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George I. Alden

Opposite: Alden Hydraulic Laboratory, as rebuilt in 1926, and its Low Head Laboratory, 1916


152 Sanford Riley Hall

Conversion of Atwater Kent Laboratories after the trolley car era No student who has visited Hobart H. Newell in his office will ever forget either one


W insignia, first awarded for athletic achievements in 1902

Undefeated Soccer team, 1938; Golf (above, right), 1926; Football (below, right) 1938


David L. Gallup and his fast car


Tech Pharmacy, Sol Hurowitz in doorway. Serving Tech students since 1892, this store used to be visible from Tech Hill, with no houses in between. Max Hurowitz, Sol’s twin brother and a W.P.I. alumnus, is also a pharmacist, the proprietor of the University Pharmacy on Park Avenue since 1925.

Fuller Memorial Pool


Goat's Head, pictured in 1893 Aftermath. Replica given by Class of 1893 (above) in 1928 for athletic competition

Tech Band, first Homecoming Day, directed as it still is, by William F. Lynch



Hurricane devastation on Tech campus, 1938


Campus, 1955


A Bright Chapter - part 2  

A Bright Chapter - part 2

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