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One-Year Daily Devotional


A note to parents This Quiet Time is a great opportunity to help your child develop a relationship with God. Enjoy having fun with your child as you explore the Bible together. Each day has a Scripture passage for you to read to your child. Next, share the instructions for one of the many activities that will help your child develop key skills as they learn. Finally, read the I Can Pray section to your child as you guide them in prayer. What a wonderful time you will share with each other as you have a quiet time together! Here are some tips to help your child with their quiet time: 1. Have a pencil and crayons available for activities. 2. Sit down together at a regular time each day. 3. Use the Bible to look up references with your child. 4. Talk through the activity and personal application. 5. Complete the week by documenting how many days were completed and writing an encouraging note.

Family Devotions Word of Life publishes a Quiet Time for all age groups. Each Quiet Time uses the same Scripture passage for the week. This makes it easier for your whole family to discuss the Word of God together.

God loves you and wants to spend time with you! Parent’s Note: Read this section to your child. A quiet time is a special time that you have each day to learn more about God and how He wants you to live. During this time, God speaks to you through His Holy Word, the Bible, and you speak to God through prayer. What an exciting adventure! Having this time every day with God will help you grow closer to Him. Your Quiet Time will help you have this time each day with God. Every day you will have a Bible verse read to you. After you listen to the verse, there is a fun activity for you to do. Then you can spend a special time with God in prayer.

Your Daily Quiet Time Begin by reading the Scripture passage to your child.

Next, read the “I CAN KNOW” text and discuss it with your child. Then, read the instructions for “I CAN LEARN”.

Lastly, read the “I CAN PRAY” statement to your child and pray together.

On Saturdays, count the days completed for the week and write the number in the circle. Write encouraging comments (and read them to your child). Take time to award a sticker.

Meet Your Gopher Buddies

Introducing the Gopher family! Dad, Mom, Andy and Emily want to go with you on your adventure this year. Together, you can dig deeper in God’s Word.

Spending time with God in prayer Keeping a personal prayer diary will help you to remember to pray for people and their needs. It also reminds you to thank God and to tell others when He answers your prayers. Use the spaces on the prayer pages to draw pictures or write the names of special people you want to pray for. Don’t forget to include the things for which you are thankful.

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Christian Service Activities The following activities are for you to accomplish with your child to help them develop selflessness and a Christ-like concern for others. These activities can also be used for family enrichment.

1. Goodness Basket: You will need: the ingredients for your favorite cookies. Bake cookies with your child and take them to someone you know who is a shut-in, or has a special need. This is teaching your child to help others who are alone. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

2. Love Coupons: You will need: paper, markers or crayons, stickers, scissors,

and stapler. Have your child think of helping jobs that he or she can do for someone else. Work together to design coupons with these jobs on them. Have your child give the coupons to people and then perform the task for them when asked. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

3. Special Messages: You will need: paper, stickers, markers or crayons, and a treat. Make special notes with your child to give to people who need encouragement. Deliver them with a smile and a little treat to make it extra special. Be a messenger of kindness to someone else. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

4. Tracts: You will need: colored paper, markers or crayons, and stickers. Make a tract from the colored paper. Help your child write the story of Jesus. Write in the tract “Jesus loves you,” “Jesus Died for you,” and “Will you ask Him to be your Savior today?” Give this to someone this week. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

5. Act out a Bible Story: You will need: Bible costumes or paper, markers or crayons. As you read a story from the Bible, involve the whole family in acting out the story. Or help your child draw pictures of the story and allow him or her to tell the story to the family. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

6. Gospel Bracelets or Necklaces: You will need: black, red, white, green, and yellow beads, cording, and scissors. Cut the cording to fit your child’s wrist for a bracelet or to fit around the neck for a necklace. String the beads onto the cording using the pattern below to represent the Gospel message. Use this as a tool to tell others of our living, risen Savior. Beads: Yellow = God’s love for us, John 3:16; Black = sin, Romans 3:23; Red = blood, Hebrews 9:22; White = forgiveness, John 1:12; Green = growing in the Lord, 1 John 1:9. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________


Kindness Basket: You will need: a container of some sort (basket), and blessing items. God wants us to be busy doing things for others. Make a kindness basket with your child for someone who needs encouragement. Include items to make it a blessing (food, notes, flowers, candles, pictures, etc.); make it extra special and then have your child deliver it to the person with a smile. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________


Share a Treat: You will need: the ingredients to make your child’s favorite snack. Make the snack with your child and have your child share it with a friend. This helps your child to learn compassion and kindness to others. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

9. Planting flowers: You will need: a flower pot, soil (dirt), water, trowel, and seeds. Plant the seed that your child chooses. The back of most seed packets will contain specific instructions for that particular flower. Remind the child that we can plant the seed and water the seed, but only God will cause the seed to grow. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

10. Thank You Note: You will need: supplies to create a card (glitter, paint, stickers, magazine pictures, picture of child, etc.), paper, scissors, glue, and markers or crayons. Help your child write a thank you note to a teacher or a leader who has helped him or her learn God’s Word. Be creative and deliver it in a special way! Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

11. Personal Bible Storybook: You will need: construction paper, glitter, pictures, paint, stickers, markers or crayons, glue, and stapler. Help your child draw pictures to illustrate his or her three favorite Bible stories. Decorate a piece of construction paper to create a cover for the book. Using another piece of construction paper as a back cover, staple the pictures and covers together. Your child now has his or her own Bible storybook that they can use to tell other people about the Bible! Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

12. Wordless Bookmark: You will need: scissors, paper, construction paper (black, red, white, yellow and green), glue, markers or crayons, and clear contact paper or shipping tape. Help your child cut a piece of plain paper the desired size of bookmark. Mark the paper into five even sections. Cut a piece of yellow, black, red, white, and green construction paper the size of the previous marked off sections. Glue the colors onto the bookmark in the order they were listed above. On the back of the bookmark write the key: Yellow = God’s love for us, John 3:16; Black = sin, Romans 3:23; Red = blood, Hebrews 9:22; White = forgiveness, John 1:12; Green = growing in the Lord, 1 John 1:9. To ensure a long-life for the bookmark, cover it with clear contact paper or clear shipping tape. Date Completed: _____________

Initials: _________

My Prayer Diary These pages are where you can draw a picture or write words to remind you to pray for special people or things that you care about.

James 1:1

This book of the Bible is called James after its author. James saw himself, as you should see yourself, as a servant of God.

A servant is someone who does things for others without whining or complaining.   the ways you can serve someone today.

Ask God to help you serve Him and others without complaining.

James 1:13-14

God does not try to get you to sin. You sin because you want to do things your own way instead of God’s way.

Draw a happy face under the children who are doing things God’s way. Draw a sad face under the children who are doing things their own way.

Ask God to help you do things His way.

James 1:22

You should listen to God's Word and do what it says.

You use your to hear God’s Word, your to read God’s Word, and your and to do what God’s Word says. Draw a around the hidden ears, eyes, hands, and feet.

Thank God for your hands and feet to obey His Word.

James 2:2-4

Be kind to everyone whether rich or poor.

Kind begins with the letter sound K. Color the K. Draw a    to all the word pictures that start with the letter K.

Ask God to help you to be kind to everyone.

James 2:10

Everyone sins. Even if you break one of God’s rules just a little bit, you have disobeyed Him and have sinned.

Color the balloon with the letter S pink. Color the balloon with the letter I blue. Color the balloon with the letter N orange.

Ask God to forgive you for the sin you did today.

James 2:22

Your actions should show others that you believe in Jesus.

Trace your hand inside the box as a reminder to show Jesus to others by what you do.

Pray that you will show Jesus to your friends by how you behave.

James 3:9-10

You can use your mouth to say good things and bad things. God only wants you to say good things.

Use the number on the left to objects in each row.

the correct amount of

Ask God to help you say only nice things today.

Quiet Time Schedule Options The following chart displays the Bible books and chapters for this year’s quiet times. All quiet times cover the same passages each day so the whole family can stay connected to God’s Word. Two schedules have been included or you can create your own for your group or family. 2019-20 Week Academic # Books/Chapters Schedule 1 James 1-3 Aug 25 - Aug 31 2 James 3-5 Sep 1 - Sep 7 3 Genesis 1-5 Sep 8 - Sep 14 4 Genesis 6-11 Sep 15 - Sep 21 5 Matthew 1-5 Sep 22 - Sep 28 6 Matthew 5, 1 Corinthians 1 Sep 29 - Oct 5 7 1 Corinthians 1-3 Oct 6 - Oct 12 8 1 Corinthians 4, Psalms 1-2, Proverbs 1 Oct 13 - Oct 19 9 Genesis 12-22 Oct 20 - Oct 26 10 1 Corinthians 5-8 Oct 27 - Nov 2 11 1 Corinthians 9-10, Genesis 24 Nov 3 - Nov 9 12 Genesis 24-29 Nov 10 - Nov 16 13 Genesis 31-35, 2 Peter 1 Nov 17 - Nov 23 14 2 Peter 1-3 Nov 24 - Nov 30 15 1 Corinthians 10-12 Dec 1 - Dec 7 16 1 Corinthians 12-14, Matthew 8 Dec 8 - Dec 14 17 Matthew 8-10 Dec 15 - Dec 21 18 Matthew 11-12, Genesis 37 Dec 22 - Dec 28 19 Genesis 37-41 Dec 29 - Jan 4 20 Genesis 42-45 Jan 5 - Jan 11 21 Genesis 45-50, Matthew 13 Jan 12 - Jan 18 22 Matthew 13-16 Jan 19 - Jan 25 23 Galatians 1-3 Jan 26 - Feb 1 24 Galatians 3-4 Feb 2 - Feb 8 25 Galatians 5-6 Feb 9 - Feb 15 26 Matthew 16-18 Feb 16 - Feb 22 27 Matthew 18-20, Nehemiah 1 Feb 23 - Feb 29 28 Nehemiah 2-5 Mar 1 - Mar 7 29 Nehemiah 5-9 Mar 8 - Mar 14 30 Nehemiah 9-13, Matthew 20 Mar 15 - Mar 21 31 Matthew 21-22 Mar 22 - Mar 28 32 Matthew 23-24, 1 Corinthians 15 Mar 29 - Apr 4 33 1 Corinthians 15-16 Apr 5 - Apr 11 34 Matthew 25-26 Apr 12 - Apr 18 35 Matthew 26-28 Apr 19 - Apr 25 36 Jude, Psalm 22 Apr 26 - May 2 37 Psalms 23-27, Proverbs 2-3 May 3 - May 9 38 1 Timothy 1-4 May 10 - May 16 39 1 Timothy 4-6 May 17 - May 23 40 Psalms 37, 46, Proverbs 4 May 24 - May 30 41 Mark 1-3 May 31 - Jun 6 42 Mark 3-5 Jun 7 - Jun 13 43 1 Thessalonians 1-3 Jun 14 - Jun 20 44 1 Thessalonians 4-5 Jun 21 - Jun 27 45 Mark 5-7 Jun 28 - Jul 4 46 Mark 7-9 Jul 5 - Jul 11 47 Mark 9-10, Psalm 19 Jul 12 - Jul 18 48 Ecclesiastes 1-12 Jul 19 - Jul 25 49 Psalms 51, 53, Proverbs 6-8 Jul 26 - Aug 1 50 Mark 11-13 Aug 2 - Aug 8 51 Mark 13-14 Aug 9 - Aug 15 52 Mark 14-16 Aug 16 - Aug 22

2020 Calendar Schedule Dec 29 - Jan 4 Jan 5 - Jan 11 Jan 12 - Jan 18 Jan 19 - Jan 25 Jan 26 - Feb 1 Feb 2 - Feb 8 Feb 9 - Feb 15 Feb 16 - Feb 22 Feb 23 - Feb 29 Mar 1 - Mar 7 Mar 8 - Mar 14 Mar 15 - Mar 21 Mar 22 - Mar 28 Mar 29 - Apr 4 Apr 5 - Apr 11 Apr 12 - Apr 18 Apr 19 - Apr 25 Apr 26 - May 2 May 3 - May 9 May 10 - May 16 May 17 - May 23 May 24 - May 30 May 31 - Jun 6 Jun 7 - Jun 13 Jun 14 - Jun 20 Jun 21 - Jun 27 Jun 28 - Jul 4 Jul 5 - Jul 11 Jul 12 - Jul 18 Jul 19 - Jul 25 Jul 26 - Aug 1 Aug 2 - Aug 8 Aug 9 - Aug 15 Aug 16 - Aug 22 Aug 23 - Aug 29 Aug 30 - Sep 5 Sep 6 - Sep 12 Sep 13 - Sep 19 Sep 20 - Sep 26 Sep 27 - Oct 3 Oct 4 - Oct 10 Oct 11 - Oct 17 Oct 18 - Oct 24 Oct 25 - Oct 31 Nov 1 - Nov 7 Nov 8 - Nov 14 Nov 15 - Nov 21 Nov 22 - Nov 28 Nov 29 - Dec 5 Dec 6 - Dec 12 Dec 13 - Dec 19 Dec 20 - Dec 26

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2019 Preschool Quiet Time (Sample)  

One-year daily devotional for children ages 4-6.

2019 Preschool Quiet Time (Sample)  

One-year daily devotional for children ages 4-6.