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Editor’s Letter Life is a continuous battle. It doesn’t matter how many battles you’ve won or lost; what matters is that you fought, learned and survived. Brenda Jones

It’s funny how, when looking back, a challenge seems much less daunting than when you are faced with it. It’s probably because we often underestimate our strength and will. We are capable of enduring so much, that the fact that the mere thought of a test series can bring us to our knees, is laughable. Yet, so many of us lose the battle before it even starts. Hierdie kwartaal was soos ‘n oorlog. Dit was gevul met gevegte, waaruit ek soms as oorwinnaar getree het; ander kere het ek hopeloos gefaal. Tog, as ek terugdink, was die gedagte aan daardie gevegte menigmale soveel erger as die werklike geveg. So, waarom het ek my dan so bekommer? My first battle was the musical. I’m happy to say that we (the army of performers and our generals) were victorious. We prepared for more than a semester and during that time I felt daunted by the thought of the massive battle that lay ahead. Looking back, I can only remember the feeling of victory when the curtains closed for the last time. All of the bumps in the road, the stormy weather conditions and the porridge on our heads (musical pun) was completely forgotten. Die musical was maar net een van die talle gevegte wat ek hierdie kwartaal moes trotseer. Daar was die Geveg van Interskole, waar ons oor die Kuilies baasgespeel het, die Geveg van die Toetsreeks en natuurlik die Geveg van Uitstel.

I am sad to say that during the Fight of Procrastination, I was sorely defeated. I guess it was because I didn’t prepare enough. I went into the battle with a sword of pessimism. If I had gone into the battle with a positive mind set about my own strengths, I probably would’ve slayed the enemy. Instead I procrastinated on so many challenges, simply because I overestimated the challenges and underestimated my own abilities. The sadness of this, is that procrastination is an enemy that can never be completely vanquished. You will always have to battle it, but instead of letting it use your own misgivings about the challenges lying ahead of you against you, face it with a sword of optimism and shield of supportive friends. Hierdie kwartaal het darem nie net uit gevegte bestaan nie. Daar was die geesweek, waar ons almal as ‘n eenheid saamgekom het voor Interskole met die personeelkonsert wat ons almal laat skater het. Daar was natuurlik ook 40 days en, alhoewel dit altyd ‘n prettige dag is, het sommige van ons ‘n gevoel van heimwee gekry, nadat ons besef het dat die matrieks se dae in die skool getel is. Die deurlopende optimisme en ondersteuning van my vriende het my deur hierdie kwartaal gedra en het die donker slagveld so dikwels in ‘n sonskyndag omskep. The last battle I had to face this term, was the Battle of the Circum. Though “battle” isn’t really the right word. It’s more like an incredibly amazing journey that I just started. This was my first term as editor of the Circum and Deevya left some pretty big shoes to fill. I might have fought some battle along the way, but luckily I had Deevya’s mentorship and Miss Le Roux’s support and encouragement. I also had Emily (the sub-editor) as my right hand and the whole Circum editorial staff. Without them I never would’ve been able to reign victorious over this battle. Thus ended an incredibly eventful term, filled with challenges and triumphs. One thing is certain, this term has been unforgettable!

Shrek and that’s a wrap

We’ve covered Shrek the Musical from every imaginable angle so that you won’t have to forget a single minute of this exciting and massive endeavour.

THIS IS OUR STORY Trisha Bhawan writes her experience of the musical from the perspective of a member of the audience.


nce upon a time in a school not too far away, two fairy godmothers, namely Ms Nel and Mrs Conradie, had to tackle a task that truly required magic. They had to combine their strengths and powers to create a musical production that would exhilarate the town of Worcester in the heart of the forest’s winelands. Shrek the Musical had yet to be produced by a school in South Africa and therefore the Fairy Godmothers grabbed the opportunity with both hands. And so the process to select the finest fairy tale creatures to bring the musical to life, started. After a few rounds of auditions, about 250 fairy-tale creatures were selected. They danced and acted until everything was perfected and approved by the fairy godmothers.

This obviously did not happen overnight; it took undivided attention, pure devotion and co-operation. Of course there were not only dancers and actors needed to make the musical a success, but also hardworking and dedicated forest animals to work as backstage helpers. They made sure that everything ran smoothly behind the scenes and with the sound and lighting. These forest animals worked long hours and they had to be on top of their game at all times. The choir and the band spent endless hours learning each note of every song in the musical. After months and months of all the fairy tale creatures and forest animals practicing and perfecting each component of the musical, the opening night was upon them. The time had arrived for everyone to get into character and show the world their talent. It was a Thursday night in the forest’s town hall, when Mama Bears and Papa Bears from all over the land came together to experience the fairy tale creatures and forest animals of Worcester Gymnasium letting their freak flags fly.

Everyone was greeted by little ogres and taken to their seats. The feeling that you had entered the swamp was created by crafty lighting. As soon as the curtains opened, the fairy-tale creatures of Worcester Gymnasium caught everyone's attention. The props that were used played an incredible role throughout the production and the sound and lighting effects truly gave a striking dimension to the production. The dances were executed perfectly and the lines were said with such emotion. Donkey’s (Francois Prinsloo’s) wit and flamboyance had everyone giggling throughout the night and the portrayal of Lord Farquaad's character done by Conrad Le Roux was phenomenal. He had everyone hanging on to every word he said and every gesture he made. Everyone’s mouths hung open as the three Fionas (Berna Erasmus, Anja Laubscher and Mildri Ellmann) sang together and apart. Shrek (Janco Nel) kept the audience captivated during his long journey of getting his swamp back with his brilliant acting skills. Songs like “Freak flag” and “I'm a believer” got everyone's feet tapping. The Worcester Gymnasium choir and band, under the direction of Mrs Rabie and Dr Pretorius, complemented the songs that were sung throughout the night with an inordinate amount of practice hours going into every song. The musical was so amazing that some uninvited guests even burst into the town hall on Thursday night and stole some of the attention, but the show had to go

on and Shrek and Donkey handled the situation like professionals! The fact that all the talented learners who took part in the musical, walk within the walls of Worcester Gymnasium is quite impressive. Well done to each and every one of you! The musical was a roaring success and exceeded all expectations. The audience loved it more than ogres love dirt!

Shrek the Musical, through the eyes of a Real Boy ANEEQ JACOBS, aka Real-Boy-Pinocchio, shares his impressions of the musical and what about this adventure inspired him.


tanding in the spotlight, sweat dripping from my forehead, my heart beating faster and faster I wondered: would I ever feel this way again? Would I ever forget this moment? When I close my eyes I can still hear the crowd cheering and clapping. The spotlight shining harshly on my face plastered with layers and layers of make-up suffocating my skin; the long hours of rehearsing, finally bearing fruit; my feet almost moving mechanically; my muscles recognizing the music. When I think back to the musical, a feeling of nostalgia washes over me. I remember the faces of all the people I befriended and all the memories that we made. Memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Inspiration from the musical


ot only were the songs super catchy and fun to dance to, most of them also had a deeper message about selfacceptance and being the best you that you can be. This theme is noticed throughout the musical, while Shrek and Fiona make peace with being ogres and being proud of it. It’s also put to words in the song Freak Flag, sung by Pinocchio and the fairy tale creatures. At the start of the song, Gingy sings that they have spent their whole lives wishing that they weren’t so strange. She then tells them that they should stop hiding, stand up tall and say, “Hey world I’m different and here I am!” At this point of the song Pinocchio is still ashamed of what he is and the fairy tale creatures try to cheer him up by telling him they’re all freaks. Pinocchio then realises that he has nothing to be ashamed of and that he should be proud of who he is. “What makes us special, makes us strong!” What this song actually tells you is that you should not let society’s image of a happy person influence who you are. The only way that you will ever find true happiness is by accepting who you are and being proud of it. Gimmies, let your freak flag fly! To listen to the song, simply scan this barcode or follow the link.

interviewS ny Trisha Bhawan

CarRen Abrahams How does Worcester Gymnasium’s musical differ from your primary school concert? A school concert doesn’t follow much of a storyline and they don’t really act at all. Gym’s musical is entertaining to watch and waaaaay more effort is put into it. What has been your most extraordinary experience of the musical? I became close friends with people who I had hardly ever spoken to before. If you had to sum up the whole musical in word, what would it be? TIRING!!!

Do you have any pre-show rituals that you do? If so, what are they? Remind myself not fall. Practice how to fall in case I do. Practice how to play it cool once I have fallen. What do you do to calm yourself down just before the curtains open or before you walk onto the stage? I take a deep breath, do an embarrassing dance move to make myself laugh, and therefore laugh, and pretend that nobody’s watching. What was the most stressful moment of this musical? Wearing a wig on stage and stressing that it could fall off at anytime on stage.

What was the funniest moment of this musical? When we were doing the Duloc dance, Jana and Elmari’s skirts fell off while dancing! It wasn’t supposed to be funny but it was!

Now that the musical is over and done with, would you consider becoming an actor/actress? Not in a million years! I applaud those who dedicate their time like that, but it isn’t for me.

What went through your mind as the final curtain closed on Friday night? I’m sad that this is my last musical ever, but I’m glad that it is over!

What was one thing that you learnt from this whole experience? NEVER forget your security card at home!

MILDRI ELLMAN How does Worcester Gymnasium’s musical production differ from your primary school concert? In primary school we did extremely plain concerts. Every class had to do something. WG’s musical production is incredible compared to primary school. You can’t compare the two. What has been your most extraordinary experience of the musical? I have never sang or acted in front of so many people before. It was incredible to teach myself to come out of my comfort zone. I also got to speak to people I usually don’t and I got to know people who I didn’t really know before. If you had to sum up the whole musical in word, what would it be? WOW! Do you have any pre-show rituals that you do? If so, what are they? I breathe really hard and a lot. I jump up and down a lot, but for some reason I was calm. I drank water and looked at myself in the mirror and said “You Fiona, you got this!” What do you do to calm yourself down just before the curtains open or before you walk onto the stage? I close my eyes and breathe deeply. I walked backwards and forwards a lot and sometimes ran through my words.

What was the most stressful moment of this musical? The Wednesday evening at the rehearsal I accidently mixed my words up and that was really stressful. There was one note that I was stressed about. I was scared I wouldn’t reach it while I sang. What was the funniest moment of this musical? There were tons of funny moments, especially because of Lord Farquaad (Conrad). Conrad had to pucker his lips backstage so that Mrs Tromp could put lipstick on for him, but he never knew how, so he kept making funny shapes with his mouth. I found that extremely funny! What went through your mind as the final curtain closed on Friday night? I was like “Oh My Gosh this is over!” I also thought “Joh” and “Wow I’m getting old!” The musical has been such a big part of our lives and I couldn’t believe it was over. I thought what an experience it was. It was crazy to think that the practices are over. I also thought how much I’m going to miss the other main characters. And I thought “Wow I did it”. Now that the musical is over and done with, would you consider becoming an actor/actress? I would consider it, but first I want to get a degree in something else first. I would definitely consider it though. What was one thing that you learnt from this whole experience? Hard work pays off! I learnt a lot from the actual story of Shrek like, just be yourself. I learnt how to come out of my comfort zone. You learn so much by taking part of something like this, especially something like handling stress. I learnt that you can do a lot in a short time if you put you mind to it.

Ms Nel

the director

What makes you come back every second year to create a musical production? We brag about all the opportunities that we give the learners in WG. This is one event where we involve almost 300 learners. The privilege to work with so many learners towards a wonderful goal is priceless. Where did the idea of doing Shrek for this year’s musical come from? Well, Mrs Conradie and I considered “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”, but couldn’t get the royals. Then we considered “Aladdin”, but the same happened. After that “Shrek” popped up and we are so thankful that we were allowed to do the “Shrek the Musical” - the first school in South Africa to perform it. What is the secret to keeping yourself energized through everything that needs to be done for musical? Well, I am crazy about the performing arts. So, being involved in a project like a musical really gives me energy and excites me. Even though I obviously get tired, the adrenaline keeps me going. How do you keep calm through the difficult times? don’t always succeed in keeping calm. Luckily the children know me and seldom give me trouble or get offended. Most learners understand the pressure. Actually it is a privilege to work with our school’s learners! What is the best part of the musical, in your opinion? The musical is an immense educational process; we learn to work together, laugh together and sometimes even cry together and we work towards a common goal – something that brings honour to our beloved Worcester Gymnasium. If you had one word to sum up the whole musical what would it be? Enjoyment Is there a message you would like to give to everyone who played a role in making this musical production a success? Thank you for your cooperation, your dedication, your devotion and your understanding of the bigger picture.

MARIANnE BARRY the fairy tale character How does Worcester Gymnasium’s musical production differ from your primary school concert? It was at a much higher level and there were a lot more practices. It was more challenging as well. What has been your most extraordinary experience of the musical? Being a new learner at Worcester Gymnasium, it was nice getting to know older and other children in the school.

If you had to sum up the whole musical in word, what would it be? Awesome! What was the most stressful moment of this musical? The fact that the curls in my hair had to stay like that for the whole night. What was the funniest moment of this musical? The funniest moment was at one of the practices when a teacher was scolding a learner and then all of a sudden out of nowhere the old 7de Laan theme song started playing (it was Luke’s phone) . What was one thing that you learnt from this whole experience? To challenge myself and think out of the box.

Daniel du preez the stage manager What was the vibe like backstage? There were some chilled vibes and also some stressful vibes. Being the backstage manager, how did you cope with everything that needed to be done? Basically, I took a deep breath and relaxed myself just before the musical, and just did what I knew best. What was the most stressful moment for you? When someone’s head microphones battery was dead and I never prepared for that. Do you think that this experience has helped to expand your technical knowledge and abilities? Yes, I gained so much experience working backstage and working with the lights and music. What do you enjoy most about working backstage? The ability to do it with people that I know and people who I have worked with in the past. Is there anything you would like to say to the rest of the backstage crew? It was fun working with all of you and I would do it again!



Gimmie Gimmie0 bom

When my time on earth is through, let it be said my blood is blue Sometimes the build-up to interschools is even better than interschools itself. Lungako Ndungane reports.


nterschools week, otherwise referred to as “#geesbou”, always succeeds in stirring up an abundance of excitement amongst the learners and teachers of Worcester Gymnasium. Although this year’s interschools was held a week after the musical, the annual fever seemed to be higher than ever before – promising an unforgettable end to the winter sport season. Festivities began on Monday, the 15th of August, when a table tennis tournament was held between the mischievous matrics and the extremely talented teachers. To the surprise of many, the tournament showcased brilliant talent and skills between the competitors. ‘Funky Red Day’ was the theme for Tuesday where everyone got deeper into the “gees” by adding a red accessory to somewhat restore a sense of enthusiasm when learners put their uniform on for school that day. At break it was time for ‘Minute to Win It’, where learners got to perform a variety of tasks which needed to be completed in under 1 minute for them to win a can of Coke. The annual traditional “spanbou” was held at Spur on Tuesday evening where teams got some bonding time. The night produced bucket loads of memories, laughs and selfies. Wednesday welcomed a ‘Funky Blue Day’ for the teachers and learners to take part in. Karaoke once again made an appearance, giving the occasionally lyrically strong, brave and gifted singers at Worcester Gymnasium to flaunt their stuff. The netball tournament between the matrics and the teachers was held that afternoon, which was nothing short of incredibly entertaining. Along with pushing and shoving, the teachers managed to put up a fairly strong game

against the young bloods and the match ended in a draw (12-12). Superheroes came to school on Thursday, replacing the learners of Worcester Gymnasium. Learners were given the chance to dress up as their sport heroes - whether it be a hockey player, a squash player or even a surfer, learners took this opportunity and came to school dressed as their hero. The first team rugby boys took it upon themselves to wear the 1st team netball girls’ dresses. Some of them were so brave that they simply wore pulled-up shorts under the dresses to show off their legs. ‘Date a first team player’ was held at 1st break, where learners got the chance to bid for a player that they wanted to go on a date with. Lukhanyo Magele, Harshal Jeena, Stian Viola, Benjamin Truter, Leandrie Ketch and Mari van der Merwe were the 1st team players who were part of the mix. That evening the Big Brag was held in the school hall. Parents were introduced to all the A-teams and the captains of the other teams that were going to represent Worcester Gymnasium during Interschools. The night was a huge success and the excitement was yet to increase with the staff concert the next day. The eve of interschools was just plain exciting altogether. After a very short day, the staff concert had finally arrived. Unfailingly, the event raised the excitement of the learners. The teachers’ outstanding acting was showcased once again, as well as their ability to make us laugh and sing along to all the songs that made us impatient for the day that was lying ahead. Interschools week this year was better than any other. Even weeks after interschools, if you listen closely to the conversations, you’ll be sure to hear people reminiscing about it.

Battlefields by Emily Voight


s the Gimmies looked at the sky the evening before interschools, they became uncertain of good weather for the next day. This was the day where they would show what all those months of practices were for. This was a battle, not a joke that the rain could simply destroy. This was serious business. With a cool breeze in the air, the partly cloudy morning of the 20th of August started. It gave indescribable butterflies to the matrics. This was their last chance to show pride for their school with the way they played the interschools. Sticks ready, the hockey warriors marched onto the turf, stopping only to look their fellow players in

the eye as if to share their willpower. It was the same with the netball players and their ready bodies, as if their reflexes would jump into action and give them the advantage at any moment. Watching the games, spectators could see looks of determination reflecting in the eyes of the players. The weapons banged against each other, injuries were passed around, but it didn’t stop the flaming desire to win. The golf was also played with great effort, but nobody can win everything and unfortunately De Kuilen won the trophy. The first netball team kept all the spectators on the edge of their seat as they wondered what the outcome would be. However, after playing hard and with so much determination, De Kuilen won.

The 1st team hockey boys used speed to their advantage as they raced around on the astro and scored their goals before the rest could even take a break to breathe. They did the rare thing of keeping their opponents’ score a quite unfortunate zero. All around, the hockey and netball made the Gimmies especially proud. On the other side of the school the intricate battle of the minds was taking place in the media centre. After long, hard and intense matches, De Kuilen unfortunately had the upper-hand, but it did not damage the Gimmies’ pride. Of course the cheerleaders and sing-songs didn’t disappoint. With their bright colours, the cheerleaders rocked the field and left the Gimmies feeling perhaps a bit too proud. The sing-songs did their thing and their pride was heard in the way they sang. A De Kuilen parent was heard as he said, almost disgusted, "Hulle is te netjies." The rugby boys stepped out onto the field with exactly the same look that was seen in many other sport players' eyes. It was pure determination and bravery that kept those players on the field with injuries and all. Around the field, the spectator Gimmies were just about as involved in the game as the actual players, excitedly rooting for their favourite players. One matric girl was heard saying, “As hulle nie nou vir Marlon opstuur nie, kom ek nie Maandag skool toe nie.” A moment later Marlon was sent on and the girl declared, “Oukei, ek sal skool toe gaan.” The Gimmies, once again, did not fail to disappoint and won the game with great skills and hard work. Thanks to everybody who was part of this day – coaches, sing-songs, teachers, learners, parents and all! The support was fantastic and the teams wouldn’t have played as well as they did without that encouragement.




WG won the Netball Trophy

WG won the hockey trophy

WG won the rugby trophy

U.14E won 7-3


1st team won 35-24

U.14D won 21-9

U.14A won 2-0

2nd team lost 21-31

U.14C won 30-5

U.16A won 6-0

3rd team won 17-5

U.14B won 13-6

U.16B won 4-1

U.16 won 27-3

U.14A won 22-19

U.18A won 8-0

U.15A won 24-20

U.15C lost 10-18

U.18B won 2-1

U.15B won 12-0

U.15B lost 12-13


U.14 lost 10-15

U.15A won 20-13

U.14B drew 0-0

U.16C won 16-5

U.14B won 5-0

U.16B lost 7-11

U.16C won 3-0

U.16A lost 15-25

U.16B won 4-0

U.17C lost 10-22

U.16 A won 2-0

U.17B won 18-6

U.18B won 4-0

U.17A won 10-6

U.18A won 5-1

U.18C lost 4-34 U.18B won 12-11 U.18A lost 17-29

Chess De Kuilen won the chess trophy 1st team lost 4-2 2nd team won 4-2

golf De Kuilen won the golf trophy 1st Team lost 1-3 2nd team lost 0-4 3rd team won 4-0

Saam met watter onderwyser by Gim sal Meneer in ‘n huisbak wil vassit? Meneer Gie. Hy sal die vindingrykste maniere kry om uit die situasie te ontsnap. As Meneer enige “superpower” kon kry, wat sou dit wees en hoe sou Meneer dit gebruik? Ek sal mense se gedagtes wil lees. Ek sal dit in die klas gebruik om te sien wat almal dink.

¼the"new"kids¾ ¼on"the"block¾ Simone Botha finds out more about the new additions to the staff.

Sou Meneer eerder die toekoms wil sien of die verlede verander? Hoekom? Die toekoms sien. Die foute wat ‘n mens in die verlede gemaak het, maak nie so baie saak nie, dus sal ek eerder foute wat gaan kom wil uitskakel.

JUFFROU BASSON Ms Basson left Worcester Gymnasium for 16 months and travelled abroad, to China, to be a Disney Trainer. Now she’s back, helping out until the end of the year and ready to enjoy the Bosvark spirit again!

MENEER MATTHEE Having grown up in Worcester, and having attended Drostdy High School, Mr Mathee was bound to pick a local school to teach at. After studying at CPUT in Wellington and working as a student teacher at places as far as Gansbaai and as close as Montana, he arrived to teach at Worcester Gymnasium. Now that we know Mr Matthee’s background, let’s find out more about him. Hoekom het Meneer Worcester Gimnasium gekies? Ek wou graag hoërskool wiskunde gee en Worcester Gimnasium is ‘n goeie skool wat baie “up and coming” is. Hoekom het Meneer ‘n onderwyser geword? Dis my passie om kinders te ontwikkel na die beste van my vermoë. Wat is Meneer se gunsteling vak om aan te bied? Wiskunde. Watter oorledene sal Meneer die minste wil hê moet by Meneer kom spook? Michael Jackson. As Meneer se lewe in ‘n fliek omskep kon word, watter akteur sal Meneer kies om Meneer se rol te vertolk? Willem van 7de Laan. As Meneer by ‘n vriend of familielid se huis eet en ‘n dooie (of lewende) insek in die slaai kry, wat sal Meneer doen? Ek sal sê dat ek allergies vir blaarslaai is.

What did you do as a Disney Trainer? I worked for the Walt Disney Company. They started a school where they teach English to children from the young age of 3 years old to the age of 10 or 11 years old. I was a Disney Foreign Trainer. They called us “cast members” because it’s all about the show. We didn’t jump around in character suits, though. We wore a uniform, and our main purpose was to teach English.

Did you meet anyone famous? I tutored a famous socialite’s daughter. I didn’t know she was famous until I went to their house and had to get through the bodyguards!

What did you miss the most about Gymnasium? My kids.

What is the biggest change, if any, you have noticed since your return? The number of new teachers...there are a lot more, and the values they implement in the school are good.

After five years as a Stay-at-Home mom and part time teacher, Mrs. Du Plessis joined her children at our school and became part of the Gimmie-adventure.

What’s your favourite thing about Gymnasium? The diversity. There is never a dull moment.

Where did you teach before you came to Gymnasium? I If you had a brainwashing machine, on whom would you use it and why? Donald Trump, so that he

taught at Stellenbosch University. I also taught at Zululand University and the Umhlatuze FET College.

can get a clear perception on what life is really about.

How would your friends describe you? Eccentric. If your house was burning down, which three objects would you try to save?

Do you like the kids at Gymnasium? Most of them are really

My cat, James. My paintings. My grandmother’s wedding dress.

friendly. There are those who don’t know where to draw the line, but even those can be quite entertaining.

Would you rather make headlines for saving someone’s life of for winning a Nobel Prize? Saving

How is Gymnasium different from your previous schools? I teach more classes. There’s also a very relaxed at-

someone’s life.

mosphere here.

Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far. What did you do? I have had a few terrifying inci-

What do you think of your fellow staff members? I’m still

dents. But the most terrifying incident was when I was attacked by a flock of pigeons. It should be known that the things I’m most terrified of, apart from spiders, are birds.

If you could speak to everyone in the world at one time, what would you say? Just love each other. Would you rather be an apple or a banana? A banana.


struggling to get to know all their names, but my experience was that they were very welcoming; they are open, generous and caring.

Why Gym? We moved to Worcester five years ago, and I always said that if I were to teach again, it would only be at Worcester Gymnasium. Mainly because of the diversity and because I think Worcester Gym has a lot to offer. I could see myself enjoying it here. And I do.

What is number one on your bucket list? To travel Europe. If you were to join a circus, what act would you perform? I’d love to be a trapeze artist or a lion tamer. What is your favourite pizza? Four Seasons. What keys on a keyboard don’t you use? I never use the sleep button.

Are there some things you constantly lose? Yes. Keys! And then socks. Socks disappear constantly in my house. And it’s just the one sock - never both. If you could get away with a crime, would you? If yes, what would it be? Yes. Rob a bank. A Lehman Brothers Bank. What’s your philosophy in life? Things are what they are; what will be will be. Get on with life. We hope these new teachers, part time or permanent, will have a lovely stay at our school!


nce again South Africans have shown pride in the South African democracy by holding yet another successful election. On 3 August 2016, 15 296 759 South Africans went to their voting stations around the country to elect representatives and parties to govern on local and municipal level. The election results for the Breede Valley are as follows: The DA won the majority of the total votes cast with 54,43% followed by the ANC with 30,10% and the Breedevallei Onafhanklik with 8,26%. The Breede Valley had a voter turnout of 59,85% with 46 440 voters compared to the 57,97% turnout nationally. With these results the Breede Valley enters its second term under a DA run municipality. Overall the ANC walked away from the elections with 55,68% of the national vote. Although the ANC retained

the majority this has been the lowest percentage the party had ever obtained. The DA raked in 24,57% of the national vote preforming especially strong in metropoles, with the most votes in Tswane, Cape town and Nelson Mandela Bay. The EFF won 8,31% nationally with its strongest constituencies in Limpopo province. But how does this affect us at Worcester Gym? Once we reach the eligible age of 18, we as youth are further empowered with the right to vote and have our say in our system of government. If we choose not to vote, we neglect our responsibility of using this right to make our voice heard in the matters that affect us all and well, that's not quite right. The Circum interviewed a few Gimmies to find out how they experienced the recent local elections as first-time voters. This is what they had to say about their experience and opinion on voting:

cast your vote Deevya Narotam and Peter Manefeldt find out more about the elections of the 3rd of August and how our matrics’ first voting experience was.

Why did you vote in the 2016 Municipal Elections?

LUKE TITUS Ja nee, dit was baie eenvoudig om te besluit.

JACQUES MORKEL So that my voice could be heard.

KENO VALENTINE It was very simple because the people I voted for, I knew very well.

NICOLE DE JAGER Because I feel that our country needs a change and my vote can count as well. JANINE SAMEULS Want ek is 18, so dis die eerste keer wat ek kan stem en toe stem ek. BIANCA DA MOTA VEIGA E COSTA Want ek het 'n paar maande terug 18 geword en dit is die ouderdom wat jy moet wees om te stem. Ek wil ook graag die verandering wees wat ek in ander mense wil sien. PORCIA MHLONGO I wanted to make a stand as a citizen of South Africa and I'm very proud to be one. LUKE TITUS Ek het net gedink, ja dis 'n nuwe ding om te doen, ek is nou agtien, jy weet. Toe ek klein was het my ma en pa elke keer gegaan en ek was nuuskierig wat hulle doen so ja, uit nuuskierigheid. MICAELA AFRICANDER I was forced, actually. I don't believe in this voting stuff; I'm not interested. Our vote doesn't actually count, that's what I think.

_______________________________________ As a first-time voter, how did you feel when you made your cross on the ballot form?


Do you feel that you're knowledgeable enough about local politics to vote with insight? JACQUES MORKEL Decent enough, yes. NICOLE DE JAGER I wouldn't say about local politics, but nationally, I think that I am knowledgeable enough because of the documentaries we watched. JANINE SAMEULS Nee, ek wou my ma gevra het, maar toe sê die vrou wat daar voor gestaan het ek moenie my ma vra nie, ek moet net stem-stem-stem. Hulle was baie haastig gewees. So gou soos ek in is so gou moes ek uitgegaan het. BIANCA DA MOTA VEIGA E COSTA Nogals, ja. PORCIA MHLONGO Not really. I watched a few election things on the TV, I read through newspapers and some books and also went on the internet.

VENESSA MOLE Ooh! I was excited.

BUHLE MASIMINI Not really, but my L.O. task actually helped with the elections and it was also all over the news for the past two months.

NICOLE DE JAGER I actually felt proud of myself for getting that far to actually vote, so yes, the feeling was a good feeling, if I can put it that way.

LUKE TITUS Ja nee, die afgelope tyd het ek baie die nuus gevolg. So ja, ek het nogal kennis gehad om die regte stem te maak.

JANINE SAMEULS 'n Kleine bietjie nervous.

KENO VALENTINE Not really; I know the basics, but I don't have all the insights and details about the parties.

BIANCA DA MOTA VEIGA E COSTA Ek was nervous, maar ook excited. Ek het geweet vir wie ek gaan stem.


LUQMAAN BRYAN It was confusing, but very boring as well. PORCIA MHLONGO Felt very nice, felt like I was doing something, like standing up for myself for the first time and feeling like an independent woman. LUKE TITUS Om eerlik te wees, dit het nie anders gevoel nie. Ek het gedink dit gaan meer special voel of so, maar dit het glad nie anders gevoel nie. KENO VALENTINE I felt important, like I’m part of the government and the community and like I'm making a change in the world. ___________________________________________________________

Was it simple to decide where to put your cross? JACQUES MORKEL Yes. NICOLE DE JAGER Yes, I already knew who I wanted to vote for and why. I did some research about the politics and I decided that the people I voted for can make a change. PORCIA MHLONGO Very simple.

Did you experience this year's elections as a free and fair process, particularly in terms of the atmosphere at the voting station? VENESSA MOLE Nee; waar ek gestem het, het die mense wat by die partye bymekaar gestaan het my geroep en dit was vir my nie reg nie. Hulle het my besluit probeer beïnvloed.

JACQUES MORKEL Yes, it was reasonably fair; everything was "equal". NICOLE DE JAGER Yes, we were left alone to do what we wanted to; nobody came and intruded saying "vote for us, vote for us," so I think it was fair and I enjoyed it. BIANCA DA MOTA VEIGA E COSTA Dit was nogals, ja, maar soos party van die mense was ook oorvriendelik, hulle sal mense nader en vir net soos goed vra. PORCIA MHLONGO Yes, I did actually. It was very peaceful. BUHLE MASIMINI Yes, it was a neutral atmosphere.

LUKE TITUS Ja nee, nee hulle was baie regverdig. Ek was net in en uit, dit het soos twee minute gevat, so ja, hulle was baie georganiseerd. Hulle was baie vriendelik, ek kon met hulle chat, ek het nie geïntimideerd gevoel nie. Dit was neutraal. KENO VALENTINE Yes, I enjoyed it, I felt very free to do my thing. Yes, it was nice, it was great. Everybody was going dancing, having some fun there. It was very neutral, nobody forcing you to vote for a certain party. All the parties put up stands and stuff. _______________________________________________

What would you say to fellow eligible youth who did not exercise their right to vote? VENESSA MOLE Vir die mense wat nie gestem het nie, wil ek net sê, jy kan nie jou mening lig as jy nie gestem het nie. NICOLE DE JAGER Well, if you didn't vote, you can't complain about our country and the instability of the country. Don't complain if you didn't make your mark. JANINE SAMEULS Hulle moet net nie kla wanneer hulle nie gelukkig is met iets wat hulle doen nie. BIANCA DA MOTA VEIGA E COSTA Jy kan nie wil kla as jy nie gestem het nie, so as jy nie gestem het nie, moet jy maar liewerste stilbly. PORCIA MHLONGO They're really missing out, because most people have that thing where they don't really do anything and then they're the people who want to talk the most. They didn't take a stand and actually go there and actually vote. So you can't have a say if you didn't do anything about it when you could do something about it. BUHLE MASIMINI If you vote, it's like you have a say in this country. You shouldn't make an excuse and say "this party should have won" if you didn't vote. So next elections you must vote, so that you can also have a say in the governing of our country.

LUKE TITUS Ek voel dis jou eie keuse as jy wil stem of nie. Hulle sê oor die nuus “die keuse is in jou hand”. En ek voel actually dit is, want as die een ou besluit om nie te stem nie, het hy nie 'n sê in die saak nie. Dan kan jy nie kla as die voting process nie in jou guns val nie. KENO VALENTINE If they don't exercise the right to vote, then there's no point in complaining about what's wrong in the government. So they shouldn't complain at all, they should just keep quiet if they have a problem, because they didn't vote. Opportunities do not come with their values stamped upon them and neither does voting in an election process. You don't know what the final result will be, but you have the opportunity to voice your opinion and nothing to lose by doing so. It's not about counting the votes (unless you're an IEC official) and measuring its probable impact against thousands of others; it's about making the choice to vote and following through with it to MAKE our vote count. Well done to these Gimmies for casting your first vote! Continue making a difference and encourage fellow youth to do the same.

The blue whale needs to consume 1.5 million calories per day. Bananas cannot reproduce themselves – they must be propagated by humans. Chewing gum can prevent a person from tearing up while cutting onions.

The chance of a person being killed by a spider is less than the chance of being killed by a champagne cork. Men sweat 40% more than women do. Mohammed is the most common name used in the world. Every year 40 000 people injure themselves with teapots.

Bianca du Plessis kyk vir ons na die gesondheidsvoordele van lag.

Daar is min natuurlike medisyne wat ons só gesond en gelukkig laat voel soos om te skaterlag. Maar hierdie verbeterde gemoedstoestand is nie net ‘n psigologiese kulkunsie nie. Daar is klinklare bewyse dat lag van ons gesonder mense maak. Wanneer jy jouself breek vir jou pel wat oor ‘n bank struikel of in ‘n deurkosyn vasloop, verminder jy die afskeiding van streshormone soos kortisol en verhoog die telling immuunselle in jou liggaam. Dus verbeter jy jou weerstand teen siektes. So vergeet die antibiotika en vitamine C; sit terug en geniet ‘n komedie. Lag is tog die beste medisyne! Lag help ook dat jou spiere ontspan. Spiere kan ontspanne wees vir tot 45 minute na ‘n uit-die-maag-lag. Dit lei ook tot die vrystelling van endorfiene, jou lyf se natuurlike goed-voelhormone. Endorfiene bevorder ‘n algemene gevoel van tevredenheid en kan selfs pyn verlig. Jou toon gestamp? Lag daaroor. Totsiens, eina. Voel jy hartgebroke? Lus om net hartseer rolprente te kyk en roomys te eet? Wel, sit eerder Comedy Central aan en lag dat die trane rol – die goeie soort trane. So maak lag ’n intergale deel van jou lewe. Lag gereeld, lag uitbundig en lag uit jou maag uit. Jou plooie sal in die toekoms op die regte plekke sit.

The measurement of your foot is the same measurement as from your wrist to your elbow. A person can survive three weeks without food, but only 100 hours without water. The most poisonous animal in the world is the Poison Dart Frog, only 5 cm long, but with enough venom to kill 10 adults or 20 000 mice.

A cockroach can survive up to two weeks without its head, until it eventually starves to death. There are 15 dead people for every living person. Polar bears are left-handed. The Cuvier’s beaked whale can hold its breath for over 2 hours. It holds the title so far for being the animal that can hold its breath the longest.

PLAT SAK? Leandri du Toit het aan ‘n paar maniere gedink waarop jy note bymekaar kan skraap indien jou finansiële struggle real is.

Is jy ontevrede met die hoeveelheid geld in jou beursie? Moet jy elke pouse baie diep in jou sak delf vir ‘n bietjie snoepie geld, en moet jy maar jou modeneigings opsy skuif weens ‘n gebrek aan befondsing? Indien die antwoord “ja” is op enige van hierdie vrae, ly jy aan die bekende epidemie – platsak.


oenie bekommer nie, daar is ‘n reënboog aan die einde van hierdie geldlose tonnel. Hier is ‘n lys van moontlike werkies wat jy kan verrig om vir jou ‘n paar ekstra sente te verdien.

VAKANSIE Gedurende vakansies, wanneer jy die enigste een is wat by die huis moet bly terwyl jou vriende na eksotiese plekke gaan, moenie in ‘n hopie selfbejammering verval nie. Sien dit as ‘n gulde geleentheid om geld te maak. Bied aan om na jou bure, jou vriende en jou familie se troeteldiere om te sien terwyl hulle weg is. Jy kan selfs aanbied om na hul huis te kyk – teen vergoeding natuurlik. Al wat dit basies behels is om te kyk dat alles veilig en gesluit is, die diere kos het en die plante water. Jy kan ook ‘n vakansiewerk kry, soos om by ‘n eetplek as ‘n kelner te dien. So verbeter jy ook jou mensevaardighede én verdien ‘n paar rand.



As jy uitblink in akademie, gebruik dit tot jou voordeel en dink daaraan om ‘n tutor te word. As jy op ‘n sekere vakgebied baie talentvol is, gebruik dit om ander en jou beursie te help. Jy kan ook jou dienste by die skool se boekstoor gaan aanbied. Reëlings in dié verband kan met Juf. Jacobs getref word. Dit gaan jou nou nie genoeg geld in die sak bring om die nuwe Nikes te koop nie, maar dis darem iets. As jy mal is oor kos en jou Wiskunde brein is skerp, kan jy altyd by die snoepie ‘n handjie gaan bysit. Jy kan ook jou entrepreneursvaardighede ontwikkel deur te vra of jy van jou tuisgemaakte happies by die snoepie kan verkoop. Maak net seker jy volg die regte kanale en reël alles eers met Juf. Snygans voordat jy aan die werk spring. As jy hou van sport en jy val nie flou die oomblik as jy bloed sien nie, kan jy definitief krieket tellinghouer en noodhulp in gedagte hou. Dit kos nou wel geld om die kursus te voltooi, maar sien dit as ‘n belegging in jou toekoms.

Lê jou kamer vol nuttelose goed en karring jou ma aan jou om daarvan ontslae te raak? Hier is die oplossing – verkoop jou onnodige besittings op OLX of Gumtree, jy kan dit selfs by Cash Crusaders gaan ingee. Vra net eers jou ouers se toestemming voordat jy iets verkoop. Kinders oppas is ook ‘n goeie opsie - dis nou te sê dat jy die geduld en verantwoordelikheidsin het. As jy daarvan hou om met kinders te werk en jy is betroubaar en verantwoordelik, kan jy jou voelers uitsteek na mense met jong kinders. Dit is gewoonlik ‘n goeie fooitjie. ____________________________________________ Om geld te verdien is nie die maklikste ding op aarde nie. Dit verg inisiatief, deursettingsvermoë en harde werk, maar wanneer jy jou eie geld begin verdien besef jy die waarde daarvan, ontwikkel jou finansiële vaardighede en begin jy besef watter dinge die moeite werd is om op geld te spandeer. As jy hierdie raad volg, is daar geen verskoning om met ‘n plat beursie rond te loop nie!


along to the STREET SMART Song After a recent brush with crime, street-cred veteran Khanya Fadana tells us how to stay safe on the streets by being smart. >>>


he talk about safety and vigilance is one we have heard countless times and know all too well. However with the increase of crime in and around our community, it's a talk that is far from over. If this is the case why is it that we get caught doing the very same risky things we are warned not to do? It's simple, even though we are aware of the dangers of walking in shady streets with earphones on – having being told countless times no to do so – we never think something bad would happen to us. Muggings, knife attacks and crime in general is something that happens to “other people”, until, one day, you are faced with a situation you never thought you would find yourself in. I'm guessing the it-couldnever-happen-to-me-chorus is one you have heard if not used before. Well, I'm sorry to break it to you, but it can. Having battled two men at the end of the second term, one armed with a knife - whom, I might add, looked no older than myself – you can trust me when I tell you, it definitely can. Now we can blame the rise in incidents like my own on so many things: the lack of police presence in areas where school children walk to and from school, areas well known to be frequented by prostitutes – one in particular being on the corner of a primary school, attracting unwanted guests. Or we can take the necessary precautions for our own safety. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Awareness Our first mistake? Not being aware of our surroundings. The incident I was involved in occurred in an area well-known for the notorious people who frequent it. Then why was I on my phone in the dark in that very street? Know the crime hotspots in your area (just so you know the area around WG is, unfortunately, hot as fire) and be cautious. Be aware of the movements of people around you. Every subtle indication of danger counts. In most cases these robberies aren't necessarily planned but rather opportunistic, so don’t be an “opportunity” for someone looking for trouble. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time for these two guys. Had we noticed them earlier, maybe we could've gotten away in time.

ACT WISELY This means that you should assess the dangers of a situation before you act. I know under the pressure of things this is easier said than done, but it is important that you make the safest decisions wherever you go. For example are you going to take the short, risky route or the long but safe one home? Will you text your friend while walking or will you wait until you get home? Even under attack, assess the situation. Throw a punch or run? If you're being chased, are you going to run towards streets where there are more people or run directly home? The wise decision is not always the heroic one, but it will keep you safe. Always remember that your belongings are replaceable – yes, I'm talking about your cell phone too – but your life isn't. Your safety should always come first in any situation.

ARMS YOURSELF Be armed and willing to harm, but, please, before you equip yourself think of your own safety first. Avoid weapons that could be used against you, like knives. Rather choose pepper spray or maybe go to self-defence classes. Whatever weapon you choose, be ready to use it because perpetrators will easily sense hesitation and act on that. And, ladies, to be blunt, when in doubt, go for the crotch and use those elbows!

PACK ANIMALS You know what they say, the more the merrier. Your chances of being mugged walking with a group are much lower than when you're on your own. So be merry and avoid being on your own. As cliché as it sounds, always let someone know where you are headed and roughly what time you're planning to be back. If anything should happen to you, the faster people notice your absence the better. If you are alone and find that you are being followed, rather go into the first open yard and act as though that is your house. Rummage for “door keys”. The chances of an opportunistic robber being arrogant enough to follow you onto the premises are slim.

INSTINCT Trust your instinct because, in most cases, it's right. That lull when you realise everything is just too quiet, or that moment when you realise the guy with the hoodie has been taking all the same turns as you, might just be the thing that stands between you and a mugging. We can never predict unfortunate events like being mugged, but we can take measures not to be caught off guard. You know what they say, life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react. So come on and sing along to the street smart song.


Kyle Duvenhage het vir ons gaan uitvind oor ’n paar peuselhappies wat miskien gesond mag lyk, maar in effek jou strandlyf kan bederf.


ie lente beteken verandering. Die temperatuur word hoër, mense se neuse begin jeuk, en bloeiseltjies kom om elke hoek en draai te voorskyn. Vir sommige mense is dit ‘n wonderlike realiteit, maar vir ander is dit ‘n nagmerrie in wording, want somer beteken dit is tyd om die gewig wat tydens winter onder lae klere weggesteek was, af te skud. Dus begin almal nou diëte volg en gesond eet. Maar wees versigtig vir wat jy eet, want verskeie ongesonde peuselhappies, is vermom om gesond voor te kom.


Aangesien jy gewig wil verloor, maar steeds voor skool ontbyt wil eet, besluit jy dalk om gesonder pap in die oggend in te neem. Baie mense besluit om van ongesonde suikerbelaaide pap oor te skakel na muesli.

Hulle mag dalk geskok wees om uit te vind dat muesli wat in die meeste winkels beskikbaar is, eintlik sleg vir jou gesondheid is, en dit moeiliker maak om gewig te verloor. Muesli kan tot 500 kalorieë per porsie bevat, ‘n hoë vetinhoud hê en propvol bygevoegde suiker wees. Volgende keer as jy besluit om die ongesonde bokspap opsy te stoot en eerder ‘n bakkie muesli vir ontbyt te eet, gryp eerder ‘n vrug en begin jou dag reg.


Jy het sopas besluit om eerder vrugte in die oggende te eet as pap, en daarom besluit jy ook om deur die dag vrugtesap te drink, in plaas van ongesonde koeldranke. Hier maak jy ‘n groot fout! Baie mense sien vrugtesap as gesond, omdat dit die woord “vrugte” bevat, maar besef nie dat dit steeds propvol suiker is nie. Inteendeel, die meeste sappe bevat meer suiker as gaskoeldranke! Volgens, is hierdie drankie glad nie so gesond soos wat dit lyk nie. Nadat die sap uit die vrugte gedruk is, word dit in massiewe suurstoflose tenks gestoor, waar dit somtyds vir ‘n jaar staan voordat dit verpak word!

Hierdie metode neem amper al die geursel en smaak uit, wat beteken dat daar ongesonde “geur pakkies” bygevoeg moet word om die sap terug na sy oorspronklike toestand te bring. Wat ons ken as vrugtesap, is dus eintlik net gegeurde suikerwater.

Muffins Tydens pouse besluit jy om ‘n gesonde muffin te eet in plaas van ‘n ongesonde kosblik gevul met sjokolades en witbrood (Tim Noakes sê dit moet vermy word). Mense maak ‘n poging om gesond te eet deur aan die kolwyntjie se slegter nefie te smul, maar maak ‘n groot fout! “Bran” muffins bevat tussen 300 en 800 kalorieë! Die algemene muffin bevat tussen 11 en 27 gram vet en 40 gram suiker. Bly weg van hierdie gebakte versnaperings. As jy egter ‘n groot liefde daarvoor het, kan jy kleiner muffins met minder bestanddele eet. Hoe minder bestanddele iets bevat, hoe minder spasie is daar vir vet om ongesiens in te sluip.

Sportdrankies Omdat jy graag hierdie somer mooi wil lyk in ‘n baaikostuum, besluit jy om smiddae ná skool te begin draf. Deur die dag drink jy dus gereeld energiedrankies, sodat jy baie krag het vir die oefensessie wat op jou wag. Hierdie sportdrankies is egter propvol suiker, kleurstowwe en preserveermiddels wat onsettend ongesond is. Sportdrankies bevat sitroensuur, wat jou tande kan vlek en erodeer. Die suikers in dié drankies is gekoppel aan hartsiektes, en die vitamine wat jy van hierdie drankies verkry, is volop in vrugte en groente. ‘n Vrug gee dus vir jou alles wat hierdie drankie aan jou bied, én dis gesond. Sportdrankies lyk dalk baie aantreklik en belowend, maar is eintlik net gegeurde gif wat nie ‘n positiewe bydrae tot die ontwikkeling van jou ligaam het nie.

Energiestafies Nadat jy gehoor het hoe nadelig sportdrankies vir jou is, het jy besluit om eerder energie te verkry van energiestafies. Hierdie peuselhappies is egter alles be-

halwe goed vir jou. Die meeste energiestafies bevat 500 kalorieë, wat dieselfde is as ‘n groot middagete. Alhoewel dit baie kalorieë bevat, is energiestafies steeds redelik klein. Volgens veroorsaak dit dat jy vinnig weer honger raak. Soja, wat die proteïen in energiestafies verskaf, bevat gelukkig baie voedingstowwe. Dit bevat egter ook baie vet, en hierdie vet word verwyder deur die chemikalie heksaan. Heksaan is neurotoksies, wat beteken dat dit die brein en senuweeselle beskadig. Dan word daar nog suikers en soute ook by die mengsel gevoeg! Verkry eerder jou energie deur piesangs, appels, bone of bruinrys.

Grondboontjiebotter Ná ‘n strawwe oefensessie is jy dalk honger, en wil jy ‘n gesonde peuselhappie eet voor aandete. ‘n Toebroodjie met grondboontjiebotter op is egter nie die beste keuse nie. Neute bevat baie gesonde vette en is gesond vir jou hart. Dit loop ook hand aan hand met gewigsverlies, maar wanneer neute in ‘n “botter” verander word, verloor hul baie van hierdie wonderlike eienskappe. Gesonde vette word byvoorbeeld vervang met ongesonde suiker- en soutbelaaide vette, tydens die proses om dit vanaf neute in ‘n botter te verander. Indien daar “reduced fat” op die grondboontjiebotter houer staan, moet jy nóg verder wegbly. Volgens PBS News-Hour, bevat dié grondboontjiebotter drie tot vier keer meer suiker as die gewone grondboontjiebotter.

Bruinsuiker Net voordat jy gaan slaap wil jy dalk ‘n laaste koppie koffie of tee drink. Niemand hou egter van bitter koffie nie, en jy besluit dus om een teelepeltjie bruinsuiker in te gooi, aangesien dit gesonder is as witsuiker. Stop! Die verskil tussen die twee suikers is so klein, dat bruinsuiker eintlik witsuiker is met bygevoegde melasse. Melasse bevat ‘n paar vitamine en minerale, maar die inhoud is te min om die produk gesond te maak. Op die ou einde is bruinsuiker eintlik meer verwerk as gewone witsuiker. Indien jy werklik gesond wil lewe, moet jy jou suikerinname dophou, en besef dat bruinsuiker nie gesonder is as witsuiker nie.

Kos in ‘n


Pasta en Kaas in Spekbakkies deur Heleen Theron

vervolg... Enigiets wat vetvry is… Volgende keer as jy inkopiesentrum toe gaan, moenie oogkontak maak met produkte waarop daar “fat free” staan nie. Stap verby, want dié produkte is bedrieërs. Omdat dit vetvry is, is mens geneig om dadelik te dink dat dit gesond is. Dit is glad nie die geval nie. Die vet word gewoonlik vervang met suiker, sodat dit beter smaak, en suiker is baie ongesonder as vet. Sommige vetvrye kosse bevat wel minder suiker, want die suiker word vervang met versoeters. Die versoeters, soos aspartaam, is egter selfs ongesonder as gewone suiker. Hierdie suikers word geassosieer met diabetes en hartsiektes, en het dus ‘n meer negatiewe uitwerking op die mens as wat vet ooit kan hê.

Almal van ons wil graag gesond en gelukkig wees, en die kos wat jy inneem speel ‘n astronomiese rol. Maak seker voor jy ‘n dieet volg of dit werklik gesond is, en doen navorsing as jy onseker is oor iets. Vermy kosse wat gewigsverlies verseker as dit nie uit die natuur kom nie, want dit kan dalk net negatief wees vir jou gesondheid. Dit is makliker om gewig te verloor as jy ‘n gesonde leefstyl handhaaf. Neem dié uitdaging dus by die horings, sodat jy eendag met trots kan sê jy volg die regte leefstyl. ‘n Gesonde liggaam is belangriker as ‘n skraal liggaam.

Hierdie is ‘n smaaklike aptytwekker wat plek oop los vir ‘n lekker aandete (afhangend van hoe baie jy verslind!).

Bestanddele     

18 stukkies half-gaar spek 4 koppies gaar pasta (enige soort) 1 koppie gerasperde cheddar kaas Botter Broodkrummels (opsioneel)

Metode 1. Voorverhit die oond tot 190°C

4. Plaas stukkies botter bo-op.

2. Voer kolwyntjiepan uit met half-gaar spek.

5. Bak vir 20 minute teen 190°C. 6. Bedek met broodkrummels en geniet! 3. Voeg die gaar pasta by.

4. Sprinkel die kaas bo-oor.

Targ By Kyle Stynder

Ready, aim,

our school and, thoug

Checkmate by Mikyall Harris


’s chess teams slowly but surely climbed the ranks this past term. Although their results don’t necessarily do their efforts justice, the experience and knowledge they gained, was compensation enough. One of the highlights of this term was the Cape Winelands Top Schools Championships, went up against schools like Paul Roos Gymnasium and Paarl Boys High. Although it was tough, the diligent chess players made all the right moves and kept their opponents on their toes. The term was further brightened up for the chess players with brand new 1st team jackets. Then came interschools, the moment everybody was preparing so long and hard for… After two, long, agonising hours and very complex games, WG could unfortunately not pull it off and fell at the last hurdle. Nonetheless they held their heads high and still walked away as champions, for they had won something much greater than a trophy.

Did you know?  The number of possible unique chess games is greater than      

the number of electrons in the universe. Chess was invented in India, during the Gupta Empire. Chess was mainly played by nobility and the upper class for many centuries. The longest game of chess that is theoretically possible has 5 949 moves. The second book ever printed in the English language was, in fact, about chess. The first chess game ever played between space and earth was on 9 June 1970. The word “Checkmate” in Chess comes from the Persian phrase “Shah Mat” which means “the King is dead”


fire! Target shooting, is one of the most action packed sports at gh it may not be one of the main sports, it is a growing one. Yes, people will soon start to realise what great precision this sport takes and what awesome ability it is to know that you are a pro with the gun. Here’s a tip, don’t mess with these sportsmen and ladies. Brandon O’Neill, one of WG’s top target shooters is proving why he and his team deserve the name of Pop-a-Cap. “I am satisfied with my performance this year so far, but I hope to make it further in the target shooting field,” he recently commented when interviewed for the Circum. The rest of the team performed well and to the best of their abilities. They definitely made us proud with the number of events they took part in behind the scenes, without the amount of support other sports at WG get. So, if you were wondering what those strange metal boards in the old hall are and why they are littered with tiny specs of paper, maybe you should ask the target shooters to explain. Here are some target shooting facts 

Target shooting events have been included in the Olympic Games since 1896.

A shooting target is made of black-onwhite cardboard and is composed of a bullseye (black) and several concentric circles.

Competitors shoot from four positions with the rifle—prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing.

Athletes use .22 calibre rifles and air guns. Upon trigger activation, the CO2 liquid changes to gas and activates the projectile toward the target. Target shooting was even included in the recent Paralympics .

It’s in the tires by Kyle Stynder Up the mountain, down by the river, on the narrow abandoned road we drove...


ounds like a classic love story, but these are the emotions of the mountain bikers, cycling into the distance. This year our mountain biking team had very few opportunities to show off their impressive cycling skills, but when they did, they certainly made a statement. A number of time trails were done and the times that were set up had the spokes of their tires in a twist. Harshal Jeena, member of the biking team says, “I am satisfied with my performance this year and next year I will certainly work on bettering my times.” Not only are the guys making a name for themselves, the girls are too. Tamaryn le Chat achieved bronze in both Robertson and Wellington mountain biking races, proving that girls certainly have what it takes to compete. Well done. "The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you'll crash." Julie Furtado


Our young artists are leaving the nest. Nina Roodbol found out what a few of them had to say about their time at the Hugo Naude Art Centre.


bennie truter

Visuele kuns

kevin minnaar

Watter foto’s is vir jou die lekkerste om te neem en waarom? Ek hou van close-ups, maar alles is eintlik lekker, want dis vry vir interpretasie. Die kunssentrum laat jou toe om te doen soos wat jy dit wil doen (tot ‘n mate.)

Wat is vir jou die lekkerste medium om mee te werk? Potlood is vir my die lekkerste, want dis iets waarmee ek gemaklik is. Ek het daarmee begin, so ek het dit onder die knie.

As jy ‘n keuse het tussen mense of diere, wat sal jy verkies om af te neem? Mense, want diere is baie moeiliker om te bekom en dis moeilik om mooi diere te kry. Wie wil nou sy eie hond afneem? Dis in elk geval nie vir my baie interessant nie, so…

Van watter kunsstyl hou jy die meeste? Graffiti

Wat is vir jou die beste aspek van die kunssentrum? Basies die vryheid van spraak en hoe jy jou eie konsepontwikkeling kan doen. Nog ‘n goeie aspek is dat jy ‘n baie wye kriteria het vir jou werk. Kuns is ‘n manier om jou idees en gevoelens uit te beeld. Die kunssentrum laat dit toe en ondersteun jou individualiteit.

Wie het jou geïnspireer om te begin foto’s neem? Ek sal eintlik sê die liefde het vanself gekom nadat my ma vir my ‘n kamera gekoop het. Flieks soos Walter Mitty en National Geographic tydskrifte het my aangemoedig en geïnspireer. Wat gaan jy na skool doen? Sal jy fotografie verder in jou loopbaan gebruik? Ek gaan ‘n BA in Kommunikasie doen en ek sal fotografie moontlik as ‘n stokperdjie beoefen. As dit uitwerk sal ek dit oorweeg om ‘n fotograaf te word.

Het jy nog altyd van kuns gehou en wat het jou geïnspireer om te begin kuns maak? Ek het in graad sewe die graffiti in die Kaap gesien en dit het vir my so cool gelyk, dat ek dit ook eendag wou doen. Aan die begin was ek mos nou bietjie swak, maar toe raak ek al hoe beter en beter hoe meer ek dit gedoen het. Ek is nou op ‘n lekker level. Is daar iemand in jou familie wat jou liefde vir kuns deel? My broer het geteken, maar hy’t opgehou in graad tien. Hy kan nog ‘n bietjie teken. Wat gaan jy na skool doen? Sal jy aangaan met kuns? Ek het apply vir Graphic Design, maar ek gaan maar kyk wat gebeur. Ek sal nooit ophou met kuns nie.


Courtney white Hoe het jou ervaring van die kunssentrum verander van graad tien tot nou? Um, toe ek graad tien was wou ek graag mode-ontwerp studeer en daarom het ek begin met kuns. Graad tien was vir my lekker, maar in graad elf het ek ‘n bietjie minder daarvan gehou, want ek het aanlegtoetse gedoen en kuns is op die ou einde nie die rigting vir my nie. Ek het maar net aangehou daarmee, want ek kon nie vakke verander nie. Wat was tot dusver vir jou die lekkerste taak gewees? Dit was ons eerste taak waar ons ‘n handsak moes maak met die tema: reis. Ek het so ‘n komma-vorm sakkie gemaak met Europa se kaart daarop en ‘n windmeul en sulke goed. Wat is die grootste les wat die kunssentrum vir jou geleer het? Beplanning is noodsaaklik. Waar kry jy jou inspirasie? By my ma, want dit was nog altyd ‘n droom van haar om ook sulke goed te doen. Toe ek dit begin doen het, het ons lekker saam begin werk en meer tyd saam spandeer. Wat gaan jy volgende jaar doen? Sal jy aanhou met kuns in jou vrye tyd? Ek gaan regte studeer, maar hulle sê elke persoon wat regte studeer het wel ‘n kunstige kant, so ek sal seker dit nog eendag weer gebruik.


scotte stone Which part have you played that your personality relates to the most? That’s a real difficult question. It would be a monologue I performed in grade eleven. I had to play the role of a girl experiencing stress from moving to a new school where she didn’t know anyone. I could relate to that because we moved to Worcester and I was the new girl, but thankfully everything worked out for me. What is the biggest memory you have, and will keep of drama? I think that would be our teacher. When you meet her, she’s quite intimidating. As a teacher of dramatic arts, I think you need to be over the top. Her

personality is way out of the box and she’s extremely dramatic and that’s why she’ll be the fondest memory I’ll have of drama. What influenced you to start doing drama as a subject? In primary school, because I am from Cape Town, I participated at Artscape events, such as theatre for young kids where I developed a passion for acting. I decided that that would have to be my career one day and when we moved to Worcester I was like: “I HAVE to take art.” Do you have a ritual you go through before preforming? Yes, at drama they taught us in order to get into character, you need to go into a dark space and physically get into your character’s shoes. You have to forget who you are and become the character, think and feel like the character. Will you be pursuing drama after school? If not, what are your plans for the future? At the moment, no, because I have to be realistic, so I won’t be studying Dramatic Arts. But I will be studying Education so Drama or Arts and Culture will probably be one of my subjects.

The creatives Kevin Minnaar Benjamin Truter

opduik, maklik na hulle gewig verwys. B Sê dat hulle dan daaraan moet dink om minder te eet, want almal anders kan dan hul gewig beheer. C Verseker hulle dat voorkoms nie alles is nie en dat hulle aanvaar word nes hulle is. 5. Het jy al ooit iemand laat sleg voel omdat hulle nie inpas by jou idee van normaal nie? A Enigiemand wat nie soos ek is nie, is verkeerd en behoort dit te weet. B Soms is dit nodig om mense te laat weet waar hulle staan. C Ek probeer om almal se uniekhede te aanvaar.

Is jy miskien’n


Neem dié toets, saamgestel deur Heleen Theron, en vind uit. ‘n Bullebak is nie noodwendig die pesoon wat aggresief optree, handgemeen word of snoepiegeld afrokkel nie. Dit is enigiemand wat geluk daaruit put om ander seer te maak. Dit kan fisiese, emosionele of geestelike afknouery beteken. Is jy dalk daardie iemand? 1. Hoe sal mense jou beskryf? A Aggresief B Impulsief C Simpaties 2. Wat sal jy doen as jy sien iemand word geboelie? A Neem die boelie se kant. Netnou slaan hy jou! B Ignoreer hulle. Jy wil nie betrokke word nie. C Staan op vir die slagoffer. 3. Waar staan jy ten opsigte van skinder ? A Geheime is geen pret; almal kan maar weet. B Ek is baie lief vir my vriende, maar soms praat ek agter hulle rug oor hulle. C Ek sal luister na geheime, maar dit nooit verklap nie. 4. As iemand vir jou vertel dat hulle selfbewus is oor hulle gewig, wat sal jy doen? A Sê hulle moet minder eet en as die geleendheid

6. Watter van hierdie stellings beskryf jou houding teenoor mense die beste? A Ek maak seker almal respekteer my; hulle moet my resepk verdien. B Solank my vriende nog van my hou gee ek nie eintlik om hoe ek ander laat voel nie. C Ek probeer altyd om nie gevoelens seer te maak nie. Almal is ‘n potensiële vriend. 7. Wat doen jy as die onderwyser ‘n klasmaat aanspreek? A Beaam wat die onderwyser sê en laat die klas maat verder sleg voel. B Knik jou kop onderlangs instemmend. C Bly stil, maar vra na klas of die maat oukei is. UITSLAE Meestal A’s: Jy het heel moontlik al iemand seergemaak met jou woorde en aksies. Dit is vir jou moeilik om simpatie te hê met ander en jou eerste reaksie op konfrontasie is om gemeen te wees. Daar is wel hoop. Baie jong tieners het al geleer om van hul slegte afknouerige gewoontes ontslae te raak met die hulp van iemand wat hulle vertrou. Meestal B’s: Jy het dalk die regte waardes en ideale, maar jy gee te veel om oor wat mense van jou dink. Jy sal nie sommer opstaan teen afknouery nie, omdat jy bang is vir wat jou vriende sal doen. Jy sal eerder inpas by ‘n groep wat gemeen is met ander as om jou eie mens te wees. Meestal C’s: Jou hart is op die regte plek en jy is nie bang om konflik te hanteer nie. Jy doen eerder die regte ding in plaas van die populêre ding en dit maak van jou ‘n rolmodel vir almal. Hou so aan en inspireer mense om jou voorbeeld te volg. Het jy geweet? Slagoffers wat geboelie word, is 2-9 keer meer geneig om selfmoord te oorweeg as mense wat nie afgeknou word nie. Slagoffers van kuberboelies is meer geneig om aan depressie te ly as ander boelie -slagoffers. Lifeline SA: 086 132 2322

Journey to

Districtsix Lona Sukani tells us how the Grade 10s travelled along the pathway of memory lane to relive District Six's wonders.

If people don’t remember the past, they’re doomed to repeat it.


he 27th of July was the day that the grade 10s went to experience the triumphs and trials of the District. Shortly after the grade 10 English Home Language learners were introduced to the book “Buckingham Palace, District Six”, they wanted to explore the history behind this story and were given the opportunity to do so by the English department. Accompanied by Ms Mills, Mrs Van Heukelum, Mrs Neethling and Mr van Niekerk, the learners left shortly after the first period at school to embark on their outing. The whole concept of the trip was all about getting them to understand the world Richard Rive lived in and what influenced him to create such extraordinary characters. After a bumpy ride to Cape Town, the Gimmies got to witness what a beautiful place this cosmopolitan, racially and culturally integrated neighbourhood used to be like before it was demolished under governmental order during the earlier days of Apartheid. They were then seated and waited for the speaker to grace them with her presence. During the wait, they were introduced to Mrs Zurada Drummad, a teacher and assistant, Mr Malusi, a facilitator and student at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) as well as two individuals who had been forcefully removed from District Six, Mrs Ruth Jeftha and Mr Abu Brown. They were eventually familiarized with the speaker and she broadened their knowledge about Richard Rive’s past and also reflected back on her life. She, the speaker, was origi-

nally from the District and was sent to prison when she was seventeen. She also reflected on Richard Rive’s unfortunate childhood and how his mother abandoned him at a young age for being “the black sheep” of the family during the Apartheid regime. It was his (not so) “colourful” adolescence that paved the way for him being such an impressive author and being recognised worldwide. A game called “Slum Clearing” was then played. Tables were set up and each table represented a community which had a puzzle piece. The students had to find a puzzle piece that belonged to a specific community. Those that didn’t get a puzzle piece were classified as the “Woodstock People” and were asked to remain quiet the whole time or be detained. The tables were grouped a follows: Whites, Personal Natives, Natives, Illegals, Coloureds and Middle Class Indians. The Personal Natives were ordered to move, because they were too close to the Whites and were considered dangerous. The Indians and Coloureds were commanded to bring the Natives and Whites chairs and made sure that they were comfortable with the army and police force vigilantly watching them. The whole idea of playing the game, and being separated in terms of race, was that the chaos when the people were forcefully removed was recreated and that the grade 10’s got to understand that Apartheid only benefitted a handful of people. Afterwards, they discussed the laws that were in place during Apartheid and were shortly divided into two groups. One went to the museum and the other went on a scavenger hunt. On the scavenger hunt, instructions were given and they had to find and capture a picture of the buildings. At the museum, they first toured around and later met up with Mrs Ruth Jeftha and Mr Abu Brown who shared their tragic stories that took place during the Apartheid era. “The museum is like a memory box… there is neither an ending nor a beginning,” said Mr Brown. During the walk back, the group saw an outdoor exhibition showing a section of the old Hanover Street before it was demolished and also witnessed an area where a recreation was being constructed. “Richard Rive was a very intelligent man,” the speaker said, “he used his writing as a form of a weapon and his characters weren’t politicians.” The grade 10’s headed back to the buses and bid their farewells. Mrs van Heukelum thanked them for their wellmannered behaviour and throughout the drive back the same questions popped up in their heads: “How could we remedy the legacy of Apartheid?” Maybe the answer is to learn about it, so that we don’t repeat it’s injustices.

Tygerberg by Trisha Bhawan


riday, the 23rd of September, the Life Science students of Grade 11 got the opportunity to visit Stellenbosch University’s Tygerberg Medical Faculty. Due to #feesmustfall protests there was great uncertainty about whether or not the grade 11 Gimmies would go on the excursion or not. As soon as the go-ahead was given that it was safe to visit the campus, the Gimmies gingerly boarded the busses. The bus drive was accompanied by the never ending chitter chatter of the Gimmies, as well as good music. After they arrived at the university, the students were immediately divided into three groups. There were three stations that each group had to visit. The first station was a talk and presentation presented by two second year medical students. They spoke about the general life of a medical student and their experiences so far. They also gave a lot of interesting facts about the human body, such as the fact that your nose is as long as your thumb. After the presentation, the group was taken to the “Bone Room” where the different bones in the human body were displayed. This was a very entertaining station to be at, as the man who presented this section grabbed everyone's attention with his enthusiasm, knowledge and different way of thinking. He explained that he can successfully play practical tricks on other people because of what he knows about the human body. He is a very intelligent man who kept each Gimmie on the edge of their seat. His mantra was as follows, “Know how to look, know where to look for it, in order to know what you are looking at.” Thereafter, the group was taken to the medical museum. The medical museum is where they have real exhibitions of what certain diseases do to the human body. Some of the exhibitions have been preserved for more than 50 years. Certain exhibitions were heartbreakingly graphic, yet enlightening. The medical museum is a very interesting place with lots of information about a variety of things to do with the human body, as well as other animals. One of the highlights each year is being able to see the cadavers at Stellenbosch University, as they receive the most cadavers per year in the world. This year, unfortunately, they discontinued allowing scholars from viewing the cadavers. The excursion, however, was still very informative and interesting. The learners were exposed to real samples of what they usually only get to see in textbooks. This trip also broadened the grade 11’s knowledge about the medical field as well as Life Science as a subject and they are very grateful for the opportunity that they received. It was a trip anyBODY would die for!

VCSV uitreik

Cala0 deur Jacomi Breytenbach

Tydens die Junie vakansie het ‘n paar van die Gimmies op ‘n uitreik na ‘n klein, onbekende dorpie in die OosKaap, Cala, vertrek. Alhoewel daar gespot is dat almal teruggekom het met ‘n nuwe liefde, het daar verseker baie meer gebeur. Elmari van der Westhuizen en Juffrou Malan, wat op die uitreik was, het vir ons ‘n bietjie meer van hierdie ongelooflike ervaring vertel.

Elmari van der Westhuizen Hoe het jy gevoel toe die busse vertrek? Ek dink die realiteit het ingeskop toe ek die motors voor ons sien ry en toe ek omdraai en die ouers sien waai. Eerstens het die normale vrae deur my kop geflits soos: Het ek als ingepak? Het ek genoeg warm klere? Gaan als vlot verloop? Gaan dit rêrig so lekker wees soos wat almal sê uitreike gewoonlik is? En dan die groot vraag: Gaan ék ‘n verskil kan maak? Wat het julle gedoen om die rit vinniger te laat omvlieg? Ons het eers rustig gesels, musiek geluister en bietjie geslaap aangesien ons al 04:00 vm gery het. Verder het ons onsself siek gelag vir Rikus wat kiertsregop op enige plek aan die slaap geraak het. Ons het toe maar boek gelees, gesels, musiek geluister, kaart gespeel en geëet. Daar is ook net so baie wat jy in ‘n bewegende motor kan doen. Ons het twee keer gestop om te eet en badkamer toe te gaan en het daarna van motors verskuif dat die eerste poppekasgroep in die bussie saam met tannie Rina ons liedjies en toneelstuk kon oefen. Toe ons klaar was het ons “Name, vanne, diere, dorpe” gespeel; toe moes die tweede poppekasspan in die bussie oefen. Wat was die snaaksste gebeurtenis op die uitreik ? Ooh! Ek begin sommer weer te lag. Ons het alles gehad van tannie Joey wat in die pastorie toegesluit was tot Marzanne wat gedink het die mieliepap wat op die gras gelê

het was sneeu en Philip wat die een kindjie nie raakgesien het nie en hom amper omgeskop het. Die snaaksste was toe hulle my amper in ‘n village vergeet het! Gelukkig het ek die bakkies sien ry en vinniger as Usain Bolt gehardloop. Wat was jou ongelooflikste ondervinding? Ek dink die hele uitreik was ‘n ondervinding. Ons kon ons liefde vir God uitleef en ‘n verskil maak. Ek dink nie daar is ‘n beter gevoel as wanneer jy voel dat jy nou iemand se lewe dalk beter gemaak het nie. Die feit dat ons saadjies kon plant in elkeen van daai mense se lewens en dat daai saadjies kan groei en nog meer saadjies in ander se lewens sprei is “amazing”! Wat het julle alles op die uitreik gedoen vir die gemeenskap van Cala? Daar was 3 hoofgedeeltes van die uitreik: die poppekas, winterskool en vroeë kinderontwikkeling. Daar was twee poppekasspanne o.l.v. Tannie Rina. By elke village waar ons aangekom het, het die een groep met die kinders gaan speel terwyl die ander groep die poppekas opstel. Elke vertoning het bestaan uit 3 liedjies, ‘n boodskap wat gedoen word deur Tannie Rina en die tolk, ‘n toneelstuk met ‘n boodskap en 3 of 4 “testimonies” wat gedoen word deur die poppekaslede self met gebruik van Gospelmagic. By die winterskool het Juf.Tromp met Rikus as haar assistent Wiskunde gegee en Juf. Nesta Olivier (Juf. Malan se dogter en ook ‘n vorige hoofmeisie van ons skool) met oom Johan Blomerus as haar assistent Skeinat gegee. Hulle het onder die Oos-Kaap se winterskool ingeval en klas gegee om die matrieks voor te berei vir die eksamens wat voorlê. Die Vroeë kinderontwikkeling was gedoen deur ‘n kleuterskoolonderwyseres, Tannie Wilna, met Tannie Joey as assistent. Hulle het basies vir kinderoppassers, die crèche oom en tannie, asook kleuterskoolonderwysers geleer hoe om die kinders reg te stimuleer terwyl hulle nog so klein is. Was daar dalk nog iets wat jy sou wou doen, maar waarvoor daar nie tyd of hulpbronne was nie? Ek dink die grootste tekort wat daar was, is die tekort aan Bybels. Julle het Cala se kerk bygewoon. Hoe verskil hulle gemeenskap van julle s’n? Hulle hele manier van doen is anders. Eerstens kan hulle kerk maklik lank aanhou.Die kerk het eers 11:00 begin al was al die mense teen 10:00 daar en ek dink dit het tot amper na 14:00 aangehou. Hulle sing ook baie tydens die diens en weet presies wie gaan insit, wanneer hulle moet stilbly en wie die solo gedeeltes sing. Die klank was ongelooflik mooi.

Wat het julle alles gedoen wanneer julle nie besig was om uit te reik nie? Daar was eintlik bitter min aftyd, maar tussenin het ons baie kaart gespeel, 30 seconds, tafeltennis, gekuier, gesels en lekker “gebond”. Ons het ook ‘n tafeltennistoernooi gehou. Hoe het jy gevoel die oomblik toe jy van die bus afklim in Worcester? Ek dink ons almal was bly om by die huis te wees, maar ook hartseer omdat dit verby was. Ons almal het sulke goeie verhoudings gebou. Daar het ‘n klomp trane geval, maar ek dink almal het ook daai versekering gehad dat ons rêrig ‘n verskil kon maak in die mense van Cala se lewens. Sal jy weer op die uitreik gaan en waarom? Verseker! Ek dink dis ‘n platform waar jy verseker nie net geestelik groei nie, maar ook emosioneel. Jy leer jouself ken, jy doen soveel moeite om net daai kinders te laat lag. Jy wil net alles doen om die kinders vir daai paar minute wat jy by hulle is liefde te gee – nie net jou eie nie, maar ook God s’n. Ek sou graag weer wil gaan om te sien hoe die saadjie wat ons geplant het, gegroei het. Ek dink nie jy weet hoe dit is om op ‘n uitreik te gaan, as jy nie op so uitreik gegaan het nie. Ek sal dit beslis vir enigiemand aanbeveel. Ons almal het verskillende talente gekry en ons almal kan daai talent gebruik om vir iemand bietjie meer van God te leer.

Juffrou Malan Hoe het jy gevoel die oomblik to die busse weggetrek het? Watter gedagtes het alles deur jou kop geflits? Ons het in 4 voertuie gery. Dus was die groepe redelik verdeel. Ons was opgewonde oor die tyd wat voorlê, maar ook onseker omdat ons nie werklik geweet het wat om te verwag. Geweet ons gaan net in afhanklikheid van die Here. Die uitreik was in Cala, so dis redelik ver. Wat het julle alles gedoen om die rit vinniger te laat omvlieg? Sommiges van ons (soos Rikus) het baie gou aan die slaap geraak. In somige van die voertuie het almal luidkeels gesing. Dit was ‘n goeie tyd vir almal om mekaar beter te leer ken. Hoe was die weer? Verstommend goed. Ons het verwag om baie koud te kry, was voorbereid met handskoene, beanies ens. Die hele week was dit nooit werklik so koud nie, alhoewel die wind soms die poppekasoptredes vermoeilik het. Die laaste naweek het die berugte koue weer opgedaag met heerlike sneeu in die nabygeleë dorpe.

Wat was jou ongelooflikste ondervinding? Die gesiggies van die kinders as hulle die poppekas bywoon! Die dankbaarheid van die matrieks van 7 skole in die Cala omgewing oor goeie onderrig wat hulle ontvang het in Wiskunde en Fisiese Wetenskappe gedurende die winterskool. Die groei en ontwikkeling in die groep wat saam gegaan het. Die gevoel van samehorigheid en omgee in die groep, ten spyte van verskillende persoonlikhede. Wat het julle alles op die uitreik gedoen vir die gemeenskap van Cala? • Verhoudings gebou met die dominee en leiers van die plaaslike gemeente. • Poppekas uitreike gedoen. • Winterskool aangebied vir die matrieks van 7 skole in die Cala omgewing.  Opleiding gedoen vir 21 kleuterskoolonderwysers in Vroeë Kinderontwikkeling.  Diens gehou in Eliot se NG Kerk. Was daar dalk nog iets wat jy sou wou doen, maar waarvoor daar tyd of hulpbronne was nie? Ek sou wou help met die herstel van die kerkgebou in Cala. Julle het self in Cala se kerk gaan loof en prys. Hoe verskil hulle gemeenskap van julle s’n? Hulle sing heerlik en spontaan sonder begeleiding. Verder is dit dieselfde Here wat ons aanbid, daarom word ons op ‘n ander manier aan mekaar gebind. Daar was ‘n paar grootmense wat ook saam met julle op hierdie uitreik gegaan het. Watter grootmens is die prettigste op so ‘n trippie? Tannie Joey (Juf. Tromp se sussie). Wat het julle alles gedoen wanneer julle nie besig was om uit te reik nie? Die eerste naweek en week was daar bitter min tyd om te ontspan. In die aande het die jongmense wel tafeltennis gespeel en saam gekuier. Hoe het jy gevoel die oomblik toe jy van die bus afgeklim het in Worcester? Ontsettend dankbaar vir die Here se beskerming en al die deure wat Hy vir ons oop gemaak het in Cala. Sal jy weer op die uitreik gaan en waarom? Beslis. Ek weet die Here gebruik elkeen wat op so ‘n uitreik gaan om daar ook ‘n verskil te maak. Natuurlik het ons ook ‘n verantwoordelikheid waar ons hier in Worcester is, maar ons word ook uitgestuur om die Woord verder te verkonding. Dit kan ook wees om bv. klas te gaan gee vir die matrieks. Ons manier van lewe moet ‘n verskil kan maak.


o p kemon Kyle Stynder found out a little more about the phenomenon that took the world and WG by storm earlier this term.


ow ties, nerd glasses and Pokémon Go. These are all a part of a world wide phenomenon in which nerd culture is becoming more and more mainstream, with the "normal" easily following. Pokémon Go was created to bring back fond childhood memories and to make this once great series relevant to a more modern society through a cell phone app that makes it a virtual reality. For those that don’t know what it’s all about, here’s the lo-down: After downloading the app, the player chooses and kits out an avatar of themselves to play the game with. The world one interacts with in the game is a simplified map of one’s actual surroundings, almost like google maps. As one physically walks around with the app on, one’s avatar in the game walks those same streets and, every now and then, comes across a Pokémon he/she can then catch. But that’s not all. Catch it, battle it and evolve it. These are the most important parts to playing this game. After catching a few Pokémon, one can stop at Pokémon gyms and battle against other players to capture their Pokémon. One of the most well frequented gyms in Worcester is the Nelson Mandela monument. Then there are Pokéstops where one can buy pokéballs, get magic potions and candies that you will need to

evolve your Pokémon. There are a total of 151 Pokémon’s to catch with the cute yellow Pikachu being one of the most popular (as illustrated above by our very own Aimeé Phillips). This is an active game, getting those lazy couch potatoes out of the house working their blanket legs and meeting new people. One could see kids from different schools interacting on the streets of Worcester and forging new friendships over the past few months, having met up whilst playing this game. Bringing virtual reality to the game is what makes it so intriguing. Through your phone you see the Pokémon as if they were standing right in front of you, when they are actually just projected through Google Earth, placing them at that specific place. But don't be fooled. There are some drawbacks to the game: it eats your data like a Bulbasaur, psychologists also say it can become addictive, and it may be hazardous to your safety as some players have been so engrossed in their games that they missed warning signs and were badly injured. However, whatever is to say about the app’s shortcomings, Pokémon Go is not just an international smasher. It’s influence has travelled right to Bosvark Park. And it’s not just the learners who are playing the game. Teachers like Miss L. van Wyk, Miss Basson and Miss Keet have also tried their hand at being a virtual Pokémon trainer. We spoke to some Gimmies about their experience of the game, and will end with what they had to say:

Conley Du PLESSIS Grade 9

Arcanine - CP 1445 237 Pokémon caught

"It was fun; I got a lot of exercise." HARRY HEWITT

Grade 10 Shorlax - CP 1356 253 Pokémon caught

"It was exciting, but got boring after the updates."

harshal jeena Grade 11 Pikachu - CP 1512

"All my success is because of these guys around me.” Ms keet Pidgeot - CP 600

"I grew up with Pokémon and playing it again brings back memories."

Land Service by Simone Botha “Landsdiens is gebaseer op vier liefdes: liefde vir God, liefde vir jou medemens, liefde vir arbeid en liefde vir die natuur,” says Elmari van der Westhuizen, chairperson of the Land Service at Worcester Gymnasuim. To put these four loves over into action, the Land Service group had an extremely productive term. Not only did they go on two outreaches, they also planted trees for Earth Day, elected a new governing body and launched a fundraiser. For the Land Service learners’ first outreach of the term, they went to the Pioneer School, where they played with and talked to the visually impaired children, dedicating their “67 minutes for Mandela” to this cause. “The outreach to the blind was one of the most humbling experiences of my life, because they can’t see your appearance, they can only perceive who you are on the inside. And it made you think that if the whole world was blind, how would you appear?” Jeanette Roux, grade 10 representative, stated. Next up was the Grace House Orphanage. The learners gave the children some much-needed TLC by playing ball, hide-and-seek and simply spending time with them. “Ons het hulle ook baie beter leer ken. Hulle het spontaan teenoor ons oopgemaak en ons kon lekker met hulle kuier,” explained one of the Land Service members. The magazine, newspaper project and fundraiser started on the 22nd of September. If you have any used or extra magazines or newspapers, please give them to Elmari to support this fundraiser. Another highlight in the term’s Land Service was the election of a new governing body. Elmari van der Westhuizen was elected as chairperson, Carla van Niekerk as Deputy Chair person, Abby Louwrens as secretary and Jacomi Breytenbach, Joubert van der Westhuizen, Jeanette Roux and Kyle Duvenhage as the grade representatives respectively.

From previous page For “Boomplantdag”, the first of September, the new Land Service governing body planted several trees at the school, helping in the fight against pollution and global warming and showing their love for nature. Some forthcoming events on the Land Service calendar are a hike involving cutting down and getting rid of alien vegetation before the “fire season”, two camps (Bakoven and Mizpa) and a district camp at Eendracht. Another project that is still continuing and will continue throughout the year is the recycling project. We wish the Land Service the best of luck for next term and hope that it will be just as productive as this term.

Netbal verslag

Kaapse Wynland-spelers en 2 Boland netbalakademie spelers. Beslis prestasies om op trots te wees. Die eerstenetbalspan het nou wel interskole verloor, maar hul het 7 van die 10 wedstryde wat gespeel is gewen. Hulle het ‘n totaal van 261 doele vir hulle en 206 doele teen hulle vir die seisoen. Dié vlugvoetige netbalspan het Worcester Gim verseker baie trots gemaak. Met die res van die spanne het dit net so goed gegaan die seisoen. So lyk die statistieke van al die A-spanne:  O/17 wen 6 van die 10 wedstryde  O/16 wen 4 en speel 1 gelykop van die 10 wedstryde  O/15 wen 7 van die 10 wedstryde  O/14 wen 8 van die 10 wedstyde

Deur Leandrie du Toit

Sewe spelers, een bal en een doel voor oë. ie Bosvarke het ‘n goeie netbalseisoen gehad met ‘n totaal van 2386 doele vir die jaar. Gim se naam is hoog gehou met die oplewering van 7 Wes-Kaap-spelers, 2


Een van die hoogtepunte van die jaar was beslis toe Gim se eerste netbal span vir Drostdy 22 -11 wen. Die netbalseisoen word op ‘n hoogtepunt afgesluit, nadat Worcester Gimnasium die netbalbeker 16-18 tydens interskole wen. Na al die swoeg en sweet by oefeninge en tydens die wedstryde, is al die netbalheldinne bedank met ‘n netbalafsluiting op 23 Augustus. Dit is gehou in die skool se roosvierkant, in die >>>

vorm van ‘n “high tea”. Al die netbalmeisies het dit baie geniet om volgens hul span se temas aan te trek en om hul tafels te versier. Daar is van hierdie geleentheid gebruik gemaak om al die afrigters te bedank vir al hulle hulp en insette gedurende die seisoen. Daar is ook sertifikate uitgedeel aan sommige leerders in elke span wat deur hul afrigters uitgesonder is. Die prys was vir die fiksste speler,

mees entoesiastiese speler, speler van die seisoen en speler van die interskole-wedstryd. Viljoen Juweliers het aan elke speler van die interskole wedstryd ‘n pragtige armband geborg. Daar is lekker saam gekuier en ‘n paar aktiwiteite in spanverband is verrig wat dit beslis ‘n onvergeetlike ervaring gemaak het wat die meisies baie waardeer het.


alloween is around the corner on the 31st of October. It is the day on which the spookiest, most terrifying things in the world, like zombies, mummies, ghosts and vampires are celebrated. As you know, many people have unnatural fears for these ghouls, but a lot of people have strange phobias, which result in them running scared from things as normal as chins and beards.

Here are some of the strangest phobias we could find Fear of beards Due to the latest facial hair trend there are LOTS of men with beards at the moment and we feel very sorry for the Pogonophobes in the world, who have an extreme dislike for facial hair.

Fear of chins

by Aneeq Jacobs

Believe it or not, some people suffer from Geniophobia, or fear of chins. Many people with this phobia >>>

become obsessed with looking at other people’s chins for imperfections.

The following list contains disturbing and well known quotes from horror movies . Do you know from which movies they come?

Fear of words Verbophobia is the irrational and intense fear of words. Verbophobes panic and feel nervous when they see the written word, which can obviously severely disrupt a person’s life.

Fear of swallowing Phagophobia is an incredibly serious anxiety disorder which can prevent people from consuming food or liquids necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as the fear triggers a gag reflex.

Fear of phobias Yes, this really does exist. Phobophobes have an intense fear of developing a fear. We’ll leave you with the wise words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

Sem0 WEEK deur Liné Bredenkamp

1. “…and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own.” 2. “You all taste so much better when you’re afraid.” 3. “Be afraid, be very afraid.” 4. “Movies don’t create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative.” 5. “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk on earth.” 6. “I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner.” 7. “I see dead people…” 8. “It’s ALIVE!” 9. “We all go a little mad sometimes... Haven’t you?” 10. "Whatever you do, don't fall asleep." 11. Heeeeere’s Johnny! KEY 1. The Birds 2. IT 3. The Fly 4. Scream 5. Dawn of the dead 6. The Silence of the Lambs 7. The Sixth Sense 8. Frankenstein 9. Psycho 10. A Nightmare on Elm Street 11. the Shining

My leuse vir die lewe is: as jy nie gelukkig is waar jy woon nie, sal jy nêrens anders gelukkig kan wees nie. Wel, dan is die semkatte dolgelukkig! Die Seminarie is soos ons tweede huis, want die mense, goeie geselskap en gees laat enigiemand sommer vinnig tuis voel. Die tyd het aangebreek vir ons jaarlikse Seminarie week en soos altyd was die week aw(sem)! Ons het die week behoorlik afgeskop deur speletjies te speel soos Musical Chairs, Vrot-eier en oorspronklike kom-ons-probeerdit-speletjies wat baie energie en sangtalent geverg het. Dit was hope pret en te oordeel aan die gelag en vreugde, was die aand ‘n reuse sukses. Donderdagaand was die Mej. Koek en Tertkompetisie. Die Graad 8’ies het ons só vermaak met hul

kostuums, optredes en antwoorde in hul onderhoude, dat die hele koshuis geskater het van die lag! Aangesien dit ‘n kompetisie was, kon daar ongelukkig net 2 wenners wees. Bronwyn White het met die titel van Mej. Koek weggeloop en Rina du Toit met Mej.Tert. Die Seminarie week is afgesluit met die bekende Semdans op die Saterdagaand. Die dans het glad verloop met lekker musiek, goeie geselskap, baie dans en heerlike kos. Die tema was Sem’s Diner en die die koshuis het ‘n

Rugby Verslag deur Mari Vlok


ie Bosvarke se eersterugbyspan het hierdie jaar ‘n uiters opwindende jaar gehad, met buitelandse toerspanne wat teen ons gespeel het, asook verskeie sporttoere. Dit was natuurlik nie sonder struikelblokke nie. Daar was ‘n paar taai wedstryde, maar die Bosvarke het hulself, soos gewoonlik, met baie grasie en deursettingsvermoë van die vloer af opgetel en weer hulle harte uitgespeel. Van ons span se spelers het die ranglys gehaal van spelers wat die meeste punte in die land aangeteken het. Curtley Deelman was die hoogste op die ranglys in die 28ste plek, met 104 punte die seisoen. Lukhanyo Magele en Julian Lodewyk het ook die ranglys gehaal, met 50 punte elk. Gedurende hierdie seisoen het die

uitstekende werk gedoen om die saal te versier. Die aand sou nie suksesvol wees sonder die gaste nie en almal het gehelp om ‘n groot sukses daarvan te maak. Die koshuislewe klink vreemd vir sommige mense, want dit is so baie verskillende kinders wat dag en nag met mekaar moet saamleef. Jy is ook baie min by die huis en somtyds pak die heimwee jou. Wel, sê wat julle wil, maar die koshuislewe, herinneringe en goeie vriende sal ons Semkatte nooit vir enig -iets wil verruil nie!

eerstespan 20 wedstryde gespeel. Hulle het tien gewen, een gelykop gespeel en nege verloor. Hulle het 456 punte aangeteken en slegs 306 afgestaan. Daar was nege bonus drieë en hulle het tydens vyf van die nege wedstryde wat hulle verloor het, met minder as ag punte verloor. Volgens die standaard internasionale puntetoekenning word punte as volg toegeken: Twee punte vir ‘n gelykoptelling, een punt vir ‘n bonus drie en een punt vir ‘n verloor met verskil van ag of minder. Ons het 56 punte in totaal hierdie seisoen aangeteken. Na ‘n seisoen van harde oefening en voluit speel, het die Gimmies ‘n sukseskoers van 2.80 per wedstryd behaal, waar die hoogste koers 5.00 kan wees. Ons kan met trots sê dat die Bosvarke hulle goed van hulle taak gekwyt het en dat daar slegs plek vir verbetering is. Daar is hope spelers met baie potensiaal wat wag om ontgin te word en ons is seker die Gimmies sal hard oefen tydens die afseisoen om van volgende seisoen nog so ‘n sukses te maak! >>


arie Vlok het namens die Circum met Charl

Schoeman (Boland Cravenweek rugbykaptein) gesels om meer van sy ervaring te hoor. Die lang man het met sy beskeie glimlag en rustige geaardheid het tydens die onderhoud, weereens bewys waarom almal soveel gesag en respek vir hom het. Wie is jou rolmodel en waarom? Caster Semenya. Dit is dalk vreemd, maar sy was net 18 jaar oud toe die bom oor haar geslag gebars het. Ten spyte daarvan en alles wat sy as gevolg daarvan moes verduur het, is sy vandag ‘n Wêreld- en Olimpiese kampioen. Die manier waarop sy die kritiek en vernedering hanteer het en steeds bo uitgekom het, is ongelooflik. Wat was jou beste ervaring tydens Cravenweek 2016? Die regstaan in die tonnel om op te draf vir ons eerste wedstryd teen W.P. Behalwe vir die senuwees, was dit ‘n onbeskryflike gevoel om te weet dat al die die harde werk en voorbereiding ons gebring het tot by hierdie punt en dat ek nou kan uitgaan en net my hart uitspeel. Hoe het jou span gevaar? Ons het nie te goed gedoen nie en het al drie wedstryde verloor. Teen W.P. het ons ‘n goeie eerste helfte gehad en teen OP het ons teruggekom van 30-3, tot by 37-33. Wie voorspel jy gaan die nuwe jong ster van SuidAfrikaanse rugby wees? Gianni Lombaard het hope talent en ongelooflike vaardighede. As hy aanhou hard werk, kan hy ‘n groot naam vir homself maak. Wat het jy by die Cravenweek geleer wat jy weer in jou span sal kan terugploeg? By die Cravenweek was die wedstryde baie tegnies en strategies benader, baie meer as op skoolvlak. Daar is klem gelê daarop om “slimmer” te speel en die tempo van die spel is baie vinniger en meer fisies. Daar is ook verskeie ander tegnieke en vaardighede wat ek aangeleer het om my spel te verbeter. Wat sal jy sê vir iemand om hulle te motiveer om hulle doelwit te bereik, veral as hulle baie daarmee sukkel? Ek dink jy moet besluit hoe graag jy dit wil bereik, want dit help nie jy gee halfhartige pogings nie. Indien jy dit

graag wil hê, moet jy aanhou hard werk en geduldig wees en dan sal jy dit bereik. Hoe langer dit neem en hoe moeiliker dit is om te bereik, hoe lekkerder en meer spesiaal is dit wanneer jy wel jou doelwit bereik. Wat was jou moeilikste wedstryd tydens die Cravenweek 2016? Ek sou sê ons laaste wedstryd teen Grens. Na ‘n goeie begin het hulle ons uitmekaar gespeel. Dit was baie moeilik om die span gemotiveerd te hou en ons moes baie verdedig, wat vanselfsprekend moeilik is. Dink jy daar is ‘n toekoms in professionele rugby vir jou? Op die oomblik, nee. Volgende jaar gaan my hoof fokus op my studies wees, alhoewel ek graag nog wil speel. Maar as ‘n toekomstige geleentheid homself voordoen, sal ek dit beslis aangryp. Wat is jou opinie oor Springbok rugbyspelers wat oorsee gaan? Ek verkies dat as jy vir jou land speel, jy ook in Suid-Afrika gevestig moet wees, sodat jy daagliks in jou eie land ‘n impak kan hê en as rolmodel kan optree. Maar verskeie ander faktore speel ‘n rol, veral geld. So, ek verstaan dit. Ek het dus begrip vir gevestigde spelers wat oorsee gaan, hetsy dit vir geld is, om ervaring op te doen of om ‘n ander rugbykultuur te ervaar. In my nederige opinie staan ek dit nie teen nie. Ons wens hierdie talentvolle en intelligente speler alles van die beste toe vir volgende jaar en ons hoop dat hy nooit sal ophou om rugby te speel nie.

Bianca du Plessis kyk na ‘n paar van die hoogtepunte van hierdie jaar se matriekafskeid.


orcester Gimnasium groet ‘n groep ongelooflike leerders met ‘n swaar hart - leerders wat binnekort die grootmenslewe gaan betree. Ons wens hulle alle geluk en voorspoed toe! Die afsluiting is met ‘n warrel van glitter en hoëhakskoene afgeskop. Alhoewel almal pragtig gelyk het, MOES daar egter ‘n paar uitsonderings gemaak word.


Natalie van der Vyver en Wehan Gilfillan het soos karakters uit ‘n storieboek gelyk!

Mooiste paartjies Dié spul is nie noodwendig in romantiese verhoudings nie, maar hulle het beslis mooi paartjies gemaak!

2de Charl Schoeman en Chrisrie Oosthuizen - die rugbyheld en hoofmeisie - het ons ‘n tweede keer laat kyk!


Best dressed guys

Cole Berry

# #

1ste Jana van der Watt en Janco Nel se algehele “look” sal niemand gou vergeet nie.

Best hair

Best dressed girls

“Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off.” Keno Valentine

Carla Burger het ongelooflik mooi gelyk in ‘n navy kleefrok.

Dié manne het baie meisies se knieë lam gemaak.

Janneman Vlok

Pippa Groenewald

Kelly Neethling het uitgestaan in ‘n goue nommertjie!

most red carpet

Suzanne Stofberg

Anke kon verseker met dieselfde rok by ‘n Hollywoodpremiere opgedaag het .


Ek meen, wat is ‘n matriekafskeid nou sonder foto’s?

Rameez Ebrahim


Most photogenic guy & girl

prom king & queen Laaste, maar definitief nie die minste nie, moet daar besluit word op die prom king and queen. En ons kon nie anders as om die titels te gee aan Joy Fortuin en Luke Titus nie. Die twee het regtig ons voete onder ons uitgeslaan. .

Hockey Report “If hockey was easy, they’d call it rugby,” says Lungako Ndungane reporting on this year’s hockey season.


orcester Gymnasium can once again be extremely proud of the exceptional results obtained during nd the 2 half of the hockey season. Even though it only lasted 5 weeks, it served for some entertaining hockey to watch. A tour from England, their annual interschools and the closing function are just some of the highlights that formed part of this unforgettable season. The season resumed with the u.18 A- and B-girls playing against a touring team from England. Although there had been an extremely long break without hockey practices or matches due to exams and the holidays, WG’s girls still managed to beat the odds by performing exceptionally well and beating both of the fairly challenging teams. As a new tradition in Worcester Gymnasium, all

of their hockey teams were given a chance to prove themselves against Parel Vallei. The results were obviously not as they wanted, but it is guaranteed that the hockey teams took these matches as a learning curve. Interschools against De Kuilen came within a blink of an eye. Mistakes that had been corrected from prior matches and all the surrounding excitement was going to make for a very intriguing final for the winter hockey season of 2016. Luckily for WG’s teams, interschools took place at home, which meant it was not necessary for the teams to leave Worcester for Cape Town at the crack of dawn. Out of 13 matches played, our teams managed to win 11 games, drawing the other 2 matches. Once again, Worcester Gymnasium managed to walk away with both the Boys’ and Girls’ hockey trophies for the 2nd year in a row. A week after the final matches of the season were played, an annual hockey farewell was held. The school’s hockey teams came together one last time to say goodbye and officially close the winter sport season of 2016 with a small picnic. As a new incentive, Viljoen Juweliers awarded the best player of interschools for every girls’ team with a charm bracelet. Awards such as Best Personality and Best Improved Player were handed to the chosen few from each team. With such an amazing, truly unforgettable and extremely successful hockey season behind the Gimmies, they look forward to what the summer league hockey has in store for them.

Vaarwel Matrieks0


Enrique Wilson het met ‘n klompie matrieks gepraat oor wat hulle vir die toekoms beoog en wat hulle van hul hoërskooldae gaan mis,


oos tradisie voorskryf, moes die matriek seuns en meisies hierdie jaar weer rolle en uniforms omruil vir 40 Days - ’n bittersoete dag aangesien hierdie groep Gimmie veterane geweet het hulle moet binnekort hul tweede huis en vriendskappe agterlaat, die uitmergelende rekord- en eindeksamen aandurf en daarna die wye grootmenslewe in die oë kyk. Nietemin was die 40 Days-gees groot. Daar was heelwat grapjasse wat hul opwinding oor die dag demonstreer het deur snaakse danse uit te voer en gespierde bene in kouse by klaskamerdeure in te druk en dan weer met ‘n gegiggel te verdwyn. Eerste pouse het die dorp se kosafleweringsdienste by die skool geboer soos die matrieks piekniek gehou het op die rugbyveld en gesmul het aan Coke. Tweede pouse het elke matriek Gimmie met sy of haar blou heliumballon op die pawiljoene gaan staan, hand om die lyf met klasmaats en vriende, vir ‘n foto en die simboliese loslaat van die ballonne - ’n pragtige gesig! Dankie aan die studenteraad en in die besonder aan Janco en Juffrou Nel wat rondgeskarrel het om alles vir hierdie dag reg te kry. Hier volg ‘n paar onderhoude wat op onvergeetlike terugflitse en toekomsplanne van ons matrieks dui:

1. Wat is jou visie vir die toekoms? Reini Scheepers Ek wil graag ‘n suksesvolle advokaat wees met my eie firma in die Kaap. Janneman Vlok Ek wil graag eendag professioneel golf speel, maar ook ‘n verskil in mense se lewens maak deur musiekbediening. Lutho Damane To be an appreciative born free who will listen to elderly and wise people by learning from our history and spread a positive attitude to this generation so that it will aspire and strive for a bright future. Qaanita Neethling To be successful in whatever I do,

but to be happy while doing it. Charlton Steenkamp Om suksesvol te wees, nie noodwendig ryk te wees nie, maar gelukkig te wees in my omstandighede en om my drome te bereik. Mildri Ellman Om ‘n vrede- en liefdevolle lewe te lei wat ander se lewens beïnvloed. Benjamin Truter Ek sal graag sokkerspanne wil bestuur, en algeheel net goed wil doen in die wêreld. ‘n Paar liefdadifheidsprogramme te stig, en ‘n positiewe verskil in die wêreld maak. Ashwin Witbooi Ek sal graag eendag as ‘n onderwyser ‘n impak en verskil in die lewens van jongmense wil maak.

2. Watter strategieë sal ‘n rol speel in die bereiking van jou droom? Reini Harde werk op skool, goeie uitslae en prestasies in matriek. Janneman ‘n Goeie ondersteuningsbasis is die fondament van enige sukses in die lewe daarom is ondersteuning vanaf ouers, vriende en onderwysers vanaf ‘n jong ouderdom baie belangrik. Lutho Being an example and actually working hard towards this long term goal of being successful. [Everything] from work ethics to being a responsible citizen. Qaanita Only doing things that will be of benefit to myself, and cutting out all the bad vibes. Charlton ‘n Goeie ondersteuningsnetwerk. Mildri Om kritiek te ontleed deur te besluit wat werklik belangrik is en my beste te gee in alles wat ek aanpak. Benjamin Om so goed met mense te kan kommunikeer as moontlik, asook mondelings te verbeter (soos ‘n taal aan te leer.) Ashwin Wel, my eerste stap is om universiteit toe te gaan. Hopelik sal Mnr. Schoeman nog by die skool wees as ek klaar gestudeer is om my by te staan met ‘n pos by my alma mater.

3. Wat was die snaaksste oomblik van jou skoolloopbaan? Reini Daar is te veel, maar ‘n Engelse periode by Juffrou Neethling is gewoonlik baie snaaks. Janneman Die keer toe Janco die ruit by die Doc’s Bistro met ‘n golfbal uitgeslaan het. Lutho In grade 9, when one of my friends was laying on the desk and responded to a knock on the door with a calm voice, saying “come in,” And the person who came through the door was Mr. Gie. Qaanita Teacher concerts. Charlton Interskole en Juffrou Basson se ‘dansies!’ Mildri Daar is gans te veel, maar een om te onthou was in graad nege toe ek, Courtney en Jana soos rugbyspelers (scrumpet en al) moes aantrek vir ons Kuns en Kultuur fliek en toe ‘n haka moes doen! Benjamin Die eerste dag van graad agt toe Mnr. Jordan besig was om name te lees vir klasindelings, toe is hy skielik van: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 en toe skree graad-ag-Bennie “Happy New Year!” Ashwin Om Mnr. Conradie in ‘n rompie en kaalbolyf te sien terwyl hy sy heupe swaai!

4. Wat was die “most embarrassing” oomblik van jou skoolloopbaan? Reini Elke onvoorbereide mondeling in Juffrou Nel se klas. Janneman Ek het al een of twee keer die bank misgesit as dit oopgeslaan is. (As jy lank is, kom almal agter jy’s op die grond!) Lutho When I was playing jump rope which required sitting down, and I tore my pants. Qaanita None I can recall. Charlton Al drie keer wat ek my broek by die skool geskeur het. (Straight face) Mildri Ek kan nie nou aan enigiets dink nie. Benjamin Dieselfde as by Nommer 3 Ashwin Een van my ou liefdes het my al voor my vriende afgesê. Dit het my ego nogal geknak.

5. Enige laagtepunte van jou skoolloopbaan? Reini Elke wiskunde toets, letterlik en figuurlik. Janneman Seker toe ek my rapport teruggekry het na die Junie-eksamen. Lutho In Grade 9 when I was drowning in maths. Qaanita Grade 9, term 3 due to an excessive lack of sleep which influenced my schoolwork. Charlton Te min civvies. Mildri Ek glo nie daar was laagtepunte nie, net gebeurtenisse wat gelei het tot my ontwikkeling.

Benjamin Elke hokkie wedstryd wat ons verloor het en as een van my meer gunsteling onderwysers my in ‘n mate teleurstel of kwaad maak. Ashwin Om my laaste interskole wedstryd te verloor op Bosvark Park.

6. Watter bosvarkaktiwiteit(e) gaan jy die meeste mis en waarom? Reini Al wat ek gaan mis is al die goeie en snaakse tye in die klasse saam vriende en mede klasmaats. Janneman Sportdae soos Derby en Interskole, asook die bustrippe saam met die boys na galas en golfdae. Lutho Anything culture related: choir, I love singing, and Musicals. The bond I developed with my fellow Gimmies and the support I got whenever I got off stage. Qaanita Watersports and multicultural day – it’s where you get to make new friends and take a break from academics. Charlton Bosvarkfamiliefees (Waterkaskenades) – dis great gees en almal geniet maar goeie watersport. Mildri Landsdiens – dit het my baie geleer wat leierseienskappe en “people skills” betref. Musical oefeninge – dit het my konstant uit my gemaksone geruk en my liefde vir musiek gekomplementeer. Hokkie – dit het my op ‘n geskeduleerde basis gedwing om fiks te probeer bly en ek het die samesyn geniet. Benjamin Hokkie – ek is versot op hokkie, asook musicals – die repitisies was hope fun. Ashwin Die gees voor, en op Derbydag. Die eenheid en trots wat daar is vir ons skool het my altyd goed laat voel.

7. Watter onderwyser(es) gaan jy die meeste mis en waarom? Reini Juf. Snygans, Juf. Neethling en Juf. Delport, want hulle is awesome en daar is niemand soos hulle nie. Janneman Daar is te veel om te noem, maar as ek iemand moet uitsonder sal dit Juf. Neethling wees. As jy ooit in haar klas was, sou jy verstaan. (Wink) Lutho Mr. Raal, he is the only teacher I ever had who made a lesson fun at times and let’s me argue with another pupil. Qaanita Ms. C. Keet, Ms. A. Le Roux and Ms. L Basson. These are three of the funniest and most caring teachers. Charlton Juffrou M. Du Toit, want sy’s net ‘n baas. Juffrou Meyer – sy is soos ‘n ma vir die hele skool asook Juffrou Sherriff - sy’s ‘n great onnie en laat jou gemaklik voel in haar klas.

Mildri Daar is baie wat gemis gaan word, maar in die besonder gaan Mnr. Van Niekerk en Juffrou Nel baie gemis word. Hulle was al vir vier jaar my onderwysers. Juffrou Nel gaan gemis word vir haar konstante liefde en omgee, asook haar stories. Meneer Van Niekerk het ons so baie geleer om buite die boks te dink in jou alledaagse lewe (en nie net opstelle nie). Die manier waarop hy met gemak met die klas kon kommunikeer het dit soveel lekkerder gemaak. Hy’s net awesome! Benjamin Juffrou Delport en Mnr. Van Niekerk. Hulle is albei redelik reguit met jou, altwee goeie, humorustiese onderwysers, maar ook streng. Hulle gee jou daai ekstra hupstoot wat jy nodig het. Ashwin Mnr. Raal. Die ondersteuning wat hy my gebied het vanaf graad ag sal my verewig bybly. Hy was meer as net ‘n onderwyser, hy het ook ‘n groot rol gespeel in die vorming van my karakter. Sy relationship advice sal ook gemis word. Ek sal enigiemand aanraai om by hom aan te klop. Die man weet waarvan hy praat!

8. Een aspek wat die skool jou geleer het wat jy verewig sal koester? Reini Om almal rondom jou te resepekteer en vriendskappe op te bou oral waar jy gaan. Janneman Die eenheid in diversiteit asook die respek vir mekaar en vir verskillende kulture. Luthi We are a school in union. Qaanita Unity Charlton Go M.A.D Mildri Eenheid in verskeidenheid – my oë het regtig oopgegaan wat menswees betref. Ons mag dalk almal

anders lyk, maar ons is almal dieselfde en ons kan ‘n groot verskil maak as ons saam staan. Benjamin Diversiteit, hoe om dit te hanteer, asook my denke in terme van hoe ek na dinge kyk, wat reg en verkeerd is. Ek dink dit het in ‘n baie positiewe manier verander. Ashwin Die eenheid en band wat tussen mense gevorm word ongeag hul velkleur, kultuur, agtergrond of hoeveel jou ma of pa per maand verdien. Jy hoef nie mense by te staan met materialistiese dinge nie. Liefde en ondersteuning is al wat mense van jou verlang.

9. As jy een graad sou kon oor doen, watter graad sou dit wees en waarom? Reini Graad 9. Dit was my beste skooljaar ooit met die beste klas, die beste onnies, en net soveel goeie memories en snaakse oomblikke. Janneman Seker matriek, want jy besef dat jy alles vir die laaste keer doen en geniet dan op die ou end jou vriende en die plek waar jy op daardie oomblik is meer. Luthi Grade 10. That’s when I became a senior, played a sangoma in the musical (Lion King) and realized I loved History. Qaanita Matric, although the year went fast, it has been one if the most enjoyable years of my school career. Charlton Graad 9. Verantwoordelikhede was min en die pret was groot. Die werk was maklik en wie wil nou níé Kuns en Kultuur as ‘n vak hê nie!?

Mildri Graad 11. Ek sou my akademie ernstiger opgeneem het en harder gewerk het. Benjamin Ek sou Graad 10 wou oor doen om my basis vir Wiskunde reg te kry. (Ek sit nou nog in matriek sonder ‘n clue wat aangaan!) Ashwin My graad 12 jaar. Dit voel regtig asof gister my eerste dag was. Elke aktiwiteit waaraan ek deelgeneem het, het herinneringe agtergelaat wat ek eendag aan my kleinkinders sal vertel. Shoutout aan “Die Huis” se mense (12A2) wat my laaste jaar spesiaal gemaak het.

10. ‘n Motto wat jou regdeur jou skoolloopbaan gedryf het? Reini When the going gets tough, the though get going. Janneman Laat hy val waar hy wil, net nie op die grond nie. Luthi Keep running your own race. Qaanita If you look for beauty in all situations, people and things, you will become it. Charlton You were born to succeed. No one was born to fail. Do what you came here to do. Mildri What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Benjamin Nowadays everyone’s trying to be different so I’ll just stay myself which in turn will make different.

Ashwin Believe you can and you’re halfway there. Deur Theodore Roosevelt.

11. Watter advies sou jy aan die skool verleen vir die toekoms? Reini Die skool is great, maar meer civvies sal nogal cool wees. Janneman Geniet elke oomblik. Tyd vlieg vinnig verby en voor jy jou oë uitvee, is alles klaar. Luthi Enjoy high school in every single thing. Do your best, take time, and do it right. That way you won’t fail. Qaanita Just keep being you, WG! Charlton Moenie verander nie. Worcester Gim is die beste skool ooit! Mildri Moet nooit die unieke multikulturialiteit waarvoor Worcester Gim bekend is as vanselfsprekend aanvaar nie. Wees trots daarop en besef hoe bevoorreg ons as skool is. Benjamin Verbeter die skool met nuwe fasiliteite asook tegnieke vir opleiding sodat dit vir die kinders kan lekker wees. Ashwin Geniet elke oomblik van die skool; neem deel aan alle moontlike aktiwiteite wat jy kan; bou ‘n lekker gees in die skool; verbreed jou vriendekring; leer hard skooltye, en party lekker naweke.

Ons splinternuwe vervolgverhaal



SINTUIG deur Mikyall Harris


ie sand word reguit teen die plaashuis gewaai deur die wind . Daar is ‘n sagte gesuis, en as mens fyn luister hoor jy die sandkorrels teen die ruit. Tik, tik, tik, soos ‘n tikster, besig om iemand se testament te tik… Pieter sit kiertsregop in sy bed. Behalwe vir die wind is dit stil. In die drieverdiepinghuis hoor hy ‘n trap wat kraak. Agter sy deur hang ‘n jas wat lyk soos ‘n man wat vir hom staan en wag. Tik, tik, tik teen die venster. Deur die rooi gordyne voor sy vensters lyk die maan ‘n onheilspellende skakering. Soos bloed. Dis halfelf die oggend en Pieter hoor die trein verbykom op die Laingsburgstasie. Hy kyk deur sy kamervenster en sien die stoomlokomotiewe. Hy en sy pa het al van sy kleintyd af elke aand vir die trein gewag om verby te kom voordat hulle tuiswaarts keer en later het hy self begin opstaan om die trein te sien. Hy staan en kyk hoe die trein verbyflits. Klikketie-klak, klikketie-klak. Hy was nog altyd mal oor daardie geluid. Hy het hom soms verbeel dat die wiele met hom praat. “Soet slaap, Pieter.” Agterna sien hy hoe die rooi lig van die trein vir hom oogknip. “Die trein praat met my, Mamma!” het Pieter een oggend toe hy sewe was vir sy ma gesê. Sy ma het afkeurend na hom gekyk en geantwoord: “Dis nie realisties nie, Pieter. Die waarheid is maar swaar en mens moet van die begin af die waarheid sien.” “Maar dit ís so. Wat is dan waar, Mamma?” “Die goed wat regtig gebeuris die waarheid. Nie die goed wat mense met leuens probeer wegsteek nie. Leuens maak seer.” Sy ma het onderlangs na sy pa ge-

loer. “En die leuens is...?” het sy pa veelbetekenend gevra. Hy was geamuseerd deur sy vrou se skielike uitbarsting. Pieter se ma het vir sy pa gefrons en toe stip na hom gekyk en gesê: “Dat Kersvader nie bestaan nie; dat daar nie iets soos ‘n Paashaas of ‘n Tandemuis is nie en dat die trein op dieselenjins hardloop en dus nie vir jou kan groet nie.” Met net ‘n paar harde woorde het sy al sy illusies gebreek. “Maar Pappa het gesê die trein groet my. Het Pappa dan gejok?” “Seuna, as jy dink die trein groet jou, dan groet hy jou.” Sy pa se stem was ferm. Hy het nie gedink sy vraag sal die einde van sy seun se kindertyd ontketen nie en hy wou seker maak daar bly nog ‘n stukkie van behoue; tog het sy woorde iets heeltemal anders in Pieter laat loskom. Dis van daardie dag, daardie oomblik af dat Pieter oor die buitengewone vermoë beskik het om te onderskei, sonder enige twyfel of fout, tussen leuens en die waarheid. Pieter het verby sy pa se oё gekyk, tot iewers dieper en hy het geweet dat sy pa nie die waarheid praat nie. Hierdie gawe het as’t ware vir Pieter as sy sesde sintuig gedien. ‘n Sintuig wat vir hom kon waarsku as iemand ‘n leuen vertel. “Kinders moenie met leuens grootgemaak word nie, Kobus, hou op om vir jou kind verder te lieg!” het sy ma eendag op sy pa geskreeu. Daardie woord het Pieter gewalg. Lieg. Dit was vir hom ‘n baie lelike woord. Soos ‘n kettingsaag wat vol olie is. Ggggggg. Jy lieggggg Pieter. Ek gaan jou saaggggg Pieter. Waggggg net.

Hy was elf, toe dit vir hom onuithoudbaar geword het, die kýke tussen sy pa en ma, die kyke vol pyn en droefheid en die manier waarop hulle mekaar behandel het. Dit was glad nie lekker om sy ma en pa so dikwels vir mekaar kwaad te sien nie. “Hoekom is julle kwaad?” het hy eendag uitgebars. “En praat die waarheid!” Sy ouers het albei verstom na hom gekyk. Sy ma het na hom toe gestap en sag gesê: “Jy hoef jou nie nou al daaroor te bekommer nie. Dis grootmens sake. Speel liewer, dis baie lekkerder.” Waarom kon sy ma so vinnig die waarheid praat oor die trein, maar nie oor verhoudings nie? In sy sewejarige brein was sy verstandhouding met die trein die een ding wat vir hom vreeslik baie saak gemaak het en sy het dit vernietig - tog kon sy nie praat oor haar huwelik nie. Hy kon onthou hoe hy gehuil het ‘n paar maande na sy sewende verjaarsdag. Nee wag, hy wou nie daaraan dink nie… Dis twaalfuur en Pieter wag vir die trein op die stasie. Môre is dit weer skool en dan is alles terug na normaal. Rugbyoefening, koshuiskos en huiswerk. Die trein Kaap toe arriveer stiptelik om eenuur op die stasie. Hy soengroet sy ma en pa en klim in. Deur die vensters sien hy hoe die bekende prentjie skielik net vaal flitse voor hom word en dan is dit donker. Pieter raak weer vining gewoond aan die skoolroetine. Dit is Anke se vrolike stem wat hom eerste uitvra oor sy vakansie wanneer hy terug by die skool is. “Hallo, Pieter. Hoe was jou vakansie? Ek het jou vreeslik verlang.” “Ag, Anke, glad nie iets om oor huis toe te skryf nie. En joune?” Soos sy opkyk ontmoet haar grasgroen oё syne en haar lang, blonde hare val reguit oor haar ore. Die triestige windjie wat om die hoek van die skoolgebou kom, waai ‘n sliert hare oor haar mooi gesig. “Jy weet, maar altyd dieselfde, Pieter: mall, chickflicks en roomys.” “Wel, dis mos lekker.” “Seker maar. Wag, ek moet gaan! Ek sal jou later WhatsApp.” “Ja, ek ook, ek het nog rugbyoefening by ou Yster.” Later daardie aand, terwyl Pieter onder die stort staan, hoor hy die geluid van ‘n vloerplank wat kraak. Die kraakgeluid is soortgelyk aan die vloerplanke in hulle huis, wat die oorsaak is van sy ma se slaapprobleem. Hy probeer dit ignoreer en uiteindelik gaan dit weg. Hy dink

aan die week wat nog voorlê en die klomp werk wat daarmee gepaard gaan. Die dae vlieg verby en toe Donderdag aanbreek, kan Pieter dit skaars glo. Dit voel al klaar soos ‘n ewigheid. Na wiskundeklas stap hy by sy koshuiskamer in en vind sy kamermaat, Spikes, se klere orals op die vloer gestrooi. Net soos voorwerpe op uitstalling in ‘n museum, dink hy. “O, hei ou Piet” groet Spikes. “Jammer oor die gemors ou, ek pak my kas reg.” “Yah, sure, nes jy besig was om jou onties ook uit te sorteer.” Spikes was nog nooit ‘n netjiese persoon nie. Pieter moes maar altyd vir hul albei netjies wees. Soos hy op sy netjiese bed neersak en sy gesig wegdraai van die Babelse verwarring op die grond sien hy ‘n boodskap op sy foon: Naand Pieter, Lekker doeks. A xoxo Dis Vrydagmiddag en Pieter wag vir die trein Laingsburg toe. Die nuwe treine was nog nooit laat nie, besef Pieter. Die trein stop stiptelik voor hom en hy klim op. Die ritmiese beweging sus hom dadelik aan die slaap en dis eers toe hy die kondukteur hoor roep dat hy wakker skrik. Hy klim vinnig af en sien sy ouers wat in die verte staan en waai. Van hier af lyk hulle soos kriewelende miertjies wat prooi soek. Hulle ry by die plaas se hoofhek in. Iets lyk onmiskenbaar anders, dink Pieter, maar hy weet nie mooi wat nie. Die plaas lyk nie meer vir hom so mooi soos voorheen nie, maar hy bly eerder stil en toe hulle stop, neem hy sy tasse na sy kamer. Sy ma het altyd met hom geraas as hy sy tasse in die voorportaal neergesmyt het. Hy kom by sy kamer en is verstom om te sien dat sy deur nie gesluit is nie. Hy sluit dit altyd as hy nie daar is nie… Hy draai aan die handvatsel en maak die deur versigtig oop soos in een van die rillers wat hy in die aande saam met sy pa kyk. Hy stoot die deur stadig oop en die skarniere kraak onheilspellend. Dan sien hy hom. ‘n Man. ‘n Lang skraal man met koue oё wat wreed glim. Sy hare is modderbruin en hy het ‘n vreemde trek om sy mond, iets wat ‘n glimlag probeer wees, maar baie sleg faal, wat Pieter se adrenalienvlakke laat styg en koue rillings deur sy liggaam stuur. Pieter begin al hoe vinniger asemhaal soos die man nader en nader kom… Lees volgende kwartaal die tweede aflewering van Die Sesde Sintuig


deu Nina Roodbol

When your main lady at the tuckshop tells you the Moos are done.

When the teacher starts talking about quadratic sequences in a triangle to work out the length of a circle’s radius, which you can use to find the formula of a parabola.

Vir oulaas deur Bennie Truter

Memes for days



Circum kwartaal 3 2016  
Circum kwartaal 3 2016  

Net so propvol soos kwartaal 3 was, is hierdie kwartaal se Circum propvol nuus en interessanthede.