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From the Director Since I arrived at the Worcester Art Museum in 2011, I have talked and written often about accessibility — in the physical, aesthetic, intellectual, and social senses — and the goal of making sure that everyone has a place and is welcome at the Worcester Art Museum regardless of age. We are making great strides! The Samurai! opening party in April saw the most diverse audience we have seen to date. In addition to loyal friends and supporters, there were families with kids, high school students, and over 110 college students — the largest number we’ve ever had at an opening party.*

In July we continue along this road with American Folk Art, Lovingly Collected, which will focus on translating the reality of folk art (of which Central Mass was a hotbed) in a fresh and unexpected way — again creating relevance for a broad audience. In the fall, we begin our second Master Series, including the marvelous Pierre Bonnard painting, Dining Room in the Country, from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and explore a whole new medium — world music — with Hassan Hajjaj: My Rock Stars.

We will not reach all of our audiences, however, without full physical accessibility to the Museum. Significant progress is being made on this front as well. This fall we will complete the new “access bridge” to the Salisbury entrance, so that families with strollers, visitors with disabilities, those who have a hard time using stairs, and those who simply choose not to use stairs no longer need to use our ADA-compliant back entrance.

This project and our commitment to accessibility earned WAM a Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) 2015 Commonwealth Award. The Museum was honored for integrating universal design principles into its mission in ways that expand access to its collections and programs. In addition, we were selected to participate in the MCC’s UP initiative, which supports the growth and development of organizations that recognize the power of inclusive design to grow audiences and enhance cultural experiences for everyone, as well as embrace inclusivity as core to their mission and organization. Through participation in this year-long program, we are building our capacity to innovate even further in the area of accessibility.

Another proud moment for WAM was becoming an official polling site for the City of Worcester in the fall of 2014. I can think of no better way to serve our community than by offering a safe, accessible location for the voters in Ward Three, Precinct Two to exercise their precious right to vote.

Thank you for your support in helping us reach these important milestones on the road to achieving our vision.

Matthias Waschek * See page 14 for an interview with our new Curator of Education, Marcia Lagerwey, and examples of how we are working to reach the family audience.


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