiti is accessible, it’s no longer a secret underground movement, and it’s dismissed as a known quantity by the masses. In Europe it’s the background noise of our urban landscape to all but those that write. But there are many cities in the world where they don’t know anything about graff. Painting in places like Dubai or Nairobi is something special. It’s refreshing to know that the ordinary people who are watching you have never seen anything like New York style graffiti being done before. I’ve had some of the most interesting exchanges when painting off the beaten track. What’s the weirdest experience you've had with graffiti? Myself, the Drs guys from Rotterdam and a few friends were chilling with the Gap crew in their studio outside Paris. It was a proper subway art moment. Drinking,

sketching, looking at photographs and reminiscing about past missions. In the early hours we set off to the yard, which was 2 minutes away. After checking the layup we split into two groups and those of us who were not painting went to lookout on the bridge. As we were wrapping up someone came and picked up one of my cans. I turned round and told him that I needed it to finish my piece. Clearly he didn’t get what I was saying, not surprising as he looked pretty off his face. He started getting off with it anyway so I grabbed the can and there was a bit of a struggle. Then this cunt started shouting at me over MY paint WTF.

I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it. By now it was on top and the yard was right next to a street that was in view of pedestrians and regular police patrols. He fucked off when he realized I wasn’t gonna back down. Our next dilemma was either leaving our near finished pieces or risking the arrival of the guard and his Alsatian. We decided to quickly finish our pieces, get flix and get out rapid. When we regrouped nobody knew who the guy was, he had basically just tagged onto us. We went back to the yard in the morning and it was like a madman had gone sick on the train where this guy had painted.




And the funniest? One of the funniest experiences I have had painting was in Sao Paulo. I met with Ise Coyo and Rennata early one Sunday morning. We just got in the car drove about until we found a spot to paint and just started piecing. Brazil is such a culturally rich country that there is always something going on when you paint. By nightfall we had painted a bunch of pieces, tags and throwups around the city. As we drove around one of the barrios we came across some shop shutters. There were a bunch of girls standing around a speaker listening to Beyoncé and a group of boys playing football in the street. As we started to paint a large crowd started to form. Some of the children started asking me questions but were totally baffled when they realized I was English. It was about 8 in the evening in the middle of nowhere and there’s this English dude doin’ graffiti in their hood…. Random.

After taking pics in front of the throwups with the kids, we set off to the car. From nowhere I lost myself in the moment and started B-boying in the middle of the street. I did an Ill freeze into a B- boy stance and just walked off like it wasn’t anything as all the kids were going crazy behind me. Brazil is everything you would expect it to be and then some. Recently there's been loads of new spray paint products, have you 'Stuck to what you know' or changed for something new? In this time of abundance I won’t turn my nose up at most of the new products and brands that come out given the opportunity, paint is paint and just a means to an end. I appreciate technical ability but fancy foreign cans are just tools… there’s a big difference between polishing shit and your shit being polished. My creative process is making something out of nothing so I still mix some of my paint. I then line up the mulsh

and bits and pieces to come up with a colour scheme based on what I have. I find it strange when people say they did their pieces with dregs. All my pieces are done with dregs, for me that’s what graff was and still is. What is it that you love about graffiti and what do you hate? The camaraderie is by far the thing I love most about this shit. When talking to Joe public you’re reminded of how special our culture is. Graff attracts a certain type of person; against the grain, driven, free spirited, passionate and industrious. It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and to be welcomed by a network of people who view life in a similar way to me. I don’t have space in my heart for hate, other peoples hate is my inspiration.




Graffiti changes rapidly with new paint products, Internet, styles and fashion influences, where do you see it in ten years? There are leaders and followers, traditionalists and visionaries, in every creative practice or subculture. The internet has provided a near immediate platform for this sharing of information for better or for worse. As laws, surveillance and security get tightened the new generation will find new ways to get over. Etch bath, fire

extinguisher tags, back jumps and emergency brake pull’s are examples of this, necessity is the mother of invention. But there are many writers of my generation who will be approaching 50 in 10 years, me included. With age, your work is supposed to evolve and naturally it may end up looking like something that has nothing to do with graffiti. Any shouts? Big shout to Cayoh, Able, Eine, Fallacy, Chang, Brush, Enos, Faith 47, Petr, Knoe, Krek, Skotch, Tyres, Lazee, Shue77, Kryot,

Roid, Ponk, Alert, Vela & THE, Imos, Part 2, Smoy, Clark, Psybr, Ruse, Dabl, Sega, Arxs, Ceres, Bice, Shok1, Eko, Score 204, Chum101, RichT, 45rpm, Egs, Robbo, Drax, Elk, Skire, Chock, Daz, Qrypt, Ludvig, Nev, 2 Kold, Raek, Inkie, Eksact, Jive & Simply Rockers, Burning Candy, LDS, VOP, WD, NKA, ER, GAP, NM, FYM, ID, CB,The 1, Rolk, Sickboy, Koze, Skube, Nut, Kid Acne, Solo One, Brave, Beta & NSA, Wish, Keis, Mods, Rioga, Iser Puse, Smuf, Landry, Spank, Sya1, Cruel, Nylon, Minelli Brothers, Hurtyoubad, Rizot, Jamer, Miserabledesirable.com. Quid r.i.p. Infoe r.i.p




There are leaders and followers, traditionalists and visionaries, in every creative practice or subculture





Feature Free Entertainment

FE Crew


Who is in FE and what countries are they come from? Teras: Vero, Riot, Boek, 50, Boms, Avatar and me. We’re from Belgium, Holland, and the UK.

When did the crew form and how did you hook up? Teras: ehmm I think it was around 2000, we are just a bunch of good friends.

What does FE stand for and why did you choose the name? Teras: It is ‘FREE ENTERTAINMENT’ it’s free for y’all to see!

Teras: weed, tattoos and women.

Who do you rate at the moment?

Teras: some new york trains, and a full color wc with boms same colors and shit.. Boms: yeah, that wc..

Boms: Tox for life! No one does it better not even banos.

Recently there's been loads of new spray paint products, have you 'Stuck to what you know' or changed for something new? Vero: I use whatever I can get my hands on, sometimes it cost's you your piece but hey, if it ain't raw it's worthless!

Whats your favorite thing about graffiti and what do you hate?

What/who were your influences for starting?

Avatar: Favourite thing ?........... Mission accomplished and joint smoking afterwards.

Riot :After seeing the book Subway Art that I stole from the public library.

And crew actions same color pieces and background end to ends

We know you for trains, but what else do you get up to?

I hate? Running, plus German cops and dogs

Riot: Drinking beer, smoking weed and making campfires...

It's nasty not catching a flick, whats the worst 'One that got away’?

Whats the weirdest experience you've had with graffiti. Riot: Standing in my mates shit while taking flicks of his piece. Another weird experience happened at the German border after being stopped by customs. They opened the trunk and found a full trunk of cans. The customs officer said "Don't paint on the highway, empty your cans at the trainstation..." So we did what he said. Vero: During a chase, we got a lift by 2 undercover cops to our car.

And the funniest? Avatar: Chill painting in a sunny afternoon with some music from a bbq party in the background.. dancing.. singing whahaha!!

Any shouts? They know who!



Free Entertainment




On T Ho u h e se

x 34

Feature Free Entertainment

38 x

Produce Fresh MysDiggy

ROOTS MANUVA 4Everevolution Rodney Roots Manuva is back with a new album. Many were saying after a low in his music career he bounced back with Slime and Reason, I disagree I think this is his bounce back! It really depends what you want from a Roots Manuva album, hip hop fans into ‘Run Come Save me’ would have most likely been disappointed with the last few releases, but this album has many tracks stepping back to boom bap beats and rap. I even found myself nodding my head at a Roots track, it’s been a while. Of course there’s the odd track of cheese, but with 17 tracks this is a huge album! Check ‘Go Champ’ and ‘Get the Get’

Download: £7 Buy it now from: ninjatune.net


Some People NeverGo Crazy Blaktrix finally drops his debut LP, and a high quality one it is too! Hailing from Cardiff, you may recognize local graffiti artist Rmer of Cruel Vapours on the cover artwork. Deep thought out rhymes from one of the most recognisable voices in the UK. No Drama is undeniably the biggest track on the album but the quality doesn’t stop there. In fact if I had to criticise ‘Some People Never Go Crazy’ it’s because there isn’t enough tracks, but then if an artist is good enough to leave you wanting more thats a good thing, right?

Rum Committee Booze Town

Rum Coms long awaited album. Group of ten strong Mc’s from Brighton rap about drinking rum, fighting and generally being a bloody bloke! The disc comes with a poster and the first 200 copies has a ticket to Booze Town. This is quality from start to finish with humorous lyrics, stomping beats, very British skits and lots and lots of alcohol infused madness! All involved are well established and link well to produce a great album.


The Psychonaut This album for me Stand’s out purely for the level of delicate and precise perfection made on production, following a tour of Oz Sonny Jim with an array of not to be sniffed at producers and mc’s fluently revitalise a genre to maximum effect. First-class Hip-hop signed sealed and delivered with multi verses and punch-lines. Guests on the album include Jehst, Foreign beggars, Brad strut, Prince Po and more.

AssociatedMinds are another UK label to keep an eye on.

MCs TC Johnston, Prince Kong, Gizmo and Captain Bukioe, singer Rag 'n'Bonez Man, Producers Sherlock Bones, Direct, Kid Danger, Dan Dastard and DJ Choice.

SonnyJim is appearing all over the place at the moment, get to: www.eatgoodrecords.com

Download: £7 www.associatedminds.com

CD: £7.49 with poster www.suspect-packages.com

CD: £7.99 www.suspect-packages.com

Wordplay Wordplay

Chester P

New Mic Order Pt 2 Need I even introduce? Chester P explodes back onto our speakers for another bombardment of pure lyrical brilliance. Each track flaunting the many sides of Chester’s aptitude. If you really need any proof, check Le Fleur De Mal/ A.T.W.A haunting portrayals of global situations harshly spat with integrity.

www.suspect-packages.com CD: £4.49

Chattabox & Rick Fury Masta Blasta

Don’t do as I did and judge a book by its cover. Once you get to grips with the thick north east accent, you will begin to appreciate the rapid concession of devastating battle styled lyricism, rick fury and Chattabox so easily demonstrate. Stand out track for lyrical flair and attitude check ‘Poetry’.

killamari.bandcamp.com CD: £5.99


The Last Picnic I have a lot time for this debut from Ogmios, on production a relaxed and steady twist of dub reggae and hip hop coupled with Ogmios’s naturally mellow style of spitting gives for an easy listen. Cut throat Jake Stands out as the defining track to a superb debut.

www.suspect-packages.com CD: £4.99

Running Punch

Publish or Perish Go get this album STANDARD! An intriguing look inside the head's of a Rhyming rabbit and Skeleton detective, Captain Bukio and Sherlock bones. Injecting humorous Poetry on genius tracks such as ‘Rum’ and ‘Watermelon’ accompanied by fresh productions and insane album art leaves this hitting harder than a running punch!

www.suspect-packages.com CD/Download: £7.99


Cold Lazarus Enlish debut deserves the many props he’s already receiving, Cold Lazarus jumps us straight into the shoes of the man himself, flirting an accomplished energetic flow with steady head bopping production. ‘Dickhead’ is a must listen, exampling witty verses clashed with a feel good beat. Ears perked for this guy.

www.suspect-packages.com CD: £6.99

Skriblah Dangogh

The Little White Dot Long awaited debut from the crown prince of Terra Firma Skriblah, this album delivers everything that UK hip hop begun with, verbally an onslaught of meaningful metaphors, personal experiences and plights, all artfully crafted over intelligent hip-hop beats featuring a wide array of production talent. Originality at its fullest.

www.suspect-packages.com CD: £7.99

Stylee Cee Cappo Dels Gob

Ipswich born rapper DELS, unique approach to the Hip Hop scene has paid off. Verbally displaying a mature diversity, across a medley of experimental beats fused with 90's electro synths. With heavy hitters like Shapeshift to the darker sounds of Droogs, rounds this debut to a well deserved hats off.

ninjatune.net Download: £7.99

The Fallout


As Son’s Fiftieth release, The Fallout eradicates with taskforce precision. Stylee for me takes the Limelight colliding funk beats among break scratches, drums and kicks. Although not for an instance denying Cappo’s white knuckled method of impressive, seemingly never ending faultless multi-verses. Grade A example of a collaboration executed well.

The next installment of the archives has two unheard solo tracks from Chester P. Another quality release from the brothers Mcbane, but as they state this should be taken as part of Taskforce history, this is not up to date material. Lets hope the MFTC 5 rumours are true.

www.suspect-packages.com CD: £6.99

taskforce.bandcamp.com Download: £5

MFTC Archive Vol2




Outlook 2011 Photo: Dan Medhurst



Photo: Joao Rotorta


With regards to the riots, Martin Luther King gave a speech called ‘The Other America’ in this case it could be ‘The Other England’


We catch up with Jehst soon after his return from Outlook festival in Croatia, at a more intimate gig at The Norwich Arts Centre. It’s been a huge year for The High Plains Drifter with the release of his new album ‘The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family’ which is some of his best work and set to be a UK classic. Touring with Micall Parknsun both have a massive stage presence and tour the UK lifting the roof off venues! If you get a chance to see this duo live you must! It's been a while since the last album, what have you been up to in the last 4 years? Gigging, running YNR, running the studio which has moved at least once a year and just generally trying to handle and stay on top of business.

gone from a time when underground artists slowly established a commercially viable and visible movement, this didn’t really exist before in ‘business’ terms and has in turn lead to a groundswell of mass-manufactured or at least commercially orientated ‘urban’ pre-packaged pop-stars. So in other words the wider entertainment industry got involved and moved the goal posts. So everybody had to re-think their game. In the meantime pretty much anyone over the age of 10 has started to get bored of this current crop of X-Factor rappers so they start looking for something with a bit more weight. Are there any deep and meaningfuls behind the album title ‘The Dragon of an Ordinary Family’? I like to think so! (laughs) But really it’s open to interpretation. I feel like the title is almost a poem or lyric in itself. It’s full of metaphors and symbolism.

The UK scene is growing again with new releases from many of the pioneers (Taskforce, Kashmere, Life, Klashnekoff, Skitz) and some heavy new talent. Why do you think there is a sudden burst of life to a scene that's been largely quiet for a few years?

It’s my twin brother! (laughs)

I don’t think it’s anything in particular. Generally things move in cycles and we’ve

The track 'England' is very apt for the current state of the UK at the moment

Is the kid dressed as Superman on the cover of your album you?

and many discussing the links that the lyrics have to the recent London riots. What are your thoughts on what recently happened? And would you change anything had you written this after the riots? I don’t even want to get started on that as it’ll end up taking over your entire magazine! (laughs) I wrote and recorded ‘England’ about 4 or 5 years ago so obviously it would include different references if I had written it a few weeks ago. But no, I wouldn’t consciously change any of it because it was written purely as stream of consciousness monologue. It wasn’t pre-conceived. I didn’t have a ‘political agenda’ when I was writing it. With regards to the riots, Martin Luther King once gave a speech called ‘The Other America’ in this case it could be translated as ‘The Other England’. In that speech he says that “a riot is the language of the unheard” and I think that really sums it up. We can all get sucked into a false sense of freedom created by access to the media, social networking sites and the ‘aspirational consumerism’ of our society but in reality the general public have become a silent majority. We’ve been systematically denied any real say in.....

Micall Parknsun Outlook 2011 Photo: Dan Medhurst


Jehst How is the UK Tour going?

how our society and our communities are run. Let alone the planet as a whole. So it leads to a sense of disillusionment which in turn becomes resentment and frustration. It’s a very complex issue.

with him called ‘The Sheltering Sky’ and his album ‘In The Evening’ will follow. And of course the Kashmere ‘Kingdom Of Fear’ album is coming. Gotta keep plugging that one!

We've heard recent collaborations with Kashmere and SonnyJim, anything else lined up with these or others?

You drop many references to graffiti in several tracks over the years, and seem well clued up. Have you ever tried it?

‘Kingdom Of Fear’ an album that I produced for Kashmere is due to drop on YNR. That one’s long overdue. I’ve got a track with Paul White called ‘Indigo Glow’ on his ‘Rappin’ With Paul White’ album on One Handed Music. It’s a dope album. Other things in the pipeline with Telemachus, Fliptrix, Jyager, Stig Of The Dump and a singer songwriter called Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly. That one’s gonna surprise people!”

Graffiti is a big part of my introduction to Hip Hop culture. I saw the books ‘Subway Art’ and ‘Spraycan Art’ when I was like 8 years old so from that point I was hooked. I used to geek out on it! Back in the day I used to paint a little bit. I hit up a few low-key Hall Of Fame type spots that we had around Halifax and Huddersfield. That was my stomping ground in the Graf days. Big up all the TCS veterans! (laughs) Shout out to 10Foot, ATG, VFL, Band and Ashes57.

Any shouts?

Who is Billy Brimstone and how does he differ from Jehst?

Me and you. Your mama and your cousin too! (laughs) Peace.

Billy Brimstone’s my twin brother! That’s him on the album cover as a yout’ bussin’ out the Superman suit! (laughs)

The new album ‘The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family’ is out now available as a double LP, CD

All good thanks. I mean, the whole live side of things is something that we keep on locked down because that’s really the bread and butter. But beyond that it’s a lot of fun, plus it keeps you grounded and in touch with your audience – literally at times! (laughs) But on the real, in so many respects it really is the bedrock of what we do. I’m forever indebted to the fans who continue to come out and show support. What does the future hold for Jehst? Big things! (laughs) Onwards and upwards basically.. More shows, more records. I don’t like to count my chickens before they’ve hatched so you’ll just have to watch this space!

Anyone we should look out for on YNR?


Outlook 2011 Photo: Dan Medhurst

Telemachus. He’s a dope producer making instrumental and vocal stuff. He already dropped a single on YNR called ‘Scarecrows’ which featured Roc Marciano which we released on 7” vinyl and mp3. His next single is a track I did



Wicked Campers is a campervan hire company with a quirky difference. Originally designed for budget backpacking travelers in Australia, the converted Toyota vans with their distinctive in-yerface graffiti bodies and tongue in cheek bumper sayings, such as “don’t steal, the government hates competition,” “alcohol is not the answer but it helps you forget the question,” “your mum’s on the top of my to do list” provide the perfect budget holiday home on wheels for the choose your own adventure types out there. They have bases all over the world, including most major cities in Europe, Northern Ireland, a brand-new one in Edinburgh and their UK/EU head office in London. With a fleet of 130 strong brightlycoloured campers across the UK and Europe, Wicked Campers also have a number of talented artists on hand, all keen to dominate the fleet with their own distinctive style. WICKED ARTISTS Elisa Carmichael receptionist and resident artist at Wicked Campers, is a Quandamooka descendant from the indigenous Ngugi people of Australia. She has been hand-painting campers for the last two years; every unique camper

design encapsulating her strong family ties to the saltwater country of Minjerribah and her spiritual connections to Mother Earth. Elisa’s first international solo exhibition will be held in January, in the UK's leading designer store, Paul Smith at Heathrow Airport.

Midas another resident artist for Wicked Campers, is well known in the street graffiti scene. Realising his passion for art from a very young age, he’s been creating pieces for over ten years; some of his best showcased on trains around the world but more recently on some 50 campervans around the UK and Europe.

Other artists that have been commissioned by Wicked Campers include Tizer, popular for his character

graffiti but more recently known for his work with large fashion brands, community projects and hip hop related arts and Kenji Lim, the newest edition to the Wicked Campers crew. The Panda is one of Kenji’s signature designs, showcased in his label, Jail Clothing.

OTHER TIES TO THE ARTS Wicked Campers not only has strong ties to the art community, but also supports musicians such as Me, True Ingredients and Something Beginning with L, providing the bands with transport between gigs, for tours and even in film clips! The guys at Wicked Campers say they’ve come pretty close to meeting rock royalty, as Mick Jagger’s daughter, Jade Jagger and her musician boyfriend, of the band Coldcut have hired out campers for Glastonbury before. SPECIAL DEAL THIS SEASON Wicked Campers are just winding down from a huge Summer so with the colder months fast approaching and the masses,

Wordplay they’ve just released a Spanish One-Way Winter Escape for those looking for some sun on a budget. The offer is for 7 days hire in Spain for just £199* (a saving of up to £353) for hires picking up / dropping off in Spain between 1 October 2011 - 1 March 2012 (excluding Christmas and New Year). Taking up to five people, this equates to only £40 per person, per week. Perfect for those who want to discover Spanish specialties the real way (in your own good time). Visitors can get off the beaten track and explore roads less traveled between Barcelona and Malaga. The 1,000km route offers unspoilt seaside towns, breathtaking beaches and traditional villages where you’ll discover tantalizingly tasty tapas and historic places of interest.

campers come equipped with a large bed, table, camping stools, sink, tap, cool box, crockery, cutlery, cooker and utensils. For those hiring a multi-seater, a tent and sleeping mats are provided. Other comforts include a CD player and/or iPod connection, a European road map and a guide to free camping in Europe plus, insurance, 24 hour roadside assistance and unlimited mileage.

*The Spanish special price includes insurance for two drivers 21 years, valid for one-way hires in Spain (between Barcelona and Malaga).

For all Wicked Campers’ best deals, subscribe to their Facebook page

wickedcamperseu and keep an eye on the specials page of their website

Wicked Campers provide two-seater campers which sleep two and multi-seater campers which take up to five people. All They’ve highlighted some popular sights en route for art and food lovers, which include (Barcelona to Malaga): The Best of Barcelona Spain’s most influential architecture and Gaudi’s greatest creation, Museu del Temple Expiatori de La Sagrada Familia and Fundació Miró, one of the Barcelona’s most exciting showcases of contemporary art.

wickedcampers.co.UK/specials Sitges This white-washed coastal town is the St Tropez of Spain with stacks of style, culture and bohemian spirit sure to inspire. Els Ports Nature Park A huge nature park with limestone mountains, cliffs and gorges shaped by two rivers. This area is great for hiking, cycling, watersports or simply to tour the many bodegas and olive groves.

Figueres Not quite en route, but it’s definitely a short detour that you want to take. Dalí's hometown and location of the Dali museum, which features one of the largest collections of his work.

Denia A coastal town with a busy harbour, 11th century castle and excellent bakeries selling local cakes and sweets for which Denia is famous.

Murcia One of Spain’s least known regions, it boasts over 200 beaches, medieval towns, ancient cities, desert like landscapes as well as lush green valleys. Known as “the orchard of Europe” it’s also rich in fresh local produce. Granada This buzzing city has it all with a free tapas culture, quirky bars, tiny flamenco holes and thumping clubs. But no person should leave without visiting the breathtaking Alhambra with the majestic peaks of the Sierra Nevada as its backdrop.

N O I T I T E P COM IN!!  W D N  A R E P M A  C  WICKED N W  O R U O  Y N IG DES For details and to download the template see:

wordplaymagazine.com/wicked for your chance to win 7 days in a Wicked Camper and £150 in spending money PLUS the opportunity to paint your own design on a Wicked Camper!** **Entrants can be of any age but must have one driver 21 years+. Hire is for up to 7 calendar days, valid for the Spanish One-Way Special or UK Hires only between 1 October 2011 – 1 March 2012.



DIRTY DIKE We catch up with an old friend of the mag to chat graffiti, Hawaiian shirts and ball slapping! You might find him kicking bars in your kitchen; if he’s not doing that you might find him kicking bars in your garden shed; if he’s not doing that you may find him painting a huge mural of a fuck walrus on the side of your house – he’s nice like that. So where are you from? Right now I’m not really sure how to answer that question. I’ve been living all over the place for the last year but I spent most of my years in Cambridge.

There’s a lot of graff in your videos have you ever tried it? Yeah, used to love that shit. Graff was probably my longest most dedicated hobby. It just came hand in hand with the whole scene and me being me, I was well into the sneaky adventurous naughty side of anything. I don't do it anymore coz I think it went from an amazing way of life as a kid, to a sort of desperate escapism from life as an adult, which everybody needs but I get it from music now. I prefer the idea of it now to actually doing it. I try sometimes and just end up pissed in a party or making tunes. The bug just got replaced with my music.

How did you get into hiphop and when did you start? All the bigger kids at my school listened to gangster rap. We all wore massive jeans, sock hats, and massive t’shirts with your favourite rapper or crew's logo on it. It was just the "in" thing in the 90's, if you weren't one of the posh kids or the pussies. As for getting involved, or even considering it an option, well that just didn't even enter my head. I was a white, 10 year old boy from Cambridge. The idea of being part of it was un entertainable, after all I listened to Onyx, Eazy E, Slick Rick, and Wu Tang hahaha imagine. It wasn't till years later, when I was 20 that I started writing bars after hearing Mr Key's tape at a warehouse rave and taking it to jail with me. That and a load of other UK shit made me realise there was a whole other side to hip hop. I literally only listened or knew about gangster rap from 10 until 17 when Key showed me other hip hop. I even went off it for 4 years and became a full on junglist, but yeah, hearing this really made me wanna get involved by the age of 21. What do you think of the UK scene at the minute? Seems to be poppin off man, a lot of people catching back on again. I know my label have created a lot of hype within the scene and it’s definitely getting noticed more. I think people are slack in UK hip hop, people think its just grabbing a beat off your boy, rapping on it and slapping it on soundcloud. A lot of people thinking thats how it works and it don't. You need some serious organisation in there and to work together properly or you'll just stay on soundcloud crying and wanking. There’s a lot of good crews and rappers about that might not be thinking that way, you know if you all stop trying to out do each other, and instead enjoy each others music and support it, it will generally be more prolific as a scene. I dunno, lots of good shit there, but lots of cheap fame competitive insecure shit floating in the scene. I try to not give a shit, speak how I feel, and have as much fun with it as possible. What do you think of the grime scene? I like grime music. Don't know fuck all about the scene though really. It impresses me coz I cant do it man, the flows are real fresh but it don't beat that hip hop for me.

So who is Dike and how does he differ from James? Well, err Dike chops his own balls off and slaps them with a cricket bat, and James sit's around moaning about himself. Basically, if you cant differentiate, you’re a moron. What does the future hold for Dikestar? I think I’m gonna buy a jet ski to go with my Hawaiian shirt. Keep tryna do a track with Chester P, and generally not worry about things too much. High-Focus Records are banging them out at the moment, what can we expect next? Next!!!!!shiiiiit. Me and Baxter are finishing up our album together, got Baxters EP with 184, we got my next solo album with Mr Boss on beats, we got Ronnie Bosh's album which is nearly finished, we got The Owls LP coming REAL soon, we got Fliptrix's next solo album, and we got another Contact play album coming. It's kicking off in the high focus HQ these days man. Tell us about your new album? Its doing really well. My gig's are popping, people know the words and shit. It's something I think I’m proud of and I achieved, which is a short list for me im afraid. Where can I get it? High-focus.com, itunes, Virgin, Amazon, and all those other ones I cant remember. Its fucking everywhere! Any last shouts? Shout out to the acid prawn (we all miss you), all my CP, sammy b side, leaf dog, bva, naive, sika studios, fliptrix, verb t, mr constant, zims, bozak, kushty, skag, ice craig, ballbag nigel, egg pate, the B.H.R.S, and all losers still swining off the quack handle. PEEEEEEACE!


Dikes album Contant Dikestar is out now cop yours from www.high-focus.com

Photo: Harry Wheeler

We all wore massive jeans, sock hats, and massive t’shirts


48 Crew

Introducing the crew… It’s hard to know what to write about your crew when it just is how it is. I could write a piss take like we were raised by wolves, or we’re 13 foot tall and climb three prongs with a single step, or I’d probably just write some shit that’d bore you all. But if I’m summing us up in a couple of words I guess I’d say Roadside Burners.. Most of us have known each other over 10 years but 48 was started in 2004 by

Agent. Fortyeights is an anagram of Toyfighters.. no one likes trouble on your system. We’re just all about quality, pushing our style and doing walls properly.

load of street spots around Digbeth, not legal walls, just permissions/tolerated/just got away with it spots for us and others who do proper walls. Shouts to all crews

Birmingham’s scene aint massive but it’s picking up, there’s a load of good younger writers on it these days with sick styles too. With Selly Oak now shut down, there are no real legal spots, just one shit one. So over the last few years 48’s have got a

Hope you enjoy the flicks.. News



48 Crew



48 Crew




Stavros TOA. OLC. Raek OLC. 2010


Enok OLC. Ortega OLC. TOA.

OLC. Roms


Enok OLC. Colgate OLC. TOA. Seks TRP.

Garcia OLC TOA. Enok OLC. Raek OLC.

Raek OLC. Colgate OLC. TOA.

Scott Oliver AKA. Ears OLC. R.I.P. 1979-2007

Radeo TPM.


Artist Bloch