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Enjoy a modern and sophisticated vibe in the epicenter of culinary excellence at Sonoma Restaurant. Nationally recognized for its award-winning inspired cuisine and renowned for its ever changing menu and extraordinary wine list. Whether it’s cocktails with friends, or the perfect night out any day of the week – immerse yourself in the ultimate dining experience.

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On the cover: Sea Scallops, off the large plate menu at deadhorse hill, with creamed corn, seared lettuce, and furikake. Photo by Elizabeth Brooks Design by Kimberly Vasseur


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Steve Fischer dishes on Worcester’s urban farms Steve Fischer is the executive director of the Regional Environmental Council in Worcester, which has helped lead the fight for food justice in Worcester. REC runs four of the urban farms in Worcester at Oread Place, Preston Street, Bell Hill and Main South. As urban farming gains steam in cities like Worcester, Fischer tells Worcester Magazine about local efforts.

outside the city proper. We’ve seen a lot of growth of farmers markets. The REC is at 17 market locations from June to October. Urban farming at REC grew out of an interest in community gardening. In 1995, we’d been tackling clean air and clean water. Finally, we asked, ‘What

Urban Farmer’s Lawreta Kankakee, Cody Richards and Maya Paul harvest kale for the Mobile Farmers’ Market. The Mobile Farmers’ Market runs through October 28 at pop up locations throughout Worcester.


Is there a difference between a farm and a garden? The commercial transaction. A garden is for subsistence. Growing in a garden means food for yourself and your family. Growing to sell a product distinguishes a farm. What renders Worcester uniquely suited to urban farming? Worcester has a few qualities that contribute to the growth of urban agriculture and the food-based economy. One is our location. We’re the hub of New England. We’re in the middle of Worcester County, a county with more farms than any other in the Commonwealth. We have strong and growing relationships with farms

about access to healthy food in the city?’ We started establishing a few community gardens. Now we have 65 community and school gardens throughout the city, with 2,000 public school students involved and 500 volunteers. We’re not only helping people get exposure

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to agriculture, we’re really helping people put food on the table during the growing season. We are always thinking about how to expand. In 2003, we started Youth Grow’s two urban farms, where we employ 34 low-income youth and administer a really well-respected curriculum that addresses leadership development and college access. Our two urban farms are located in the two neighborhoods with the most food insecurity, Bell Hill and Main South. How have urban farms changed the way our city operates in relation to food? Through an FDA grant, we built a high-tunnel hoop house. It’s a 60-foot, unheated greenhouse that will allow us to grow longer into fall and start earlier in the spring. We believe our efforts can be replicated by other nonprofits, but also folks with an entrepreneurial spirit. What makes Worcester interesting is the reasonable number of vacant lots suitable for agriculture. We have enough light exposure and potential for irrigation and adequate soil. Land prices as of yet are not as exorbitant as in other cities. We’re having a cultural moment where so many of us in this

country are focusing on how our food is produced, who’s growing it, how they are being compensated, sustainable practices and the quality of nutrients and flavor. So many people believe now that the best answer is to buy local. The local food movement has taken off. The other urban agriculture project we’ve been involved with is a collaborative effort. In 2011, we began a partnership with Worcester Common Ground, the mayor’s office and Care Alliance, where together we identify parcels in the city that could be used for urban agriculture to pilot an initiative for refugees and immigrants who had recently arrived with agricultural experience. Because of the initiative, they could get access to more land and farm space in the city, then sell product through REC. Now we have four Educational Agricultural Training (EAT) sites supporting six refugee farmers and it’s not their whole livelihood, but it is a serious supplement. The EAT sites give farmers a chance to practice their vocation in their new home and provide not only healthy food, but also niche markets of culturally-appropriate food that is hard to get in a traditional grocery store. Sourcing from a variety of farms,

including small family farms, makes it possible for big institutions to eat local - Worcester Public Schools, Webster Public Schools, Holy Cross, Worcester County Food Bank and a number of local pantries. Have the REC’s school gardens given you a sense of the next generation’s perception of where food comes from? Absolutely. For a long time, there was a total disconnect with young people around the question of where food comes from. “It comes from the store,” was generally their answer. We’re turning the tide to help young folks understand where our food comes from and why that’s important. When young people are involved in growing, it excites them about food. They become more interested in eating healthy food and they become advocates for their parents. They get curious about using whole foods like vegetables and fruits they’ve seen growing in the garden. We’re building early habits around eating. Our youth become advocates in their homes and their neighborhoods. — Sarah Connell

CRAFT BEER. FARMHOUSE FARE. RIGHTEOUS COCKTAILS. With our direct access to local farmers and producers, you savor ingredients at their finest. An unmatched menu of farm-fresh offerings, handcrafted spirits and world class beers has been carefully curated to delight your palate. Whether you enjoy an exclusive pour of Hill Farmstead, fresh-baked bread from our neighbor, Crust Bakeshop, or a multi-course meal for the senses, come in and experience the reasons we’ve won 66 Best of Worcester awards since 2009.

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A Tasting Menu Near You Tasting menus are tailored to provide guests with new culinary experiences while showcasing a chef’s technique. But those things can’t happen in under an hour, they can’t happen under budget and they can’t happen for every customer every day. If you are willing to relinquish control and put yourself at the liberty of the chef, if you are serious about unadulterated ingredients, and if you are adventurous beyond restriction, a tasting menu might be for you. One thing is for certain: embarking on this culinary journey means every dish will be exquisitely plated and each bite will be savored with gratitude. deadhorse hill 281 Main St., Worcester 774-420-7107 Jared Forman and Sean Woods have rapidly accelerated Worcester’s culinary prowess, attracting visitors from all over the region for the chef’s tasting menu. It sometimes pains guests to deconstruct Forman’s


artistry, but there’s no stopping you once you have a taste. Try the “horse feast,” a thoughtfullycurated, family-style option ($85 per person and $115 per person with pairings.) “I love to experience the best a restaurant has to offer. Many restaurants are wrapping this up in a neat package as a tasting menu. There are so many different kinds, ranging from elaborate 20 course meals - each plate only being just a bite or two, to more simple three or four course options. There are even pastry chefs doing plated dessert tastings complete with wine pairings. We offer what we think is the best of all worlds. A multi-course family style ‘horse feast’ paired with beverages ranging from unique wines from small producers to cocktails and local beers. You can feel fancy with smaller more elegant bites in the beginning, move into big bowls of

The bluefin tuna plate with tempura maitake mushrooms, cabbage kimchi and lobster mayo at deadhorse hill.

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Tim Russo Executive Chef Worcester’s Best Chef 2015 Boston Bacon & Beer Festival - Best in Show 2016 Silver Hammer Award Winner 2016

50 Water St., Worcester • 508-379-3400 • lock50.com 6 KRAVE 2017 A Special Supplement of Worcester Magazine | worcestermagazine.com

pasta, and finish with a rustic large piece of beef followed by homemade ice cream and plated desserts. I think tasting menus are designed to tell a story and offer a snapshot of where we are as a restaurant family and what is important to us at any given moment. It really shows off our talents and interests and the best produce, proteins and products available to us throughout the seasons. I’m so happy that our guests in Worcester are excited to share our story and participate in our menu and let us do all of the work for them. We are equally excited to eat at places in town, such as Kummerspeck, where their ‘let it rip’ option gives us a lavish experience during our few precious moments away from deadhorse hill, without having to leave our city.” -deadhorse hill Executive Chef and Co-owner Jared Forman Flying Rhino 278 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-757-1450 Flying Rhino is a newcomer to the tasting menu trend. Chef Chris O’Harra typically creates more playful and light-

hearted cuisine than the other gentlemen featured on this list. That said, O’Harra intends to carry his signature exuberance into a series of Chef’s Dinners designed to engage Flying Rhino’s dedicated following in a new kind of experience. This month, he premiered an “eating extravaganza” for $79 that showcased five iterations of pork. Lock 50 50 Water St., Worcester 508-379-3400 Tasting menus allow you (and the chef) to take your time. At Lock 50, we suggest you lounge along the tufted blue banquettes, gaze out the sprawling window panes and admire the lush greenery sprouting from exposed brick walls. Better yet, sit on the patio under a heat lamp and help yourself to a freshlylaundered fleece blanket. Lock 50 wants you to get comfortable. You can select a five-course ($70) or seven-course ($90) tasting menu designed especially for you by Chef Tim Russo. We recommend you add wine pairings while you’re at it $110pp/$140pp.



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“I design my dishes to showcase unique quality Ingredients. I try to progress, so each dish is bolder and more robust as the tasting goes on. When customers give me control of their menu for the evening, it allows me to introduce them to unfamiliar flavors.” -Lock 50 Executive Chef, Tim Russo Sushi Miyazawa 372 Chandler St., Worcester 774-420-2900 Chef and Owner Norihiko “Nori” Tsukuda has been preparing sushi for 30 years, including his time training with the chef to the emperor of Japan. Sushi Miyazawa’s decor is modest, as are its prices. The food is excellent. “Omakase” means, “it’s up to you.” For just $35 per person, the chef will create a tasting experience based on the freshest ingredients. Sit at the bar and don’t be shy. Chef Norihiko is inspired by his customers’ eclectic tastes. — Sarah Connell


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The art of aging When it comes to brewing, sometimes one little barrel can impart a whole world of flavor. While barrel aging a mediocre beer won’t miraculously transform it into anything noteworthy, barrel aging an excellent base can produce outstanding results. In America, barrel aging picked up steam back in the ’90s with the rise of Goose Island’s Bourbon County Brand Stout. At the time, bourbon barrels became coveted for intense characteristics they could impart upon dark beers. With a shortage at hand, brewers fell into fierce competition for “fresh” barrels, as in those that were rinsed, but still saturated with whiskey. Barrel aging isn’t limited to stouts and barleywines. In fact, the practice of barrel aging has been used in spontaneous fermentation for centuries. Today, many accomplished American brewers have taken to aging bright, clear saisons in proper wine barrels built from porous French Oak. Barrel aging is a show of prowess for many breweries, as it is no easy undertaking. Local beer authority Andrew Dunn said, “Barrel aging can have negative effects, as temperature control is much more difficult than aging a beer in stainless steel. Barrels can also leak more easily or you can have bad barrels containing cultures or bacteria that you


Armsby Abbey serves up Crooked Stave Surette Reserva Blueberry

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RELAX ON OUR OUTD00R PATIO AND ENJOY ONE OF FREE TOURS SATURDAY & SUNDAY AT Tue-Wed: 12p-8p ☻ Thur: 12p-9p ☻Fri-Sat: 12p-10p12:30, ☻ Sun: 12p-7p OUR AWARD WINING BEERS WITH A 1:30, 2:30 Relax on our outdoOr patioSOFT and enjoy one of our WICKED TWISTED PRETZEL... FreELET tours & sunday at 12:30,EVENT! 1:30, 2:30 US saturday HOST YOUR NEXT PRIVATE award winNing beErs with a wicked twisted soft pretzel... OR WE ALWAYS ENCOURAGE YOU TO BYOF EMAILnext US AT let us host your private event! or we always encourage you to byof FROM ONE OF OUR CITY’S GREAT RESTAURANTS EVENTS@WORMTOWNBREWERY.COM Email us at events@wormtownbrewery.com from one of our city’s great restaurants

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don’t want in your beer.” Still, the challenges of barrel aging seem to attract more brewers than they deter. Plenty of local breweries are toying with barrels, but Tree House Brewing in Charlton is likely the one that will generate the longest lines. On the heels of a massive expansion, Tree House finally has the space and facilities it requires for special projects like its Native series. Native Five, released last year, is a honey country beer brewed with raw, unpasteurized woodland honey, fermented with distinctive local yeast, and aged in oak for several months. Native Three is the mixed fermentation ale, rested for eight months in stainless steel, that will act as the base from which Tree House will grow and develop its barrel program in years to come. Wormtown Brewery’s recent expansion will likewise account for an increase in its barrel-aged offerings. If you aren’t interested in braving the lines at Tree House, you can get the exclusive on Wachusett Brewing Company’s barrel aged selections at Yankee Spirits in Sturbridge. Like the pioneers from Goose Island, Wachusett relies on bourbon barrels to turn up their dark beers. Other specialty shops with barrel-aged brews for sale include The Thirsty Lab in Princeton and Julio’s Liquors in Westborough. Sampling barrel-aged beer while you’re out in Central Mass isn’t difficult. A variety of local restaurants have bottles available, and still fewer with barrel-aged options on tap. Luckily, one of the most highly-regarded beer bars in the nation happens to be located on Main Street in Worcester. Armsby Abbey’s 22 rotating draft lines will have what you’re looking for. At present, I’m partial to the Crooked Stave Surette Reserva Blueberry, a tart and vinous saison aged in oak barrels with Washington blueberries. It’s relatively rare to see a cider on the Abbey’s draft list, but owner Alec Lopez calls Dupont Cidre Reserve from France “one of the greatest things [he] has ever tasted.” This natural cider has matured six months in oak casks, which previously contained French apple brandy. Other bars and restaurants with barrelaged options include The Boynton, The Muse, The Pint and Oak Barrell Tavern in Worcester and the Table 3 Restaurants in Sturbridge. — Sarah Connell

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Shared-plate dining has proved to be an enduring trend, popularized by kitschy dishes like fondue in the 1960s. It has since evolved into the communal experiences we see flourishing in many upscale restaurants today. Large-format options create an unparalleled sense of familiarity and celebration among guests. Worcester’s thriving food scene is no exception. Here are some the spots to try. Bocado Tapas Bar 82 Winter St., Worcester 508-797-1011 Bocado is a pillar of Worcester’s restaurant renaissance, which began nearly a decade ago. The library ladders, pristine chalkboarding, tentacled fixtures, red art-deco chairs and spirited silhouettes are signature features of the group dining experience. Without a doubt, Bocado attracts the most fashionable crowd of any established restaurant in Worcester. While tapas lend themselves naturally to sharing, the most popular shared plate is Bocado’s paella.

Try Paella Clasica, served with saffron rice, chicken, calamari, shrimp, chorizo, littleneck clams, mussels, peas and tomatoes.


Getting Your Share

Bull Mansion 55 Pearl St., Worcester 508-755-6070 Many of the visitors to Bull Mansion’s Bistro arrive on account of a large event or a performance upstairs. After the show, guests can meander down to the first story, admiring a feat of Victorian Gothic architecture. For groups hoping to share a bite, the farmstead cheeses, charcuterie and Mediterranean sampler will hit the spot. deadhorse hill 281 Main St., Worcester 774-420-7107 Chef Jared Forman’s dishes are a blissful matrimony of taste, texture and presentation. Try the “baller brunch steak

Kummerpeck on Water Street & eggs,” including a properly-seared, oven-roasted and butter-basted Cote de Boeuf, 36-ounce, dry-aged prime ribeye, as well as duck egg soft scramble, taters and a loaf of bread. As Forman explained, “We love the shock of a large and dramatic plate of food hitting the table before it’s shared like children at a holiday feast. Watching people’s eyes light up is one of my favorite experiences as a chef. I slice every rib-eye and the jealousy I feel when it leaves my pass is only remedied by the knowledge that

g Chef n i K Chinese Food CANTONESE • SZECHUAN • HUNAN 100% Vegetable Oil • NO MSG

Eat in or Take out • Catering Available WE DELIVER! Limited Area, $10 Minimum Full Bar • Full Pizza Menu Fresh Fried & Baked Seafood • Saute Specialties Fresh Prime Rib Every Friday & Saturday Night Enjoy Outside Dining On Our Full-Service Outdoor Patio Casual Family Dining • Daily Lunch Specials Open 7 Days a Week for Lunch and Diner Catering Available: Graduations, Birthdays, Office Parties

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there is another one coming up again soon. I might steal a tiny little bite, you know, just to make sure it’s properly seasoned.” Kummerpeck Restaurant and Delicatessen 118 Water St., Worcester 774-243-7071 All eyes are on Rachel Coit and Matt Mahoney, proprietors of Kummerspeck, Worcester’s latest culinary conquest. Kummerspeck, which translates from German as “grief bacon,” opened this summer. The Water Street eatery serves up reimagined comfort food as well as adventurous offerings from their classic butchershop. Coit is excited to offer customers shared plate options. “I love when a table wants to have family style plating,” Coit said. “It allows the kitchen more space to plate nicely but it also works really well for dinner as some people eat more than others which cuts down on waste. It also promotes community at the table and becomes a conversation piece. Plus, I think it is just plain old fun.”

Over 75 Years Serving Italian Cuisine

Banquets • Private Functions Business Meetings • Mercy Meals 11 Leo Turo Way, Worcester 508-753-9490 leosristorante.net

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Central Mass embraces Neapolitan Pizza Worcester possesses its own signature pizza style that is dependent on a well-greased, round pan, tomato paste, oregano and melty mozzarella. The resulting pies are equal parts spongy and sturdy, forming a crisp golden base that serves local tradition. But before there was Worcester pizza, there was Neapolitan pizza, which is something of a historic culinary art form. Officially, Neapolitan pizza is cooked in a wood burning oven at high temperatures over a very short window of time. It requires San Marzano tomatoes from the volcanic plains south of Mount Vesuvius and mozzarella Campana made from the milk of water buffalo. As the region’s collective palate expands, so, too, does its excitement for Neapolitan pizza. Anzio’s Brick Oven Pizza 135 Westboro Road North Grafton 508-839-4900 If we’re getting specific — and we are —

Anzio’s actually serves Neo-Neapolitan pizza. Because Americans typically prefer pizza that can be easily sliced into many pieces, the Neo-Neapolitan style developed using stronger flour, slightly lower temps and longer cook times. The result is a thin, light crust that is chewy, crispy and airy all at once. Anzio’s fresh toppings are highlighted in the Roasted Veggie Pie, including roasted peppers, caramelized onions, broccoli and roasted garlic. Better yet, their mobile oven will come to you for customized NeoNeapolitan pizzas at your next event. Dacosta’s Pizza Bakery 40 Millbrook St. Worcester 774-530-6166 Dacosta’s is a family operation with a booming takeout business, an army of regulars and an old-school arcade game to boot. Their dough is made 48 hours in advance using a sourdough starter in a dedicated dough room. Dacosta’s Neapolitan pizzas are baked

in a 6,000-pound, wood-fired oven custom-made in Naples. Each pie cooks in approximately two minutes. Dacosta’s toppings are unpretentious, simply rendered and slightly charred - exactly as they should be. Pies are placed atop cans of Sclafani Crushed Tomato, which line the walls and adorn the tables. Likewise, bags of proper Antimo Caputo of Naples flour are stacked high on pallets for customers to see. Large painted lettering spells out Yogi Berra’s adage, “You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.” Try the “Go Fig Yourself,” topped with Gorgonzola, Pecorino, prosciutto, oregano, fig jam, fried rosemary and “Mike’s hot honey drizzle” - a righteous kick to an otherwise delicate pie. Volturno Pizza Napoletana 72 Shrewsbury St. Worcester 508-756-8658 Volturno is located in an old Buick

Authentic Neopolitan Pizza and In-House, Fresh Made Pasta Associazione Pizzaiazione Napoletani (APN) Certification

Monday + Tuesday 2 for 1 Pizza* Worcester’s Best Chef Two years in a row Worcester’s Best Pizza Three years in a row

Full Bar || Serving Lunch and Dinner, 7 Days || Lunch 11:30am || Dinner 4:00pm 72 Shrewsbury St., Worcester || 508-756-8658 *With Additional Menu Purchase

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dealership on Shrewsbury Street. The vast dining room is broken up by a picturesque marble bar. High tops and long, low tables populate the space, offering a rustic aesthetic complemented by enormous wood-burning pizza ovens in the rear of the restaurant. Customers watch as pizzolis effortlessly pull pies from the 900-degree heat. Volturno’s two-for-one deal on Mondays and Tuesdays has brought great popularity to the restaurant. The crust of every Neapolitan pizza is carefully kneaded, hand-formed and creatively topped. Try the Capocolla, with dry-cured pork, Calabrian caponata paste, fresh mozzarella, local honey and crunchy hazelnuts. — Sarah Connell

Dacosta’s Pizza Bakery Margherita pizza with hand-crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil

Chuck’s has Something for Everyone Tuesdays: 1/2 Price Burgers Wednesdays: Wacky Wings Thursdays: Trivia 7-9pm Fridays: Live Music Everyday: Awesome Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4:30-9 Thursday 4:30-9:30 • Friday 4:30-10 Saturday 4:30 - 10 • Sunday Noon - 8 Chuck’s is open for functions 7 days a week from 8 AM –Midnight Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Lounge: Maximum – 120 people Function Room: Maximum – 90 people

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Hello meals in a box! My job typically requires me to eat out at restaurants or events four nights a week. It’s embarrassing to admit that, on the rare occassion I am left to my own devices for dinner, I tend to opt for hummus and carrots. Needless to say, my own culinary prowess has gone by the wayside. It was actually a chef I work with who first suggested a meal kit delivery service. He said something along the lines of, “If you can read, then you can cook one of those things. It will teach you the basics.” I assured him of my literacy and set to googling various options. Purple Carrot is great for vegans. Blue Apron is educational. Plated gives you plenty of options. But I decided to take a frugal leap and order Hello Fresh because they offer a discount for first-timers: three meals for just $30. On the Hello Fresh website, I was given the easy option of selecting how frequently I’d like deliveries in addition to the number of people I’d be cooking


for. I suppose I could have also indicated which meals I wanted to receive, but I left it up to fate instead. I signed up on a Tuesday and received my first box Figgy balsamic pork with roasted green beans and rosemary potatoes. on a Saturday. The insulated package refrigerator and began thinking about my contained three recipe cards, three paper schedule for the week. bags, three packages of meat and two On Sunday, a friend stopped by to very large frozen ice packs. I tucked have dinner with my boyfriend and me the whole shabang neatly into the at our apartment. I had warned her we’d

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owned and operated purveyors be test driving a meal kit, from around the country. I was and she’d confirmed that impressed to read that their her culinary expertise seafood is sustainably sourced - a was likewise limited to difficult feat by any stretch, but episodes of “Chopped” that said, I wasn’t too keen on and “MasterChef Junior.” the notion of ordering my fish My boyfriend, on the through the mail. other hand, turned out to I will concede I might have be some sort of Gordon royally destroyed Ramsay in disguise. And, both meals without though he tried his best the guidance to sit back and let the of a seasoned novices have a crack at home cook. The the kitchen, he couldn’t directions were resist lending a hand. brief enough to Since there were hold my attention, three of us, we decided Beef Ragu spaghetti with zucchini, Parmesan and but assumed a to prepare two of the certain level of basic two-person meals, and Pepperolio. knowledge on my reserve any leftovers olive oil called Pepperolio, part. Hello Fresh is for lunches. We set the along with a hit of parmesan cheese. something I would try again with friends chicken pineapple quesadillas aside, Both meals were tasty and plentiful. for a fun night in, but I’m not sure it will since that felt like the only option Between the three of us, we had ample supersede any amount of loathing I feel we could potentially muddle through leftovers to pack up for lunch. More than for shopping at the market. without much help. We were eager for a anything, the evening provided a unique challenge. experience among friends and a sense of — Sarah Connell We began with the figgy balsamic ownership to boot. The biggest deterrent pork, a “Hall of Fame” level dish. The for me personally is my affinity for local description read, “A little bit sweet, a produce; Hello Fresh works with familylittle bit tangy, and all fruit-forward fun.” Nearly every ingredient we needed was right there in front of us without milling about the grocery store, recipe in hand. There are a few small things Hello Fresh expects you to have in your kitchen, like butter, salt and pepper. The most time-consuming task turned out to be cutting the vegetables. Shallots, potatoes and rosemary all needed to be finely chopped, squarely cubed or meticulously stripped. By the time the pork had been seasoned, the green beans had been drizzled, and the sauce had been thickened there wasn’t a pan left in the house. (Unfortunately, Hello Fresh does not include a complimentary dish washer to help endure one’s culinary journey.) Our other conquest was a Beef Ragu Spaghetti with the tagline, “No need for hours of slow simmering: this red sauce is ready in a flash.” I began to notice the amount of waste piling up from cardboard packaging to tiny packets, Catering and even a plastic soy sauce container Gift Cards shaped like a coy fish. We took out the recycling and pressed on. The recipe card Function Room for up even had a wine pairing suggested: the to 100 People 2015 Tornambe Sangiovese (conveniently available at hellofresh.com/wine.) It was Locations In Westboro & Worcester & now Sudbury all too easy. The key ingredients turned ElBashaRestaurant.com out to be a little bottle of chili-infused

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Dining Out

508-797-1011 bocadotapasbar.com Bull Mansion 55 Pearl St., Worcester 508-755-6070 BBQ Bullmansion.com B.T.’s Smokehouse Canal Restaurant and Bar 392 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-3188, btsmokehouse.com 65 Water St., Worcester 508-926-8353 Smokestack Urban Barbecue thecanalrestaurant.com 139 Green St., Worcester The Citizen Wine Bar 508-363-1111, bbqstack.com 1 Exchange St., Worcester The Texas BBQ Company 508-459-9090 309 Main St., Northborough 1nicheexchance.com 508-393-4742, texasbbqco.com Civic Kitchen & Drink West Side Steak and BBQ 121 W. Main St., Westborough 2 Richmond Ave., Worcester 508-329-5179 508-756-6328 civickitchenanddrink.com Willikers Tex-Mex and BBQ 896 Hartford Turnpike, Shrewsbury Cyprian Bistro at Cyprian Keyes Golf Club 508-842-3030 284 E. Temple St., Boylston 508-869-9900 cypriankeyes.com Bistro The Fix Burger Bar Armsby Abbey 108 Grove St., Worcester 144 North Main St., Worcester 774-823-3327 508-795-1012 thefixburgerbar.com armbyabbey.com Dianna’s Neighborhood Bistro Blackstone Bistro 120 June St., Worcester 35 Blackstone River Road 508-756-2707 Worcester 774-243-7285 Figs & Pigs Kitchen + Pantry theblackstonebistro.com 50 Foster St., Worcester Bocado Tapas Wine Bar 508-929-0701 82 Winter St., Worcester

Bagel Time 194B Park Ave., Worcester 508-798-0440 bageltimeusa.com Bagel Inn 785 Main St., Holden 508-829-3550 bagelinn.net Bean Counter 113 Highland St., Worcester 508-754-3125 288 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury 508-754-0505 beancounterbakery.com Birch Tree Bread Company 138 Green St., Suite 5, Worcester 774-243-6944 birchtreebreadcompany.com Blackstone’s Country Café 4 Worcester Providence Turnpike, Sutton 508-865-4919 Blue Coast Coffee 274 South St., Shrewsbury 508-925-8128 bluecoastcoffee.com Brew on the Grid 56 Franklin St., Worcester 774-420-7095 Café at Lock 50 50 Water St., Worcester 508-379-3400

figsandpigskitchen.com Flying Rhino Café 278 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-757-1450 flyingrhinocafe.com Joey’s Bar and Grill 344 Chandler St., Worcester 508-797-3800 joeysbarandgrill.com Kummerspeck 118 Water St., Worcester 774-243-7071 kummerspeckfoods.com The People’s Kitchen 120 Commercial St., Worcester 508-459-9090 1nichexchange.com The Rail Trail Flatbread Co. 33 Main St., Hudson 978-293-3552 railtrailflatbread.com Valentino’s 154 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 774-258-8101 valentinoscafeworcester.com

Cafés & Coffee Houses

Special startin after Labor Day Coming This Fall!! During Expansion Underway NFL New Deli Addition | Unique New MenusGames Grab & Go or Dine-In Options

Acoustic Java 932A Main St., Worcester 508-756-9446 acousticjava.com

Casual Waterfront Dining



Adding Breakfast Offerings & More!

New Fall Menu! Dine-In Specials Monday

Buy 1 Burger Get 1 Half Off

Sunday Brunch is back!

100% Organic Produce Grocery | Vitamins | H&B Served 10 - 2 & Wine Gifts | Beer

November 5th

Served 10-2


Kids Eat Free


$10 Meal Deals

Salad, Entree & Dessert Free Live Music Saturday Nights

Open 7 days

Free Valet Friday & Saturday

308 East Main Street East Brookfield, MA 774-449-8333 308lakeside.com

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232 Chandler St. Worcester (508) 753-1896 www.Lefoods.com


(On corner of Park Ave & Chandler) Parking lots located in front and rear of building

Coffee Mug 286 Southbridge St., Auburn 508-832-3616 Cake Shop Café 22 West St., Millbury 508-865-9866, cakeshopcafe.com Crown Bakery & Cafe 133 Gold Star Boulevard, Worcester 508-852-0746, crownbakeryandcafe.com Crust Artisan Bakeshop 118 Main St., Worcester 774-823-3355, crustbakeshop.com Heritage Coffee Shoppe Heritage Mall Shopping Center, 567 Southbridge St. No. 9, Auburn 508-832-9297 In House Coffee 225 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-363-1212, inhousecoffeeusa.com Java Joe’s 34 Southbridge St., Worcester 508-795-0767 LalaJava 290 W Main St., Northborough 508-393-7625, lalajava.com Miranda Bread 140 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-791-2030, mirandabread.com The Museum Cafe at the Worcester Art Museum 55 Salisbury St., Worcester 508-799-4406 worcesterart.org/services/cafe NU Café 335 Chandler St., Worcester 508-926-8800 nucafe.com On the Rise Baking 1120 Pleasant St., Worcester 508-752-3809 Paris Café 1 Main St., Worcester 508-791-8080, pariscafeworcester.com Pure Juz 123A Highland St., Worcester 774-243-6850, purejuz.net The Queen’s Cups 56 Water St., Worcester 508-459-9600, thequeenscups.com Steam Energy Cafe (opening fall 2017) Worcester Ice Center 104 Harding St., Worcester steamenergycafe.com Sturbridge Coffee House 407 Main St., Fiskdale 508-347-2288, sturbridgecoffeehouse.com Sturbridge Coffee Roasters 210 Hamilton St., Southbridge 508-765-5520, sturbridgecoffeeroasters.com Tatnuck Bookseller Café 18 Lyman St., Westborough 508-366-4959 tatnuck.com Theatre Café 529 Main St., Worcester 508-799-7190 theatre-café.net Wholly Cannoli Café and Bakery 490 Grafton St., Worcester 508-753-0224 whollycannoli.com

Worcester’s Best Grinder 2017 REGATTA DELI

Celebrating 36 years

Home of the Regatta Club FIND US ON FACEBOOK!



FAX 508-754-1883 DS A





Enjoy an authentic Greek cuisine experience in Worcester

156 Shrewsbury St. Worcester

MezeGreekTapas.com | 508.926.8115 worcestermagazine.com | A Special Supplement of Worcester Magazine

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Wooberry Frozen Yogurt 141 Highland St., Worcester 508-459-2311 woodberryyogurt.com


One Love Cafe 800 Main St., Worcester 508-753-8663 YaMon Jerk Hut 482 Park Ave., Worcester 508-799-0629 yamonjerkhut.com


Best Chinese Restaurant 892 Main St., Worcester 508-752-3392 Chef Sau 148 Main St., Spencer 508-885-3995 chefsau.com Cheng-Du Restaurant 157 Turnpike Road (Route 9), Westborough 508-366-7489 chengdurestaurant.com Cheoy Lee’s 45 Sterling St., W. Boylston 508-835-3663 cheoyleeswestboylston.com 684 Main St., Holden 508-829-6331, cheoylees.com Chinese Super Buffet 50 Mill St., Worcester 508-799-6868 Chuan Shabu 301 Park Ave., Worcester 508-762-9213 shabuworcester.com Chumlee’s 50 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury 508-798-2220 Dynasty Chinese Restaurant 544 Main St., Southbridge 508-765-0398 Empire Village 446 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-6588 Foodworks 120 Stafford St., Worcester 508-752-3663 worcesterfoodworks.com 110 Elm St., Millbury 508-865-1707 foodworksmillbury.com Golden Dragon Island 1328 Main St., Worcester 508-754-5236 Golden Wok 894 Grafton St., Worcester 508-791-1288 goldenwok01604.com Great Wall Restaurant 521 Main St., Worcester 508-799-0803 greatwallworcester.com Ho Toy Luau Restaurant 401 Park Ave., Worcester 508-754-4929

Hong Kong Island 880 W. Boylston St., Worcester 508-853-7399 Kahula 119 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-7121 Ken Chin’s 272 Mill St., Worcester 508-791-6775 King Chef Chinese Restaurant 205 Chandler St., Worcester 508-767-0209 kingcheftakeout.com Loving Hut 415 Chandler St., Worcester 508-459-0367 56 Hamilton St., Worcester 508-831-1322 lovinghut.us/worcester Lucky Gourmet 117 June St., Worcester 508-791-8888 Mandarin Westboro 132 Turnpike Road, Westborough 508-366-2288 mandarinwestborough.com Min’s Wok 582 W. Boylston St., Worcester 508-853-0988 minswok.com Ming House 217 Chandler St., Worcester 508-756-6888 minghousetakeout.com Nancy Chang Restaurant 372 Chandler St., Worcester 508-752-8899 nancychang.com New Chef Ho Restaurant 208 Millbury St., Worcester 508-754-8832 newchefho.weebly.com Panda King 68 Stafford St., Worcester 508-754-4999 Peking Garden 618 Chandler St., Worcester 508-755-3365 pekinggardenworcester.com Red Lantern 235 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-795-0500 theredlantern.com Red Pepper 1083 Main St., Worcester 774-243-6488 redpepperworcester.com Shangri-La 50 Front St., Worcester 508-798-0888 shangrilarestaurant.net Yong Shing 90 Auburn St., Auburn 508-832-0622 yongshing.com Wong Dynasty 176 Reservoir St., Holden 508-829-2188 wongdynasty-yankeegrill.com

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Boulevard Diner 155 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-791-4535 Carl’s Oxford Diner 291 Main St., Oxford 508-987-8770 Charlie’s Diner 5 Meadow Road, Spencer 508-885-4033 Chestnut’s Cafe 10 Chestnut St., Worcester 508-757-7984 Corner Lunch Diner 133 Lamartine St., Worcester 508-799-9866 Dell’ovo’s Kitchen 257 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-791-1899 dellovos.com Eric’s LaPatisserie Cafe 446 Main St., Worcester 508-756-1454 ericscafeworcester.com Garden Fresh Courthouse Café 204 Main St., Worcester 508-753-8500 gfcourthousecafe.com Gold Star Restaurant 68 West Boylston St., Worcester 508-852-7900 Jan’s Kitchen 580 W. Boylston St., Worcester 508-852-0432 The Kenmore Diner 250 Franklin St., Worcester 508-792-5125 Lou Roc’s Diner 1074 W. Boylston St., Worcester 508-852-6888 Mac’s Diner 185 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-868-7508 Miss Worcester 300 Southbridge St., Worcester 508-753-5600 Parkway Restaurant and Bar 148 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-753-9968 parkwayma.com Salt and Pepper 268 Lincoln St., Worcester 508-755-1113 Shaker’s Cafe & Restaurant 296 Hamilton St., Worcester 508-797-5550 Straight Up Cafe 795 Main St., Worcester 774-243-1313 straightup-worcester.com


308 Lakeside 308 E. Main St., E. Brookfield 774-449-8333 308lakeside.com

A&D Pizza 60 Elm St., Millbury 508-865-9013 adpizzapub.com Annie’s Clark Brunch 934 Main St., Worcester 508-756-1550 Anokye Krom 687 Millbury St., Worcester 508-753-8471 Antonio’s Pizza 286 Chandler St., Worcester 774-530-6000 antoniospizza.com/worcester Atlas Pizza 1282 Pleasant St., Worcester 508-756-9994 atlaspizza.com Auburn Town Pizza 69 Auburn St., Auburn 508-832-5210 auburntownpizza.com Barber’s Crossing Restaurant 861 Main St., Leicester 508-892-7575 175 Leominster Road, Sterling 978-422-8438 barberscrossingrestaurant.com The Barre Mill Restaurant 90 Main St., South Barre 978-355-2987 barremill.com Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant 157 Belmont St., Worcester 508-798-8898 belmontvegetarian.com Berry Fusion Frozen Yogurt 807 Pleasant St., Worcester 508-753-3500 Black & White Grille 206 N. Spencer Road, Spencer 508-885-5018 blackandwhitegrille.com Blue Jeans Pizza 270 Park Ave., Worcester 508-753-3777 bluejeanspizza.com Boynton Restaurant and Spirits 117 Highland St., Worcester 508-756-5432 boyntonrestaurant.com Boomer’s Sub and Deli 93 Highland St., Worcester 508-791-5551 boomerspizzeria.com Brattle Stop Pizza 1 Brattle St., Worcester 508-853-1442 Brisas Restaurant & Bakery 12 Boylston St., Worcester 508-459-9801 The Broadway 100 Water St., Worcester 508-753-3233 The Chameleon 166 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 774-415-0885 thechameleonworcester.com

Coney Island 158 Southbridge St., Worcester 508-753-4362 coneyislandlunch.com The Copper Stallion 538 Main St., Fiskdale 508-347-2100 copperstallion.com Corner Grille 806 Pleasant St., Worcester 508-754-8884 cornergrille.com Cranberries Restaurant 142 Massasoit Road, Worcester 508-753-7885 Dacosta’s Pizza Bakery 40 Millbrook St., Worcester 774-530-6166 Dean Park Grill and Pizza 749 Main St., Shrewsbury 508-842-2584 deanparkgrillpizza.com E.B. Flatts 245 W. Main St., East Brookfield 508-867-6643 ebflatts.com Eller’s Restaurant 190 Main St., Cherry Valley 508-892-3925 ellersrestaurant.com Fantastic Pizza & Cafe 910A Main St., Worcester 508-798-5577 fantasticpizzaandcafe.com

Fresh Way Pizza 96 Water St., Worcester 508-755-1999 freshwaypizzawaterst.com Flip Flops 690 Main St., Holden 508-829-3008 flipflopsma.com Finders/Keepers 171 W. Boylston St., W. Boylston 508-835-3707 Fratelli’s Corner Crust 186 Stafford St., Worcester 508-799-2500 Gibby’s Ice Cream 50 Sunderland Road, Worcester 508-753-1095 gibsonsdairy.com The Great American Grill at the Hilton Garden Inn 35 Major Taylor Blvd., Worcester 508-753-5700 hiltongardeninn.hilton.com Grille 57 57 Highland St., Worcester 508-798-2000 grille57.com Harvest Grille 1 Princeton St., Jefferson 774-345-4058 harvestgrille.com Jason’s Pizza 113 June St., Worcester 508-756-7474

Great Food & Fun at the Summit! Open 7 Days for Lunch and Dinner

jasonspizzaonline.com Jimmy John’s 1 Mercantile St., Worcester 508-755-3124 jimmyjohns.com Ladd’s 64 Barre Paxton Road, Rutland 508-886-4771 laddsrestaurant.com Lake Pizza and Restaurant 39 Thompson Road, Webster 508-943-3684 lakepizzarestaurant.com Lakeside Bar & Grill 97 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury 508-425-3543 lakesidebar-grille.com The Lodge Restaurant and Pub 148 Gore Road, Webster 508-949-0000 restaurantlodge.com Lucky’s Café 102 Grove St., Worcester 508-756-5014 luckyscafeworcester.com The Manor 42 W. Boylston St., West Boylston 508-835-4722 ourmanor.com Maury’s Deli 1125 Main St., Worcester 508-754-4446 The Mill 185 185 W. Boylston St., West Boylston

774-261-8585 the-mill-185.com Millbury Street Pizzeria 121 Millbury St., Worcester 508-831-9820 Mountain Barn Restaurant 174 Worcester Road, Princeton 978-464-2044 mountainbarn.com Mulligan’s Taverne and Restaurant 121 W. Main St., Westborough 508-366-0207 mulliganstaverne.com The National Grill at Blackstone National Golf Club 227 Putnam Hill Road, Sutton 508-865-2111 bngc.net New City Microcreamery 28 Main St., Hudson 978-333-7144 Newcitymicrocreamery.com New England Roast Beef 33 Park Ave., Worcester 508-756-1991 nerb.publishpath.com Newton Square Pizza 712A Pleasant St., Worcester 508-752-9907 newtonsquarepizza.com Northeast Pizza 1205 Main St., Leicester

Paku Paku Sushi Bar • Hibachi

Daily Specials Soups Salads Burgers Sandwiches Join Us For the Game 4 Big Screens

508-755-3888 or 508-755-8880 13 E. Mountain St., Worcester • 508-853-3303 benniescafe.com

215 Chandler St., Worcester Order Online! Delivery Now Available! pakupakuworcester.com worcestermagazine.com | A Special Supplement of Worcester Magazine

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508-892-9276 208 W. Main St., West Brookfield 508-867-9567 267 Webster St., Worcester 508-798-3111 northeastpizza.com Oak Barrel Tavern 229 Grove St., Worcester 508-755-8047 oakbarreltavernworcester.com Olde Post Office Pub 1 Ray St., North Grafton 508-839-6106 postofficepub.com Oxford’s Casual Dining 2 Millbury Blvd., Oxford 508-987-1567 oxfordscasualdining.com Paesano Pizzeria 1121 Grafton St., Worcester 508-791-1211 paesanopizzeria.com Pepe’s 274 Franklin St., Worcester 508-755-1978 Peppercorn’s Grille and Tavern 455 Park Ave., Worcester 508-752-7711 epeppercorns.com Pickle Barrel Deli 305 Pleasant St., Worcester 508-754-0921 picklebarreldeli.com The Pizza Oven 43 W. Boylston St., Worcester 508-853-9300 Regatta Deli 28 Lake Ave., Worcester 508-756-6916 3 Colonial Drive, Westborough 508-366-8958 regattadeli.com Sisters Restaurant 171 Stafford St., Worcester 508-755-2604 Spoodles Deli 358 Main St., Worcester 508-755-0800 spoodlesdeli.com Tatnuck Grille 638 Chandler St., Worcester 508-792-0000 tatnuckgrille.com Tech Pizza 137 Highland St., Worcester 508-752-2133 Teddy G’s Pub and Grille 179 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-1900 teddygspub.com Tom’s International Deli 52 Millbury St., Worcester 508-755-7295 tomsdeliworcester.com Twisted Fork Bistro 509 Stafford St., Cherry Valley 508-892-5437 unclejaystwistedfork.com Uncle Sam’s Pizza 974 Main St., Worcester

508-890-7888 unclesamspizzas.com Val’s Restaurant & Lounge 75 Reservoir St., Holden 508-829-0900 valsrestaurant.com Vivian’s Market Style Café 184 W Boylston St., West Boylston 508-835-6100 vivianscafe.com Weintraub’s Jewish Delicatessen and Restaurant 126 Water St., Worcester 508-756-7870 The Wexford House 503 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-757-8982 wexfordhouse-ma.com Whistle Stop Bar and Grill 85 Main St., Oxford 508-987-3087 stopbythewhistle.com Wild Willy’s Burgers 317 W. Boylston St., Worcester 508-459-2088 wildwillysburgers.com Wingman 275 Park Ave., Worcester 508-753-3000 wingmanworcester.com Wingstop 540 Southbridge St., Worcester 774-243-9464 wingstop.com Wonder Bar 121 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-752-9909 wonderbarrestaurant.com Worcester House of Pizza 222 Chandler St., Worcester 508-752-9800 Zimmy’s Kitchen 865 Main St., Leicester 508-892-3200 Zorba’s Pizzeria Tavern 132 Sturbridge Road, Charlton 508-248-0433 97 Stafford St., Worcester 508-796-5828 zorbastaverna.com Zoup! 375 Main St., Worcester 508-960-9898


The Bull Run 215 Great Road, Shirley 978-425-4311 bullrunrestaurant.com Publick House 277 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-3313 publickhouse.com Salem Cross Inn 260 W. Main St., West Brookfield 508-867-2345 salemcrossinn.com The Oliver Wight Tavern at OSV 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road,

Sturbridge 508-347-0362 osv.org Spencer Country Inn 500 Main St., Spencer 508-885-9036 spencercountryinn.com Vienna Restaurant and Historic Inn 14 South St., Southbridge 508-764-0700 thevienna.com


Bollywood Grill 97 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury 508-793-9888 bollywoodgrill.com Mirchi 291 Turnpike Road, Westborough 508-366-0090 mirchius.com New House of India 2 Coes Square., Worcester 508-793-9900 Punjabi Dhaba 166 Milk St., West Meadow Plaza, Westborough 508-366-2255 spicespunjabidhaba.com Tandoori International 560 Lincoln St., Worcester 774-243-7474 Udupi 378 Maple Ave., Shrewsbury 508-459-5099 udupi.us


Moynihan’s Restaurant & Pub 897 Main St., Worcester 508-753-6150 O’Connor’s Restaurant and Bar 1160 W. Boylston St., Worcester 508-853-0789 oconnorsrestaurant.com

Italian/ Mediterranean

A.J. Tomaiolos Restaurant 411 W. Main St., Northborough 508-393-5245 ajtomaiolos.com Amici Trattoria 582 Main St., Shrewsbury 508-842-7800 amicitrattoria.com Arturo’s Ristorante 54 E Main St., Westborough 508-366-1881 arturosristorante.com Bistro Limoncello Ristorante 290 W. Main St., Northborough 508-393-5440 bistrolimoncello.com Caffé Espresso Trattoria 395 Chandler St., Worcester 508-767-1818

20 KRAVE 2017 A Special Supplement of Worcester Magazine | worcestermagazine.com

ctrattoria.com Calabria Ristorante 7 S. Main St., Millbury 508-581-9700 calabriamillbury.com Chioda’s Trattoria 631 Franklin St., Worcester 508-459-6035 chiodastrattoria.com Ciao Bella 402 Grove St., Worcester 508-756-2426 ciaobellatakeout.com Dino’s 13 Lord St., Worcester 508-753-9978 dineatdinos.com Enrico’s Brick Oven Pizzeria 500 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-1740 enricosbrickovenpizzeria.com Rom’s and Giovanello’s Italian Market 139 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-1440 romsitalianmarket.com Guiseppe’s Grille 35 Solomon Pond Road, Northborough 508-393-4405 guiseppes-grille.com Il Forno 27 Airport Road, Fitchburg 978-345-2511 65 W. Boylston St., W. Boylston 508-835-3700 il-forno.com J Anthony’s Italian Grill 206 Southbridge Road, N. Oxford 508-832-9705 janthonysgrill.com La Cucina Italiana 294 Hamilton St., Worcester 508-797-3354 lacucinaworcester.com La Scala 183 Shrewsbury St. Worcester 508-753-9912 lascalashrewsburystreet.com Leo’s Ristorante 11 Leo Turo Way, Worcester 508-753-9490 leosristorante.net Livia’s Dish 1394 Main St., Worcester 508-926-8861 liviasdish.com Luciano’s Café 2 Washington Sq., Worcester 508-755-6408 maxwellsilvermansbanquet.com Mare E Monti Trattoria 19 Wall St., Worcester 508-767-1800 mareemontitrattoria.com Mezé Greek Tapas Bar & Grille 156 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-926-8115 mezegreektapas.com Nonna’s Pizza + Pasta

(opening fall 2017) Worcester Ice Center 104 Harding St., Worcester nonnasworcester.com Nuovo 92 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-796-5915 nuovoworcester.com Oli’s Italian Eatery 339 W. Boylston St #A, W. Boylston 508-854-1500 oliseater.com Oli’s Tomato Pie 394 Belmont St, Worcester 508-755-7001 olistomatopie.com Padavano’s Place 358 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 774-823-3022 padavanosplace.com Picasso 2 Common St., Barre 978-355-3099 dineoutpicasso.com Piccolo’s 157 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-754-1057 piccolos157.com Rocky’s 139 Water St., Worcester 508-757-6259 Rosalina’s Kitchen 83 Hamilton St., Worcester 508-926-8887 rosalinaskitchen.com Rovezzi’s Ristorante 2 School St., Fiskdale 508-347-0100 rovezzis.com Tony’s Pizza Route 146 Boston Road, Sutton 508-865-9544 tonyssuttonpizza.com Via Italian Table 89 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-754-4842 Volturno 72 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-756-8658 volturnopizza.com Ziti’s Italian Trattoria 290 Turnpike Road, Westborough 508-898-2282 zitisitaliantrattoria.com Zorba’s Taverna Restaurant and Bar 97 Stafford St., Worcester 508-796-5828 132 Sturbridge Road, Charlton 508-248-0433 zorbastaverna.com


7 Nana 60 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-755-8888 7nanajapanese.com Baba Sushi

309 Park Ave., Worcester 508-752-8822 453 Main St., Sturbridge 774-304-1068 babasushi.com Kai Sushi Bar and Grille 68 Stafford St., Worcester 508-770-1010 kaiworcester.com Kaizen Sushi Bar and Grill 479 Main St., Fiskdale 508-347-1088 kaizen479.com Kenichi 270 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-926-8622 kenichibistro.com Kyoto Bar & Grill 695 Main St. Holden 508-210-0060 535 Lincoln St., Worcester 508-852-5788 kyotobarandgrill.com Mai Tai Bar & Sushi 69 Green St., Worcester 508-751-5900 Meiji Asian Cuisine 24 Leicester St., N. Oxford 508-731-0120 Meijioxford.com Mikaku Japanese Cuisine 290 W. Main St., Northborough 508-393-5553 mikakujapanese.com Oishi Japanese Restaurant 8 Franklin St., Worcester 508-752-1688 Osaka 20 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury 508-753-1144 osakashrewsbury.com Paku Paku 215 Chandler St., Worcester 508-755-3888 Sake Bomb 258 Park Ave., Worcester 508-754-2426 sakebombbistro.com Sushi Miyazawa 372 Chandler St., Worcester 774-420-2900 sushimiyazawa.com Takara 10 Millbury St., Worcester 508-791-1150 takarasushirestaurant.com Yama Zakura 369 W. Main St., Northborough 508-393-4187 yamazakurasushi.com Yummy Steak House 1121 Grafton St., Worcester 508-752-1668 yummysteakhouse.com

Late Night

Coaches Corner Sports Pub 39 Oxford Ave., Dudley 508-943-9796 Fastway Pizza 84 W. Boylston St., Worcester 508-852-2300 fastwaypizza.com Golden Pizza 20 Auburn St., Auburn 508-721-1271 107 Chandler St., Shrewsbury 508-842-7774 1137 Grafton St., Worcester 508-770-1533 1168 Main St., Worcester 508-752-4653 453 Lincoln St., Worcester 508-852-6000 Harry’s Restaurant 149 Turnpike Road, Rte. 9, Westboro 508-366-8302 harrysrestaurant.com Loft 266 Bar & Lounge 266 Park Ave., Worcester 508-796-5177 loft266.com Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner 148 Grove St., Worcester 508-753-9543 ralphsrockdiner.com Tavern In The Square 318 Main St., Northborough 508-393-3111 taverninthesquare.com Wicked Wings 321 West Boylston St., Worcester 774-243-7336 wickedwingco.com Wings Over Worcester 1 Kelley Square, Worcester 508-421-9464 wingsover.com

Latin American

Café Reyes 421 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-762-9900 cafereyes.org Churrascaria Ranch Cantina 329 Grafton St., Worcester 508-797-3560 La Brasa 181 Millbury St., Worcester 508-767-9811 Maria’s Kitchen 826 Main St., Worcester 508-797-3380 Pampas Churrascaria 145 E. Central St., Worcester 508-757-1070 steakhousepampas.com Sazon Latino Restaurant 130 Chandler St., Worcester 508-798-5645

Terra Brasilis Restaurant 480 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-752-0390 terrabrasilisrestaurant.com


Cancun Family Mexican Restaurant 75 Worcester St., North Grafton 508-839-8800 cancunmexicanrestaurants.com Makao Restaurant 181 Millbury St., Worcester 508-767-3306 Mezcal Tequila Cantina 30 Major Taylor Blvd., Worcester 508-926-8308 20 Central St. Leominster 978-728-4084 mezcalcantina.com Mi Reyna Latino Tapas & Bar 394 Belmont St., Worcester 774-823-3468 mireynatapas.com Moe’s Southwest Grille 61 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury 508-797-6637 3 Stafford St., Worcester 508-459-6060 moes.com Mexicali Fresh Mex Grill 700 Main St., Holden 508-829-7700 117 Main St., Spencer 774-745-8200 41 Worcester Road, Webster 508-461-5070 mexicalisfreshmex.com Plaza Azteca 539 Lincoln St., Worcester 508-853-3536 plazaaztecanewengland.com/ worcester/ Sol of Mexico 538 Pleasant St., Worcester 508-756-2660 solofmexico.yolasite.com Talyta’s Cafe 20 Front St., Worcester 508-929-3355 talytascafe.com


El Basha 2 Connector Road, Westborough 508-366-2455 256 Park Ave., Worcester 508-795-0222 424 Belmont St., Worcester 508-797-0884 423 Boston Post Road, Sudbury 978-579-4970 elbasharestaurant.com Bay State Shawarma & Grill 86 Water St., Worcester 508-753-6000 baystateshawarmaandgrill.net

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Pomir Grill 119 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-755-733 pomirgrill.com Sahara Restaurant 143 Highland St., Worcester 508-798-2181 eatsahara.com Shawarma Palace 3 Pleasant St., Worcester 508-755-6500 Techni Mediterranean Grill 8 Portland St., Worcester 774-420-2885 technigrill.com

Pubs & Taverns

The Banner Bar and Grille 112 Green St., Worcester 508-755-0879 thebannerbar.com Beatnik’s 433 Park Ave., Worcester 508-926-8877 beatniksbeyou.com Bennie’s Café 13 E. Mountain St., Worcester 508-853-3303 benniescafe.com Black Diamond Restaurant at Wachusett Mountain 499 Mountain Road, Princeton 978-464-2300 wachusett.com Brew City Grill and Brew House 104 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-752-3862 brew-city.com British Beer Co. 225 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-799-5100 britishbeer.com/location/ worcester Compass Tavern 90 Harding St., Worcester 508-304-6044 thecompasstavern.com The Dark Horse Tavern 12 Crane St., Southbridge 508-764-9200 Draught House Bar and Grill 42 W Boylston St., West Boylston 508-835-4722 thedraughthouse.com Fiddler’s Green 19 Temple St., Worcester 508-792-3700 fiddlersgreenworcester.com Funky Murphy’s 305 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-753-2995 funkyandjosemurphys.com The Hangover Pub 102 Green St., Worcester 508-556-1266 thehangoverpub.com Hunter’s Grille and Tap 25 Grafton Common, Grafton 508-839-5931

JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill 380 SW Cutoff, Northborough 508-842-8420 jjsnorthboro.com Nick’s Bar and Restaurant 124 Millbury St., Worcester 508-753-4030 nicksworcester.com Oxhead Tavern 366 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-7393 sturbridgehosthotel.com Park Grill and Spirits 257 Park Ave., Worcester 508-756-7995 parkgrillworc.com Railers Sports Tavern 90 Commercial St., Worcester railerssportstavern.com Ross Tavern at Wachusett Country Club 187 Prospect St., West Boylston 508-835-4484 wachusettcc.com/ross-tavern Suney’s Pub and Restaurant 216 Chandler St., Worcester 508-753-9072 The Union Tavern 65 Green St., Worcester 508-754-3050 Vintage Grille and Gourmet Pizza 346 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-752-0558 vintagegrille346.com Waterfront Mary’s 103 Birch Island Road, Webster 508-943-2222


Dresser Hill Clam Box 290 Dresser Hill Road, Charlton 508-248-7870 Point Breeze 114 Point Breeze Road, Webster 508-943-0404 pointbreezeonwebsterlake.com Ronnie’s 871 Southbridge Road, Auburn 508-832-9068 208 City Depot Road, Charlton 508-248-5024 The Sole Proprietor 118 Highland St., Worcester 508-798-3474 thesole.com Sturbridge Seafood 376 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-2600 sturbridgeseafood.com West Boylston Seafood Restaurant and Market 321 W Boylston St., West Boylston 508-853-3655


111 Chophouse 111 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 508-799-4111 111chophouse.com Chuck’s Steakhouse and Margarita Grill 10 Prospect St., Auburn 508-832-2553 chucks.com CJ’s Steakloft 369 W Main St., Northborough 508-393-8134 thesteakloft.com Sturbridge Porterhouse 407 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-2700 Wildwood Steakhouse 189 Boston Post Road East, Marlborough 508-481-2021 wildwoodsteakhouse.com Willy’s Steakhouse Grill and Sushi Bar 2 Grafton St., Shrewsbury 508-842-7220 willyssteakhouse.com


Basil n’ Spice 299 Shrewsbury St., Worcester 774-317-9986 basilnspice.com Racha Thai 545 SW Cutoff, Worcester 508-757-8884 rachathai1.com Thai Island 456 Main St., Holden 508-829-8272 thaiislandholdenrestaurant.net Thai Place 50 Boston Turnpike Road, Shrewsbury 508-425-3595 371 Main St., Sturbridge 508-347-2999 thaiplacerestaurant.net Thai Time 107 Highland St., Worcester 508-756-7267 thaitimeworcester.com 180 Church St., Clinton 978-365-6368 thaitimeclinton.com Yoong Tong Thai Restaurant 278 Main St., Northborough 508-393-7714 yoongtong.com

Upscale Dining

Avellino 502 Main St., Fiskdale 508-347-2321 avellinorestaurant.com Castle Restaurant 1230 Main St., Leicester

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508-892-9090 castlerestaurant.com Cedar Street Grille 12 Cedar St., Sturbridge 508-347-5800 cedarstreetgrille.com Chocksett Inn 59 Laurelwood Road, Sterling 978-422-3355 chosettinn.com deadhorse Hill 281 Main St., Worcester 774-420-7107 deadhorsehill.com The Duck 502 Main St., Fiskdale 508-347-2321 theducksturbridge.com Fins and Tales 858 Main St., Southbridge 508-764-3349 finsandtales858.com Five Loaves Bakery and Restaurant 13 Mechanics St., Spencer 508-885-3760 The Harrington Farm Country Inn and Restaurant 178 Westminster Road, Princeton 978-464-5600 harringtonfarm.com Jenkins Inn and Restaurant 7 West St., Barre 978-355-6444 jenkinsinn.com Lock50 50 Water St., Worcester 508-379-3400 lock50.com Maxwell Silverman’s 25 Union St., Worcester 508-755-1200 maxwellmaxine.com Romaine’s 299 W. Main St., Northborough 508-393-8889 romainesrestaurant.com Sonoma Restaurant at the Beechwood Hotel 363 Plantation St., Worcester 508-754-2000 sonoma-princeton.com


Anh Thu 439 Park Ave., Worcester 508-752-1330 Da Lat 452 Park Ave., Worcester 508-753-6036 Pho Dakao 101 Concord St., Framingham, 508-872-2211 593 Park Ave., Worcester, 508756-7555 phodakao.com Saigon Restaurant 976 Main St., Worcester 508-799-5250

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Krave 2017 A Special Supplement of Worcester Magazine

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Krave 2017 A Special Supplement of Worcester Magazine