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ADELL PLASTICS, INC inc - /ink/ increment, i.e. increase through one. especially utilized by assembly programmers, as many assembly languages provide an "inc" mnemonic. Antonym: dec. . Proprietary concentrates associated with silicone fluids regarding all thermoplastics reportedly boost mold release, decrease general cycle time, reduce rejects, along with boost portion use and also bearing properties. Furthermore multifunctional concentrates. AKCROS CHEMICALS AMERICA Interstab G-8257 internal/external lubricant regarding rigid along with semi-rigid PVC PVC:Ă‚ see polyvinyl chloride. PVC Ă‚ in total polyvinyl chloride Synthetic resin, an organic polymer made by treating vinyl chloride monomers with a peroxide. , ABS, PS, acetals, as well as polyolefins. Interstab G-140 fatty acid ester serves primarily as an inside lubricant regarding obvious rigid PVC. Interstab CA-18-1 calcium stearate along with Interstab ZN-18-1 zinc stearate suggested for PVC, PS, as well as polyesters. Products have been demonstrated to become suitable with regard to food-contact uses. AKROCHEM CORP. Vegetable and petroleum waxes, calcium as well as zinc stearates, along with silicone fluids. ALLIED PRODUCTS CORP. See Coz Corp. ALLIEDSIGNAL INC. SPECIALTY CHEMICALS Low-molecular-weight polyethylenes, polypropylenes along with copolymers regarding use as lubricants, flow modifiers, launch aids, as well as dispersion aids. products reportedly boost processability of thermoplastic resins and compounds, improve output, boost surface high quality of finished product, manage melt temperature, help with thermal stability, reduce device torque, and also reduce energy consumption. said to end up being able to wet and also disperse inert materials for example pigments, carbon blacks, flame retardants, and fillers. (See advert p. 367.) AMERICHEM INC.

Specialty lubricant concentrates for most thermoplastics reportedly improve wear resistance along with mold release, minimize warpage and also rejects, lower material along with power costs, create finishing easier, minimizing tool wear. Obtainable inside cubes, pellets or even as powders, by yourself or in multifunctional concentrates together with various other additives and/or colors. AXIL ax·il  n. The upper angle in between any lateral organ, such as a leafstalk, and also the stem that bears it. [Latin axilla, armpit.  PLASTICS RESEARCH LABORATORIES INC. Mold Wiz internal lubricants and processing aids tend to be complex polymeric blends containing simply no wax, silicone, or even metallic stearate stearate /ste·a·rate/ (ste´ah-rat) virtually any salt (soap), ester, or perhaps anionic type of stearic acid. ste·a·rate n. A salt or even ester associated with stearic acid. stearate any compound of stearic acid. . Nonexuding additives tend to be mixed into thermoplastics, thermosets thermosets, materials that will can not really be softened about heating. Throughout thermosetting polymers, the particular polymer chains are generally joined (or cross-linked) by simply intermolecular bonding. Thermosets are typically supplied as partially polymerized or even as monomer-polymer mixtures. , along with rubbers with amounts of 0.1-1% by simply weight. Products compounded straight into thermoplastic resin or perhaps dry blended by end user. Synergistic effects decrease melt temperatures and also boost melt flow index the Melt Flow Index is really a measure of the convenience regarding flow of the melt of your thermoplastic polymer. The idea will be defined because the weight regarding polymer within grams flowing within ten minutes by means of the capillary associated with certain diameter and also length by a pressure applied via prescribed alternative gravimetric  for quicker cycle occasions in lower temperatures. Improved resin flow enables simple fill of deep draw cavities, together with smooth relieve thin-walled parts. Simply No warpage when releasing parts through cores as well as threaded molds. better wetting of reinforcements and also aided reduction of buildup, flow marks and also weakness in the weld line. Molds remain clean; absolutely no solvent vapors are released. Molded parts ready pertaining to painting, bonding, printing or even plating with out degreasing. Many products FDA FDA abbr. Food and Drug Administration FDA, Observe Meals and Drug Administration.

FDA, the particular abbreviation for your Meals as well as Drug Administration.  approved. For thermosets Mold Wiz internal lubricants tend to be mixed in to gelcoat a gelcoat can become a material utilized to provide a high top quality finish around the visible surface of the fibre-reinforced composite material. The Actual most frequent gelcoats are usually depending on epoxy as well as unsaturated polyester resin chemistry.  or resin and also partially crosslink with resin, enhancing physical properties. Goods won't diminish bond strength among laminates. Resin provides far better wetting properties regarding reinforcements and substrates, improved flow throughout closed molds, and straightforward constant release via metal molds. while composite molds call for surface remedy to seal porosity, Mold Wiz internal lubricants reportedly augment releasing properties, prolonging mold life. BAERLOCHER USA High-purity metallic stearates as internal/external lubricants include: * Hy Dense calcium stearate HP granular and also RSN RSN - Real Quickly Now  powder pertaining to rigid PVC pipe and siding lubrication lubrication, introduction of a substance involving the make contact with surfaces associated with shifting parts to reduce friction also to dissipate heat. Any lubricant might always be oil, grease, graphite, or even any substance--gas, liquid, semisolid, or perhaps solid--that permits free motion associated with  and other multiple programs requiring any lubricant with reduced dusting, easy handling, along with consistent quality. * Magnesium stearate RSN 1-1 regarding lubricating ABS resins. * Zinc stearate RSN 131 HS pertaining to superior clarity/color stability within crystal PS. * Hy Dense zinc stearate XM powder regarding lower viscosity as well as great mold launch within polyester SMC SMC Saint Mary's College SMC Santa Monica College SMC Solaris Management Console SMC Smooth Muscle Mass Cell SMC Little Magellanic Cloud (also notice LMC) SMC Safety Management Qualification (maritime shipping)  and BMC (BMC Software, Inc., Houston, TX, Any leading supplier associated with software in which supports along with improves the actual availability, performance, and recovery associated with programs inside complex computing environments. . * Hy Dense zinc ultrafine like a dispersion and for color concentrates. * Kosher Hy Dense calcium stearate regarding multiple programs including meals packaging. * Kosher Hy Dense zinc stearate for polymer systems requiring superior lubrication, low dusting, straightforward handling, along with steady quality.

BASF BASF Bar Association of San Francisco Bay Area (since 1872; San Francisco, California) BASF Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik (German chemical products company) BASF Builders Association involving South Florida  CORP., CHEMICALS DIV. Luwax PE as well as montan waxes made for use as lubricating, wetting along with mold-release agents. Throughout extrusion they reportedly allow control over plastication some moment and maximum torque. Furthermore believed to minimize tack as well as improve gloss associated with finished products. Any time utilized in film processes, Luwax reportedly decreases tack without affecting film transparency and also will not plate out. (See ad p. 388-Tab.) BUCKMAN LABORATORIES, INC. Busperse 47 dimethyl amide regarding an unsaturated fatty acid unsaturated fatty acid n. A fatty acid, such as oleic acid, whose carbon chain possesses one or even a lot more double or even triple bonds as well as hence can easily incorporate extra hydrogen atoms.  functions as a lubricant in extrusion processes along using a pigment dispersant dis·per·sant  n. Chemistry A liquid or perhaps gas added to a mixture to promote dispersion in order to maintain dispersed particles throughout suspension.  and viscosity depressant depressant, any among a variety of substances that diminish functional activity, usually simply by depressing the actual nervous system. Barbiturates, sedatives, alcohol, and meprobamate are just about all depressants. Depressants possess numerous modes associated with motion along with effects.  in many resins. CAMIE-CAMPBELL, INC. Offers various launch agents as well as specialty lubricants pertaining to almost all processes. THE CARBORUNDUM CO. BORON NITRIDE DIV. Boron nitride, that features a structure similar to graphite, is actually a specialty multifunctional additive available in several mesh sizes. It adds lubricity and can serve being an extrusion processing aid. Unlike graphite, it's electrically insulating as opposed to conductive. (See MoldRelease Agents.) CARDINAL COMPANIES, L.P. Paraffin wax, calcium stearate as well as blends involving wax/stearate include C-Wax one hundred with regard to PVC extrusion; S-Waxes 1, 2, 3, and also 4 blends associated with C-Wax 100 along with calcium stearate; along with S-Wax 3, 50% paraffin wax and also 50% calcium stearate. Oxidized oxidized having been modified from the procedure for oxidation. oxidized cellulose

see absorbable cellulose. Â PE also may be added. Items supplied as flakes or pastilles. Ester-type lubricants consist of C-Wax 140 along with C-Wax 150. Polyethylene wax (P-51) furthermore offered. CASCHEM, INC. Internal and also external lubricants produced coming from castor-oil fatty acids. Hydroxyl team around the fatty part with the molecule improves dispersibility, compatibility, as well as wetting of pigments, dyes as well as other additives. Paricin 285 along with 220 amide waxes recommended pertaining to ABS and PVC molding along with extrusion. at amounts associated with 0.5-1%, they offer internal and also external lubrication, improve gloss, and behave as antistats. CHEM-TREND, INC. PLASTICS & RUBBER Lubricants contain water-based and CFC-free external launch agents regarding flexible as well as rigid PUR, reinforced polyester, rotomolding, thermoset The polymer-based liquid as well as powder that gets to be able to be sound when heated, placed beneath pressure, handled having a chemical as well as through radiation. The Particular curing process produces a chemical bond that, unlike a thermoplastic, prevents the information through getting remelted. see thermoplastic. Â and thermoplastic molding. Perma-Mold releases particularly for rigid urethane foam. Mono-Coat semipermanent formulations could double mold productivity, whilst giving multiple releases. product reportedly does not develop up in mold as well as transfer to part. Furthermore custom formulating. (See also Mold-Release Agents.) CHROMA CORP. Dry powders (unitized as well as bulk packaged) or pelletized concentrates include lubricants along using other additives regarding used in commodity or engineering thermoplastics. CIVIERA & SILVER INT'L. INC. (CSI CSI Crime Scene Investigator CSI CompuServe, Inc. CSI Commodity Systems, Inc. CSI Commodity Methods Inc. (Boca Raton, FL) CSI Crime Scene Investigation (CBS TV show) CSI Christian Educational institutions International ) Zinc along with calcium stearates with regard to use as lubricants and pigment dispersants inside colour concentrates and also dry colors. In Addition clear-melting zinc stearate with regard to used in crystal PS. Ultrafine PTFE PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene. Â lubricant powder pertaining to use as getting a "self-lubricating" additive.

CLARIANT CORP. Business Unit Additives offers line associated with montan and/or paraffin-based lubricants for PVC. Wax E as well as Wax OP lubricants pertaining to processing rigid PVC film. In addition for you to Hostamont TP ET 141 and TP ET 132, an entire array of montanic acid esters supply mold release, flow, dispersion enhancements, as well as lubricity with regard to demanding apps with regard to engineering resins. In Addition the particular Hostalub XL multicomponent lubricant systems are made for PVC siding along with profile. Specialty PE along with PP waxes provide improved dispersion involving pigments as well as fillers as well as much better heat as well as color stability pertaining to polyolefin masterbatches. Maleic anhydride modified PP wax, Hostamont TP AR 504 would work with regard to glass fiber reinforced PP along with specialty emulsions. CLIMAX MOLYBDENUM CO. Molysulfide collection associated with molybdenum disulfide is a solid lubricant supplied inside 3 grades: technical, technical fine, and super fine. Employed in nylon, acetal, phenolics, PTFE, epoxy along together with other resins in loadings associated with 2% to 40%. Its prime function would become to modify external friction and also enhance use properties with the base resin, but it is also utilized to give internal lubrication and enhance your physical as well as mechanical properties of several resin systems. COZ CORP. SUB. OF ALLIED PRODUCTS CORP. Concentrates containing lubricants as well as heat and light-weight stabilizers supplied throughout PS, polyolefins, and a lot various other thermoplastics. CRODA UNIVERSAL, INC. Crodamide lubricants impart slip, antiblock, and mold launch to become able to polyolefins, PS, PVC, nylon, ABS along with specialty engineering resins. Crodamides are fatty acid amides, that include primary amides (erucamide, oleamide, behenamide and stearamide) as well as secondary amides (stearyl erucamide and oleyl palmitamide). Secondary amide series features superior thermal stability pertaining to use exactly where procedure temperatures don't let conventional lubricants. Furthermore Crodamide lubricant additives regarding thermoplastic elastomers and numerous engineering resins, alloys as well as blends. Items additionally serve as organic antiblock agents without affecting film clarity. CUSTOM COMPOUNDING, INC. DIV. OF DYNEON PTFE micropowders pertaining to use as processing aids for thermoplastics as well as thermosets in particle sizes from lower than two microns to ten microns offered in irregular as well as round shapes. Characteristics include low-friction as well as lubricating properties. Improvements inside wear, rub resistance, and also slip properties result along with use associated with merely 520% add levels. Some Other applications consist of use in oils and also greases as thickening agents and then for lubricity inside high temperature/pressure applications; within inks, paints, and coatings in order to increase mar and also rub resistance, enhance gloss, and impart launch characteristics; as aerosol and mold- release agents; plus dry film lubricating applications. DoALL CO.

Lubricant products include tool lubricants, general machine lubricants, approach oils, aerosol lubricants, and also industrial power greases. DOW CORNING CORP. Silicone fluid, silane along with modified polymer products include antifoams, coupling agents, internal and also external lubricants, method modifiers, and surfactants. Silicone fluids can be compounded straight into thermoplastics to cut back friction/wear along with improve load-speed capabilities. Operate as an interior lubricant to lower melt viscosity. Rewards can lead to reduced cycle times, less warpage, fewer rejects, along with improved surface look and gloss. Reportedly excellent internal mold-release agents that often eliminate requirement for external releases. Antifoams used in shredding and recycling operations, and during polymerization polymerization Any process in which monomers combine chemically to create a polymer. The Particular monomer molecules--which in the polymer typically number from at least 100 to many thousands--may or even might not all function as the same. . Powered supplies aid get rid of voids throughout plastic injection molding. Coupling agents could end up being amino-functional, methacrylate methacrylate /meth·ac·ry·late/ (meth-ak´ri-lat) an ester involving methacrylic acid, or even the resin derived via polymerization in the ester. see additionally acrylic resins, below resin. , styrylamine cationic cationic having characteristics determined by having totally free cations available. cationic detergents are wetting agents that will disrupt or perhaps damage cell membranes, denature proteins along with inactivate enzymes. , epoxy, as well as chloralkyl functional. That They are generally used to couple fibers to resins inside reinforced plastics so which as the surface pretreatment pretreatment, n the protocols required before beginning therapy, typically of your diagnostic nature; before treatment. pretreatment estimate, n Observe predetermination.  of fillers along with reinforcers. Process modifiers include fluids to become able to encapsulate as well as coat dry particles for improved flow, hydrophobicity and also anticaking properties. Silane chemicals can end up being used during polymerization to modify catalyst activity along with polymer tacticity Tacticity (from Greek 'taktikos': associated with or perhaps relating in order to arrangement as well as order) is the relative stereochemistry associated with adjacent chiral centers inside a new macromolecule [1]. The Actual practical significance of tacticity rests inside the hyperlink among tacticity and furthermore the physical properties of the .

Surfactants produce foams using improved water resistance and allow foam fusing at lower temperatures. low odor compared in order to alkali metal soap surfactants. DUPONT CO. Teflon fluoro-additives improve lubricity along with don resistance of thermoplastics along with elastomers. Teflon MP 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400 as well as 1500 grades mentioned to show an unusual amount of color, particle size, and property consistency. Reportedly do not necessarily agglomerate agglomerate Large, coarse, angular rock fragments related with lava flow which are ejected in your program of explosive volcanic eruptions. Though they will may appear to always be able to resemble sedimentary conglomerates, agglomerates are igneous rocks that will consist almost wholly associated with angular as well as rounded  and thus will become more simply dispersible. 1 reportedly distinctive property regarding Teflon MP 1500 is the actual fact that it can easily boost tear resistance of elastomers. at use amounts of twenty phr, it reportedly raises tear resistance involving silicone rubber two to become able to three times. Products, that come in white powders, have got similar chemical and temperature resistance and also low coefficient regarding friction coefficient of friction n. pl. coefficients associated with friction The ratio of the force that maintains make contact with among an object plus a surface as well as the frictional force in which resists the motion with the object. , however each and also every features a slightly distinct molecular weight as well as particle size (from one for you to 50 microns). (See also Mold-Release Agents.) DYNEON LLC (Logical Hyperlink Control) Observe "LANs" below data hyperlink protocol. LLC - Logical Hyperlink control  Dynamar polymer processing additives (PPA PPA 1. Palpation, Percussion & Ausculation 2. Pittsburgh pneumonia agent 3. Postpartum amenorrhea 4. Value for each accession 5. Pure pulmonary atresia ) are multipurpose extrusion aids utilized in extruding polyolefin resins such as LLDPE LLDPE Linear Lower Density Polyethylene  and HDPE HDPE abbr. high-density polyethylene . products reduce die buildup, remove surface defects for example melt fracture, and could increase output. EASTMAN CHEMICAL CO. Epolene low-molecular-weight polyolefins and glycerol glycerol, glycerin, glycerine, or 1,2,3propanetriol (pr?`p?ntr?'?l), CH2OHCHOHCH2OH, colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting, syrupy liquid.  monostearates waxes as extrusion lubricants with regard to rigid PVC. also useful as processing and also mold-release lubricants with regard to ABS, polyesters, PC, nylons, polybutylenes as well as PE. (See ads pp. 328, 481.) ENDEX ENDEX European energy Derivatives Exchange N.V.

ENDEX Finish of Exercise ENDEX Environmental data Index ENDEX exercise termination (US DoD)  POLYMER ADDITIVES INC. Endex JIC JIC Simply Inside Case JIC Joint Intelligence Committee JIC Joint Details Middle (US government) JIC Jewelry information Center JIC Joint Intelligence Center JIC Joint Industrial Council JIC Justice Info Middle  enhanced performance additives cost-effectively neutralize undesirable acidic conditions or even catalyst residues. can end up being accustomed to remove corrosion and also manage acidic sludge deposits, and furthermore at very low levels supply continuous protection inside many applications. available in pelletized concentrate or even powder form. FERRO CORP., PLASTICS COLORANTS & DISPERSIONS DIV. Several additives may be incorporated inside Spectraflo liquid dispersions, primarily internal mold releases. Silicone as well as nonsilicone goods offered for polyolefins, styrenics along with nylon parts. Calcium, aluminum as well as zinc stearates obtainable as internal lubricants with regard to nylon. A liquid purge compound runs inside a wide choice of resins, like nylon, PC, ABS, PE, PP, HIPS, GPPS GPPS General Purpose Poly Styrene GPPS Grays Point Public College (Australia) GPPS Giga Packets per second , etc. FDA approved. LDR Observe photocell.  is 8-10%. Could operate in any kind of temperature range along with cycled through hot-runner mold. Vehicle system steady via 350 F in order to 700 F. Synpro metallic stearate grades offer tailored for certain applications: * Regarding versatile and rigid PVC, Synpro calcium stearate 15F, Synpro calcium stearate 12B, Synpro-Flo 91, and SynproFlo 92. Calcium stearate lubricants are accessible in easily dispersed, lowdusting, highbulk, granular products or perhaps fine, free-flowing powders. * Regarding ABS, Synpro magnesium stearate 90 and also magnesium stearate Kind M. * for HDPE along with LLDPE, Synpro calcium stearate 114-36 as well as 114-40, and also Synpro zinc stearate 8. * Regarding PP, Synpro calcium stearate 11436 and 114-40.

* Regarding impact and expandable PS, Synpro zinc stearate ACF (Advanced Communications Function) An earlier official manufacturer item line reputation for IBM SNA programs, for example VTAM (ACF/VTAM) and also NCP (ACF/NCP). ACF - Advanced Communications Operate . * for crystal PS along with melamine, Synpro zinc stearate 8. * Regarding polyester, Synpro zinc stearates ABG ABG abbr. arterial blood gas ABGÂ 1. Arterial blood fuel 2. Axiobuccogingival-dentistry , FRP FRP Fremskrittspartiet (Norwegian: Progress Party; political party) FRP Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic FRP Fiber Reinforced Polymer FRP Fibre Reinforced Polymer FRP Fleet response Program (US Navy)Â , S-1058, along with D. * for phenolics, Synpro calcium stearate 12B and also Synpro zinc stearate 25. (See additionally Mold-Release Agents.) (See ads 346, Protect IV.) GARLOCK INC. PLASTOMER PRODUCTS PTFE powders to cut back friction and also improve antistick properties. GLS GLS - Guy Lewis Steele, Jr. Â COMPOSITE MATERIALS DIV. Markets calcium, zinc, aluminum, magnesium and also barium stearate lubricants with regard to thermoplastics. C.P. HALL CO. Fatty acid esters behave as internal lubricants, antistats, antifogging agents along with defoamers. also PE waxes, metallic stearates, silicone fluids, along with emulsions. HALSTAB DIV., HAMMOND GROUP INC. Two lead-based lubricants, Hal-Lub-N as well as Hal-Lub-D, regarding PVC wire and cable, extruded profiles, along with molding compounds. In Addition three nonlead lubricants: Hal-Lub-B (barium stearate), Hal-Lub-C (calcium stearate), and also Hal-Lub-Z (zinc stearate). HAMPSHIRE CHEMICAL CORP. Daxad dispersants used as emulsifiers throughout polymerization, as well as dispersants for

additives and colorants. M.A. HANNA COLOR Specialty color concentrates inside sound or even liquid form, along with or perhaps with out particular additives, available using silicones, fillers, antioxidants, uv stabilizers, fire retardants, blowing agents, slip agents or perhaps antistats. HARWlCK CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING External and also internal lubricants for rubber and plastics contain silicone fluids, emulsions, along with specialties for most launch applications; as well as Lubrex proprietary mold-release control of thermoplastics. HENKEL CORP. Loxiol ester wax additives contain internal and external lubricants: * Glycerol esters with regard to co-stabilizing impact and also flow. * Straightforward esters for example Loxiol G-30 series pertaining to thermal stability, lower h2o sensitivity, along with replacement associated with amide waxes. * Partial esters regarding polyfunctional alcohols like Loxiol HOB 7121 regarding balancing properties associated with ester internal lubricants. * Polymeric polyfunctional alcohol fatty acid compounds pertaining to metal release, and as economical replacements pertaining to montan esters. * Ester-based co-stabilizing lubricants for improvement throughout thermostability Thermostability will end up being the top quality of the substance in order to resist irreversible alteration of its chemical or even physical structure in substantial temperature. (Naturally, the meaning regarding higher temperature will always be based upon the type involving material. Ă‚ of PVC formulations, decreasing stabilizer levels. Advised with regard to opaque, rigid PVC fittings, profiles, siding, sheet, along with foamed PVC. Most possess FDA approval regarding use together with meals along with impart great clarity for you to transparent articles like vacuum formable blister-pack sheet and also bottles. applications in PVC, rigid molded pipe fittings, extruded PVC siding, window and door frames, as well as high-speed wire along with cable extrusion. Goods could also always be used in semi-rigid and also flexible PVC, PC, phenolics, acrylics along with nylons. Benefits include good printability, water-blush resistance, reduction associated with die swell, prevention associated with sinks inside injection molding, superior melt flow, lower plateout, along with improved compatibility. Emery group offers glycerol fatty esters within sound or liquid forms as internal or even external lubricants for PBT PBT Provider Backbone Transport (networking technology adding determinism for you to ethernet) PBT Polybutylene Terephthalate PBT Gain Prior To Tax

PBT Paper Based Test (education)  or PET polyesters along with PVC formulations. Aid increase production rates, minimize melt temperatures, and lower energy consumption. HOECHST CELANESE CORP. See Clariant Corp. ICI (language) ICI - An extensible, interpretated language simply by Tim Lengthy along with syntax similar to C. ICI adds high-level garbage-collected associative data structures, exception handling, sets, regular expressions, and dynamic arrays.  SURFACTANTS Atmer 129 as well as Atmer 1010 internal lubricants with regard to rigid PVC market polymer flow through the extruder, escalating thermal as well as colour stability, along with giving better processing latitude. The 1-2 phr inclusion leads to 10-20% reduction throughout fusion torque, decreasing shear, dwell period as well as heat build-up. Equilibrium times are usually lengthened three- to be able to eight-fold, providing improved thermal stability plus a wider processing window. both items have broad meals contact approvals. Atmer 125, Atmer 129, Atmer 7300 as well as Atmer 8103 processing aids for polyolefin foams work as gasoline diffusion aids, virtually getting rid of your must store foams right after manufacture in order to allow for shrinkage. His Or Her use contributes to enhanced all round foam physical as well as mechanical properties, increased productivity, plus the functionality as an inside lubricant. Atmer 125 and Atmer 129 are usually 100% active powder/bead items as well as can end up being used at ranges associated with 0.4 for you to 1.0 phr to attain desired properties. Atmer 7300 along with Atmer 8103 are generally 50% active pellet concentrates throughout LDPE LDPE abbr. low-density polyethylene  carrier resin. recommended utilization degree is 0.8 for you to 2.0 phr. products possess broad food-contact approvals. INOLEX CHEMICAL CO. Various monoester mon·o·es·ter  n. An ester getting just one ester group. , diester, and also polyester lubricants regarding thermoplastics and also elastomers. products provide broad ranges in viscosities, melt points, volatilities and also lubricant properties. KANEKA TEXAS CORP. Kane Ace acrylic processing aids with regard to use in PVC. Various molecular excess weight coming from ultra-low to always be able to ultra-high. Goods contain PA-10, PA-20, PA-30, PA-40, PA-50, PA100 and also PA-101. PA-100 as well as PA-101 reduce sticking to metal surfaces. KENRICH PETROCHEMICALS INC. Titanate ti·tan·ate Â

n. A salt as well as ester associated with titanic acid.  coupling agents mentioned being impressive lubricants in use levels down below 2% regarding filler content. Throughout filled methods they reportedly cut requirement for processing lubricants simply by 75-90%. Titanate and also zirconate coupling agents furthermore increase flow involving untilled Adj. 1. untilled - certainly not plowed as well as harrowed or even hoed; "untilled land" unploughed, unplowed, unbroken - (of farmland) not necessarily plowed; "unplowed fields"; "unbroken land"  polymers. Kenplast ESB (Enterprise Solutions Bus) a message broker that supports Internet services. Discover message broker, messaging middleware as well as Web services.  cumyl phenol benzoate benzoate /ben·zo·ate/ (ben´zo-at) the salt regarding benzoic acid. ben·zo·ate n. A salt or ester involving benzoic acid. benzoate a salt associated with benzoic acid. , a solid processing aid, said to enhance molding and extrusion characteristics along with enhance physical properties of finished product. Utilized throughout PVC extrusion, RIM urethanes, and also nylon processing. LONZA INC. Fatty-based, internal and external lubricants mostly utilized from lower levels (around 0.5-2 phr). Numerous approved for food-contact applications. Bisamide waxes include Acrawax C, Glycolubes, along with Glyconol regarding extruding and molding PVC, ABS, PUR, nylons, as well as other engineering thermoplastics. Glycolube range provides applications as internal/external lubricants, mold releases, antifogs along with antistats for most polymers. Proprietary items such as Glycolube P and TS suggested with regard to engineering resins and also polymer alloys. Glycolube PG and Vinylubes used in PVC bottles, sheets, along with profiles when clarity and also throughput are critical. (See additionally MoldRelease Agents.) (See information sheet p. 385.) MALLINCKRODT See Baerlocher USA. METER-MIX, INC. DIV. OF ACCUMETRIC INC. Silicone fluid lubricants are usually thought to enhance resin moldability, decrease strain marks, along with enhance molded finish.

M. MICHEL AND CO., INC. Cachalot cachalot: see sperm whale.  plastic additive S-53T3 higher-alcohol-based extrusion, casting, and also calendering calendering, a finishing procedure simply by which usually paper, plastics, rubber, or textiles tend to be pressed in to sheets and smoothed, glazed, polished, or even offered a new moiré or perhaps embossed surface.  aid primarily with regard to versatile PVC in order to avoid sticking. MORTON INTERNATIONAL, INC. MORTON PLASTICS ADDITIVES Advawax processing lubricants, slip, as well as antiblocking agents with regard to use in ABS, PVC, PS, and other polymers. Bisamide waxes Advawax 240, 280, and 290 FDA-approved regarding meals packaging. Advapack multifunctional additives provide lubricants with regard to pipe extrusion, siding and profile extrusions, as well as molded fittings. NORAC NORAC Northeast Operating rules Advisory Committee (railroad) NORAC Simply No Radio Make Contact With (Air traffic Control) NORAC Northumberland Aquatic Club (Canada)  CO., INC. Precipitated and also modified fusion-process metallic stearates contain aluminum octoate and also stearate; barium, calcium, lithium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc stearate (including clear-melt, polymer, and granular types). NOVON INTERNATIONAL, INC. Processing aids include E-Flow extrusion aid, that improves your processing regarding polyolefin materials; E-Flow desiccant desiccant /des·ic·cant/ (des´i-kant) 1. marketing dryness. 2. an agent in which promotes dryness. des·ic·cant n. , which attracts off moisture at the duration of processing polymers; along with Starfil, any modified super dried starch, which usually can help to become able to eliminate the expense of finished PVC plastisol items and act as any matting agent. (See in addition Fillers.) PATCO PATCO Port Authority Transit Corporation PATCO Skilled Air Targeted Traffic Controllers Organization, Inc (Florida)  POLYMER ADDITIVES DIV. AMERICAN INGREDIENTS CO. Range involving glycerol esters pertaining to lubrication of PVC so that will as antifogs, antistats along with antiblocks within polyolefins. Distilled mono glycerides in several physical types contain Pationic 900, 901 as well as 902 fine beads; Pationic 909 really fine beads; as well as Pationic 907 semi-solids.

Mono/diglycerides include Pationic 1042 as well as 1052 fine flakes, Pationic 1042B along with 1052B beads, Pationic 1501 as well as 1083 liquids, and also Pationic 1064 and also 1074 semisolids. Glycerol tristearates include Pationic 1019 fine flake along with Pationic 919 fine bead. PENRECO Line regarding white mineral oils, petrolatums, and other specialty petroleum products. White mineral oils in the array of viscosities employed as plasticizers, internal lubricants, catalyst carriers, mold-release agents, extender oils along with dispersing agents. Specializes inside high-molecular-weight, high-distillation, low-volatility items for example Drakeol 34, White Mineral Oil, USP USP - special revenue point Ă‚ and Drakeol Supreme. (See additionally Mold-Release Agents and also Plasticizers.) PETROLITE CORP., POLYMERS DIV. Microcrystalline waxes along with synthetic polymers as lubricants, mold-release agents, dispersing aids in colour concentrates, nucleating agents (EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) A New PostScript file format utilized to transfer any graphic image between apps and platforms. EPS files contain PostScript code as well as a possible optional preview image inside TIFF, WMF, PICT or perhaps EPSI, your latter as an ASCII-only format. ), and antiblocks (PP film) for thermoplastic resins. Microcrystalline waxes derived coming from petroleum are high-molecular-weight mixtures involving straight and also branched-chain hydrocarbons using melting points coming from 170 to 200 F. Many suitable pertaining to meals contact. Polywax PE waxes are low-molecular-weight, high-density, crystalline polymers. Melting factors coming from 185 for you to 260 F. Many meet FDA requirements and as a result are utilized to improve EPS appearance also to optimize cost/performance of rigid PVC pipe. Zylac lubricants for rigid PVC lower cost/linear ft involving pipe as well as profiles. Vybar low-melting (125-165 F) hydrocarbons employed as modifiers pertaining to paraffin wax, mold-release agents, as well as lubricants inside rigid PVC. Also Zylac polymers pertaining to improving impact throughout homopolymer PP, dispersing organic pigments in PP as well as PE, so that will as lubricants and processing aids regarding HDPE and also LLDPE. POLYCOM HUNTSMAN INC. See Spartech Compounding. POLYVEL INC. Custom lubricant and processing-aid concentrates contain just just as much as 60% additive. Specialty additive concentrates inside powder as well as pellet form include: * CR5 recommended with regard to PP to reduce viscosity, improve melt-flow rates, and enable pertaining to decreased method temperatures and reduced cycle occasions in the program of molding from use ranges regarding 0.25-1.0%.

* RZ40 recommended regarding nylons, ABS, along with PS. said to develop superb moldrelease properties and also lubrication from use levels associated with 0.5-1.0% * RE40 with regard to PP, PE, and also EVA Eva to marry winner of singing contest. [Ger. Opera: Wagner, Meistersinger, Westerman, 225-228] See : Prize 1. Eva - Any toy ALGOL-like language utilized in "Formal Specification associated with Programming Languages: Any Panoramic Primer", F.G. Ă‚ reportedly decreases mold sticking as well as improves component launch from levels regarding 0.5-1.0%. * PA10FP 10% active fluoroelastomer concentrate specifically pertaining to used in LLDPE film applications. * CR20P pelletized peroxide focus (20% active peroxide) specifically with regard to used in reprocessing Reprocessing may refer to: Nuclear reprocessing Recycling Ă‚ PP and also filled PP compounds pertaining to decreasing viscosity along with increasing melt-flow rate. ROGER A. REED INC. Synthetic wax internal lubricants and mold releases. REEDSPECTRUM DIV., CLARIANT CORP. Custom-formulated multifunctional additive concentrates include lubricant, processing aids, and also mold-release agents. RHEOCHEM TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Paraffin and also hydrocarbon lubricants, Smart-Pak total lubricant systems, Smart lubricants, along with specialty stearates along with esters pertaining to PVC pipe, vinyl siding, profiles, as well as injection molding. RHONE-POULENC INC. See Rhodia Inc. RHODIA INC. Products used as lubricants within plastics contain Alkamuls EL-985 along with Alkamuls SML 1. SML - Regular ML. 2. SML - Little Device Language. Barnes, ICI 1969. Real-time language, an ALGOL variant, as well as

the predecessor of RTL. "SML User's Guide", J.G.P. Barnes, ICI, TR JGPB/69/35 (1969).  for PVC. also Lubrhophos RD-510 employed as fiber and plastic lubricant along with antistat. REHEIS INC. L-55RII RII Routing Info Indicator RII Remote Ignition Interrupter (monster truck emergency power switch) RII required Inspection item (FAA) RII Relevant information along with Intelligence  (co-dried aluminum-magnesium hydroxycarbonate) is an improved synthetic hydrotalcite, which has proven efficient inside neutralizing residual acidity in a new variety of synthetic polymers by simply anion exchange due to the lattice-layer, structure. A New finely divided, free-flowing odorless powder, it's coated together with tallow tallow, solid fat extracted in the tissues as well as fatty deposits associated with animals, especially via suet (the body fat regarding cattle and sheep). Pure tallow will be white, odorless as well as tasteless; it consists chiefly of triglycerides involving stearic, palmitic, as well as oleic acids.  or food-grade vegetable (palm) based sodium stearate. L-55RII exhibits five to six occasions higher acid neutralizing capacity Acid-neutralizing capacity or ANC in short can become a measure for your general buffering capacity against acidification for a solution, e.g. surface water or soil water.  than calcium stearate and also may end up being used inside the manufacture associated with polyolefins like PP as well as PE, engineering plastics for example ABS, PVC additive packages, halogen-containing flame-retardant compositions, and also pigment/color concentrates. Acid neutralizing capacity associated with product is 21-23 mEq of acid consumed for each gram. ROHM AND HAAS Rohm and Haas Business (NYSE: ROH), the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based company, manufactures miscellaneous materials. Any Fortune 500 Company, Rohm along with Haas employs greater than 17,000 people in 27 countries. The Particular annual revenue income associated with Rohm along with Haas is an acronym from concerning USD 8.2 billion.  CO. Paraloid K 100 series acrylic processing aids create rapid fusion, homogeneous melt, elevated melt strength, and straightforward thermoformability within rigid vinyls. Software consist of individuals requiring weatherability regarding long-term outdoor exposure such as constructing products, as well as nonweatherable clear and opaque uses such as containers, film, and also sheet. Series consists of Paraloid K 120ND pertaining to superior clarity and also dispersibility, Paraloid K 125 pertaining to substantial efficiency, Paraloid K 130 for stability regarding clarity as well as efficiency, Paraloid K 147 regarding low-molecular-weight vinyl, as well as Paraloid K 175 pertaining to lubricating to reduce sticking along with plateout. Paraloid K 400 can always be a specialty processing aid permitting significant density reduction and also superior surface regarding foamed vinyl. SAFR SAFR Bay Area Maritime National Historic Park (US National Park Service) SAFR Tiny Arms Firing Range SAFR Sodium Advanced Fast Reactor

SAFR Shooter's Alliance pertaining to Firearm Rights SAFR security Help Foreign Representative  COMPOUNDS CORP. Safr-CA range associated with coupling agent concentrates created for use in ABS, nylon, PET, PC, polyolefins, PS, flexible as well as rigid PVC, along with innumerable alloys/blends. Items are already successfully tested within sheet, profile, as well as pipe extrusion, injection and also blow molding, also as in several thermoforming applications. Have Got been found in manufacturing colour concentrates, as well as filled and also untilled compounding applications. FRPA FRPA Fixed Radiation Pattern Antenna FRPA Fixed Reception Pattern Antenna FRPA Florida Recreation and Parks Association FRPA Fullerton Railway Plaza Association (Fullerton, CA) FRPA Forest Range along with practices Act  is a new polyolefin processing-aid focus regarding use in compounding ethylenediamine ethylenediamine /eth·y·lene·di·a·mine/ (eth?i-le-di´ah-men) a definite liquid having an ammonialike odor and a strong alkaline reaction; complexed with theophylline it types aminophylline.  phosphate nonhalogen flame retardants in order to enhance processing as well as performance. Any blend ratio associated with 10-15% involving FRPA and 30-35% of an ethylenediamine phosphate flame retardant can easily achieve a UL94 V-0 (at 1/16 in.) rating when used with most polyolefin resins. SCI (Scalable Coherent Interface) An IEEE regular for a high-speed bus that will uses wire or fiberoptic cable. It can transfer data as significantly as 1GBytes/sec. (hardware) SCI - 1. Scalable Coherent Interface. 2. UART.  INTERNATIONAL (USA) INC. Ethylene bis-stearamide throughout powder, prilled Prilled can become a term used in mining as well as manufacturing to end up being able to refer to item which has been pelletized. the pellets really are usually a neater, easier form with regard to handling, along with reduced dust. Specific agrochemicals such as urea are often supplied throughout prilled form. See also , as well as micronized forms employed as lubricants along with launch agents inside rigid as well as semirigid sem·i·rig·id  adj. Partly or perhaps moderately rigid. semirigid

Adjective (of an airship) maintaining shape by simply indicates of a primary supporting keel along with internal fuel pressure Adj. 1.  PVC, ABS, PS, PC, along along with other resins. Mono-, di-, tri-, as well as tetra-pentaerythritol stearates inside flake and bead form utilized as lubricants and release agents inside rigid as well as chlorinated chlorinated /chlo·ri·nat·ed/ (klor´i-nat?ed) handled as well as charged with chlorine. chlorinated charged along with chlorine. chlorinated acids some, e.g.  PVC, PE, crosslinked PE, PS, PC, as well as ABS. Metallic stearates (calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium) throughout powder and also micronized types employed as lubricants as well as costabilizers within rigid PVC, ABS, polyolefins, PS, polyamides, PC, as well as polyurethanes. Metallic soaps (calcium behenate, calcium 12-hydroxy stearate) throughout powder along with flake utilized as lubricants and also costabilizers inside rigid and also semi-rigid PVC, along with PVC copolymers as well as alloys. SEEGOTT INC. Line associated with internal/external lubricants produced from castor oil fatty acids. In Addition silicone mold-release additives. SHAMROCK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. FluoroT PTFE powder fillers specially made for thermoplastics such as nylon and PC. products are free-flowing, white powders easily dispersed throughout liquid resin melts and also routinely used in extrusion compounding. That They minimize surface friction, as well as improve potential for you to offer with abrasion as well as mold release. SPARTECH COMPOUNDING A27578 processing-aid concentrate is beneficial in preventing melt fracture in high-speed processing. Active ingredient minimizes coefficient of friction among polymer and also internal device surfaces, facilitating smooth polymer flow. Item is often effective in minimizing die-lip buildup throughout extrusion. SPECIALTY PRODUCTS CO. Range of external and internal release agents as well as processing aids with regard to thermosets and thermoplastics.

KantStik CFC-free, semi-permanent items with regard to advanced composites along with reinforced plastics supply a total launch system for many applications. line consists of KantStik Mold Cleaner, KantStik Sealer sealer, n a substance used to fill the actual space around silver or even gutta-percha points in a pulp canal. most include some mix of zinc, barium, and bismuth salts and eugenol, Canadian balsam, along with eucalyptol. , KantStik SPC 1. (business) SPC - Statistical Procedure Control. something to do using quality management. 2. (body) SPC - software Productivity Centre. 3. (company) SPC - software Publishing Corporation. 4. , as well as KantStik 94X pertaining to multiple releases without transfer. KantStik SRA SrA abbr. senior airman  water-based sealer as well as semi-permanent release agent combined in a product. KantStik barrier coatings regarding RIM along with casting of PUR foam along with elastomers. KantStik RIM water-based, high-performance, semi-permanent mold-release compound. KantStik UR and URW URW You May Be Welcome URW Un-Remarried Widow (United States)  nonsilicone, solvent or water-based goods regarding use when molding rigid as well as versatile PUR foam, too as PUR elastomer parts. For filament winding and also compression molding KantStik 98W water-based external moldrelease agent is effective for various thermoset resin systems. KantStik 98W having a blend of fluorocarbon fluorocarbon /flu·o·ro·car·bon/ (floor´o-kahr?b?n) some of the course regarding organic compounds consisting associated with carbon along with fluorine only.  polymers dispersed in drinking water provides a paintable surface about molded parts. (See additionally Mold-Release Agents.) STEPAN CO. Drewplast glycerol and also partial glycerol esters are usually primarily internal lubricants regarding rigid PVC in which market fusion and lower melt viscosity. Stated for you to exhibit superb thermal stability as well as resist hydrolysis, and furthermore have FDA food-additive or food-adjunct status. Drewplast polyoxyethylene external lubricants reportedly have got antistatic and also moisturecoalescing properties, particularly inside PVC food wraps. Get FDA food-additive or food-adjunct status. Kessco butoxyethyl stearate (BES) employed as a new possible external lubricant within audio, video, and also personal computer tapes. STRUKTOL CO.

Struktol TR products work as wetting agents, internal and also external lubricants, as well as proprietary modifiers, depending around the polymer system. Struktol TR 016, TR 041 and TR 071 fatty acid derivatives employed with colorants, fillers along with flame retardants. Struktol TR 060 and TR 065 along with wide solubility parameters along with physical properties designed to cut procedure times and also boost dispersion throughout polymer mixing. products use their particular solubility along with shear-transfer properties to improve surface appearance, dispersion along with physicals involving compound materials. Makes Use Of consist of polymer alloys and dissimilar blends such as with recycling. Struktol TR 121 as well as TR 131 primary fatty amides utilized as slip agents and antiblocks. New Struktol TR 251 created for superior blending along with dispersion within colour concentrates and other high-filled systems. Could end up being used a lot more economically along with with higher efficiencies compared to EBS Notice Swiss Electronic Bourse. EBS See electronic blue sheet (EBS).  in particular applications. New Struktol zinc stearate produced as a microbead or perhaps pellet with regard to far better dust manage in compounding. SUMMIT PRECISION POLYMERS CORP. Micronized PTFE and also PE waxes along with blends together with various other micronized polymers as lubricants as well as processing aids. TEKNOR COLOR CO. SUB. OF TEKNOR APEX CO. Lubricants and processing aids including slip, antiblock along with internal mold-release additive concentrates in a assortment of thermoplastic resin carriers. Formulations can easily combine custom color together with processing aids. TER Third version. Discover bis.  CHEMICALS, INC. Synthetic and petroleum-derived wax-based PVC lubricants as single components or as multicomponent lubricant packages throughout normal ratios as well as custom formulated. most products are PPI (1) (Pixels per Inch) The Actual measurement with the resolution of the monitor or scanner. for example, any monitor which is 16 inches wide as well as displays 1600 pixels across its width would have a resolution involving one hundred ppi (1600 divided by 16).  and NSF NSF National Science foundation  listed. * Ter Lube 165 S premium synthetic wax pertaining to superior lubricity as well as substantial product consistency. * Ter Lube 165 FR single-component paraffin wax for superior external lubricity inside extremely critical extrusion applications.

* Ter Lube 165 P blend associated with natural as well as synthetic waxes with regard to generalpurpose applications where higher shear rates may be encountered. * Ter Lube 165 blend regarding paraffin waxes with regard to general purpose applications. * Ter Lube 50 mixture of paraffin wax and also calcium stearate provides external lubricity while maintaining fast fusion. * Ter Lube 355 mix of paraffin wax along with oxidized PE wax inside a ratio fitted to PVC extrusion. Ensures optimum dispersion of PE wax pertaining to superior surface finish. * Ter Lube 445 blend associated with paraffin wax, calcium stearate, along with oxidized PE wax for extrusion regarding potable h2o pipe. * Ter Lube 448 blend associated with paraffin wax, calcium stearate, as well as oxidized PE wax pertaining to pipe extrusion the place exactly where a higher level of calcium stearate is needed. May be also used for pipe formulations containing 1525 phr filler. * Ter Lube 445HF multicomponent lubricant regarding producing great physical properties within pipe containing 25-40 phr filler. THERMOFIL, INC. Thermolube processing-aid concentrates with regard to all thermoplastics from PS to PPS (Packets For Each Second) The Particular measurement regarding exercise inside a neighborhood network (LAN). Throughout LANs like Ethernet, Token Ring and also FDDI, too because the Internet, data is broken up as well as transmitted inside packets (frames), each having a source and destination address. . Benefits are generally said to include faster cycle times, far better mold release, lower power consumption because of in order to lower stock temperatures, and also cycle-time reductions that could reach over 10%. In Addition reported to be much more economical as compared to aerosol bottle of spray release agents. 3M 3M Lube spray industrial-grade lubricant regarding use when visual appeal will be important. 3M Silicone As well as raises lubricating capability specifically upon sliding parts. TIOXlDE AMERICAS INC. Tilcom organic titanates and zirconates advised regarding use as lubricants as well as processing aids in filled as well as unfilled systems, so which as adhesion promoters regarding some ink systems used on plastic packaging. UNION CAMP CORP. Uniflex goods contain a range of grades involving butyl stearate suitable with regard to use with molded as well as extruded processes. Stated to be compatible along with PS and also polyvinyl butyral, and also partly compatible with PVC. UNITED MINERAL & CHEMICAL CORP.

Zinc, calcium, magnesium, barium, aluminum, lithium, as well as lead stearates. WACKER Wacker might refer to: EMS Wacker Wacker Drive Wacker process Sports VfB Admira Wacker Mödling Wacker Berlin Wacker Burghausen  SILICONES CORP. Silicone fluids as well as emulsions in many viscosities advised as internal lubricant additives regarding thermoplastics. Dimethylpolysiloxane fluids with viscosities of 12,500 and 30,000 cst reportedly nearly all successful when added to nearly all thermoplastics, such as nylons as well as styrenics. Reported advantages consist of lower coefficients associated with friction, improved don resistance, simpler demolding, as well as in many cases, lower melt viscosity, which in turn may speed injection rate minimizing cycle time. Special practical silicone fluids along with emulsions reportedly give special lubricity and also multiple release effects, or even allow less difficult paintability. (See in addition Mold-Release Agents.) WITCO CORP. ORGANOSlLICONES GROUP (Formerly OSi Specialties) Silane coupling agents supply improved filled along with reinforced polymer properties for example heat, moisture and also weather resistance; improved adhesion between polymer techniques and also inorganic fillers along with surfaces; and also general durability. Silanes could even be accustomed to convert commercial polymer matrices such as urethanes or latexes directly into single component moisture curable techniques by method of silane crosslinking. By adding the appropriate silane, coatings may recognize improved adhesion, durability, environmental resistance, toughness along with pigment dispersion. Adhesives as well as sealants observe increased wet and also dry adhesive strengths, improved hydrothermal stability along with filler/pigment dispersion. Within addition, sealants can typically benefit from improved abrasion and tear resistance, and much better elongation. Fiberglass reinforced items utilize silanes to improve impact properties, moisture resistance, wet properties as well as faster filler wet out. Thermoplastics reinforced with silane coupled glass or perhaps mineral exhibit superior impact, flexural flexural pertaining towards the flexure of your joint.

flexural deformity fixation regarding joints within flexion. Throughout the particular newborn called contracted calves or foals. Â and tensile power also as improved dimensional stability inside normal, wet, detergent as well as excessive heat environments. WITCO CORP. PETROLEUM SPECIALTIES GROUP Fully refined and also chemically inert USP and NF grade white mineral oils, petrolatums and also microcrystalline waxes, as well as FDA-approved compressor lubricants reported to possess superb thermal along with uv stability. Hydrobrite Plastics Oils low-volatility white mineral oils in a wide array of viscosities along with molecular weights. Items custom tailored simply by detaching the lower boiling range molecules, thereby which makes them much less volatile. Lower volatility delivers such benefits as reduced die sweat, reduced overhead loss/emissions, reduced fogging as well as reduced oil loss. WITCO CORP., POLYMER ADDITIVES Several families associated with lubricants include: * Kemamide E, S, B, and also U main fatty amides for PE, PP, PS, PVC, PUR, as well as elastomers for slip, antiblock, and also mold release. * Kemamide W-40 ethylene bis-stearamide mold release pertaining to acetal, PBT, phenolics; and a lubricant pertaining to PVC. * Kemamide S-180, E-180, P-181, S-221 along with E-221 secondary amide slip as well as antiblock agents can easily withstand processing temperatures surpassing 550 F. * Hystrene fatty acid lubricants along with mold releases for PS. * Kemester 5721 as well as 5822 fatty ester lubricants regarding engineering resins. * Atmos 150, Atmul 84, as well as Dimul S food-grade, mold-release, antistatic, and antifog agents pertaining to polyolefins and PVC. * Atmos 300 and also Atmos 695 antifog agents regarding polyolefins along with PVC, and also antistats regarding versatile PVC minimize viscosity involving vinyl plastisols. * Atmos 150, Atmul 84, Dimul S, as well as Kemester GMB GMBÂ (in Britain) General, Municipal and also Boilermakers (Trade Union) Â as slip and also antiblock agents inside polyolefins. * Moldpro internal mold releases along with processing aids pertaining to polyolefins, engineering resins as well as elastomers. Metallic stearates include: * With Regard To Rigid PVC calcium stearate FP, F, along with extra dense; magnesium stearate D; as well as sodium stearate T-1 internal lubricants. Sunolite 160 refined petroleum wax utilized as a possible external lubricant.

* Calcium stearates F as well as FP pertaining to versatile PVC. * Zinc stearate Ed-Heat steady regarding crystal PS. * Zinc stearates 11 and polymer grade pertaining to expandable PS. * Calcium stearate FP, heat-stable sodium stearate, as well as sodium stearate T-1 with regard to high-impact PS. * Calcium stearates FP, F, and also regular, and potassium stearate for PP. * Calcium stearates FP and F, and also zinc stearates 11 and Ed-Heat stable with regard to HDPE. * Magnesium stearates D and also DM, and also calcium stearate FP for ABS. * Zinc stearate 11 for cellulosics. * Heat-stable sodium stearate and also zinc stearate 11 pertaining to nylon. * Calcium stearates F, FP, as well as extra dense regarding phenolics. * Zinc stearates 11 and also regular, Lubrazinc W, calcium stearates normal as well as P-Coarse pertaining to unsaturated polyester. COPYRIGHT 1998 Gardner Publications, Inc. No portion of this article may be reproduced without your express published permission in the copyright holder. Copyright 1998, Gale Group. Just About All legal rights reserved. Gale Team is a Thomson Corporation Company.

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