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Bible Study

3-Year Scope & Sequence The Gopher Buddies Bible Study is a three-year curriculum for children ages 4-6. Covering foundational truths of Scripture and key character traits, this study of God’s Word uses a modular approach to reinforce learning. The curriculum is divided into several one, two and four-lesson modules that incorporate a variety of active teaching methods to engage the children and speak to their hearts. Special themed lessons and a Summer Series are also included.

Foundational Truths (24 lessons):

Character Traits (8 lessons):

Themed Lessons

Summer Series

Four individual lessons for Christmas, Easter, Parent and Friend nights. These stand-alone lessons help children celebrate the holidays from a biblical perspective, connect with parents, and reach out into the community.

Six 2-lesson modules designed for the months when attendance can be sporadic and teachers may rotate more frequently.

(4 lessons):

Six 4-lesson modules on the Bible, God, Jesus, Four 2-lesson modules help children learn Christian Growth, Sin and the Church. Each about, understand and develop key character lesson in a module incorporates a different traits in their lives. learning style and concludes with a puppet review lesson to reinforce the truth being taught.

(12 lessons):

Foundational Truth: The Bible I Will Hear God's Word and Do It

I Will Share God’s Word

The Bible is God’s Word

King Josiah Follow's God's Word—2 Kings 22

Jonah Shares God’s Word—Jonah 1:1

God’s Word is True—1 Samuel 3

The Sower and the Seeds­—Luke 8:4-9

Saul Learns About God—Acts 9:1-22

God’s Word is For Me—Matthew 19:13-15

Timothy Learns About God’s Word­—Acts 16:1-2

Paul Shares About Jesus in Jail—Acts 16:16-40

I Can Learn From God’s Word—Acts 8:26-35

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)


"Timothy Learns About God's Word God Can Do Anything

God Cares For Me

God the Creator

God Sends Ten Plagues—Exodus 7:1

God Cares For Elijah—1 Kings 17:2-6

God Made All Things—Genesis 1:1-19

God Parts the Red Sea­—Exodus 13:17

God Cares For Elisha—2 Kings 4:8-10

God Creates Animals—Genesis 1:20-25

God Sends Manna From Heaven—Exodus 16

God Cares For Naaman—2 Kings 5:1-16

God Creates Man—Genesis 2:7

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Foundational Truth: Jesus Miracles of Jesus

Friends of Jesus

Jesus is God’s Son

Jesus Walks on the Water—Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus’ Friend, Lazarus—John 11:11

Jesus Goes to His Father’s House—Luke 2:39-52

A Blind Man Sees—Mark 10:46-52

Jesus’ Friend, Matthew—Luke 5:27-32

Jesus Does Not Sin—Matthew 4:1-11

A Big Catch—Luke 5:1-11

Jesus’ Friend, Mary—Matthew 26:6-13

Nicodemus Visits God’s Son—John 3:1-4

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Foundational Truth: Christian Growth I Can Pray

God Teaches Me About Love

I Choose To Be Jesus’ Helper

Jesus Teaches How to Pray—Luke 11:1-4

God’s Love For Me—John 3:16

John the Baptist Prepares the Way For Jesus—Mark 1:1-11

Daniel Prays to God—Daniel 6:1-23

My Love For God—1 John 4:7-12

The Disciples Follow Jesus—Matthew 4:18-22

Jesus Wants Me to Pray—Luke 18:9-14

Jesus Wants Me to Love Others—Matthew 5:43-44

A Little Boy Helps Jesus—Mark 6:30-44

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Foundational Truth: Sin Sin Separates Us From God

God Sees Our Sin

The Problem of Sin

Samson Disobeys God—Judges 13:1-25

Moses Sins—Numbers 20:2-13

The First Sin—Genesis 2:7

David Confesses His Sin—Psalm 51:1-19

Ananias and Sapphira Try to Hide Their Sin—Acts 5:1-11

Zaccheus Turns From Sin—Luke 19:1-10

Jesus Came to Forgive My Sin—Romans 3:23

Jesus Wants to Take Away My Sin

Jesus Came to Take Away My Sin—John 18-20

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Foundational Truth: The Church I Learn About Helpers In the Church

I Learn About God’s Plan

I Learn About the Church

Lydia Helps the Missionaries—Acts 16:14-15

The Church Learns to Share—Acts 4:34

The First Church—Acts 2:42-47

Priscilla and Aquilla Help Paul—Acts 18:1-4

The Church Grows—1 Thessalonians 1:2-8

The Church Prays For Peter— Acts 12:3-18

Onesiphorus Serves Paul—2 Timothy 1:16-18

The Church Learns to Serve—1 Corinthians 12:4

Dorcas, A Great Helper In the Church—Acts 9:36

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)





Noah Obeys God—Genesis 6-9

Love Your Neighbor—Matthew 22:37-39

Daniel Uses Self Control—Daniel 1:1-16

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)




The Man Who Said, ”Thank You”—Luke 17:11-19

Joseph is Patient—Genesis 39:19

Joseph Forgives His Brothers—Genesis 45

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)




David Shows Kindness to Mephibosheth—2 Samuel 9:1-13

Courage in the Flames—Daniel 3:1-30

John the Baptist Tells the Truth—John 1:19-36

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)




Joshua Marches Faithfully—Joshua 5:6

A Widow Gives to God—Mark 12:41-44

The Sister’s Who Shared With Jesus—Luke 10:38-42

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Review Lesson (Gopher)

Parent Night

Parent Night

Parent Night

The Loving Father—Luke 15:11-24

Jairus Cares For His Daughter—Mark 5:21-24

Moses’ Mother Cares For Him—Exodus 2:1-10

Friend Night

Friend Night

Friend Night

The Two Friends—1 Samuel 18:1-4

Jesus Wants to Be Our Friend—Proverbs 18:24

A Good Friend—Luke 10:25-37




Angels Announce Jesus’ Birth—Luke 2:1-14

The Wise Men Worship Jesus—Matthew 2:1-16a

The Shepherds Worship Jesus—Luke 2:1-20




The Road to Emmaus—Luke 2:13-35

Thomas Believes in Jesus—John 20:19

Jesus is Alive!—Luke 23:33


Summer Series Lessons Beaches and Boats

Celebrate Families

Let’s Take A Road Trip

Jonah’s Fish Tale—Jonah 1

Naomi’s Special Family—Ruth 1:13-18

Abraham Moves to a New Home—Genesis 12:1-9

Paul and the Sinking Ship—Acts 27: 13-44

The Joy-Filled Jailer’s Family—Acts 16:16-34

Sweet Dreams, Jacob—Acts 16:16-34

Wet and Wild

Celebrate God’s Presence

Let’s Talk to God

The Blind Man Goes to the Pool—John 5:1-9

The Good Shepherd—Psalm 23

Hannah Prays—1 Samuel 1:1

Jesus Calms the Storm—Mark 4:35-41

God Knows Me—Psalm 139:1-18

Nehemiah Prays—Nehemiah 1:1

Sand and Stones

Celebrate God’s Power

Let’s Learn about God’s Help

Let’s Build a House—Matthew 7:24-29

The Sun Stands Still—Joshua 10:1-14

The Twelve Spies—Numbers 13:1

A Sling and a Stone—1 Samuel 17:1-50

Jars and Jugs—1 Kings 17:7-16

Gideon Follows God’s Directions—Judges 7

Wow, Is it Ever Hot!

Celebrate Church

Let’s Learn About God’s Love

Moses and the Burning Bush—Exodus 3

A Hole in the Roof—Luke 5:17-26

The Lost Sheep—Luke 15:3-6

A Fiery Contest—1 Kings 18:19-39

Wake-up, Eutychus—Acts 20:7-12

The Lost Son—Luke 15:11-32

Are We There Yet?

Celebrate God Keeps His Promises

Let’s Learn More About Jesus

Jesus Goes Home—Matthew 28

A Baby for Sarah—Genesis 18:1-15

Jesus Makes a Sick Woman Well—Mark 5:24-34

Finding a Wife for Isaac—Genesis 24

Simeon Sees the Savior—Luke 2:21-35

Jesus Is Alive!—John 21:1-14

Going For The Gold

Celebrate God Takes Care of Us

Let’s Learn to Help Others

Peter and John Heal a Lame Man—Acts 3:1-10

Water from a Rock—Exodus 17:1-7

Helping Is Important—Matthew 20:20-28

The Golden Calf—Exodus 32

Flowers and Birds—Matthew 6:25-34

Ananias and Barnabas Help Saul—Acts 9:1-31


2018 Gopher Buddies Scope and Sequence  

Gopher Buddies Scope and Sequence.

2018 Gopher Buddies Scope and Sequence  

Gopher Buddies Scope and Sequence.