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One-Year Daily Devotional {with commentary}

Helpful Hints for a Daily Quiet Time The Quiet Time with Commentary was created to encourage and facilitate spiritual growth in the lives of Christians as they conduct their own personal investigation into the Bible. Consider the following helpful hints:


 Prioritize your time with God. Morning is often best, but choose the time

that works for you.


As you read the daily passage in God’s Word, look at it from God’s point of view. Meditate on what you have read. (In one sentence, write the main thought).

n Apply the truth to your life. (Use first person pronouns: I, me, my, mine).

If you have difficulty finding an application for your life, think of yourself as a Bible SPECTator and ask yourself the following questions: S – Is there any SIN for me to forsake? P – Is there any PROMISE for me to claim? E – Is there any EXAMPLE for me to follow? C – Is there any COMMAND for me to obey? T – Is there a TRUTH for me to embrace?



Read the commentary portion only after you have read the daily passage. This should provide additional insight into the passage.


 Be sure to fill out your Quiet Time sheets. This will really help you remember the things the Lord brings to your mind and establish action steps to take.


 Organizing and documenting your prayer time will help you stay faithful in prayer and rejoice as you see God at work. There are several pages in this book for you to use or you can create your own.


 Each day, purpose to share something you gained from your quiet time with another person. Whether it’s face to face, through a phone call, text, or on social media, communicating what you have learned from God’s Word encourages others and solidifies its truth in your own heart.


My Personal Prayer Journal QUIET TIME {with commentary}

The Cause Circle The Cause Circle is a simple tool that will help you be more intentional about sharing Jesus’ message, the Gospel, with your friends. It is built around three simple priorities: Prayer. Care. Share. Prayer. Jesus knew how important it was to talk to God about people, before He talked to people about God…and the same is true for us. When we start by praying for the people we are seeking to reach with the gospel, it prepares their hearts to hear the good news of Jesus. Care. Jesus often healed the sick, fed the hungry, and helped the hurting. In the same way, we must show love to those we are trying to reach. We do this by listening to them and caring for them. Share. We must lovingly share the gospel message clearly and confidently. A restored relationship with God is the absolute best news on the planet, so don’t be afraid to ask them to put their trust in Jesus! If they say “No,” or “Not now,” continue the Prayer, Care, Share process. And if they say “Yes,” celebrate! Then get them plugged into a good church, help them grow deeper in the faith, and challenge them to begin their own Cause Circle of Prayer, Care, Share with their own friends.




My Prayer List DATE / REQUEST





PRAYER: Asking God to prepare my friend’s heart to hear the good news of Jesus. CARE: Asking God to help me love my friend by listening to them and caring for them. SHARE: Asking God to help me lovingly share the gospel message clearly and confidently with my friend.

Ephesians 1:1-6


What is the writer saying?

How can I apply this to my life?


For lives to be transformed as the Word of God is proclaimed around the world.

Are you ready for a challenge? Try reading verses 3-14 out loud without interruption. It will leave you breathless. These verses form an uninterrupted sentence in the Greek, producing a breathtaking panorama of the salvation blessings enjoyed by those “in Christ.” Paul summarizes what the Father did for us in the past (vv. 4-6), what the Son does for us in the present (vv. 7-10), and what the Spirit guarantees us in the future (vv. 11-14). He starts by affirming that we’ve already received every spiritual blessing through our union with Christ (see 2 Peter 1:3). But how did we receive all of these salvation blessings? Paul explains that the Father chose us “in Him” before the foundation of the world to receive them. The doctrines of election and predestination will always challenge our minds. The Bible clearly teaches both the sovereignty of God

and the responsibility (free will) of man. But a seeming tension exists between these truths that cannot be completely resolved in our finite minds. The danger is to emphasize one at the expense of the other. We humbly honor God when we affirm both truths and admit that He is always fair in His dealings with mankind. Perhaps the best way to think of today’s text is to say that God determined ahead of time the blessings which those “in Christ” would enjoy. If I climb aboard a plane destined for Chicago, two decisions are in play: my decision to get in the plane and the airline’s prior decision that all those in the plane would be destined for Chicago. Even so, the Father destined all those “in Christ” to enjoy a holy and blameless standing before Him (v.4) and adoption into His family (v.5). What a destination!

Stop waiting for something you already have! Thank God for who you are “in Christ” and determine one specific way you will live up to that calling today. 23

Ephesians 1:7-14


What is the writer saying?

How can I apply this to my life?


Gabon – Pray for the Church to rightly discern between true and false teachings.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the ocean with no flotation device and no recall of how you ended up there. You will drown for sure if someone doesn’t save you! What is the bare minimum you would need to be saved? A floating object and just the right current to get you to shore would suffice. But imagine if someone arrived on a luxurious yacht and handed you the keys to the boat after taking you to his exotic villa! Now that would be an amazing salvation indeed! This is just a poor illustration of how generous God’s amazing plan of salvation is. He did not simply find a way for us to escape condemnation. That would be a merciful plan of salvation. Instead, He lavished on us every possible spiritual blessing as well. That’s a graceabounding plan of salvation! “In Christ” we enjoy freedom from the bondage of

sin, complete forgiveness, wisdom and insight to understand His beautiful will, and a future inheritance that cannot even be described in words (vv. 7-11). We will participate in an eternal kingdom of glorious freedom from all that disappoints and destroys (Romans 8:17). Sound too good to really be true? Paul tells us that God sealed us with His Holy Spirit who is a pledge or deposit that guarantees this inheritance (v. 14) to us. The original word was used to speak of a down payment that secured a purchase and guaranteed full payment in time. The indwelling Holy Spirit is Christ’s engagement ring, guaranteeing that we will one day receive all that He has in store for His bride. God’s plan of salvation goes far beyond merely saving us from hell. It’s not just fire insurance!

Are you a generous person or do you tend to stick with bare minimums? Choose two people you can bless today by being generous in some way, then surprise them by going over and above. 24

Ephesians 1:15-23


What is the writer saying?

How can I apply this to my life?


Ghana – Pray for the Ghanaian church to develop a missions vision for the unreached villages of the north and beyond.

The content of our prayers is a thermometer indicating the spiritual temperature of our lives. These verses are a prayer of Paul showing us that when he prayed for others, his focus was on their spiritual needs rather than their physical needs. He essentially asks that their eyes be opened to see the tremendous resources they have in Christ. Specifically, he asks God to give them wisdom to grasp the hope, the riches, and the power that they have in Him. He uses four words in verse 19 to describe God’s power: dunamis (from which we get dynamite), energeia (from which we get energy), kratos (dominion),

and ischus (granted ability). To illustrate the surpassing greatness of God’s power, Paul reminds us that this is what blew the doors off of Christ’s tomb and reenergized His lifeless body thereby conquering death and raising Him to a position of total supremacy far above all other persons and things. This same power is “toward us who believe” (v.19). It is at our disposal to enable us to be and to do all that God intends. So what do you ask for when you pray? If it’s always about the physical and the temporary, it’s time to deepen your relationship with Christ and to pursue greater things. May God help us to see all that we have in Christ!

Most of the time, the challenge we face is not in knowing what we need to do but how to do it. God does not call us to live for Him out of our own strength but rather to allow Him to energize us with His. There is no other path to victory. It begins when we come to the end of trusting in our own strength and begin to trust in His. Describe one area where you need to access God’s power today. Then carry something with you that will remind 25 you to depend on Him all through the day.

Ephesians 2:1-7


What is the writer saying?

How can I apply this to my life?


Armenia – Pray for Christ to be glorified and followed as the Living Word and Lord of the Armenian Church.

Having summarized the incredible possessions that we have in Christ, Paul now turns his attention to our position in Christ. He begins by reminding us that we’ve been spiritually resurrected from the dead. This is the most fundamental description of salvation. It is essential that we grasp the basic meaning of death. It is NOT cessation of existence nor inability to do anything. Death means separation. Jesus did not cease to exist when He died on the cross but He did experience separation from the Father. Similarly, it is not that we were totally unable to hear and respond in faith to God’s revelation. After all, Adam and Eve heard His voice while dead in sin (Genesis 3:8-10), and God expects the lost to perceive and respond to His revelation (Romans 1:1823). If we push the metaphor too far,


we’d have to conclude that we were once spiritually alive since the dead were obviously once alive! So in what sense were we dead? We were separated from God and totally unable to save ourselves from the corruption of sinful desires. That’s why God stepped in and did for us what we could never have done for ourselves. He united us with Christ so that when He died and rose again, we died and rose again with Him (Romans 6:1-7). As a result, we are no longer who we once were. Our identity has been changed. Whereas once we were sinners because we were in Adam, we are now saints because we are “in Christ.” The old has given way to the new (2 Corinthians 5:17) and Christ is now our life (Galatians 2:20). What a position to be in!

Take a few minutes to read and reflect on Romans 6:1-7. The implications are fantastic. Since what we read is true, there can be no possibility of ever losing our salvation any more than a butterfly could go back to being a caterpillar. How will this change what you do today?

Ephesians 2:8-13


What is the writer saying?

How can I apply this to my life?


For young people in your church to see the need and commit to fulltime Christian service.

As Paul continues to describe our position in Christ, he reminds us that we have been saved through no merit or effort of our own. Simple faith (trust) in what Christ has done for us is all that is required to receive God’s totally free gift of salvation. Some argue that faith itself is a work but verses 8-9 clearly show that faith and works are not the same (Romans 4:4-5). James teaches the same when he says, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:20). Salvation is a totally free gift that can never be granted on the basis of any kind of human performance. As a result, no one can ever take credit for their salvation because of good works they have done nor ever despair of losing their salvation because of good works they have failed to do. One of the marks of legalism is a proud confidence in one’s own spiritual activities. The true Gospel,

rightly understood, will produce gratitude and humility. False gospels produce bitterness and pride. Having made it clear that we are not saved BY good works (v. 9), Paul affirms that we are saved FOR good works (v. 10) that God has already prepared for us to do. It does not say that we will do them but that they are what God desires that we do. Here again we see that good works, though intended by God for us, are not tied to our salvation. When we fail to do the good works that God intends for us, we miss out on many blessings but praise God, the salvation of our souls from condemnation is not one of them! Some say that such a view will lead to the abuse of God’s grace but in reality, it’s the only way to rightly grasp God’s grace and then to do good works from a correct motive: humble gratitude.

Do you feel that God owes you something? It’s a penetrating question. When we feel that way, it’s impossible to do good simply out of love for God. Instead, we do it to get something in return. Do something good today for God alone – just because you are grateful He saved you!


Ephesians 2:14-18


What is the writer saying?

How can I apply this to my life?


South Korea – Pray for perseverance as a formidable missionssending nation and the flexibility and cultural sensitivity to be effective abroad.

It helps to keep in mind that this section has three people in view: God, the Jews, and the Gentiles. Beginning in verse 11, Paul describes how enmity separated all three but, thanks to Christ’s work on the cross, they have been reconciled. As a result, believing Jews and Gentiles now form a brand new entity, the Church, the Body of Christ. The dividing wall (v. 14) may be a figurative reference to a real wall in the temple courtyard that prevented Gentiles from entering the temple itself. It was a stark reminder that their access to God was severely limited. It is important to realize that the Church is not a continuation or modification of


some already existing group. It is not that Gentiles were being added to Jews nor Jews being added to Gentiles. Instead, the two have been made into “one new man” (v. 15). Thus, the Church enjoys a distinct identity apart from Israel (1 Corinthians 10:32). Note how Paul, a Jew, uses the word “you” in addressing his Gentile readers (vv. 11-13) but then transitions beautifully to “our” peace (v. 14). Both now have equal access to the Father by the same Spirit rather than through an earthly system of priests and animal sacrifices. It was a remarkable new situation and one which took a long time for many to grasp and to accept.

God began the Church with the greatest reconciliation act of all time at the cost of Christ’s life. No wonder the issue of unity is so important to the Lord (John 17:20-23). When we erect barriers of any kind to divide God’s people, we are tearing apart what Christ paid dearly for and are evidencing our own spiritual immaturity. Are there any members of Christ’s Church that you refuse to acknowledge or to accept? Reflect on how this grieves the Lord and then take a step today to mend what Christ has already reconciled.

Ephesians 2:19-22


What is the writer saying?

How can I apply this to my life?


Jamaica – For churches to model compassion to the poor, who receive minimal exposure to the Gospel.

Whenever a residence is built, you can be sure of one thing: someone intends to live there! If no one does, the building loses its purpose for existing. In the Old Testament, God had instructed Moses to build a tabernacle, literally a “dwelling place” for Him to live among His people. This was later replaced by the temple. Paul affirms in these verses that such structures were no longer necessary because God had a new dwelling place, a new tabernacle: believing Jews and Gentiles (v. 22)! Such a notion would have been highly offensive to Law-abiding Jews whose pride and joy was the holy temple in Jerusalem. Paul describes this new temple as being built on Christ, the

cornerstone. Cornerstones determine the position and orientation of buildings. Even so, Christ is our point of reference in all things. The foundation of this new temple is the apostles and prophets who laid down for us the doctrine upon which we now build (see also 3:5 and 4:11). With the foundation in place, their ministry was no longer required and the apostolic and prophetic gifts went out of use with their authenticating signs and wonders (2 Corinthians 12:12). The concluding verse of the chapter is truly astounding. A tent and then a beautiful building have given way to men and women who are now the very dwelling of God on earth!

When the Queen is in residence at one of her palaces, the Royal Standard is flown above it for all to see. Similarly, people ought to be able to see that God is residing within us! Take time today to read 1 Corinthians 6:1920 and to reflect on the amazing truth that the Holy Spirit lives within you! Does He feel at home or does He find Himself at odds with what you do? Specifically, how will you let others know that Christ is the one reigning as King of your life today?



A guide to share and grow your faith This guide is designed to help in two ways. For those of you who have recently put your faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and received eternal life, these lessons will show you how to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus and guide you in sharing Jesus with your friends. For those of you who have led a friend to faith in Jesus, these lessons will help you teach your friend how to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus and how to share Jesus with their circle of friends. Jesus said we should go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19–20). As you progress through these lessons, you are joining the greatest cause ever: to reach your generation with the gospel. Remember, God wants to use you, your words, and your life to reach your friends. It’s time to get going and mobilize for THE CAUSE!


Table of Contents Section




Life with Jesus Lasts Forever - Assurance



My Story - Testimony



Life in 6 Words - GOSPEL



Ask, Admire, Admit



The Cause Circle



Quiet Time 401


Talking to God - Prayer



The Best Social Network - The Church



Identify with Jesus - Baptism



Your Control Center - Scripture Memory



Your Identity - New Life



Your Identity - Adopted


LIFE WITH JESUS LASTS FOREVER List a few things that don’t last. 1. ________________________________ 2. ________________________________ 3. ________________________________ 4. ________________________________ Most everything in our world wears out and needs to be replaced. We get new clothes, new phones, and sometimes new friends. When we are really pressed to think about it, we realize not much lasts forever. That is what makes God’s promise of eternal life, life with Jesus forever, so amazing.

Read Romans 6:23 According to this verse, what has God given to us as a gift?

n A better attitude n Eternal life n The ability to do good works Notice that the verse says eternal life is a gift. If something is a gift, all you need to do is receive it and it is yours; there is no work involved!

Read Romans 3:23 According to this verse, what is it that we all do?

n Seek God n Try to do good n Sin If eternal life, life with Jesus forever, depended on you and me being good enough to deserve it, it would be a lost cause because we all come far short of God’s standard of sinless perfection. We all think, say and do things that disobey God; we all have sin as a part of our “DNA.” We were born with a natural propensity to sin. Think about it: no one had to teach you how to lie, you just did it instinctively.

Read John 3:16 This verse says God gives eternal life to everyone who believes. That is so simple. Anyone who believes in God’s one and only Son (Jesus) can have eternal life, life with Jesus forever. Jesus is God. He was born of a virgin and lived a perfect life without sin. Jesus took the punishment for our sins. He died and rose again, proving He is God and has the power to forgive our sins and give us eternal life. By believing in Jesus, we receive the forgiveness of sins and eternal life that lasts forever. 391

Read John 10:28 What promises do you see in this verse? (Check all that apply.)

n I will never perish. n If I am a good person, I receive eternal life. n Jesus gives me eternal life. n No one will take me out of God’s hand. This verse teaches that eternal life is given, it’s not something you work for or something you have to work to maintain. ETERNAL LIFE IS A GIFT THAT LASTS FOREVER! We can have confidence that eternal life is a gift from the loving and never-changing God of the universe. The next time you are thinking about those things that DON’T last forever, let it remind you of the one thing that does last forever, eternal life. Remember, eternal life started the day you believed in Jesus and will last forever. ACTION STEPS

n As you wake up each day this week, take a few minutes to thank Jesus for giving you eternal life that lasts forever.

n Write out a prayer to God thanking Him for the forgiveness of sins.


Quiet Time Schedule Options The following chart displays the Bible books and chapters for this year’s quiet times. All quiet times cover the same passages each day so the whole family can stay connected to God’s Word. Two schedules have been included or you can create your own for your group or family.






Ephesians 1-2

Aug 29 - Sep 4

Jan 2 - Jan 8 Jan 9 - Jan 15


Ephesians 3-4

Sep 5 - Sep 11


Ephesians 5-6

Sep 12 - Sep 18

Jan 16 - Jan 22


2 Samuel 5-15

Sep 19 - Sep 25

Jan 23 - Jan 29


2 Samuel 18-24

Sep 26 - Oct 2

Jan 30 - Feb 5


John 1

Oct 3 - Oct 9

Jan 6 - Feb 12


John 2-3, Psalm 119

Oct 10 - Oct 16

Feb 13 - Feb 19


Psalm 119

Oct 17 - Oct 23

Feb 20 - Feb 26


John 4-5

Oct 24 - Oct 30

Feb 27 - Mar 5 Mar 6 - Mar 12


John 5, Psalm 119

Oct 31 - Nov 6


Psalm 119, John 6

Nov 7 - Nov 13

Mar 13 - Mar 19


John 6-8

Nov 14 - Nov 20

Mar 20 - Mar 26


John 8, Psalm 107

Nov 21 - Nov 27

Mar 27 - Apr 2


Isaiah 1-40

Nov 28 - Dec 4

Apr 3 - Apr 9


Isaiah 40-66

Dec 5 - Dec 11

Apr 10 - Apr 16


Philippians 1-2

Dec 12 - Dec 18

Apr 17 - Apr 23


Philippians 2-4

Dec 19 - Dec 25

Apr 24 - Apr 30


Hebrews 1-3

Dec 26 - Jan 1

May 1 - May 7


Hebrews 4, John 9-10

Jan 2 - Jan 8

May 8 - May 14


John 10-11

Jan 9 - Jan 15

May 15 - May 21


John 11-12, Exodus 1

Jan 16 - Jan 22

May 22 - May 28 May 29 - Jun 4


Exodus 1-4

Jan 23 - Jan 29


Exodus 5-8

Jan 30 - Feb 5

Jun 5 - Jun 11


Exodus 9-11, Hebrews 5

Feb 6 - Feb 12

Jun 12 - Jun 18


Hebrews 5-7

Feb 13 - Feb 19

Jun 19 - Jun 25


Hebrews 7-9

Feb 20 - Feb 26

Jun 26 - Jul 2


Quiet Time Schedule Options







Hebrews 10, Psalm 139

Feb 27 - Mar 5

Jul 3 - Jul 9


John 13-14

Mar 6 - Mar 12

Jul 10 - Jul 16


John 14-17

Mar 13 - Mar 19

Jul 17 - Jul 23


John 17-19

Mar 20 - Mar 26

Jul 24 - Jul 30


John 19-21, Exodus 12

Mar 27 - Apr 2

Jul 31 - Aug 6


Exodus 12-14

Apr 3 - Apr 9

Aug 7 - Aug 13


Exodus 15-17, Revelation 1

Apr 10 - Apr 16

Aug 14 - Aug 20


Revelation 1-3

Apr 17 - Apr 23

Aug 21 - Aug 27


Revelation 3, Psalm 114, Exodus 19-24

Apr 24 - Apr 30

Aug 28 - Sep 3


Exodus 24-34

May 1 - May 7

Sep 4 - Sep 10


Exodus 40, Romans 1-2

May 8 - May 14

Sep 11 - Sep 17


Romans 2-5

May 15 - May 21

Sep 18 - Sep 24


Romans 5-8

May 22 - May 28

Sep 25 - Oct 1


Romans 8, 2 Chronicles 1-9

May 29 - Jun 4

Oct 2 - Oct 8


2 Chronicles 12-34

Jun 5 - Jun 11

Oct 9 - Oct 15


2 Chronicles 34, Hebrews 11

Jun 12 - Jun 18

Oct 16 - Oct 22


Hebrews 12-13

Jun 19 - Jun 25

Oct 23 - Oct 29


2 Timothy 1-2

Jun 26 - Jul 2

Oct 30 - Nov 5


2 Timothy 3-4

Jul 3 - Jul 9

Nov 6 - Nov 12


Proverbs 14-16

Jul 10 - Jul 16

Nov 13 - Nov 19


Proverbs 16-26

Jul 17 - Jul 23

Nov 20 - Nov 26


Romans 9-11

Jul 24 - Jul 30

Nov 27 - Dec 3


Romans 12-15

Jul 31 - Aug 6

Dec 4 - Dec 10


Romans 16, Proverbs 20-21

Aug 7 - Aug 13

Dec 11 - Dec 17


Proverbs 21-23, Revelation 4-5

Aug 14 - Aug 20

Dec 18 - Dec 24


Revelation 19-22

Aug 21 - Aug 27

Dec 25 - Dec 31

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2021 Quiet Time with Commentary (Sample)  

Sample of the Quiet Time with Commentary. A daily quiet time for high school students and adults. All Word of Life Quiet Times share the sam...

2021 Quiet Time with Commentary (Sample)  

Sample of the Quiet Time with Commentary. A daily quiet time for high school students and adults. All Word of Life Quiet Times share the sam...

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