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What is James 1:22 Gopher Buddies? Gopher Buddies is a special program designed to teach Early Learners foundational truths from Scripture.

Psalm 48:1a How does the program work? Children grow through applying the following five disciplines:

Quiet Time

Quiet Time is a time your child spends each day having the Bible read to them and learning to apply it to their lives. It also includes a time of prayer and an ageappropriate activity.

Scripture Memory 3:2b John

Your child will be learning a Bible verse each month by playing review games at Gopher Buddies. You can review these verses with your child at home using the verse list in the front of your child’s Quiet Time.

Bible Study

A Bible lesson is taught each week using various teaching techniques to help young children learn about God, the Bible, Jesus, Sin, Christian Growth, and the Church. There are also lessons to help teach your child character traits as well as themed lessons for Christmas, Easter, Parent and Friend Nights.

Selected Reading

Your child will enjoy listening to carefully selected books as they are read throughout the year at Gopher Buddies.

Christian Service

Luke 18:1b

Christian Service activities listed in the front of the Quiet Time give you and your child the opportunity to learn about serving God and others together. There will also be Christian Service activities at Gopher Buddies for the children to do as a group throughout the year.

Requirements Membership, Levels 1, 2, 3

Romans 6:23

Your child can earn a membership sticker by attending Gopher Buddies three times; saying one Bible verse; and saying the Gopher Buddies motto (Digging Deeper in God's Word). The membership sticker is to be placed on the identification tag of their tote bag. There are three levels of achievement your child can earn throughout the year. To complete each level, your child needs to be faithful in Quiet Time; complete one Christian Service activity at home or at Gopher Buddies; learn and say three Scripture memory verses; and read or listen to one selected reading book at Gopher Buddies.

Please refer to the Home Connection pages for the verse your child should be learning. (This Quiet Time contains Scripture memory verses in five translations. You may remove any sheets that are not needed.)

Membership sticker proudly displayed here. Verse 1

James 1:22

This area is for Membership.

Meeting 3 Meeting 2


Motto sticker goes here.

Meeting 1


Verse 2

Verse 3

Psalm 48:1a Book 1

You will find a fold-out chart of Gopherville, home of the Gopher family, in the back cover of this Quiet Time. As your child completes each activity or requirement for the various levels of achievement, they will be awarded a sticker to place on the Gopherville chart. You will want to make note of new stickers your child receives and encourage their progress along the way.

Verse 4


Faithful Quiet Tim

John 3:2b

Service 1


Verse 5

Stickers are placed on the Gopherville chart in the white areas from the top of the chart to the bottom.

Verse 6

Verse 7

When a level is completed the character sticker is awarded.

Luke 18:1b Christian Ser vice 2

Faithful Qu iet Tim



Verse 8

Verse stickers are placed numerically as they are learned.


Verse 9

Romans 6:23

Verse 10

Book 3

Christian Service 3

Faithful Quiet Time

Each level is marked.

Please refer to the Home Connection pages for the verse your child should be learning. (This Quiet Time contains Scripture memory verses in five translations. You may remove any sheets that are not needed.)

Other Awards and Materials

Tote Bag

As your child is awarded the special patches for each achievement level, they can be attached to the Gopher Buddies tote bag. This bag will provide a convenient way for children to carry their books and papers to and from Gopher Buddies.

James 1:22

Psalm 48:1a

John 3:2b

Luke 18:1b


Certificates for various achievements may be awarded throughout the year at the discretion of the Gopher Buddies Leaders.

Romans 6:23

Award Sticker Sheet

In addition to the Gopherville award stickers for each child, leaders may use Celebration stickers for extra encouragement and acknowledgment.

Please refer to the Home Connection pages for the verse your child should be learning. (This Quiet Time contains Scripture memory verses in five translations. You may remove any sheets that are not needed.)

How can parents help? James 1:22

Psalm 48:1a

You can help your child progress through the Gopher Buddies program by assisting them in the following ways:

John 3:2b

Read the daily Scripture passage and help your child complete the Quiet Time activity. Use the “I Can Pray” section at the bottom of each day’s Quiet Time to lead your child in meaningful prayer.

18:1b Review Luke the Scripture memory verse with your child each week. You will find it listed on the Home Connection page, which is located on the back of the weekly Activity Sheet. Read through the Home Connection page for an overview of the lesson and other Romanssuggestions 6:23 to engage your child. Complete some Christian Service activities found in the front of the Quiet Time with your child. Please refer to the Home Connection pages for the verse your child should be learning. (This Quiet Time contains Scripture memory verses in five translations. You may remove any sheets that are not needed.)

A note to parents This Quiet Time is a great opportunity to help your child develop a relationship with God. Enjoy having fun with your child as you explore the Bible together. Each day has a Scripture passage for you to read to your child. Next, share the instructions for one of the many activities that will help your child develop key skills as they learn. Finally, read the I Can Pray section to your child as you guide them in prayer. What a wonderful time you will share with each other as you have a quiet time together! Here are some tips to help your child with their quiet time: 1. Have a pencil and crayons available for activities. 2. Sit down together at a regular time each day. 3. Use the Bible to look up references with your child. 4. Talk through the activity and personal application. 5. Complete the week by documenting how many days were completed and writing an encouraging note.

Family Devotions Word of Life publishes a Quiet Time for all age groups. Each Quiet Time uses the same Scripture passage for the week. This makes it easier for your whole family to discuss the Word of God together.

God loves you and wants to spend time with you! Parent’s Note: Read this section to your child. A quiet time is a special time that you have each day to learn more about God and how He wants you to live. During this time, God speaks to you through His Holy Word, the Bible, and you speak to God through prayer. What an exciting adventure! Having this time every day with God will help you grow closer to Him. Your Quiet Time will help you have this time each day with God. Every day you will have a Bible verse read to you. After you listen to the verse, there is a fun activity for you to do. Then you can spend a special time with God in prayer.

Your Daily Quiet Time Begin by reading the Scripture passage to your child.

Next, read the “I CAN KNOW” text and discuss it with your child. Then, read the instructions for “I CAN LEARN”.

Lastly, read the “I CAN PRAY” statement to your child and pray together.

On Saturdays, count the days completed for the week and write the number in the circle. Write encouraging comments (and read them to your child). Take time to award a sticker.

Meet Your Gopher Buddies

Introducing the Gopher family! Dad, Mom, Andy and Emily want to go with you on your adventure this year. Together, you can dig deeper in God’s Word.

Spending time with God in prayer Keeping a personal prayer diary will help you to remember to pray for people and their needs. It also reminds you to thank God and to tell others when He answers your prayers. Use the spaces on the prayer pages to draw pictures or write the names of special people you want to pray for. Don’t forget to include the things for which you are thankful.

Things You Need for Your Quiet Time Your Bible Your Quiet Time


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My Prayer Diary These pages are where you can draw a picture or write words to remind you to pray for special people or things that you care about.

Philippians 1:6

When God begins a work in your heart, He will continue it until you see Him face to face. That means He will never give up on you.

Color the hearts from the child to Jesus.

Tell Jesus thank you for never giving up on you.

Philippians 1:9-11

Paul prayed that people would love God and learn more about Him so their lives would produce the “fruit of right living”.

Being kind to others is one way you can have the “fruit of right living” in your life. Color the picture. 1 = yellow 2 = red 3 = purple 4 = orange

Ask Jesus how you can show kindness today.

Philippians 1:20-21

Paul wanted to please Jesus in everything He did.

Draw a

around the children who are pleasing Jesus.

How many children are pleasing God? __________

Ask Jesus what you can do to please Him today.

Philippians 1:27

Paul tells the believers to work together. God wants Christians to get along with each other.

Trace the

to match the things that belong together.

Ask God to help you get along with others today.

Philippians 2:6-7

Jesus is God, but He came to earth as a baby and grew to be a man. Jesus was not selfish. He served others.

These children want to be a servant like Jesus. They are helping the teacher in the classroom. Draw a    around the 6 things in the bottom picture that are different.

Ask God to help you be a servant like Jesus.

Philippians 2:14-15

When you do things without complaining and arguing, others will know you belong to God. You will stand out like a bright star in a dark sky.

Write your name on the line. Trace the star and color it yellow. Color the space around it black.

Ask Jesus to help you do things without complaining.

Philippians 2:19

Timothy was Paul’s helper. Timothy was a faithful servant.

Timothy starts with the letter sound T. Draw a    around the pictures that begin with the letter T. Write the letter T on the line.

Pray for someone who helps you at church.

Quiet Time Schedule Options The following chart displays the Bible books and chapters for this year’s quiet times. All quiet times cover the same passages each day so the whole family can stay connected to God’s Word. Two schedules have been included or you can create your own for your group or family. Week # Books/Chapters week 1 Philippians 1-2 week 2 Philippians 2-4 week 3 Job 1-13 week 4 Job 14-42 week 5 Psalms 104-105 week 6 John 1 week 7 John 2-3, Psalms 119 week 8 Psalms 119 week 9 John 4-5 week 10 John 5, Psalms 119 week 11 Psalms 119, John 6 week 12 John 6-8 week 13 John 8, Psalms 107 week 14 Psalms 107, Ezekiel 1-3,36 week 15 Ezekiel 37-44 week 16 Ezekiel 47, 1 Kings 1-6 week 17 1 Kings 11-17 week 18 1 Kings 18-21 week 19 1 Kings 22, John 9-10 week 20 John 10-11 week 21 John 12, Psalms 114-115 week 22 Psalms 116-118, Exodus 1-2 week 23 Exodus 2-5 week 24 Exodus 6-9 week 25 Exodus 9-11, Ephesians 1 week 26 Ephesians 2-3 week 27 Ephesians 4-5 week 28 Ephesians 5-6, John 13 week 29 John 13-15 week 30 John 16-18 week 31 John 18-20 week 32 John 20-21, Exodus 12 week 33 Exodus 13-16 week 34 Exodus 16-17, Psalms 106,108 week 35 Exodus 19-32 week 36 Exodus 32-40 week 37 Romans 1-3 week 38 Romans 3-6 week 39 Romans 7-8, 2 Kings 1-2 week 40 2 Kings 2-6 week 41 2 Kings 6-17 week 42 2 Kings 17-23, 2 Timothy 1 week 43 2 Timothy 1-3 week 44 2 Timothy 3-4, Revelation 6-7 week 45 Revelation 8-13, 1 Peter 1 week 46 1 Peter 1-3 week 47 1 Peter 4-5, Revelation 14 week 48 Revelation 15-17, Romans 9 week 49 Romans 10-12 week 50 Nahum 1, Malachi 2-4 week 51 Revelation 19-22 week 52 Romans 13-16

2018-19 2019 Academic Calendar Schedule Schedule Aug 26 - Sep 1 Dec 30 - Jan 5 Sep 2 - Sep 8 Jan 6 - Jan 12 Sep 9 - Sep 15 Jan 13 - Jan 19 Sep 16 - Sep 22 Jan 20 - Jan 26 Sep 23 - Sep 29 Jan 27 - Feb 2 Sep 30 - Oct 6 Feb 3 - Feb 9 Oct 7 - Oct 13 Feb 10 - Feb 16 Oct 14 - Oct 20 Feb 17 - Feb 23 Oct 21 - Oct 27 Feb 24 - Mar 2 Oct 28 - Nov 3 Mar 3 - Mar 9 Nov 4 - Nov 10 Mar 10 - Mar 16 Nov 11 - Nov 17 Mar 17 - Mar 23 Nov 18 - Nov 24 Mar 24 - Mar 30 Nov 25 - Dec 1 Mar 31 - Apr 6 Dec 2 - Dec 8 Apr 7 - Apr 13 Dec 9 - Dec 15 Apr 14 - Apr 20 Dec 16 - Dec 22 Apr 21 - Apr 27 Dec 23 - Dec 29 Apr 28 - May 4 Dec 30 - Jan 5 May 5 - May 11 Jan 6 - Jan 12 May 12 - May 18 Jan 13 - Jan 19 May 19 - May 25 Jan 20 - Jan 26 May 26 - Jun 1 Jan 27 - Feb 2 Jun 2 - Jun 8 Feb 3 - Feb 9 Jun 9 - Jun 15 Feb 10 - Feb 16 Jun 16 - Jun 22 Feb 17 - Feb 23 Jun 23 - Jun 29 Feb 24 - Mar 2 Jun 30 - Jul 6 Mar 3 - Mar 9 Jul 7 - Jul 13 Mar 10 - Mar 16 Jul 14 - Jul 20 Mar 17 - Mar 23 Jul 21 - Jul 27 Mar 24 - Mar 30 Jul 28 - Aug 3 Mar 31 - Apr 6 Aug 4 - Aug 10 Apr 7 - Apr 13 Aug 11 - Aug 17 Apr 14 - Apr 20 Aug 18 - Aug 24 Apr 21 - Apr 27 Aug 25 - Aug 31 Apr 28 - May 4 Sep 1 - Sep 7 May 5 - May 11 Sep 8 - Sep 14 May 12 - May 18 Sep 15 - Sep 21 May 19 - May 25 Sep 22 - Sep 28 May 26 - Jun 1 Sep 29 - Oct 5 Jun 2 - Jun 8 Oct 6 - Oct 12 Jun 9 - Jun 15 Oct 13 - Oct 19 Jun 16 - Jun 22 Oct 20 - Oct 26 Jun 23 - Jun 29 Oct 27 - Nov 2 Jun 30 - Jul 6 Nov 3 - Nov 9 Jul 7 - Jul 13 Nov 10 - Nov 16 Jul 14 - Jul 20 Nov 17 - Nov 23 Jul 21 - Jul 27 Nov 24 - Nov 30 Jul 28 - Aug 3 Dec 1 - Dec 7 Aug 4 - Aug 10 Dec 8 - Dec 14 Aug 11 - Aug 17 Dec 15 - Dec 21 Aug 18 - Aug 24 Dec 22 - Dec 28

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2018 Gopher Buddies Quiet Time (Sample)  

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