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RAG Officer Manifesto About me My name is Jack Buczynski and I believe that I have attributes required to become the next RAG Officer. I am a sociable and approachable individual with an open mind. Most importantly I am very interested and attracted to the principles of RAG, which is to help students to fundraise and raise awareness for the Universities partner charities. I believe I have the ability which will be needed to help motivate and encourage individual’s to participate in fundraising to their full potential. I am a confident communicator and will always listen to feedback and welcome advice with new ideas to raise more money or to improve the efficiency of RAG at the University. My past experiences This year I have been a big part of the RAG in raising money through various fundraising events such as hosting a weekly pub quiz, speed dating and a sponsored cycling event. Also before this semester has finished I will have hosted a charity boxing event, a sponsored bike trail as well as a few smaller fundraisers such as cake sales. In addition I have been able to inspire others to participate in volunteer work. Future plans with Rag Next year I hope to of made a RAG a fully acknowledged society at the University firstly as I believe it to be a great opportunity for students to be involved with and also to help raise more money for the partner charities. I plan for RAG to have a stall at next year freshers fair to recruit more students and I aim for RAG to host many more fundraising events next year.

Rag officer candidate manifesto  
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