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Congratula ons to our New Senior Pastor, Rick Skare! In a special mee ng held on Sunday, January 12, the Word of Peace congrega on voted by a majority of 95% to call Pastor Rick Skare as the new Senior Pastor. Thank you to the 428 members who came out to vote on this cri cal decision. Pastor Rick has humbly accepted the call, and his responsibili es as Senior Pastor will officially begin on February 1, 2014. He writes: Dear Word of Peace Family, I am overwhelmed, honored, and humbled by the turnout and support I received by the congregaon vote to call me as your Senior Pastor. It is with gratude, prayer, and excitement that I accept your call to be Senior Pastor of Word of Peace Lutheran Church. As I was going through this call process and discerning God’s will, my devoonal reading focused on the Psalms. One verse in parcular, Psalm 34:3, spoke to me and I see it as a theme verse for my ministry at Word of Peace. Psalm 34:3 says, “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.” Together we will exalt God’s name. Together we will magnify the Lord, which is to make the Lord’s name great. In the 16+ years that I have served Word of Peace, we have been doing this together. Together we have worked and ministered in growing God’s church. Together we have relocated and built a new building. Together we have reached out to the community and to the world with the loving gospel of Jesus Christ. As we carry on together with the Lord’s work in this place and in this new pastoral relaonship, I do not want to lose what makes Word of Peace, Word of Peace. This church and congregaon is known for its spirit of openness, welcome, and hospitality. It is known for its commitment to the uncondional grace of God. And it is known for its care and compassion for people. Of course, I want to see Word of Peace connue to grow. I want to see Word of Peace connue to grow spiritually—growing deeper in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible reading, worship, and our giving of our me, talents, and financial resources. I want to see Word of Peace connue to grow in our sense of God’s vision and mission and what God is calling us to be and do together. And I want

to see Word of Peace connue to grow in our outreach to the community and to the world. I am excited about my new pastoral relaonship with you and I look forward to seeing what we will connue to do together. I am excited about exalng God’s name together and making the Lord’s name great in our lives, in our church, in our communies, and in the world. I ask for your ongoing prayers and support for my family and I as we connue to partner together in the work of Jesus Christ in and through Word of Peace. God bless you all and Grace and Peace to you!

Pastor Rick Skare, Senior Pastor

Sermons & Readings February 2 & 3 Pastor Rick Skare, “The Greatest Story: Follow Me“ Following Jesus invites us out of the shallows of our lives into a deeper meaning and purpose. Scripture Reading: Luke 5:1-11

February 9 & 10 Pastor Rick Skare, “The Greatest Story: Who Then is This?“ It is deeply built in us to fear death. But in the story of Lazarus, Jesus tells us that not even death gets the last word with him. Scripture Reading: John 11:1-44

21705 129th Ave. N. P.O. Box 306 Rogers, MN 55374 Church Office 763-496-2400 (press 3 to leave an emergency message for the pastor)

On the Web wordofpeace Office Hours Mon-Thurs 8am-4:30pm Fri 8am-12:30pm

February 16 & 17

Our Vision Statement

Pastor Krista Strum, “The Greatest Story: Who Touched Me?“

Our vision is to be a community where everyone knows Christ’s Love and shares Christ’s Love with all people.

Jesus saves us from illness by working for healing in our bodies and minds. He breaks our social isola7on by giving us a place in his community of faith. Scripture Reading: Mark 5:21-43

February 23 & 24 Pastor Rick Skare, “The Greatest Story: Let the Forgiven Forgive“ The source of our hope to forgive and to love our enemies is the astonishing, forgiving love of God. Jesus radiates that amazing love. Scripture Reading: Luke 7:36-50

Our Mission Statement Christ works through us as we: • Welcome all people to grow in faith, love and devo7on, • Share Christ through word and deed, • Care for others and the world God made, and • Work for jus7ce and peace.

NEWSLETTER SUBMISSIONS Contact Jennie Priebe at 763-496-2401 or March newsle9er deadline:

February 14 at Noon

Family Worship is on February 16 & 17 The children’s choirs will be singing, children will be reading, we will have some great songs for kids of all ages and a special Sunday brunch.

Don’t miss it! 2

Kids of Peace Preschool 2014-15 Registra on is Now Open Your child will receive a quality learning experience with an emphasis on academics, social development, crea7vity, and spiritual growth by a loving staff in a small classroom seNng. For more informa7on, visit or contact Julie PicconaIo at 763-496-2419 or Get Your Super Bowl Subs Sunday, February 2, 8:30am-Noon Stop by the table in the South Gathering Area between services and purchase Super Bowl Sub Sandwiches for the whole family to enjoy while you watch the big game. $6.00 includes sandwich, chips and a cookie. All proceeds go to Word of Peace youth. Mental Health Book Discussion Monday, February 10, 7:30pm The Mental Health Book Club meets the 2nd Monday of every month. This month’s discussion will be based on the book, CRAZY: A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness by Pete Earley.

Congratula ons to Confirma on Class of 2014 Word of Peace congratulates the 104 ninth graders who affirmed their bap7sm on January 11 and 12. Students completed their Confirma7on faith forma7on events this fall by being trained in the Peer Ministry program, “The Good Samaritan.” This ministry equips young people to be compassionate people and friends to other students at their school and at home. Their confirma7on week is filled with encouragement and prayers from their family and it culminates in a worship service designed and led by the students. Word of Peace is grateful for the faith of these young people. Our congrega7on hopes and prays that these young people and their families will con7nue to grow in their faith through worship, service, and fellowship. Thanks be to God for these ninth graders!

Hey Parents, Do You Need a Break?

Earley, a former Washington Post reporter, learned first-hand what happens to mentally ill people who break the law when his own son—in the throes of a manic episode—broke into a neighbor's house. The Earley family’s story gives us a troubling look at the bureaucra7c apathy and the countless thousands who suffer confinement instead of care, brutal condi7ons instead of treatment, in the "revolving doors" between hospital and jail. You do not need to read the book to aIend the discussion. For more informa7on, contact Cheryl Karst at 763-441-3019.

Like Us on Facebook! Follow Us on Twi?er! Come be a part of our online community of Word of Peace friends! Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at church, view pictures and videos from various events, post comments or create discussions about sermons or studies, etc. www.twi?

Parents Night Out is Friday, Feb. 14 (That’s Valentine’s Day, Folks!)

Sign up Today on the Youth Bulletin Board Contact the Youth office for more info. 3

HELP SAVE OUR BRASS In recent years we have been blessed to have had the brass ensemble at Easter services and brass, harp and timpani at the Festival of Carols services. In order for that tradition to continue, we will need to raise roughly $4,500 this year, and $2,000 of that must be raised by February 16 in order to have professional musicians for Easter services. If we are unable to hire these musicians this year, it may be very difficult to get them back since they are in high demand. We have so many wonderful ministries at Word of Peace, from the worship services, to the programs for children and youth, to reaching out to the community and helping those in crisis. Your financial giPs make a difference to these ministries! We need your help, especially this year. Since the offerings were less than expected in 2013, we had a shorQall of $45,720 in our General Fund that is being carried over to 2014. This has necessitated a freeze in our ministry expenses and cuts to the following: • • • •

Pushing the hire date of the third Pastor to September Staff furloughs of $12,000 Removal of brass for Easter and the Fes7val of Carols Removal of traffic control on Sunday mornings.

If we can pull together and increase our giving in 2014, Word of Peace can con7nue to grow rather than decrease our ministry. For those who have not made a pledge yet to Word of Peace’s General Fund this year, we invite you and your family to do so. Pledging is a way to prac7ce the Bible’s teaching that each one should personally set aside an amount to give regularly (1 Corinthians 16:1-2) and to give off the top (MaIhew 6:24-34). We ask that you reflect on the Bible’s teachings and prayerfully consider making a pledge this year (even if you plan on giving through our automated giving program, Direct Giving).

Therefore, we have started a Word of Peace Music Patron Fund. If you believe that music plays an important role in inspirational worship, please become a Word of Peace Music Patron. By doing so, you will be giving the glorious gift of music to our entire congregation! Become a Music Patron at Word of Peace today so we can raise the funds needed for professional musicians at Easter and Festival of Carols. Checks may be made payable to Word of Peace with “Music Patron Fund” in the memo. Or, visit to set up a one-time or recurring gift via Direct Giving. If you are unable to give at this time, please pray that our ministry will continue to be vital and sustaining. Thank you.

Michael Sahlen, Director of Worship & Music

Now, When You Miss Worship, You Don’t Have to Miss Worship!

Look for the pledge cards in the mail or they are available at the informa7on desk in the gathering area. Pledge cards can be returned to the church by placing it in the offering plate, dropping it in the mail, or stopping by the church office. “Then the people rejoiced because they had offered so willingly, for they made their offering to the Lord with a whole heart.” — 1 Chronicles 29:9 Grace & Peace to you from the Stewardship Team and Pastors,

Whether you’re ill, out of town or miss worship for any reason, or if you just want to watch it again or catch up on your Confirma7on service notes, we’ve made it easier.

Pastor Rick Skare

Visit View current and archived worship services. (Sunday services will be available the following Tuesday.)


Pastor Krista Strum

My Trip to India by Sally Haugen

Q&A What is an Endowment Fund? An endowment fund is an investment fund established to enhance the ministries of the church beyond the general opera7ng budget. It is unique because the principal remains intact and only the interest is spent each year. Why does Word of Peace Need an Endowment Fund? An endowment fund provides a viable and secure future for Word of Peace and its mission by distribu7on to Scholarships, Ministry, Outreach and other designated projects. This fund supports our mission: “To be a community where everyone knows Christ's Love and shares Christ's Love with all people.” What are the Benefits of Giving to the Fund? GiPs to the Endowment Fund can offer financial benefits such as a tax deduc7on, reduc7on of estate taxes, and avoiding capital gains tax. You will also be leaving a legacy to Word of Peace that will be working during and beyond your life7me. How Does this Gi+ Differ from Annual Giving? General and Building Funds serve the church's day to day needs. Your Endowment Fund giP, when combined with that of others, can help fund ministry opportuni7es that are long term in nature. Can I Decide How my Gi+ is Used? Yes. There are five separate accounts to choose from when making your giP. These include areas such as ministry, scholarship and outreach missions. Who Manages the Endowment Fund? The Endowment Fund is managed by a commiIee of Word of Peace members and staff. They are commiIed to faithfully and confiden7ally serving you and the church. Visit in the coming weeks for more informa3on and a full descrip3on of available funds and their missions.

In 2002 I traveled to India with Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry to visit several of their boarding schools and meet the teachers and children. The beauty of the countryside was a stark contrast to the visible poverty. One day as I was walking outside, a young woman passed me leading some caIle down a path. She was wearing a colorful sari but had bare feet and was carrying a naked baby on her hip. We witnessed the physical labor of coolies (farmers) threshing grain on heavily traveled roads. As they beat the plants, others swept up the grain. We saw children begging and we saw the straw huts they called homes. I was struck by the sparse living condi7ons at the boarding school. The children slept on simple floor mats, ate their meals with their hands and washed their own clothes by hand. But many of the children were orphans or their fathers were dead, and if leP alone would not survive. Without an educa7on at a boarding school they would most likely become pros7tutes or beggars. Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry is a wonderful organiza7on and I was privileged to be a part of it.

If you are interested in going on a mission trip to India, there are trips offered twice each year through LPGM. You may also get involved by helping to sponsor a child at a school and show them Christ's love. For more informaon, please contact the church office or LPGM at (612) 823-5058 or

Thank You from LPGM Please accept my deepest gratude for your generous giI [of $831.85], which will be used for projects in the Kalrayan Hills. I am thankful for your support of LPGM and the life-changing ministries we engage in with our many partners in the world. Lives are being transformed and many posive relaonships are being made. Through your giI, you are partnering with us to make a difference in the world. We are so grateful for your generous support and for our special growing partnership in mission. In Christ’s Service, Gordon Olson, Founding Director 5

Learning Ministry Cows and Sheep and Chicks, Oh My! Our church school kids and families gave an amazing birthday present to Jesus by raising over $3,200 for God’s Global Barnyard! Thank you!!

Summer Camps for Kids & Families

Confirma on Offering for C.R.O.S.S. Please bring your offering to Large Group. This month’s needed items are: • • •

Jam/Jelly Pancake mix and syrup Small stuffed bunnies for Easter baskets

Thank You! Important Dates:

SEEDS Camp at Wapo (Completed grades 2-3)

Aug. 1-3

Youth Camp at Wapo (Completed grades 4-5)

Aug. 10-15

Family Camp at Luther Crest (All families welcome)

June 27-29

February 5:

No Confirma7on Classes Mandatory Guide Huddle, 6-8pm

February 16/17: No Church School Classes Mandatory Teacher Training at each church school hour

Stop by the Educa7on office for more informa7on.

Youth Ministry MS = Middle School | HS = High School MS: Bagels & Bibles—Feb. 9 at 9:45am in the Youth Room. Food, devo7ons and games—Friends are always welcome! MS: Winter Retreat at Luther Crest in Alexandria, Feb. 28 -Mar. 1. Snow tubing, cross country skiing, worship, broom hockey, snow shoeing, bible studies and more! Warm cabins and delicious food! Cost is $70 + please include a completed Word of Peace health form with registra7on. MS/HS: Parents Night Out: Friday, February 14, 6-10pm Earn money for your youth account or get Confirma7on service hours! Sign up to volunteer on the youth board. HS: Volunteer at CROSS Food Shelf—Feb. 12, 5:307:30pm. We’ll meet at CROSS and sort/package food as a group! All are welcome! HS: Sunday Perk—Feb. 19 at 11am in the youth room. Coffee, hot chocolate, games & great conversa7on! HS: Snow Tubing at Elm Creek: Feb. 26, 6-8pm We’ll meet at Elm Creek at 6pm. Cost is approx. $8 for 2 hours of tubing, payable when you get to Elm Creek. Bring a completed parent permission form (available on the youth bulle7n board).

Summer Camps & Programs for Youth There are lots of fun, faith-filled opportuni7es coming in Summer 2014. Pick up an informa7on flyer from outside the Youth Ministry Office. The deadline for camp registra7on is Monday, March 3. Summer programs for MS/HS youth include: Journey of the Cross (Completed 9-12)

June 15-20

Summer Stretch (Completed grades 5-12)

June 18-Aug. 13

Family Camp at Luther Crest (All families welcome)

June 27-29

High School Mystery Mission (Completed grades 9-12)

July 20-25

Middle School Mystery Trip (Completed grades 6-8)

July 24-27

For information about youth ministries, go to or 6

BECOME A MEMBER OF WORD OF PEACE AIend the New Member Orienta7on on Thursday, February 13, 6:00-9:00pm Recep7on of New Members is February 23 & 24 • • • •

Meet the pastors and key staff Learn what we believe and how we do ministry Enjoy a fellowship meal Iden7fy your giPs and how to use them at church and beyond

Please RSVP: Contact Susen Kay in the Church Office 763-496-2400 | - OR Sign up online at Membership is not required to parcipate in the life of Word of Peace. Non members are always welcome to take part in worship, study and fellowship events of this faith community.

In November 2013 Word of Peace donated $7,288 and 496 lbs. of food. Thank you for your generous giving! CROSS is no longer in need of egg cartons or empty plas7c soap containers. Also, they are not able to accept televisions, computers or other electronics. CROSS is in need of new school supplies, party supplies and giP wrap, Easter basket supplies, and new toys. Current Food Needs: Cereal, shampoo and condi7oner. All dona7ons are greatly appreciated!

Seniors Thursday Senior Shop Rogers Bus— Thursdays at 10am, $1.00 per rider. Contact Judy at 763-428-7657. Jammers Potluck & Music—Sunday, 2/2 from 1-5pm (eat at 4pm) at the Rogers Community Room. Bring a dish to share. Contact Dave at 763-4284217. Rogers Senior Dining—Tuesday through Thursday every week at 12:00 noon at the Rogers Community Room. Call at least two days in advance by 2pm for reserva7ons, 763428-0976. Cost: 55+ $4.00. Under 55 $5.00. 1/2 Hour Foot Care Session— Monday, Feb. 24 at the Rogers Community Room. Call 763-560-5136 for an appointment.

Cultural Cooking Day—Monday, Feb. 3 at 1pm at the Rogers Community Room kitchen. Join us for a fun 7me of cooking and exchanging culturally rich recipes in the Rogers Community Room Kitchen. Contact Liz at 4280939 to par7cipate or if you would like to demonstrate how to cook a food item for the group. Bring along recipes, stories, or pictures that represent your history or a specific culture. One-on-One Computer Help at the Rogers Library: Thursday evenings from 5:30-8pm. Assistance with naviga7ng websites, seNng up an email account, working on documents and using e-readers. Get a 1/2 hour of help from a knowledgeable volunteer. Call 612-543-6050 to set up an appointment, or sign up at the Rogers Library Informa7on Desk.

The Word of Peace Kids-Care Bus takes seniors shopping at Ridgedale every other month. The next trip will be Tuesday, Feb. 11. Cost is $1.00 for the round trip. The bus starts picking up at 9:30am and returns to Rogers by 1:30pm. Call Judy to sign up at 763-4287657. Please contact Judy Hanson at 763-4287657 for resource, community or general informaon for seniors in the Rogers area. To subscribe to the Rogers Senior Newsle9er, call 763-241-3520. Read the newsle9er online at 7

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID ROGERS, MN PERMIT NO. 9

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Word of Peace Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 2014

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Peace Notes February 2014  
Peace Notes February 2014  

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