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Morgan truck owned by Norton Company


Automobile testing, 1906

David L. Gallup and his fast car

Haynes car, now exhibited at Smithsonian Institution, and its inventor, Elwood Haynes


Ira N. Hollis on Boynton Hall steps Traditional Rope Pull, initiated in 1909

Bliss Field, where the City’s only native hawthorne bushes grew




The academic procession marches down rain-swept Main Street

Central Congregational Church, where Tech’s first 50th Anniversary function was held, through trees of Salisbury pear orchard, the present site of Worcester’s Memorial Auditorium. From 1893-1943 with one exception, Tech’s baccalaureate services were held in this church.


Academic procession leaves Bancroft Hotel, Booker T. Washington in foreground.

George I. Rockwood speaks to Alumni. Charles G. Washburn at center right.


Presentation of Alumni Field to Institute

Dedication of Alumni Gates, Zelotes Coombs and Levi Conant on speaker’s stand


World War I, W.P.I. Battalion, 1917

When Roots Would Go Deep - part 2  

When Roots Would Go Deep - part 2