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Project Presentation Day About Worcester Polytechnic Institute Founded in 1865, WPI was one of the nation’s first engineering and science universities. Today, it is a national university with 14 academic departments offering more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in science, engineering, technology, business, the social sciences, and the humanities and arts. Those offerings include interdisciplinary majors in interactive media and game development, environmental engineering, and robotics engineering (the nation’s first BS degree program in that field) WPI places a high premium on excellence in undergraduate education, with strong student-faculty interaction and a unique approach to active, collaborative learning through a project-enriched curriculum. Through the university’s innovative Global Perspective Program, students have the opportunity to make a difference in communities and organizations around the world by applying science and technology to help solve critical social and cultural problems. About two thirds of undergraduates travel off campus to complete professional level projects, working at more than 35 project centers on six continents. WPI awarded its first advanced degree in 1898. Today most of its academic departments offer graduate programs that can be pursued on a full- or parttime basis. WPI’s talented faculty work with students on interdisciplinary research that seeks solutions to problems in such fields as bioengineering, energy, information security, materials processing, and the learning sciences. WPI alumni have been responsible for a number of world-changing innovations, among them the liquid-fueled rocket, the airbag safety system, and the Segway Human Transporter.

About Project Presentation Day Once a year, WPI students take time out from their studies to present to their faculty advisors and sponsors the results of their Major Qualifying Projects, or MQPs (one of two significant academic projects all WPI students complete). The MQP is a professional-level design or research experience generally completed in teams and often sponsored by corporations or other external organizations. The projects mirror the kinds of professional work students will tackle in their careers. The project experience prepares students to lead team efforts, to communicate professionally, to meet deadlines and exceed expectations, to deal with ambiguity and unexpected difficulties, and to consider not just the technical, but the ethical and social dimensions of their work. The projects must be thoroughly documented in written reports, and virtually all teams make oral presentations of their results. These are the presentations you will see today. Not infrequently, Major Qualifying Projects lead to publications in peer-reviewed journals, presentations at regional and national conferences, and patents. Some become the foundations for entrepreneurial ventures. Others become useful innovations and products for their corporate sponsors. But no matter what becomes of an MQP, the chances are it has already served as an effective capstone to a WPI education and a profound steppingstone to a successful and rewarding career and life.

Schedule of Project Presentations

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Aerospace Engineering Biology and Biotechnology Biomedical Engineering Business Chemical Engineering Chemistry and Biochemistry Civil and Environmental Engineering Computer Science Electrical and Computer Engineering Environmental Engineering

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Humanities and Arts Interactive Media & Game Development Mathematical Sciences Mechanical Engineering Physics Professional Writing Robotics Engineering Social Science and Policy Studies How to Become a Project Sponsor

Project Presentation Day Schedule Aerospace Engineering Higgins Labs, Room 116

8:40am Experimental and Computational Investigation of a Dual-Bell Nozzle Katlin Davis, Elizabeth Fortner, Michael Heard, Hannah McCallum, Hunter Putzke Advisor: John Blandino

9:00am Design of a Micro-Pulsed Plasma Thruster for a 3U CubeSat Sebastian Eslava, Jordan Marchetto, Erik Scougal Advisor: Nikolaos Gatsonis

9:20am Airborne Wind Energy Systems: Kite Power Aaron Durkee, Christopher Ettis, Jerry Kim, David Levien, Sarah Triplett Advisor: David Olinger

9:40am Landing Platform Deck Travis Austin, Gabriel Diaz, Zhaolong Li Advisor: Michael Demetriou Co-Advisor: Raghvendra Cowlagi

10:00am Optical Emission Study of a Pulsed Plasma Thruster Luis Gonzalez, Narimane Khaled, Timothy Theriot, Justin White Advisor: John Blandino

10:30am Micro-Aerial Vehicle for SAE Competition, Team 1 Eric Breault, Gary Feldman, Jr., Daniel Lipka, Erik McCaffrey, Nicholas Rallis, Erik Scott Advisor: Anthony Linn Co-Advisor: David Olinger

10:50am Micro Aircraft Team 2 George Bucsan, Ryan Burgan, Marco Romero, John Stackable, Alexander Szumita Advisor: David Olinger Co-Advisor: Anthony Linn


11:10am Design and Test of a Flapping Wing Micro-Aerial Vehicle Andrew Firenze, Trae Jennette, Nishan Srishankar Advisor: Maria Chierichetti Co-Advisor: Michael Demetriou

11:30am Hydrokinetic Energy Nyansafo Aye-Addo, James O’Connor, Randy Perez Advisor: David Olinger Co-Advisor: Anthony Linn

Biology and Biotechnology POSTER SESSION, 9:30 to 11:30am Campus Center, Odeum Designing a Fibrin Scaffold for Lung Resident Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in Emphysema Patients Alyssa Tsiros, Lauren McCarthy, Kara Negrini Advisor: Dave Adams Sponsor: Andrew Hoffman, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Neural Imaging in Freely Moving Animals Paul Cupido, Justin Hess, Ellva Feng Advisors: Dirk Albrecht, Joe Duffy Localization and Apoptosis Studies on Fused Apoptin-PCV-1 VP3 Tail Protein Michael LeBlanc, George Tsougranis Advisor: Destin Heilman Mechanism by which Heart regulates Peripheral Metabolism in Obesity Monolina Binny Advisor: Dave Adams Sponsor: Dr. Jason Kim, UMass Medical Center Mechanism of Activation of Anti-HCMV Nucleoside Analogue MBX-2168 Brittany Jones Advisor: Dave Adams Sponsor: Gloria Komazin, Microbiotix Inc. The Effects of the PRNP Gene on Circadian Rhythms Irma Vlasac Advisor: Dave Adams Sponsor: Richa Saxena, Massachusetts General Hospital

Targets of Filastatin, a Chemical Inhibitor of Adhesion and Morphogenesis by Pathogenic Fungi Damien Cabral, Michael Boyd Advisor: Reeta Prusty Rao Mapping the Position of an Aptamer on Z05 DNA Polymerase to Better Understand the Complex’s Stability and Compatibility with Hot Start PCR Danielle Wisheart Advisor: Destin Heilman Sponsor: Roche Molecular Systems Inc. Development and Analysis of Beta Glucan Particles for High Throughput Peptide and Protein Loading Zachary Duca, Lindsay Jones Advisor: Sam Politz Sponsor: UMass Medical School A Single Poxvirus Protein Disarms Immunity to RNA Virus Infection in Lymantria Dispar Charles White Advisors: Dave Adams, Destin Heilman Sponsor: Craig Mello, UMass Medical School Simulations of Early C. elegans Embryogenesis Rachel Warden, Rachel Wigell, Sarah Thayer Advisors: Liz Ryder, Matt Ward Isolation of Temperature-Sensitive Mutants in the Moss Physcomitrella patens and Mapping of Their Casual Mutation by Genome Sequencing of Pooled Segregants Xinxin Ding Advisors: Luis Vidali, Patrick Flaherty The Search for srf-6 Mutations Nick Van Sciver, Caitlin Rush Advisor: Sam Politz Assessing the Efficacy of Known Procambarus clarkii Primers to Amplify Microsatellite Loci in Orconectus limosus and Orconectus quinebaugensus Angela Wood, Nicole Smolko, Brandon Poole, Meghan Sawicki Advisors: Mike Buckholt, Lauren Mathews POSTER SESSION, 1:00 to 3:00pm Campus Center, Odeum Activity of Peroxidases and Post-Harvest Flavonoids in Artemisia annua Meredith Ghilardi, Jason Purnell Advisor: Pam Weathers Local and Site-Level Effects on Nesting Barn Swallows Mariah Eldredge, Margaret Hester Advisor: Marja Bakermans

Analysis of Myosin XI and RabA Proteins during Polarized Tip Growth in Physcomitrella patens Kelsi Callahan Advisor: Luis Vidali The Effect of RNAi Knockdown of CSN-5 and MIG-10 on Neuronal Migration on C. elegans Rebekah Cocks Advisor: Liz Ryder The Effect of Immuno-Stimulation on the Health of Bumblebees Brooke Coughlan Advisor: Rob Gegear Heritable Aphid Resistance in Phaseolus vulgaris Jeannette Gerry, Poonam Barot Advisors: Lauren Mathews, Mike Buckholt Identification of Cdk1 Phosphosites Required for Activation of the Transcription Factor Hcm1 Kristin Poti Advisor: Reeta Prusty Rao Sponsor: Dr. Jennifer Benanti, UMass Medical School The Effect of Flavonoids on Artemisinin Transport Across Intestinal Caco-2 Cells Laura Sandford. Brianna Hayes, Kate Harten Advisor: Pam Weathers Characterizing the P2X3 and CASK Interaction Jessica Guyette, Jennifer Pulkowski, David Karbassi Advisor: Tanja Dominko Sponsor: University of Nova Gorica Bioaccumulation of Benzo[alpha]Pyrene in Orconectes Limosus Crayfish Taylor Isabel Briseno, Michael Chadwick, Benjamin Kwame Owusu-Ansah Advisor: JoAnn Whitefleet-Smith Candidiasis Risk Factors and Co-Morbidities Allison Simpson Advisors: Reeta Prusty-Rao, Brenton Faber Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Lee Keaffer Advisor: Dave Adams Sponsor: Hong Zhang, UMass Medical School The Role of Calmodulin in PKC-Regulated DAT Surface Expression Stephen Dalton-Petillo Advisor: Dave Adams Sponsor: Haley Melikian, UMass Medical School Investigating the Participation of Kinesin-4lls and Kinesin-7ls on Chloroplast Motility Using RNA Interference Divya Ramachandra Panickar Advisor: Luis Vidali 3

The Effects of Over-the-Counter Phytoestrogens on Breast Cancer Cells: Black Cohosh Tracy Sinkewicz, Theresa Renna Advisors: Jill Rulfs, Mike Buckholt The Effects of Over-the-Counter Phytoestrogens on Breast Cancer Cells: Red Clover Nirali Parekh, Taylor Manning Advisors: Jill Rulfs, Mike Buckholt The Effects of Over-the-Counter Phytoestrogens on Breast Cancer Cells: Grape Seed Stephanie Lesage, Elena Musteata Advisors: Jill Rulfs, Mike Buckholt

Biomedical Engineering SESSION 1, 9:00am to Noon Salisbury Labs, Room 104

9:10am Designing a Fibrin Scaffold for Lung Resident Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in Emphysema Patients Lauren McCarthy, Alyssa Tsiros, Kara Negrini Advisors: Glenn Gaudette, Andrew Hoffman (Tufts), David Adams (BBT)

9:30am Optimizing the MOLLE for the Female Soldier Marlisa Cardoso, Rachael Matty, Amy Babeu, Erin LaRoche Advisor: Karen Troy

9:50am Canine Stifle Stabilization System for the Circular Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (cTTA) Procedure Katie Wright, Katherine Newell, Olivia Durand Advisors: Glenn Gaudette; Andrew Kazanovicz, David Anderson, Olivia Doane (Securos)

10:10am Cell Seeding on Bioscaffolds Timothy Erlandson, Tatiana Vitorino Prata, Matthew Gagnon, Sean Kelly Advisor: Glenn Gaudette

10:45am Upconversion Nanoparticles in Photodynamic Therapy Hyungseok Lee, Mahmoud El-Rifai, Amira Tokatli-Apollon Advisors: Marsha Rolle, Gang Han (UMMS)


11:05am Device for Evaluating the Contraction of Cardiac Cell-Seeded Fibers John Krill, Juliana Fekete, Timothy O’Neil, Cameron Mills Advisor: Glenn Gaudette

11:25am Bone Loading in the Upper Extremities (B.L.U.E.) Maximilian Ardini, Amirhossein Farvardin, Charity Reed Advisor: Karen Troy SESSION II: 9:00 to Noon Salisbury Labs, Room 105

9:10am 3D Hydrogel System with Continuous Stiffness Gradient Claire Hambright, Lindsay Hock, Melanie Wiater, Christopher Gorgone Advisors: Sakthi Ambady, Qi Wen (PH)

9:30am Design of Ergonomic Tissue Forceps Luke Bogdanovich, Andrew Cayer, Jacob Aschettino, Timothy Granger Advisors: Kristen Billiar, Raymond Dunn (UMMS)

9:50am Fabrication of Hydrogel with Controllable Heterogeneity in Stiffness Amanda Ryan, Olivia Hart, Kathleen Hodge, Margaret McDonough Advisors: Sakthi Ambady, Qi Wen (PH)

10:10am Design of a Three Dimensional Scaffold to Grow Cartilaginous Thick Tissue Jeremy Kibby, Samuel Eisenberg, Andrew Leverone, Tara Meinck (ME) Advisors: Domhnull Granquist-Fraser, Sakthi Ambady, Gregory Fischer (ME)

10:45am A System for Dynamic Modulation of CellGenerated Tension in 3D Biopolymer Gels Emily Lurier, Megan Dempsey, Elisabeth Boulanger, Tara Jarobski Advisor: Kristen Billiar

11:05am Modulating the Cellular Mechanics by Regulating the Cytoskeletal Proteins Vivek Kumar, William Pinette, Michael Notkin, Danielle Heinle Advisors: Sakthi Ambady, Qi Wen (PH)

11:25am Fabrication of a Hydrogel with Controllable Heterogeneity in Stiffness Samantha Sargalski, Kelin Song, Andrea Rivas Advisors: Sakthi Ambady, Qi Wen (PH) SESSION III: 9:00 to Noon Salisbury Labs, Room 115 (Kinnicutt)

9:10am Novel Low-Cost Smartphone Enabled Contaminant Detection Device Cassandra Clift, Alexandria Powell Advisors: Mark Norige, Mustapha Fofana (ME)

11:25am In-Vitro 3-D Skeletal Muscle Model with Mechanical Stimulation Alex Barat, Randy Chin, Alan Gribble, Jacob Konowitch Advisors: Raymond Page SESSION IV: 9:00 to Noon Salisbury Labs, Room 305

9:10am NeuroTracker 2.0: Improved Software for Neural Imaging in Freely-Moving Animals Paul Cupido, Ellva Feng, Justin Hess (BCB) Advisor: Dirk Albrecht

9:30am Modification of a Collagen Scaffold to Enhance the Performance of Tissue Engineered Skin Brittany DiCapua, Tyler Modelski, Meaghan Dunn, Kristin Sundberg Advisors: George Pins, Raymond Dunn (UMMS)

9:30am DNA Sequence Analysis & Error Correction Wai Phyo Maung, Maris Pepo, Jared Erb, Alec Rebh Advisor: Patrick Flaherty

9:50am Investigating Motion Artifact in Reflective Pulse Oximetry during Random Motion Corinne Nawn Advisor: Yitzhak Mendelson

9:50am Transparent Tissue Preparation Danny Flores, Bielinsky Brea Advisor: Ming Su

10:10am Long-Term Clinical Evaluation of Novel ECG Electrodes Armand Kapinova, Leonard Shollo (ECE), Peter Shorrock Advisor: Ki Chon

10:10am Cell Culture System to Enable a Therapy for Volumetric Muscle Loss Brishell Aquise-Calizaya, Jeffrey Ducki, Andrew Lamb, Kyle Bonaccorso Advisor: Raymond Page

10:45am Design of a Tunneling System for Endoscopic Neurosurgery Naida Colakhodzic, Christine Morgan, Courtney Langley, Rachel Mollard Advisors: Mark Norige, Oguz Catatepe (UMMC), Satya Shivkumar (ME)

11:05am Mobile DNA Sequence Analysis Brianna Newton, Thomas Gammel, James Erickson, Sam Miraglia Advisor: Patrick Flaherty

10:45am Lactate Biosensor to Monitor Glioblastoma Multiforme Emily Jones, Katelyn Cabral, Jennifer Burnham Advisors: Anjana Jain, Hong Zhou (CHE)

11:05am Engineered Animals for Rapid Screening of Molecular Interactions Zeynep Yalcin, Danielle Masone, Melissa Haughn Advisor: Dirk Albrecht

11:25am Multiphasic Growth Factor Release from Fibrin Microthreads Devyn McHugh, Molly Ott, Sarah Brockway, Elia Lerma Advisor: George Pins


Business POSTER SESSION, 8:00am to Noon Washburn Shops, Room 229 Continuous Integration Project at JPMorgan Yao Li, Yang Yang Advisors: Arthur Gerstenfeld, Xinming Huang (ECE) Sponsor: JPMorgan Chase & Co. Predictive Analysis for Network Data Storm Muyeedul Hoque, Mauricio Ledesma Advisor: Arthur Gerstenfeld Sponsor: BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Banking Data Driven Decision Making Kimberly Chan, Molly Mioduszewski Advisors: Arthur Gerstenfeld, Kevin Sweeney Sponsor: BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Banking

A Model for Stock Pricing Matthew Butler, Michael Guzman, Ryan Turner Advisors: Wally Towner, Mayer Humi (MA) Fundraising Campaign Strategy and Implementation for University Choral Tour Sylvia Parol Advisors: Sharon Wulf, Jennifer deWinter (HU) Sponsor: John Delorey (HU) Finding Improving Solutions that Control Disruption to Binary Optimization Problems Uyen Ngoc Thao Nguyen Advisors: Renata Konrad, Andrew Trapp

Lean Process Improvement at St. Vincent Hospital Janell Biczak, Karen McDonald Advisor: Sharon Johnson Sponsor: St. Vincent Hospital

Commercialization of an Ergonomic Scalpel Nicholas Comeau, Sarah Dunn, Elizabeth Mukhanov, Enrique Salazar, Cheryl Travison Advisors: Adrienne Hall-Phillips, Jerry Schaufeld Sponsor: 5G Medical

Implementing Lean Process Improvement in the Sterile Processing Department at the Academic Medical Center Diego Adrianzen, Zachary Dombroski, Shahbaz Soofi, Stephen Young Advisor: Sharon Johnson Sponsor: The Academic Medical Center

Designing a Resource for Student Entrepreneurs at Worcester Polytechnic Institute Joseph Botelho, Rodrigo Calles, Diana Nguyen Advisors: Sharon Wulf, James Doyle (SS) Sponsor: WPI Marketing and Communications

Opticap XL Output and Workflow Improvement - Examining Production Line Dedication Marina Chevis, Jose Luis Ortiz Rosero, Veronica Vallenilla Advisor: Renata Konrad Sponsor: EMD Millipore Corporation Development of Watershed Data Analysis Tools Muyeedul Hoque Advisor: Diane Strong Sponsor: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Improving the Scheduling of Operating Rooms at UMass Memorial Medical Center Courtney Carroll, Meredith Juers, Sonja Kent Advisor: Andrew Trapp Sponsor: UMass Memorial Medical Center Door Redesign on a Caterpillar Mid-Size Loader for Access to Oil Filter and Maintenance Jessica Prashaw, Peerapas Thongsawas Advisors: Amy Zeng, Yiming Rong (ME) Sponsor: Caterpillar Inc. 6

Return on Investment Analysis of the VISN1 Telehealth Program Madalyn Moore, Adam Moreschi, Kelsey Rieger, Michael Vardaro Advisor: Amy Zeng Sponsor: US Department of Veterans Affairs VISN1

Mobile Fire Protection Application Jennifer Choe, Stephen Daigneau, Stephen Norman, Sydney Padula Advisor: Wally Towner Sponsor: Andplus Design, LLC The Custom 3D Printed Earbud Cover David Boroyan, Kelly Morgan, Matthew Mulvey Advisor: Frank Hoy Consumer Research to Revitalize a Russian Brand Alex Bean, Kristen Smith Advisors: Chick Kasouf, Svetlana Nikitina (HU) Sponsor: Micromachina Bloomberg Functionality Replication in Quartz Julia Alvidrez, Daniel Tocco Advisors: Kevin Sweeney, Micha Hofri (CS) Sponsor: Bank of America – London Exposure Dashboard Development at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Matthew Coughlin, Bansari Kamdar Advisors: Kevin Sweeney, Xinming Huang (ECE) Sponsor: JP Morgan Chase/London

Don't Text: Market Opportunity Analysis of a Mobile Application System to Prevent Distracted Driving Kailyn Connor, Andrew Sinkewicz, Paige Westlake Advisor: Wally Towner Sponsor: Andplus Design, LLC Improvements to the WPI Coal Bins Robert Mahoney Advisor: Wally Towner Designing, Building, and Managing an Autonomous Boat and its Transatlantic Crossing Attempt Dylan Rodriguez Advisor: Adrienne Hall-Phillips MassDOT Performance Dashboard Babadee Angwafo, Alexander Freilich, Alicia Manley, Tam Vi Advisors: Wally Towner, Helen Vassallo Sponsor: Massdot Ayotte Plumbing Melissa Cowan, John Kilfoil, Ryan Kolb, Sitthipat Preedawan Advisor: Helen Vassallo Sponsor: Ayotte Plumbing and Air Conditioning The Feasibility of LED Lighting for Commercial Use Daniel Dwan, Michael Horgan Advisor: Helen Vassallo Developing a Credit Dashboard Alexandra Mutty, Fangwen Yuan Advisors: Kevin Sweeney, Micha Hofri (CS), Xinming Huang (ECE) Sponsor: Bank of America Corporation Extension of Vendor Performance and Relationship Management System Gregory Karp-Neufeld, Gregory Mannheim, Shun Snoddy, Adam Taylor Advisor: Eleanor Loiacono Sponsor: Communispace Corporation Improving Social Intranets Ilya Chmykh, Christopher Molineaux, Michael Perruccio Advisors: Diane Strong, Bengisu Tulu Sponsor: Putnam Investment Strategy for Increasing Awareness and the Development of a Promotional Plan for a NonProfit Organization in a University Environment Joshua Croke Advisors: Sharon Wulf, John Delorey (HU) Sponsor: Thomas L. Collins III ’01, chairman, Glee Club Associates

Exception Management Application Spenser Haddad, Ran Tian Advisors: Arthur Gerstenfeld, Xinming Huang (ECE) Sponsor: Barclays Capital, Inc.

Chemical Engineering Goddard Hall, Room 227

8:00am Simultaneous Removal of Natural Organic Matter and Heavy Metal Uyen Nguyen Advisor: Susan Zhou Sponsor: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

8:15am Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Wastewater using Biocompatible Nano Composites Edmund Eduah Advisor: Susan Zhou Sponsor: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

8:30am Optimization of Membrane Fabrication and Experimental Conditions for the Removal of Natural Organic Matter in Water Qiaochu Han Advisor: Susan Zhou Sponsor: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

8:45am Remediation by Means of Chemical Passivation for Trace Metals in Contaminated Soils Joao Paulo de Correia (EVE) Advisors: David DiBiasio, Susan Zhou Sponsor: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

9:00am Modeling the Tempering of Alloyed Steels Karen Paklin, Shikha Shrestha, Nichole Holman (ME) Advisors: David DiBiasio, Richard Sisson (ME)

9:15am Decomposition Kinetics of Fire Resistant Polymers Brianna Gillespie, Mary Long (ME), Natalie McMillan, Caitlin Walde (ME) Advisors: David DiBiasio, Nick Dembsey (FPE)


9:45am Distillery Design: Producing Vodka and Other Spirits Jack Besse, Danielle Dechaine Advisors: David DiBiasio, Steven Kmiotek

10:00am Optimization of Liquid Liquid Extraction Anthony Caravella, Ashley Marcinkowski, Timothy Sarasin, Victoria Stratton Advisors: W. M. Clark, David DiBiasio Sponsor: Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

10:15am Photocatalysis of Hair Dyes Using Immobilized Titanium Dioxide Johanna Hartmann, Elena Banegas Nunez Advisors: Terri Camesano, Steven Kmiotek Sponsor: ENSIC, Nancy France

10:30am Textural Correlations between Crystal Size and Hardness in Sorbets and Ice Cream Han Huynh, Ngan Nguyen, Kevin Yiu Advisors: David DiBiasio, Satya Shivkumar (ME)

10:45am Photocatalytic Oxidation for the Removal of Chlorpyrifos from Aqueous Solution Brendan Matheny, Jay Rigenbach, Iliana Schulman, Dominique Throop Advisors: John Bergendahl (CEE/ChE, Frederick Hart (CEE)

11:00am Corrosion Mechanisms and Damage Modeling in Ferrous Materials Khalil Bagran(ME), Jaime De Souza, Josh Morales (PHE), Eric Plante (ME) Advisor: Diana Lados (ME/ChE) Sponsor: Gillette Company

11:15am Water Quality Management Plan for Beaver Lake in Ware, Mass. Megan Forti, Ariane Hopkinson, Madeline Willer (CE) Advisors: John Bergendahl(CHE/CEE), Jeanine Plummer (EVE) Olin Hall, Room 223



Sorption and Diffusion Parameters in Organosilane-Functionalized Zeolites Alaina Blanker, Matthew Cook, Elizabeth Kelley, Matthew Taber Advisors: Steven Kmiote, Michael Timko

8:15am Eastern US Wine and Yeast Study; Kinetics and Composition Justin Lagassey Advisor: Steven Kmiotek Sponsor: Zoll Cellars

8:30am Effects of Low Voltage Testing on PEM Fuel Cell with Current Control by Hydrogen Flow Veronica Goldsmith, Lindsay Mitchell Advisor: Steven Kmiotek Sponsor: ENSIC, Nancy, France

8:45am Oxygen Generator Design Devin Churchman, Daniel Jones (CBC), Raj Patel Advisors: Ravindra Datta, Steven Kmiotek, Drew Brodeur(CBC)

9:00am Ball Milled Carbon Catalysis Erin Heckley, Joseph Toto, Juan Venegas Advisor: Michael Timko

9:15am The Effects of Biomass Particle Size on Production Distribution of the Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Pine Wood Casey Hensel, Callie King, Joseph Szerszunowicz Advisors; Aaron Deskins, Michael Timko

9:45am Molten Salt Pyrolysis of Polystyrene Abdulaziz Mohammad Alamer, Muteb Awaji Advisors: Ravindra Datta, Michael Timko

10:00am Analysis of High Temperature Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell Conditions and Configurations Sean Callaghan, William Lind Advisor: Ravindra Datta

10:15am A First Principles Study of Graphene/TiO2 Composite Catalyst to Improve Photocatalytic Activity Brandon Bukowski Advisor: Aaron Deskins

10:30am Visible Light Responsive Photocatalytic Fuel Cell for Simultaneous Wastewater Treatment and Electricity Generation Ankush Patil Advisor: Aaron Deskins

10:45am Biodiesel Combustion and Heat Exchanger Unit Operations Lab Bryan Belliard, Elizabeth Carcone, John Swalec, Jennifer Zehnder Advisor: W. M. Clark

11:00am An Investigation of Free Glycerin and Potassium Ion Adsorption by Dudalite DWR-10 Ion Exchange Resin Matthew Beck, Ryan Gall, Laura Kowalczyk, Ronald Sherrod Advisor: W. M. Clark

11:15am Modeling a Fixed Bed Reactor using COMSOL Multiphysics Charles Mendes Advisor: Anthony Dixon

Chemistry and Biochemistry POSTER SESSION, 9:30 to 11:30am Campus Center, Odeum An Investigation of Porcine Circovirus Type 1 Through Rapid Prototyping and Fluorescence Microscopy. Timothy Beane, Aaron Benjamin Advisor: Destin Heilman Targets of Filastatin, a Chemical Inhibitor of Adhesion and Morphogenesis by Pathogenic Fungi Michael Boyd, Damian Cabral Advisors: Robert Dempski, Rita Prusty Rao (BBT) The Effect of Nutritional State on Social Behaviors in C. elegans Bethany Burke Advisor: Destin Heilman, Jagan Srinivasan (BBT) Development and Analysis of a Novel Nanotherapeutic for the Treatment Giloblastoma Multiforme Joseph Cacaccio, Eileen Wrabel Advisor: Destin Heilman Sponsor: Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. Palladium Catalyzed Non-directed Aromatic C-H Aminations Da Teng Advisor: Marion Emmert

Copper-Catalyzed Methods for Benzylic C-H Bond Amination Julia Darcy Advisor: Marion Emmert Exploring the Role of Residues in the Intracellular Loop of hZIP4 in the Binding of Zn2+ Brian Doyon Advisor: Robert Dempski Post-Transposition Regulatory Pathway in C. elegans Using Library Mos-1 Mediated Single Copy Alyssa Donohue Advisor: Destin Heilman Sponsor: Sean Ryder, UMMS Hydrothermal Synthesis of Li2MSiO4 (M=Mn and/or Fe): Investigation of the Mechanism and the Effects of Different Reaction Conditions Mengxi Du Advisors: Robert Connors, Jianyu Liang (ME) Development and Analysis of Beta Glucan Particles for High-Throughput Peptide and Protein loading Zachary Duca, Lindsey Jones Advisors: Destin Heilman, Samuel Politz (BBT) Sponsor: Gary Ostroff, UMMS Design and Synthesis of Hepatitis C NS3/4A Protease Inhibitors Caitlin Hill Advisor: Destin Heilman Design and Application of Metal-Organic Frameworks Containing Porphyrin Photosensitizers Grace Holliday, Andrew Smith Advisor: John MacDonald Antisense Transcription Regulates the Expression of Meiotic Genes During Mitotic Growth in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Ryan Holmes Advisor: Destin Heilman Sponsor: Nicholas Rhind, UMMS Characterization of ZCF Transcription Factors That Are Expanded in the Human Pathogen Candida albicans Chietara Japutra Advisor: Rita Prusty Rao (BBT) Localization and Apoptosis Studies on Fused Apoptin-PCV-1 VP3 Tail Protein Michael LeBlanc, George Tsougranis Advisor: Destin Heilman


Investigating the Role of Multimerization in hTTV VP3 Cancer Cell Specific Apoptosis Nicholas Morassi, Michaella Reif Advisor: Destin Heilman The Role of p53Ser23 in Insulin Resistance Khanh Nguyen Advisor: Destin Heilman Sponsor: Hayla Sluss, UMMS Assessing the Efficacy of Known Procambarus clarkii Primers on Microsatellite Loci for Fragment Analysis on Orconectus limosus, and Orconectus quinebaugensus Brandon Poole, Megan Sawicki, Nicole Smolko, Angela Wood Advisor: Michael Buckholt (BBT), Lauren Mathews (BB) The Search for Srf-6 Mutations Caitlin Rush, Nicholas Van Sciver Robert Dempski, Samuel Politz (BB) Chemical and Photophysical Properties of a D-A dye Anthony Salerni Advisor: Robert Connors, Christopher Lambert The POSSIM Force Field: Developing Parameters for Organic Molecules and Simulating Biochemical Systems Daniel Sigalovsky Advisor: George Kaminski Infrared Spectroscopic Characterization of cPLA2Îą C2 domain Yunqiu Sun Advisor: Arne Gericke Simulation of Early C. elegans Embryogenesis Sarah Thayer, Rachel Warden, Rachel Wigell Advisors: Elizabeth Ryder (BBT), Matthew Ward (CS) A Single Poxvirus Protein Disarms Immunity to RNA Virus Infection in Lymantria Dispar Charles White Advisors: David Adams (BB), Destin Heilman Sponsor: Craig Mello, UMMS Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohol Catalyzed by [Cp*IrCl2]2 Wenbo Wu Advisor: Marion Emmert


Civil and Environmental Engineering POSTER SESSIONS, 1:00 to 4:00pm Kaven Hall, 1st Floor Hallway Application of Phase Change Materials in Airport Runways Paul Bender, Sarah Cote Advisors: Aaron Sakulich, Rajib Mallick Architectural Engineering Institute Student Design Competition Elizabeth Audet,* Benjamin Bruso,* Courtnae-Symone Currie,* Irene Yeung* Advisors: Leffi Cewe-Malloy, Leonard Albano, Kenneth Elovitz, Umberto Berardi Design and Construct RAP Inhwan Kim Advisor: Rajib Mallick Design Framework for Comparing Wind Turbine Tower Erection Methods Holly Ganser, Siena Mamayek, Melissa Samaroo, Dana Wolkiewicz Advisor: Leonard Albano Kaven Hall 115 Development of Structural Testing Framework Yar Zar Moe Htet, Moe Hein Aung Advisor: Yeesock Kim Energy Retrofit of Kaven Hall with Aerogel Applications Taoning Wang* Advisor: Umberto Berardi Evaluation of Building Exterior Assembly Detail: Gap Smoke Flow Jared Harbold, Brendan Kerrigan, Camille Levy, and Sarah Meehan Advisors: Nicholas Dembsey, Umberto Berardi Experimental Feasibility Study of Geopolymer as a Calcium-Rich Soil Stabilizer Adam Coen, Peter Nowak Advisor: Mingjiang Tao Fish Passage Design for the Center Falls Dam in Winchester, Mass. Peter Eggleston, Anthony Guerra Advisors: Leonard Albano, Paul Mathisen Sponsor: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Kaven Hall 116 Improvements to the WPI Powerplant Coal Bins Robert Mahoney, Edward Mercer, Joseph Monasky Advisors: Leonard Albano, Walter Towner Mechanical Design Alternative for CJ Only One Center Yijun Wang* Advisor: Ken Elovitz Sponsor: Cannon Design Mink Farm Wastewater Management Jacob Lautman Advisors: Frederick Hart, Suzanne LePage Sponsor: Stantec Kaven Hall 2nd Floor Hallway Myra Hiatt Kraft Memorial Bridge Restoration in Historic Elm Park Alexandra Jaeger, Nicole Martucci, Lamyae Reklaoui, Erik Snodgrass, Matthew Steeves, Matthew Valcourt, Courtney Verdel-Ogden Advisor: Tahar El-Korchi Sponsor: City of Worcester and the City of Worcester Parks Department Recreational Trail & Pedestrian Bridge Design in Fultonville, NY Cory Adams, Scott Gould, Giovanna Olson, Ryan Weitz Advisor: Leonard Albano, Suzanne LePage Redesign of Newton Square in Worcester, Massachusetts Margaret Corrigan, Meghan Hennessey, Susan Stukas Advisor: Suzanne LePage Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Data Centers Megan Cann, Carl K.C. Chong, Gonul Duren, Anqi Tong Advisor: Leffi Cewe-Malloy, Kenneth Elovitz, Alexander Emanuel, Nima Rahbar Sponsor: Integrated Design Group Rehabilitation of Mechanics Hall Matthew Cogswell, Nathan Jaworski, Matthew Sprague Advisor: Leonard Albano Renovation of and Addition to Kaven Hall By: Brianna Maljanian, Samantha Meyerhoff Advisor: Leonard Albano

Kaven Hall 204 Renovation of Alumni Gym Michael Potter, Joseph Rubino, John Antonopoulos, Ehab Hamdan Advisors: Guillermo Salazar, Leonard Albano Structural Health Monitoring Tu Hoang Advisor: Yeesock Kim WSU Dormitory Building Matthew Blakeman, Thomas Lacroix, Myo Latt Advisor: Guillermo Salazar *Architectural Engineering majors

Computer Science Fuller Labs, Room 320

9:00am WICN Smartphone Radio App Edison Jimenez, Seth Crampton Advisors: Emmanuel Agu, Scott Barton (HUA) Sponsor: WICN Radio

9:15am Enabling Autonomous Manipulation on iRobot’s PackBot Jessica Gwozdz , Alexander Henning, Nicholas Morin, Ransom Mowris Advisor: Dmitry Berenson

9:30am NVIDIA Android Tegra Thermal Management Christina Guertin, Kexin Shi, Alexander Karp, Wesley Nitinthorn Advisor: David Finkel Sponsor: NVIIDA Inc.

9:45am Automated Deploy for Chrome OS Testing Michael Checca, Bohao Li, Yilan Liu Advisor: David Finkel Sponsor: NVIIDA Inc.

10:00am Intelligent Simulation of Worldwide Application Distribution for OnLive’s Server Network Sam Jaffe, Thinh Nguyen, Brendan Stephen Advisors: Mark Claypool, David Finkel Sponsor: OnLive Inc.


10:15am Organizing and Processing Geotagged Images in an Android Application Kevin Hufnagle Advisors: Emmanuel Agu, Jennifer DeWinter (HUA)

1:45pm Developing an Android Framework and Exemplar App for WPI Suite Mark Fitzgibbon, Sam Lalezari, Nathan Longnecker Advisor: Gary Pollice

2:00pm 10:45am Experimental Improvements to Regularity Clustering Stephen Peters, Keleigh O’Neil Advisors: Gabor Sarkozy, Peter Christopher (MA)

11:00am Quest Emily Miller, Jordan Vishniac, Sam Stadtlander, Eyleen Graedler, Kevin Mann Advisors: Mark Claypool, Dean O'Donnell

11:15am Railroad Runner Jennifer Renee Baulier, Runzi Gao, Alexander Jungnom Kim, Merrielle Ondreicka, Haoyang Zhang Advisor: Robert Lindeman Sponsor: Osaka University

11:30am Maternal Instinct Nicholas Defossez, Kimani Gyening, Alex Quartulli, John Tordoff Advisors: Robert Lindeman, Britton Snyder, Keith Zizza

11:45am Robot Learning through Crowd-Based Games Scott Cornman, Andy Wolff Advisors: Sonia Chernova, Robert Lindeman

1:00pm Understanding Video Lectures in a Flipped Classroom Setting Phillip Simon Advisor: Joseph Beck

1:15pm Enhancing Plug and Play Capabilities in Body Area Networks Ryan Danas, Nate Miller, Doug Lally, John Synnott Advisors: Krishna Venkatasubramanian, Craig Shue

1:30pm Smartphone-based Platform for Patient Medication Compliance David Keeley, Ryan Crook Advisor: Krishna Venkatasubramanian


Core Finding for Relational Structures Visit Pataranutaporn Advisor: Dan Dougherty

2:15pm Interactive Model Finding Taymon Beal Advisor: Dan Dougherty

2:45pm An RPG Interface Gregory Tersoff, Dillon Lankenau (IMGD) Advisors: David Brown, Britt Snyder (IMGD)

3:00pm ProjectSpot: A WPI Computer Science MQP Finding Website Madalyn Coryea, Anthony Fisher Advisor: David Brown

3:15pm Quartz WorldMap Infrastructure Monitoring Jun Liang, Zhaokun Xue Advisor: Micha Hofri Sponsor: Bank of America

3:30pm BAE Testing Tracking Framework Michael Burns, Ian Lukens, Christopher McAndrews, Advisor: Elke Rundensteiner Sponsor: BAE Systems

3:45pm Adaptive Fraud Detection George Gettel, Devin Roberts, Nguyen Tran, Zibo Wang Advisor: Elke Rundensteiner Sponsor: ACI Worldwide

4:00pm DARPA Robotics Challenge Henrique Polido Advisors: Michael Gennert, Art Heinricher (MA)

4:15pm HTTP Bandwidth Aggregation Over Wireless Networks Daniel Robertson Advisors: Craig Shue, Krishna Venkatasubramanian

Electrical and Computer Engineering Atwater Kent Labs, Room 219

9:00am Thermoelectric Management of Lithium Ion Batteries in Mobile Devices Edward Allison, Jeffrey Paquette, Philip Radder Advisor: Cosme Furlong-Vazquez (ECE/ME)

9:15am Visible Light Comm System Casey Barney, Alexander Dich, Dennis Koufos Advisor: Lifeng Lai

9:30am Continuous Integration Yao Li, Yang Yang Advisor: Xinming Huang, Arthur Gerstenfeld (BU) Sponsor: JP Morgan Chase & Company

9:45am Hardware Architecture for Pedestrian Detection: Histograms of Oriented Gradients Jiye Duan, William MacDowell Advisor: Xinming Huang Sponsor: MathWorks Inc.

10:00am Developing a Credit Dashboard Nicolas Dupuis, Alexander Mutty, Fangwen Yuan Advisors: Xingming Huang, Micha Hofri (CS), Kevin Sweeney (BU) Sponsor: Bank of America

10:45am WIFI Mapping Using Robo Umair Abdul Rehman Advisor: Kaveh Pahlavan

11:00am Custom MPPT Controller Hector Alberti Arroyo, Mohammad Affan Ghani Advisors: Stephen Bitar, John McNeill Sponsor: NECAMSID Labs

11:15am Radiant Energy Induction James Dalton Advisor: Stephen Bitar

11:30am Kodiak Electrical Vessel Scalable Modular Power Inverter Casey Hayes, Michael Murillo, Jason Rosenman, Christopher Sontag Advisor: Stephen Bitar Sponsor: Kodiak Electric Vessel

11:45am Blind Sight Nina Fernandes, Petra Hartman, Christina Lavarn, Dominic Lopriore Advisor: Stephen Bitar

1:00pm Active Power Filters Wesley De Christofaro, Brent McGrath, Thomas Powell Advisor: Alexander Emanuel

1:15pm Electric Motorbike with Regenerative Braking Kevin Antalek, Anthony Cangello, Matthew Chase, Micah Flock Advisors: Alexander Emanuel, Kenneth Stafford (ME)

1:30pm The Evaluation of Harmonic Mitigation Techniques Elizabeth Forehand, Hanin Maqsood, Emily McWilliam Advisor: Alexander Emanuel

1:45pm Alternative Energy Amber Desjardin, Samuel Francois, Melissa Rodas Advisors: Alexander Emanuel, John McNeill Sponsor: NECAMSID Lab

2:00pm Electromagnetic Ring Launcher Ali Saad Algarni, Frank Gleason, Ashwin Mohanakumaran Advisor: Alexander Emanuel

2:15pm SEPIC Converter Gregory Sharp Advisor: Alexander Emanuel


Atwater Kent Labs, Room 233

9:00am Indoor Localization using Visual and Inertial Odometery Benjamin Anderson, Kai Ola Brevig, Benjamin Collins, Elvis Dapshi, Surabhi Kumar Advisors: James Duckworth, Taskin Padir (ECE/RBE)

9:15am Collaborative Navigating Autonomous Systems Madeline Burris, Ryan Fawthrop, Kevin Janesch, Edward Murphy, Quinn Perry Advisors: Alexander Wyglinski, Taskin Padir (ECE/RBE) Sponsor: MathWorks

9:30am Low Power HF Signals Nathan Ferreira, Cecelia Franzini Advisor: Reinhold Ludwig Sponsor: MITRE Corporation

11:15am Formula Sae Vehicle Camden Mallette, Justin Paprota Advisors: William Michalson, David Planchard (ME)

11:30am Robotic Sailboat Control System Steven Rutledge Advisors: William Michalson, Kenneth Stafford (ME/RBE)

11:45am RBE-Unmanned Aerial Veh Jonathan Dorich, Devin Mulcahy Advisor: William Michalson Sponsor: Lincoln Labs

1:00pm The NVIDIA Stat App Kevin Conley, Xingchi Dai, Brendan Henrich Advisor: John Orr

1:15pm 9:45am Tunable Filter Design for the RF Section of a Smartphone Jonathon Michel, Michael Morales, Long Pham, Natasa Trkulja Advisor: Reinhold Ludwig Sponsor: Skyworks Solution Inc.

10:00am System Security Metrics via Power Simulation for VLSI Designs Victor Haley, Daniel Hullihen Advisor: Thomas Eisenbarth Sponsor: MITRE Corporation

10:45am Campus Safety System James Beaulieu, Natasha Bonina, Lauren Lewis, Phyo Thinzar Advisor: Susan Jarvis

11:00am Intelligent LED Display Alexander Ryan, Rayce Stipanovich, Harrison Williams Advisor: William Michalson


Sans Trumpet Anthony Mastromattei, Thomas Nguyen Advisors: John Orr, Scott Barton (HU)

1:30pm Backscatter Gain and Array Modeling for a Large-Aperture High-Power Radar Landon Airey, Patrick Sullivan, Jarred Velazquez Advisors: John Orr, David Finkel (CS) Sponsor: SRI

1:45pm Bio-electromagnetic Instrumentation Problems Related to the Human Body Chan Choi, Nicholas Muller, Michael Ruzzi, Charvi Tyagi Advisor: Sergey Makarov

2:00pm Design of Integrated TE Sarah Brooks, Anthony Cicchetti, Patrick Smalcuga Advisor: John McNeill Sponsor: Allegro Microsystems

Environmental Engineering POSTER SESSIONS, 1:00 to 4:00pm Kaven Hall, 1st Floor Hallway 1,4 Dioxane Treatment with Resins Christopher Martineau, Harsha Prasad Advisor: John Bergendahl Adsorption of 1,4 Dioxane on GAC with Regeneration by TiO2/UV Caroline Eigenbrodt, Eric Rooney Advisor: John Bergendahl Beaver Lake Water Quality Megan Forti, Ariane Hopkinson, Madeline Willer Advisors: Jeanine Plummer, John Bergendahl Sponsor: Beaver Lake Trust, Inc. DBP Control in Drinking Water Brooke Cotta, Mariana De Obaldia, Caryn MacDonald, Jamie Pierce Advisor: Jeanine Plummer Design of a Verticle Axis Wind Turbine Oliver Hammond, Shelby Hunt, Emily Machlin Advisor: Paul Mathisen Treatability of 1,4 Dioxane with UV/H202 Oxidation Adam Meunier, Jean-Luc Teixeira, Heidi Wyman Advisor: John Bergandahl Kaven Hall 116 Foundation Design for an Oil Refinery Cooling System Shakhizada Issagaliyeva Advisors: Frederick Hart, Suzanne LePage Sponsor: Stantec Kaven Hall, Second Floor Hallway Nutrient Removal at the Gardner Wastewater Treatment Facility Nicholas Noons, Andrew Osei, Kathryn Roosa, Mariel VanAtta Advisor: Jeanine Plummer Sponsor: City of Gardner Passivation of Trace Metals Joao Correia Advisor: David DiBiasio (CHE) Photocatalytic Oxidation for the Removal of Chlorpyrifos from Aqueous Solution Brendan Matheny, Jay Ringenbach, Iliana Schulman, Dominique Throop Advisor: Frederick Hart, John Bergendahl

Reclamation of Power in Wastewater Treatment Facilities Marissa Capua, Jessica Dzwonkoski, Christopher Harris Advisor: Jeanine Plummer Kaven Hall 204 WPI Stormwater Management Amanda Houyou, Robert Medaglio Advisor: Paul Mathisen

Humanities and Arts Higgins House Library

10:00am Through the Eyes of a Student: 100 Years of Student Life at WPI Sarah Conlin Advisors: James Hanlan, Kent Ljungquist

10:20am Sacred Feathers and a Son of the Forest: Christian Indian Identity and Affirmation in Canada and the U.S. Daniel Boudreau Advisor: Jim Cocola

10:40am Cultural Production and the Transmission of Memory: Reversing Amnesia in the Southern Cone Kristin Poti Advisor: Aarti Madan

Interactive Media and Game Development Fuller Labs, Lower Perreault

1:00pm Ember’s InkLinko Bryce Jassmond, Corinne Kennedy, Andrew Lukas, Christian Walker Advisor: David Finkel Sponsor: Disney Interactive

1:15pm Apple of Discord Suzanne DelPrete, Robert Doyle, Bryce Dumas, Benjamin Miller, Bolin Zhu Advisors: David Finkel, Ralph Sutter 15

1:30pm Quest Emily Miller, Jordan Vishniac, Sam Stadtlander, Eyleen Graedler, Kevin Mann Advisors: Mark Claypool, Dean O'Donnell

1:45pm Hyper Groove: An Interactive Music Game Cian Rice Advisor: Brian Moriarty

2:00pm Game Network/Database Engine Benjamin Carlson, Patrick Feeney, Ian Fite Advisor: Brian Moriarty, Gary Pollice (CS)

2:15pm Genetic Platformer Jennifer Baulier Advisor: Brian Moriarty

2:45pm Railroad Runner Jennifer Renee Baulier, Runzi Gao, Alexander Jungnom Kim, Merrielle Ondreicka, Haoyang Zhang Advisor: Robert Lindeman Sponsor: Osaka University

3:00pm Maternal Instinct Nicholas Defossez, Kimani Gyening, Alex Quartulli, John A Tordoff Advisors: Robert Lindeman, Britt Snyder, Keith Zizza

3:15pm Robot Learning through Crowd-Based Games Scott Cornman, Andy Wolff Advisors: Sonia Chernova, Robert Lindeman

3:30pm Gone Sean Calvert, Logan Harrington Advisors: Britt Snyder, Ralph Sutter, Keith Zizza

3:45pm An RPG Interface Gregory Tersoff, Dillon Lankenau Advisors: Britt Snyder, David Brown (CS)

4:00pm Project Rabbit/Runnaway Rabbit William Poirier, Xavier Mauprivez Advisors: Britt Snyder, Joseph Beck (CS)


Mathematical Sciences Higgins House, Great Hall

9:00am Experimental Improvements to Regularity Clustering Keleigh O’Neil, Stephen Peters Advisors: Peter Christopher, Gabor Sarkozy (CS)

9:15am Study of Whirling Instability Weifan Liu Advisor: Sarah Olson

9:30am Improving the FIP Model Joseph Flanagan Advisor: Sarah Olson

9:45am Categorical Bayesian Inference David Orion Girardo Advisor: Brigitte Servatius

10:00am Planetary Formation Peter Dowling Advisor: Mayer Humi

10:15am Mathematical Modeling of Influenza Viruses Tianyu Li, Zhaokun Xue, Linan Zhang Advisor: Roger Lui

10:45am A Model for Stock Pricing Matthew Butler, Michael Guzman, Ryan Turner Advisor: Mayer Humi

11:00am Identifying Policy Characteristics Leading to Benefit Exhaustion Alan Alezker, Kaitlyn Labbay, Laurel Pytko, Danielle Spector Advisor: Jon Abraham Sponsor: Genworth Financial

11:15am Safeshop- Insurance to Protect Against Online Shopping Fraud Qiyang Zhou Advisor: Jon Abraham

11:30am Projecting Key Statistics for Fantasy Football Andrew Nersessian, Alex Presnal Advisor: Jon Abraham Sponsor: Advanced Sports Logic

11:45am Developing an Algorithm for Optimal Call Center Utilization Mihnea Andrei, James Elmore Advisors: Jon Abraham, Art Heinricher Sponsor: SATMAP

12:00pm Local-Vertex and Edge- Connectivity in Graphs Eric Reich Advisor: Brigitte Servatius

Mechanical Engineering POSTER SESSIONS: 8:30am to Noon Alden Memorial, Great Hall Biomechanical Engineering Alternative Knee Brace Design Sarah Cook, Amanda Cormier, Zachary Tomkinson Advisor: Christopher Brown Exomuscular Sleeve for Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation Ritesh Adhikari, Michael Cross, Timothy Forrest, Hosung Im, Jason Klein, Anselm Mak, Julieth Ochoa Advisors: Greg Fischer, Cagdas Onal, Edward Clancy (ECE) Design of a Protective Device for Head and Neck Injuries in Football Tyler Hanna, Zachary Hennings, Michele Mensing, Evan Perry, Ralle Rookey Advisors: Brian Savilonis, E. Tuzel (PH) The Design of an Adjustable Ankle Support Ximena Auger, Aleksandra LaRue, Nicole McDonough, Isabel Pagliaccio, Asher Plange Advisor: Brian Savilonis Use of Magnesium Alloys in Tension Band Wiring of Olecranon Fractures Joseph Gay, Louisa King, Adrienne Lysen Advisor: Satya Shivkumar

Design Designing Experiments for an Undergraduate Clean Energy Laboratory Marshall Bernklow, Ian Corcoran Advisor: Isa Bar-on Renewable Energy Lab Steven Cortesa, Adam Morin, Jack Tyson Advisor: Isa Bar-on ACL Injury Reducing Ski Binding Plate Nathan Braun Advisor: Chris Brown An Advanced Assessment of Ski Bindings Kelsey Wall, Brendan Walsh Advisor: Chris Brown Bamboo Bicycle Michael Andres, Charles Brock, Dean Dellechiaie, Joseph Giesecke, Malcolm Fano, Edward Lukowski, Jeffrey Quinn, David Richardson Advisor: Chris Brown Load Limiting Passive K3 Below-Knee Prosthetic Sarah Basehore, Tyler Bouchard, John Foy, Jerrod Heiser, Alexander Verrelli, Chadwick Whitcher Advisor: Chris Brown Adjustable Mount Skate Blade Andrew Childs Advisor: Eben Cobb Canoe Lifting Device John Mallers Advisor: Eben Cobb Quick Return Mechanism Sebastian Bellisario, Mingxi Han Advisor: Eben Cobb Design of an Intermediate Scale Fire Testing Rig for Exterior Wall Assemblies Christopher Ciampa, Ethan Forbes, Ditton Kawalya Advisor: Nicholas Dembsey (FPE), Umberto Berardi (CEE) Sponsor: Kreysler and Associates Development of Hand Control Interface for Manual Transmission Vehicles Zachary Bornemann, John LaCamera, Leo Torrente Advisor: Mustapha Fofana DIVER ROV Jillian Chalke, Christopher Conley, Gregory Hutchinson, Victor Puksta, Paul O’Brien Advisor: Mustapha Fofana


Development of ISO Compliant Repeatability Procedures for Evaluating Collaborative Robots Joshua Baker, Timothy Kurisko, Haoran Li, David Poganski, James Worcester Advisors: Cosme Furlong, Diana Lados Sponsor: Gillette Assistive Mobility Device for an Elementary School Student with Arthrogryposis Nicholas Algiere, Alan Humphrey, Grant Raymond Advisors: Allen Hoffman, Holly Ault Passive Assistive Pedaling Device Caroline Allen, Audrey Blasius, Katelyn Puttre Advisors: Allen Hoffman, Holly Ault, Eben Cobb Powered Hand Orthosis (2) Ian Crowe, Reed Hebert, Brittany Nichols Advisors: Allen Hoffman, Holly Ault Motor Eyes: Mechanical Platform for a Binocular Vision System William Kiely, Wut Yee Oo, Olive Rappoli, Brian Strobel, Raphael Walcott Advisors: Cagdas Onal, Holly Ault A Scalable Liquid Current Power Generator Ryan Bussett, Christopher Chaggaris, Michael O’Regan, Andrew Turgeon Advisors: David Planchard, Alex Emanuel (ECE) Design and Optimization of a Formula SAE Vehicle Matthew Chareth, Eduardo Fernandez, Eric Gehrken, William Grebe, Camden Mallette, Vincent McMahon, Tyler Moser, Justin Paprota Advisors: David Planchard, William Michalson (ECE) Society of Automotive Engineers Baja MQP Bertan Atamer, Julian Enjamio, Stephen Oliveira, Travis VanDale, Jeffery Wong Advisor: David Planchard Optimization of Caterpillar's 980H Rear Protection System Marissa Goerke, Matthew Franklin Advisor: Yiming (Kevin) Rong Sponsor: Caterpillar Inc. Tyco Nurse Call Pull Station Redesign Mariela Qirici, Mark McCabe Advisor: Yiming (Kevin) Rong Sponsor: Tyco International Ltd. Enclosed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Paige Archinal, Jefferson Lee, Ryan Pollin, Mark Shooter Advisor: Brian Savilonis


VIV Wind Harvesting Robert Correa, Eric Cremer, William Sweeney, Sarah Thomson Advisor: Brian Savilonis Electric Motorbike with Regenerative Braking Kevin Antalek, Anthony Cangello, Matthew Chase, Micah Flock Advisors: Kenneth Stafford, Alex Emanuel (ECE) Alternative Snowboard Binding William Feraco, Trevor Haijko, David Trujillo Advisor: John Sullivan Contact Lens Assistive Device Elizabeth Dufresne, Emily Miner, Kristen Schleier Advisor: John Sullivan Manufacturing Door Redesign on Caterpillar 980H Loader for Access to Oil Filter and Maintenance Jessica Prashaw, Peerapas Thongsawas Advisors: Yiming (Kevin) Rong, Amy Zeng (IE) Sponsor: Caterpillar, Suzhou, China Materials Determining Limitations of Kinetic Models for Pyrolysis Simulation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites through Zero-Dimensional Testing Using TGA & DSC Brianna Gillespie, Mary Long, Natalie McMillan, Caitlin Walde Advisors: Nicholas Dembsey (FPE), David DiBiasio (CHE) Sponsor: Kreysler and Associates Prediction of Fire Test Performance Based on Varying FRP Resin/Fire Retardant Additive Ratios Cristina Herrera, Jerome Anaya, Daniel Morgan Advisor: Nicholas Dembsey (FPE) Sponsor: Kreysler and Associates Thermal and Electrical Transport Jeffrey Havill, Steve Thuo Advisors: Diana Lados, Germano Iannachione (PH) Quantitative Corrosion Evaluation and Damage Modeling in Ferrous Materials Khalil Badran, Jaime De Souza, Joshua Morales, Eric Plante Advisors: Diana Lados, Cosme Furlong Sponsor: Gillette Injection Molding of Chocolate Jennifer Baker, Rebecca Draper, Katie Monighetti Advisor: Satya Shivkumar

Processing Polylactic Acid with Bamboo Additives Janelle Boucher, Brandon Okray Advisor: Satya Shivkumar

Thermoelectric Management of Lithium Ion Batteries in Mobile Devices Edward Allison, Jeffrey Paquette, Philip Radder Advisor: Cosme Furlong

Simulation of the Effects of Temperature and Time on the Tempering Behavior of Carburized Steels Nichole Holman, Karen Paklin, Shikha Shrestha Advisors: Richard Sisson, David DiBiasio (CHE)

Design of a Stirling Engine for Electricity Generation Hongling Chen, Shawn Czerniak, Enrique De La Cruz, William Frankian, Gary Jackson, Alula Shiferaw, Evan Stewart Advisor: John Sullivan

Robotics Intelligent Shoe Pad for Gait Therapy Alexander Scanlon, Adam Howard Advisor: Mahdi Agheli, Cagdas Onal BUDD-E System Patrick Bobell, Chase Cheston, Jacob McSweeney, Benjamin Wilson Advisor: Mustapha Fofana Iris: Smart Robotic Prosthetic Hand Sean Casley, Thanacha Choopojcharoen, Adam Jardim, Deniz Ozgoren Advisors: Cagdas Onal, Taskin Padir (ECE) Intelligent Surveillance UAV Andrew Gallagher, Steven Guayaquil, Benjamin McIntyre, Arianna Niro, Antonio Puzzi, Arman Uygur Advisor: Taskin Padir (ECE) Testing Platform for Flapping Wing Robots JesĂşs Chung, Alexandra Beando, Kevin Ramirez, Christopher Overton, Tyler Pietri Advisors: Stephen Nestinger, Marko Popovic (PH) Exo-Musculature Brian Jennings, Daniil Effraimidis, Gregory McCarthy, Nicholas Corso Advisors: Marko Popovic (PH), Cagdas Onal Thermofluids In Flight Recharging of Micro Aerial Vehicles George Abbiati, John Croteau, Timothy Grupp Advisors: Isa Bar-on, Andrew Trapp (BUS) Heat Transfer into Wall Panel Connections from Residential Scale Fires Zachary Gendreau, Nicholas Martin, John Morrissey, Trevor Rancourt Advisor: Nicholas Dembsey (FPE) Smoke Flow Through Exterior Assembly Construction Gaps Jared Harbold, Brendan Kerrigan, Camille Levy, Sarah Meehan Advisors: Nicholas Dembsey (FPE) Umberto Berardi (CEE) Sponsor: Kreysler & Associates

Physics Olin Hall, Room 107

9:00am Protective Equipment for Head and Neck Injuries in Football Michele Mensing Advisors: Erkan TĂźzel, Brian Savilonis (ME)

9:15am Brachytherapy Source Testing John Arnold Advisor: David Medich

9:30am Listening to Optical Spectra Luke Goodman Advisor: Richard Quimby

9:45am Spectroscopy of Thulium Doped Crystals for an 800nm Laser Patricia Reed Advisor: Richard Quimby

10:00am Oil Well Logging Using Neutron Activation Analysis Shane Waterman Advisors: David Medich, Peter Miraglia (ME)

10:15am Two Dimensional Quantum Mechanical Scattering using Perfectly Matched Layers Tyler Reynolds Advisor: L. R. Ram-Mohan

10:45am Iridium 192 Dose Characterization Minh-Tri Ho Thanh Advisor: David Medich


11:00am Thermal/Electrical Transport Measurements in Solid/Semi-Solid Materials Steve Chege Thuo Advisors: Germano Iannacchione, Diana Lados (ME)

11:15am The Effects of Context-Rich Problem Solving in Groups in Introductory Electricity and Magnetism Courses Jack O’Brien Advisor: Germano Iannacchione

Strategy for Increasing Awareness and Development of a Promotional Plan for a Non-Profit Organization in a University Environment Sylvia Parol Advisor: Jennifer DeWinter Candidiasis Risk Factors and Co-Morbidities Allison Simpson Advisor: Brenton Faber Population Health Management: Process Improvement in the Evolving World of Healthcare Angela Wood Adviser: Brenton Faber

11:30am Neutron Transport Simulation and Dosimetric Source Characterization Andrew Daudelin Advisors: Blake Currier, David Medich

11:45am Study of Magnetic Field-Based Propulsion Brian Scholwin Advisor: Marko Popovic

Professional Writing POSTER SESSION: 11:15am to 12:15pm Higgins House, Library Creating a Design Review: An Exploration of the Rhetorical Process Carly Buchanan Advisor: Ryan Madan Collecting Monuments: Creating a Mobile App for Photo Navigation using Audience-Based Iterative Design Kevin Hufnagle Advisor: Jennifer DeWinter The Complexities of Social, Economic, and Academic Variables of Competitive High School Sports in Rhode Island Adam Meunier Advisor: Brenton Faber Public Health and Economic Impacts of 1,4 Dioxane Contamination Adam Meunier and Heidi Wyman Advisor: Brenton Faber Robot Rhetoric: Analyzing the Presentation of Robotics to the Public Ransom Mowris Advisor: Chrysanthe Demetry


Robotics Engineering Atwater Kent Labs, Room 116

10:45am (IQP) Evaluating Simulators in FRC Mark Chaoui, Thomas DeSilva, Lydia Johnston, Cody Wall Advisors: Brad Miller (ME/RBE), Colleen Shaver (ME/RBE)

11:00am Experimental Validation of a Scalable Mobile Robot for Traversing Ferrous Pipelines Sarah Sawatzki, Frederick Baruffi, Brad Mello, Taylor McNally Advisor: Taskin Padir (ECE/RBE)

11:15am Exo-Musculature Gregory McCarthy, Nicholas Corso, Brian Jennings, Daniil Effraimidis Advisors: Marko Popovic (PH/RBE/BME), Cagdas Onal (ME/RBE)

11:30am Development of Multi-modal Control Interfaces for a Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair Ran Li, Gilmar da Vitoria, Runzi Gao Advisor: Taskin Padir (ECE/RBE)

11:45am Sailboat Stabilization System Mike Brendlinger (RBE), Dominic Gonzales (ECE), Pedro Miguel (ECE) Advisors: Ken Stafford (ME/RBE), Bill Michalson (ECE/RBE)

12:00pm Optimal Driveline Robot Base Stephen Diamond, William Dunn, Kirk Grimsley, Michael Cullen Advisors: Taskin Padir (ECE/RBE), Ken Stafford (ME/RBE)

1:15pm Exomuscular Sleeve for Upper Limb Stroke Rehabilitation Michael Cross, Tim Forrest, Jason Klein, Anselm Mak, Julieth Ochoa-Canizares, Hosung Im, Ritesh Adhikari Advisors: Gregory Fischer (ME/RBE), Cagdas Onal (ME/RBE), Ted Clancy (ECE)

1:30pm Project Squirrel Matthew Simpson, Emanuel Demaio, David Ilacqua, Louie Mistretta Advisors: Michael Gennert (CS/RBE), Ken Stafford (ME/RBE)

3:30pm Smart Robotic Prosthetic Hand Sean Casley, Thanacha Choopojcharoen, Adam Jardim, Deniz Ozgoren Advisors: Cagdas Onal (ME/RBE), Taskin Padir (ECE/RBE)

3:45pm Indoor Navigation and Manipulation Using a Segway RMP Platform Christopher Dunkers, Samuel Naseef, Brian Hetherman, Paul Monahan Advisors: Dmitry Berenson (CS/RBE), Gregory Fischer (ME/RBE)

4:30pm Robot Learning Through Crowd-Based Games Andy Wolff, Scott Cornman Advisors: Sonia Chernova (CS/RBE), Rob Lindeman (CS/IMGD)

4:45pm 1:45pm Test Bed for Flapping Wing Robotics Jesus Chung, Chris Overton, Kevin Ramirez, Tyler Pietri, Alexandra Beando Advisors: Marko Popovic (PH/RBE/BME), Stephen Nestinger (ME/RBE)

2:00pm Automated Tool Prep Ryan Wheeler, Eric Willcox, Sergey Zolotykh Advisors: Craig Putnam (RBE), Stephen Nestinger (ME/RBE), Lifeng Lai (ECE)

2:15pm Enabling Autonomous Manipulation on iRobot’s PackBot Alex Henning, Nick Morin, Jess Gwozdz, Ransom Mowris Advisor: Dmitry Berenson (CS/RBE)

3:00pm Intelligent Surveillance UAV Arianna Niro, Andrew Gallagher, Ben McIntyre, Steven Guayaquil, Antonio Puzzi, Arman Uygur Advisor: Taskin Padir (ECE/RBE)

Calligraphy Bot Carly Buchanan Advisors: Eduardo Torres-Jara (CS/RBE), Ryan Madan (HUA)

5:00pm BUDD-E System Patrick Bobell (RBE), Chase Cheston (ME), Ben Wilson (ME), Jacob McSweeney (RBE) Advisors: Mustapha Fofana (ME)

5:15pm Personal Assistive Robot Olivia Hugal, Julien VanWambeke-Long, Kevin Burns, Nikhil Godani, Jeffrey Orszulak Advisor: Taskin Padir (ECE/RBE)

5:30pm Intelligent Vision-Driven Robot for Sample Detection and Return Peng Ren, Tianci Zhao Advisor: Michael Ciaraldi

3:15pm Sealion Diver Jillian Chalke, Christopher Conley, Greg Hutchinson, Paul O’Brien, Victor Puksta Advisor: Mustapha Fofana (ME)


Social Science and Policy Studies Salisbury Laboratories, Room 402

9:00am The Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Bipolar Depression Kaitlyn Schneider Advisor: Jeanine Skorinko

9:30am Effects of Perspective Taking Target and Emotional Content in Victim Impact Statements on Juror Decisions Gizem Demircioglu, Kyla Wesley Advisor: Jeanine Skorinko

10:00am Physical Learning through Technology: Cyberhoodies Will Korb, and Jennifer Albores (IQP) Advisor: Ivon Arroyo

10:30am Investing in Institutions for Cooperation Xi Wen Advisor: Alexander Smith

11:00am Designing a Resource for Student Entrepreneurs Diana Nguyen Advisor: James Doyle, Sharon Wulf (School of Business)

11:30am (IQP) Eye-Tracking the Interpretation of Economic Trends Adrian Oyola, Cem Unsal, Tam Vi Advisors: Janice Gobert, Alexander Smith


How to Become a Project Sponsor WPI welcomes project sponsors for the Major Qualifying Project (MQP). Companies interested in discussing project sponsorship may contact the departments listed below. For an overview of the benefits of project sponsorship, please contact Sharon Deffely, executive director of academic and corporate development, at 508-831-5457 or, or visit Note: Phone numbers below begin with 508-831-

Aerospace Engineering 5576, fax 5680

Humanities and Arts 5246, fax 5932

Biology and Biotechnology 5543, fax 5936

Interactive Media and Game Development 4977, fax 5776

Biomedical Engineering 5447, fax 5541

Interdisciplinary and Global Studies 6699, fax 5485

Business 5218, fax 5720

Mathematical Sciences 5241, fax 5824

Chemical Engineering 5250, fax 5853

Mechanical Engineering 5236, fax 5680

Chemistry and Biochemistry 5371, fax 5933

Physics 5258, fax 5886

Civil and Environmental Engineering 5294, fax 5808

Professional Writing 5198, fax 6679

Computer Science 5357, fax 5776

Robotics Engineering 6665, fax 6598

Electrical and Computer Engineering 5231, fax 5491

Social Science and Policy Studies 5296, fax 5896

Environmental Engineering 5530, fax 5808