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Candidates and Manifestos PRESIDENT Emily Saunders, Psychology I’m Emily Saunders, I’m running for President, please take the time to read what I would like to achieve if I am voted in. Having sat on Student Council for 2 years, and been a Student Trustee for a year, as well as chairing a society and working in other committee roles I feel I have the necessary skills to develop the SU in to a union fit for the changing university. If I am elected I will bring compassion for all students, dedication to the job and loyalty to you, the students, to this role. If elected my goals are: 1. To recognise that students need to feel their money is a good investment and therefore campaign for honesty around course costs, simplified processes to access additional funding and value for money in university accommodation. 2. To work along side the university to review the welfare provision, and encourage an open discussion around welfare in all aspects of university life, ensuring it is meeting the needs of students. 3. To lead a discussion reforming the current Full and Part time roles to ensure the Union is serving every student in the best possible way. 4. To encourage a diverse and accepting culture in the Union by arranging a variety of different types of events throughout the year such as alcohol free nights and family friendly events in addition to the usual events. Voting opens Tuesday 4th March and closes at 4pm Friday 7th March. Remember Vote for Emily!

Stephanie Fisher, Sports Coaching Science with Disability. I believe that all students who leave the University of Worcester should gain not just a degree but also a number of life skills which will help them in the future and some amazing experiences and memories. By representing you to both the University and the NUS I believe that the overall satisfaction felt by all students should be improved at our University.

As President I wish to achieve: 1. Money when it matters – aiming to improve the accessibility of financial support available for all students. Also, ensuring cashpoints are maintained and are not continuously empty or broken.

2. Giving students a voice – providing more opportunities for students to voice their opinions, on any issue. Support and develop campaigns to help improve our university. 3. Student support – ensuring all students get the welfare support they need to allow them achieve all that they can during their time at Worcester University. Also to work closely with the university to help students receive the financial support that they need. 4. Mental health – Moving away from home and the stresses of University are felt by every student and for some it may be overwhelming. My aim is to allow students engage in the students’ unions and gain knowledge about the support available to them. 5. Go green – help all University maintained accommodation to become more environmentally friendly and educate students on quick and simple ways to help the environment. Also to continue work with ‘Energize Worcester’.

Wesley Hudson – Media and Cultural Studies with Screenwriting Vote Wesley Hudson as your 1st choice for President #Wes4Pres 4th – 7th March

With freshers’ week a distant memory and assignment deadlines emerging, student elections might not seem a priority. However your votes will help shape the university to suit your needs! Your union’s here to represent the students, not me. It’s extremely important to constantly consult with the student body, if elected I aim to TAKE THE I OUT OF PRESIDENT by: • •

Creating regular polls, face-to-face consultations and drop in sessions, catering for the requirements of students across campuses. Creating a diverse and approachable union representing every student from Mature and International to Part-Time, so all your needs, interests and demands are supported, enabling you to participate in the SU at all levels. Promoting a 24 Hour student help-line.

An issue that students find, myself included, is finding your HOME SWEET HOME. Students can have horrific housing experiences, to avoid this I aim to create: A detailed housing guide, helping you find acceptable/affordable accommodation, highlighting the do’s/don’ts of house hunting. A housing fayre for students to liaise with local landlords/letting agencies. With increased tuition fees money matters more than ever. It’s time the university helped put POUNDS BACK IN YOUR POCKETS. I’m focusing on: Printing/copying credits every semester.

Increased awareness for financial support available. The cost of on/off-campus accommodation and facilities. Developing a case to re-introduce bursaries. Your vote means everything so please vote for me, Wesley Hudson as your 1st choice for President on the 4th-7th March. #Wes4Pres

Candidates and manifestos (president)  
Candidates and manifestos (president)