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Five easy ways to improve your golf score

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Do you watch professional golf on television and wonder how they can hit the golf ball perfectly almost every time? Do you wonder what their secret is for doing so? Are you and avid golfer? If you love to play golf in your spare time, chances are you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your golf score. Everyone knows the lower your golf score the better, so why not learn about some tips and tricks to keep those scores down. Here are five easy ways to not only improve your game, but to improve your golf score as well.

First, you want to decide which shot is the best to play the game. This is the most important to committing to a shot. If you’re close to the green, deciding on the right shot is crucial here. The ultimate goal is to get the golf ball into the hole, so using as much of the green as possible is essential.

You want to be able to read the green, meaning you want to be aware of the different obstacles and conditions each particular hole has and make it work to your advantage. If there is sand, will it work in our favor or against you? If there are rocks or trees present, what will happen if your golf ball bounces off one of them? These are all important factors when playing the game of golf as they can either improve your score or make it worse.

Another important tip to improving your golf score is to pick your spot. This is important for short game shots as you want to target one location for your golf ball to land on. If you aren’t honing in on one particular spot on the green, you are simply wasting shots, which will increase our golf score. Once you found your target spot, stand behind the golf ball and pick at least six inches in front of the ball that you will be aligning the club-face to.

Next you want to visualize what your golf ball is going to do once it hits the green. Look around for any waves or obstacles on the green on the way to the hole. If you’re aware of this, this can help improve your shooting accuracy and avoid these obstacles. It could be all the difference in whether you need to tap the golf ball in or apply a little more pressure to your swing. You want to be completely immersed in how your shot will look. If this means blocking everyone else out, then that’s what you have to do. Visualize the course your golf ball will take, where your golf ball will land, and if it will find its way into the hole on the green. You don’t want to think about technique or anything else except the path your golf ball will take to make it into the hole.

Finally, make that shot. Concentrate on your shot, your golf ball, and see the whole spot once more before you make your swing. Take a few more looks at your targeted spot and visualize your golf ball

landing there. Take some deep breaths and block everything else out except your club-face making contact with the golf ball.

Next time you are out playing some golf with friends and family, give these tips a try and see just how much they will help to improve your golf score. Not only will your golf score improve, but your friends and family will wonder how you have gotten so good in a short amount of time. Practice makes perfect, so keep working on that swing and improving your golf score. Before you know it, you will become a pro of your own.

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