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Life After University From student to graduate - tips to cope with the transition.

Life After University “Leaving university is a major life transition. It’s not just the fact that life doesn’t revolve around lectures and essays any more. When you’re at University you get constant feedback on your work and you’re surrounded by a support network of friends and lecturers. The big wide world can seem less than inviting in comparison. This leaflet will give you some tips on how to ease yourself back into life after University.”

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Independence Keeping your independence can be difficult especially if you move back to your parents. Although it is tempting to fall back into the same routine that you had before you left them, try and set a new one - such as doing your food shopping separately, cleaning the house or agreeing a time that you can invite some friends over on a weekly basis. Even changing the smallest of things can help you feel more independent.

Keep in touch Although you may be far apart, sometimes even countries apart, you always have a variety of ways to keep in touch. We have so many options now; facebook, twitter, text, call and email. It is easier than ever to keep friendships going through virtual means. Even though you may be busy working or applying for jobs, try and drop your University friends a line and meet up when you can.

Practice what you preach It can be difficult when you step out of the routine of your coursework. One way you could combat this is to keep yourself up to date in the field of your study. Read the news or perhaps look at some new journals. Not only can this keep your mind ticking over, it can also help in possible job interviews.


“Find out what works for you”

Set deadlines Graduating from University doesn’t always mean that you step into the job of your dreams. If you are working a stop gap job to earn some extra money set yourself deadlines for when you are going to look for that perfect job. Outside of job searching you can set your own personal deadlines, they will help you have something to work towards.


Stay active As our routines change we realise exactly how active we were during our study. This is a challenging time - so be gentle with yourself. Think of a routine that will help you feel better. It may be something as simple as sticking to regular meal times or watching favourite TV shows. As you get more comfortable in your new routine you could begin to try new things or start up a hobby. Exercise is a great way to keep healthy and active but the most important thing is finding what works for you.

Stay positive It may be a bit of a shock at first but remember to focus on the good things your time at university has given you and plan your next move from there.


Want to talk about it? If you’re feeling anxious about leaving University, or just want a chat, you can contact the University Community Development Workers (UCDWs) via the details below. Email: Phone: 01905 542241 Mobile: 07811 458754

You can also visit firstpoint in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre and ask for the UCDW team.

For further information on services visit firstpoint, phone 01905 542551 or email 04

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Life After University Leaflet  

From student to graduates. This leaflet offers tips on how to cope with the transition.

Life After University Leaflet  

From student to graduates. This leaflet offers tips on how to cope with the transition.