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Gertrude R. Rugg receives honorary membership status in Alumni Association from its president, Francis B. Townsend. Harris Rice, retiring professor of Mathematics, was feted on the same occasion in 1959.

Robert S. Parks, in sentimental journey, comes back to Tech campus in his ninety-second year. Three librarians since 1902, left to right: Emily M. Haynes (sister of George H. Haynes), Albert G. Anderson, Jr., Bonnie-Blanche Schoonover

Warren B. Zepp, Secretary-Treasurer of Alumni Association and Norma F. Larson, Assistant and Office Manager of Association


Mrs. Walter Jennings, 96 years in 1964, founder of the W.P.I. Women’s Club, serves tea to club's new president, Mrs. Lawrence C. Neale.

Alumni reunion luncheon in Morgan Hall. Raymond J. Forkey, Class of 1940 and winner of 12 athletic letters, presides as president of Alumni Association.

Professors, after receiving honorary degrees from Tech in 1964. Left to right: Leslie J. Hooper, Kenneth G. Merriam, B. Leighton Wellman.


Computation facility, Elliot L. Buell at right

224 Benjamin A. Wooten at controls of Van de Graaff Accelerator

Leslie C. Wilbur ar the Nuclear Reactor

Leland L. Atwood in Boynton Hall office

225 Leslie J. Hooper takes the Scientific Briefing for Tomorrow group on a tour of Alden Hydraulic Laboratory

Undefeated golf teams, 1962, 1963


Nils Hagberg on campus patrol

Undefeated track team, 1963


Cartoon by Al Banx, for The Worcester Telegram and Gazette, in memory of Percy R. Carpenter


Athletic Coaches, 1961. Left to right, standing: Jansson, Norcross, Grant, King. Seated: McNulty, Pritchard.

The Very Same Dream - part 2  

The Very Same Dream - part 2