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s Ever wonder whyaout rhacphpilen ff o d p o r d u o y when at your churcmhi’snistry? children’s We want you to know and engage in what your child is learning at church in the children’s ministry. Children’s lives are all about change – change that will affect the rest of their lives. What if we could lay down solid biblical principles in their lives so that they could navigate the rest of their lives fulfilled and having a blast doing the will of God without regret? They can begin this process in an environment that is interactive, social, and fun through Gopher Buddies. Word of Life Local Church Ministries exists to strategically assist and empower those desires and efforts. Every aspect of the Word of Life Gopher Buddies Ministry is based upon biblical principles and designed with a changed life in mind. In one year, your children can… • Learn to have a consistent devotional that coincides with an adult devotional for parents. • Learn foundational truths of God’s Word with creativity and clarity. • Memorize 10 verses based on the Bible lessons to hide God’s Word in their hearts. • Participate 3 times in the church and community through Christian Service projects. • Listen to three age-appropriate Christian books, contributing to their Bible knowledge. • Earn fun incentives like stickers, patches, stamps, and certificates.

One year can change the life of your child!

PRINCIPLES Know — Matthew 28:19-20 Grow — Colossians 1:9-11; 2:6-7 Show — 2 Timothy 2:1-2 /Hebrews 10:24-25

PHILOSOPHY  eaching youth whose culture constantly changes with biblical truth that never R changes, by equipping the local church through: Leadership Development, Evangelism, and Discipleship.

PURPOSE To equip the Local Church to evangelize and disciple young people.



Leadership Development: We equip youth leaders for personal and youth ministry effectiveness. We provide your church with a missionary called a youth ministry coach. They will give consultations, strategies, evaluations, training and much more to your church and leadership. • A strategy is provided for youth ministry as well as personal growth for youth leaders. • Conferences and specialized training are available. •T  ransfer: Blogs, videos, and leadership meetings are provided to hone ministry efforts for maximum effectiveness.


Evangelism: We provide training, tools, and opportunities for evangelism. • Curriculum that emphasizes evangelism and teaches personal evangelism


Discipleship: We provide an operating system for the application of biblical principles. 1. Quiet Time 2. Bible Study 3. Scripture Memory 4. Faithfulness to the Local Church 5. Accountability 6. Service

Quiet Time PRINCIPLE It is clear that the Spirit of God uses the Word of God to change the child of God. It is essential that we are in His Word daily. 1 Peter 2:2 / Proverbs 8:17/ Psalm 5:3

PHILOSOPHY Quiet Time builds an intimate relationship and fellowship with God.

PURPOSE To develop intimacy with God through prayer and systematic daily reading of the Word with personal application.

PROGRAM Quiet Time: A daily devotional that systematically touches every book of the Bible in six years. We have developed a strategy that goes beyond just reading the Word; it also encourages the students to apply the Word to their lives. Parents and Leaders: Every student needs a Quiet Time, and the best way to make that happen is to get a Student Pack. A Student Pack consists of a Quiet Time, an Activity Pack, and a Record/Award sticker sheet.

Parents: Engage with your children and their devotional time! Word of Life has age-appropriate Quiet Time journals for the entire family. From the four-year-old to the adult, every member of the family can be on the same passage devotionally, providing unity, consistency, and practicality for leaders, students, and families in the local church.

Gopher Buddies (ages 4-6)

Challengers (grades 1-2)


Conquerors (grades 3-4)

1 Corinthians 3:16–7:9

“Glory to God”

What are some ways you can glorify God with your body?

Sing praises to God.

Read my Bible.

Help my mom.

If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, then He has made His home inside you. Because Jesus lives in you, He wants you to take care of your body.


AY-23 SUthiNanD s 3:16


Circle the things that are good for your body. Cross out the things that are bad for your body. Ask God to help you take good care of your body.

As God’s temple, you are to be holy. Finish the sentence. I will try to live a holy life this week by ________________________ ________________________

Paul was a faithful follower of Jesus. He obeyed God and did many good things for God. He encouraged others to act as he did. You should follow the examples of people who love God. They can be people in the Bible, people in your family, or people in your church.

s 4:8-13

Circle the first letter and every other letter after to show the title Paul gave to himself and Apollos.

Who is the GREATEST example to follow?

Did everybody treat them kindly when they preached God’s Word? Yes No

________________________ ________________________

how can my body be compared to a church sanctuary?

Write the name of an older Christian who has been a good example to you. ___________________________



If we are Christians, we are the and temple of the of God lives or dwells in us (v. 16). Temple means God’s house. That means that everywhere I go, I take God with me!


The Bible says that many unsaved people think that preaching the Bible is foolishness. Has anyone treated you badly or called you names for sharing God’s Word with them? Yes No How should you act when they do this?

Ask God to help you follow the example of those who love and serve Him.





1 CORINTHIANS 3:16-23 What is the writer saying?

How can I apply this to my life?


What can I do in order to take better care of my body for God’s sake?

Write a note or tell this special person how much you appreciate his excellent example.



Sometimes it helps to have someone talk to you plainly about mistakes you’ve made or sins you’ve committed. Paul continues his letter by addressing specific sins that seem to trap the Corinthian Christians. Pay close attention as these sins are still prevalent in the church if not in our own lives as well.






Why is he or she a good example to you? __________

Students (grades 7-12)


1 Corinthians 4:14-17 Paul challenges the Corinthians to imitate or follow him.

Write the uncolored words. 

Pray that you will always obey God.

CorinTh was an important city! It had two major seaports. many people traveled there to buy and sell products that were shipped there. Corinth was so evil that a Corinthian was automatically assumed to be an evil person. sadly, that evil had begun to seep into the ChurCh at Corinth.

1 COr INThIANS 3:16-23

__________ __________ 


Wk. 12

Weekly passages covered

How Do You Plead? Guilty or Not? Many Greek and Roman families put male slaves in charge of their sons’ education. The slave would either tutor the sons or walk them to school.


Write two ways you can obey today.


As a Christian, your body is God’s temple. Cross out the things you should not allow into your life.

AY MOND thian 1 Corin

To be faithful means to always be obedient to God. God gives His Word, so you can know how you should obey.

Champions (grades 5-6)

Would God be pleased about the places I go?

THE QUESTION: What is the writer saying? THE ANSWER: How can I apply this to my life? SUNDAY - 1 CORINTHIANS 3:16-23




God lives in you. We are His temple. How cool is that? Think about it for just a minute. The Holy Spirit Himself lives in you! When we fully let this truth sink into our lives, what kind of difference will it make? It will certainly affect the places we go and the people with whom we hang out. It will probably affect the relationship we have with our parents. It will most likely change how frequently we open God’s Word and how much time we spend listening and talking to Him. The truth is, it should affect every aspect of our lives! God really does live in you and it might be helpful for you to just write down God lives in me on an index card and put it somewhere where you’ll see it and be reminded of it often. How would you describe yourself in terms of a building – a bomb shelter or a greenhouse? Can your friends and family tell that God lives in you?

Nigeria – For the youth of Northern Nigeria that are enticed by the Muslims with promises of material goods and wealth to know the truth about Jesus Christ.

Paul makes two points in today’s passage. In verses 16-17 he tells us that false allegiance is defiling God’s temple, the church. God did not design the church as a place for men to wield power over other men. It was designed to be a place where men learned in humility to serve one another. It is not a place where one group should think of itself or its leader as better than someone else. If faith is the key element in personal growth, unity is the key element in church growth. Next (18-23) Paul suggests that wise spiritual leadership directs credit to Christ and does not promote the human element within the leadership. He really brings home the argument against trusting in rationalism in these verses. This world’s wisdom is worthless in God’s sight. It is wood, it is hay, and it is stubble. It will all be burned in the final

analysis. The believer must never forget that he has all that he needs for life and godliness in Christ. Christ is the wisdom of God. His life personifies wisdom. He became the least of us and thereby became the greatest servant that this world has ever known. The same is true for believers. The path to wisdom begins when we recognize how little we really know (v. 18). It is the poor in spirit who live in spiritual grandeur. We must give up all (including what we think we know) in order to receive all. God’s Word is pristine and singular truth. It is unique. There is no other truth in this world or any other world. Believers must not try to bend the Bible so that it conforms to what the wise of this world say. The supposed wise men of this world know nothing (19-20). The believer has unimaginable wisdom and it is all in Christ.

Believers come out of this world when we accept Jesus Christ as our LIFE new kind of life. Yet, oftentimes the world’s “wisdom” seems so logical

right to us. We cannot go by what seems right in our eyes; we must STEP and submit to what is true in God’s eyes.




1 Cor. 3:16

1 Cor. 3:16

1 Cor. 3:16-23

1 Cor. 3:16-23

1 Cor. 3:16-23

1 Cor. 3:16-23


Parents’ Action Step: • Be sure your student has a Student Pack. • Consider Quiet Time devotionals for every member of your family. Leaders’ Action Step: • Be sure that you are leading the way with your very own Leader’s Pack (Quiet Time, Book of Stuff, and Scripture Memory pack).

All these are available at WOLSTORE.ORG

Bible Study and Reading Books PRINCIPLE It is essential that we know what we believe. Doctrine affects every area of our lives from purity to relationships to choices. 2 Timothy 2:15/ Joshua 1:8 / 2 Timothy 3:16-17

PHILOSOPHY To provide children with a vehicle for study, meditation, and instruction from the Word of God.

PURPOSE To train children to accurately learn Scripture, resulting in obedience.

PROGRAM Forty-eight Bible Study lessons have been designed to teach Gopher Buddies foundational truths of Scripture and key character traits. The Bible lessons, combined with daily Bible reading (quiet time), Scripture memory, Christian children’s books, and faithfulness to church will help them begin to learn what they believe which will affect who they become. Four-week teaching modules stimulate interest and make the Bible study an experience as children learn from Bible lessons and character trait studies, as well as holiday and theme night lessons. Each lesson is written to speak to the heart of a child. Age-appropriate Christian Books: To counteract the impact of media without God, we offer good Christian books that can be read to the children to deepen their knowledge and love for God and His Word. Parents: Get involved by reading a recommended Christian book with your child. This can provide some great dialog, and we think you will find the books interesting as well!

Find the books at WOLSTORE.ORG

Scripture Memory PRINCIPLE One of the key ways to stay pure and articulate our faith. Psalm 119:11/ Psalm 1:2/ Joshua 1:8/ Colossians 3:16

PHILOSOPHY Internalizing Scripture is essential for a growing, obedient Christian.

PURPOSE The systematic memorization of Scripture will help a believer sin less, witness more, and encourage others.

PROGRAM Leaders and parents assist the children in memorizing portions of Scripture from the Bible Study lessons. The parent’s page sent home each week contains the portion of Scripture the children are learning. To enhance long-term retention, only ten verses are committed to memory during the 48-lesson study.

Faithfulness to the Local Church PRINCIPLES God made us interdependent to work together in one body, the church. Hebrews 13:17 / 1 Corinthians 5:4 / Hebrews 10:25 / Ephesians 4:12

PHILOSOPHY Accountability to a local group of believers provides an environment to use one’s gifts and abilities for the Lord.

PURPOSE To grow, be encouraged, and sense value by being part of a team that serves God.

PROGRAM Faithfulness to the local church is encouraged as children attend Gopher Buddies and learn about the importance of the local community of believers.

Accountability PRINCIPLE Iron sharpens iron so does a person sharpen another. Romans 14:12 / James 5:16; 19-20/ Galatians 6:1-2 / Proverbs 27:17

PHILOSOPHY To be accountable to another for different areas of one’s life.

PURPOSE To develop excellence and maintain faithfulness to the principles of God’s Word.

PROGRAM A fun and creative incentive program rewards children for being faithful to biblical principles. Small-group leaders encourage children to apply the Word of God in an exciting way and keep records to measure progress as the children are faithful. Parents and Leaders: Familiarize yourself with the Gopher Buddies incentive program. Track children’s progress, celebrate their growth, and watch them earn fun rewards.

Christian Service PRINCIPLE We were made to serve not to be served. Matthew 28:19/ 1 Peter 4:10/ Hebrews 10:24/ Acts 1:8

PHILOSOPHY Engraft the Word of God in children’s lives to the point that it is demonstrated in their compassion and care for others.

PURPOSE To direct and equip children to serve God in small ways through individual and group projects.

PROGRAM Each student is encouraged to participate in a minimum of three Christian service activities under the direction of their family and the local church. Suggested activities are listed in their Quiet Time. The Bible Study also contains Christian Service projects for group participation. Children will develop a habit of serving God by serving others, sense the joy that comes from serving, and be an example of how to live for Christ!

One year can change the life of your child!

Profile for Word of Life Student Ministries

Gopher Buddies Program Overview Brochure  

This full color brochure explains the Word of Life Gopher Buddies Program. It covers the foundational biblical principles and the basics of...

Gopher Buddies Program Overview Brochure  

This full color brochure explains the Word of Life Gopher Buddies Program. It covers the foundational biblical principles and the basics of...

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