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Four-Week Daily Devotional

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Introducing your

Quiet Time It’s a special time that you set aside each day to read God’s Word, to get to know Him better, and to learn how He wants you to live. During this time, God speaks to you through His Holy Word, the Bible, and you speak to God through prayer. What an adventure! As a Christian, spending time in God’s Word every day is very important for you to grow closer to Him.

This booklet is divided into two sections:

Personal Prayer Journal

Daily Quiet Time Pages

A place for you to write your prayer requests and answers to your prayers.

Each day has a Scripture passage for you to read and questions or activities to help you understand, think through, and use the truth from God’s Word.


This Quiet Time provides an easy, fun opportunity to interact with your child about the vital truths of God’s Word. Here are some tips to help your child get the most out of their time in God’s Word. • Work together to decide on a regular daily time to set aside for their Quiet Time.

•A  sk your child what the passage was about, what they learned, or how they will live it out.

• Work together to decide on a good place to keep their Bible, this Quiet Time, and other supplies needed.

•S  hare with your child a way that passage impacts your own life.

• Be available to help your child find the Bible passages and answer questions they may have.

•E  ncourage your child to use the Prayer section, and ask if they would like you to pray for any specific request.

This Quiet Time and Word of Life’s Teen/Adult Quiet Time use the same Scripture passages. This makes it easier for your whole family to share and discuss what you have learned with each other.

Your Daily Quiet Time DAILY PASSAGE


Each day, read the verses shown from your Bible.

Get a sneak peek into what you will learn about each week.

ACTIVITIES AND QUESTIONS Complete the activities and answer the questions to better understand the thoughts of the passage and why they are important.

LIVE IT Complete this section to put God’s Word into action.

PRAYER Use this to start off your time talking to God after reading His Words to you. You can also write prayer requests in the front of this Quiet Time. The important thing is to remember to spend time talking to God in prayer.

Week 2


(short sayings that tell general principles useful in life)


(understanding how to use knowledge in the best way)


(information that someone knows)



How can I be wise instead of foolish? PROVERBS 1:1-2, 4 These Proverbs were written so I can have: just a lot of knowledge

wisdom, instruction, and understanding.

PROVERBS 1:3, 7 Circle the word that tells what I should do with the proverbs I read in my quiet time this week. FORGET




In v. 7 the word fear means a respect, awe, and honor. To be wise instead of foolish, I will fear .


Proverbs 1:5, 8 In both of these verses, the same action word is used. It is:


The things that are important for me to hear and listen to include (check): GOD’S WORD




As I listen to (follow) God’s Word, I receive (circle one) MORE / LESS understanding in other areas of my life. (v.6)

PRAYER: I’ll doodle or write a message to God below about: AN AREA IN WHICH I NEED MORE WISDOM or SOMETHING AWESOME ABOUT GOD. I’ll talk to Him about that now.

THINGS I NEED FOR MY QUIET TIME: My Bible • My Quiet Time • Pen or Pencil • A Quiet Place

My Personal Prayer Diary Spend time with God through prayer. Keeping a Personal Prayer Journal is a great way to remind yourself to pray for specific people and things. It also reminds you to thank God and to tell others when He answers your prayers. Prayer is the chance you have to talk to the Person who loves you the most. God wants to hear what you’re thinking and feeling. He wants you to share anything that is on your heart with Him. He wants that time with you. Some ideas of what to talk to God about include: FRIENDS AND FAMILY: safety, health, problems, and those who don’t know Jesus as their Savior.

PRAISE TO GOD: You can praise God for Who He is and His salvation through Jesus.

YOURSELF: that you will grow in your Christian life and become what God wants you to be. You can pray about any problems or struggles you have.

THANKS TO GOD: You can thank God for answered prayers, specific people, and so many other things.

MISSIONARIES: You can ask them for specific prayer requests. Write these on your prayer pages.

AUTHORITIES OVER YOU: Teachers, people in government, pastors, church leaders, and parents.

Prayer Requests DATE



Week 1

Life can be scary, hard, and full of temptation, but God protects, provides, and has a plan!


MATTHEW 1:1-17

Do I value all of Scripture? MATTHEW 1:1-16 I found this passage of Scripture: extremely interesting


really boring.

MATTHEW 1:1-16 I know these certain verses are given to me: (Check all that apply.) t o show me that Jesus fulfilled earlier Bible prophecies about Him. to distract me from more important passages. to show me that Jesus is Who He says He is. so I can praise God for giving me accurate Scripture.


Matthew 1:17

This passage of Scripture is valuable to me today because it tells me about Jesus, His history, and His identity. Valuing all of Scripture is something I: always do.

never do.

want to do, but need to work on.

Just as God used these people as part of His plan, He can use me, too. A small part I can have in God’s big plan is: t o share with about Jesus and how they can know God. O  ther:

PRAYER: God, thank You for Your Word and for showing me details of Your big plan. Help me to treat all Scripture as useful.


MATTHEW 1:18-25

Do I trust and obey God even when it is hard? MATTHEW 1:18-19 Mary and Joseph were became Joseph did not want to going to

, but she through the

. her, so he was

their engagement quietly.

Word bank: Spirit, break, engaged, embarrass, Holy, pregnant

MATTHEW 1:22-23 Why did God do things in this way? It was the easiest way. It fulfilled Bible prophecy. God did what He said He would do, the way He said He would do it. In my life, can I trust God to do what He says? Yes No


Matthew 1:20-21, 24-25

Joseph obeyed God. I think that doing what God said in Joseph’s situation would be: really hard

kind of hard

kind of easy

really easy

Something in my life that I know God wants me to do that is really hard is: .

PRAYER: God, help me to have strength like Joseph to make the right decisions to follow You, even when it is difficult. I need Your help to trust and obey You in this:


MATTHEW 2:1-12

Do I follow God even when it is difficult? MATTHEW 2:1-3 Herod was: (Hint: Only one is correct). disturbed and upset that another ruler could come to power. happy Jesus was born and wanted to truly worship him.

MATTHEW 2:5-6, 9-11 God does not often lead with loud announcements, like a parade, but in quieter ways. Some ways God leads me are: (Check all that apply.) through His Word, the Bible. through wise adults like my parents or church leaders. through popular ideas or people.

MATTHEW 2:12 I think it must have been easy OR hard for the wise men to disobey the king and risk their lives by not returning to him as he commanded.


Matthew 2:7-8, 12

One part of my life in which God wants me to choose a different path than what some people want is: . I need God’s leading to know the right direction for: . I will ask Him now for that.


PRAYER: God, help me to follow You even when people try to lead me the wrong way. Thank You for Your Word that teaches me the right direction to go.


MATTHEW 2:13-23

Do I believe that God protects me? THREE PROPHECIES FULFILLED ARE: MATTHEW 2:14-15 Out of

(gtEpy) I called my Son (Hosea 11:1).

MATTHEW 2:18 A voice was heard in Ramah … Rachel weeping for her (lcedirhn), for they are dead (Jeremiah 31:15).

MATTHEW 2:23 He shall be called a Can God use the hard, scary times of my life?

(aneNezra). Yes


MATTHEW 2:13-23 Like Joseph, when I face hard times God will: protect me. abandon me. forget about me.

Matthew 2:16, 21-22


This family had some hard, scary experiences. A hard or scary experience I or my family had was when: (Write or doodle.)

When I experience hard or scary times, I will: TRUST God’s protection and talk to Him about it.  ORRY and anxiously try to solve things in my own W strength. BLAME God and decide nothing good can come from this. PRAYER: God, thank You for protecting and looking out for me. Help me to seek You even when life is hard or feels dangerous!


MATTHEW 3:1-17

Does my life bear fruit in line with repentance?

MATTHEW 3:1-2, 5-6 John the Baptist told the people to for the kingdom of Heaven is near! (Circle.) sin



do nothing

MATTHEW 3:7-10 The Pharisees and Sadducees were very religious people. They thought they were OK. John the Baptist told them that their background and religious life: (Circle.) would OR would not save them from God’s anger against sin.

MATTHEW 3:3, 11-17 Who was John the Baptist preparing the people for and pointing the way toward? J s s

Matthew 3:8, 10


I will examine, confess, and repent of: some words I have said. an action I have taken. an attitude I have had. a  lack of action, when I should have done or said something.

PRAYER: God, I am sorry for the sins against You I have committed. I confess my sin of , and I repent. Thank You for Your forgiveness.


MATTHEW 4:1-11

How do I combat temptation?

MATTHEW 4:1-2 If I am being led by God, will I be able to avoid facing all temptation? Yes No

MATTHEW 4:3, 5-6, 8-9 Satan tempted Jesus, and in more than one area! Does God understand what it is like to go through temptation? Yes No


Matthew 4:4, 7, 10 The tool Jesus used against Satan was: his recent baptism. running away.


A temptation that I am at times faced with is: . I will: a  sk a wise, mature Christian to help me find a verse about that temptation. I will look up a verse about that temptation. The verse I found is: it where I will see it often and memorize it this week.

. I will write DONE.

PRAYER: God, thank You for forgiving me of my sins, but help me to avoid sin in future temptations by memorizing Your Word.


MATTHEW 4:12-25

Am I a Christian because it is easy or because it is worth it? MATTHEW 4:12 Jesus returns from His difficult forty days of fasting to find out that John the Baptist, who had been preaching a difficult message, has now been: (Choose one.) crowned king.





Jesus responds by: (Choose one.) hiding

preaching the same tough message

Matthew 4:18-22

laying low


When Jesus picks His disciples, their response is to immediately follow Him. Something I know God wants me to do is: . My response should be to: immediately follow Him even when it is difficult. Yes No Matthew 4:20, 22 These disciples had to leave behind things that were important to them. Some things I may need to leave behind to follow God are: (Write an example.)

a sinful, but enjoyable activity: something not sinful, but taking up my time: Other:

PRAYER: God, help me to follow You because it's worthwhile, not because it's easy.

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Champion (5-6 Grade) Intro Quiet Time (Sample)  

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